You Cannot Destroy Me

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    That was intense.
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    Very short!
    But it was really good.....I hate writers block
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    Chapter 31: Convert

    Oh my God, what’s going on? His head loomed sideways; he couldn’t find the strength to move it. Scanning the room, he saw white. Everything was white, even the small television that rested on a small white table in the middle of the white room. The screen had static roaring on it, but the sound must have been on mute. Glancing around, he found himself staring into a blacked out window; not white. He knew people were hunched over on the other side watching his every move.

    A crackling came from the television. Instinctively, he had to look. A dirty blond man with glasses appeared on the screen behind a desk. He bore a toothy grin and a smug look.

    “Welcome to the Scarecrow Unit of BL/ind. Here, emotions no longer exist and if you fight back, you will be forced in the most humane ways. Please, listen to further instructions as to how to improve your life.” The screen went blank and he quickly shut his eyes.

    A female voice came from the television, “Please stare into the center of the moving shape.” He glanced at the screen and watched a random circular design spin around. “I’m so happy to be alive. Everything is going to be fine. Did I take my medication today?” He looked away and glared at the blacked out window then glanced back at the screen. “Keep working hard to stay alive… Goodbye.”

    The screen went to static once again. He glared at the blacked out window again, “What the fuck was that?!”

    “Kobra Kid,” a smooth male voice stated from behind the chair. “Conform, or die.”
    The gate flew apart, as did one of the draculoids guarding it. The other shot lasers towards the van and ATV that barreled through the tunnel. The ATV swerved and quickly got next to the van. Gerard waved and signaled that he was going to get in front of them, then hit his accelerator a little harder.

    A red light flashed through the tunnel and nearly camouflaged Gerard’s fiery hair. He squinted his eyes, and saw people—draculoids—rushing into the tunnel from a door on the right side of the tunnel. He swiftly maneuvered through the group and did not want to turn around to see several of them flying around after being run over by the van.
    “Conform or die?” Mikey muttered softly. He tried pulling himself out of his restraints, but failed. He was too weak to free himself, thus too weak to fight the others off. “How long?”

    “Conforming will take several days… Dying will take mere seconds,” the voice stated before Mikey realized it was Korse when he strolled in front of the television. “You don’t have to conform, but no one will ever see you again. I can give you time to think about it.”

    “Please, can I think about it?” Mikey muttered attempting to buy him some time and keep himself together.

    “We can’t keep you in here forever.” Korse knelt down and propped his elbow up on Mikey’s knee. “I’ll tell you what, I’ll give you until this time tomorrow; it is six in the morning. You have twenty-four hours.”

    “That’s generous of you,” Mikey stated grimly.

    “It’ll give your friends time to attempt at saving you then join you; I’ll give you the chance to chose their fate as well,” Korse stated evilly as he patted Mikey’s head. “Think about it hard.”
    Gerard climbed off of the ATV and walked towards the van. Everyone had climbed out except for Dee and Grace. He leaned against the only closed door and watched the others crowd around. Pony had put on actual clothes while Ray and Frank tinkered with their guns. Heaving a sigh, Gerard took the gun the Dee extended towards him.

    “Be careful.” Dee watched them disappear into the back door, which seemed to not have heavy security.

    Gerard led them down a few empty hallways. Ray took white spray paint to every camera he could find as they crept through each hallway. No one seemed to be in that side of the building. No draculoids sitting in front of the screens in the control room. No one was in the break room. Not even Korse’s bone chilling laugh lingered in the hallway.

    “Get the fuck in there!” a voice shouted harshly. A door slammed and footsteps echoed down the hallway, and disappeared soon after.

    Gerard peered down the hall and saw no windows or open doors, so he crept down the hallway. He scanned the area and gave the others a thumbs up. He glanced through a small opening in the door next to him and saw a lump underneath a thin blanket. Deep down, he knew it was Mikey.

    “Pst. Mikes,” he murmured luckily gaining the attention of his brother.

    “Gerard?” he muttered and used all of his strength to climb to his feet. He used the wall to brace himself as he made his way to the door.

    Gerard’s heart fell apart just seeing his brother, whom appeared to be beaten, “Mikey, we came to get you out.”

    His mind pondered on the conform or die idea. “Don’t get caught, please.”

