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    Chapter 47

    You walk the empty streets, in search of that park.
    Emily said her and everyone else would meet you there.
    You round the corner and run into Emily, panic across her face as she takes you into view.
    "O-oh. Frank. Good." She stutters out, dragging you back towards the park, where you see Amber, Ash and-
    "Where's Gerard ??"
    Emily stops dead in her tracks, exchanging glances with the others.
    "That's.. Actually what we want to talk to you about.." She says, worry and guilt lining every word.
    "Why ?? What's happened ?? Where is he ??" You say calmly, but panicking greatly on the inside, your heart turning itself inside out, your mind racing at the thoughts of what could have happened to Gerard, each worse than the last..

    "Well, it's a pretty long story.. you've been in hospital about twoo weeks or so.. but so much has happened.."
    "Tell me," you say sternly, "I want to know everything."

    Emily relays her story, set to begin about a week ago at school..
    Gerard sits down next to the guys, shame evident on his face as EMily looks to his eyes,
    "Gerard what's wrong ??" She asks, touching his arm briefly.
    "Mum's making me see people.. Don't wanna talk about it." He mumbles into his arms as he folds them on his knees in front of him.
    "See people as in psychiatrics or as in dating ??" Ash asks nonchalantly as Amber punches him on the arm.
    "As in, a therapist. For apparent depression." He raises his voice, glaring at Ash for a second before emily interrupts their little moment.
    "Makes sense if I'm honest.. I mean, even without Frank how he is.." She says as carefully as she can, touching his arm again to comfort him and avoid arguments.
    "I don't wanna go on pills Emily. Never." He says, his voice breaking at the mention of having to take drugs to be normal.
    "An old friend of mine once said that as much as you'd hate to take them, if you need them, it's for the best. No matter how much you hate them, they don't change who you are, only allow you more control of your emotions. Gerard, if they'll help, maybe you should listen.." Emily says matter-of-factly, despite hating the thought of pills possibly more than Gerard.
    Gerard had his meeting that night, and they put him on something far stronger than the antidepressants Emily had heard of. Over the next few days he became quiet, seclusive, not wanting to be touched or held by anyone but his brother. Eventually he started rejecting Mikey along with the rest, locking himself in his room for hours on end with nothing but a copy of "The Passion Of Christ" and his sketchbooks. Despite the film being on constant repeat, Mikey had told Emily he had never heard sound coming from his brother's room, and the one time he ventured in there, Gerard was sat on the sofa, covers pulled up to his neck, staring at the silent images flashing up on the screen.

    During the time you had been in hospital, they had broken Gerard.

    As Emily finished her story with how they hadn't seen him in four days, and that was enough. You ran, you ran as fast as you could back down the road, past your own house.
    You reach your destination and slam your fist on the door, a shocked looking Mikey answering, noises in the kitchen confirm their mother is in.
    "Frank ??" Mikey says quietly, shooting you a confused and worried look.
    "Who is it Michael ??" She calls, peeking her head round the door to answer her own question. "Oh Frank !! It's so good to see you !! Are you feeling better now ?? We were so worried.."
    "Hi Ms. Way, I'm fine thankyou, is Gerard in ??" You say as politely as possible, but your muscles are still contracting into nervous shivers and you can't control the pitch of your voice.
    "Yes.." She says, giving you a worried smile before looking at the basement door, "I think it might be good for him if he saw you.. Go on down." She says, smiling again before disappearing back into the kitchen.

    You exchange glances with Mikey before making your way to the door, just as you reach for the handle, Mikey puts a hand on your shoulder. You turn to question him as he speaks.
    "He's different, Frank. You might not want to see him like this.."
    "He's still Gerard, I still-" You stop, taking a deep breath before continuing, "I still care, Mikey. Please. Anything drastic he's changed, tell me now. If not, I'm going down unarmed."

    "He bleached and cut his hair. Claimed he was purifying it." Mikey says, his expression and tone not changing, constantly looking at you signalling not to laugh, you didn't want to anyway.
    "Okay. If that's it I'm going down right now." You say, turning and opening the door, closing it on a worried Mikey before descending down the stairs to the second door.
    So close to him, and yet you feel miles of distance already. That was not the sweet young Gerard in there, not now.
    You breathe deeply before putting you hand on the handle, almost flinching backwards as the cold metal seemingly grabs your hand.
    Scolding yourself for being so jumpy, you turn the handle, opening the door.
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    Chapter 48

    You move back slightly as a waft of air screams at you from the room beyond, the familiar, loving smell of coffee mixing with stale water and bleach, and the smell of paint and charcoal. It was not a good mix.
    You look around for the boy, your eyes finally resting on the small brown sofa, where a boy with short, white-blonde hair was sat, knees up to his chin, covered in a thin green blanket.
    He looked steady, his eyes focused, not moving save to scratch his nose, before he finally caught sight of you, and his eyes widened.
    He sat up slightly, and seemed unable to register what to do with himself.

    "Gee ??" You say softly, as if avoiding waking him up from his sleep-like awakeness.
    He stares at you still, his eyes blinking and refocusing before looking back at you, head to toe.
    "Gerard it's me.." You say again, a little louder.
    "Oh god Frankie.." He finally says, relief coating the panicked tone the words were said in.
    He can't decide what to feel.. you think to yourself, taking a step towards him.
    "Stand up then." You say, laughing slightly as he throws the blanket aside, towards the television where 'The Passion of Christ' was playing silently, at the crucifiction scene.
    You practically throw yourself at him, pulling him into a tight hug and burying your face in his neck.
    He returns the hug with awkwardly patting you on the back. You push him away from you and look at him from arm's length.

    "What's wrong ?? You love hugs.."
    "Just.. Nothing. Just not in the mood I guess." He says, trying to move away. You grab his arms to stop him.
    "Gerard, What's wrong ?? You don't wanna hug me ??" You say, trying to hide the pain in your voice, but unable to.
    "No, okay ?? You're a guy and it's wrong to get that close.."
    "Gerard we've been closer than that before !!" You yell, letting go of his arms.
    "I know and it was wrong !! I'm stopping it before it goes too far !!" he begins pacing his room in an odd manner.
    "No hugs ??" he shakes his head.
    "No linking arms ??" nope.
    "No sitting extremely close together or holding hands to annoy homophobic old people ??" no.
    "No getting drunk together ??" He purses his lips and shakes his head again.

    "So you basically don't want to be Gerard anymore ??" You say, your voice shaking, "No late nights with just you and me hanging out, no causing trouble, not even a fucking hug after I come back from hospital ??!!" You scream the last sentence at him, hands balling into fists, grabbing the material on the end of your hoodie to relieve some tension.
    "No, Frank !! And you know what ?? If you don't like who I really am then just fuck off and leave me alone you sick fucking fag !!"
    He stops, hands covering his face at the word he just used.
    You stop. Your hands uncurl from your hoodie and your shoulders drop. You keep your voice steady and step up infront of Gerard.

    "Frank, I didn't-"
    "Shut up. You know what, you think I'm such a freak, whatever. When your head finally clears itself, you come find me. I want Gerard back, not this. Never this." You say, brushing your hand over his newly bleached hair at the word "this".
    "And you think I'm a sick fag ?? here's a parting gift."
    You move quickly, tangling your hand in what you could of Gerard's short hair and pulling his mouth to yours, you tease his bottom lip until for a split second, he's Gerard again, he opens his mouth and your tongues roll together for a few seconds before you push him off of you.
    "Now who's the fag ??" You say, signalling to his wide eyes and panting mouth.
    He drops to the floor as you walk to leave, and as you glance back, he's pulling the blanket over his whole body and face, hiding like a child.
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    Chapter 49

    You sit in the park, long after Frank's gone, half listening to Amber and Ash talking.
    You can't help but wonder how Frank's getting on, if he's still with Gerard or not, if he's gone home..
    Your question is answered as Frank walks around the corner, hands in his pockets and head down, he walks towards the park, as you raise your head to call to him, he continues straight past the park, towards the shops.
    You look towards Amber and Ash before following him at a run, due to his speedy pace.
    You round the corner and look around, spotting small crowds of shoppers, but no Frank.
    You scrunch your face in disapproval before wandering back to the park.

