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  1. Oh-em-Gee. I love you. Get the fuck rid of Bert. I mean, yes friends, but let Frankie have Gerard ALL for himself. Seriously. Bert is stupid, he shouldn't have gotten in the way. And now he better be gone. Or else I'll jump into the computer and kick his ass, maybe then he'll see Frank loves Gerard way more, and they're just a cuter couple, duhh. Long update, loved it. No rush, but I'll be dead till the next update ^_^ Buhhbyeee!!!! :)
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    You made my day with that comment about the thing in the hedges. You literally made my day. <3

    Mrs.Iero Way
    Your enthusiasm about getting rid of Bert amuses me greatly.. We shall see.. ;3

    I can't even- ='D

    I hope you all like this update.. Well, two updates.. Set, again, today, on the 17th December.

    Chapter 78 - 17th December

    You're sat in the small coffee shop in the high street. You haven't touched your coffee.
    You look up as you feel your foot nudged, Gerard gives you a concerned look. You force a smile.
    You don't regret last night. Of course you don't. But that doesn't stop you feeling like shit.
    Gerard's in a relationship. Stable or not, you feel like you forced him to cheat on Bert. Sure you guys have kissed before, but never like that.

    You feel a nudge in your side and look up into the questioning eyes of everyone at the table.... You say everyone, but Gerard's not giving you the same look anymore. He knows.
    Emily is doing that look where it's like she's trying to drill into your skull and force an answer out, and Amber and Ash are just looking confused. You realise they were probably talking to you and you've gone around three minutes now without even saying anything.
    "Sorry, what ??" You respond, rubbing your hand over your face and forcing yourself to take a drink of your coffee.
    "Frank are you okay sweetie ??"
    "Yeah just tired I guess. Sorry."
    "Yeah. Tired."
    You look up with a start into the angry blue eyes at the end of the table. The newcomer brushes his mess of black hair behind his ear.
    You feel yourself shrink back further into your seat.
    "Bert what do you mean ??" Emily asks. Damnit girl..
    "Ask Frank what he was doing last night in his front garden." Bert says angrily. His voice steady. You hate it when he does that.
    You shoot a glance at Gerard, before closing your eyes. Gerard's panicked look spoke for itself. He didn't tell Bert. You didn't tell Bert.
    "Frank..??" Emily asks. Ash and Amber are exchanging looks. You wish you understood what they were saying to eachother.
    You feel a foot nudge you under the table and look up to Gerard.
    'You didn't say anything ??' He asks silently.
    'No.' You respond, immediately catching on to what Gerard means.

    "What were you doing with my boyfriend, Frank." Bert says, rather than asks. He does that when he's angry. He forgets to word questions as questions, instead of statements.
    "You tell me." You state, sitting up in your seat and gaining an approving nudge under the table. Gerard is holding Bert's gaze, but only weakly, and soon Bert is back to glaring at you.
    "Frank and I are going to talk outside." Bert says to everyone, his piercing dark blue eyes fixed to your own brown ones.
    "No you're not. Bert, outside now." Gerard stands, climbing over the back of the chair and dragging Bert outside with him.
    You watch out of the window for a few seconds before turning away, pretending not to hear the yelling.
    You fall sideways onto Emily's shoulder.
    "Frank, what did you do ??"
    You look up into Emily's pale blue eyes, revealing only the truth in them.
    "Oh Frank." She turns away, shaking her head, "Sure that's fucking adorable but what the hell were you thinking ??"
    "I didn't start it." You whisper as the door opens again and you all fall silent.
    Gerard storms in, not looking a single one of you in the eye as he leans over the back of the long seat and grabs his jacket.
    "Gee, I-" You start as he storms out again.

    You push your coffee back away from you as you hide your head in folded arms on the table.
    Emily rests her hand on your back and rubs her thumb in a circular motion.
    "Go talk to him." She says.
    "I can't. He hates me."
    "He just got screamed at, Frank. He doesn't hate you, he's upset. Now go home and talk to him."
    Emily always talks more sense than your brain does.
    You pull on your hoodie and stand up, moving past Emily and saying your goodbyes to the rest of the crew.
    As you walk outside, you see Bert sat on a bench with his head in his hands. He looks up at you as you walk out. You adjust your sleeve and look him in the eyes.
    He's not angry, you realise, he's upset.
    You make to walk over to him, but he mouths the word "Go.", so you smile sadly and do so. Bert's always been a good friend.
    And there's that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach again.
    You've let everyone down. But you still don't regret it.
    Because the feeling of Gerard's lips against your own is a feeling you could never, ever forget.
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    Chapter 79 - 17th December

    You walk in through the door to the smell of baking and the sound of the radio.
    "Franklin, is that you sweetie ??" Your mother calls from the kitchen.
    "Yeah, did Gerard come back ??"
    "Yes honey, he went straight upstairs, is he okay ??"
    "About to find out." You respond, already climbing the stairs.

    You reach the top and knock on your bedroom door.
    You hear a grumble from inside and take that as a cue to open the door.
    Gerard's curled up amongst crumpled covers on the bed, shoeless and jacketless. You sit down next to him and place a hand on his head, running it back from his fringe to the back of his neck.
    You stay like that for a while, both of you just sat there trying to sort everything out in your minds.

    "What did he say ??" You finally ask, brushing your hand over Gerard's neck to try and get him to sit up.
    "Yelled at me. Alot. I had to stop him coming back in and beating the crap out of you." Gerard mumbles.
    "Gee sit up."
    "Why the hell not ?? Come on.."
    "Because I fucked up. With everyone. And I punched a lamp post on the way back and I think I broke my hand or some shit."
    "Gerard for fuck sake, sit up now." You say, pulling him up to lean on you while you look at his hand. His right one is fine, but his left one is bruised and bleeding.
    "How fucking hard did you hit the lamp post ??!!" You say, covering Gerard's hand with your own, hesitating slightly as he winces in pain, "Come on, come with me."
    You pull him up off the bed and out of the room.
    "Frank where are we-"
    "Shh. Mom ??!!" You call, walking down the stairs.
    "Yes hon ??" She calls from the kitchen, walking out to see you still holding Gerard's injured hand in both of your own, "Gerard sweetie what happened ??"
    "Punched a lamp post."
    "Why would you do that ??"
    "Long story." He answers shortly, attempting to hide behind you.

