You Cannot Destroy Me

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    Chp 35: Undetermined

    Caution: Final Chapter, so uhm… Please, do not murder me. This is actually the final chapter.
    Not much could be taken from what had happened. Korse or some random passerby had almost killed them off. The sphere exploded not too long after Gerard and Frank rushed into the shack; it didn’t provide much of a shelter, but it was just enough. Anyone who witnessed wouldn’t have believed it if someone crawled out of the rubble and dirt. Honestly, it looked as if no one survived, or at least have the ability to walk away with only mere bruises and cuts. A few pebbles crumbled; someone was alive after all. The small body moved around and unburied herself; Grace had survived.

    She fumbled around and quickly dug around areas where she had previously seen her fellow killjoys. The first she uncovered was Dee, Pony, Ray, Mikey, then soon after, she found Frank with Gerard lying a few inches away. No girl her age should have to see things like this. No girl her age should wonder what would happen to their families, if they were actually living. She fell to her knees between the two final men she found and silently blamed herself, but she knew it was not her fault that the bomb was out there. They only found it moments before the timer went off; they could not have got away in time.

    A subtle cough came from one of them. Grace looked down and saw Gerard’s eyes glancing around. He never moved; he just looked around. Grace grasped his hand and thanked God at least one of them made it. She used her free hand to clear the rocks from his legs. He coughed again and she noticed a few specks of blood on the ground around his head.

    “Gerard?” she choked trying to make sense of everything. “Please, tell me it’s going to be okay. I want everything to be okay. Please, stay awake.”

    His eyes fidgeted then landed on her. He didn’t want to tell her to leave, nor did he want her to watch him fade. He gently squeezed her hand and looked up seeing a few shadowy figures hovering around in the desert. The sky seemed to be hazy, but the sooner he said what he had thought, the better of a chance she had to get away without the figures finding her right off the bat. “Grace. Run.”

    “What?” she cried subtly.

    “Run. Get out of here. Don’t let them find you. Don’t let them take you alive.” His vision started to turn blurry. “Go.”

    “I can’t.”

    “Go… If that’s my last dying wish, would you do it?” he asked seeing the sun gradually peeking over the horizon and revealing several of their enemies. He watched her nod, then used all of his remaining strength to shove her, “Then go.”She obediently took off and quickly vanished before the sun fully exposed itself to the world. He blinked a few times then closed his eyes, and waited.

    Footsteps could be heard crackling over the rubble and dirt, followed by a distinct voice, “Get the body bags. They’re dead.”

    “Where’s the girl?”

    “Who cares? She’s no use to us out here,” the voice responded in a hush tone.

    Gerard felt a boot nudge his shoulder, but he refused to move and held his breath.

    “Why don’t you shoot him? He’s still breathing.”

    “He won’t last much longer.” Gerard realized it was Korse that had been walking around him. “Why won’t you open your eyes, Party Poison? Ain’t I pretty enough to be the last thing you see?” He was nudged again with a boot. “Do want to suffer, or do you want to be put out of your misery?”Korse never received an answer, “Let’s go. We’ll come back later or let their bodies serve as a warning.”

    Cracking his eyes open, Gerard heaved trying to regain his breath. His soul couldn’t rest until he finished what he set out to do when Korse first kidnapped Grace then Mikey; put that man out of his misery. He dug next to himself and found his gun amongst the rubble next to his leg, “Korse.”

    The pale, bald man spun on his heels and saw a yellow laser gun pointed at him, “Oh. Well, I misjudged you. You’re a fighter.” He continued on his long rant and stepped towards Gerard.

    “Bastard,” Gerard hissed feeling weaker as he squeezed the trigger, sending a laser through Korse’s chest. His arm fell to the ground while the draculoids stared at him. None of them made a move or pulled their guns out; they simply walked away, leaving him.
    A news reporter in New York announced, "Another explosion roared near Los Angeles, California. Authorities have not investigated the western states yet due to the massive amount of radiation, but a young girl was found in Colorado; her name is Grace Clark. She only appears to suffer from dehydration and exhaustion. Five men were found perished from the source of the second explosion. Another man from the same explosion was flown to a nearby hospital; identification on them has yet to be determined. The man, that was found alive, is in critical condition. Stay tuned for further news."
    The ending might be misleading as an end, but it's one of those that may or may not be open for sequel or a 'what happened next' chapter.
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    AH. GOD. CHILLS. I swear to you, I have chills. I fucking loved that. So fucking much.
  3. I agree! Amazing! So many thankyous for writing this, simply beautiful. I've got chills too.

    (if theres any other what if chapters or anything, will you post in this thread so we know?)

    Amazing again, and congratulations on this, its utter amazing, and I'm at a loss for words, and can't leave a comment as good as this story deserves.
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    Aw. Thanks you guys!

    And yes, if I add a "eulogy" chapter it will be here. =] If there is one, I have no clue when it will be posted.

    Thanks to all of my readers, you all are awesome.
    If you want, I have another story "Do You Care At All?", it's only 5 chapters (possibly 6 by the end of the night) long--if you're interested.

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    I loved's sad that they all died though
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    Amazingg!!! <3
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    I feel horrible. I missed all those chapters. :/
    I'll admit, I kind of freaked when I couldn't find your story, and the link was gone from your signature. The possibility that it was in the completed fan-fics section didn't even cross my mind. But I'm glad I found it and can now, finally, tell you what I think.

    I guess first of all, I should say I've grown to really like Gerard's character. Wasn't too fond of him from the beginning, and I don't even know why. But I can most definitely say I admire him now. Though the it Korse or Gerard that's still alive? You might not answer that, but it's okay. Though if a reporter is reporting on 'em, that means the rest of the country is safe? So...Lyn-Z, Bandit, Jamia and the babies are alive? Too many questions, I know.

    But back to the story, Mikey scaring the shit out of Gerard scared the shit out of me. And the thing that was missing, I still can't figure it out. Maybe I'm just dimwitted but. Still.

    Grace survived. :D Awesome. I hope she turns out okay, after all she's seen and been through. I really do.

    And that rescue action sequence was very well written, I could picture almost all of it perfectly. All in all, amazing story. You kept me super entertained and I really like that.

    I hope this comment makes up for my neglecting this story for so long.
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    I almost cried when they took mikey, I love this!
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    Ignore that it was meant for one of the chapters I suck at this xD But yea, omg, bawled my eyes out, fantastic story <3
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    Thanks you two for the comments; I'm rarely in the completed section and decided to read a few old fics.


    @MadHatter (your real name escapes me); yeah, I meant to put that Gerard survived. I know how it is about commenting. I tend to read so much and rarely comment. I felt that I would let the readers assume that LynZ, Bandit, etc were(or not) still alive. I tend to let other people fill everything else in with their imagination. ;) I have an overactive imagination at times and tend to fall into the conclusion that others do as well, even though not everyone has the same imagination as I lol

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