    "He gone ??" Ash says, acting uninterested to calm his nerves, just like he always does. You nod.
    "So is this whole thing with Frank and Gerard over ??" Amber asks quietly, facing the floor with both her arms folded, knees together, the perfect picture of fake innocence.
    You think for a while, about how miserable Frank used to be, how antisocial.. Until Gerard came into the picture. Even back when they were strangers, Frank had told you things, no matter what he did, he couldn't get Gerard off his mind.
    And then they became friends, and then best friends, and then.. You don't even know what you would have called them, but it was more special than the word "friends".
    Amber used to say they were soulmates, but you didn't really believe in that kind of thing, did you ??

    Gerard and Frank got on like a house on fire. There wasn't a day you'd see Frank out without Gerard, as long as nothing important was happening. It got to the point Frank would actually have dinner at Gerard's without it being wierd.
    They were made to be friends. Nothing like this could stand in the way. You'd make sure of it.

    "No. It's not the end for those two." You say defiantly, shaking your head and standing up. Ash looks up in confusion.
    "What do you-"
    "Emily !! For the love of god help !!" A cry is heard from the street, you look over into the panicked hazel eyes of a white haired boy, dressed oddly in blue jeans and a baggy band top, panting of breath he just can't catch. He looks like he's been crying this whole time.
    "Well this is an interesting turn of events." Ash says, raising his eyebrows and Amber stares in confusion and stands with you.
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    Chapter 50

    You signal for him to come over and Gerard practically runs into you, forcing you to stumble backwards and grab his shoulders for support.
    "Gerard, calm down. What's wrong ??" You say, holding him still as his eyes focus directly on yours.
    "I need to sort something out. One of you kiss me." He says, sternly. He wasn't kidding.
    "Gerard, what ??" You say, trying to control the laughter in your voice.
    "Ahh.. Frank kissed me earlier.. And I just wanna.. I wanna check something before I go do anything stupid." He says, his voice shaking with nerves now.
    The boy couldn't control his emotions.
    You see Amber exchange glances with Ash, before they both nod.
    "If It's scientific, I'll do it." She pipes up, nudging Ash.
    "I'll do it too, even out the gender test or whatever." He says, smiling awkwardly.


    You walk over to Amber, awkwardly smiling before she rolls her eyes and kisses you, not as much as Frank did, but enough to compare.
    "Nope, not the same, sorry Amber." You say, smiling wonkily.
    "None taken, Ash ??" She says, smiling away.
    Ash steps up, kissing you just like Amber did, but still there was no comparison to how you felt at Frank's touch..
    "Okay, thanks, still not the same though.."

    Emily pulls you aside as you run your hand through your short white hair. It briefly feels alien at your touch. Ash and Amber with their short attention spans quickly decide to "go do something fun" and head off to the swings.
    "Gerard, what's all this about ?? We haven't seen you in weeks and you just show up here, looking like hell warmed over, in the need to compare kisses ??"
    "I just.. I guess I need some thinking to do or something.." You mumble, getting more and more frustrated.
    Your heart starts racing as you think back to everything Frank said to you.

    "So you basically don't want to be Gerard anymore ??"
    "not even a fucking hug after I come back from hospital ??!!"
    He hates me.. he fucking hates me now..
    You back away from Emily, turning to run back home and shut yourself away where they can't find your sick, sick body afterwards..
    You try and run but there's a force holding you back.
    You're on the floor now, balled up in a fetal position as Emily tries to grab your shoulders and turn you around.
    "Fuck.. I called him a fag.." You breathe out when Emily sits you upright, "I called him a fucking fag and meant it.."
    "Gerard, calm-"
    You don't hear the rest of the sentence, you feel the blood rushing through your veins as you run, as fast as you can, to the only place you know you'll find comfort..
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    4/5 >.>

    Chapter 51

    You stand and watch as Gerard runs into the distance, turning a corner a little too fast and almost falling in the road.
    "Fuck it all." You whisper to nobody in particular.
    You walk over to where Ash and Amber are sitting on the swings, chatting about something you really have no interest in knowing about right now.
    "Guys, I'll be back later, or see you tomorrow, I'mma go sort this shit out." You say, and are regarded by a wave and some muttered goodbyes and a half-hearted wave from Ash, before they go back to their conversation. You hear the word "regulators" before finally walking away.
    You close the gate behind you as you leave the park, looking around to check nobody else is following you, you brush your full-block fringe out of your eyes. You really do need to get that cut again..
    You walk along the pavement in the cool New Jersey air. It's much more polluted and thick than the air back home, but you like it. It's comforting, like getting a big toxic hug from the atmosphere.
    Your mind begins to wander as you robotically turn streets and alleyways, avoiding the known 'no-go-zones' and high-crowd areas.

    As you're nearing your destination, a sniffing sound comes from a nearby tree. You look up to see a pair of converses dangling down from the branch about 4 metres away from the path, and about 6ft off the ground. You smile.
    You walk over and look up into the reddened eyes of Frankie-bear, who wipes the back of his hand against his nose like a small child.
    "Frank.." You say, in your best motherly tone, "Come on, come down."
    "He's not Gerard, Em.. That wasn't him.." he sniffs, burying his head in his arms and resuming his previous task of crying.
    You touch his left shoe, hoping that's at least a little comforting, before attempting to hoist yourself up onto his branch.
    You pull him closer to you, party to steady yourself and partly to comfort.
    "Sweetheart, go for a walk or something, there's not use sitting outside his house, he won't come back here and you know it."
    He rubs his nose on his sleeve before looking you in the eyes. You really do feel like his mother sometimes, he can look so innocent and small, people who hadn't met him would think he was quiet and easily intimidated.. You knew better.
    "Now go on, I have stuff to sort out." You smile and shove him from the branches, lowering yourself down after him.
    You hug and part ways as you walk towards the front of the house and knock politely.

    A smiling female face opens the door, she's fairly short, with white-blonde hair, and has a loving, motherly face. The smell of paints wafts out of the door, confirming you're at the right house.
    "Hello there, how can I help you ??" She smiles, her thick Jersey accent washing over you comfortingly.
    "I'm Emily, a friend of Gerard and Frank's ??"
    "Oh you're Emily !! Well come on in, sweetie. I think Gerard's gone out though.."
    "That's actually what I'm here to talk about.." You explain, smiling ingerly as she ushers you through the door.
    "Well then, I hope you've got time. What's my little boy done now ??"

    You are ushered into a beautiful cream-coloured kitchen, where you sit at the low table as Donna makes cups of coffee.
    "How do you like yours, Emily ??" She asks, boiling the kettle.
    "I don't actually, sorry.. If I could get a glass of water or something that'd be fine.." You smile apologetically.
    "Don't look so upset, sure thing." Donna laughs, handing you a glass of cool water as she sits down with her tea.
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    5/5 - I can't do maths.

    Chapter 52

    You hear the high pitched crack as the rubber of your converses hit the damp pavement below you, the short, sharp breaths as you run faster than you ever had before.
    You stop running as you hit an alleyway, a familiar backroad where you know you shouldn't make much noise. You remember the people around there that you and Frank almost ran into last time.
    As if on cue, muttering comes from the opposite direction, you panic, your shortness of breath causing your breathing to me loud and rasping. You look around for the nearest exit, being nowhere near the hole in the fence, you run in the opposite direction, glancing back over your shoulder, you trip on your laces and land face first in the concrete.
    You taste that familiar warm copper in your mouth as the warm stinging covers your face.

