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    Chapter 89 - 19th December

    You're walking back to your car. Your right hand is swinging your keys, while your right left enjoys a feeling of comforting warmth, radiating from the hand of the boy walking next to you. You'd been stealing kisses the entire way from the coffee shop to the car park. Gerard's jacket brushes your arm every now and then when he walks closer to you, a couple times he almost bumps into you because he's paying more attention to signposts..

    You walk up to the side of the car, letting go of Gerard's hand while you let him in, before walking to your side and climbing into your seat.
    You start the engine, pulling out of the car park and making your way back through the toll road and across the bridge. You'd be home before 7.
    You look over to Gerard, who is looking out of the window towards New Jersey.
    "Don't think i forgot." You smirk. He turns towards you, confused, "Hopsital."
    "Frankie, please ?? It's fine." Gerard whines.
    "Move your hand then." You say, driving slower so you can watch as his face contorts with pain, "That's what I thought."
    Gerard huffs in annoyance and bumps his head back on the glass window of the car, staring out of the window in a strop.
    You pat his leg with your left hand, keeping your right on the wheel.


    You pull up outside the hospital, unbuckling your seatbelt and nudging Gerard, who's quite clearly pretending to be asleep.
    You get out of the car, locking your door and walking over to Gerard's side. You open his door, causing him to almost fall out and grab hold of your waist.
    "The fuck, Frank ??!!" He squeals.
    "Stop pretending to sleep and get out. Why didn't you have your seatbelt on ??" You ask, annoyance hinted in your voice.
    "I trust your driving ??" He replies timidly, standing up and shutting his car door, which you proceed to lock.

    "Please don't make me go in ?? They'll stick needles in me or some shit.." Gerard whines as you begin walking across half the car park towards the main entrance to the hospital.
    "No they won't." You reply calmly, as Gerard pulls your arm to stop you walking.
    "Promise me you won't let them put needles in me ??"
    "I promise." You say, lifting yourself up to his height and kissing him softly. You feel him relax and count that as a win.

    "Oi, fags !!"
    Here you go..
    "The fuck do you want ??" You call to the two boys, who can't be more than 14.
    "Frank, just leave it." Gerard says, pulling your sleeve.
    "No. Gimme a minute." You say back, squeezing his hand with your own. he returns the gesture.
    "You wanna go, pal ??" The kid yells, walking towards you, "'Cause we don't want your kind over 'ere."
    "How odd, I thought this was Jersey, not Douchetown." You comment back as the kid faces you off. You may be short, but you're still taller than him.
    "Harry, leave it !!" The other kid shouts from the barrier where they were sat.
    "Might wanna listen to your friend, kid." You smirk.
    "Kid ?? Are you fucking messing me ?? Arrogant piece of-" The kid swings for you, then. You're ready for it, but Gerard gets there first, blocking the kid's hit with his hand and shoving him backwards. You can feel the warmth of his body against your back as he leans past.
    The kid falls over, landing hard on the concrete.
    "Get the fuck out before I beat your face in, kid." Gerard says calmly, the kid growls and retreats as Gerard pulls you towards the hospital. You watch the kis disappear, making sure they didn't go anywhere near your car.

    As soon as they're gone, Gerard hisses in pain.
    "Gee, did you block with your bad hand ??" He nods, "You stupid motherfucker, I told you it'd get worse.." You smile, kissing him on the cheek.

    You reach the entrance, explaining the situation to the nurse on duty at the reception.
    "Take a seat, hon, someone'll be right out. Do you have insurance."
    "Yes, thank god." Gerard smiles weakly, taking his wallet out of his pocket with his good hand and handing the nurse his insurance card.
    "Great, I'll send someone out for you." She smiles, handing Gerard back his card.
    "Remember what you promised." Gerard whispers as you sit down.
    "I know, I know, no needles." You say, holding his leg still with your hand when it starts bouncing nervously.
    There are three other people in the waiting room. One man who looks like he's drunk the entire world's supply of alcohol, a boy who has a serious nosebleed going on, and his mother. You hope they're not connected.
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    Chapter 90 - 19th December

    About 2 minutes later, a doctor walks out of a nearby room.
    "Mr Way ??" He calls, You stand, pulling Gerard with you.
    "Is it okay if I come in with him ?? He seems to think you're going to turn him into a pin cushion." You smile apologetically.
    "Of course, connection ??" The doctor asks. You look to Gerard from approval.
    "Boyfriend." Gerard smiles proudly and grabs your hand with his good one. You smile with him. You never asked to make it official, but you both know it is.
    "I see, come on in then Mr Way and Mr..??" The doctor smiles, you're so glad you didn't get a homophobic doctor or some shit..
    "Iero." You respond, following the man into the room and dragging a no longer smiling Gerard behind you.

    You sit down in one of the seats, Gerard sits in the other.
    "What seems to be the problem then ??"
    "I punched a lamp post a couple days ago." Gerard answers shortly, wincing in pain whenever he moves his hand.
    "And then blocked a pretty hard punch from some kid outside the hopsital.." You fill in.
    "I see. Can you move your hand ??" The doctor asks.
    Gerard moves his hand, closing his eyes as he does so.
    "And your fingers ??"
    Gerard moves all his fingers, apart from the last two, which twitch slightly, but don't move enough to classify as mobile.
    The doctor moves over to examine Gerard's hand closer.
    "We don't even need a x-ray for this, it's not quite broken, but it's seriously bruised and will get worse if it's moved too much.." He shakes his head, "You should really be more careful about what you punch.."
    You can't help but laugh a little. Gerard glares at you.

    "I can give you a splint to keep everything together, but I'm afraid I can't do much more." The doctor explains, reaching behind him for a bandage wrap and a cream-coloured splint, usually used for broken wrists, but would work just as well for a hand.
    "Can you put your hand out for me ?? Tell me if it's too tight." The doctor says, wrapping the white bandage around Gerard's hand and wrist, tucking the end under before fitting the splint, the velcro straps securing the contraption onto Gerard's hand.
    "If you could come back in a few weeks, we'll check it out again. Until then, this is the best I can do."
    You thank the doctor and leave, making an appointment for two week's time.
    You walk out to the car, Gerard grumbling about the 'stupid damn thing getting in the fucking way'..

    You get in the car, Gerard sat in the seat next to you, still grumbling.
    "Hey Gerard ?? High five." You smirk, lifting up your hand and watching as Gerard raises his injured hand, unable to high-five.
    "Fuck you." He mumbles angrily.
    "Do me a favour ??" You ask, pulling out of the hospital car park, "Go back in and get a chill pill ??" You smile as Gerard hits you on the arm.
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    Fuck...you update a hella lot. I'll have to read them in a bit though.... I gotta pop to the shops...

    You may recognise me because your reading my new fic where you have no idea whats going on even though you can normally guess after the first chapter :p If I may just say so, that is probably because I am awesome! :D Ha I joke. Yes I have no idea whats gonna happen myself so, blergh.

    But yes I really enjoy reading your story, and I shall be able to keep up most the time as well seeing as I'm a bum :')

    Anyway before I rape your fic, I shall read the updates soon and post bout them later :')
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    Okay so now I read the updates..

