You Cannot Destroy Me

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    Rating: 15+ --Strong Language, Violence

    Main Characters: Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Frank Iero, Ray Toro, Grace Clark

    Summary: Post-apocalypse. How do you survive when the world is against you?

    Genre: Adventure, Angst, Tragedy

    Chapter Index:

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    Author's note to readers: I do not own MCR, nor do I have contact with them and this story is completely fictional. And this story is based on the last 10 seconds of "Art is the Weapon."

    I'm in college, so updates come gradually. I apologize for that, but I have a feeling this story will be one I actually want to work on.
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    Chapter One: The Beginning

    Everything blurred as he opened his eyes as if he were waking up to thick fog. Everything swirled around and looked as though it had been covered in dust and dirt. The electricity ceased to exist and the world as he knew it crumbled down. Peering out of the window, he knew that the world as anyone knew it had… He could not even think of a word to describe what had occurred. The hair on the back of his neck stood at end and all he could see was a gargantuan desert, but the first question that came to his mind was…

    “What the fuck happened, Gerard?”

    Someone had asked it aloud for him, saving him to effort of asking himself. Turning around, he found a tall lanky man that slightly resembled him. His shirt had large tears in it which revealed his pale chest and bits of his torso.

    “I don’t know.” He commenced grabbing clothes and slinging them on his bed readying himself for whatever would occur next. “Mikey, go gather up some clothes and water. Hurry.”

    “What’s going on, bro?” he asked worriedly. “If you know something that…”

    Gerard interrupted him and slung his fiery hair out of his view, “I don’t know any more than you do about this, but I have a feeling it will get worse. Go get you some clothes and get some bottled water… We’ll need it.”

    His younger brother rushed out of the room as he searched for a duffle bag or large backpack. Eventually, he had stuffed all of the clothes he could fit into a backpack and slung it over his shoulder. Clad in boots and the same tattered clothes he had been wearing the entire time, Gerard met up with his brother downstairs whom was accompanied by a taller man with curly hair and a shorter man that had a lit cigarette dangling between his lips and his feet propped up on the kitchen table.

    “What are were doing, boss?” the shorter one stated exhaling a large cloud of smoke as the other two glanced over their shoulders to see who he was referring to.

    Gerard didn’t take too well to the boss comment, but he responded, “I say we get the fuck out.” He slammed his backpack on the table next to his friend’s feet. His eyes darted around watching the other two bag-up bottles of water they had in the fridge, he then looked back at the shorter one. “Frank, get your feet off the table.” He pulled his feet until his tattered converse hit the floor.

    “What does it matter? The place is a wreck and is window-less. It’ll get dirty anyway, man,” Frank stated shrugging it off. “We’re leaving too, if I read your phrase right.”

    “Sure,” Gerard responded lightly gazing outside of the blown out kitchen window. Dust swirled in the bright, harsh sun. “What car are we driving? Or are we footing it?”

    They all looked at each other as Mikey shut the fridge door, “Our garage was obliterated.”

    The curly haired man pointed towards the front door, “I found a white van while I was walking here. Keys still in it and no one was around, so I took it.”

    “We’re already stealing aren’t we?” He looked quite serious when he stated that until Frank giggled lightly.

    “Shit, we might as well steal what’s left before the mole people get to it.”

    “Frank you're insensitive,” Mikey muttered zipping the bag.

    “Insensitive? I freaked out when this happened.”

    “What’s your deal, Iero?" Mikey huffed setting the bag on the table.

    “What’s my deal?” He stood up and glared at him. “We could possibly be the last few people in the western United States; that’s my deal!”

    “Whoa, hey,” Gerard stated placing his hand on Frank’s chest and the other hovered near his brother’s chest. “Chill out. We’re in this together whether you like it or not, now get along! Right, Toro?”

    “Yeah, what Gerard said,” the curly haired man stated smiling weakly.
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    Chapter 2: Sunshine

    On what used to be the streets of L.A. all four of them drove for what seemed like forever. Nothing at all looked as it did twenty-four hours before. Buildings were in ruins. Gas stations were gargantuan holes in the ground. Homes were half-standing and were either abandoned or still attempting to sustain life. In Gerard’s eyes, everything would be gone all together. He wondered if this has happened to the entire world, or at least the rest of the country. Was this the 2012 thing everyone was talking about? If so, it happened a year early.

