You Told Me This Would Get Harder...

Discussion in 'Completed Fan Fictions' started by BriiBass, Sep 24, 2007.

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  1. BriiBass

    BriiBass Active Member



    YAY!! xx
  2. Holly

    Holly Active Member


    x Holly x:taz:
  3. BriiBass

    BriiBass Active Member

    Heheeee, my mum sucks, usually, btw >,<
  4. Holly

    Holly Active Member

    ahhhh scared now =P

    x Holly x lol
  5. BriiBass

    BriiBass Active Member

    Part SIX!

    Mikey's POV

    It had to be over, OVER! OVER! OVER!
    I was wrong...
    That was properly the last "real" sound i heard

    Okay, im gonna finish soon =P
    Edit: Now do you know who is dead, Hol? lols =P
    :birthday: in a week, YAY!!
  6. Holly

    Holly Active Member

    lol Yeah!

    woo x
  7. BriiBass

    BriiBass Active Member

    Lols, YAY! =P
  8. BriiBass

    BriiBass Active Member

    Part six, Second part =P

    Ummm...nearly midnight, ooh!
    Need to update :roll:
    Btw, im kinda abit asleep, so soz *yawn* :)

    Gerard's POV

    No more deaths, NO MORE! I cant handle anymore dea--
    "Hey! Gee, Umm..." Frankie was staring at his feet, "I dunno how to say this--"
    "W-Wh-Who is dead?" I said it, hoping for a reply like "No-one, You just be kidding!"
    "Mikey is...Im so sorry!"
    It took awhile to sink in, but did i diserve this? What was that bad that i have had my girlfriend and BROTHER killed on the same night, I broke down, Mikey and Kat in my head, I was crying and even when i tried, They didnt stop flowing.
    Frankie was still standing there, not knowing what to do. "You'll be okay! I promise you that--"
    "What do you know, PLEASE, Leave me be, unless you wnat to die!"
    I shouldnt have said that again, I said it to Kat and she ended up dead then i said it to Mikey, and he is..too.
    "Im such an idiot!" I said, banging my head againest the wall, "I should be dead, KILL ME, not the closest people to me, WHAT IN THE FUCK DID I DO?!?!" I was screaming, uncontrollably.
    I had enough of this, my life.
    I was running onstage, It was only Me, Bob, Ray and Frankie.
    "Do any of yous know bass?"
    "Yeah, abit. I guess i could fill in."
    We started the set and it was okay, but everyone was shaken from the shottings.
    "HEY! Fuckers! You think IM gone? Ive only just started, and when im finished, Youll be dead AND FORGOTTEN! Replaced by THE USED! Or Slayer, You know...the GOOD bands!"
    It was truely over, "Kill me! I deserve it, leave the others ALONE!"
    I closed my eyes, I heard gunshots.

    Going to bed, Cya =P
    Its 16 past, OMFG!!
  9. Holly

    Holly Active Member


    I actually ADORED it!!!


    That was AWESOME!!!!

    x Now i can sleep happily!!!! x (or sad i don't know :S lol)

    x Love you xoxo x
  10. BriiBass

    BriiBass Active Member

    Btw, im sorry, its all sooo confusing =P

    Love you TOO!!

    xoxo B
    xoxo b

    (Gerard style <3)

    Sweetest Dreams =D
    *Dances then jumps incase i FALL AGAIN*
  11. Ammie

    Ammie New Member

    hey, you spamish people ^^

    sorry for breaking your conversation,lol, but i think i saw some updates somewere... and... i am a reader.
    so... great updates :D
  12. Holly

    Holly Active Member



    Yeah babes the updates were wow! :D

  13. BriiBass

    BriiBass Active Member

    AWWWHHs! Thanks alot, both of yous *Gives cookies and coke zero/starbucks to Hol and Ammie for being readers of the month*
    Yays! Congratz! Then again, You are the only few that actually read =P
  14. Holly

    Holly Active Member

    *Takes coke zero/starbucks and cookies*



    keep going! More people will come! ;)

    It's wicked hun!
  15. Ammie

    Ammie New Member

    aww cookies :)

    yeah more people will come!

  16. Holly

    Holly Active Member

    :D just you see ;)

  17. BriiBass

    BriiBass Active Member

    I will, i might now or later, depends =P
    Properly later as i cant now, heh
  18. Holly

    Holly Active Member


    mkay ^^

  19. BriiBass

    BriiBass Active Member

    When are you gonna update? =P
  20. Holly

    Holly Active Member

    I just have to finish my mountain of homework :(



    please...go on

    and vote for *uh hem* mcr lol


    *can't wait for an update;)*
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