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    ^^^ Hahaha yes i totally agree i would so barge into the bathroom to see Gees body ;)
    And yeah Mikey and Gee are so cute, I really want to show Mikey as the younger brother that needs to be taken care of and not the one taking care of Gee. X
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    Here is the next chapter for you guys.X

    Chapter 30

    Gerard’s POV

    It had been three days since Mikey had last spoken to any of us. On the rare occasion that he wasn’t hiding in the basement he would be curled up on the couch staring blankly at the TV or some random book. I was worried about him, I had seen him like this before and knew exactly what I should do. He needed to talk to someone professional, I wasn’t going to be much help, and he wouldn’t talk to me anyway.
    Frank was looking at him with a scared expression. His eyes were filling up as he looked at Mikey, who was curled up in my arms on the bed. I shifted and placed Mikey down on the pillow.
    “I gotta go to the bathroom Mikey. You want anything?” I crouched down and looked into his eyes. I saw absolutely nothing, no emotion what so ever.
    I sighed and got up, pulling Frank up the stairs and into his room. Jason wasn’t around today, which meant that I could finally talk to Frank alone (that guy was way too clingy) so I thought that it would be a good time to explain to Frank what was going on.
    “Frank you okay?”
    He shook his head, “What the hell is going on Gee? Is Mikey okay?”
    I shook my head. “No Frankie he isn’t okay. He’s been like this before though, a long time ago.” Tears stung my eyes as I said this.
    “What do you mean? What happened?”
    “Well when Mikey was about seven our dad left, he was gone for almost a year, but then he came back, beat the shit out of us and left again. It really fucked Mikey up and he had to go to counselling and had to go for regular visits to the kids’ psychiatric hospital. They said he was suffering from depression. He used to cut himself, that’s why he was always getting so pissed off when I did it.” I paused and took a deep breath, watching Frank’s face as it sunk in.
    “What can we do to help him?”
    “The only thing I can think of is taking him back there. He wont be happy with us, but it’s for the best.”
    Frankie nodded and smiled at me. He pulled me into a tight hug and whispered into my ear “Were gonna help him get through this.” Before pulling away and adding “How can you be so calm Gee?”
    “Really Frankie this is driving me crazy, but if I let Mikey know that he’s just gonna get worse. You need to be strong too Frankie, I know it’s hard but we have to. I’m gonna go check Mikey quickly but I’ll be back in a few.”
    I got up and walked out of the room. I took a deep breath, repressing some tears. I hated our dad for what he did to Mikey, he was a sick bastard, doing that to his own kid. I stood outside the basement door for a couple of minutes to calm down, before opening the door and stepping inside.

    Mikey’s POV

    I hit my head against the wall again, harder this time. I hated this, it was worse than the last time, and I felt sick at what my mind was screaming at me to do.
    Every time that I had tried to stop in the past, my mind had tortured me telling me that I needed to cut. If I didn’t it would keep saying it, gradually getting louder and louder, until it was the only thing that filled my mind and I gave in. I always hated myself after.
    I was desperately trying now to block it out, by hitting my head. It wasn’t working. I reached up and grabbed a few locks of hair. I cried out as I pulled hard ripping a large chunk out. I hated this, I just wanted it to stop.
    “Why can’t I just be fucking normal?” I muttered as I flung myself off of the bed and crept up to the bathroom. I was aware that Frank and Gerard were talking in Frank’s room so I took extra care to be silent as I crept into the bathroom and opened the cabinet.
    I pulled out a small tin from the back of the cabinet and crept back to the basement. I sat on the bed and pulled out the razor. I pressed it hard against my forearm and dragged it in a straight line. I gritted my teeth as, pain coursed through me. I started crying as I realized exactly what I had done, but it was too late to stop now. I couldn’t stop until I had finished.
    I dragged the razor across my arm several more times, each one deeper than the last. I dropped the razor just before I dug it into my wrist. By now I couldn’t even feel the pain anymore. I let out a chocked sob as I realized what I had almost done.
    I collapsed on the bed and cried, I pressed my arms against my face, blood mixing with my tears. The cuts on my arms were deep and bled quickly. I had done it again, I had let Gee down. I had made him a promise the last time that I would never do this again.
    “Oh Mikey.” I felt arms wrap around me and pull my arms away from my face. I looked up to see Gerard looking down at me. He should be mad at me, I would have been angry, why wasn’t he?
    “I let you down again.” I whispered. My voice started to get louder as I continued. “I BROKE MY FUCKING PROMISE.”
    "I've broken promises to Mikes. It's okay, sometimes they are too hard to keep. It's gonna be alright."
    I pulled away from Gerard and collapsed on the floor, pulling another chunk of hair out.
    “Mikey stop.” He whispered, grabbing me again.
    I completely broke down, unable to speak, unable to breath properly. I just wanted this to end.