    “No cell service…” was muttered from the backseat, along with a sigh from the other person.

    “Mikey, you see those steel beams over there?” Gerard extended his arm out of the window and pointed towards a dusty pile of metal.


    “That used to be a cell phone tower; so, I highly doubt we will have cell phone service anywhere, unless the rest of the country isn’t like this,” Gerard explained calmly, taking in everything that passed by. He drew his arm back into the vehicle and glanced over his shoulder. Frank had his head resting on his fist and his elbow propped up on the door, and Mikey looked as if he were playing a game on his cell phone. “Mikey, try to conserve your battery, we’ll need it to tell the time.”

    “Okay,” he murmured turning it off and placing it in his pocket.

    Gerard turned back around and saw service station ahead; the only one that hadn’t exploded.

    “Maybe we could get some canned food from here?”

    Ray glanced at him, “Do you have any clue of the frenzy that may lurk in there?” Gerard shook his head as he continued, “People will probably we raiding every store and service station in town. We’re lucky we have a full tank of gas.”

    “I wonder why the owners of this thing left it with a full tank,” Frank stated becoming interested in the conversation. He wrapped his arms around the head rest of driver’s seat and rested his cheek against it. “Pull over at the service station. I’m curious.”

    Reluctantly, Ray parked the van in front of the vacant looking service station. Frank climbed out while the others stayed in the van. He wandered over to the window and peered inside. The building was empty, completely; neither food nor drinks. Turning back around, he shrugged as Gerard stuck the upper half of his body out of the passenger’s side window.


    “The place is completely empty!” Frank shouted back. He peeked in once more, “No cigarettes either!”

    Gerard shook his head and laughed. He combed his fingers through his hair and hoped he didn’t fall out as he waved for Frank to come back. “You’re wasting your time. If there’s no food or drinks of any kind then I highly doubt there will be cigarettes!”

    “It’s worth a shot, dude!” Frank jogged back to the van and hopped in. “What’s that?” A cloud of dust traveled down the road about a mile away. “Another car?”

    “Yeah.” Ray hurriedly put the van back into gear.

    “What are you doing? Maybe they know something,” Gerard blurted sitting back in his seat.

    “Have you ever watched a horror movie?” Ray retorted turning driving the van behind the service station. “They could kill us.”

    “That’s in the fucking movies; those people are just as freaked out as we are,” Gerard explained softly. “But I do have a weird feeling about it.”

    Frank crawled to the back of the van and saw the cloud—and the vehicle making it—zoom by the service station, “Whoever they were, they drove by this place like it didn’t exist.”

    “Or like they knew it was empty,” Gerard stated propping his boots up on the dashboard and pulled a bandana out of nowhere. “Where are we going now?” He commenced twisting and knotting the bandana.

    “To see what’s left.” Ray turned the van back on and took off.

    A few hours had passed and the sun looked as though it was going down, but it was still threatening. Nothing had been said since they drove away from the service station and nothing but desert was seen for miles. Ray questioned himself on whether they were in Nevada or still in California. He sped up hoping he would see at least something; some sort of building, fellow human beings, or even a tree. Glancing at his passenger’s, he sighed. Mikey and Frank had fallen asleep in the back row, and he didn’t know if Gerard was asleep or not because his breathing looked steady and his face was covered by the bandana he was twisting earlier. He hit a bump and Gerard pulled the cloth from his face.

    “You want me to drive?” Gerard asked sleepily. “I’m going out of my mind lying here.”

    “Sure; I could use a nap anyway,” Ray replied stopping the van, without waking up the sleepers.

    Gerard opened the driver’s side door and banged on Frank’s window, “Look alive, sunshine!”

    “What!?” Frank awoke frantically rubbing his eyes.

    “Gerard, you’re going to make them pissy,” Ray stated as Gerard climbed in. “Does anyone have to piss before sunshine here takes over?”