    You pull him into the kitchen and sit him down on the table as your mother takes the first aid kit from under the sink.
    "Frankie can you sort this out please ?? I was about to go out with some friends."
    "Sure thing mom, see you later." You reply, taking the first aid kit from your mother and sitting down next to Gerard, sideways on so you could tend to his hand.
    You hear the door close as you start wiping the dried blood from Gerard's knuckles. When it's as clear as it'll get you begin wrapping the bandage. You won't talk, because if you do, you know what you'll say, you just hope to god he doesnt say anyth-
    "Thankyou Frankie."
    "I'm so sorry, Gerard." You say, shaking your head and willing away the forming tears. You stop bandaging his hand and just keep your hand on his.
    "Frank, don't cry, come on.." Gerard hushes you, pulling you to his chest.
    "This is all my fault 'cause I fucked up and now Bert's angry at you and it's just all my fucking fault, Gee !!" You sob, as Gerard runs his hands over your back and through your hair, kissing the top of your head and hushing you.
    "Frankie, it's not your fault. I'll talk to Bert, okay, you have absolutely nothing to worry about, he's not angry with you anymore, I could never be angry with you, and the guys sure aren't either."
    "You promise ??"
    "About which point ??" He asks, you laugh lightly.
    "About you not being mad at me."
    "Why would I be mad at you, Frankie ??"
    "For possibly ruining what could have turned into a stable relationship.."
    "Frankie, me and Bert would never be a stable relationship." He laughs, kissing the top of your head and doing up his bandage, his hands then move to rest on your back again.
    "You wanna go watch a film ??" Gerard asks, mumbling slightly into your hair. You cwtch* closer to his chest and nod in agreement.
    He pulls you up from your seat and towards the staircase, where you ascend the stairs.

    Entering your room, you slump straight down on the bed, taking up as much room as possible. Gerard puts the disk into the DVD drive and shoves you over, taking his space on the bed and immediately wrapping an arm around you. It's natural, so you just cuddle closer as the beginning to The Nightmare Before Christmas begins to play. You smile as you and Gerard begins singing along.

    #"Boys and girls of every age, wouldn't you like to see something strange ?? Come with us and you will see, this, our town of Halloween.."#


    *For anyone who doesn't know, 'cwtch' is a Welsh term for cuddling and general comfort ('all cwtch'd up', 'cwtchy cosey' etc..). Pronounced: "cootch" =3 xoxoMegan.
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    OMG, Ommgggg :O
    So cute :')
    I KNEW IT WAS BERT IN THE HEDGES! Well, Uh I didnt... I thought it was a randomer who wanted to burgle their house but kept on chickening out e.o
    But Bert... Who da fuq do you think you are spying on poor GeeGee D:
    But the bit at the end of chap 78 was so damn adorable, Bert is forgiven.
    I could never hate him anyway :')
    Awesome update, dude :')
  5. Awh. I have to say I can't stay mad at Bert. Even if.... even if he was being clingy and stalkerish by spying on Gee at like 1 am in the morning, no I can't hate him. I mean, he should have never interfered with Gee and Frank's "thing" that didn't really exist yet, but still. He's a good friend. Bert will be Bert.

    And awwwwwwh! Gerard always knows what to say when Frankie's sad. It's so cuteee!

    Emily.... Emily is so caring, and funny, and motherly. It'd be awesome to have her as a best friend.

    And Amber and Ash... they're just there all clueless and stuff. Pretty funny, actually.

    Anyways, glad Gee's not mad, but are him and Bert over? Or no? I'm pretty confuzzled. I think the "go" meant for him to talk to Gee, yeah? But I don't think they're over. Hm? Oh well, I'll find out soon enough.

    Amazing update, as usual. ;D

    PS: I wasn't sure what cwtch meant either..... I'm so American; and blonde ;3 but now it makes sensee! :D
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    Amazing. Yet Again! :)
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    You guys comments make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. <3
    Especially the stuff about Bert, because I didn't want people to hate him, y'know ??

    ^Emily is based on a real person, oddly enough, by the name of Emily. I've tried to base the character as much on her real-life reactions as humanly possible, so I'm glad people love her. =') <3

    I apologise for the cluelessness of Amber and Ash.. They do actually have bigger parts later on- Whoops, spoilers.. >.>

    So right. Here are today's updates. Hopefully they'll clear a few things up and restore people's faith in the fact I know what I'm doing. <3

    Chapter 80 - 18th December

    You sit down to your breakfast at 10am. It's Sunday, so Frank's parents are at mass.
    As you mull over the half-bowl of Frankenberry infront of you, staring at the cartoon face of a bright pink Frankenstein's monster, who stares idly back at you.
    "He won't blink, Gee. You're not gonna win."
    "What ??" You blink and look up at Frank, who's sat opposite you with his chin resting on his left hand.
    "Staring contests with cartoon characters never end well. Trust me." He explains, just staring at you sleepily.
    You shake your head and lift the cereal to your mouth, you realise how long you've been sat there when you feel how soggy it is.
    Frank laughs lightly as you grimace at your cereal, finishing what you can and pushing the bowl away from you.
    You feel a vibration in your pocket and, without thinking, take it out, open it and open the text message..

    From: Bert xo
    To: Gerard
    Hey, meet me in town ?? Outside Barnes and Noble. asap x

    You suppress a shudder and put your phone down on the table. Frank immediately picks it up and begins typing.
    You look at him with interest as he puts it back down and slides it towards you. Nodding and smiling. He knows you're gonna go, and he's not gonna stop you.
    But god, you wish he would.


    You pull on the last sleeve of yo- Frank's hoodie, and open the door. It's beginning to snow, now.
    "You know what I find amazing ??" Frank says, walking up the hall towards you, out of the kicthen.
    "What's that ??" You ask, glad for any conversation that may delay your arrival in town.
    "The fact every snowflake's different. There's not one that exists at the same time another forms in it's shape."
    "Kind of like you, really. Nobody in existance is like you. Or me, I hope." You say, watching the small, unique flakes float down from the clouds.
    "How do you know ?? There could be an even better Frank Iero out there."
    "Well then he wouldn't be you, would he ??" You say smugly as Frank pushes you out into the cold December air.
    "See you later, Gerard. Don't take his shit." Frank smiles, shutting the door behind you, and preventing you from procrastinating any more.

