"Your Mom Got A Pool Boy?!" [[Frerard]]

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    Summary: When Mrs. Iero gets fed up of always having her son, Frank, do yardwork and tend to the pool, (since her husband is always too drunk to do anything at all) she hires someone to do it for her, what she likes to call a "Pool Boy." oh the thrills they will have...
    Pairing: Gerard/Frank
    Rating: 12/15 ~ Swearing ~ Sexual Content

    I do not own anyone in this story,
    none of this has ever happened before,
    this is all just a figment of my imagination
    that I have written down and posted in this thread;
    the only thing that I own that is somewhat
    related to this would be the mouse-pad.

    [M] = Mature Rating

    Chapter Index:
    Prologue - Page 1
    Chapter 1 - Page 1
    Chapter 2 - Page 2
    Chapter 3 - Page 3
    Chapter 4 - Page 4
    Chapter 5 - Page 7
    Chapter 6 - Page 8
    Chapter 7 - Page 9
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    Chapter 9 - Page 12
    Chapter 10 - Page 14 [M]
    Chapter 11 - Page 16
    Chapter 12 - Page 19
    Chapter 13 - Page 22
    Chapter 14 - Page 24 [M]
    Chapter 15 - Page 27
    Chapter 16 - Page 31
    Chapter 17 - Page 34 [M]
    Chapter 18 - Page 38
    Chapter 19 - Page 39
    Chapter 20 - Page 41
    Chapter 21 - Page 44
    Chapter 22 - Page 47
    Chapter 23 - Page 50
    Chapter 24 - Page 53
    Chapter 25 - Page 56 [M]
    Chapter 26 - Page 58
    Chapter 27 - Page 59
    Chapter 28 - Page 64
    Chapter 29 - Page 67 [M]
    Chapter 30 - Page 72
    Chapter 31 - Page 75 [M]
    Chapter 32 - Page 88
    Chapter 33 - Page 92
    Chapter 34 - Page 103 [Final Chapter]


    Frank's Point Of View:

    "Mom, I'm telling you, we really don't need a 'Pool Boy'," I argued, making quote signs with my fingers when I used my mother's pet name for whoever she needed to have help me with yardwork and attending the in-ground pool.
    "I don't care, I already called him and he agreed to come over tomorrow to check out the pool and that fun stuff; besides, what am I supposed to do with this?" My mom inquired, holding up a spandex-tight rainbow speedo.
    "You bought a speedo for him, too? What the fuck is up with that?" I said, my eyes practically popping out of my head. Just thinking about someone wearing that near me, especially a boy, made me shudder. Seeing as I'm gay and all, (but my mom doesn't know that) it's gonna be tough to not get a hard-on with an almost-naked guy that's gonna be here every other day cleaning my pool. I mean come on, that speedo looks really tight, you know what that means? I means that everyone will be able to see the bulge were his dick is. I mean, that'd be kinda embarrassing, don't you think? Especially with a homosexual guy that's gonna be there to watch your every move...
    "Yes I did, it's gonna be hot out, and plus, it'd be sexy to come home to see that anyways," My mom said, smirking at the glittery speedo.
    "Mom.. You're old, you have absolutely no chance with him, and I'm starting to realize how much of a sick freak you are," I said, still weirded out by this whole situation.
    "Don't call your mother a sick freak you ass!" My mom practically yelled at me.
    "Too late!" I said, dodging the speedo she threw at me, running up the stairs to my room. Upon entering my room, I was welcomed by the warming smell of Febreeze. I don't know, ever since I was twelve I've had a weird habit of spraying everything in my room with Febreeze, it smells good, alright? Five years later, I'm 17 and I still love the smell of Febreeze, I even keep a few bottles of it in my closet. I walked over to my bed, dodging the scattered pieces of clothing on my navy blue carpet. My bed had black sheets and blankets, and a bright orange pillow; it matched my room. My walls were painted black and orange (my favorite colors), it had orange painted down the sides of the black walls to make it look like blood was dripping from the ceiling. But that was hard to see because the majority of my room was all posters of bands, skulls, wolves, and Slash. Ever since I knew who Slash was, I've been obsessed and was inspired to play guitar in a band. Hence why I have a Les Paul Epiphone in the corner of my room, adjacent to the black amp that came with it. I even named my guitar Pansy, which was my aunt's favorite type of flower, before she died of breast cancer two years ago.
    My thoughts were interuppted when the familiar sound of Guns 'N Roses: Sweet Child O' Mine played from my Verizon phone. I dug my phone out of my pocket, looking at the screen to see the name 'Bob' flash on the screen.
    "Hello?" I said into the phone.
    "Hey man, what's up?" Bob said from the other end of the line.
    "Nothing much, you?" I replied.
    "Nothin' really, my mom's being a bitch right now, as always," Bob said, annoyance obvious in his voice.
    "How so?"
    "Ugh, she flipped out because I refused to rake the lawn," he sighed.
    "Haha, that's too bad," I said, toying with him.
    "Does your mom do shit like that to you?" He asked me.
    "Eh, sometimes, but now she wants to get a pool boy and he's gonna start tomorrow," I said, rubbing the back of my neck, as if he could see me.