    Your drag yourself to your feet as you try running faster, turning corners where you can, only to reach a dead-end.
    You turn in horror as the voices close in on you.
    A young boy rounds the corner, smirking as he spots you.
    Your heart reaches your throat as your eyes double in size, watering slightly with fear. It's the feeling of pulses in your throat when they're about to give up, and you feel like any minute now you'll pass out from too much redirected blood.

    "Boys ?? Got 'im." The boy yells, his New York accent alien and strange in the cold New Jersey streets.
    They move in, closing you against the sturdy fence. There's no way out.
    As the click on the gun sounds the safety is off, sweat pours off of you in torrents. You should have stayed home today.
    You close your eyes against the flood of tears threatening to escape. As the flock of boys surrounds you, you think of your mother and Mikey, and what they must be doing right now. Mikey's probably doing his homework, holed up in his room with his Joy Division CDs and all the Dr Pepper he can find. You smile at the image of him pushing his glasses up, only to have them slide back down a few seconds later.
    Your mother, she'd still be painting as she was when you walked out of the door. It's a landscape painting of a photo you'd taken of nighttime New Jersey a few months back. She'd always loved it.
    As the boys bustle you to the ground, you think of the past few weeks, how lonely and selfish you'd been. How dependant you'd become on your medication.
    As the cool metal scraped across your head, from your temple to the soft spot at the back, and your face rested on the cool, camp concrete below you, you think of Frank. How alone he must be, and how horrible you'd been to him.
    You wonder if he really cares for you, like you care for him. You smile as tears escape your eyes. You doubt anyone like him could really feel anything for you.
    You wonder what he'll do, when he finds out you've been shot dead in the back alley you'd promised him you'd be careful down.
    You think of how ashamed he must be, right now, to have ever been friends with you.

    "I'm sorry, Frank.." You whisper into the air. They boys crowded around you can't hear you, and even if they could, they wouldn't care. But now they seem distracted.
    The gun is pulled from your head as the boys run for their lives. A pair of old Vans trainers stop infront of your face. Only now do you look around. Straight up into the pale blue eyes of Bert McCracken, who offers you his hand.
    "Dude, what the fuck happened to you ??" He laughs, pulling you up, and into his arms, which you willingly enter, burying your tear-streaked face in his neck, "Dude.. Gerard, shh, it's okay. I got ya." Bert smiles, supporting you as you let out all the fear and horror you'd held in.
    You pull back, wiping your eyes and nose on the back of your arm.
    "How did you even.." You start, not entirely knowing how to ask your school friend how he knew where you were, half worried Bert would come out with a monologue of how he'd been stalking you. He's the kind of guy to do that.
    "Well, if I'm perfectly honest with you Gee-man, I was looking for a guy I kinda know.." He smirks knowing you'd understand.
    "Oh.. Well.. Thanks, seriously.." You say awkwardly, as Bert brushes his long, greasy, unkempt black hair behind his ear, and out of his eyes.
    "Don't mention it.. Say, if you wanna meet up with me and some of the guys later, here's my number. If you're not with Frankie-baby you gotta be looking for something to do." Bert smiles, scribbling his number on your arm with a pen before turning to leave. You inspect the number on your arm.

    "Oh, and Gee ??" You look up, "Be careful, okay ??"
    "Will do.. Thanks, Bert.." You smile again, before heading off to where you were going before your little run-in.
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    6/6 - Really can't do maths..

    Chapter 53

    You sit in the shed-like enclosure, underneath the sheltered area where Frank had sat the last time you were here.
    You absent mindedly run your fingers over the dirt covered ground as you look at the painting you'd done for him.
    You replay the situation you'd captured it from in your head. Frank wouldn't remember it, you knew that the minute you'd finished, when he didn't mention that night. But you remember.

    It was back in the drinking days. When everything was so much simpler. You and Frank had gathered everyone at the park to hang out and chat, while you were all extremely drunk.
    Ash was trying to chase cars, you were never sure why, maybe you'd ask Amber and Emily to tell you someday.
    But the most important aspect of that picture is you and Frank. You'd both been drunk that night, but Frank moreso than you.
    Frank had been clinging to your arm the whole night, and you'd shared a kiss or two, as you always did when drunk. But that night, you'd been really self consious about yourself, and hadn't been having as much fun. Frank had noticed, and taken you aside to talk to you.

    "Gerard, I can see something's wrong.. Whassup ??" Frank has said, his voice stable, but showing telltale signs of inebriation.
    "I just.. You're so fucking pretty, Frank. All of you are. Why do you hang out with me ??" You said, tears building up behind your closed eyelids.
    "Gee, don't even- Don't you dare." Frank had shaken his head angrily before rushing towards you and kissing you, hard..

    Kind of like he had earlier.
    "Gee, don't even imply that you're not fucking gorgeous. Because you are. And I- we love you just the way you are."

    So you painted yourself blushing at Frank's compliment. Frank didn't remember. He didn't need to.
    You stand up, hitting your head on the low roofing. You momentarily wonder why Frank never did that, and then laugh at your own stupid question.
    You look down at your arm.
    "Couldn't hurt.." You whisper to nobody in particular, before removing your phone and dialing.

    "Bert here, unless you're looking for him ??" Comes the voice on the other line.
    "You seem to be missing someone." You smile down the phone, hoping it'll translate in your voice.
    "Gee-man ?? You coming out ??!!" You make an approving noise, "Get your ass here now then, motherfucker !! We're down by the old creeky thing the other side of the park."
    You agree before hanging up and heading back the way you originally came, avoiding any noises you hear along the way.

    You eventually find yourself by the hedges leading to the park, you pull your hood over your bleached hair in the hopes of avoiding Amber and Ash, who were sat by the swing set.
    You make your way past them and break into a run, reaching the end of the field out of breath and tired as hell.
    Bert greets you from the other side of the shrubbery, a grin on his face.
    You spend the afternoon wrapped up in conversation with Bert as other people mingle in groups around you. Drinks are had, drugs are done by some.
    You pass up on the offer, purely due to the fact it would mess with your already fucked up medication..
    "Come on Gee, just a little ??" Bert says. You can't resist that look he just gave you, and eventually give in, inhaling a small line of powder.
    It sizzles all the way up your nose and down your throat, evidently entering your bloodstream the hard way..
    "Fuck.." You moan, falling backwards, glad that you were already sitting down or wouldn't that have fucking hurt..
    "Xanax. Good shit." Bert says, swaying against.. is that your right side or your left..

    Where did your legs.. Oh there they are. All the way over..
    You feel like you're about to throw up.

    But you don't.
    Because that's.

    Bad manners.

    "Gee you good ??" Bert. falling back next to you.

    "Gee you sure you're okay ?? This shit it fucking painful the first time.." Bert.. A little more concern in his voice.. You have a feeling it would be green right now. His voice. And maybe kind of wavey, but pointy in parts where the worry jumps in.
    "I'm amazing."

    Your voice would be light blue at the moment, you suppose. And all fuzzy. Like a teddybear. It's usually be purpley and shakey..

    Mikey's voice is a yellowey orange colour. and all flat, because of all the lack of emotion all the time.
    Frank's voice would be red, but not angry-red. And made like hugs..
    Oh shit..

    You sit up, all the blood rushing to your head as you sway in one spot.
    "I gotta go, Bert. I seriously gotta go.."
    "Gee calm down, what ??"
    "I gotta go talk to Frank.. I need to sort this out.."
    "Dude, okay, but save my number ?? Speak later Gee-man. Stay safe."
    "Thanks. Bert.." You say, giving him a quick, one armed hug before running back down the feild.
    It's wearing off now. You're staring to think straight..
    You'd go home first. Talk to your mother about those godawful pills..