    Aww they confirmed they're together, so happy for them :D
    Glad Gee's hands not broken. Did the others wait til Frank and Gee weren't around to do Christmas shopping because its for them? I'm also glad felt relaxed for once :D
    They make a cute couple in this, and I hope all the arguing/leaving each other stops.

    Loved the updates :D Though I will say it don't seem like they need to seperate chapters or in different posts, why not just make one long post with them in?
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    ^ I know what you mean, I usually seperate them into different chapters depending on how long the timeskips are, who's point of view it is, and if they chapter already has enough going on in it.. If the timeskip is more than a few hours, I'll put it in a seperate chapter, as long as the first bit is long enough..
    Sorry if it's confusing or annoying, just how my little brain comprehends things ='D
    I realise I'm just making it more complicated for myself and you guys, so I'll probably be looking in to making updates longer rather than having so many freaking chapters each day. =3
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    Its not really more complicated, just didn't understand why you did so many chapters ha
  7. LOVE it.
    They're finally official!!
    :D great update.
    More when you can! <333
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    Hey guys, miss me ?? ;D
    Here is the update for the 22nd December.
    And I have a little message for you afterwards. <3

    Chapter 91 - 22nd December

    You wake up in a daze, looking at your clock, you see it's gone 12pm.. Frank's not in bed and you're asleep in your day clothes..
    "Frank ??" You call out, "Frankie ??!!" Nothing. Empty household.
    You rub your eyes and sit up. the material of the splint irritates you still, but the pain's gone down alot..

    You get up and walk to the mirror, seeing Frank's wallet, keys and piercings still on the table.
    He was with you almost 24/7 from when you came home, and for the two days that followed.. He left to go shopping with Emily for a few hours, but he was definitely here last night..

    Three days.

    You walk downstairs, hoping to find Frank sat on the sofa or in the kitchen. You walk first into an empty living room, and then into an empty kitchen.
    "That's wierd." You say to yourself as you look out of the window. There are no cars outside, which means Frank's parents went out without him, and he's somewhere entirely different..
    You go to flick the switch on the coffee pot, finding it already full of hot, black liquid.
    It's still hot, so Frank can't have left long ago..
    You move to get a cup, and see that there's already one out, with a sticky note attached to it..

    Hey, Gee.
    Left the coffee stuff out for you, hoping it's still warm when you get up. I have my phone if you need me, be home later.
    Frankie. xoxoxoxo

    There's a little doodle in the corner of a robot wearing a santa hat, which makes you smile.
    You pour out your coffee and go to pull your phone out of your pocket. It's not there. You swear under your breath as you realise you left it upstairs..
    You finish pouring your coffee and run up the stairs, almost tripping a few times, before grabbing your phone from the room and walking back down to your coffee.
    Dialing the number you want, you hold the phone to your ear.

    "Hey, Gee, whats up ??" The familiar voice floats through the phone.
    "Hey, where's Frank, do you know ??" You ask Emily, who makes a non-commital noise before answering.
    "Maybe you should call him ?? You're really not used to this dating stuff, are you ??" She laughs, you feel the blood rush to your face as you pick up your coffee and make your way to the couch.
    "Shut up, fine, I'll call him." You answer.
    "Didn't mean to annoy you, Gerard, it's just cute.." She chuckles, "Now call your boyfriend."
    "'Kay, seeya Em." You say, before she exchanges goodbyes and you hang up.

    Dialling another number, you hold your phone to your ear again. This time the reciever takes longer to answer his phone.
    "Hello ??" Comes the response. He sounds tired, maybe annoyed..
    "Hey Frankie, you okay ?? This a bad time ??"
    "I'm at Ash's." He responds shortly, "No I'm not okay."
    "What's wrong ??"
    "Just come over, please ?? I'll explain when you get here.."
    "You want me to bring anything ??" You ask worriedly. You don't like the tone of Frank's voice.
    "No. Just- Just come here ??" Frank says, hanging up.
    You look at your phone momentarily before gulping down what you could of your coffee.
    You take the spare keys from the side table as you pull on your jacket, leaving the house walking down the road as fast as you can.

    You get to a point and look left and right, crossing the road to Ash's house, where the door is shut. Frank's car is in the driveway, but that's it.
    You knock on the door and wait as it opens, a dishevelled Ash opening it. It doesn't look like he's slept in days.
    He signals for you to come in, pushing you to the living room where Frank jumps out of his seat to greet you.
    "Oh god, Gerard.." Frank half cries half mumbled into your neck. You see Bert sat with his head in his hands, Emily next to him with her hand on his back.
    "They called me after you." She mimes, you nod, holding Frank close to you. You give Ash a confused look. He nods towards Frank, signalling that you should ask him.
    "Frankie, what's happened ??" You whisper to his ear, hoping he'll give you an answer.
    "Amber's mom's in the hospital. Amber's there now."

    You hold Frank tighter. You know how close him and Amber are and that Amber's mom's been ill for a while now. By a while, you mean a good eight or so years.
    The first day you went to school, Amber wasn't there. You remember that, and you know why she wasn't. Her mother had had another seizure.
    You can't remember what it is that Amber's mother had.. You had no idea it would get any worse....
    "She's not gonna make it through the night." Frank mumbles into your neck. You know he's more worried about Amber than anything else. This close to christmas, it would be far worse than terrible for Amber to lose her mother..
    You knew what Amber's mother had was hardly ever fatal, but there are times where it is. And her case was one of them.

    All you can do right now is help in any way you can. Because in times like these, you can't help but feel a little bit insignificant.
    And you're the only one not crying.


    Right, guys. First let me apologise for the horrific turn of events here.
    Please don't kill me, or you'll never know the rest of the story.
    'The rest ??' you may be thinking, 'does that mean this story has an ending ??!!'
    Yes. Yes it does.
    This story ends on New Years eve. Chapter 100.

    I may be silly in thinking you may be annoyed by this, but incase you are, I have news.
    This story has a sequel.
    I'm currently working on the first chapter of the follow up to Obsession Is Beautiful, titled 'The Art Of Insignificance', to be posted on the 8th January 2012. (I told you that was an important date.)
    No spoilers just yet, but let's just say next year holds alot of interesting surprises for our little crew.

    You may be thinking "What, so 9 chapters left of Obsession ??"
    Yes, nine chapters.
    Although, a couple of the chapters are split into three parts, and those parts vary in length. So don't lose faith in me yet. ;D
    Until then, I hope you all keep reading. <3
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    OMG I feel so sad for Amber.
    I don't hate you for the turn of events, every story has to have something happen.
    I loved the update.
    Its finishing? I only just started reading :( Can't wait to see what the sequels like though....
    Love the update :D
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    Merry Christmas Eve ;D
    I'll be up until the teeny hours of the morning, so the christmas updates will go up extra early for anyone going online tomorrow =3
    For now..

    Chapter 92 - 24th December

    Christmas eve, and your phone goes of at [04:25].
    You pull yourself away from the arms of your boyfriend as you leave the room, answering the phone to a tearful Amber.
    She explains that her mother won't make it past christmas.
    You can do nothing but listen as your friend pours her heart out to you, how the world has screwed her over, how she'll have one last christmas with her mother, and that's it.
    You can't go out and meet her, you can't do anything to make the pain go away. You can only listen. That's all you can do right now. Listen.

