Your Dreams and Your Hopeless Hair

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    So, I pretty much disappeared from the face of the Earth (or at least the fan fiction community) for like, four months. Deepest apologies, I've been dealing with some tough stuff and haven't been able to write.

    [I placed the songs where I did for a reason. Please press 'play' when you come to one, it really enhances the reading. Although...I didn't time the reading inbetween them, so you may have to stop the first one if you reach the second song before the first has ended.]

    Chapter Five

    Frank’s P.O.V

    The frayed bottoms of my jeans dragged on the ground as I wandered around my strange new home. This place was so quiet and peaceful. I was out of my element. Almost everything about this lifestyle was foreign to me. The house was hard to stay in. I just felt like I was unwanted there…in that perfect family. They weren’t unkind or unwelcoming to me or anything. It was just that their house was perfectly arranged and I felt extremely out of place. The furniture in every room was coordinated with painstaking attention to detail while back where I lived; the furniture in various rooms was all pretty random.

    My eyes followed along the landscape as I trudged down the street. There were carefully tended flowerbeds and children’s swing sets. Without a doubt, it was a family oriented neighborhood. From where I was standing, it looked like the American dream. These kids would grow up, fall in love, get married, move into a neighborhood like this, and then raise a family. And for a moment…I wanted that. I wanted to live in one of those houses with the trophy wife and kids, I wanted to hold down a good job, I wanted my kids to play in a big yard; I wanted a real family. My heart stopped yearning for that as I was quickly brought back to reality. None of that stuff ever happened to kids like me. Shaking my head, I stuffed my hands into my pockets and carried on.

    Down the block, I ran into a boy about my age. He casually introduced himself as ‘the one and only Alexander William Gaskarth’. He then proceeded to tell me that he’d slit my throat if I ever called him by that name. Charming guy. Five minutes into our impromptu conversation, he insisted that I accompany him to the party he was headed to. He’d convinced me that it was the only way to meet decent people in this town. Deciding I could really use a drink (or five), I quickly agreed.

    Upon entering the rather chaotic residence, we immediately ran into a rather…interesting kid…who was completely engrossed in performing the Macarena. Alex grinned and proudly introduced ‘that crazy motherfucker’ as the town hooker. He then informed me that if I got too close to him, I would surely catch several STD’s. Or at least, that’s what I thought he said. The music was up too loud for me to be completely sure. This atmosphere was just what I needed to forget everything and simply let whatever was going to happen…happen. Why fight destiny? If your life is nothing but a random chain of possibly related events, who are you to fuck with them?

    Mindlessly, I wandered off to a different room. I didn’t know what I was doing and I couldn’t explain why I was being pulled in this direction. I wasn’t looking for anything, or at least I thought I wasn’t. It was hours later that I found what I had been subconsciously searching out. It was safe to say that by this point, I was slightly…impaired. At this one particular moment, everything was…just…right.
    YouTube - All time low - Lost in Stereo lyrics on the screen

    She was dancing along, in her own little world. Everything about her drew me in. Her skin, snakebites, and hair shone in the spotlight that just so happened to be hovering right above her. Her tight, white v-neck revealed almost everything I wanted to see. Her tattooed flesh became the focus of my attention. It was almost hypnotizing…the way it glistened in the light; the gold glitter sprinkled on it. I licked my lips, wanting nothing more than to run them over every inch if her skin. She didn’t do so much as glance over at me, yet I was completely taken with her. Every instinct I had was telling me that I simply had to have her. One eyeful of her and I became weak. Without so much as a word spoken and I’d turned into the typical teenage boy. My brain had become useless, I was thinking with my dick. The surge of hormones was overpowering. This was something completely new. In all my years, never once had a girl managed to do this to me. With every bounce of her cleavage, my heart beat faster and faster. My mouth went dry when she did happen to glance in my direction. But that was the thing. She wasn’t looking at me; she was only looking through me. I felt just like cellophane as she smirked at the drunken morons behind me. What the fuck ever. It didn’t matter if she didn’t notice me tonight. Eventually, she HAD to notice me. I wasn’t going to give up, at least not until she got a restraining order against me. I sighed outwardly. I was ready to go, but she couldn’t possibly notice me because she was so lost in stereo.

    Gaskarth appeared next to me, laughing loudly, “See something you like?”

    “Who is that?” I yelled over the crowd.

    Locating the bombshell I had pointed towards, he began laughing even louder.

