Your Dreams and Your Hopeless Hair

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    This story is amazing!
    I can't wait to see what happens next, I wish I had some ideas for you... but I'm sure whatever you do will be great!
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    erm hi =) *waves* *new reader* o.0
    you're really, really good... just finished reading this at *checks clock*-20 to 4 in the morning, so think im gonna go to sleep now, but
    you describe things really well and, capture the characters really well (?)and, those were meant to be compliments even though it probably didnt sound like it o.0

    more please? =)
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    That means so much to me, seriously. Thank you, thank you, thank you. <3
    I'll have an update up as soon as I get a new flashdrive, which will hopefully be soon!
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    Chapter Three

    Nicki’s P.O.V.

    The drinks were everywhere; endless beer bottles and shot glasses lined the bar. The music was blaring loud enough to make everything vibrate just ever so slightly. All of the familiar faces were there, as well as the not so familiar ones. It didn’t really matter if I knew a single person here or not; they were all my best friends once the alcohol took over. The drinks here had the power to make the worst of enemies fall in ‘love’. I wasn’t looking for love, just a good time. I was most definitely a night person.

    “Nicki! Come over here, bitch!” Angila screamed across the room from her seat at the bar.

    Smiling, I made my way over to her. There was nothing better than a drinking buddy. The best thing about Angila was that she could stand to be around me even when she wasn’t fucked up on something. I wouldn’t exactly classify myself as a bad person; I just had a bad reputation. The only thing I was really guilty of was underage drinking. My mom probably knew about it, or at least she should have by now. Whether she knew or not, she never did a goddamned thing to stop me from doing whatever I wanted. She wasn’t the worst parent, but she wasn’t exactly Mother of The Year either.

    My mother never reprimanded me because she felt so guilty about my father leaving us. It wasn’t her fault that he didn’t want to be ties down. If it were anyone’s fault, it would be mine. Nothing scared an immature, commitment-fearing man off faster than a screaming, fussy newborn. The only thing my mom could’ve done to keep him around would have been to get rid of me.

    His absence used to affect me. I feel very, very differently now. If he didn’t want me, I didn’t want him. A good, strong drink could fill any kind of void in my life. I didn’t need his love; casual, meaningless sex with random strangers more than made up for any the affection he wasn’t giving me. Things were just fine the way they were. Daddy was never there to tuck me in at night, boo-fucking-who. The only person I needed to rely on was myself. Don’t expect anything from anyone and you’ll never be disappointed.

    Back to the scene at the bar, Angila began knocking back shots. Eager to lose control< I summoned the best bartender this town had ever seen; Ash. Being good friends with the bartender had its perks. She knew what I liked and how much I could handle. I gently brushed my fingers against my dog tag necklace. The necklace had been a gift from my two best friends. It was also a necessary safety measure. My name, address, and both their phone numbers were engraved into the tag. I’d passed out cold on an empty street one time too many, so I’d been ordered to wear the necklace whenever I was in the same room as the sauce. The dog tag hadn’t failed yet.

    Angila nudged me and nodded towards a boy across the room. Shooting a quick glance in his direction, I noticed a past ‘friend’ staring at me. Gaskarth. A quick glance was all I allowed myself to give him. I couldn’t let on that I had any interest whatsoever in him, where was the fun in that? I flipped a bit of my spiky purple hair over my shoulder nonchalantly. Angila smirked knowingly as his gaze became permanently fixed on me. The chase was on. I laughed lightly; I could just about hear his thoughts. We’d had multiple flings before, Gaskarth never learned.

    Most girls thought I was a sl*t, I thought I was lucky. They could call me whatever they wanted to, they were so obviously jealous that I had every single boy in this town lusting after me. They’d never admit it, but they’d all kill to be me. In all honestly, everyone wanted to be me…everyone except myself.