    And you hate it.
    Because it's almost christmas and Amber didn't need this shit.

    She goes on about how she's throwing away her meds because they're worthless to her now. Apparently antidepressants aren't worth it anymore.
    Her mother is the one who used to force them down her throat in the morning. You try and remind her of this, of how proud her mother would be if she took them by herself.
    You are silent, as the sobs of the young girl float down the phone. She apologises and promises to take her medication every day.
    You promise her that one day, she won't need them at all.
    She doesn't believe you.

    You walk out back and light a cigarette, pacing the garden path, wtill on the phone as Amber rants about the cruelty of reality.
    She says she's going to go find Bert, because he's really the best at calming her down. She says Bert's got a new girlfriend, but she can't remember her name. Amber says she's cool, though.
    You promise Amber you'll be there for her no matter what, and Amber begins crying again, saying that no matter how hard you try, you can never be there every time she needs someone.
    About half an hour after beginning the call, Amber hangs up to go find Bert and his girlfriend. She deserves a good night out, so you don't tell her it's a bad idea, even though it is.

    You crush your third cigarette of the night onto the hard concrete of the alleyway before retreating back to your house.
    You climb the stairs, emotionally drained.
    Christmas eve doesn't feel so great anymore.

    You crawl back into bed, ignoring the duvet completely.
    For a minute, you just lay there, staring at the dresser and the small beads of light reflecting on your piercings from the thin line of streetlights outside, not completely blocked by the curtain.
    You feel yourself beginning to cry. You don't stop yourself. You're curled up, frozen and numb on the side of your bed.
    You can't fix anything. You can't help anyone. You're not doing anything productive with your life and you can't stop tragedies from happening.
    "Shh." Gerard whispers soothingly from behind you, covering you with the duvet and pulling your shaking, frozen form back towards him, kissing the side of your head soothingly.
    "It's not fair, Gee." You say shakily into the dark, quiet room.
    "I know." Gerard says, his voice equally as unsteady.
    You realise now you're not the only one sick of not being able to help, and curse yourself for being so selfish.
    But that doesn't stop you rolling over and sobbing into the chest of your boyfriend.
    Because at the end of the day; The world is cruel and unjust. Where the bad guys live forever and the good guys die young. The rich live in luxury while the poor live in gutters.
    There's nothing you can do about it, though, except sit back and pray for a good day.
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    Chapter 93 - 24th December

    You wake up again, this time at a reasonable hour and not to the sound of Frank crying.
    You have to say, it's a much more pleasant way to wake up.
    Well, it would be, if the form lying next to you was, in fact, lying next to you, and not as far away from you as possible.
    You try and nudge Frank awake, to ask him what's up, but he's not budging. You go to tickle him, sighing in annoyance as you see the splint holding your hand firmly in place once more.
    "Screw it." You mutter under your breath, tickling Frank despite the lack of ability to fully use your left hand.

    "Gerard fuck off." Frank mutters, not reacting to your tickling as violently as he usually does.
    "Frankie, get up ?? Please ??" You beg him, willing him to understand what you want to tell him, but don't have the guts to say.
    You can't fix everything..
    "No. Fuck off." Frank seethes, batting his hand backwards to try and push you away. You're not going to sit here and take his shit. As you feel your temperature rising, you storm out of the room and into the bathroom, steadying yourself on the sink.
    You look up into the mirror, instantly hating what you see.
    You don't see a monster of the conventional kind, no green scales or snake-tongue.
    No, you see yourself. Your jet black hair now just long enough to be falling across your angry hazel eyes. You hate yourself at that moment, more than you usually do. You've taken everyone's shit for so long you can't fight back anymore.
    Frank tells you to fuck off and you do ?? Is that really how it is ??
    "Fuck this." You hiss to nobody in particular, pushing yourself away from the sink and marching back towards Frank's room.

    You fling the door open and pull the covers off of Frank forcefully, flinging them to the other side of the room.
    "Gerard, what the fuck ??!!" Frank starts, sitting up and locking your eyes into his deep brown ones.
    "Get the fuck out of that bed right now and stop feeling so god damn sorry for yourself !!" You practically scream, facing off a now equally fuming Frank.
    "Sorry for myself ??!! SORRY FOR MYSELF !! Do you even know the shit I go through, Gerard ??!!" He screams back, standing up from the bed.
    "Yes, Frank !! As a matter of fact I do !! Believe it or not, but you're not the only one living through this shit and not being able to help anyone !! You want want to remember that Amber's the one actually going through this shit !!" You scream, unable to control yourself now, about half a metre from your boyfriend, who looks like he's about to punch you up until that last comment, "You don't need to take it out on me, Frank !!"
    "Gerard, I-"
    "You what, Frank ??" You say, in a quieter tone, but equally as menacing, "You didn't know ?? Didn't stop and think that maybe you're not the only one in the world capable of feeling empathy with another human being ?? You might want to remember the fact some of us have lived through shit you can't even imagine. I've seen people beaten up, killed, drugged against their will. I've watched people die, Frank. People close to me have died. You have no right telling me I don't know how you feel, because you're not the only one who wishes they could put this fucked up world straight."
    Frank just looks at you, before stepping backwards and averting his eyes.
    You breathe out angrily and turn to walk out of the room, pointedly slamming the door behind you as you go.
    You walk down the stairs, grabbing a pair of jeans from the wash pile and pulling them on, along with your jacket and shoes by the back door.
    You grab a pack of cigarettes, the ones you know are yours, and your lighter, before walking out of the door and lighting up.
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    Chapter 94 - 24th December

    You walk for around 40 minutes along the streets and backroads of Jersey, trying to calm your nerves. You now find your phone is buzzing in the pocket of your coat, so you turn it off. You know it's him calling, and you don't particularly care what he has to say.
    One little apology, one kiss-and-make-up, and Frank thinks it'll be all better, because that's how it usually is.
    You find yourself sitting on a bench now, head in your hands, staring down at your black shoes on the cold, grey concrete. Snow is still thick on the grass verges surrounding you, but the concrete is mostly ice. The roads are now covered in thick black slush.
    You exhale, causing a cloud of smoke to float up and over your face, to be re-inhaled by your nostrils as it passes them.
    You lean back into the wood. You should really call Emily for advice, but you shouldn't have to burden her with all your problems. She's got things of her own to sort out and she shouldn't have to deal with your shit aswell.
    You decide, instead, to turn your phone back on.
    Four new messages and one voicemail.

    You read the messages first, in order..

    To: Gerard
    From: Frankie x
    I'm really sorry, please come back ?? xoxo

    To: Gerard
    From: Frankie x
    Please, Gerard, don't be mad, I wasn't thinking, just come home and we can talk this over ?? xoxo.

    To: Gerard
    From: Frankie x
    Gee, please, I just wanna talk, I'm really sorry.. xoxo.

    To: Gerard
    From: Frankie x
    Just come home soon ?? xoxo.

    You give the phone a weary look before lifting it to your ear to listen to the voicemail, instantly pressing your palm to your head as his voice comes through, teary and emotional.