    Both Frank and Mikey exited the van without responding. Gerard smiled to himself, “This reminds me of the good ol’ days touring around in Jersey.”

    “I miss it,” Ray responded. “I don’t miss your driving.” One of the back doors slammed when Frank climbed back into his seat, “I’m not sure if he misses it though.”

    “I don’t miss what?” Frank asked curiously.

    “Touring in a van,” Gerard repeated pulling down the sun-visor to look in the mirror. “Why didn’t you guys tell me I’ve been bleeding?” He pointed at the large scratch that went along his jawline and neck.

    “I didn’t notice it,” Ray stated as Mikey came back.

    “The only thing I don’t miss about touring in a van is your driving,” Frank responded in a better mood.

    “I think Gerard’s a good driver,” Mikey stated defending his older sibling as he shut his door.

    “Well, at least there are no roads get confuse us, only a desert,” Frank retorted in a joking tone.

    After a few more smartass statements spilled from Frank’s mouth about Gerard’s driving, they settled down and headed in whatever direction Ray had taken them in. Gerard didn’t have a clue as to where they were going, but he prayed that it was in the direction to any type of civilization.
    I had a little free time, so here you go. :)

    EDIT: Pop Heart, I wanted to add that I love your avatar.
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    Chapter 3: Breathe

    Wow. I didn't think not having English 102 class this week would give me some free time. :w00t: Updates might slow after this weekend, but I'll try my best. The italics in my stories are normally thoughts and/or dreams. It's a little bit shorter, but I don't want to get too ahead of myself haha

    The drive seemed longer than he had thought and his view never changed. No sign of people and no sign of any civilization. By the time Gerard felt like giving in, he kept glancing at the sun set. The hues mixed perfectly, which gave him some hope that maybe this apocalyptic event will change everything for the better more than making everything worse. Suddenly, the sun vanished behind the horizon and he was again stuck with staring at dusty plains. Gerard felt a hand shuffling his hair and glanced in the rear view mirror to find the hand’s owner; Frank.

    “Dude, park it. We should get some sleep, or do you want me to take over?” Frank asked quietly, being the first time he had seemed calm and normal.

    “I’m fine.”

    “Gerard, you’ve been staring at a desert for almost five hours. How about we switch seats and you get some shut eye?” Frank rephrased his question.

    Gerard parked the van, “Do you really think it’s safe traveling at night?”

    “Safer than parking the van in the middle of nowhere and risk having someone pull up while we’re asleep,” he replied opening his door.

    They both climbed out of the van and quickly hugged before they switched places. Gerard stretched out in the back seat and yawned loudly while Frank settled down in the driver’s seat, “I’ll wake you if I come up on something.”

    Gerard silently nodded and covered his face with his bandana, eventually falling asleep.

    A bright light shined in his eyes and he blankly stared at it. Honestly, it was against his will because he could not move at all. He scanned the room and it looked like a hospital operating room; so far, he didn’t like this view. Trying to move, all Gerard did was strain his muscles, which gained the attention of someone else in the room.

    “Shh…” a female voice cooed as a hand rubbed across the top of his head. “Everything will be fine, Mr. Way.”

    “What’s going on?” he asked feeling his voice crackle from lack of moisture.

    “There was a huge explosion in California, but you’ll be fine,” she explained softly placing a mask over his face. “Just breathe.”

    Unable to fight it, he had no other choice; he took in the gas through his nose and softly exhaled through his mouth until everything went black.

    “Gerard, wake up!” someone shouted.

    He jumped wondering what was going on, but realized it was Mikey that had woke him up, “What? I’m awake.”

    “You were scaring me,” Mikey stated softly staring at his older brother. “You were sweating and weren’t breathing right.”

    “I’m fine,” he stated feeling beads of sweat rolling down his face. “It’s just really hot.”

    “The AC went out… I cracked my window hoping it would cool this piece of shit off,” Frank stated still driving in what looked like the same direction.