    A/N: Poor Mikey. :(
  3. poor mikey :(

    I hope he'll get better soon. it makes me sad seeing him like this...

    Gerard is doing his best trying to help him. he's such a sweet brother :)
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    Awe Mikey T_T Gerard is so supportive I love them to bits, Hope he stops soon. Makes me want to cry aswell, Updatey Updatey soon ??
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    Here is the update, hope you like it, please dont hate me. X

    Chapter 31

    Gerard’s POV

    My chest tightened as I walked into my room with coffee for Mikey, I handed it to him and sat on the bed smiling at him sadly. He didn’t say anything but just looked up at me with a knowing expression.
    “No.” he said firmly, whilst shaking his head. “I know what you’re going to say and I’m not going.”
    “Mikey please, it’s just one visit, one. You don’t have to stay there or anything. Just go in talk and then come home. Please.”
    “No Gee, I said the last time that I wasn’t going back there. I meant it.”
    I couldn’t let him not go. I had rung the psych ward that morning and had explained what was going on with Mikey. They told me that I should take him straight there because things were sounding very serious. I was determined to get him to talk to someone and get help.
    “You are fucking going Mikey and that’s final.” I snapped, pulling him out of bed.
    I handed him a t shirt and a pair of jeans and pulled him up to the bathroom.
    “Wash, get dressed. Hurry up, I’m not moving from here until you get back out.” I said as I pushed him in.

    Mikey’s POV

    The door snapped shut and I felt as if I was going to pass out. I wasn’t going to the fucking psych ward. My stomach was tight and I thought I was gonna puke. There had to be a way for me to get out of going. I was shaking at the thought of being in that place again, I was terrified.
    Without knowing what I was doing, I pulled a razor out of one of the drawers, pulled off the plastic casing and tipped the tiny silver blades into my hand. I selected one and held it to my wrist. I dragged it through the skin, not pressing hard, just enough to scratch the skin.
    I moved further up my arm and pressed as hard as I could, re-opening the old scars. Blood was steadily running down my arm and dripping onto the tile. I swapped the razor into my other hand and made new cuts on the other arm, pressing deeper than before.
    I held the razor just above the point at which my vein became visible. I took a few deep breaths and pressed hard as I dragged the blade through my skin. I cried out at the pain and again when I saw how much blood was pouring out of me.
    “Mikey open this fucking door right now.” Gerard ordered.
    I stood where I was, fuck my arms hurt so much, I don’t know how I put up with it, I just didn’t care anymore.
    Without warning the door was pushed in and Gerard came up to me. I saw as tears started to fill his eyes.
    “Mikey, please let me help you.”
    “Why? Every time I tried to help you it just got thrown back in my face.” I cried stepping away.
    “Your my baby brother Mikes. I love you and I want to make sure your safe.”
    “Like I said before Gee, you can never keep a person safe from themselves.” As I said this I lowered the razor once more so it was right on top of my vein. I pushed down and dragged it across. Immediately I felt the hot blood pour over my hand and I fell back feeling sick.
    Gerard caught me and I heard him yelling for help as I blacked out.

    Gerard’s POV

    I looked down at Mikey and more tears filled my eyes. He was lying in a hospital bed, with bandages wrapped around his arms. I could see where spots of blood had come through the bandages. Mikey had done a good job of fucking himself up this time. The wounds had been really deep.
    I felt my chest tighten as he woke up. He looked so pale. His eyes filled up as he looked at me, shaking his head and falling into my arms.
    “Gee I’m so sorry.” He wailed. “I’m sorry.”
    “Mikey. I have to tell you something.”
    He looked up, there was fear in his eyes. He knew what I was going to say.
    “They want you to go and stay in the psych ward. Just for a while.” My voice cracked and I had to stop.
    “No. Please no. I won’t do it ever again, promise. Please don’t leave me, I can’t stay there. Please Gerard don’t.” He was sobbing against my shoulder, holding me as tightly as I was holding him.
    My heart was breaking, I couldn’t leave him. He was my baby brother, I was supposed to take care of him. I could barely take care of myself. I pulled back and looked him in the eyes.
    “I’m sorry Mikes. I don’t have a choice. You need this, it’s gonna be alright, promise.”