    "Gerard, Gerard please come back ??" Frank almost cries into the phone, before gaining his composure, "Gerard, I didn't mean it, okay ?? Don't be mad at me- Oh god please don't leave me, Gerard.."
    You feel a shock of guilt hit you full-force in the chest, like someone just took a baseball bat and rammed it as hard at they could into your heart and lungs..
    "Just please come home, okay ?? I miss you so much.."

    You slide your phone down from your face back into your pocket, sitting there with your head in your hands. The voicemail was saved no less than 3 minutes ago, so Frank was still home.
    You find the cigarette you were previously smoking, burnt up and smouldering on the icey ground. You crush it under your shoe, so it melts in with the forming ice.

    You wish you had someone to fix this for you, but you don't.
    You wish you could ask Emily for help, but that girl's done enough for you now. She's fixed your life up, and you've just crumpled it up, burnt it to cinders and thrown it back in her face every damn time.
    You pick up your phone.

    To: Emily
    From: Gerard
    I'm sorry about every piece of shit situation I've made you go through for me. I really am. I just want to let you know I'm going to try and do things for myself, starting now. xoxo.

    You send it, waiting about 30 seconds before the reply comes through.

    To: Gerard
    From: Emily
    I'd ask what's going on, but that'd just distract you. Don't push yourself, sweetie, okay?? You need help, just ask me. xoxo

    You smile and replace your phone into your pocket, standing up and brushing cigarette ash off your jeans. You set off walking along the main roads, back to your road.
    It takes you almost 30 minutes to get back to Frank's, taking a different route than you had to get away, and once you arrive at the door, it's been way over an hour and a half since you left.
    Turning the back door and finding it unlocked, you walk in to see Frank sat on the sofa, hands covering his face.
    "....Hey." You say softly, hoping not to cause a scene or anything. Frank's head shoots up to look at you, a mixture of panic and relief dancing across his features.
    "Gerard- Oh thank god." He breathes out, almost launching himself off the couch and into your arms.

    You know you shouldn't give in this easily. You know you should be chewing him out right now for putting you through this shit day-in-day-out, but you don't care. All you care about is the boy whose arms are wrapped around your neck, his hair brushing your cheek, muttering how sorry he is and how he'll make it up to you any way he can.
    You're not going to apologise for yelling at him, however, because he damn right deserved it. You have a feeling he knows this, so you don't bring it up.
    You look at the clock over Frank's shoulder, it's around 12pm now. 12 hours until christmas.
    "Hey Frankie ??" You whisper, nuzzling into the side of your boyfriend's head as he squeezes tighter around you, burying his head inbetween his arms around your neck, "Less than half a day until christmas."
    "I don't even fucking care right now." Frank laughs honestly but forcefully, lightly biting at your neck to prove a point.
    "Frank, don't bite, it's not nice." You scold, as if Frank were a dog or a small child. Either of which he could be mistaken for at times.. (in personality, of course. Dogs and small children could never be that attractive..)
    "Says he. Mr. Let's-rape-Frank-in-the-bathroom-and-bite-him-so-he-sqeals-like-a-girl-when-I-wasn't-even-dating-him-at-the-time."
    "That's my name ?? What a mouthful.." You kiss a patch of exposed skin by his jaw, "And when are you gonna let that die ??"
    "Never." He responds, you can practically feel him smirking.
    "Babe, you don't even know what rape is." You say in the best, sassiest voice you can. You would have clicked your fingers, but they're far too busy holding on to Frank.
    "Oh and I suppose you do ??" He asks sarcastically.
    You don't justify him with an answer, but simply cling closer to him, pulling him back up onto his tiptoes. He doesn't say anything else, but simply holds closer to you, still smiling.
    Because what Frank doesn't know can't hurt him.
  13. Update!!!! YAY. So good.... poor Amber D; I'd cry too if one of my best friend's mom was going to die right after christmas. Wow... Gee had a mouthful to say (or yell) at Frank. But it's all better now. And Gerard's name made me laugh. :D ...But what does he mean "Because what Frank doesn't know can't hurt him."??? o_O

    Anyways, great update. BUT SO SAD THAT IT'S GONNA END SO SOON. BUT SO HAPPY THAT THERE'S A SEQUEL. Oh, how I just love mixed emotions... Haha. I'll be waiting for Decemba' 30th (or any time before, hopefully) and January 8th!!
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    I started to read, but I've had a little tooo much alcohol for it to register so I will read When I'm next on.
    Merry Christmas, hope you have a lovely day :) <3
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    Chapter 95 - 25th December

    You wake to the sound of your phone going off, and reach over to answer it, regretfully pulling away from your boyfriend, who has his arm wrapped around you. He mumbles in protest but it's soon forgotten in his sleep.
    "Hello ??" You answer rather groggily. You have no idea what time it is, but it's still dark out.
    "FRANK. FRANK IT'S CHRISTMAS. GET UP, IT'S CHRISTMAS." Comes a familiar English accent down the phone to you, as loudly as she can possibly shout for-
    "Em, what time is it ??" You ask wearily.
    "FOUR A.M. GET UP." She answers cheerily.
    -4 o'clock in the morning.
    "Emily, I don't mean to be rude, but kindly fuck off for like, three more hours ??"
    "But Fra-"
    "Bye hon." You hang up., wearily setting your phone to silent before curling back up to your boyfriend, who sleepily wraps his arm back around you and nuzzles into your neck. You close your eyes and pray to anything ever that Emily hasn't succeeded in waking you up.


    You're woken up, for the second time today, by a doorbell ringing. You barely have time to comprehend the noise before your bedroom door is flung open.
    "IT'S SEVEN. GET UP." Emily almost screams into the room, before spotting you curled up with your boyfriend, who has apparently now been awakened by the Christmas Faerie, "Awh you guys look so cute. I hope you're wearing clothes under there." She begins saying in a cutesy voice, ending with a very serious tone.
    "No shit, Emily. It's winter." You state matter-of-factly.
    "I don't care what season it is, lemme sleep." Gerard mumbles from behind you, using the hand that was previously draped over your midriff to pull the covers up over his face.
    "I called at four. Frank said three more hours. It's seven. Get up." Emily says, annoyance threatening to cloud her christmas cheer.
    You attempt to stare her down, but her piercing blue eyes essentially stabbed your own brown ones in the back around 5 times, then kicked them off a cliff into a pit of spiders.
    "Alright, I'm up. Come on, Gee.." You say, poking Gerard in the vague direction of his ribs.
    "Good. See you downstairs in a minute then." Emily says, turning and shutting the door.
    You collapse back against the bed, narrowly avoiding smacking your head on the headboard.
    When did Christmas become so demanding ??


    You eventually found yourselves sat in the living room with Emily. You had exchanged presents with your parents previously and they'd gone out carol singing with some people from the church choir.
    You unwrapped the first of Emily's presents to you. It was small, long and rounded.
    "Waterproof eyeliner." You and Gerard both said in unison, only half able to control your laughter, thanks to the embarassment and annoyance the present caused you both.
    "Keep going, come on !!" Emily said impatiently as you both opened your main presents from her.