    You smile towards the now-closed door, knowing Frank's watching you from the small frosted window, before setting off down the streets. You find yourself taking the shortcuts, not entirely sure why, but they'll take you past Emily's house, which is a bonus.
    About 5 minutes into your walk, you step up outside Emily's house. You reach for your phone and dial her number, waiting four rings before she picks up.
    "Hello ??"
    "Hey Em, look out your window."
    "Why- OH HEY." you hear twice, once out loud and an echo in the phone speaker.
    She hangs, up, disappearing from her window. You see the door fly open and Emily hesitate to walk outside. She's wearing wellies. You smile wonkily as she pulls a bobble-hat over her brown-gold hair.
    "What're you doing so far from Frank ??" She asks, you laugh a little inside at the irony of that sentence and the answer you're about to give it.
    "Meeting Bert. Not sure why." You reply, watching Emily's face fall to a frown.
    "Oh. Sorry. You want me to come with and hang by just incase ??"
    "That'd be cool. He's meeting me outside Barnes and Noble.. I think Mikey's working if you want him to let you in round the back ??"
    "Yeah cool, I'll meet you there in a bit then. I'll head off down the back-roads so I get there before you." Emily says, before heading back to her house to grab her coat and shut the door.
    You both head off in seperate directions to the same destination.


    The cold concrete is freezing over below your feet, in the cold December snowfall. Icicles are beginning to form on trees so wonderfully stripped of their usual green pride.
    You look up towards the bookstore, praying to any possibly existing higher powers that she's already in there. The bench outside is occupied by one person. his long, messy black hair covering his features and his elbows resting on his knees.

    As you approach the bench, you sit down next to the person. You both know eachother are there, but neither wants to make the first move. You both know you were stupid for thinking this might work, it's just a matter of who has the guts to say it first.
    "Gerard, I-"
    "Bert-" You both start, "You go."
    "Gerard, I'm really sorry about all of this.. I thought it would work out, you know ?? But I know how you guys are, and I don't wanna ruin whatever you guys have. I'm so sorry."
    You hug him, then, and you mean it. He hugs you back and you both just sit there, arms around eachother, sat on a bench on the streets of Belleville, New Jersey.
    You felt something for Bert, but you know it's not the same as what you feel for Frank. Bert. you love him, sure, as a friend. His looks, personality, both good. But Frank.. Frank is Frank. There's no other way you can explain it..
    "Thankyou, Bert."
    "You wanna see what he texted me ??"
    You remember Frank taking your phone earlier that day, and look at the screen of Bert's old Motorola phone.

    To: Bert
    From: Gerard.
    Hey, it's Frank, please don't yell at him ?? It's my fault so yell at me if you need to. He'll be there soon. x

    You smile at the screen as Bert closes the phone.
    "You can tell Emily to come out now." He says, smirking at you knowingly. You give him an apologetic smile and move towards the shop.
    "Promise me one thing, Gee-man ??"
    "Sure, anything." You reply, looking to Bert's face for a hint of dishonesty. You find none.
    "Look after him ?? And I'll make sure he looks after you. You deserve eachother, Gerard, and I'll be a phonecall away if you need me." Bert smiles then, an honest smile you hadn't seen in a long time.
    He walks away, leaving you in the doorway of Barnes and Noble, and as you look through the door, you see Emily arguing with Mikey behind the til, seemingly about an old Irvine Welsh book Mikey was flailing around.
    Back to normal, for the most part.
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    Chapter 80 pt2- 18th December

    You sit at the kitchen table, wondering how Gerard was getting on..
    The front door clicks open and you jump up to stand. You know it won't be your parents. They called about 10 minutes ago to say they'd be out with friends until later that evening, which means they won't be home tonight.
    You hear the door close quietly before Gerard pokes his head round the kitchen door. You give him a questioning look.
    "It's over." He smiles, making to walk out of the room. You knew if this ever happened he'd be upset. Bert was (and hopefully still is) a great friend of yourself and Gerard's..
    You run up behind him, jumping onto his back and rubbing your face on his neck to try and make him laugh.
    "Frankie, come on, I can't hold you up for long and you know it.." Gerard says, no hint of entertainment in his voice. You don't slide off, but you shuffle so you can see more of his face.
    The only thing you need to see is the thin streak of black adorning his cheek.

    "Gee ??"
    "I don't even know why I'm crying." Gerard laughs through his tears, "Come on, get off me.."
    "Gerard ??" You say softly as you slide off his back and move infront of him. He moves to sit on the stairs on his own, but he can't get away that easily.
    You kneel infront of him, a few steps down so you can kneel between his feet and rest your elbows on his knees.
    He's crying now, wiping his eyes on the back of his sleeve. He's laughing inamongst tears at the role-reversal.
    "We do this too much.." He laughs as you reach up to take his hand in yours.
    "Hey, it's usually me crying." You smile, wiping away a tear as it slides down Gerard's porcelain cheek.
    "I don't even know why I'm crying."
    "Because you just broke up with Bert."
    He gives you this 'no shit' look, before sobbing again.
    "Sorry.." He says, apologising inbetween sobs.
    "Shh, Gee, come on, let it out." You say, kneeling further upright and pulling him forwards onto your shoulder.
    "Gerard, listen to me, okay ??"
    He continues sobbing, ignoring you. The sound is painful, physically hurting you to hear..
    "Gerard, you have to listen to me, okay ??"
    He snifs slightly, quieting so he can hear you. You ascend one step and rest your chin on the top of his head.
    "I want you to listen to me. You're upset now, yes ??"
    "Yuhu." he sniffs.
    "Do you regret it ?? I mean breaking up with him ??"
    "No.. But-"
    "Straight answers, Gerard. I know it hurts, but is there any reason to be crying ??"
    "No, but-"
    "Straight answers. No buts. So listen to me. We're gonna get you some tissue, you're gonna cheer up, and we're gonna get some coffee and watch horror movies. Sound good ??"
    "Yes." he half-sobs-half-laughs into your chest.
    "You wanna invite Mikey over aswell ??"
    "And Emily ??"
    "Yeah." He laughs, wrapping his arms around your waist, "Thankyou."
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    Chapter 81 - 18th December

    You grab your phone from your pocket with your left hand, holding Gerard with your right.
    "Hey Em ??"
    "Oh hey Frank !!"
    "Do you wanna come over ?? Code Black."
    "Oh shit, yeah sure, same planned two stops ??"
    "You know it. Seeya in a bit."

