Your Dreams and Your Hopeless Hair

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    Your Dreams and Your Hopeless Hair
    Sequel to We Are Young and We Don't Care.

    Dedication: This is dedicated to the wonderful Nicki. Why? Because:
    1. Without her, this part of the story never would have happened, she inspired me without even knowing it.
    2. She deserves to have a story dedicated to her.
    3. She makes me smile. :)

    Disclaimer: I do not own anything except the original characters and the story line. This is entirely fiction.
    Rating: 15+
    Main Characters:
    Frank Iero
    Summary: Ever wondered what happened before We Are Young and We Don't Care? Now you don't have to.
    Genre: Romance, Angst
    Chapter Index:
    Chapter One - Page 1
    Chapter Two - Page 2
    Chapter Three - Page 3
    Chapter Four - Page 4
    Chapter Five - Page 5
    Chapter Six - Page 5
  2. Neverland

    Neverland In A Needle

    Chapter One

    Frank’s P.O.V.

    I sat on the old couch, twisting bits of frayed threads, as my mother looked me in the eyes. She’d warned me and I hadn’t listened. She’d given me countless chances; I’d declined every single one. I honestly didn’t think she’d actually go through with this. Her threats were always empty. She couldn’t bear to punish her only child; she couldn’t admit to herself that I was a bad kid. I had no problem admitting it. She’d tried to raise me right, sending me to a Catholic school and all. It had gotten too expensive, forcing her to pull me out. She blamed herself for my behavior, thinking I’d be the perfect model of a proper young gentleman if she’d managed to keep me in that goddamn school. It was far from the truth, but it was an easier thing for her to accept. That school had turned me into an even worse person. I’d met the scum of the earth; all of those rich bastards in their fucking ties and suits. From my first day forward, I’d vowed never to become that. I was going to become my own man, never needing any bullshit lessons about loving my neighbor as myself. *Jesus may have died for somebody’s sins, but not mine. My sins are my own, they belong to me.*

    My mother had done her best to give me a normal life. My asshole father left us before I was born. He’d abandoned us, leaving my mother with a shitty house and an over-due rent bill. He took all the money and everything he wanted then walked out the door, never once looking back. My mom had to work two jobs to keep food on the table and a leaking roof over our heads. Somehow she’d always managed to give me a Christmas. I later found out that she’d saved up the money by only feeding me for a few months. I appreciated all her sacrifices, but it was seldom that I told or showed her that I did. Shows of affection were difficult for me. I did love her very much, though. I just couldn’t tell her.

    It was no secret that I acted out. My mother was always making excuses for my behavior and me. My father had left, so what? That was no excuse for breaking in and vandalizing a school…or a library…or a park…or an office. There was no excuse for starting a fight or two everyday at school. There was no excuse for getting high and then setting people’s garbage on fire. There was no excuse for starting to smoke at the age of twelve. There was no excuse for drinking every bottle of alcohol I could get my hands on. And there was certainly no excuse for being okay with all of this. There wasn’t a damned excuse for the way Frank Anthony Iero was.

    I was incredibly angry. Never mind that I didn’t have anything to be angry about anyway. All I wanted to do was drink, fight, and fuck. Drinking made me who I wanted to be. Alcohol and marijuana made all the anger and problems go away…if only for an hour or two. I couldn’t get by without it. Instead of fantasizing about naked woman, I dreamt of violent murder. There where people who needed to pay for what they had done. Everything they’d done to me was all retained in perfect detail and stored away in my memory. Punishment needed to be served and I was the one who had experience serving it up. No one was going to escape my fists. My rage could not be suppressed. I wanted to wrap my hands around my father’s throat and squeeze as the life left his body. I wanted to stab his eyes out. I wanted to hear him gasp his last breath; I wanted his blood to gleam on my hands.

    The last straw has been last night. I’d been painting a lovely picture; my mother had always wanted me to express my creativity. She should’ve been proud of me. The only problem was, I was painting on an old church instead of a canvas and I was using a spray can instead of a brush. My artwork was undeniably beautiful. Red paint was splattered on the crumbling walls.


    I was going over it again to ensure that it would last a lifetime when the cops showed up. I didn’t care what they did to me. It wouldn’t change anything.

    My mother’s eyes filled with tears,
    “You’re going to live with your father, Frank.”

    *Written by LeATHERMOUTH, I do not claim phrases in the *'s
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    Finally! that was great! i already love this, more when you can! :)
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    This is amazing already. <3
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    Awww...I love you, Ness.
    I just wanna hug you right now.
    This made my week.

    The first chapter is fantastic.
    Can't wait for more.
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    ^Told you.
    This is absolutely AMAZING, and I know it's going to get amazing.errr.
    I love it so much.
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    All I know is that if my character dies, it better be epically tragic. lol
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    I know what happensss.

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    You would rub that in my face. :(
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    This is amazing!
  12. Oh my god I LOVE THIS!

    Just so you know ^_^
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    Thank you all so much! :)
    These comments make me smile so bigggg!

    I'm going to try to update real soon, I promise.
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    Chapter Two

    Frank’s P.O.V.