    As more and more empty glasses appeared in front of me, my ability to loathe myself became impaired. All of my insecurities were forgotten. The empty, sad, self-conscious girl was gone. I became bold, brave, and fun. I became Nicki.
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    Nicki sounds hot.
    You write so wonderfully. <3
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    Nicki is a walking orgasm. You should know this, Jenn.
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    Oh, you guise. You're making me blush. lol

    Can't wait for more.
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    Nicki sounds awesome. Looking forward to more ;]
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    Jk. No pressure, but I really would love an update. :)
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    How bad do you want an update, Nicki? :p
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    She wants it really, really, reallly bad. So bad, that even I (miles and miles away) can sense it.
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    That bad.
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    Only because I love my Nicki so much. andbecauseitmustsuckthatmybrownskilledhersteelers. :D

    Chapter Four

    Frank’s P.O.V.

    The heavy storm had wound down to a light, sprinkling shower. I sat on the cement stoop, completely soaked through. Emotionally, I was very confused. I didn’t know whether to feel hurt and forgotten or to feel that I should have been expecting this the whole fucking time. The air had turned cold, I had grown bitter. So far I’d been here for a few hours and I already loathed New Orleans and my father. If things had gotten off to this bad a start, could I really expect them to get any better?

    This street was so empty. This neighborhood was too quiet. I held my head in my hands and sighed. I couldn’t imagine how I was going to survive here without my closest friends. Actually, I wasn’t sure how I was going to survive in a town as lifeless and boring as this appeared to be. When I was bored, I always ended up getting into trouble. Wasn’t the whole point of me being shipped out here to keep me from getting into more trouble? My mother couldn’t have possibly thought this one through. If I had hated my father before, I could safely say I completely and irrationally disgusted by him now. I’d never met or seen him before in my life, yet I wished him dead. Yes, I realized I was just being a stupid teenager. Truth be told, I felt no remorse. I pulled my fingers into two tight fists. Rage surged through my veins. Who was this motherfucker to take me away from my home, bring me to a strange, boring city, and then not be there when I showed up? He was fucking unbelievable. My eyes closed tightly, I felt like my whole body was on fire with my undying rage.


    I opened my eyes to see the picture of a perfect family standing before me. The woman was tall and thin with a flawless tan. They had two little girls. The oldest appeared to be about eight years old. She had light brown hair, rosy cheeks, and big, blue eyes. The younger one looked about five or six. She looked exactly like her sister with the exceptions of being smaller significantly smaller and having hazel eyes. Their adorable appearances had absolutely no effect on me. With them was a small dog on a leash. It was one of those annoying little miniature poodles. My eyes finally came to rest on the final member of the family, the man. He had blackish hair and a strong build. He was dressed nicely, just like the rest of his family. Nausea conquered my stomach as I looked into the same exact same eyes as my own. I spit angrily on the ground while maintaining a glare into my father’s eyes. His firm jaw probably intimidated a lot of people, but I wasn’t one of them. The rest of the world was forgotten by the both of us as we became locked in a dead, cold stare. My eyes remained narrowed; he wouldn’t be able to break me.

    “When did you get here Frank?” Malibu Barbie finally broke the awkward silence.

    “Oh, just three hours ago,” my voice was venomous.

    “Oh my, we must have lost track of the time. We were out getting dinner.”

    “Frank, this is your stepmother, Stella. And these two angels are your stepsisters, Talulabell and Fiona.”

    The two ‘angels’ smiled up at me as I rolled my eyes. This whole thing was revolting. Did he really expect me to be charmed by all this?

    “Well, let’s go in then, shall we?” Stella smiled and pulled a house key from her oversized purse as she climbed the porch steps.

    Once the door was opened, the little girls roughly brushed past me to get in immediately. Shooting a final disgusted glare at my father, I reluctantly entered the prim and proper house. The walls were adorned with crown molding and various family photos. Expensive furniture rested in perfect order. There didn’t appear to be a speck of dirt or dust anywhere. They looked like the type that would have a maid. It was impossible for me to picture any of the impeccably groomed family members lifting a finger to scrub a toilet or pick up dog-no, ratshit. If they had money, there was no need to do any dirty work. They definitely had the money.