    "What's Code Black ??" Gerard mumbles into your tshirt.
    "Upset Gerard."
    You smile, running your now-free left hand through his hair.
    "If it helps, it's the first time we've used it." You kiss his hair as he laughs, "Now come on, let's get you some tissue and find some films."
    "Aren't you gonna call Mikey ??"
    "What do you think Code Black's requirements are ??"
    "Oh right.."
    You laugh and stand, pulling him up off the floor and into the hallway, where you take the box of tissues from the side table and hand it to Gerard.
    "If you wanna go find some films from my room, I'll get the ones down here sorted ??" You suggest, seeing Gerard's discomfort.
    "Oh, yeah sure. Be down in a minute.." He says uneasily. You wonder what's gotten into him and then you realise, you don't think he's cried infront of you like that sober before..
    You smile sadly and walk over to the pile of your DVDs next to the television, sorting them into 'no' 'maybe' and 'yes' piles.
    You slowly have a fourth pile forming labelled 'would be hilarious if we got drunk', consisting of Donnie Darko (which also has a special place in the 'yes' pile) and The Corpse Bride.
    You mull over Edward Scissorhands, before placing it in the 'maybe' pile, as you hear the bottom step creak.
    You look over to see Gerard timidly holding two DVDs.
    You call him over with your hand and he places Friday 13th and Saw IV onto the 'maybe' pile. You smirk as he automatically knows which pile is which.

    "I'll go keep looking." He says, walking back towards the staircase.
    The doorbell rings, and Gerard stops halfway up the stairs.
    "You keep going, I'll get it." You call, standing up and brushing the dust from the old DVDs off of your jeans, making your way over to the door.
    You open it, and Emily pushes past you, hanging up her coat and hat and heading straight for the living room.
    "Hello to you, too Emily."
    You look back to the door to see a very cold Mikey Way stood just outside, half-smiling.
    "Come on in, Mikey, Gee'll be down in a minute."
    "I brought Starbucks." Mikey says, confusedly looking at the brown paper bag he holds in his right hand, the Starbucks-mermaid-lady ever present on the front in her green and white colour scheme.
    "Starbucks ??" Comes a voice from upstairs, as Mikey walks through the door and you shut it behind him, "Mikey I love you !!" Gerard half runs, half tumbles down the stairs into his little brother, who just about manages to pass you the bag before getting tackled.

    "I missed you, Gee." Mikey mumbles into his older brother's shoulder.
    You take this as your cue to leave them in peace for a while, and make your way into the living room, placing the bag onto the coffee table and sitting on the armchair.
    "I brought V for Vendetta." Emily announces, "I didn't have my own copy so I borrowed it off a friend.. I also borrowed The Rocky Horror Picture Show.."
    "I love you."
    "I know."
    "Who loves who, now ?? I feel so left out !!" Gerard calls, entering the room, evidently much more cheerful now.
    "We love you, too, Gerard." Emily says, boredom and sarcasm lining her tone of speech.
    Gerard fakes a horrified gasp before landing on your lap, narrowly avoiding crushing your balls as he does so.
    "I take it from your lack of screaming that I missed ??"
    "Sorry, Gee."
    You pause, realising what Gerard just implied he was trying to do.
    "What's gotten into you ??" You whisper as Gerard re-adjusts his positioning on your lap.
    "I'm so tired, Frank." Is all he'll say to you, a sad smile plastered to his face as he watches Mikey sort through the DVDs in order of importance.

    You take Gerard's false happiness as a note to comfort him in the least obvious way possible, which at this point would just be to let him sit on you, if it makes him feel better.. You look outside to see it's getting dark, and suddenly the indoor lights seem shockingly bright.
    You look to Emily, who gets the hint immediately and switches the christmas tree lights on, and the main light off. The room is dimly illuminated by the small, multicoloured lights, and the blue screen of the neglected TV.
    "Whatcha putting on, Mikes ??" Gerard asks, seeing Mikey removing a disk from the packaging.
    "V for Vendetta." He replies, grabbing the remote and retreating to the sofa with Emily.
    "Remember, remember, the fifth of November, the gunpowder, treason and plot. You know of no reason why the gunpowder treason, should ever be forgot." Mikey and Emily recite, almost putting themselves in fits of laughter over their perfect timing.
    As the beginning scene starts, with Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder treason, you feel Gerard shifting himself so he's more cuddled up to you than actually sat on you. You smile, despite the face he's not looking, and rest your head on his shoulder.
    "If you two start making out or some shit I'm leaving." Emily calls over mockingly from the sofa. You both ignore her, she's being stupid, you're not even together..

    You start thinking about that as you watch Evey ready herself to go meet Stephen Fry.. You forget his characters name..
    Would you and Gerard being together even work ?? What if Gerard just wants a fling or some shit.. What if Gerard genuinely loved Bert and that's the real reason he was crying ??
    You look at the illuminated face of the boy next to you, those wide, almost innocent eyes fixed on the screen. Those eyes that had seen shit only outsiders could dream of..
    His cheekbones, high on his face, giving him almost a feminine look, along with his nose, which is slightly upturned.
    His lips, anyone else would see them and think "yeah, those are normal lips", but they're not. Not only do they belong to an amazing kisser, but they speak truth when everyone else is feeding you lies. The words that come from those lips could save someone's life even if they are perched on a ledge or an inch from death.

    You go through in your mind every other relationship you'd had. A grand total of two.
    One was this insane girl in 7th grade, her white-blonde hair and stick-like figure. This was before you realised you could say no to girls. She was cool, in small doses, but the more you hung out with her, the more she nagged you to be there for her, the more you wanted to punch her in the face. She was just one of those people who got in the way if you weren't paying them enough attention.
    The second. Well, she was sat on the sofa with Mikey Way. Yes, you and Emily had dated. For about three weeks, just to see if it would work. It didn't. You and Emily were made to be best friends who could kick the shit out of eachother when needed, not an awkward couple who's kissed (just a peck) a grand total of two times. One of those times, you weren't even dating.
    Note to self: Spin The Bottle is not a good game.
    You'd both decided to call it off the minute Emily's mother asked to meet you, even though she'd already met you loads of times. It just got too weird.
    You'd never dated a guy, but that's because there were no dateable guys in this part of Jersey before. They were either straight, dicks, flamboyant, or Bert.