    “Sh…. It’s okay,” Gerard murmured as Pony snuck up and stuck a card into the slot with wires leading to a hand held device. He typed in a few things before a subtle click came from the door. “See.” Gerard quietly opened the door and caught his brother before he fell over.

    Frank rushed into the room and slung the large pillow underneath the blanket then shrugged. He whispered, “They might buy it from far away.”

    Gerard nodded at Frank as Mikey leaned on him for support, “We’ll get you out.”

    “Don’t get caught…”

    “Sh…” Gerard muttered as they trudged through the hallways they came in through.

    Oddly enough, they made it outside. No one was out there, no sounds were made. No lasers or lights, with the exception of the brake lights to the van.

    “Where’s everyone?”

    Mikey almost fell over when Frank asked, but responded lightly, “Some emergency meeting.”

    The others climbed into the van and drove off to be the bait just in case everyone decided to chase them. Gerard helped Mikey onto the ATV then carefully sat in front of him. “Do you know what it was about?”

    “How to convert me.”

    “What?” Gerard asked feeling Mikey taking the gun out of his own holster.

    “How to convert me.”

    “Mikey…” Gerard turned around and saw Mikey pointing the gun at him. “Mikey, you’re my brother. Please. Don’t.”

    Tears rolled down Mikey’s face, “If I don’t do it, they’ll kill all of us or convert us… I’d rather do it myself.”

    Gerard swung his leg back over and took a step back to really watch Mikey, “Mikes, come on. You don’t know what you’re doing.” He watched the gun tremble in his brother’s hands, “Mikey, please.”

    “I can’t bear the thought of seeing you like that…” Mikey stated with tears streaming down his cheeks. “No emotions. No laughing or goofing off, just fucking blank stares and following orders.”

    “Mikey…” Gerard held his hands up. “Think about this.”

    “I have until six AM to think about this… Twenty-four hours… He’ll find us, Gerard. He’ll fucking find us.”

    “Mikey,” Gerard snapped watching his brother’s aim shift. “No. Think about this, please.”
    Longer chapter ;) Thought about it today on my way home from class. TENSION
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    What the heck!
    Mikey don't do it!!
    You can't!
  5. Woah, Mikey is loosing his marbles. That's not good. MIKEY! LISTEN TO YOUR BROTHER!
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  7. AHHHHHHHHHHHH*new reader* hey ive been reading this story scence the beginig and i love it!!! mikey, just listen to gerard or you will end up getting caught again! I love your story by the way(again)
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    Chapter 32: Korse

    ”Gerard, wake up it’s time for school!” a seven year old exclaimed running through the hallway. “Gerard!”

    “Mikey, please,” his voice shuttered and placed his hands up in front of his face. “Please.”

    A light flashed and flew towards him. He squeezed his eyes shut and heard shuffling behind him, then a subtle thud. Drawing in a shaky breath, he opened his eyes and watched Mikey place the gun back into his holster. He thanked his higher power and wanted to cry; his younger brother wasn’t shooting at him.

    “Sorry.” Mikey scooted back on the ATV seat to give Gerard room to sit.

    Now, he saw how fast he could go from feeling like a badass to feeling like a little girl in a hostage situation. “What the fuck was that?!”

    “I was aiming for the piece of shit behind you,” Mikey firmly stated. “Let’s go before they realize I’m gone.”

    Gerard straddled the seat, “We’re going to talk later.” He revved the ATV and soon took off. He gently pressed the accelerator switch everytime he thought of how angry he was. He slid his goggles down over his eyes and pulled his bandana over the lower half of his face. That little prick scared the piss out of me. He could’ve shouted for me to move. He could’ve missed. He pressed the accelerator a little harder.

    “Bro, you’re going a little fast!” Mikey shouted over the engine of the ATV.

    “We gotta beat them out of here! We can’t let them see where we’re going!” he shouted in response tightening his grip on the handles.

    The tunnels were in his view, so was a group of draculoids. He slowed down and glanced around. A loud static sound came from his back pocket. Quickly pulling the ATV into some bushes, he pulled the radio, that Pony had given him, out of his back pocket and pressed the flashing button. “Yeah?”

    “Party Poison, where the hell you at?!” a voice called out from the static; Dee’s voice.

