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    Title: You Know What To Do

    Genre: romance, killjoy, drama (anything else if needed)
    Rating: 15 (sex sense, language, rape/abuse)
    Main characters: Party Poison, Jet Star, Kobra Kid, Fun Ghoul, Cherri Kid, Lightning Revolver, Artistic Thunder, Crystal Star, Huggable Revenge, Korse and dracs.
    Summary: Cherri Kid and Lightning Revolver escape from BLI/ind and they meet other killjoys but what happens next well you will have to wait and see
    Chapter index
    Chapter 1: Run to the hills page 1|Lightning, Cherri's POV
    Chapter 2: All the small things page 1|Cherri's POV
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    Chapter 1: Run To The Hills

    Chapter 1: Run to the hills
    Lightning’s POV

    Before I let out any secrets, I think I should introduce myself, well my name is Natty or at least it used to be, before I got kidnapped, I have purple hair with blue highlights, I am 5’2 and very pale, my normal choice of clothes are either, red, blue or black skinny jeans and a band t-shirt. I have one friend her name is Lu Lu, she came here, to America, from England about a week before we got kidnapped by BLI/ind, she is like me but has blue hair, dyed black underneath and purple highlights, she is 5’4 and very jolly. I am friendly like her the difference is I am naughty when I get bored, Lu Lu is more calmed. Are knew names Lightning Revolver (Natty) and Cherri kid (Lu Lu)

    “Cherri come on or we are going to be late to our new school thing” I shouted to my room mate.

    “I’m coming I’m coming, but take me through this once more, how are we escaping from here?” she answered in question and confusion.

    “Well when the delivery trucks come in and no one is looking we get in the truck, hide and we are out, when they stop for gas we jump, get me now” I answered, trying not to sound stupid.

    “Oh yeah, I get it now, you’re really good at ideas, that’s why I love you, even if you are a naughty, strange, small, funny, killjoy…” Cherri blabbered on.

    “OKAY we get it I am all sorts of things, can’t believe these words are about to come out of my mouth but can we actually go to school?” don’t get me wrong I love her to bits, but she can be a pain in the ass.

    A few hours later, the big escape.

    “Right, when I say go we run for the truck” I said, and with a nod of the head we were all set to go.

    “GO!” as soon as those words came from my mouth we found ourselves running as fast as ever.

    “It worked” Cherri exclaimed, very happy to finally be out of BLI/ind.
    After a while of driving we stopped, as soon as the truck stopped we opened the door and jumped.

    “Do you think anyone is here?” I asked starting to worry.

    “I don’t know, hello is anyone here? Anyone at all?” Cherri called, starting to worry herself as she heard footsteps.

    “Hello, who are you? I’m Atomic Detonator, a killjoy are you?” a girl with rainbow coloured hair said as she entered.

    “I’m Cherri kid, and this is my friend Lightning Revolver, I apologize for any problems she may cause she has this way of getting bored and then becoming naughty and we are killjoys” Cherri introduced us both.

    “Oh hello, nice to meet you both I will take you to meet the other killjoys, try not to miss behave, but that’s it so follow me.”

    After a little while of walking we reached a diner where the other killjoys were.

    “Hey guys, I found two killjoys” Atomic told some people, who looked at us as if we had just robbed a bank (no I haven’t robbed a bank).

    “Hi I’m Party Poison, this is my younger brother Kobra Kid, that is Fun Ghoul and this is Jet Star” a red headed guy said as he introduced them to us.

    “Hi I’m Cherri Kid, and this is Lightning Revolver” Cherri replied with her awesome English accent.

    “Like, how old are you all?” I asked, entering the conversation.

    “I’m 18, my brother is 15, Jet is 20, Ghoul is 16 and Atomic is 22,
    what about you?” Poison explained sounding cocky, but it was funny.

    “Well I am 14 and Cherri is 17” I answered sounding way cockier than Poison.

    “Hey guys why don’t we take the girls to meet the other 3” Ghoul insisted, everyone nodded.

    After what seemed to be years of walking we reached a little shack with graffiti all over it.

    “Hi babe” a girl with yellow and purple hair said with a hell load of joy.

    “Hi baby!” Kobra answered with the same amount of joy.

    “So who are they?” a girl holding Poison's hand asked.