    “Oh God, of course. Trust me man, you do NOT want to get caught up in her.”

    “Just tell me who she is, I’ve the right to get caught up in whomever I want to.”

    “Her name’s Nicki, and all she’s good for is sex and white lies.”
    YouTube - Toxic Valentine - All Time Low (with lyrics + download link)

    Disclaimer: The songs used in this chapter are sole property of All Time Low, I claim nothing as my own except the surrounding story.

  2. *shocked*

    ........that was incredible.

    There Right? Soon...ish?
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    I'll do my best to get more up soon!
    I have the next chapter written, but I always comtemplate chapters for about a week before posting them. This allows me to tweak things and add small yet vital details and hints that make my writing what it is. I try to get chapters as close to perfect as I can.

    Thank you ever so much for the comment. <3
    Every single one means the world to me.
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    Hey, my little sister, it amazes me how much your writing has improved! I'm surprised Nicki hasn't read this yet!
    Anywho, I really liked it. And I actually like that ATL song! (Lost in Stereo)
    Fantastic. <3
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    I think you picked the good All Time Low songs. And they fit perfectly.
    I'm likin' it.

    I'll keep reading, if you keep posting.
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    Freaking loved it, although my character is absolutely nothing like me. lol
    Can't wait to read more.
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    So, after a few years, I suddenly had the urge to pick my fics back up and finish them. Here's hoping I've still got it!

    Chapter Six

    Frank’s P.O.V.

    How could Gaskarth voice any complaint about her? Any argument he made could instantly be rebutted with the same stupid observation.

    “Dude, she’s fucking hot.”

    “She’s a fucking train wreck, is what she is,”

    “Look at those tattoos.”

    “They’re all products of drunken nights. I doubt she remembers getting a single one.”

    What was this guy’s deal? What right did he have to pass judgment on her; to analyze her in the midst of a crowd? Was he not at the same party, drinking just as much as she was? What a fucking hypocrite. It was a goddamn party; she wasn’t supposed to be the height of morale. I couldn’t stand this sort of thing. Where did people get off summing up another’s character with just one glance? I’d been subjected to this type of condemnation for most of my life. A glance at my beat up belongings labeled me as poor. My long-since grown out haircut said that I didn’t care. My bitten down nails were a physical mark of my restless anxiety. Bloodshot eyes gave away my late night habits. The smoky scent wafting off of me announced that I developed addictions at a young age. The combination of these factors created the image of a good-for-nothing shitty teenager. It wasn’t completely accurate, but I guess it wasn’t too far from the truth.

    “What’s with you?” I spat at him.

    “I’ve been around her long enough to know what I’m talking about. She’s poison. She’s beautiful and she knows it. You want to take her home and fuck her, but you don’t want to deal with the aftermath. She seems like a no-strings-attached fun time at first, but once you get too far in, you can’t get back out. She’ll drag you down. It’s not worth it.”
    He spoke with a dull tone, looking down as he swirled the beer around the brown bottle he was nursing. Very nonchalant, this bastard.

    “Guess I won’t get too far in, then,” I slapped his back in passing as I made my way through the sea of bodies.

    The air was thick with smoke. It felt heavy, almost weighted. My stomach began to feel strange as I grew closer, a tingling sensation beginning in the very pit; nervousness. I tried to shake it off. It wasn’t like me to get apprehensive about talking to girls. She was just some stupid sl*t. It wasn’t like I was going to marry her.

    About two feet away from her, I stopped. Her illuminated body quickly captivated me. Her skin glowed underneath the lights, seeming to pick up a subtle shimmer. The v-neck hugging her torso must have been at least two sizes too small. It strained across her chest, becoming practically transparent. I welcomed the sight of her fuchsia leopard print bra, which, as it happened, also appeared to be working overtime. Her small pink lips parted slightly, silver snakebites gleaming beneath them.

    Her hips swayed to the steady beat, skin peeking out from her low-rise jeans. Stepping up behind her, my arms snaked around her waist; hands grasping her exposed hips. She whipped her head around sharply, strands of purple hair slapping me in the face. I half expected to feel her palm make contact with my cheek, but instead she threw her arms back around my neck, pulling me closer. Her mouth curved up into a grin as she began to grind against my crotch. Jesus Christ.
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    So glad you bought this out of hiatus, smokin' work.
  9. ^^ I completely agree.

    However I shall have to re-read it all now (oh gosh what a shame! /sarcasm) I've missed this so much!!

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