You Cannot Destroy Me

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    ^ I'm glad you like that I gave Show Pony a larger role. When I saw him in the video, he looked so much like a sidekick and I wanted to make him more important; plus, I think he's adorable.
    I wanted to make Dr. Death Defying an asshole that everyone loves, and wanted to make Gerard emotional, but within the next few chapters (not to blab too much), time may elapse more and he'll change. ;) I don't want to say too much, but those are my plans for future chapters.
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    Awwww that's so sad. </3 :'(
    Update soon. :)
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    Chapter 27: Honesty

    This picture inspired this entire chapter:
    Click here and look at it before you read. Read her description and the title.

    He could feel it. Slipping away, he could feel the time lingering through the God forsaken cracks, the ones he forgot to mend. No longer does time heal all wounds, for he now realizes that this is the life he must lead. The life that someone stole, the one he no longer owned. He felt the cracks turning into large canyons as the light from the day morphed into the darkness of the night. Holding his ground, he knew what may come if no one did anything about it. One by one, their lives would be taken, whether they were forced into becoming one of them or they were simply murdered in front of the group. For months, he felt the time slip through his fingers like the ever fading red colour of his hair.

    Those goons took his only brother nearly a week ago, and no one knew what to do. He didn’t know if he was dead or switched sides to save his life. He was a killjoy whom finally accepted Party Poison as his new name due to growing the fear of the enemy finding out his true name. Names weren’t important anyway; they only made things more personal. Things had become personal enough; they had Mikey.

    “Party Poison,” a voice called out.

    He had been sitting outside for nearly twenty-four hours without moving from the rock that he become perfectly content with calling it his new home base. He didn’t care if they could see him, they could shoot him and he wouldn’t mind. He had been shot months ago and he knew what to expect; Bring it on.

    “Get your ass inside,” the same voice exclaimed from behind him.

    He kept his eyes fixated on a discarded boot he found a few days ago; it belonged to his brother. The expression on his face was blank. His slightly parted lips caught every particle of dirt and dust that floated by.

    “I’m not telling you again,” the voice called out again.

    Finally, he glanced up to the horizon. The sun burned viciously and harshly beamed down on the earth below earlier that day. Dehydration, wouldn’t that be nice? The radiation was enough for him. Zone Six could not compare to Zone 9; they moved again once Mikey was taken.

    An object collided with the back of his head. His brain registered it, but his body refused to for a few moments. Another object flew towards him and hit his back. He looked up again in aggravation then turned around, “What?!”

    With crossed arms, Frank stood behind him weakly staring at him. The objects must have been thrown by him; Gerard come to find out that Frank had thrown an empty water bottle and a pebble. Gerard didn’t expect much from his friend, he was the only one that could make him do what he needs to do without making him feel like dirt.

    “What the hell, Gerard? You’ve been sitting out here since last night! You haven’t eaten. I’m sure you haven’t slept, you have not done a damn thing!” Frank stated firmly.

    Today might be an exception; he might make Gerard feel like dirt.

    “Your brother is out there!”

    “Don’t you think I fucking know that?!” Gerard stood up. His legs were shaky from disuse as he repeated himself, “Don’t you think I fucking know that?” No tears appeared, but he felt the anger he had suppressed rising. He then fell back down to his new home base. “I’m waiting…”

    “For what?” Frank asked hesitantly. He knelt down next to him.

    Gerard returned his focus to the boot lying not too far away. It was caked with dry mud and dust that has accumulated over the past few days. The colors had faded due to the excess sun they’ve received in Zone Nine. His mouth fell agape as if he lost the use of his nose. His brows furrowed in concentration as his hair gently swayed in the scorching breeze.

    “I’m leaving tonight; alone.” Gerard spoke honestly. His fears might get the best of him, but he wanted to get his brother back without harming any other person in the group.

    “What? Dude, I’ll come with you,” Frank stated giving him a concerned gaze.

    “Fun Ghoul, you have to stay here; if I go down alone, I’m not bringing anyone with me—we cannot afford to lose again,” he explained softly without glancing at Frank. “My heart is set on this.”

    “Gerard I--,” Frank began when he was interrupted.

    “It’s Party Poison, Frank,” he mumbled distantly. “Names make things too personal.”

    “You’re scaring me,” Frank muttered staring at him.

    “I’ll come in and get ready in a few hours then I’m heading out on the ATV we found. I’ll grab a tent for shelter. I’ll stop when I get tired or feel as if I’ve had enough. I’m set on getting to the Scarecrow Unit by night fall on Saturday.”

    “Gerard, you’re fucking crazy. We’re going with you.”

    “No, Frank. They’ll spot a group and a van faster than they’ll spot one person,” he stated finally turning to face his friend. “If you guys follow, do not follow close behind.”