    The sun looked like it was about to make another appearance, but in the distance a few buildings could be seen. Gerard grew slightly excited, but shook his head. It has to be a mirage. He stretched back out and fanned himself with one of his hands while Mikey climbed to the back of the van then momentarily came back with a bottle of water in his hand.

    “Drink this.”


    “Bro, drink it. You’re scaring me,” Mikey stated firmly.

    Frank quickly looked in the rear view mirror and saw the concern on Mikey’s face. He didn’t say a word, but he did notice the buildings ahead. “Maybe we’ve struck some gold.”

    “What?” Gerard asked as Mikey opened the water and forced him to take a few drinks.

    “I see a few buildings ahead. Hopefully we’re leaving California and heading towards a cooler state?” Frank stated smiling weakly.
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    Chapter 4: Blow Out

    Soon, Mikey had fallen back to sleep leaving his older sibling awake and to his eager thoughts that had been taunting him for a while. One being based upon his dream; what did it mean, or what was it trying to tell him? Whilst Gerard’s mind was wondering, his arm began twitching. Of course, the random muscle spasm bothered him, but he chose to ignore it. Suddenly, he heaved a cough which gained the driver’s attention.

    “Gerard drink the water Mikey gave you earlier.”

    Shaking his head, he responded lightly, “I’m not thirsty.”

    “You’re lungs are probably filled with the shit that is lurking in the air. It’s partially my fault because I’ve had my window cracked all night,” Frank retorted rolling up his window.

    “It’s going to get really fucking hot in here, now.”

    “Okay, princess. Let’s breathe in dust,” Frank scoffed light-heartedly.

    “We’re from New Jersey, smartass,” Gerard joked. “But it’s seriously no different than going somewhere and driving down a dusty road.”

    Frank sighed and rolled his window back down, “We your lungs are filled with sand, I don’t want to hear a fucking word.”

    Gerard pulled his red and black hound’s-tooth bandana over his nose and mouth, “Problem solved. Filtered air.”

    “Planning on robbing a bank, sunshine?” Frank giggled glancing in the rear view mirror.

    “Kiss my ass,” Gerard scoffed sipping the water.

    A few moments had passed and a loud sound echoed from outside of the van, and Frank lost control of the large vehicle. He quickly turned the wheel viciously back and forth to keep it from tipping over. Quickly, the two sleeping woke up when Frank finally got the van under control and parked it where it stopped.

    “What’s going on?” Ray asked groggily rubbing his head and yawning.

    “One of the tires must have blown out,” Gerard muttered sliding his bandana down while Frank quickly jumped out of the vehicle; he seemed to be the only one that did not care who or what was out there. The other three climbed out as well and Gerard was correct about the tire, but the tire did not blow out on its own.

    “Dude, there’s a bullet hole in this fucking tire,” Frank muttered. He then quickly made his way to the back of the van and opened the back hatch. “I’m grabbing my shit, I marching my ass elsewhere.”

    Gerard stood there and stared at the tire while Mikey and Ray trailed behind Frank. Scanning the area, Gerard saw a smaller vehicle parked not too far away, “Those mother fuckers shot our tire.” Mikey handed Gerard his bag while he stared at the vehicle hoping to find the people that owned it.


    “Shh… Let’s just take our shit and head towards the nearest shelter.” He didn’t want to alarm any of the guys, so he failed to tell them about the car, but he did walk away with a swift, fast pace.

    Suddenly, an explosive sound engulfed the area sending all four of them to the ground. Gerard yelled out in surprise and pain as he clasped both sides of his head. Glancing around, he could see pieces of what once had been their van. Lying along with the pieces were frightened friends and his younger brother. He frantically climbed to his feet and stared in the vehicle’s direction.

    “You son of a bitch!” he spat still holding the sides of his head. “Fucking shoot me next time!”

    “Gerard, shut the fuck up,” Mikey grunted sitting on his knees.

    “I’m tired of this shit,” Gerard protested grabbing his backpack and slinging it over his shoulder. By this time, the others had gotten to their feet. “Let’s get out of here. I’ll shoot myself if we have to spend another night here.”

    “Don’t talk like that, bro,” Mikey muttered watching his brother storm off towards the buildings in the distance with Frank close behind him.