    A/N: Leave me a comment, love to know what you think, and again i say please dont kill me :(
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    NOOOOOO MIKEY CANT LEAVE GERARD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T_T I cry at the thought !!! Poor Mikey, Hopefully he is going to get better. Updatey updatey sooooooon ????
  7. :'( poor mikey, poor gerard.

    Things will get better soon....


    great update
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    As always guys thank you for commenting. Here is the next chapter X

    Chapter 32

    Mikey’s POV

    I walked slowly through the hospital, Gerard was walking slowly behind me. The psych war was across the street directly opposite the hospital, even though it wasn’t far they had insisted that Gerard drove me over. They were afraid I was going to make a run for it.
    I sat in the car and sighed miserably, crossing my arms across my chest and wincing as the cuts came into contact with my shirt. After the bandages had been taken off I refused to look at my arms, too scared to see what I had done. Now I gasped as I examined the cuts. They were deep and there were bruised forming around some of the. My stomach churned as I thought of the scars they would leave.
    “Mikey I’m sorry.”
    I was angry with Gerard, he knew just how much I didn’t want to go in there and yet he was about to leave me there.
    “Save it, I don’t even care anymore.”
    He sighed and pulled out of the parking lot. It only took us about a minute to get to the other block, I wished they had let me walk.
    I climbed out and sprinted towards the exit. Gerard was in front of me in a second and grabbed my shoulder firmly, crouching to look me in the eye.
    “You have to stay here Mikey. Please, you need help.”
    I tried to break free of his grasp but he was too strong. He pushed me inside the building where a woman was waiting for us.
    “Ahh Michael, how are you?” She spoke in one of those creepy overly cheerful voices. I didn’t answer her.
    Her fake smile faltered for a second before she looked up at Gerard. She shook hands with him, they exchanged a few words and then he pulled me into a hug.
    “I will come and see you as soon as they let me okay?”
    I sobbed and clung to him even tighter, not wanting to be separated from him. He eased me off of him and kissed me gently on the head before leaving. I was allowed a few minutes to calm down before the woman led me to a small office.
    The whole building was the same boring grey as I had remembered. I looked around the office as I sat in the chair and waited for the woman to start talking. I felt really uneasy around her, I had never met her before and now she wanted me to spill my guts to her. That was never gonna happen.
    “So Mikey, what’s been bothering you recently? I read your file and I see that you have been cutting yourself recently. Why?”
    “You want me to tell you the complete honest truth?” I asked, making sure I sounded guilty.
    She raised one eyebrow and nodded, “Yes please.”
    “Nothing has been bothering me. I… I just wanted attention. The last time I did this no one would leave me alone and I wanted to have all of the attention at home. My brother has been away for a while and now he’s back its all anyone talks about. I felt left out.” I hoped I was a good liar.
    “That’s a pretty extreme way to get attention Mikey.”
    “Nothing else would work.” I shrugged.
    She thought for a few minutes and seemed to reach a decision.
    “We had originally decided to keep you in here for a week and then decide on how much longer you need to stay based on how you improved. But due to recent revelations, I think forty eight hour observation.”
    For fuck sake. I was still going to be in this shit hole for two days. I felt like hitting my head against a wall but I was pretty sure she would change her mind if I did that.
    She got up and I followed her out of the room and into the social area where a few other boys around my age were all hanging out. They looked up as she introduced me, before she walked off. Thank god she was gone.
    I really didn’t want to join in with them but I thought that if I just sat in the corner on my own then I would probably get labelled as antisocial and get kept here. I knew I had to act as happy as I possibly could and join the other guys if I was to stand any chance of getting out early.

    Gerard’s POV

    I slammed the phone down and held my head in my hands. I looked up to see Bob and Frankie looking at me with confused expressions.
    “What was that all about?” Bob questioned looking at me curiously.
    “Mikey. He’s only gone and fucking lied to them at the ward. Said he was cutting for attention. They are only going to keep him on observation for two days. I know him, if he wants to fool them into thinking that he is completely fine, he will.”
    “Gee it’s okay.” Frankie came and put an arm around me, I leant in close to him.
    “They are still going to do the counselling sessions though right?” Bob asked.
    “Yeah. Mikey is going to kill me when I tell him about that, but he’s going to them whether he likes it or not. As soon as he starts acting weird again when he gets back, I’m having him committed. And I will make sure that they don’t believe him when he says that it’s a way of attention seeking.
  9. grrr mikey you need help lying about things this serious is badd
  10. Mikey, I'm angry with you T_T
    It's never good to lie...sometimes ;)