    You make it back to your house at around 8pm, you hear the stressed voice of your mother from the kitchen as you open the door..
    "I don't know what to do with him, Donald !! He can't stay here !!" She screams, you step through the door quietly, holding your breath, "He's your son, too !! Just take him out of here !! -One of his friends came over earlier saying how WORRIED she was, I can't deal with this !!"
    Your mother screams, stepping out into the hall and lowering the phone as she spots you.
    "Gerard, I-"
    You shut the front door, running upstairs and into the bathroom, slamming the door behind you and locking it.
    You move instantly to the cupboards, avoiding the wire of Mikey's still plugged in straighteners, throwing the doors open and taking out bottles of pills, some landing on the floor, others in the bathtub, and a couple back in the cupboard.

    You eventually find the bottle you're looking for, the prescription label reading "Gerard A. Way" in plain black lettering up at you.
    You rip the label off, flushing it down the toilet along with the pills left from the bottle. A banging starts on the door as your heart rate increases.
    "Gerard ?? Gerard honey come out !!" Your mother's voice echoes from the other side.
    You move backwards, anxiety kicking in as you slam into the open door of the cuboard, smashing the glass mirror sttached to it.
    A shard breaks off, digging itself into your forearm and tearing.
    You hiss in pain as you pull your arm away, before running to the window and climbing out as fast as you can. The drugs have fully worn off now. You know exactly what you're doing.
    The banging at the bathroom door has not ceased, but you don't care. You drop to the floor and run down the road, straight for the Iero household. You hope to god Frank's in.
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    OMG! :O
    So. Many. Updates.
    I'm sooooooooo sorry i haven't commented in a loooooong time. I don't check my emails 'till late, then when i'm about to comment the internet gets turned off. -___-
    They were so amazing, it's unreal:')
    And holy fuq?
    Up to chap 77? e.o
    Well, looks like imma be busy for a few weeks ;D
    Oh and, please don't make them be mad at each other anymore D:
    Tis sad :LL
    But yeah, thank you for the 10 or so updates that kept me up until 2 yesterday xDD
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    your one freakin legend!
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    I love you all. You ready for today's chunk-update ??
    You'd better be.

    Chapter 54

    You ring the doorbell, holding your breath as a friendly faced woman opens the door, her expression falling as she sees you.
    "I'm really, really sorry to bother you, Mrs Iero, but is Frank here ?? Frank jr. I mean.. I won't be here for long, I swear.. I just-"
    "I take it you're Gerard." She says, exasperation deep in her voice.
    "I am, I- I just left home, actually.. Argument with my mom.. I just need to talk to Frank so he knows where I'll be.."
    "And where's that ??" Mrs Iero says, worry beginning to coat the unfriendly tone of just two sentences ago.
    "I.." You think.. Where else can you actually go ?? "I don't actually know.." you admit quietly.
    "Why don't you come in, Gerard ?? Maybe you and me having a chat would sort this whole situation out anyway. Frank's not in yet, either."

    You smile weakly as she ushers you into their kitchen, it's a warm yellowey-green colour, that seems to cry out for houseguests.
    "Have a seat, honey. How do you take your coffee ??"
    "Erm, black, two sugars please.. Thankyou."
    You sit quietly until your coffee is placed before you.
    "Gerard, what happened to your arm ??" She says, pointing to the raw, red scrape adorning your forearm.
    "Oh.. long story short, mirrors should be made not to break.." You say awkwardly.
    "So you ran off I take it ?? Wouldn't your mother be worried..??"
    "I doubt it.. She's probably glad I'm gone.." You say, running your hand through your short, spiky hair.
    "Why would you say that ??" Frank's mother says, curiosity and wariness in her voice. She still seems unsure what to think of you, seeing as it's the first time she's met you.
    You explain to her the phonecall, the medication, and how terrible you'd been to Frank, missing out the kiss scene very deliberately.
    You explain how you just wanted to make sure you hadn't hurt Frank.

    "Gerard, it seems I've misjudged you. If you want, you're free to stay with us for as long as you like, I'm sure Frank wouldn't mind. I hate the idea of you being out there on your own."
    "That's very kind of you, Mrs iero, I promise I'll help where I can and not get in the way.." You smile, hiding the fact you're quite obviously blushing.
    "It's no trouble sweetie. Now let me clean up your arm and you can go get comfy in Frank's room."
    She gets a first aid kit from the cupboard, cleaning your wound with antibacterial wipes (that sting like a bitch) before wrapping a bandage over the still-red wound.
    You thank her, and make your way upstairs, opening Frank's bedroom door.
    "And Gerard !!"
    "Yes ??" You call back down the stairs.
    "If Mikey could bring over some of your stuff, that's fine, wouldn't want you to be clothless !!" You can hear the smile in her voice.
    "Thankyou, Mrs Iero, I'll call him !!"
    "Please, call me Linda, sweetie." She says, before retreating the few steps she'd ascended.

    You walk into Frank's room and shut the door, taking your phone from your pocket and dialling speed dial for Mikey.
    You arrange for him to come over with what he thinks are your essentials, and no less than 10 minutes later, he rings the doorbell and appears in the doorway with a bag in one hand and your sketchbook in the other.
    "I didn't want it to get crushed.." he explains, as he puts it down on the side table.
    He leaves soon after, and Linda calls up the stairs to warn you Frank's on his way back. She's not going to tell him you're here.
    You decide you want to cause him the least pain possible when he arrives, so you fall into a light, anxious sleep on his bed.
    The last thing you hear is the door downstairs opening..
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    Chapter 55

    You wake up slightly as the bedroom door is opened, but you keep your eyes shut.
    "You dick." Is whispered into the room, and about 5 painful seconds later, a form makes itself present nearby, sat on the bed.
    You open your eyes slightly, not enough to be noticeable, to see Frank looking down at you through your eyelashes.
    He's supporting his head on his left hand, as his right reaches out to touch your arm.
    "Gerard.." Frank says, a little louder, his voice clouded and eyes red.

    #"I can tell, by your eyes, that you've probably been crying, forever.. And the stars in the sky, don't mean nothing to you, they're a mirror.."#
    "Oh god, I love this song.." You whispered to Frank, who was sat next to you.
    It was during one of your nights out, you weren't as drunk, due to Frank being out of cash, and it was just the two of you in the park, listening to the music on Frank's phone.
    #"I don't wanna, talk about it, how you broke my heart.. If I stay here just a little bit longer.. If I stay here won't you listen.. To my heart.."# You sang along, Frank was unusually quiet tonight.
    He'd been crying. His eyes would always go a sad, puffy red when he cried..

    They were that colour now. You couldn't keep this up.
    You rolled towards him, fluttering your eyes open and smiling.
    "You're such a dick." Frank says, anger wavering in his voice.
    "You need to stop crying over it." You retort, still smiling sadly. Frank turns away sharply, his breath hitching ever so slightly.
    You sit up and turn him around, pulling him towards you. He punches your chest three times before hugging you back.
    You can feel his tears soaking into the fabric of your tshirt. You don't care.
    "I hate you so fucking much." Frank mumbles, gripping the back of your tshirt like if he lets go, you'll disappear or something.
    "Love you too, Frankie." You laugh, pushing him back away from you and using your thumb to wip away his tears, "I'm sorry I was such a dick to you.. But.. It's over now, I swear."
    "What do you mean 'it's over now' ??" Frank asks, before sniffing like a child and wiping his nose on the back of your-his leather jacket.
    "The pills are fucking gone, Frank. And they're never coming back. They made me into someone I never wanna be.."
    "Who ??" Frank asks warily.
    "They made me into someone that would hurt you."
    Frank's eyes widen in admiration as he launches himself onto you, kissing you the same as he had earlier, but with more urgency, more feeling. It felt like he wanted you to understand how much your words meant to him, and you did.
    You kiss back with equal force, intent on telling him you understood, telling him you'd never go away like that ever again.
    Intent on telling him you lo-

    "Boys ??" Calls Linda's voice through the door, followed by a few taps at the thick wood, "Dinner's ready !!"
    You pull away from Frank, both of you panting, before you burst out laughing at the badly timed interruption.
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    Chapter 56

    You change into your pyjamas in the Iero bathroom, even though Frank insisted he wouldn't watch you getting changed, purely because you needed some alone time to think about things.
    You look into the mirror, but don't like what you see. You tug at the short, white strands of hair, and look at the raven-black roots starting to show underneath.
    Your face, still pretty messed after your encounter with the pavement earlier, has no traces of it's usual eyeliner.
    You'd change that last point in the morning, you promised yourself.
    You run the cold water for a while before splashing it onto your face, the cold droplets sinking across your pale complexion, speeding up once they get past your relatively high cheekbones, and sinking the same speed all the way down to your neck.
    You stare into your own eyes, reflected in the silver-and-glass mechanism before you. The complexity, yet simplicity, of mirrors is one you've always liked. The way a simple thin sheet of metal, covered in melted sand, can reflect anything, even the human face, so perfectly..
    Even if the face is imperfect to begin with.