    Frank slung his bag down and shoved Gerard, “You’re going to get us shot, asshole.”

    Gerard dropped his bag and faced the slightly shorter man, “Shove me again.” Noticing the vacant glare he was given, Frank picked up his bag and continued walking. “That’s what I thought. Ray, Mikey, get your shit and come on.”

    Ray quickly looked at Mikey before they both picked up their bags. Both of them knew heat could really get to a person and scenarios such as this could make a person go crazy, but neither of them had actually seen it happen to someone so quickly.

    Once again the sun commenced going over the horizon and they had finally made it to the buildings they had been seeing for the last twenty four hours. No one had said a word since Frank and Gerard nearly got into a fight, but Mikey kept looking back swearing he saw the people that had shot their tire. He looked forward and saw a few large buildings still standing tall amongst the rubble below. A few lights flickered in several of the lower floors as they journeyed further down a slightly dusty street. Frank and Gerard unintentionally met each other’s eyes then separated by heading in two different directions.

    Gerard entered what looked like an abandoned restraunt and set his backpack on a table. His brother had followed him and set his bag next to Gerard’s. Wandering around the restraunt, Gerard found a refrigerator under the counter that had bottles of water in it and retrieved one. He opened it when Ray and Frank walked through the doors to join them. Gerard tossed a few bottles in their direction and tossed one at Mikey.

    “Here, I know you guys want something cold.”

    “Thanks,” Frank muttered feeling rotten about before. “Sorry, man.”

    “It’s okay. I knew it was just a mixture of emotions, and I’m sorry too.” He took a large drink and sloshed it around his mouth before he swallowed it. “We made it here though.”

    Outside, a few men wandered the streets clad in white suits. All three of the men were pale and looked as though they just walked out of a business meeting—they also could be mistaken for ghosts. Gerard’s eyes met the man’s eyes that led the trio and his stomach fell ill. The bad feeling never subsided, even when the men passed up the door.

    “We need to find something to defend ourselves with.”
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    I haven't been able to keep up with other things you've written, but I'm going to do my absolute best with this one. <3
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    Chapter 5: Die With Your Mask

    The entire time, a gentle breath could be heard out of nowhere. No one drew attention to the sound, believing it was their own breath they were hearing. Suddenly, Frank looked up and saw a pair of eyes staring at Gerard from behind the shelves located adjacent to the counter. They weren’t threatening eyes; they were frightened and full of unexpressed emotions. Frank looked around at the other guys and seemed to feel sorry for the person, well child, behind the shelves. Standing up, he discreetly wandered over to the oat shelves and knelt down noticing the child scooting back to avoid being seen.

    “Come here, I’m not going to hurt you,” Frank murmured at the child.

    Gerard bumped into something on the counting and accidentally knocked a napkin holder into the floor. The loud clank echoed through the abandoned restraunt. He noticed Frank reaching behind the shelves, “Did you find a weapon?”

    Frank shook his head and grasped the hand of the child that had cowered back as far as they could—he still couldn’t decipher the gender. He gently ran his thumb along their knuckles and softly spoke, “Come on, we’re not going to hurt you.” Soon enough, a small child emerged out from behind the shelving. “What’s your name?”

    Gerard shook his head, “How long have you been back there?”

    “Long enough,” the small girl stated in a frightened tone. “And I’m sorry, but I cannot remember my name, but what I do know is that those men have been running everyone out of this town.”

    “What is this town anyway?” Ray asked weakly hoping she would know.

    “I really don’t remember, sir.” Her face saddened and she backed away. “But I really want out of here. It gets worse every night. I wish I was more help to you guys.”

    “What have you done for food and drinks?” Frank asked feeling his fatherly instinct kick into full drive.

    “I found food in the closet and found some water back there and keep some in the fridge under the counter for when people come by. Whoever comes along, I give them some food and a few bottles of water, but when things begin to look up they leave me.”

    “Well, you’re coming with us,” Mikey demanded lightly as if one of the guys were going to protest. “I’m not leaving a child behind to fend for herself. Especially knowing that the animals that shot our tire are still out there.”