    update soon?
  11. Hey! I cant belive I missed all these updates! omg poor Mikey... last couple of days I've been where he's been and I feel that reading this is totally weird in term of events...
    Poor Mikey! He has to tell the truth and let them help.. let Gerard help... he needs to sort himself out... maybe if he does he and Bob might -;)
    Gee is home and as cheeky as ever! WHICH I LOVE! :wub::hearts:
    Totally laughed my pants off when Jason walked in on Gee... lucky not to get an eyeful... also at Gerards little bit of jealousy :p
    Frankie getting teased is always good in a story it means alot of ergent sex and the randomest places to do so... I think I may have to do some serious planning and think up a way to either kill :guns: or take Jason for myself :devil:... seriously he sounds NOM NOM NOM :)
    Anyway! sorry this comment is really bad and short considering how many updates!
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    OH MY GOD :O SO MUCH AMAIZNGNESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mikey !!! HOW DARE YOU!!!
    Oh Gerard :/
    Updatey Updatey !!!!
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    @ i want party poison & TheBeautyImFaking ~ Mikey is a complete douche for lying and yeah you have reason to be angry at him.

    @ MyFrerardKisses ~ Hey im really sorry to hear about that, I've been there too and I know how crappy it is, hope things are looking up though and your right it is a totally creepy coincidence. I have to say i love your comment lotses and it is NOT a bad comment at all. You are seriously the queen of smileys :)

    anyway here is the next chapter, im really sorry i havent updated for so long, ive had some shit to deal with recently and havent really had time. Sorry, but i promise this weekend i am doing absolutely nothing and will be working on so many updates to make up for the amount i have missed. Here we go x

    Chapter 33

    Mikey’s POV

    I woke up in the unfamiliar room, my heart was beating fast and I couldn’t breathe. I stopped myself from crying out as I realised exactly where I was, screaming about nightmares was not going to help me get out of here.
    I realised that my body was shaking violently and I tried as hard as I could to calm down praying that someone was not going to come and check my room. Tears slowly rolled down my cheeks as the nightmare replayed in my mind.
    My hand snaked up to my head and I twisted my fingers around a lock, pulling hard, but not hard enough to pull the hair out. When I could feel a harsh pain in my scalp I let go and as I focused on the pain my mind stopped thinking about the dream.
    My breathing started to slow and I could feel myself relaxing. I wished that Gerard was there to comfort me, it was way too quiet and creeped me out. My eyelids started to drop and I let myself be pulled into another uneasy sleep.

    I was woken up the next morning by one of the ward nurses telling me that breakfast was ready. I reluctantly pulled myself out of bed, stretched, got dressed and made my way to the dining area.
    I sat next to a guy called Elliot, he was the same height as me and had straight black hair that fell over one of his eyes, he was really pale and wore a little eyeliner. Since I had arrived yesterday he had sort of taken me under his wing, told me which of the guys to stay away from and shown me around the place.
    He was leaving today and I could tell he was nervous about it. He was fidgeting and couldn’t keep his hands still.
    “Hey El calm down. It’s gonna be fine.” I said, patting him on the back.
    He turned to me and smiled. “I know, I’m just too fucking scared about what’s gonna happen when I get back. Readjusting is gonna be hell.”
    I stayed quiet, not quite sure what to say. He had been here for nearly a year so I could see what he meant, but I had only been here a day and couldn’t actually relate to what he feeling.
    Someone called my name and I looked up to see one of the nurses standing by the door. I got out of my seat and walked over to her.
    “If you would like to follow me, your brother is here to see you.”
    I gulped as I followed her down the hall, Gerard was not going to be impressed with me. I almost turned and ran as she pushed the door open and stepped aside to let me in.
    Gee stood there looking at me, no hint of anger on his face. He pulled me into a hug but as soon as the woman had left pushed me away and looked at me with disgust.
    “What the fuck is the matter with you? Mikey these people are trying to help you and you fucking lied.” He was snapping at me, his voice oozing with venom.
    “Maybe I don’t want help, maybe I don’t fucking need it.”
    He looked at me in shock.
    “You tried to fucking kill yourself.”
    “No I didn’t” I defended myself. I really hadn’t intended to do that, I was just so angry that I didn’t realize how hard I had been pressing.
    “Whatever. You’re not getting off the hook that easily, you’re going to counselling as soon as you get out of her. You need help and I really am trying but you keep pushing me away and-“
    “Remind you of anyone. I’m not the one that needs help. You’re the alcoholic, drug addicted loser that fucked off for a year and let everyone think he was dead. I bet you were too drunk or high to bother telling us you were okay.” He looked shocked and I knew that I was winning this battle at the moment.
    “That was in the past Mikey. I’m clean now.”
    “Yeah but for how long? When are you gonna start getting high again and being the Gerard that we all know and love. This isn’t you, you don’t actually give a shit.”
    “Yes I do” his voice was cracking, “Your my brother and I really want to help you.”
    “I wanted to help you, but you wouldn’t let me. Why should I let you help me? If you had never come back I wouldn’t be here, it’s all your fucking fault.”
    He didn’t reply, just stood there with tears rolling down his face. I didn’t even look at him, I couldn’t.
    “I’m sorry Mikes, really. I know it’s my fault and I just want to make it right. I want you to be okay, I love you and it kills me to see you like this.”
    He pulled me into another hug, I hugged him back, knowing that he was really trying to help me and that he had really changed. After a few minutes I pulled away and walked towards the door, but before I left I stopped and turned to face him.
    “I’m sorry Gee” I muttered quietly, then added sarcastically “Don’t be late picking me up tomorrow.”
    A small, sad smile appeared on his face as I left the room, fighting off the urge to cry or punch something.
    I slumped down in a chair in the games room, sighing. I looked around for Elliot but he was nowhere in sight. I went to look for him in his room but his bags were gone, he was gone. This was going to be a long day.