    The hazel of your irises stare back at you, your pupil dilating and contracting in the varied, uncontrolled light as you sway slightly from fatigue. You ran far too much today.
    Your hands grip the bathroom sink for support. You should probably go back to Frank now, but you're caught up in looking at your eyes.
    They're the same colour as Frank's, and a similar shape. But Frank's have a far more prominant sparkle in them, and they're a luminous green when he's in a good mood.
    You'd seen them green alot.
    But sometimes you'd seen them a dull brown colour. This was usually accompanied with that puffy red ring around them..

    #"If I stand all alone, will the shadows hide the colour of my heart ?? Blue, for the tears, black for the night's fears.. The stars in the sky, don't mean nothing to you, they're a mirror-"# You turn off the music of Frank's phone, as it's evident he's not listening to it anyway.
    He looks up at the sudden change in the environment. You now notice how quiet it is out here at night.
    "Do you wanna talk ??" You ask carefully, knowing how closed in Frank could get sometimes. You were the same.
    "Not really.. Just.. Could we just sit here ??" Frank asks. This confuses you, because in your opinion, you're both already sat there.. Just as you're about to voice this fact, Frank continues talking..
    "I know it sounds stupid.. I just.. I just wanna spend as much time with you as I can, because something always seems to split us up again for weeks at a time.." Frank says, his voice hitching ever so slightly in places.
    "Frank.. I.." You don't know what to say, so you move closer to your best friend, who has resumed that day's task of crying, "Is this why you've been so upset today ??"
    A couple of days previously, Frank had argued with his mother about you. She ended up yelling at him, and he wouldn't say what she said.. You figure it must have been bad, and stopped prying.
    "I just don't wanna keep losing you.." Frank sniffs, resting his head on your shoulder and staring out to the water running close by the edge of the park. The small stream he's looking at, you know, leads to the creek at the bottom of the field. It's a dangerous place at night, like most of New Jersey.
    But you and Frank love the place all the same. It's pollution, it's crime, it's littered streets and questionable residents..
    "You won't, Frank. I won't let it happen." You whisper, wrapping an arm around his shoulders and resting your head ontop of his. The height difference makes this incredibly easy, and comfortable.

    You'd broken that promise.. You know you had.. But you won't do it again. You can't do that to Frank again.

    You shake your head, before wiping your face briefly on the hanging towel to remove any water that hadn't already dripped off.
    You walk back to Frank's room to find him basically unconsious, curled up as close to himself as possible on the bed, a worried from adorning his face, and his eyebrows close together. He's gripping the bedsheets.
    You'd seen him do this once before, then he was having a really bad dream. He'd refused to talk about it, so you weren't going to pry. Just be there for him like you promised yourself you would.
    You sneak round the other side of the bed, laying down behind the stiff, sleeping form of Frank and wrapping your left arm around his waist, pulling him closer towards you to reassure him in his sleep.
    Sure enough, he relaxes slightly, and you peer over to his face and see the worried frown fade away and his features relax, you prop your head up with your right hand and watch Frank sleep for what feels like hours, but was probably just five minutes. You weren't being creepy or anything, he was always just so peaceful in his sleep, the complete opposite of himself.

    His eyes are still slightly red from crying, and you have a feeling he was doing it while you were shut away in the bathroom.
    Your brush his fringe from his eyes in the hopes of helping them clear up by morning. You know how much he hates waking up with crying-eyes. He shuffles slightly in his sleep and ends up turning over to face you. You don't stop him. Your hand is now resting on his arm, which is between Frank's chest and your own, you move it back to his waist and settle down on the pillows. You're both ontop of the duvet, but you don't mind, it's quite warm anyway.
    Frank shuffles closer, as if reading your mind, sealing in the warmth and resting his head so his shallow, long breaths hit your neck as he sleeps.
    You reach behind you and turn off the small lamp, engulfing the room in darkness.
    "Goodnight, Frankie." You whisper into his hair, planting a small, tender kiss on the side of his head. You swear you can feel him smile.
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    Chapter 57

    You wake up warm and comfortable. Your eyes still ache from yesterday's tears.
    Your first thought is the warm breath you can feel through your hair. The second thing you notice is the arms around you.
    You snuggle closer to Gerard, burying yourself in his chest and savouring the feeling for as long as you can. Imprinting it again for when he leaves, like he always seems to.
    He promised you he'd never leave, that he'd never go away again, but you know he can't keep that promise. His life is too unstable, yours is too. But you at least want to keep the feeling you get around him with you, even if you can't keep him.

    You don't know how he feels about you. You guys kiss alot, so that means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of emotions.. You wish he knew. Maybe he already does ?? Maybe he feels the same way ??
    You sigh and bury your face further against his neck. He lets out a breath and sink closer to you, closing his arms around you and bringing you closer like he always does.
    Your eyelids feel numb, yet heavy. You wish you could stop crying over the boy lying next to you, but it seems impossible.
    You've never felt this strongly about someone in your entire life.
    You grip the fabric of his tshirt in your fists, and he begins to stir. You don't care. The tears are back now, building a pressure behind your eyes and threatening spill out onto the fabric you're clinging so desperately to.

    "Frankie what's wrong ??" Gerard says, yawning, sleep adorning every syllable. You cling tighter at the sound of his voice.
    He shuffles slightly so he can pull you even closer.
    "Shh, Frankie come on.." He whispers, rubbing your back lightly and kissing your forehead. You like it when he does that. It's a shame it only happens when you're crying.
    "Frank, come here." He whispers, pushing you back slightly so he can look you in the eyes. He raises his right hand, and brushes the tears and hair from your face. His left hand rests on your waist, keeping you close to him, "What's wrong ??"
    You shakily raise your right hand from his tshirt, resting it on his face. His skin is cold you your touch, but you don't care. You move your face closer to his, lingering slightly before pressing your lips together, just for a while, enough to transfer any thought you have, every emotion, right to Gee, before moving away.
    "You could just use words, you know." Gerard says, laughing only a little as he brushes your fringe from your face again.
    "That works just as well and you know it." You mumble, moving your head back to his chest.
    He laughs slightly, holding you back to his chest.
    "Come on Frankie, it's monday. School." He mumbles ino your ear, clearly with no intention of forcing you to get up.

    "Boys ??!! You ready yet ??" Linda calls through the door.
    You give a non-commital noise in response and Gerard laughs, tickling you until you fall off the bed.
    You lay on the floor, freezing cold, as Gerard disappears under the duvet.
    You launch yourself back on the bed, landing on the mound og Gerard in the middle, causing him to gasp out in pain.
    Soon enough, the duvet lay forgotten on the floor, and you're trying to wrestle your way out from under Gerard, who is straddling your hips and holding your arms down. You see the now red-tinted bandage adorning Gerard's forearm and stop yourself from reaching for it.
    You're both laughing a ridiculous amount before you eventually stop struggling.
    "Run out of energy already ??" Gerard mocks you, flicking his head intincively, in a way that would have moved his hair out of his eyes, had it been it's old length. You smile.
    "No, just got comfortable." You smirk, wiggling your hips for emphasis.
    "Well then, sorry to love you and leave you, but we're gonna be late for school." He moves away from you, moving backwards down the bed until he's standing. You feel cold again.