    “We’ll be in the van behind you. What time are you leaving?”

    Gerard weakly stared at him, “I’m not saying; you’d follow me if you knew.”
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    </3 Awww. He can't go alone. I can't believe they have Mikey. :(
    Update soon!
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    No! They have Mikey!
    Gee will save him right?
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    Mikey. </////////////3
    I literally teared up when I read that.
    Go get him, Gerard. But. Don't be stupid and go alone.
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    I sort of expected Gerard to break down and cry, but I'm glad he didn't. Though I can't believe he's going on his rescue mission alone. I wonder if they're using Mikey as bait...So that Korse can kill all the killjoys.
    But, of course the others are going with him, right?
    I just hope they get Mikey back alive.
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    Chapter 28: Take Care Of It

    The tip of his boot pounded down on the gear shift of the ATV before he comfortably sat back down on the seat. He could feel the others quickly packing up what they need when he revved the small engine to warm it up for its rather lengthy journey. One bag had been strapped to the back of the ATV; one bag was all he needed. Pulling his goggles over his eyes and wrapping his bandana around the lower half of his face, he prepared himself mentally for heading out alone for the first time.

    Glancing over his shoulder, he watched Frank throw a duffel bag into the back of the van. He then gradually turned back around to face the dark horizon and pushed the accelerator on the handle, and sped off. He could feel every bump, every pebble, he drove over. Slowing down, he shifted to the next gear and flew across the dusty plain. He did not want to go too far tonight, mostly because if he did, he would hit Battery City by morning and going there during the day could be suicide.

    He felt eyes on him once again, and geared down. The roar of the ATV deafened him as he scanned the area. Every ten or fifteen feet, something was poking out of the ground—he slowed down a little more and eventually came to a stop at one of the things. He casually hopped off of the ATV and strolled over to the object. He bent over and examined it, only to realize it was a camera, thus he poked the lens. It made a subtle clicking sound then shot back into the earth.

    “They know I’m coming.”

    He could hear the roar of the van’s engine not too far away and turned towards the sound. Headlights appeared and nearly blinded him. Rummaging in his bag, he grabbed a bottle of water and turned his ATV off because he was going to tell them about the cameras.

    The vehicle approached him and Show Pony rolled down his window, “Did you break down?”

    Gerard shook his head and walked up to the window, “They have cameras around here; they know we’re coming.”

    Pony grimaced, “Shit. Uhm. Let’s change our route. Would that work?”

    “I don’t know.” Gerard combed his fingers through his hair, “Do you think it’d work?”

    “We could try it and look out for cameras,” he responded reaching for something in the floor. “Here,” he tossed a two-way radio to Gerard, “only use this for emergencies. It only comes to our signal, but they could be listening.”

    Gerard stuck it in his back pocket, “Okay. Should I contact you guys if I see more cameras?”

    “Since we’re a larger target, we’ll go straight and get the cameras to watch us instead of you.”

    Nodding again, he patted his friend on the shoulder, “Thanks, Show Pony.” He walked back over to the ATV and straddled the seat, and saw Pony motion for him to go first. He revved the small engine again and went right. The van followed him for a few seconds then suddenly turned right when Gerard dimmed his lights. Glancing over his shoulder, he watched his team go in the other direction with most if not all of the cameras looking as if they were taping the van.
    “Where’d the ATV go?!” Korse shouted hitting one of the draculoids sitting in front of him. He leaned on the table and examined each screen. “Did he turn off his lights?” One screen caught his eye; the last screen on his right, “Oh. That sneaky, bastard of a killjoy.” He used his index finger to point out a vague set of tail lights, “Right there. He’s heading north while they’re going west?” He glanced over at the Asian woman sitting nearby, “Someone wants to die tonight doesn’t he?”

    She gave him a half smile, “Go, sleep. We’ll take care of it.”
    Sorry it took me forever and that it is a short update. I didn't know where to take it and I had a jammed packed New Years weekend. haha
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    Ooooh, evil Asian lady. Wonder what she's gonna do.
    Show Pony is just chock full of awesome, isn't he? :)
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    skhdfskdfhskdjf. I love this. I LOVE THIS.
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    Yay! You updated!
    Creepy Asian lady!
    Anxious for more
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    Evil Asian lady. -.- It's gonna get intense. :D
    Update soon!
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    Chapter 29: Eye for an Eye

    There is no revenge, nor complete forgiveness. No truth without lies; No grace without fault. No hope without faith, and no living without inevitable death.