    "Your mom got a pool boy?!"
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    poor frank he'll just have to suffer.oh weel cool story uodate soon I call no.1 fan spot =)
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    I've said multiple times,
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    Chapter One:
    Ten Questions

    Gerard's Point Of View:

    Oh Great, today's the day I'm supposed to be going to my new job as a friggen pool boy. I never really thought I'd end up as one, but my mom came into my room one day and told me, "Gerard, I got you a job, you're gonna be doing yardwork and cleaning a pool at some ladies' house." So I didn't exactly have any say in this, I mean, I can't even really swim!
    So here I am, standing at their front door, wearing a Smashing Pumpkin's t-shirt, jeans, and black converse. 'Here we go...' I thought as I knocked on the wooden door. It wasn't even two seconds until a perky woman swung open the door with a big smile on her face. She had white-blonde hair that was up in some weird hairstyle.. She looked kind of like a Hollywood version of an Oompa Loompa, just taller and way more make-up.
    "Welcome! You must be the new Pool Boy!" She said too-enthusiastically. 'Creepy...' I thought as she bear-hugged me tightly, forcing me to get a strong smell of her perfume that smelled like cat piss.
    "I'm so glad your here, Mr...?" She asked, making weird motions with her hands.
    "Uh, just call me Gerard," I said, looking at the bridge of her nose.
    "Nice to meet you Gerard, you can call me Mrs. Iero, and Frank..." Mrs. Iero said while looking around the kitchen.
    "Ugh.. Frank!!" Mrs. Iero yelled, her face turning into an angry one.
    "FRANK ANTHONY GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE AND SAY HI TO GERARD!!" Mrs. Iero screamed up the stairs, which was located the living room.
    "Who the fuck is Gerard?!" Frank, I assumed, yelled back from up the stairs.
    "The new pool boy, now get down here before I ground your ass!" She screeched. Within a few seconds I heard heavy footsteps coming from the ceiling, and a boy jumping down the stairs, two steps at a time.
    'Holy Jesus Christ on ice-skates...' I thought, while gaping at probably the most beautiful thing that ever walked the Earth. He looked me over, from head to foot, a small smile spreading across his face.
    "Hi, I'm Frank Iero," He said, extending his hand out for me to shake it.
    "G-Gerard Way," I stuttered, shaking his warm hand.
    "Shit! I have a class to go to, Frank, would you mind showing Gerard around?" Mrs. Iero asked him.
    "Yeah, sure," He replied casually.
    "Gerard, you're welcome to stay as long as you'd like, I want you and Frank to get to know each other, so hang out here, I'll be home at seven, oh, and this is for you," Mrs. Iero said, turning to me and handing me a shiny rainbow speedo.
    "Umm... alright," I said, taking the speedo and examining it. 'Totally uncalled for...' I thought, and with that, she was out the door, speeding off in her black Ford Edge.

    Frank's Point Of View:

    Oh my god, I can't believe she actually gave him that speedo... I swear she gets creepier every day. To make it worse, he's fucking gorgeous, so now how the hell am I supposed to avoid getting boners when he's in that speedo.. Well, maybe he doesn't HAVE to wear it, I hope...
    "Just so you know, you don't have to wear that, I think she was just messing with you..." I said, looking at the speedo with the same paranoid expression Gerard had. As if on cue, my jeans pocket vibrated, I pulled out my phone, which read, "You've recieved a new text message from: Mom." I opened the message from my mother, and read aloud, "By the way, make sure when Gerard's cleaning the pool, that he wears the speedo, at least for me to see when I get home. Love - Mom."
    "Great.." Gerard said, sighing. I didn't say anything, but looked at him with a crooked expression. 'Jesus Christ this guy is like a sex GOD..'
    "Right.. So would you like me to give you the grand tour of my fancy abode, Mr. Way?" I said in a funny British accent, making him chuckle slightly.
    "Sure," he said, setting down the stupid underwear thing my mother gave him, smiling warmly at me.

    After I showed him where all of the rakes, shovels, and other lawn supplies were, and gave him instructions on how to clean the pool and what not, we were back inside the house, drinking coffee.
    "So, Gerard, where do you live?" I asked, taking a sip of my coffee.
    "Same town, Newark, on Cemetery Drive," Gerard explained, taking a sip of the warm liquid as well.
    "Cool," I said, staring off into space.
    "Wanna play a game? Seeing as we have like, two more hours until my mom should be home," I said, setting my coffee down on the table beside me, turning towards his perfect form.
    "Sure, what game?" Gerard said, repeating my actions.
    "Ten Questions," I said, smirking.
    "Kay, any specific rules on how to play?" Gerard asked, furrowing his brow.
    "Well, I ask you ten questions, you answer, I answer; then you ask me ten questions and I answer and then you answer the same question, make sense?" I explained.
    "Yeah, but you go first," Gerard said, a smile playing on his lips, that I hoped one day had my name written all over them.