    You change quickly and head out the door, ignoring your mother's requests for you to both have breakfast.
    You make it into school about 10 minutes before the bell, and walk towards your classroom.
    About halfway down the hall, Gerard grabs your arm, stopping you mid-step and causing you to almost fall over.
    "Do you think Mikey's in yet ??" He says, looking at the door handle rather than you.
    "Couldn't hurt to check.." You respond. Gerard's still holding your arm as he creaks open the door.
    Mikey, on the far side of the room, stands up grinning and runs towards you both, gripping you both in a death-vice of a hug.
    He pulls away and pushes his glasses up his nose, ignoring them as they slide nimbly back down.
    "Mikey I saw you yesterday.." Gerard says, pushing his hand through his short hair.
    "Yeah but.. I usually see you every morning and shit.." He mumbles awkwardly.

    You spend the whole day in the company of at least one of the Way brothers. It seems back to normal, until you get home..
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    You have my bad maths to thank for these next few updates..

    Chapter 58

    You walk through the door, yourself and Gerard waving goodbye to Mikey. It feels wierd to have Gerard living at your house.. You're used to seeing him every few days or so (or even less nowadays) and now you'll get to see him 24/7.. Until he goes home, that is..

    "Oh, boys ?? Is that you two ??" Your mother calls from the kitchen.
    "Yeah it's us." You call back, Gerard yelling a quick 'hey', you're glad he's settled in so quickly.
    "Oh good, I need to talk to you both." Your mother says, exiting the kitchen. she seems happy and is smiling, so it's not bad news.
    "Why do I always assume it's bad news.." Gerard mutters, making you snort, holding in a laugh.
    "Well, Frank, tomorrow afternoon, me and your father will be leaving for a few days to visit your grandparents before the christmas holidays." -Yes !! No parents for a week again !! you think, mentally cheering in celebration, "They've asked for you to come along with us this time, as they haven't seen you in over a year now.." -shit. why do you always celebrate before hearing the whole story ??
    You exchange wary, worried looks with Gerard. He seems understanding.

    "Oh don't look like I'm shooting you both, please. Gerard, you're more than welcome to come along, but if not, this house is open for you to stay in if you like, I'll give you the keys."
    Gerard mulls over his options for a minute, scrunching up his mouth on the right side, the side you've noticed he talks from.
    "If it's okay, I'd rather not impose on a family reunion.. If I could stay here that'd be amazing.." He smiles at your mother, before smiling at you apologetically. You walk towards the stairs as your mother responds.
    "Well then, if you're sure.. I'll give you the keys when we leave, just make sure you're here when we get back."
    You heard the last of that sentence as you slam your bedroom door shut, angrily flinging open drawers and removing items of your clothing you know you'll need.
    You blink as tears begin to fog your vision, and eventually stop moving, a band tshirt in one hand, a pair of jeans with the belt still attached in the other.

    You hear a knock at the bedroom door and Gerard's voice waves through it. You ignore him, just staring at the suitcase your mother's laid out on your bed. It would easily fit Gerard's stuff in it aswell. She planned for him to come aswell.
    Tears swarm your eyes as you blink them away. They're probably smudging your eyeliner, but you don't mind.
    The door opens and closes again, and you feel hands on your shoulders move down to your hands and remove the items of clothing you're holding.
    "Frank, I'm sorry. I know it's like, really soon, but I'll still be here when you get back.." He says, pulling you round to face him. He's your best friend, you could never stay mad at him, but you could fucking well try.
    "You know what ?? Fuck you, Gerard. After all this shit, you get an offer to come on fucking holiday with us, with me and you turn it down ?? My mom planned for you to come, see ??" You point to the giant suitcase, "So you're just being a selfish dick staying here."
    "I know I am, Frankie." He says, a hint of a break in his voice. You can see him hazel eyes glistening in the lack of light, "But I just can't okay ?? I'm not good yet."

    You sit on your bed, head in your hands.
    "How did we end up like this, Gerard ??"
    "Like what, Frankie ??" He asks, sitting next to you on the bed and resting his hands together.
    "This serious about everything." You respond, looking up to see Gerard biting his lip.
    He stands up, moving everything you've put on the bed into the suitcase and onto the floor, before moving to sit and face you.
    "Frank Anthony Iero." He begins, holding his hand out. You take it. "On this most auspicious of nights, will you accompany me on a drunken rampage ??" He smiles a geniune smile, and you offer one back.
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    Chapter 59

    You don't know how you made it all the way out here, but you don't honestly care.
    Amber, Ash and Emily are off in the distance now, in the mini forest on the border of New Jersey, you guess. That's the only forest type thing you really know. You're quite near yours and Mikey's old house, if that last statement is true.
    "Hey Gee ??" Frank says quietly, you think he's still clinging onto your left arm. If not, it's gone dead.
    "Mhmm Frankie ??" You reply, not looking at him. You like the whole arm mystery thing as it is.
    He squeezes at your arm, ruining the whole point of the game. You don't mind. You look down into the now-brown eyes below you.

    "Frankie what's wrong ??" You ask, only now noticing the change in tone from him, after seeing his eye colour. It was weird seeing things like that.
    "I'm really gonna miss you.." Frank whispers, gripping your arm tighter with both arms, you were both still walking, but you stop now.
    "Frank, I'm not dying. You're going to see your grandparents.. I'll be right there when you get back. I probably won't even leave the house.." You admit wearily, glancing to check the other three are still in sight. They're not.
    "Come on, let's catch up." You suggest. You're not drunk, you know that. Frank's pretty far gone, but you promised you'd remember tonight.
    "I can't walk any more, Gee. Hurts." Frank whispers, glancing around himself before falling to the ground.
    "Frankie come on.." You plead, helping him up off the floor, "D'ya wanna piggy back ??" You ask him, putting your arms out so he can climb on. He happily does so, resting his arms around your neck and his chin ontop of his right arm.
    You run for as long as you can until you eventually see the others in the distance. Frank is heavier than you'd expected. You wonder where all the weight comes from and come to the conclusion that what there is of him, is muscle.

    "Should we start heading back ??" Emily asks, being the most sober and sensible of the group. Isn't she wonderful.
    "Yeah seems like a good idea, seeing Frankieboy there." Ash points out as you shuffle Frank higher up on your hips. He lets out a tired breath, as if thinking of a comeback, and losing it.
    "Gee I feel sick.." He whispers in your ear.
    "Okay, we'll get you home okay ??" You whisper back, recieving a nuzzle as a response. You laugh.

    You begin walking back. Frank soon falls asleep on your back. You don't mind carrying him, even though Ash offers countless times to help.
    You eventually make it back to Frank's house and convince him to stay awake long enough to change. He makes to to his boxers before he passes out..
    You're so glad you didn't get drunk.
    You manage to change yourself in the dim lighting, before crawling into bed next to Frank. He's a little gross tonight, but you don't care.
    You just had the best night out in a long time, and you hope you can remind Frank about it in the morning.

    The last thought you have is of how many things you can convince Frank he did before he caught on..
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    Next time I doublepost, just shoot me ??
    Especially when the servers go down and I can do absolutely nothing about it.
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    Alright. You guys are gonna have some catching up to do, here goes today's chunk update.

    Chapter 60

    You stand in the doorway, staring at Frank, who's packing his suitcase, the last of the luggage, into the car. You smile sadly as he walks back up to you. He doesn't smile back.
    You took the day off school today to see the Iero's off on their trip, and make sure Frank actually leaves. It sounds silly, but you know he might have tried to make a run for it.