    Sorry about this chapter being short and really pretty shit. The next one will be better i promise X
  14. at least mikey made a friend...too bad hes gone now
    i really hope gerard is able to help mikey
    gee is my favorite character in this
  15. its waz a good chapter :p
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    FAntastic chapter !!!
    Update soon yeah ??
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    Hey guys. I'm so sorry that I havent updated for such a long time. Shits been happening, which has made me feel really down for a while now and i cant focus on writing at the minute. But i cant leave you with nothing since you guys are so amazing now can i? So again I'm sorry about the lack of updates but here is the next chapter. I'm also sorry its really short too.

    Chapter 34

    Franks POV

    “Just admit it Frank, you still fucking love him.”

    “Jason please, don’t be like this.”

    He spun around and glared at me, advancing until I was pressed against the wall. There was a look in jis eyes that I hadn’t seen before. He was so angry.

    “You still love HIM.” He shouted harshly, causing tears to form in my eyes.

    I nodded, looking away.

    He grunted and turned leaving me a mess in the corner. I held my breath, trying to calm myself down. It wasn’t working so I got up and ran out of the room. I needed Gerard.

    Gerard’s POV

    I was sprawled out on the couch when Frankie ran in, tears running down his face. He threw himself into me, clinging to me and sobbing loudly.

    “Frankie baby, what’s wrong?”

    “J-Jason….. we broke….up.” He stammered, looking up at me with sad eyes.


    He didn’t say anything for a few moments, but suddenly muttered “I still love you.”

    I gasped before pulling his face up to mine, kissing him passionately. He didn’t hesitate to kiss back and our lips worked together.

    “I love you too.”

    He stared up at me for a minute, before we kissed again. He pulled me upstairs and pushed me down on the bed. His hips ground against mine, sending immense pleasure through me. I pulled his top off, he pulled mine off.

    We kissed again, letting hands trail over each other’s bodies. It wasn’t enough, we wanted more.

    Soon we were both naked, a tangle of limbs as we moved in time with one another, moaning loudly.

    We rode out our orgasms together and then lay there together, staring into one another’s eyes. We both wore smiles as sleep covered us. We held each other for the whole night. I felt safe, loved, happier than I had in a long time. Mikey would be back tomorrow and we would finally be together again, this time we would be happy and no one would ruin it for us. No one.

    A/N: Okay I hoped you liked the chapter. I am not sure when i will continue ths. When things get sorted out I guess, but I promise that there is a lot of this story left and i will try to start updating more often anyway.

    Please comment, and if there is anything you wanna see in this story, plot lines or romances, please feel free to pm me or something. Im just unable to think of anything at all right now. All credit will go to you.
  18. Great update!!!
    I can't even begin in words to tell you how much i love this story!!!!
    Love, love, love this story !!! <3
    And take your time and sort things out with whatever you're going through. All of your readers, including myself, will understand :)
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    Thankyou so much for the comment. I'm really happy that you like this fic and I promise that I will start updating regularly again soon :)
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    Chapter 35

    Mikeys POV

    I had come home and everything had been fine for a while. I went to counselling and hid things pretty well. For a time at least.