    “Where the hell you at, jackass?!” Gerard mimicked his slang.

    “My ass is in the fucking van!”

    “Don’t get hasty. I’m about a mile, if that, from the tunnel trying to find a way out of Battery City,” Gerard stated and waited for a response.

    “Well, we’re on the other side of the tunnel, killjoy,” he stated. “Go over the tunnel; ain’t many dracs up there. Most of them are waiting on your slow ass in the tunnel.”

    “A’right,” Gerard stated stuffing the radio into his pocket. “Hopefully they didn’t pick it up…” He glanced over the bushes and saw white suits wandering around in front of the tunnel.

    Mikey pointed forwards, “Let’s continue this way. It has more bushes and stuff we can hide behind. Then we could head over the tunnel.”

    “Mikey, it’d make more sense to go the other way; that way is closer to Battery City…” Gerard muttered turning the ATV around.

    “God, are you still pissed off? I’m fucking sorry, bro!” Mikey shouted over the roaring engine. “I didn’t mean to freak you the fuck out!”

    “Shut the fuck up, Mikey!” Gerard shouted maneuvering the ATV around the bushes and across the road. “Just shut the hell up, we’ll talk later!” He guided it through what looked like an abandoned park; blackening trees, dirt all over the once shiny, silver slide, and rusted old swing sets. Gerard drove between the swing set and a slide, then found two draculoids staring at him. Mikey quickly commenced shooting while Gerard drove towards them. He felt Mikey’s knees digging into his back; it brought immense pain but he just wanted to get them out safely.

    “They’re down; let’s get the fuck out of here!” Mikey shouted scanning the area for more enemies.

    More appeared but they looked as if they were heading in the other direction. He heard them shouting about something, but couldn’t decipher what. He watched more run pass him and not one of them shot at them. He glanced over his shoulder and found Korse standing pretty far back, staring at them. Once he turned back around, he saw the van heading towards them. He started to slow down, and pulled up next to it as it commenced idling.

    “Get the fuck in!”Frank shouted jumping out helping Gerard get Mikey.

    The group of draculoids that had been running away was now gone and only one person stood a several yards away. He never moved a muscle. Gerard kept his eye on him as they shoved Mikey in the backseat, he then climbed in and sent three lasers in Korse’s direction before slamming the door shut.
    Having a hard time figuring out where I want this to go... oooops. And college is keeping me from it, but so far, it is not as bad as it was last semester.
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    Mikey didn't shoot Gerard!
  10. Wow that was good, i liked it ^_^
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    Ooh goodness, I'm so glad they got out. But the fact that Korse was there, just watching, worries me. Hahaha.
    I love this so much.
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    I was so far behind on this, finally caught up! Love it, seriously. Looking forward to more!
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    Chapter 33: Solitaire

    Smoke swirled in the air near the window; Frank’s last package of cigarettes. He gradually inhaled, blinked a few times then exhaled as he gazed outside at the darkness that had overwhelmed the desert; it seemed to be darker and more peaceful. Something did not set right with him, but he ignored it. Everyone was okay and as safe as they were going to be; Mikey was back. Inhaling deeply, he closed his eyes and opened them shortly after to find Dr. Death yanking the curtain over the window.

    “What?” Frank asked sharply. “Can’t we enjoy slightly cool air?”

    “When the lights are out, you might be able to stick your head out there,” he snapped in return limping away.

    Exhaling, his eyes followed the man across the room. He flicked the cigarette butt out of the window and pulled a blanket out of the floor. Covering himself up, he glanced over at Mikey and Gerard. Neither of them had said a word for hours and they also sat as far away from each other as they could on the couch. Frank smirked thinking that they had some kind of argument before they met up with them above the tunnel.

    “Good night everyone,” Frank muttered closing his eyes.

    Gerard picked at his nails so much that he thought his fingertips were going to fall off, but he never stopped—he needed something to make everyone else think he was distracted. He got his brother back safe and sound, but why did he feel like something was missing? Mikey was three feet away and he felt like he was still miles away.

    “Bro, I’m sorry.”

    Out of the corner of his eye, Gerard looked at Mikey without facing him, “It’s all right.”

    “I’m truly sorry.”

    “I know you are,” Gerard stated hesitantly.