    You look up to the screen to see it's already the scene where Evey is reading the notes about the girl with the Scarlet Carsons.. You like that story, up until the bit where shit goes down..
    "I like this bit. Up until the point shit starts going down." Gerard whispers, leaning towards you so only you can hear over the TV.
    "It's sad though, that her girlfriend got taken.. I don't think I'd be able to carry on after that.." You whisper honestly.
    "I know what you mean.. And shit like that really happened.. You know, back in the war.."
    "And you wondered why I skipped all those History classes."
    "I went with you, though.."
    "Like the fool you are. Now you're gonna fail it."
    "So are you." Gerard whispers smugly, thinking he's got you.
    "No, because I'm just all-round fantastic. Now shut up and watch the film."
    Gerard acts offended and huffs, turning back to the movie, where Evey is now getting her head shoved in icey water. Lovely.
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    Chapter 82 - 18th December

    You watch the end credits roll on the third film of the night: Saw VII. Which, for some reason, you watched straight after IV, like that makes sense..
    Mikey comes out from behind his pillow, and Emily leans back in her seat like some kind of boss.
    "Gee you okay ??" You laugh, nudging him and trying to get him to appear from behind his arms.
    "Did you see how many fucking needles she jumped into ??!!" He squeals into his arms, turning towards you to lessen his surface area as much as he can..
    You roll your eyes towards Emily, who's just laughing, Mikey asleep on her shoulder.
    "Be back in a minute, guys." You announce, shoving Gerard across so you can move past him off of the chair.
    You walk up the stairs to the bathroom. You don't need the toilet, you just needed some time to think.
    It's the 18th. Almost 19th now.
    You have to go into town tomorrow for presents, but you don't want to go to New Jersey town center, and you don't want to go alone..
    The door cracks open a tiny bit, enough for you to see the reflection of a mess of tangled black hair in the mirror.

    "Gerard, what are you-" You turn around.
    "Shh." Gerard replies, sliding through the door and closing it behind him. You're about to ask what he's doing as he locks it with one hand. You look away from his hand and to his face, where you see him smirking at you.
    "Gerard, what's going on ??" You say as Gerard's expression changes slightly. You'd never seen that look before and you're not sure how to react to it.. He doesn't reply with words, but simply moves so fast you don't comprehend where he is until his lips are attacking yours and his hands are in your hair. You step backwards in shock, slamming your hips into the bathroom sink. You gasp in pain and Gerard uses that as an advantage to pass the barrier your lips were forming. You don't mind that.. You don't mind anything. You just hold on to Gerard's back as if he's the only thing keeping you sane. God knows it's true.

    "Gerard.." You manage to speak as Gerard moves his attention from your mouth to your neck, "oh, God.", You hate yourself as soon as the words slip past your mouth. You close your eyes and bite your lip as Gerard starts biting at the thin flesh connecting your neck to your shoulder.
    "Gerard, come on.." You whine, thinking (finally) of how bored and suspicious Emily must be getting..

    "Guys ??!! What're you doing up there ??!!"
    Speak of the devil.
    "One minute !!" You call, as Gerard turns his gaze back to your face. He smiles as he notices your obvious enthusiasm.
    "We should.. Probably go back down.." You say, placing your now-warm hand on Gerard's neck.
    "Probably. No need to rush." Gerard smirks. This doesn't sound like him.. Not at all..
    "Gerard what's up ??" You say, giving him a genuinely concerned look so he knows not to make an obvious joke about it.
    Gerard bites his lip, backing away from you and sitting down on the edge of the bathtub.
    "I feel so fucking shit, Frankie. The only time I can actually bear it is with you.." He says, shaking his head as if he can't believe his own words. That hurts a little, but you don't say anything.
    "Gee, you should just tell me these things rather than raping me in the bathroom." You joke, sitting down next to him and nudging him with your arm, he smirks slightly, and you take that as a win.
    "Shut up. I didn't rape you." He smiles, staring at the floor in embarassment.
    "You were close. I could tell. Friends don't rape friends, Gee."
    "Says he. Now go on, get your ass downstairs." You both stand.
    "You first, Rapey Raperson, don't want you behind me."
    "Fuck off." He says, pushing you out the door.

    You walk down the stairs, making a point to turn your back to the wall as you do so.
    You laugh as Gerard punches you weakly in the chest, before you both re-enter the room to enjoy the rest of the films you have to watch.
  11. x-DemolitionLover-x

    x-DemolitionLover-x New Member

    Chapter 83 - 18th December

    You walk up to your room after saying goodbye to Emily. Mikey left about 10 minutes ago and Gerard went straight upstairs.
    You open your door to find Gerard laid on the bed, reading..
    You sneak a look at the book as he moves it to turn the page, seeing the words "DESPERATION" typed across the bottom.
    Stephen King. Should have guessed.

    You close the door and go over to the mirror, removing one of your earrings.
    "Hey Gee ??" You say towards his reflection in the mirror as you go to remove the second of your earrings.
    "Yuhu ??" He calls absently from the bed, flicking another page.
    "I was thinking.. Do you maybe wanna come christmas shopping with me ??" You ask, slightly worried about his answer.
    "Yeah sure. Just around town or what ??" He replies, evidently still concentrating on his book while you take the back off of your lipring.
    "I was thinking we could drive up to New York.." You say honestly. It's just over the border of Jersey, so it's not too far.. And it's got loads more shops and is just generally bigger.,
    You look to the reflection of Gerard in the mirror to see him staring at you with wide eyes. You remove the remainder of your lipring and place all your piercings ontop of your wallet, so you don't forget it.

    "You mean.. Every-corner-has-a-Starbucks New York ?? Unbelievable shopping and amazing comic stores New York ??"
    "Yuhu. You still wanna come ??"
    "What are you, stupid ??"
    "Maybe a little. Come on Gee, put your book away. I actually want to sleep and I can't do that with the light on."
    "I can read in the dark."
    "What are you, a vampire ??"
    "A nerd-slash-recovering-alcoholic, but that too." Gerard smirks, flicking a page over.
    "That explains the neck thing.." You mumble, kicking the bottom of the bed so Gerard almost falls off the side.
    You should really get a bigger bed or something..
    "Come on, put the book away." You whine, putting your hand over the pages of his book so he can't read.
    "Frank, what are you, three ??"
    "You'd rape a three year old ??"
    "Will you drop that ??"
    "Nope." You reply, as Gerard finally gives in and puts his book aside, folding the page over, "You shouldn't do that. Damages the paper."
    "What are you, my mother ??"
    "Don't even get me started on incest.."
    "Fuck off."
    You laugh, moving over to the door to turn out the light.
    "I'm not even changed yet ??"
    "So ?? You're wearing underwear, right ??"
    "....Yeah, so ??"
    "So just take your jeans off, you idiot."
    You smirk into the darkness as you hear the unmistakeable sound of a zip before the clang of a belt hitting the floor.
    "Where the fuck are you ??" Gerard says.
    "You can see in the dark, can you ??"
    "Shut up. Where are you ??"
    "Depends, how much are you wearing ??"
    "Boxers and a tshirt. Come on, I'm not sleeping if you're gonna creeper-watch me."
    "I do every other night and you don't complain." You say, just able to see Gerard in the darkness. You try your best to sneak up on him as he turns around, still unable to pinpoint your location.
    "Hey there motherfucker." You whisper coldly into Gerard's ear. He elbows backwards, narrowly missing the hollow in your ribs as you bounce backwards.