    Make no mistake; I was quite aware that I was making assumptions based on appearances. I wrote them off as snobs before I got to know them. But here’s the thing, I was never going to get to know them, simply because I didn’t want to. There was a slim chance, an anorexic slim chance, that if I got to know them…I might actually get around to…liking one of them. That would be a huge problem. I wanted no attachments to this family and wanted nothing sentimental with this city. I was definitely not going to be putting down any sort of roots here. My plan was to stay here for a few weeks tops, just long enough to give my mom a well-deserved break.

    My stomach churned when I thought about how stressed out she must be because of all the shit I’d pulled. Memories of her having to come and collect me from the police station at three in the morning came to mind. I’d definitely been a disappointment to her. The more I thought about it, the guiltier I started to feel. She definitely deserved a lot more than a week of vacation. That made up my mind. My stay here would last a month at the least. I never outwardly showed it, but I honestly really did love my mom a whole lot. I’d gone my entire life without ever telling anyone I loved them. Those three words terrified me. Once you told someone that you loved them, they became dependent on you. The fact of the matter was, I wasn’t able to be there for anyone all of the time. And as hard as it was to believe, it killed me to let someone who was counting on me down. All of this deep thought was upsetting my stomach even more.

    I cleared my throat, “I’m pretty tired from traveling, so could someone show me to my room?”

    “’Lulabell, show Frank to the guest room,” Stella cooed.

    The youngest girl started up the staircase without so much as a glance in my direction. Trying to manage the weight of my luggage, I hurried to catch up to her. She was standing beside the fourth door on the right when I reached her. Huffing, I set my bags down on the carpet and awkwardly attempted to thank her. She shrugged and skipped back downstairs.

    I nervously opened the pure white door to get my first glimpse of the room. Like the rest of the house, it was designed, furnished, and decorated well. The walls were a crème color while the hardwood floor was a rich mahogany. My eyes feel upon the large bed and came to rest on the deep red bedspread, embroidered with a beaded pattern. Sighing heavily, I dragged my suitcase into the room and kicked the door closed with the back of my foot. Deciding that I wasn’t all that tired, I unzipped the suitcase and began to unpack. I paused briefly as my eyes went back and forth between the closet and the dresser. I was unsure of which one to fill with my clothes. After a moment of consideration, I decided that the closet would be the easiest to fill and empty again. Upon opening the closet door, I found that the sturdy metal rod was already holding an abundance of metal hangers.

    Rushing, I quickly hung up the contents of my suitcase so that I could finally allow myself to slip into a dead sleep. About done, I placed the suitcase on the closet floor and discarded my wet clothes in a heap on the wood floor. I quickly pulled on a minimal amount of the usual garments I sleep in. As I was climbing into bed, the pile of clothing on the floor caught my eye. They looked so out of place…it really bothered me. I would never be able to sleep if I didn’t put the clothes into the hamper or something. Once the soggy pile had been properly disposed of, I was able to get comfortable in the large bed relatively quickly. Finding peace at last, I closed my eyes.

    But then, all of the sudden I was extremely uncomfortable. There was this longing that came out of nowhere. I actually missed…New Jersey. It was without a doubt the weirdest realization that had dawned on me today. I missed my mom and our shitty house. That house wasn’t much to look at, but it was my home.
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    Anyway, I enjoyed this update.
    Thank you dear.
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    ^Hehe. :p

    The next chapter involves horny, teenage Frank. YAY YAY YAY!
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    DUDE. STEELERS, FTW. Even though they suck this season.
    And poor Frank.
    I can't wait to read the next chapter. :D
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    They lost to the Cleveland Browns. The CLEVELAND FUCKING BROWNS!!! Really, how does that even happen?!?! I'm still highly disappointed.

    /end rant.

    Back on topic, I can't wait for another update.
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    Ya'll best stop hating on my Browns or I'm never updating again. -_-
  19. Awww! Nonononono! You must update! I love this!

    woo...browns.....Whoever they are......

    Anyways.......This is awesome ^_^ must update soon
  20. I'm with Aimz i'm hooked on this story :D:D:D

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