    “Gerard, look at me.” Mikey sounded desperate, so Gerard finally looked up at him. “What’s up?”

    “Something doesn’t feel right,” Gerard stated grimly. He glanced around to make sure everyone was there; Grace asleep in the recliner, Ray in the floor next to her, Dee playing solitaire at his desk, Pony sat on the other side mindlessly watching his friend’s every card move, and Frank was slowly falling asleep. “But I can’t put my finger on what it is.”
    Slightly shorter than the last chapter, but it's an update after 5 days... College and sleepiness kills me. :yes:
    Story may be ending soon, but I have no clue when; please be patient lol
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    Oh dear....that can't be good
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    RAAAWR. I can't wait for more, but no rush; I know what it's like to be super busy.
  16. what are they missing?!?! its driving me even more insane than i already am
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    Chp 34: Wake Up

    Me feeling like this today, even though I had a good day, inspired this chapter.
    This chapter is a little bit longer than 33.

    Grace cracked her eyes open; everyone else seemed to be asleep. Stretching, she scanned the room finding out that everyone had fallen asleep where they were sitting earlier. Frank’s left arm dangled at his side, so she felt it would be nice to sit it back up rather than let him wake up to it being numb. She tip-toed pass the Way brothers and stepped over Pony, then gently grasped Frank’s tattooed hand, and gradually laid it on his stomach. He inhaled deeply as Grace stood very still fearing that she would get in trouble to being up.

    “Grace?” he muttered groggily.

    “I’m sorry,” she responded softly. “Your hand was hanging, so I put it on your stomach.”

    “Thanks,” he replied just as soft. “Do you need anything?”

    “Uhm… I have to pee,” she admitted feeling slightly embarrassed.

    “Oh, uh, I’ll take you.” He stood up and stretched his limbs. He led her back over Pony and by the Way brothers, and wandered through a small hallway. The shack didn’t have a toilet, but it had a sink that had running water a few times a week, especially when it rains and they catch the droplets in a barrel outside. Cracking open the back door, Frank pulled his gun out and walked out before Grace. “Uhm… I’ll be over here facing the other direction. Tell me when you’re done.”

    Grace watched him wander away; she really didn’t have to pee, but she had to try now; she woke up him and he was kind enough to bring her out. Frank leaned against the corner of the building and stared out at the desert. For the first time in months, he saw the first living tree, which to him seemed like a good enough sign that the temperature wasn't as hot now. Maybe things will return to an actual climate and develop a new ecosystem. He noticed a small light coming from a shrub not too far away.

    “What the hell?”

    “I’m done, Frank,” a tiny voice stated as footsteps approached him from behind. “What is it?” She glanced out and also saw the light. “What’s that?”

    “Sh… Go back inside and wake someone up,” he stated bringing up his gun and stepped towards the shrub.

    “Frank, I don’t want to leave you.”

    “Go wake someone, like Gerard, Ray or Pony.” Frank walked further away and waved for Grace to go inside. “Go.”

    Grace jogged inside and rushed through the small hallway—she nearly pounced on the couch for the closest person, “Gerard.” She mumbled shaking him gently, “Gerard, wake up. Frank and I saw something outside. He wants someone else out there.”

    Gerard’s eyes fluttered open and he jumped finding a ten year old girl shaking him, “What?”

    “Me and Frank saw something outside and he wants someone out there with him, and he wanted me to come inside…” she murmured as he stood up from the rugged couch.

    “Where’s my gun?” Gerard stated patting himself. He felt something poke his thigh, and turned around to find Grace handing him his gun, “Uh. Thanks.”

    “I can wake up Pony or Ray to help him,” Grace whispered as Gerard made his way towards the hallway.

    “We’ll be fine,” he stated hesitantly.
    Outside, Frank crept up to the light then used the tip of his gun barrel to spread apart a few branches, “Come out.” He placed his finger on the trigger and leaned in to find a sphere with a blinking light. Stumbling backwards, he nearly tripped over a few large rocks, but Gerard caught him. “I think it’s a bomb, Gerard.”
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    Oh dear!
    That cannot be good!
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    Oh my goodness! Oh dear.
  20. Woah shiz! That is NOT good!

    -Frank seeing tree- it made me smile, I don't know why though.

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