    "Just fuck off and go to bed so we actually get up tomorrow ??"
    "You mean today ?? Later today ?? It's gone midnight.."
    "Frankie, do I have to hurt you ??"
    "I can't take you seriously if you call me Frankie. And I didn't think you were into that kind of thing."
    "Whatever." Gerard sighs, sitting down on the bed. You shuffle and sit on the other side, facing his back.
    "Gee what's wrong ??"
    "Nothing, just go to sleep, okay ??" Gerard sighs, laying down on his back. Your eyes have fully adjusted now and you can see his eyes are fixed on the ceiling.
    "Gee, you know I'm joking, right ??"
    "I know, Frank." Ouch.
    "We'll go to Starbucks tomorrow, yeah ?? And every comic store we pass.." You promise, hoping to cheer him up.
    "Go to sleep, Frankie." Gerard sighs. You lay back down. You always manage to ruin shit..
  12. Wow.... that was good...

    Glad Bert's gone... I was thinking Gee would be happy. Did he actually really like Bert? I hope not...

    What's wrong with Gerard? Why's he upset? Or.... why is he in a bad mood? What's bothering him?? Need. To. Know. !!.

    Well.......... Great update, as usual. I'll be looking out for more!!

    Oh... PS: The thing where you post the update on the day that it takes place is pretty helpful. Less confusing.

    Anyways, Byeeeeeeeeee!!!!! :D
  13. Mrs.Iero Way

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    yeash berts gone!!!!!
  14. -melovesMCRXx-

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    Yay, Berts gone :')
    Those were just TOO cute, omg xD
    By wtf's up with Gee? D:
    GeeGee, get happy, yeah? Plleeassseee :LL
    I love Emily so much, If you have a friend like that you're so damn lucky :')
  15. Athena

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    OMG that took me forfuckingever to read!!
    I absolutely love this :D
    I don't understand Gerard though, he loves Frank, Frank loves him so why not just get together already and not be down anymore?
    Great job on this :D
    New reader by the way
  16. x-DemolitionLover-x

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    I recognise you. ;D

    You joined just in time, I'm posting today's set of updates in 3.. 2.. 1..

    Chapter 84 - 19th December

    You wake to your alarm at 09:00. It's beeping like fuck, so you roll over and hit the STOP button.
    You roll back over, deciding that after last night, Gerard probably doesn't want to go anywhere with you anyway.
    You open your eyes as you feel your ribs being nudged. You look up into bright, misty hazel eyes and can't help but smile.
    "Don't you dare go back to sleep, motherfucker. You promised."
    "Gee, five more minutes ??" You whine, trying to stop him from pulling the covers off of you. You see now that he's fully dressed. He's sporting a very nice black buttoned shirt and dark blue jeans. His hair is damp and clean and his eyeliner is tidy for once.
    "Looking smart today, are we ??"
    "Don't change the subject, get up."
    "You should wear your leather jacket with that." You comment, intent on staying in bed a few more minutes.
    "Was planning on it." He smirks, knowing you'd be taken aback at the thought of Gerard wearing his own jacket for the first time in months.. "Now get up, before I start punching."
    "That's not very ladylike." you grumble as Gerard pulls the covers from over you, releasing the cold air onto your skin.
    You doubt Gerard'll be able to punch you anyway.. His hand's been looking really bad recently. You're starting to worry it's more damaged than you thought..

    "Come on, do I have to dress you aswell ??"
    "Is someone impatient for Starbucks ??"
    "New York Starbucks. Come on." He corrects you, sitting down in the corner of the room, and then getting up to sort through one of his bags.
    You sit up, reaching over to get your clean clothes from the side table, changing your boxers underneath the covers to avoid obvious awkwardness.
    You remove the covers to put your jeans on, two legs at a time, before jumping up to zip them up.
    "What car are we taking ??"
    "Mine ??"
    "You have a car ??" Gerard asks with obvious confusion.
    "Yeah, well, it wasn't mine until I turned 17.."
    "That was October."
    "I know when my birthday is, Gerard. I'm not really supposed to drive it but I have all the papers and a license.."
    "When did you take a driving test ??"
    "Like, after my birthday ??"
    "Why didn't you tell me ??" Gerard says hurtfully. You move the subject on. He doesn't need to know everything about your life..
    "You ready to go or what ??" You ask, pulling a clean tshirt over your head.
    "Missing something ??" Gerard asks pointedly. "Three things that go on and around your face perhaps ??"
    "Shit, yeah.." You say, turning to the mirror and putting in your earrings with no trouble. You like them, they make it look like you have tunnels without you having to stretch your earlobes out..
    You move to put your lipring in, looking at Gerard in the mirror as he flicks his top button undone and pulls on the leather jacket. You shake, dropping the front and back of your lipring onto the floor.
    "Fuck it." You say angrily, placing your hands down on the dresser before you punch something.
    "Lemme help.." Gerard suggests, brushing off the jacket (that you forgot looked so good on him) and running his hand through his hair.
    You freeze as he picks the piercing off of the floor, turning you around.
    "Hold still." He says, pushing the front of the lipring through it's place, on the right of your bottom lip. He swiftly places the back onto it. You smile 'thankyou' and he returns with a 'you're welcome'.
    "You wanna get breakfast in Jersey or New York ??" You ask, hoping to relieve some thickness from the air. You look at the expression on Gerard's face, "New York it is." You laugh, grabbing your wallet and keys.