    The girl smiled weakly, “You don’t have to do that, sir.”

    “Yes we do,” Gerard protested and gave her a reassuring smile. “You’re young and you have the rest of your life ahead of you. You have to make it.”

    Her face flushed, “Sir, I do not want to impose on your group. Also, if the man on the radio is right, I don’t want to make it.”

    “What did he say?” Frank asked calmly.

    “From the announcement he made, the entire country, possibly the world, is like this. The populations of each state have gone crazy and are frantically searching for answers. The fatalities are unknown, but there’s too many to estimate.”

    All of them glanced at each other in horror as Gerard murmured, “Oh my God.” He walked down the small isle behind the counter to make his way to the other side of it and noticed a shot gun under the counter, and curiously picked it up, “Is this yours?”

    The young girl looked at Gerard and shook her head, “The last group of people that stopped here owns it. If you want it, you can have it; I don’t like the thought of needing a gun to survive.”

    Checking the barrel, Gerard saw only two bullets and muttered to himself, “What good is a shot gun when you only have two bullets?” He shut it and laid it on the table. “Were you here when the explosion happened?”

    “I don’t remember; I think so,” she murmured ashamed of her memory. “I wish I could remember.”

    “Hey, there are people heading this way,” Mikey whispered and tip toed around.

    All of the guys grabbed their backpacks and quickly headed for the counter. The girl ushered them behind the shelf, which led to a hidden pantry where all the food was located. The front door dinged when it opened. Gerard peered through the hole that the young girl had been glancing through when they come in. He observed the man closely because the other two seem to be guarding the front door. The man was pale and graceful when he moved throughout the restraunt. He took in everything by touching it gently as if he were blind. The ill feeling visited Gerard’s stomach once again as the man made his way towards the counter. Cowering back, Gerard realized he had left the shot gun on the counter. He shuttered hoping the man did not see Gerard’s eyes watching him.

    He leaned over and started to whisper in the girl’s ear, but she covered his mouth. His eyes grew wide when the footsteps neared the shelf. Gerard felt his heart thundering when he saw the man’s shadow wander by the hole. His eyes shifted back and forth hoping the man would not find the opening at the end of the shelves. The girl moved Gerard’s head around so that they were making contact. She shook her head and motioned for him, and the others, to stay quiet.

    “Boss?” a voice bellowed into the restraunt.

    “Yes?” the man’s eerie voice responded.

    “We saw footsteps away from here; those guys are probably long gone by now,” the same voice called out.

    “And the girl?”

    Her eyes widened in shock, What?

    “Who knows?” the voice responded again.

    “Well,” the Boss pushed over the small refrigerator. “What the hell are you supposed to be doing? Find her damn-it! She knows too much!”

    I don’t know anything. Her mind commenced racing and she took her hand off of Gerard’s mouth then glanced outside of the hole in the shelf once more. I don’t know anything. She watched the man exit the restraunt. He angrily tipped over a few chairs on his way out. Soon enough, the door dinged and slammed followed by silence. She never made a sound until she could no longer see the men outside of the front windows. She spun around on her heels and put her hands up as if she were surrendering, “I don’t know anything, I swear on my own grave.”

    “How much are you willing to swear on my grave?” Gerard muttered as he walked out from behind the shelf.

    “She’s a young girl, Gerard. Why don’t you believe her?” Frank stammered still frightened from their visitor.

    Gerard didn’t respond to Frank, he only repeated his question, “Would you swear on my grave that you don’t know anything?” The girl nodded before he continued, “What’s your name?”

    “I don’t know.”

    “What’s your damn name?” he repeated.

    “I don’t know!”

    Gerard stepped towards her and Frank protested, “Dude.”

    “What’s your fucking name!?” he shouted glaring at her.

    “Grace!” she responded hoping the men couldn’t them yelling.
    I wrote this during English and Interpersonal Communications today, so I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. I really, really liked writing it. :)
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    I really, really loved it!
    This is so amazing. And I can totally picture what's going on, which I'm never really able to do. Ahhh, I love this so much. <3

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