    "Okay, One: Favorite animal?"


    "Mine's a wolf," I stated proudly.

    "Two, do you have any siblings?"

    "Yes, one brother, his name is Mikey and he's a few years younger than me,"

    "I don't have any brothers or sisters.."

    "Three, how old are you?"

    "Seventeen, you?"


    "Four, Starbucks or Tim Horton's?"


    It went on like that for what felt like minutes, Gerard was finally on his last question, and he looked like he was deep in thought, as if he couldn't think of a question to ask. Finally he came up with a question that seemed to satisfy him.

    "Last question, what's your sexuality?" Gerard asked, almost hesitantly.

    "I'm bi-sexual, how about you?" I said, looking him straight in the eyes.

    "I'm gay," he replied. Hearing that made me grin widely, making me look like a little kid who found a five-dollar bill in the woods. He shared the same smile, we just sat there, grinning at each other, the space between our lips decreasing slowly; until the front door opened to reveal my cheery mother carrying probably fifty JC-Penny bags.

    "I'm home! Did you all miss me?"
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    ahaha @ the speedo o_O
    Lol, I absolutely love this soo much! And you've only written the prologue and the first chapter! I can already tell this is going to be a great story. You're an awesome writer ^^

    More ASAP.
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    Cemetery Drive.
    I wish I LIVED on Cemeteryt drive.
    <3 it though
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  15. I love it! It's awesome, they are so suited in this. :)
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    Chapter Two:
    Rainbow Speedo

    Gerard's Point Of View:

    "I'm home! Did you all miss me?" Mrs. Iero screeched from the front door in the kitchen.
    "Not really," Frank said, shooting daggers at his mother, I don't think he was too happy she was back so soon, because I sure as hell wasn't. If she came any later she would've caught Frank and I shoving each other's tongues down our throats... Well, that's what I would've hoped me and Frank were doing... key word: hope.
    "Well too bad, because I'm home, and look! I brought you back something!" Mrs. Iero cheered, digging her hand into one of the seven billion bags she was carrying.
    "Where is that damned.." Mrs. Iero said, her words trailing off. She was obviously struggling to find whatever she got for Frank.
    "Oh, here it is!" She said, pulling out two necklaces, each with half of a heart on the end. On one half of the heart it read, "Mommy." and on the other necklace, the heart said, "Daughter."
    "Isn't it cute?!" Mrs. Iero squeeled. I couldn't help but to let out a small giggle; Frank's face was really red...
    "You do realize I'm a boy, right?" Frank said, with a raised eyebrow, and a lop-sided expression.
    "Yes, but I couldn't find one that said 'Son' on it, so I just decided to get this," Mrs. Iero explained. I couldn't hold it in anymore, I burst out laughter, not caring what kind of an impression I made.
    "Hey, at least I don't have to wear a speedo!" Frank defended, picking up the colorful bathing-suit/underwear or whatever you want to call it. My giggling subsided, and my smile faded; being replaced by a depressed sigh.
    "Yeah, I don't see you laughing now!" Frank said, with a toothy smile.
    "Oh stop bickering, you two, Gerard, would you like to stay for dinner?" Mrs. Iero said with a serious expression.
    "Uhhh, I don't know-" I started, but was interrupted by Frank tugging on my sleeve like a needy toddler.
    "Please?" Frank said with puppy dog eyes, and an extremely innocent face.
    "Sure, I guess," I said, putting on a cheesy grin. Getting a chain reaction from Frank, who's smile got even bigger, if that's even possible.
    "Great! So, what would you boys like for dinner?" Mrs. Iero asked.
    "How about pizza?" Frank asked no-one in particular.
    "What kind?"
    "Pepperoni," Frank and I said in unison.

    Twenty or so minutes later, the pizza was here, and we were rushing to the kitchen; Frank right behind me. Somehow, Frank managed to trip over his own foot in the process, making him fall foward on-top of me, making me fall on the floor, face fowards.
    "Owwwww," I groaned, trying to push myself up from the floor.
    "Shit, sorry," Frank said, rubbing the back of his neck, helping me up with the other hand.
    "It's alright," I said, giving him a reassuring smile.

    "By the way, Frank's father will be joining us for dinner, just so you know," Mrs. Iero said as we entered the kitchen.

    **A/N: Sorry for short update, but I'm already working on the third chapter; it should be up later today. =]**
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