    They were small packages, but fairly heavy, when you got past the wrapping paper, there were small boxes underneath. You and Gerard both glanced at eachother before opening them, gasping at the amazing sight before you.
    They were rings, matching the one currently on Emily's right hand.
    An interesting pattern is decorated along the outside, consisting of many shapes made of lines that don't join up, fitted together to look almost cyber, and almost tribal.
    Inscribed along the inside;
    - Emily - Frank - Gerard - Amber - Ash - Bert -
    with Bert's name leaving a space between his name and Emily's, leaving a space big enough for another name to be added. You're about to ask Emily what the space is for, but she already starts explaining.
    "We don't know the name of Bert's new girlfriend yet. He hasn't really had time to tell us. When we know her name and we're sure she's not going anywhere any time soon, we wanted to get her name put on it aswell." She smiles honestly. You guess that the 'we' she's refering to is Ash, Amber and Bert. Because Emily's always been one for conspiring with presents.

    You put the ring on, it fits perfectly on your ring finger of your right hand, where Emily has hers. You look over to Gerard to see his is sized to fit his right hand ring finger aswell.
    "I knew I was amazing at guessing sizes of things." Emily congratulates herself smugly. You resist the urge to make a snide remark. You would usually, but you know, it's Christmas.

    You pass Emily her present from you.
    She opens it, tearing through the wrapping paper and instantly recognising what boxes like that hold. She almost tackles you.
    "Read the name, open it !!"
    Emily looks at the end of the box at the words printed on the paper.
    Her eyes widen ad she pulls the lid off of the Harry Potter "Ollivander's" wand box, revealing a replica of Severus Snape's wand.
    "I fucking love you so much right now you have no idea. " Emily says, staring at the long wooden item in her hands, turning it over to inspect every detail of it.

    Emily moves on (begrudgingly, although she'd never admit it) to opening Gerard's present to her. You see Gerard's look of sadness as he hands her the present, and instantly hating yourself for buying her something you knew nothing would be able to top.
    Emily pulls apart the wrapping paper to reveal a fluffy mass of grey and white. It's a toy bunny, standing around half a foot tall. One of it's eyes are missing and it's limbs are sewn on wonkily. The bow wrapped around it's neck looks lazily retied, but it has this look of hope about it.
    "Gerard it's amazing." Emily grins.
    "I saw it in one of the charity shops a while ago, thought you might like it.." He says, evidently blushing. You figure he didn't think it'd be so well recieved.
    "It's absolutely amazing Gerard- Oh now I can't decide which is cuter, the look on your face or the bunny.." She laughs, pulling Gerard into a hug, trapping the bunny between them.

    Emily announces around 10 minutes later that she has to leave for "christmas dinner or some shit", and you say your goodbyes.
    You walk back into the living room, prepared to give Gerard his present.
    You pull the small envelope from your pocket and casually drop it into Gerard's lap as you move past him to sit on the couch.
    "Oh look at that !! Better open it." You say, faking being casual.
    Gerard gives you a puzzled look and opens the envelope, taking out the two slips of paper inside and choking instantly on nothingness.
    Because in his hands, he held two tickets to a "sold-out" Smashing Pumpkins gig for February next year.
    "On a scale of one to ten, how much do you love me right now ??" You ask smugly as Gerard shoves the tickets back into the envelope and practically throws them onto the table, before turning and tackling you so you're layed down, underneath him, on the couch.
    "You're. So. Fucking. Amazing." He says each word inbetween kisses planted all over your face. You laugh and shove him off of you.

    "That basically put my present to you in shame." Gerard says, still lying half ontop of you. You shift slightly sideways so your legs are up and Gerard is laid between you and the back of the couch.
    "Oh, and what might that be ??" You ask, casually brushing a strand of hair from infront of his eyes.
    "I'm moving out." Gerard smirks. You widen your eyes in shock and horror.
    How could he possibly think that's a good thing ??!!
    "And I want you to come with me." He finishes, ceasing his evil smirk ans kissing you on the cheek.
    Oh.. Right..
    "Gerard are you serious ??" You say, still a little shocked.
    "Dead serious." He responds, making a cross over his heart with his good hand as he props himself up with the other.
    "Then fuck yes, I wanna live with you." You respond happily, pulling Gerard down so his lips almost crash into yours.
    "Good, 'cause I wasn't fucking going anywhere without you." Gerard laughs, moving in for another kiss.
    "Good, 'cause I wouldn't have let you." You smile, kissing him again, and again, and again..
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    Chapter 96 - 25th December

    It's around 3pm now, and Emily has rejoined you. You sat through Christmas dinner with the Ieros, and spoke to Mikey briefly before he had to go home. You apologised for not being home for Christmas, and he seemed to understand.
    You're laid back on the sofa, now, between Frank and the backrest, playing with the collar of his tshirt while he chats to Emily about people you don't know.
    "And Abigail just slapped him ??" Frank asks in surprise, jolting slightly with suppressed laughter.
    "That's what I'm saying !! James was just stood there like-"
    "Wait, James who ??" You cut in, suddenly recognising the names of the pair they're discussing.
    "James Anderson.. Do you know him ??" Emily asks with curiosity as you flinch back, intent on busying yourself with Frank's collar again.
    "Kind of. Used to go to my old school." You say casually.
    Shit shit shit shit.

    "Anyway, he's coming over between now and new years to try and sort this out." Emily explains.
    "That'll be cool, haven't seen him in a while." Frank says cheerily.
    Shit shit shit shit.
    "Yeah we could invite him out with all of us lot !! That'd be so cool !!" Emily says excitedly. You cling to the fabric of Frank's tshirt and he finally senses something's wrong.
    Why couldn't you just leave all that shit behind ?? Why did it all have to keep following you around ??
    "Gee, what's wrong ??" Frank whispers to you as Emily walks off to call James and arrange a meetup.
    "Nothing. Nothing at all." You lie, burying your head in Frank's chest. Of all the people in New Jersey, of all the James' in the world, why did they have to know him ??
    "Did you guys fall out or something ??" Frank asks, concern lining his obvious amusement at how childish you're being.
    "You could say that." You mumble, refusing to answer any more questions.

    "All good to go !!" Emily chimes in, walking through the door, "He said he's free on the twenty-eighth !!"
    "Oh that's cool." Frank says, still smiling at the aspect of that complete and utter dick strolling unguarded through the streets of Belleville.
    "He also said he was really looking forward to seeing Gerard again.." Emily says, smiling confusedly, mimiking the slightly dodgy tone of voice James had when he was implying something.
    "Fucking predator." You mumble into Frank's chest. Frank thinks you're joking, so he laughs.
    You wonder, momentarily, how much of a kick in the face it would be to kill yourself on Christmas day.. You finally decide it'd just ruin Christmas for everyone, and Emily would hunt your ghost down and kill you all over again for ruining her holiday, so you leave out the morbid throughts and think, instead, "Maybe just the 27th then."

    Your thoughts of ending your life before anything else got the chance are interrupted by the sound of the television. The beginning of The Santa Clause with Tim Allen begins playing, and you take that as your cue to forget everything that's going on in your head, and watch old christmas movies.
    Because damnit, James isn't going to ruin another holiday for you.