    The red-haired bitch wouldn’t stop smiling at me. I was seventeen and still considered an ‘unaccompanied minor’ by the airport staff. She intended to hold my hand the whole way to New Orleans, but I had something else in mind. She was in for a very rude awakening.

    My mom was absolutely hysterical, of course. I’d never been away from her before. She probably would’ve just taken me back home, but my father had already paid for my one-way plane ticket. All of these years without a single penny of child support, and all of the sudden he’s offering to pay for me to be flown over to him. It was pretty odd, almost suspicious. I knew it was because he must have felt guilty by now. It was also strange that my mother trusted him to care for me. Wasn’t she supposed to be trying to keep me away from him? I guess the situation was kind of different now that she was convinced I needed to be straightened out and put on the right path. This was just going to be a waste of time, money, and energy. No one was going to change me if I didn’t want to be changed. I liked things the way they were. So what if I didn’t get into college? I didn’t need a fucking degree to survive. I could be perfectly happy with a shitty job, shitty house, and shitty beer…not to mention a shitty attitude. Nothing needed to be changed for me to achieve any of those things.

    “Ohhhhh Frankie, I’m going to miss you so much!” my mother wailed.

    “Goodbye, mom.”

    “You’ll be a good boy, won’t you Frankie?

    “I’m not making any promises.”

    “I love you so much! I’m going to call you everyday!”

    “Okay, mom.”

    The smiley bitch led me to the boarding gate. My mother kept waving until we were out of sight. Seeing her so upset over me made me uncomfortable. I didn’t like it when people made a huge fuss over me. It felt like every person in the close proximity was staring at us. It didn’t bother me exactly; it was just an odd sort of feeling.

    Once I was settled into the wonderfully classy coach section with the cheapskates, child molesters, and Monty Python junkies, I had nothing to do but try to ignore the white trash couple next to me. Some four-year-old was kicking the back of my seat incessantly and whining about wanting animal crackers. This was going to be hell. I wasn’t sure if I could survive this flight; let alone living with my father for an unknown period of time. I closed my eyes and tried to block everything out.


    I stood outside of his house, just staring at it with uncertainty. It wasn’t the cheap, rundown place that I’d expected. The house was a decent size, neatly done up in appearance, and expensive looking. The roof was made up of black shingles, not one out of place. The siding was a light blue-gray color, the shutters on the sides of the crystal windows were a rich black, purely for show. No child support for seventeen years, and here he was a rich motherfucker. He must’ve been the worst kind of snob if he couldn’t spare his bastard son a small portion of his obviously plentiful money. Money couldn’t make up for what had been. A big, fat check wasn’t going to make anything right, though it certainly would have made things a whole lot easier.

    He’d decided to shut me out long ago, so I’d returned the favor. If I’d been able to survive without him before, there was absolutely no reason I couldn’t now. Simply put: I didn’t need him. And if I didn’t need him for anything whatsoever, why did he need me around? Another stinging question, why now? If there was something he was giving me, why not wait until next year when I was no longer considered a child in the state’s eyes? Was this whole visit just a way for him to ease his conscience? Was he doing this for my mother? Was he trying to straighten me out? Did he really think he could straighten me out? Was this going to make him look like some sort of hero; claiming his long lost son? Surely, he had to know that none of this would mean anything. He couldn’t do a damned thing to make me any different. I was completely fine with who I was and planned to stay this way forever.

    Setting a stone cold face, I walked up the porch steps to the immaculately painted front door. I weakly raised my hand and rang the doorbell. There was no loud barking, as I’d expected. Almost everybody had dogs nowadays. It was sort of startling, not hearing the barking when I’d been so prepared for it. There was a long silence following the quiet chime. After a few minutes passed, I tried again and faired no better. I started to get slightly un-nerved when loud, repeated knocking didn’t bring an answer of any kind. He had to have known that I was coming. He was the one who had bought my bloody plane ticket, after all. Had he forgotten to send me a house key or something? A house key…

    I searched under the front mat, in the potted plants, and under a small bench to find no key. I looked up as water drops pounded on my head. Sure enough, there were dark, stormy clouds above me. Thunder began to rumble, causing me to murmur obscenities under my breath. The rain started pouring, coming down harder and harder. Not a single car passed by on the street. There were no signs of any attempt to leave a note for me.

    Lightening lit up the sky brilliantly. Confused, I fished a small piece of paper out of my pocket. An address was printed neatly in my mother’s easily read handwriting. I checked the numbers on the mailbox; they matched the address on the slip of paper perfectly. Shoving the small note back into my pocket, I scowled. Of course, he was the ONLY person on this street without and awning on his porch. This was incredible. This was just terrific.

    “Way to get off to a good start, dad.”
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    This is awesome. I love it, your writing is so good, all the details, the attitude Frank has is just so... I can't find a word for it really, but it's so great! I need more. Soon. :)
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    This is fantastic my dear.
    Can't wait for more.
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    I love this. It's simply amazing. :)
  18. oooh what shall happen next?? :D
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    I'll try to have an update up for this soon. I don't have very many ideas for this right now, so I'd love it if you guys could tell me what you'd like to see happen.

    Any suggestions? :)
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    ahh cant wait to seee what happens now i have to go hop off to bed at such a early hour and it sucks but loved it hunny bear :D HYPER ACTIVITY!!!

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