    “This (he says whilst pointing to Cherri) is Cherri Kid, and this is Lightning Revolver” Poison replied.

    “And they are…” I answered in one of my moods seeing as I haven’t slept for days.

    “Sorry about her she hasn’t slept in days, what’s your name?” Cherri came across more calm

    “I’m Artistic Thunder, and this is Crystal Star, oh and that is Dr D” Artistic Thunder (the one holding Poison's hand) answered.

    “Hi nice to meet you, can I sleep now?” really not giving a flying damn and becoming bored, which as you gathered is not good.

    So, bored, Cherri is talking to Poison, Kobra, Dr D, and the other two, and I am sitting here sleepy, not going to sleep and very bored, what the heck lets have some fun.

    Cherri's POV:

    These guys are really nice, they are like the family I never had they make you feel so happy, though Lightning is very quiet, oh no....

    “Guys I think ermm well…” I started to say to the guys


    “What the actual hell was that?!” Kobra exclaimed as an explosion rocked the room.

    “Lightning” I answered leaving everyone look confused…

    “What Happened?” I asked hoping it wasn’t too bad

    “Lightning what the actual hell happened, or in better words what did you freaking do?” I asked becoming worried of what everyone would think.

    "I blew up a car!" she explained a little to jolly

    "you what!"

    ", but not a. Killjoy one" she answered a little on the sarcastic side but that's just they way it goes

    "come on let's go have some fun" the guys entered the conversation​

    Hope you like it
  3. OOOHHHH ME LIKEY. hehe you blew up a car?!?!? Oh god...this can only get better from here :D
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    yup i am eventful and thank you :hearts:
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    I know this is a pretty shit and short update for such a long wait, but here it is

    Chapter 2: All The Small Things
    Cherri Kid’s POV
    ‘You, let me get this straight you, holy crap on crackers you just blew up a car’

    “Yes and what is so bad about blowing up a car?”

    “WHAT THE… I mean you don’t go round BLOWING UP FRICKEN CARS!” I yelled making her shiver, but not a shit I’m going to die shiver

    “yeah but I was bored, and look like they lot like it, don’t they…” everyone shook their head, whilst laughing

    “why are you guys laughing, this isn’t funny” I said starting to become suspicions

    “You, you don’t know do you, well we’re okay with this, because that was a dracs car, and she blew it up before they blew us up” Jet explained causing my head to drop in embarrassment

    “So, she did, she… Lightning this girl here did something good, wow I’m gob smacked”

    After that we walked around the place and I suddenly bumped into a lamp post and fell onto my arse

    “Cherri, Cherri, can you hear me?” a voice travelled through my brain, but, I couldn’t work out who it was, aha it was Kobra’s voice

    “Ko…Ko…Kobra; what the fu…fuck happened to me? Please, tell me” I asked sounding so worried

    “you, you bashed into a lamp post” Kobra explained trying not to laugh, unlike the others who were on the floor in stitches, laughing so hard

    “Thanks guys love you not”

    “No worries!” Lightning’s ex from BLI/ind said whilst walking in

    “Why are you here?” Dr D asked sounding suspicious

    “You, you know each other?” Poison questioned

    “Yeah, he was a drac but changed and was taken in as a prisoner in BLI” D explained

    “Wow, ermm, I will, you mean, I, but he, I never, why didn’t you tell me this?” Lightning asked in a lot of wonder and shock, towards why she was never told this

    “I never told you because you didn’t need to know, well you did but I didn’t think you would care”

    “Well I did deserve to know, I was your girlfriend” Lightning started to say until she was interrupted by Poison

    “We get it your pissed off, you strange guy, get lost, no one wants you hear, used to be drac dick, and then everyone else meet me at the fire spot in 10” poison ordered, playing his leader part very well

    So everyone shut up, and went to freshen up, and after 10 minutes, we went back to the fire spot, things were about to become very fun and eventful

    “Right, what we gonna do then?” I asked

    “Well, I was thinking spin the bottle, or truth or dare, seven minutes in heaven, anything” Ghoul suggested

    “How about truth or dare” I suggested,

    Everyone nodded, and some of these dares were very strange…

    "Truth or dare..."​
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    Please update your chapter index within 24 hours or your fic will be locked. You also need to proof-read your work and use capital letters for names.
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    oh fuck yeah sorry, will do now and yeah i will sort this now

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