    The credits roll on Santa Clause 3, and you can barely keep your eyes open to look at the clock. It's almost 10pm now.
    "I still can't believe you didn't know there was a two and three.." Emily sighs, removing the film from the player and replacing it in it's packaging.
    "Sorry if I don't keep up with Christmas films, Em, that's more your forte.." Frank laughs, as Emily throws a chocolate wrapper at his face.
    "Where are your parents ??" Emily asks curiously. Her and Frank's mother got on like a house on fire, and Emily was no doubt hoping to wish her a merry Christmas.
    "They're out with friends again. They do this alot." Frank explains, a hint of sadness adorning his usually cheery features.
    "On Christmas ?? That's insane.." Emily says, looking more than confused.
    "Well, that's them." Frank says dismissively, shrugging it off.
    The not-so-light conversation is interrupted by Emily's phone ringing.
    "Hello ??" She answers cheerily, "Oh okay.. See you in a minute then.." She flicks her phone shut, replacing it in her pocket, "Sorry guys, gotta go home, mum wants me back. Call me tomorrow, yeah ??"
    "Yeah." You both answer, sleepily but happily as she leans over the two of you to pull you both into a hug.
    "Awesome, bye guys !!"
    "Bye Emily !!"

    You listen out for the unmistakeable sound of the front door closing, before dropping full force onto Frank's chest. He coughs.
    "Gerard what's wrong ?? What happened with James ??" Frank asks finally, after what seemed like an hour of silence.
    "It's nothing. Don't worry." You reply sulkily. You look up to see Frank giving me that 'are you fucking kidding me' look, "I don't wanna talk about it."
    "Fine. Whatever." Frank answers, not annoyed, but more impatient.
    "Fraaaankie." You whine, trying to get him to cheer up. He ignores you. "Frank Anthony Iero !!" You say angrily, his eyes shoot up to yours, shocked.
    "Did you just middle-name me, Gerard Arthur Way ??"
    "Yes I did. Now come on, I'm tired."
    "Go to bed then ??" Frank smirks, not moving an inch.
    "One, you're in the way, and two, not without you, dumbass." You say, rolling your eyes.
    "Can Gerard not sleep without me ??" Frank says, in his best 'I'm-taking-to-a-child' voice.
    "Fuck off and get upstairs." You order, pushing him off the side of the couch.
    "Bit demanding, don't you think ??" Frank says, sitting up off the floor and staring at you, smirking more than before.
    "I am a demanding person, Frankie. Now get up those stairs before I'm forced to take drastic measures."
    "I think I'll take my chances." Frank winks, before laying back down on the floor and closing his eyes, a smile playing across his face as he tries to stay still.
    "You asked for it.." You think, pushing yourself off the couch and ontop of the smaller boy on the floor. You sit comfortably, straddling his waist. He opens his eyes and looks at you confusedly.
    "Here's the deal. You get upstairs right now or I make your evening a living hell."
    "Once again, I'll take my chances." Frank says smugly, playing with your belt.
    You lower yourself down, mere millimetres from Frank's lips, and whisper.
    "You sure about that ??"
    "Dead sure." Frank responds, in an equally whispered tone. His smile's gone now and his eyes are shut.

    You drop yourself down, attacking Frank's lips with your own. He tries to lift himself up to meet you halfway, but you use your injured hand to keep him firmly secured to the ground, while your good hand props you up.
    You move to Frank's neck, sucking and biting until you don't think he can take any more.
    "Oh god, Gerard-" Frank says, half whimpering and half moaning.
    "Hey Frankie ??" You whisper into his ear, before kissing the patch of skin just under his jaw. He can only make a pathetic little noise in return, "Surprise." You say, jumping off of him as fast as you can and running upstairs, ignoring his profanities as you lock his bedroom door behind you, falling down infront of it in hysterics.
    Not long after, you hear frustrated footsteps running up the stairs, before someone tries to open the door, swearing in frustration before settling for banging loudly on the thick wood.
    "Gerard, you prick, open up !!" Frank yells from the other side, causing you to laugh more. You wonder for a moment why Frank has a lock on his door anyway..

    The banging subsides and you hear one last bang as Frank rests his arms on the door in defeat. You know he's doing it, you don't even need to see.
    "Fine Gerard. You win." Frank announces, sadly, through the door, "You win, okay ?? Just let me in.."
    You feel a pang of guilt, but let is pass. Frank had asked for it.
    You stand up, swiftly unlocking the door and jumping over the bed to the other side of the room.
    Surely enough, as soon as the door's unlocked, Frank flings it open and comes charging in.
    "You motherfucker, get back here." Frank says, a predatory smirk plastered on his face. You bite your lower lip and suppress nervous laughter as your boyfriend closes and locks the door behind him, keeping his eyes on you at all times.
    Frank launches himself at that moment, and you almost squeal in fright as you move to jump back over the bed as Frank runs around it, narrowly missing his grasp. You trip, however, landing on the mattress with your head dangling over the edge. You decide it's not a good position to be in, so you lift yourself up, preparing to run again.
    A hand grabs your leg, forcing you to spin around so your hand is grabbing the side of the bed and your head is close to the pillows, but not touching them. You hold back a squeal as Frank grins at you menacingly.

    You're not afraid of Frank, of course not, you're just pretty sure you weren't meant to get caught after that little incident.
    Your stomach does flips of terror and excitement, the kind of excitement you get before you go on a rollercoaster that you're pretty sure could end your life the minute you step onto it.
    That's what Frank is. He may not represent a big rollercoaster, but there are enough twists and turns and sharp drops there to make you go crying to your mother, even at 16 years old.
    But as with all rollercoasters (all good ones, at least) you'll only come out the other side feeling a little bit lightheaded, pumped full of adrenaline, and probably a few scratches where you held on for dear life.

    "You're in for a world of punishment, Gerard." Frank says quietly, in a matter-of-fact sort of way, still with that terrifying smirk on his face, "So you'd better start praying."
  17. Oooooh intense, haha =D
    Gee's movin' out, huh? But then again.... Frank is too so that's an ultimately good thing.
    MERRY CHRISTMAS! What happened with James and Gee? o_O
    Atleast he can forget for a little while :D Even if it's only 3 days.... wonder what Frank's gonna do as payback... *evil grin* I can only guess.... or imagine.... >:D
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    Dammmn you had to leave it there didn't you?
    Loved all the updates, really intrigued to know what happened with James though...
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    Hey everybody !! Hope you had a great Christmas and the alcohol didn't come back too hard on you !! <3
    Well, it's the 27th. There's no update today so Gerard obviously hasn't killed himself.. For anybody who's wondering, they'll probably have spent today sleeping. As I did. I woke up at 4pm.
    And all your questions will be answered tomorrow !!
    Except for what Frank did as payback.. That's up to your imaginations until I work out how to write it without laughing like a maniac..
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    28th December. UPDATE TIME.... Whoa this is a fucking long one.