    The roar of an unfamiliar engine engulfed the area, but it did not come from a larger vehicle; a dirt bike or motorcycle of some kind. Dust flew around the source as it raced into the desert in search for a lost soul heading in the opposite direction.
    He stopped dead and turned off the ATV. No longer was he hearing the sound of his own engine, but the engine of another on comer. He pulled his gun out and turned his ATV back on. Come on. Let’s get it over with. Glancing around, he found a cloud hurtling towards him signaling that he needed to get out of there. The atv jolted and nearly threw him off, but he successfully went forward. The other vehicle barely missed him. He turned to find a draculoid staring at him from their dirt bike. The once frightening mask looked as if was going to fly off any second.

    “What?!” Gerard spat revving his ATV.

    The other said nothing in return.

    “What’s your fucking problem?!” Gerard shouted again. “Got any friends with you?!”

    The other shook his head and pulled a gun out, then pointed at Gerard.

    He drove the ATV several feet to make a U turn so he could face his opponent. A laser shot out and flew by his shoulder, “Is that the best you got?” He hit the accelerator and whizzed past the draculoid. Without giving it a second thought, he pulled the trigger when he noticed the enemy following him. Dust flew everywhere and neither of them could see the other. The clouds blocked out everything except for the headlight of the dirt bike; Gerard took another shot and watched the headlight fall to the ground.

    He idled for a moment before he hopped off of the ATV and took a chance at walking through the vanishing cloud. The draculoid lied there motionless with a large wound peeking through his white uniform. Gerard stepped over the bike and knelt down next to him.

    “Where’s my brother?”He received no answer. He grabbed the hair of the mask, “Where’s Mikey?” He still didn’t get an answer. Gerard ripped the mask off of the man and pressed the gun underneath the man’s chin, “Where is he?”

    The man stared at him blankly, quickly feeling his life falling out from under him, “Scarecrow Unit.”

    “Korse wouldn’t take him there…”

    “That’s where he is.”

    “Fucking liar, I can see it in your eyes,” Gerard scolded slamming the back of the man’s head into the ground. “Where?” He watched the life fade from the man’s eyes. “Answer me!”

    A pair of hands and arms pried him off of the draculoid, and someone else grabbed his gun, “Gerard, he’s dead.”

    “He didn’t fucking answer me!” Gerard cried out as the person drug him towards a van.

    “Gerard, the man is dead.” The person said again letting Gerard fall to his knees between the ATV and the van.

    He looked up to find Ray and Pony standing above him; Ray gave him a weak gaze while Pony pocketed Gerard’s gun.

    “I thought you guys went the other way?”

    “We got turned around when we saw a blockade set up near Battery City. They have the place surrounded,” Ray muttered rubbing the back of his neck. “It’s over.”

    “What’s over?” Pony firmly stated. “Nothing is over until I’m dead or a heavy woman sings.”He crossed his arms while rolling his eyes. “Not over.”

    Gerard grimaced and stood back up, “That’s not going to stop me.”Dusting himself off, he slung his leg over the ATV seat, “If you’re not with me, I’ll go alone.”

    “We’re with you, but how are we going to get in without being see?” Frank asked from the front window.

    “Bust through the blockades with that big ass van,” Gerard stated pointing at the vehicle. He started the ATV, “Simple enough, right?” Frank shrugged smiling at him while Pony laughed. “Just follow me; I remember seeing some tunnel systems last time we were in Battery City.”

    He sped off barely giving them enough time to follow. He did not care if any cameras caught them because they sent someone out there that knew where they were last seen. Eye for an eye… “Fuck.” He pressed the gas a little harder and hit the ATV’s speed limitations.
    Literally, part 1 of the whole journey, action sequence. ;)
  14. No mikey cant be dead! No!
    That was a great chapter! I loved it. Update?
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    Ohgodohgodohgod. I'm so tense. I want Mikey to be okay.
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    Mikey better be okay!!
    Update soon!
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    I'll update tomorrow; hopefully I do not have too much homework. Class begins tomorrow and ends early May.

  18. Awesome >.< eagerly await
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    Chapter 30: (doesn't even deserve to be called an actual chapter haha)

    Lights flashed and zoomed by as the vehicles raced through the tunnels. The atv swiftly slowed down and hid behind the large van that had no problem taking the lead. Pony gripped the steering wheel of the van and pushed the accelerator a little bit harder. He felt like he was going to push his foot through the floorboard.
    A roaring sound swallowed all of the silence that had been lingering in the tunnel for quite some time. A masked man glanced around and waved at the other man who bore the same face. The other grabbed his gun and stood in front of the small gate; he saw a large van quickly coming towards them. He aimed and shoot at the vehicle, but it never slowed down.

    Pony’s heart thundered in his chest as they quickly approached the gates, “Hang on you guys!”


    Dear God I’m sorry it’s so short, I have BAD writer’s block  Sorry.
    This is a very, very, very short chapter.
  20. Woah, that is short ....... I liked it though. Exciting!!

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