    Your shoes (well, your Vans at least), are downstairs, next to Gerard's converses. You place your wallet aside as you kneel down to pull your shoes on, as Gerard does the same. He takes much longer due to all the laces, but you're patient.
    Grabbing your wallet and keys, you stand, checking you have everything.
    "Wallet; check. Keys; check. Money; in the wallet; check. Gerard;-" he stands and grins at you, "..double check."
    You open the door, letting Gerard out first.
    "Why do I get a double-check ??"
    "Because you're Gerard and it's always safe to double check things like you." You explain, locking the door and turning towards your car. It's nothing special. just a little black Ford Focus (2001 model, none of this fancy modified shit..)
    "Things like me ?? Hurtful, Frankie, for no reason."
    You unlock it, letting Gerard in before climbing into the drivers seat. You make sure Gerard does his seatbelt up, before doing yours.
    Turning the key in the ignition, you check the rear-view mirror before reversing.
    You reverse onto the road, driving along and turning right onto Newark avenue.
    You look over to Gerard, who's rubbing his injured hand and wincing slightly.
    "You wanna get that checked out before we go ??"
    "Nah, keep driving." Gerard gives you a re-assuring smile, that's not so re-assuring. You'd drag him to the hospital on the way back..
    But for now ?? Destination: New York, NY.
  17. x-DemolitionLover-x

    x-DemolitionLover-x New Member

    Chapter 85 - 19th December

    You're currently following Belmont Avenue, about to turn onto S Franklin Avenue.
    "Ha. Franklin." You laugh, poking Frank in the arm. He gives you a disapproving look, "You know if we go this way we have to go through toll roads ??" You ask, not entirely sure if you can even avoid those bastards on the way to New York..
    "That's true for any route I wanna take, unless you have a boat ??"
    "Maybe you have one. You managed to hide a car from me.." You say bitterly, hoping Frank takes you seriously.
    "Oh for god's sake, Gerard, it's not like I told you I didn't have one." Frank says, aggravation hinting in his voice. You're trying not to laugh, "Gerard, are you trying to piss me off or something ??"
    "Perhaps. How long til we get there ??"
    "Like, 20 minutes ?? Calm down."
    "I'm hungry and my hand hurts and I want Starbucks.." You whine, puling your feet up onto the seat to make yourself as small as possible. grinning behind your knees as Frank glares at you.
    "What is it with you today ??" He asks, evidently concerned.
    "Just happy."
    "Really ?? Because with all the complaining you're doing, I'd have thought otherwise." He replies. He obviously doesn't get how fun it is..

    You're now following a long stretch of road, presumably on the map which you should probably check, incase Frank has no idea where he's going.
    You pinpoint your location from the surrounding roads, and find you're on a road labelled.. NJ-7 S..
    "Gee, I do know where we're going.." Frank says from the seat beside you.
    "I know. Just getting my bearings. We're not that far from New York, really.. Why don't we go there more often ??"
    "You're refering to us we're like an old married couple."
    "Oh Franklin, why don't we go shopping out of town more often ??" You say in your best old-lady voice.
    "At least you got the genders right, Gerardine." Frank smirks.
    "Damn right." You say, adjusting your imaginary bra.

    You drive in silence for around ten minutes over a long stretch of bridge, watching the water rush past. Every now and then Frank will tell you not to put your feet on him, to stop messing around or to shut up and stop complaining, but that's okay. Beats awkward silences anyday.

    "Toll roads. Joy." Frank says, as you pull up to the booth and wait to be let through.
    You're let through, and you continue driving, New York is right before you, and you're fully convinced you can already see, like, three Starbucks.
    You drive around, before Frank finds a place to park. You sit on the bonnet of the car as Frank goes to pay to park there.

    "Where to first ??" Frank asks, sitting down next to you and handing you a cigarette. You take it gratefully, shrugging.
    "Not a clue."
    "Comics or breakfast first ??" Frank asks, poking you in the ribs for being complicated.
    "Not a clue." You say, fixing your eyes on the one shop that really matters right now. Frank waves infront of your face before following your gaze.
    "Oh for the love of god, Gerard, just say it."
    "If we don't go to Starbucks, this whole trip would be a serious arrow to the knee."
    "Arrow to the ?? What ??"
    "It's be really disappointing if we didn't go to Starbucks right now." You shake your head at Frank's lack of videogame knowledge.
    "Finish your cigarette and we'll go."
    "Who are you, my mother ??" You ask, glaring as you flick off the ash building up on your cigarette.
    "Rape. Incest. Prison." Frank smirks.
    "For fuck sake." You glare at him as he shuffles away slightly.
    "How about this. We go to a comic store, we go to some band merch stores, then we go to Starbucks ??"
    "Why would you postpone Starbucks like that, Frankie ??" You ask, genuinely upset at his idea.
    "Because then you'll be able to appreciate it rather than downing the whole thing. Come on." Frank says, pulling you to your feet and double-checking he locked the car.
  18. x-DemolitionLover-x

    x-DemolitionLover-x New Member

    Chapter 86 - 19th December

    You walk for a while, before Frank pulls you into a nearby store. You look around to see yourself surrounded by comic books, band merch and everything punk.
    You smile at Frank, who's grinning at you, before he walks over to the band shirts.
    You busy yourself looking at comics when a girl approaches you. She's wearing a nametag, so she obviously works here.
    "Can I help you ??" She smiles warmly, only partially invading your personal space.
    "Erm.. I'm alright, just looking.." You say, or try to say.
    "Sorry, he's not much of a talker." You feel an arm wrap around your waist and you look down to Frank, who has seemingly teleported over here to save you from scary store worker girl.
    "No problem. Just ask if you need anything.." The girl says, evidently embarassed by Frank's sudden appearance.
    "Will do, hon." Frank smiles, before turning towards you and making a gun-to-the-head motion. You hold in your laughter.
    "You can do that all day, right ??" You ask hopefully. You don't want to be approached by any more store workers..
    "I'm going to have to." he laughs, flicking through a few comics before tugging on your arm, "Come look at all this stuff."
    You are pulled over to the band merch shelves, where your eyes widen at unbelievable amounts of Misfits, Smashing Pumpkins and generic awesomeness.
    You spend about 20 minutes looking through as Frank goes back and forth across the store.
    "You ready to go ??"
    "Where ??" You ask, not completely aware of making different plans..
    "Starbucks ?? The place you've been whining about ??" Frank says, laughing slightly.
    "Let's go." You announce happily, dragging Frank by his wrist out of the shop and back down the road to the car park.
    "Gee, there are a million Starbucks, why go back to the one by the car park ??" Frank questions, seemingly unsure of you.
    "Because it's the first one I spotted. Seems mean to go to a different one." You explain, walking through the door and being greeted by the unmistakeable smell of brewing coffee.
    You inhale deeply as Frank pulls you over to the counter, ordering two black 'Columbia' coffees to go.
    You smile as you're handed sweet salvation, and you and Frank walk out and sit back on the bonnet of your car.