    “OH YEAH GERARD, BECAUSE YOUR SUCH A PERFECT FUCKER!!” I yelled loudly, pushing past him and grabbing the small tin off the nightstand.

    I pulled out one of the small blades and held it up to my brother. Rage was burning inside me, he had crossed the line.

    “I never stopped, not when I was in that fucking place, not when I came out.” My voice was low and dangerous, I saw the look of fear in Gerard’s eyes and it sent a thrill up my spine. I was losing it and I loved the feeling.

    “Mikey stop it.”

    I shook my head, pulling up my sleeve to reveal my arm, mutilated. Hundreds of scars covered it, some had been deeper than the rest and left raised purple marks. I hadn’t been able to stop no matter how hard I had tried. I had started down the road of self- destruction and somewhere along the way I had stopped caring.

    At first it was just the cutting, and then the drinking started, followed by the drugs. After all of the times I had told him off for it, I still ended up just like my brother.

    Of course Gerard had started to notice and threatened me with the institution. It was a hollow threat and I knew it so I paid him no attention. Now I had finally pushed him to his limit.

    “Put it down Mikey.”

    I shook my head, a twisted grin playing on my face and held the blade to my wrist. “Not another step.”

    Somehow I ended up on the floor, with Gerard pulling the blade from my hand. I yelled out as he left the room locking the door behind him. I shouted and screamed throwing things and breaking things until they came. I was restrained and led out of the house, loaded into a car and taken to the clinic where I was strapped to a bed and tranquilised.

    They considered me a risk and took extreme precautions. I was in a room on my own. The walls were padded and I was kept sedated, so I didn’t move or lash out or try to hurt myself. After a week or so I was transferred, diagnosed as psychotic and was put on pills, what they were I don’t know, nor do I know how long I stayed there.

    As much as I hate to admit it, it had helped. I hadn’t cut for well over a year and eventually I came off the pills. I didn’t do drugs and never got drunk.

    I sat there thinking about how much my life had changed, me and Gerard were closer than ever and Frank had officially moved in with us. I hadn’t seen my mom since she had left me with Frank and I had no idea where she was or if she was okay. I worried but there was nothing I could do.

    It was the night of my seventeenth birthday, which meant it had been three years since all this shit had started. It had been three years since Gerard managed to get out of the relationship with David. Three years since Frank came into our lives.

    It had been two years since Gerard had come back after we thought he was dead. Two years since I started to breakdown, fall apart. Two years since Gerard and Frank had been together.

    It had been one year since I slowly started to piece myself together again, rebuild bridges and get my life back on track. Finally I was happy, Gerard and Frank were happy and I was damn sure after everything we had been through, we deserved to be.

    Yeah, a lot had happened in those three years and there was a lot still to come, but that my friends, is another story entirely.


    A/N: Wow I actually cant believe that I'm about to say this but thats it. Finished. This chapter was short and rushed, I know and I'm sorry about that but I wanted it to end on a good note and this was the best that I could do. Trust me I spent ages on it.

    I really wanna say thank you to everyone that read and commented on this, I love you guys. I had a really amazing time writing this and it's helped me so much, some of the stuff in this has happened and I have never really been able to deal with it. I dont really know if this makes much sense but I used this as a way to talk about stuff that i couldnt actually talk about.

    I first came across this site during the summer, which is also when I discovered My Chem. I was going through some hard times, I had been kicked out of my house, had to kove in with my dad and i was depressed. I have had depression before but it was worse this time. I was cutting again and I refused to eat or sleep.

    One night I was looking at random videos on youtube and i stumbled across MCR. I hadnt really listened to them before but I really loved what I heared. I started to get really interested in music and it gave me something to think about instead of spending my time moping about. I changed because of this band and they really did save me.

    I soon got interested in fanfiction and finally after months of reading, i got the courage to make an account and post something and I'm so glad that I did. The writing became a massive part of me and I was so amazed that you guys read what I posted. I used the writing to get rid of any frustration and stuff so that might be why I was such a bitch to all of the characters.

    I'm actually really sad that this is over and I'm sorry that it wasnt better, but i loved every second of it. I hope that when I decide to post another story you guys are gonna be there to read it. Thank you once again. You guys are amazing and without you this story would not be what it is.

    PS: can anyone tell me how to move this thread? Im pretty clueless XD

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