    "Gee, just come with us." Frank pleads one final time, standing infront of you with his hands in his pockets and the saddest look on his face.
    "No, Frankie." You respond weakly. It's so hard not to give in, it's unreal. "Now come on, and have fun. I'll still be here when you get back, and then it's almost Christmas."
    He hugs you briefly, before you walk with him towards the car. Linda rolls the window down to speak you you, as Frank climbs in the back.
    "Stay safe, okay ?? The keys are in the kitchen, remember to lock up when you leave in the mornings, and at night. See you when we get back."
    You say your goodbyes and press your hand against Frank's window in the hopes for a wave, at least. He doesn't respond.
    "Bye, Frankie." You mutter, your breath fogging the glass for a moment before fading.
    You walk back up to the house, watching as the small green car disappears down the road.
    You let out a sigh and walk through the front door, shutting it behind you.

    It feels empty and cold in the Iero house, now. You can hear the rumbling of the dishwasher, the quiet hum of the fridge, and the ticking of the clock on the wall in the hallway. You look at it; 15:02.
    You think about how people must be coming out of school now.

    "Today is the greatest day I've ever known, can't live for tomorrow, tomorrow's much too long, I'll burn my eyes out, before I get out-" You jump slightly as your phone rings loudly, almost dropping it as you rush to look at the caller ID. Emily. You let out the breath you'd been holding.
    "Hey, Gerard ??" her English accent is still an unusual sound to you, but it's comforting none-the-less.
    "Yeah.." You reply, walking into the kitchen.
    "When did Frank leave, he just texted me ??" She asks, you can hear the faint sound of crowds jostling in the background. She's probably still by the school.
    "He left.. Just now, actually.. Why ??" You say, confused, as you jump up to sit on the countertop and flick the switch on the coffee pot.
    "Oh.. He's such a fucking girl.." Emily answers, saying the second part more to herself than to you.
    "What do you mean, he's such a girl ?? What did he text you ??"
    "Erm.. Promise you won't tell him ??" She says warily, she sounds like she's getting into a car now, probably getting a taxi home again.
    "I promise." You say, the words being a ridiculously familiar taste on your tongue.
    "Right, basically he told me that you were 'such a dick he could kill you' but 'fuck he misses you'."
    You grin instantly, then lower it to a sad smile as you thought of how much better this could all have gone.. You'd make it up to him, you always did.

    The coffee finishes brewing and you slide off the counter top, phone still held by your ear, and proceed to make coffee with only one hand. That would be fine, if the coffee pot wasn't so freaking heavy or if you went to the gym once in a while..
    You hiss in pain as you spill the hot liquid on your hand.
    "Gerard, did you spill coffee on your hand ??" Emily says knowingly, in that motherly tone of hers.
    "Maybe. How do you know ??"
    "Are you kidding ?? One thing, I know you. Secondly, I can smell that shit through the phone." She says matter-of-factly.
    You know full well Emily loves the smell of coffee, but you let it slide.
    You are, however, about to point out that you can't smell things through the phone, but Emily interrupts you.
    "Wait. Are you still at Frank's ??" She asks, the squeal of breaks evident.
    "Yeah I am, why ??"
    You hear muttering and a cheery 'thankyou !!' from a voice you don't know, presumably the cab driver.
    "Because in that case, open the fucking door." Emily replies, hanging up.
    You drag your ass over to the door and swing it open, moving aside while Emily walks straight in and upstairs.

    "Where are you going ??" You call after her, recieving no response, you follow her up, and into Frank's room.
    You walk in to see her flinging open the standing cupboard, digging around until emerging with a cardboard box.
    "We're putting up their christmas decorations so they're all ready for when they come back." She announces, slamming the box down on Frank's bed, which bounces with the weight.
    "Are you crazy ??" You ask, legitimately worried for Emily's mental health.
    "No, I do this every year.. Frank is usually here to help, but.." She says casually, opening the box and throwing out handfuls of tinsel onto the bed, in colour-coded piles.
    "So.. Yes.." You reply, watching her sort baubles out in order of size."What are you staring at ?? Come help with the tree !!" She orders, pushing you out of the room.
    You don't remember signing up as a volounteer, but you follow her nonetheless.
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    Chapter 61

    You clamber up the ladder to the attic, Emily's words of encouragement floating after you.
    "Hurry the fuck up !! Four days isn't long when you're putting up decorations !!" She practically screams. You curse her mentally as you take your time lowering the heavy box containing the christmas tree down to her level. You can feel your arms ache as you almost fall off the ladder for the second time today.
    You eventually get it down, Emily retrieving it from you as she huffs impatiently, heading downstairs with it like it weighs nothing. You should either worry about her, or seriously consider those trips to the gym..
    You rub your arms where you feel the muscle strain, wincing in pain as Emily yells your name angrily up the stairs.

    You walk into the living room to find the parts of the tree already laid out on the floor, couch and coffee table, in order of size and colour tag. Emily stands in the middle of it all, by the bare corner of the room to the right of the television, holding the base of the tree in one hand, and the main "trunk" (pole) in the other. She's eyeing the parts suspiciously before she looks up, evidently about to say something about the tree.
    "Your roots are starting to grow through." She declares.
    Apparently not.
    She puts the pole into the base, on the floor in the corner of the room, leaving enough space for it to be easily walked around.
    "Do you think I should redye it then ??" You ask, already knowing full well what the answer was.
    "Yes. Black again. You'll kill your hair completely if you keep bleaching it.." She says, fitting one of the larger branch attachments into it's allocated slot at the bottom, spreading the individual branches out evenly before grabbing the next one, "But tree first. You gonna help ??"

    You move over to the pile, warily picking up a branch from the pile Emily is nearest and inspecting it. The tag on the branch is red.
    "It's not going to eat you, it goes here.." Emily points to an empty slot on the bottom right, with a red tag above it. Simple enough, you suppose.
    You soon get into the swing of things, red into red, yellow into yellow, blue into blue, then smaller red, then the top half of the tree goes on. And you only manage to prick yourself four times on the sharp edges of the tree. You're so proud of yourself.
    You have the tree up, now, and Emily's now holding the box of decorations that was previously in Frank's room. You have no idea when she went to get it, but you're fine with that. Emily's unpredictable at the best of times, anyway.
    "You decorate the tree while I decorate something that can't mortally wound me." She says, placing the box of decorations down on the coffee table, where small pieces of green fake tree are scattered around.
    "How would you mortally injure yourself on the christmas tree ??" You ask, warily eyeing the apparent menace before you, in all it's woodland glory.
    "You know me, right ??" Emily says, giving you the 'did you just ask that' look, before walking back up, probably to either the loft, or Frank's magical christmas cupboard that you're pretty sure must have Narnia in.

    You look down at the tangled mess of wires and tinsel that is the tree decoration box.
    You pull out the silver tinsel, smiling as the spikey material tickles the palms of your hands. Your parents never let you decorate the tree, but you know you won't mess this up. You'd watched your grandmother do it more times than you can count.
    You smile sadly as that thought goes through your mind, flinging the end of the tinsel around the back of the tree and wrapping it all the way around, inbetween brances, making sure it's elegant but visible.
    You then take out the lights, untangline them as best you can, and wrapping the wires around close to the tinsel, so the light will bounce off the shiny silver plastic.
    You knees down to pick up the box of baubles. A few are broken, so there are only 8 large ones, and 13 smaller ones. You see your distorted refelction in each of them as you place the large ones around the tree first, leaving the back of the tree free, as it can't be seen.
    The smaller baubles are the next thing you pick up, they're about half the size of the large ones, but the tree would look incomplete without them. They're a brighter red than the large ones aswell, which looks good in comparison to the dark green tree.