    Frank takes out his pack of cigarettes and hands you one, taking the last one out for himself.
    You place the stick between your lips, waiting for the lighter, which flickers to life before your eyes as Frank lights your cigarette for you.
    You smile and lean back, hissing in pain as your hand connects with the bonnet of the car.
    "Gee, seriously, we're getting that checked out when we get back." Frank says, giving you a concerned look and standing up, moving to your side, where he takes your injured hand.
    It's still a little bruised.. Well, alot bruised, actually, but you don't care. You just wish it would fuck off and stop hurting.
    Frank turns your hand over, putting different amounts of pressure on different parts. He squeezes the area nearest the wrist and you suppress a squeal as the feeling of several thousand tiny daggers digging into your bone makes itself apparent.
    "You do any more damage and that's gonna be broken." Frank announces.
    "Then stop squeezing it ??" You laugh through the intense pain.
    "I'm serious, Gerard." Frank says, smiling despite himself.
    "So am I." You grin.
    "Coffee's getting cold." Frank announces smugly, letting go of your hand and leaning against the bonnet as you remove your cigarette and turn your attention back to the drink in your good hand, with the cigarette in the same hand so holding the coffee is a bit more of a challenge..
  19. x-DemolitionLover-x

    x-DemolitionLover-x New Member

    Chapter 87 - 19th December

    You sit in your house with Bert, Amber and Ash.
    "I did the right thing, yeah ??" Bert asks again, slightly unsure of himself. You slap him around the back of the head.
    "What did I tell you ?? I swear to god, Bert, I told you in the first place about those two and you didn't listen.." You say angrily. You told Bert not to jump on Gerard and get him all confused, but he did anyway.

    Bert came to talk to you just before he and Gerard decided to end it. You're the one that managed to convince him that 1: the arguing wasn't worth it, 2: Bert was an idiot, 3: Frank loves Gerard and vice versa, 4: Bert was an idiot.
    You're proud of yourself. Bert seems alot more relaxed without Gerard, and Gerard seems alot more.. Involved with Frank ?? Without Bert..

    "You and Frank both told me. I know." Bert says, glaring at you, "I mean, did I do the right thing trying ??"
    "I think you did good. I mean, you're not upset about not being with Gerard ??" Amber pipes in.
    "Not really, no.." Bert answers honestly.
    "Well then, you broke up with him, he realises he's in love with Frank and not you, he gets with Frank, everyone's happy. Now Bert gets to run off with that crazy girl who's obsessed with his band.."
    "That girl from the talent show ?? Come on, Amber, seriously ??"
    "Come on, she's hot ?? Right, Emily ??"
    "She is a bit.." You answer honestly, laughing slightly.
    "Fine, fuck it." Bert responds angrily, but with a grin on his face that he tries to rub off.

    "Guys ??" Ash questions, flicking through his phone, "You know we were gonna wait for a time when both Frank and Gerard were out ??"
    You look up questioningly.
    "Yeah ??" Bert responds slowly.
    "Well they're in New York.."
    "Holy mother of crap. To town !!" You yell, standing up decisively, dragging Bert up with you.
    You all pile out of the house as your brother enters the living room, probably hoping to show himself off to your friends.
    The cold December air chills you to the bone, but you don't care, because this is a Code Christmas situation.
    And you had presents to buy.
  20. x-DemolitionLover-x

    x-DemolitionLover-x New Member

    Chapter 88 - 19th December

    It's getting dark now, which means it's about 4pm.
    You wait at the outdoor table to a small coffee shop as Gerard orders your drinks indoors.
    You look over to the door as Gerard walks out.
    "Drinks'll be out in a minute." He says, smiling and pulling his chair out to sit down.
    You wait in silence until a waitress walks out and places your drinks before you. Gerard thanks her, you nod. You're not really in the mood for talking.

    You look over the water, starting below the white balcony of the coffee shop. You can see the lights of New Jersey on the horizon, lighting up the view in oranges and whites, and the occasional blue flicker of exceptionally bright christmas lights.
    "Beautiful, isn't it ??" Gerard says quietly, you look over to see him staring out to the horizon aswell, "I mean, you don't notice it up close. But that's Jersey."
    "It's beautiful." You smile, "Like a few other things I know." You turn to Gerard.
    Gerard looks to you, confused at your words. Perfect.
    You reach over the table to where Gerard's hands are rested and take one in your own. It turns out to be his injured one, so you're careful as you link your fingers with his and stare back out at the horizon.
    You watch, some of the lights go out, and smoke billows from industrial buildings. A boat can be seen in the distance, out on the water.
    "It may not be perfect, but it's beautiful." You say quietly. Gerard's eyes tear away from the view and back to you.
    "A bit like you." He smiles. You have to hold in the awkward laughter, because you know he's not joking.
    He looks back out to the horizon, and you take in his delicate features, not for the first time.
    His pale skin is illuminated in the light, his eyes a bright hazel. His face is calm, which you like. You hardly ever see him this calm.


    Your heart is oddly calm, now. You steal a glance at Frank, who's back to looking to the horizon. He has a faint smile on his face, causing his lipring to shimmer in the light. His eyes are a brilliant green colour.
    You wonder how you ever got to meet him. How you ever deserved such a friend.
    You'd done stupid things in your life. Stupid things you hope Frank never has to know about. Stuff so bad you had to move houses and schools.. You got Mikey in trouble countless times and you'd ruined friendships.

    But no matter how much you argued with Frank, no matter how much you injured eachother inside and out, you always sorted things out.
    You and Bert had argued alot. More than anyone could imagine, and look where that got you.
    You and Frank would always make up, no matter how serious the argument or how much you drank.
    You look to him now as he catches your gaze and smiles. You feel something tighten in your chest. The small table between you both, less than a foot in diameter, feels miles wide. Frank squeezes your hand and brings you back to reality.

    Reality ??
    That's just it. You're really sat here, outside a small coffee shop in New York, opposite Frank Iero, holding his hand and staring into his eyes. You're not going to wake up. You're awake, alive. And the most shocking ?? You're not afraid. Not anymore.
    You laugh shortly, shaking your head.
    "What's up ??" Frank asks, smiling wonkily.
    "Absolutely nothing." You smile, "Just never thought I'd be here, y'know ??"
    "I know." Frank says, shifting forwards and placing his hand on your cheek. His warm touch is welcome to you and you smile, closing your eyes as Frank leans forwards. You follow suit, smiling as your lips find Frank's. The cold wind blows past you both, but you don't care. His kisses are sweet, the familiar taste of coffee, cigarettes, and the sugary taste that seems to follow that boy everywhere.
    You share small, meaningful kisses for what feels like forever, but not quite long enough.
    As you part, now holding hands with who could very well be the love of your life, looking into his bright green eyes and smiling a genuine smile, the air doesn't seem so cold anymore.


    88 was always going to be an important chapter, seeing as 8's my lucky number and all, but I hadn't really planned this out.. This just kind of happened, as I thought it would be the right time..
    So I hope you all like it, more to come !!

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