    Chapter 97 - 28th December

    You wake up, instantly remembering what day it is and falling back down to the pillows in defeat. Frank senses you're awake and stretches, narrowly avoiding punching you in the face.
    "Morning." He says sleepily, pulling his now-freezing arms back under the covers.
    "Kill me now." You say wearily, but not a hint of you joking can be found in a single syllable in that sentence. You'd honestly rather get brutally murdered by your boyfriend than step foot outside the house today.
    "Gerard come on, it's not that bad." Frank says, nudging you in the chest with his hand as he looks to the clock. You follow his gaze.
    Emily would be expecting you in 20 minutes.
    "Fuck. Come on, Gerard, we're gonna be late." Frank says, pushing back the covers on his side and standing up, tousling his hair and walking out to the bathroom, leaving the door opened slightly to let the light come in and blind you.

    You really, really wish someone would kill you right now.
    But instead, you drag yourself out of bed and towards the pile of your clothes you should really put away one day.
    You pick out the clothes you know won't accidentally imply anything. Normal black jeans, slightly baggier than skinny, a plain black top (because under the Iron Maiden hoodie, nobody will see it anyway) and the aforementioned hoodie.
    You look to the end table by Frank's bed and pick up your new ring, still shiny. You'd all found out the name of Bert's mystery girlfriend, and now her name shone along with the rest of yours. She was pretty cool, liked good music, good videogames, good comics, but she didn't talk much..

    "Gerard, you ready ??" Frank calls cheerily from the doorway, before pushing his lipring on and grinning expectantly.
    "No, no I'm not. You have no idea how not ready I am, Frankie.."
    "Yeah sure." You find yourself replying instead, forcing a smile.


    It's about 10 past 12 when you arrive in the park, the decided meeting place.
    You spot Emily and smile weakly, that smile instantly fading as something inside you lodges the path of something else, and your airway closes momentarily.
    You just want to die, right there, as the tall, thin boy turns to face you, his brown hair longer than you remember, buts his brown eyes just as menacing. They were a dark, horrible brown. Frank's eyes could never match that, no matter how upset or angry Frank got, his eyes would always be that warm chocolatey colour. James' eyes were constantly a dark, almost black, brown.
    "James !!" Frank calls out cheerfully as you try your best to hide behind him, "Long time no see !!"
    "Same to you, Frank. Gerard." He smiles, raising a hand and waving, once.
    His eyes lock onto yours and you instantly recieve the message.
    "I'm going to make you look like a sl*t infront of all your friends."
    You wince and step behind Frank again, before finding yourself following him into the small park.
    It's a really small park, you realise, and it seems to be getting smaller.
    You try and calm your breathing as James hugs Frank, and then moves towards you.
    You refuse to hug him back as he envelopes you in his strong arms. You just close your eyes and wish to wake up in Frank's bed.
    "What's wrong, Gerard ?? Don't recognise me ??" He asks politely, a sliver of fake concern glittering in his ever-lying eyes.
    "How could I forget ??" You answer, a little more bravely than you anticipated. He smirks at you, before turning to greet Amber and Ash, who had recently arrived on the scene.

    Amber.. She looked alot better today than she did the last few days. Her mother was still alive, and actually slowly improving, but the scare had done just that; Amber was terrified, though she'd never admit it. You're glad she came out today, and you're glad Ash is taking care of her.

    They each hug James in turn, and you see the light catching their rings and smile. You may be stuck with this fucker all day, but at least you were with friends.
    "So what we planning on doing today then ??" James voice floats through the park. He didn't need to be loud, his voice just commanded everyone to listen to him.
    "Just hanging around really, could go to town, there's a coffee shop down the road ??" Emily suggests cheerily, "We're just waiting for Bert and-"
    "Hey guys !!" Bert's voice comes yelling over the field as he runs towards you, his girlfriend trailing behind in a hat that looks like a panda. You can't help but smile as she slows down, flipping Bert off before resuming walking.
    Bert makes it through the gate and practically collapses.
    "Bert !!" James grins, pulling him off the floor and into a hug.
    "Why the fuck are you hugging me ?? You never hug me ??" Bert questions, seemingly amused.
    "First time for everything. Who's this lovely thing ??" James asks smoothly, signalling to the girl walking into the park, completely out of breath.
    "Oh of course, introductions are in order.." Bert begins. You turn to Frank, eager to leave as soon as possible.
    "Gerard will you just calm down ??" Frank whispers, shaking his head at the way you're acting. You feel like a small child that just got told off for being hungry..
    You sigh and turn, instead, to talk to Emily. But she's already making plans with everyone to go to the coffee shop.
    This was going to be a long fucking day.


    You're sat in the coffee shop, leaning your head on the window as your boyfriend, sat next to you, talks to the one person in the world you hoped you'd never see again, as if they'd been best friends for years.
    It was horribly surreal, and you were still praying for a bullet from the heavens.
    "So Frank, seeing anybody ??" James asks nonchalantly. Emily and the others were deep in conversation about some old kids tv show, so you're the only one that bristles at the implication that James is trying to get into Frank's trousers.

    You stare questioningly at Frank, who in your mind is taking his time to reply. You know he's not, you know he's in the middle of drinking, but your mind wants you to just kill yourself already.
    "As a matter of fact, I am." Frank says proudly, you feel your heart slow again and your mind relaxes.
    "Who's the lucky person then ??" James inquires, evidently unamused at Frank's vacancy sign not being up.
    "I'm afraid I'm the lucky one." Frank says, turning to face you and planting a kiss on your cheek.
    How cliché.
    You feel colour rising in your face anyway and close your eyes.
    "Oh. I see." James says. All hint of amusement gone from his voice. Frank seems oblivious to the change in tone, "How long's that been going on now ??"
    Both you and Frank have to laugh at this, because the truth is, neither of you know.
    "It's complicated." Frank settles for, placing a hand on your leg.
    "Oh, me and Gerard know a thing about complications, don't we ??" James says, staring into your eyes. "I'm about to make your boyfriend lose all respect for you." He says silently, before turning back to his drink. You gulp audibly.

    "What do you mean ??" Frank asks, confused and faking amusement.
    "I mean I know how it is to be in your position, Frank." James smiles politely, glancing at you briefly.
    "Don't you even dare." You say angrily. Frank turns to you, worried and confused.
    "Gerard what's he on about ??"
    "I mean, I fucked your current boyfriend into oblivion." James announces.
    The entire table seems to slow in time. Emily is shooting you a panicked and questioning look. Bert looks like a fish out of water. Ash looks fairly amused at the situation, while Amber shoots you a look, you only wish you knew that it meant. The worst look, however, was from Frank. He looked shocked, disappointed, horrified that you didn't tell him.
    You can only stare in horror as James' smirk grows in size.
    "Multiple times." James adds, lifting his drink up to his lips.

    You had enough at that moment, and shove past everyone to get to the exit of the small coffee shop. You ignore cries of your name floating after you, and run. You run as fast as you possibly can to the only place you know you'll find comfort.
    Along the backroads of New Jersey, you run, until your legs are aching and your lungs are on fire.
    You finally sit down in the small shed-like area, curling up in the corner and sobbing.
    You can't believe James just fed everyone that shit.
    You can't believe he said that in front of Frank.
    You can't believe you let it happen in the first place..