    "Where's the final piece ??" You ask Emily, who's walking the stairs with a large box in both hands. She smiles at you as she produces an angel from the box, to go on the top of the tree.
    Dressed in a modest, silver dress, that goes to a cone shape from the waist down, to allow her to be put on the tree, her closed eyes, porcelain features and rosy cheeks are topped with blonde hair, tied into a bun, with a few stray hairs over her face.
    Her hands are closed in prayer, and her wings stretch backwards, her lips slightly parted as if actually praying.
    You place her, with care, atop the now-finished christmas tree. You don't turn on the lights, as it would waste electricity.
    You stand back, almost tripping over Emily's favoured box of decorations in the process.

    "Well done, Gerard, that looks fantastic." She smiles proudly at you, you blush, but smile with her. You're wuite proud.
    You look towards the clock by the staircase in the hall, and find it's almost 6pm. Emily follows your gaze and swears, loudly.
    "Shit, I'd better go.. I'll be back after school tomorrow, are you gonna be in school ??"
    "Yeah might aswell, nothing else to do.." You respond, trying to imagine three more Frankless days.
    "Cool, I'll see you tomorrow, 'kay ??" She says, grabbing her bag and opening the door.
    "Yeah see you tomorrow." You respond. The door closes behind Emily and you're alone again.
    You leave the boxes where they are, they don't need tidying yet.
  19. x-DemolitionLover-x

    x-DemolitionLover-x New Member

    Chapter 62

    You walk into the kitchen and look through the cupboards, eventually finding a microwavable pack of fries and putting them in.
    You wait for the 'ding' in silence, the quiet hum of the fridge no longer accompanied by the roar of the dishwasher, but the ventillation of the microwave. You'd put away the dishes tomorrow.
    The sudden noise edges you slowly out of your train of thoughts. As you look up, you swear you see someone standing outside, by the hedges, but as you focus your eyes, you see nothing but the trees and hedges outside.
    You shake your head, moving away from the window and back to the living room, remembering to stop and lock the doors before heading back to your food. You weren't paranoid, just cautious.

    You finish your food rather quickly, in the quiet of the now empty Iero house. It's always been unnerving, being in someone else's house when they're not home..
    You put the plate you used by the sink, reminding yourself to put away the dishes tomorrow.
    You make your way up to Frank's room, opening the door and switching on the light.
    You close the door behind you, momentarily worrying you forgot to lock the doors. You're convinced you did, but you shut Frank's door as tightly as it will go, just to make sure.
    You undress in silence and replace your jeans with your pyjama bottoms. You switch off the light, plunging the room into almost complete darkness, save the thin beam of moonlight from the window.
    Laying ontop of the covers of Frank's bed, you don't care that it's only about half 8, you just want to sleep and get these next few days over with.
    You lay there in the dark and close your eyes.
    The cold duvet freezes the exposed skin on your arms and the lower parts of your legs, you use one of your feet to pull the fabric down further. Slowly, the fabric warms itself on your skin. Or maybe you just get used to the cold. Either way, you're shivering.
    You decide to get under the covers, forcing yourself to embrace the cold material on all sides of your body, but you know it'll warm up soon. And feel even better in the morning..

    It feels wierd, not having Frank curled up next to you. His small, shallow breaths breaking the silence in the room..
    You hear every sound, feel every sensation you can feel. The sounds are of an empty, lifeless house. The sensations are of loneliness, exhaustion and a longing to not have to fall asleep on your own again.
  20. x-DemolitionLover-x

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    Chapter 63

    You text Emily shortly after leaving Gerard behind. You complain to her for at least half an hour about how inconsiderate he is, how much of a dick he is, and how much you fucking miss him already. You don't tell her how long it's been since you left, she'll call you a girl or something..

    "Frank, are you okay sweetie, you seem a little quiet..??" Your mother calls from the front passenger seat of the car. Your father's driving and trying to avoid swearing at a guy that just cut him off.
    "Yeah I'm fine, mom." You reply. It's not that you like lying to your mother, it's just necessary to keep the family balanced and happy. It's a silent, unwritten agreement. Act fine, smile, and the world smiles with you.
    She gives you a knowing look via the mirror, before going back to talk with your dad.

    You arrive on the outskirts of New Jersey in around 40 minutes due to traffic, and you help your parents unload the car, removing your hauntingly light suitcase first and carrying it up to the house.
    You're greeted with hugs and kisses from both grandparents, before they move on to your mother and father and let you go inside.
    You move up to the smaller guest bedroom, where you always stay when you come over, and place your suitcase ontop of the chest of drawers, open.
    You remove Gerard's leather jacket from it, and pull it on over the t-shirt you're currently wearing. You can still smell the faint hint of cigarettes and coffee, and the slightest hint of Gerard's own scent. It's not a bad scent or anything, it's just unique to Gerard..

    "Franklin sweetie, we're going out for dinner and a catch-up, do you want to come with us or stay here ??" Your mother calls through the door, already knowing your answer.
    "I'll stay here, thankyou though !!" You call back, fumbling through the small pockets of the leather jacket.
    Your hand comes out with a note. You inspect it, the folded, lined paper obviously torn from a small notepad..
    You open it as you take a seat on the edge of the bed, it's double folded. It reads:
    I had a feeling you'd take the jacket with you, so I thought it safest if I put this in here. I just wanna let you know I'm not staying behind because I don't wanna spend time with you, because I do. I really, really do.. I just wouldn't know how to cope around your extended family, you know ??
    Anyway, please don't take it to heart. You mean alot to me, Frankie, and I wanna keep it that way.
    See you when you get back, I'll be right where you left me.
    xoxo Gerard.

    You feel tears prickle in your eyes. You re-read the note again and again. The lines that most catch your attention in the re-reads are 'I'm not staying behind because I don't wanna spend time with you', 'you mean alot to me' and 'I'll be right where you left me'.
    You swear, if you get home and Gerard's stood on your doorstep, where you left him, you'll just cry. No control, you'll cry.

    A tear falls from your face and onto the paper, smudging the ink only slightly. The first tear is followed by a second, that does even less damage than the first.
    You hug the paper to your chest, you don't care how girly people would find that, you just want to get as close to hugging Gee right now as you possibly can. Who'd have known a simple, short note could bring you to tears with hardly any effort..
    It'd not like you read it in his voice or anything. It's not like you could imagine any line of speech in his voice.
    It's not like you have the sound of his laughter engraved into your mind.
    You fall back onto the bed, note still in your hand.
    Of course you read that in his voice. His dramatic, slightly high pitched Jersey voice echoing through your mind.
    Of course you could imagine him saying any string of words, because you must have heard him recite the dictionary by now.
    And of course his laughter is engraved into your mind. The shrill, adorable sound making every other laugh mute to you..
    You realise you're starting to sound like a fangirl.. But you're allowed to be like this, right ?? He's your best friend ??

    'But is that all that's there ??' You think, rolling onto your side and looking at the note once more. You search for any hint of 'something more' in Gerard's writing, but you're kidding yourself. Even if there was something else in there, you'd never be able to spot it. Gerard never talks about 'romance' or shit like that..
    Not with you, anyway.. But then again, have you ever spoken to him about it ?? You don't remember.
    You remember kissing him. Oh boy do you remember every time you've kissed him. They've always been the same kisses though, save the angry sober one a few days ago..
    You remember how Gerard had reacted to that.. He'd been like a child beforehand, struggling to comprehend things going on around him.
    But when you kissed him, and he kissed back, there was something there.. Something animalistic that just took over for a split second.
    You remember how much he'd been panting afterwards, how focused and wide his eyes were, fixed on you.
    You hate to admit it, but you'd liked that a little..

    You shake away the thoughts as the familiar feeling of redirected blood shocks you out of your daydream. You roll onto your back and take deep breaths, willing the feeling away, until it eventually subsides.
    You're soon finding it hard to keep your eyes open. You look at the clock, it's around 6pm already.
    Gerard's probably having dinner..
    You consider calling him for the second time today. But you don't pick up the phone.
    Instead, you roll over and clamp your eyes shut, hoping to get a few hours over and done with so tomorrow can come along quicker and you'd be home sooner.
    And there you'd find Gerard, right where you left him.

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