You're My Phobia (FRERARD)

Discussion in 'Completed Fan Fictions' started by BombME, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. Disenchanted232

    Disenchanted232 New Member

    that update was beautiful :)
    I loved the end part I'M NOT O-FUCKING-KAY
    ROCK ON!!! :)
  2. bert+ronnie4lyf

    bert+ronnie4lyf New Member

    that was awsum !!
  3. lopolvo

    lopolvo New Member

    Amazing story! Please update soon!
  4. L'enfant terrible

    L'enfant terrible New Member

    *new reader*

    Oh wow, this story is just sooo amazing, it really makes me speechless.
    I love your writing, it fascinates me and pulls me into the story and most of all,
    I can relate to that. I can feel Gerard's feelings in this story.
    It's really touching and beautiful.
    And I love how Gerard just slowly realised that he actually likes Frank and he needs him.
    Absolutely amazing, you really deserved to win with that story.
  5. MCRJunkie

    MCRJunkie New Member

    yeah, totally!
  6. MCRxParader

    MCRxParader Active Member

    Ohhh, that was fucking incredible.
    Poor Benny & David. :[
    Those sick kids, setting a poor boy on fire. That's just...fucked up.

    That was brilliantttttt.
    Loved it <3
  7. ~MCR~FREAK~

    ~MCR~FREAK~ New Member

    *new reader*
    wow, loved it, the way you write makes you really relate to whats happening, you totally deserved author of the month, well done
    i just cant believe someone can be so fucked up and set some little kid on fire
    update soon?
  8. chemical

    chemical New Member

    this fic is amazing beyond words!
    Love It!
    You definatly deserved fan-fic of the month!

    Update Soon!

    x x x
  9. Jaya.

    Jaya. Active Member

    This is amazing.
    I don't can't think of another word to describe it.
    Keep it up.
  10. leathermouthluv

    leathermouthluv New Member

    I read what you typed up, and we dont know eachother,
    but I'm dropping down on my knees and begging you to update this
    as quick as possible. It is so fucking good, so pleeeeeeeeaaaaaase
    don't give up on it!!!
  11. Mooka

    Mooka New Member

    This story is fucking amazing. It's really unique. All of the chapter's remind me of I Never Told You What I Do For A Living, strangley enough..
  12. I love this story! the flashback made me cry! =) you have to write more really soon!
  13. love the story. keep writing please!?
  14. Emily Tatner

    Emily Tatner New Member

    wow thats such a tuching storie to me my parents think i have that so to me it great to read s storie about it just reading it and it seems like there was pain in writing it almost made me cry wow that very tuching.
  15. awake-and-unafraid

    awake-and-unafraid New Member

    *new reader!!* this story is great. you can really understand how all the characters are feeling in the story T_T. Poor Gee and Frank, hope things get better for them. you can write some amazing shit!! =3 update soon
  16. BombME

    BombME New Member

    Authors Note

    Dear readers,
    I am sorry to inform you all that I am no longer continuing this fan fiction. I have my reasons, but I honestly do not wish to discus them. I want to say thank you all so fucking much for supporting me. I mean hell, I came into this as a favor requested from one of my best friends and I still cant believe I was voted for author of the month, I cant say how happy I am, it truly does mean the world to me that every single one of you took the time to read my work (even though I got lazy numerous times and the spelling and grammar were totally horrible!) the fact that you sat down and commented and supported me is just amazing, I love you all so much.

    In many ways i can honestly say this fan fiction was never meant to be finished. The end, I still stand by what I said.. was beautiful in my opinion, and if you wish to know it, I will be happy to tell you. But as sad as it makes me I cannot continue for as mentioned before reasons I wish not to say.

    It saddens me to an extent to leave this story unfinished, but I came here to do one thing and one thing only. I came here to advise you I guess you could call it, to show and tell you that stop writing cliché! Do something wild and original. You’re My Phobia wasn’t original, but it was different to an extend. A lot of people came into this expecting a total “I love you baby, lets fuck frankie” Frerard, and I didn’t want that. There is too much of that! So come on guys, write some totally random shit! (If you think im saying YMP is better than any fic, YOU ARE WRONG, I am no way in hell saying that, all im saying is be original! Quit writing cliché! Throw in some twiissttss maan!)


    So there you have it, Lizzie’s (AKA. Me) ultimate request! Ehehe.

    Anywho, there you have it kiddies. I bid you farewell! I would be lying if I said I’ll be back with a super awesome fan fictions, cause I can honestly say I cant see it happening. I DO have an amazing plot in line, bit I doubt I will ever write it, =/ sorry guys. Anyways.. good bye my fellow readers!I love you all. You’ve been an inspiration to me from the very start, and will be until the very end. I’m not exactly leaving this site, but I have officially stopped reading freard fan fictions ect. (Long story to why ect)

    So GOODD BYYEE! Be original! Go crazy! Blow up a fucking bin for crying out loud! (no, LMFAO don’t do that) but be good! *looks around, smiles evilly* “yes.. good..” *snickers*

    So Long & Good Night.
    Love forever and always, Lizzie. (me. XD)

    PS. For those who wish to know the ending, I will tell. And for the record, if I ever feel up to it.. I will write the end and post it. MAYBE. If I find inspiration, I will write it.. im not promising anything, but come back. You never know. *winks* LOL.

    AHHH, YESS, ANNNDD! May I have one final request?
    Readers: GAHH, GOSSHH. Be gone woman! FRIKEN HELL *rolls eyes*
    Readers: Fuck, FINE!


    Tell me what you guys thought of the story! What you liked, what you hated?! Don’t give me some one word shit people! LOL (joke, joke, I don’t mind) give me your honest opinions, be it good of bad! Write a fucking spech for all I care! I really want you all to comment, and say anything you want! I read every single one. Got questions? I shall answer, ect ect.

  17. BombME

    BombME New Member

  18. famousXdeadX

    famousXdeadX Active Member

    *cries* I can't believe that.
    this was like, my favorite story on here!
    It was so amazing.
    shame it won't be finished. :(
    But, I GUESS I understand...I just wish it wouldn't end
  19. Christine

    Christine Guest

    Honestly, I loved it. All of it... I don't think there was a single thing about it that I didn't like.
  20. awake-and-unafraid

    awake-and-unafraid New Member

    WHAAAAA T_T.... awww this story was amazing though.... its was really awesome to read, mainly for the reasons you said.... it was new and different... The traditional "I love you baby, lets fuck Frankie” XD are nice to read, but this was really interesting. Shame we wont know how it ends.... In the beginning of the story, i was like "FUCK YOU FRANKIE"... then i was like "FUCK YOU GEE" but I once understood what was goin' on i really loved your story.

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