    You're sat there for at least an hour and a half before you hear voices. Your limbs are frozen and it's beginning to get dark outside.
    You lower your breathing, desperate for them to just walk by without looking inside for you. But you could never be that lucky.
    "Guys, I found him !!" Bert's voice sounds from the other side of the fence as he looks round and spots you.
    "Gerard, thank god." Frank's voice comes through as he slides through the fencing, dropping down next to you, "Come on, come home ??"
    "I didn't want him to, Frankie." You find yourself saying. Maybe it's the cold, or just all your emotions coming out at once.
    "You what ?? Didn't want who to do what ??" Frank asks worriedly, a slight hint of realisation dawning on his face.
    "James. I didn't want him to. But he did anyway. And now he's lying about it." You say. You can't cry anymore, there are no tears left, but you convulse with shakes of cold and emotion, "Just kill me now." You plead, locking eyes with your boyfriend and begging him to just end your life. Frank exchanges panicked and worried looks with Emily.

    "Gerard, come on, shh, I'm not going to kill you, okay ?? Just come home.." Frank says, pulling you towards him and holding you there.
    You convulse again, finding a few stray tears lurking behind your eyes and pushing them out, only for them to partially freeze on your ice-cold face. Frank tires to stand you up, and you resist. You look into Frank's eyes, silently talking with him.
    "I'm not going out there if he's out there.
    "It's just me, Em and Bert." Frank confirms out loud, pulling you off the ground.
    Frank whispers something to Emily as he stands up, you can't hear what he says, but from the look of horror on Emily's face, you can guess.
    You walk home, leaning on Frank for support. You don't really need help standing or anything, you could put up with the dull ache in your legs, but you just needed to feel that he was there, and that he wasn't leaving.

    You eventually find yourself curled up on Frank's bed, still shivering from the cold, despite the definite increase in temperature that comes from being indoors.
    "Gerard, do you wanna talk about it ??" Frank asks carefully, sitting so he's in the curve your body creates from being half in the fetal position. You've never felt more vulnerable in your life. No, that's a lie. And you hate yourself instantly for thinking about being vulnerable.
    You look deep into Frank's worried eyes as he pushes your fringe from infront of your face. You know you can trust him, and you've kept this from him long enough. You close your eyes in an attempt to find your voice.

    "Back when me and Mikey used to live in Jersey City, not far from here but far enough away not to know you guys, we both got bullied alot.." You begin, closing your eyes to get a better picture of what you were so honestly telling your boyfriend.

    You and mikey were sat in the medical room. Mikey's nose and glasses were broken, blood flowing freely down his face, and your lip was split and your eye black as night.
    Mikey was sat on your left, and on your right was the boy who tried to come to your rescue.
    James, at that point a young troublemaker, no more than 14 years old at the time, turns to smile at you.
    "Totally worth it." He laughs, you smile at him. Two kids from your year had started picking on Mikey, so you took it upon yourself to get involved. The guys had been alot bigger than you, so James had stepped in to help, getting himself just as injured in the process.
    From then on, you guys had been best friends, getting in trouble together, protecting Mikey and all three of you getting beaten up in the process.. James had been your best friend, and you'd promised to stick together no matter what.

    Then James turned 16, and it was at his party that everything started going horribly wrong.
    You were still 15 at the time, but god, were you drunk.
    It was about halfway into the party when you found yourself roughly making out with James in the corridor. You didn't know how you got there, and you didn't know how to stop, because before you knew it, James had you pinned against the wall.
    "James, stop.." You said, gaining a few of your senses as you then-best-friend turned you to face the wall.
    "Just shut up." He's whispered angrily, as you heard the sound of your belt buckle being undone and said belt being thrown aside.
    "James, stop it !!" You'd tried to scream, as he hit you over the head forcefully and ordered you to shut up.
    And all you could do for the next few torturous minutes was cry and pray for it to be over.

    From that point onwards, when James called, you answered. No matter what time, what you were doing, or what he wanted you to do for him, you did it.
    Because James threatened to take it out on Mikey if you didn't.
    About a week before you all decided to move, you somehow gained your courage back, and when James called you over, you told him to go fuck himself, because you weren't going to anymore.
    James had stuck to his promise, and when Mikey came home, bruised and bleeding, saying James and his friends had cornered him and beaten him up, that was the final straw.
    You moved away, hoping to be rid of him forever.

    "But apparently I can't get away from him that easily." You finish sadly. You look deperately up into Frank's eyes, which are actually tearful.
    "Gerard, I-" Frank starts, interrupted by the doorbell, "Fuck it, I'll be back."
    You hear the sound of footsteps retreating down the stairs, and the front door opening, before shouting commenses.
    "Get the fuck out of my house !!" Frank screams, as the other male voice makes itself apparent.
    "I just wanna talk to Gerard !! Get the fuck out of my way !!"
    "Fuck no !! Get out of my house right now before I kick the crap out of you !!" Frank screams to James, who is evidently trying to walk up the stairs, as you hear two footsteps and then the loud thump of someone hitting the floor, "You have no right going anywhere near him, now get out !!"
    "Frank will you just fuck off and stop pretending you know the whole story ??!!" James yells back, before another thump is heard and Frank hisses in pain.
    You jump off the bed and run downstairs to find Frank wincing in pain against the wall, James evidently having thrown him into it.
    "James get the fuck away from my boyfriend right now you selfish little prick !!" You yell angrily, shoving James away from Frank as hard as you can.
    "Oh what, because you spoonfed him lies about me raping you, is that it ??!!" James yells back, the glint in his eyes informing you he's trying to get Frank on his side.
    "The only lies in this room are coming from you, James. Because all you talk is lies. You try and get people on your side by trying to be convincing at lying to them, so they'll believe you over the people closest to them. That's always been you, James, the manipulative little bitch in the corner."

    "Speaking of bitches, you fucked him yet, Frank ??" James asks smugly, directing his gaze at Frank, currently occupied with trying to stand up straight.
    "No he hasn't. And you know why ??" You answer, standing up as tall as you can, "Because he's my boyfriend. We're not fuckbuddies or what-the-fuck-ever you call your quote-on-quote friends. He actually gives a fuck about me."
    "How sentimental. Remind me to bring insulin shots next time I come."
    "Diabetic jokes. Funny. But there won't be a next time, James, because if you ever come anywhere near me or Frank again, I'll put your head through a wall, got it ??" You say angrily, slowly shoving James towards the front door, "You had no right coming back here, you had no right hurting Frank, and you have no right talking to me like I don't know how much of a monster you are. So here it is again, James, get out of our house, and go fuck yourself."
    You push him out, as hard as you can, and slam the door shut. You fall back against it and rest your head on your knees. You soon feel two arms encircle you, before one reaches up to lock the door.
    Frank's parents would be home soon, but they had a key.
    "Come on, come back upstairs." Frank says quietly, pulling you up off the floor and upstairs, closing the door to his room and letting you lay down.
    "I'm so proud of you, Gerard." Is the last thing you hear before drifting into a seriously uneasy sleep.


    Okay, I reeeeally need reviews on this, because I think I overdid it a little. So please, what do you like, what do you hate, what do you think of James and what he did.. Please review and comment and express your hatred of me. <3

    SPOILER: This is not the last you see of James. *evil laugh*


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