x- Demolition Lovers: Obsession Is Beautiful. (not an average Frerard)

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    x-Demolition Lovers: Obsession Is Beautiful. (not an average Frerard)

    Demolition Lovers:
    Obsession Is Beautiful.

    Rating: 15 (Drugs, and some scenes not suitable for young audiences.)

    Main Characters: Gerard Way, Frank Iero, [+Mikey Way, Bert McCracken, Emily, Amber & Ash.]

    Summary: Two teenagers learn that obsession doesn't have to be frightening, but it can, in fact, be destructively beautiful.

    Genre: Chemical-Romance (not even kidding there), Insanity, Gore, Horror and Destructive Romance.

    Disclaimer: If I owned My Chemical Romance, I would totally not be spending my time writing fanfic about them.. I'd be having teaparties and exchanging singing advice and guitar lessons..
    So long story short, all that is mine here is the majority of the storyline, which is partly owned and fantastically beta-ed by my 'wife' Emily (who needs to get a damn account on here). I don't own the people, or even the concept of 'Frerard'.

    Turns out updates arrive whenever I feel like it and in whatever quantity I deem reasonable at the time.. Sorry if I consume your lives with this one..

    Chapter Index:

    Prologue - Page 1

    Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 - Page 2

    Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 - Page 3

    Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10 - Page 4

    Chapter 11 | Chapter 12 - Page 5

    Chapter 13 | Chapter 14 - Page 6

    Chapter 15 | Chapter 16 | Chapter 17 | Chapter 18 - Page 7

    Chapter 19 | Chapter 20 | Chapter 21 - Page 8

    Chapter 22 | Chapter 23 | Chapter 24 - Page 9

    Chapter 25 (Emily's chapter) - Page 10

    Chapter 26 | Chapter 27 - Page 10

    Chapter 28 | Chapter 29 | Chapter 30 - Page 11

    Chapter 31 | Chapter 32 | Chapter 33 | Chapter 34 | Chapter 35 - Page 12

    Chapter 36 | Chapter 37 | Chapter 38 | Chapter 39 | Chapter 40 - Page 13

    Chapter 41 | Chapter 42 | Chapter 43 | Chapter 44 | Chapter 45 | Chapter 46 - Page 14

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    Chapter 93 | Chapter 94 | Chapter 95 | Chapter 96 | Chapter 97 - Page 22

    Chapter 98 | Chapter 99 | Chapter 100 - Page 23

    Happy New Year - The End. - Page 23

    x-Demolition Lovers: The Art of Insignificance. [Coming Soon: 8th Jan 2012]

    Photo edit courtesy of my lovely wife, Emily, who has helped me with this fanfiction more than you could comprehend. <3 xoxo

    Obsession is such an ugly word, but can mean so much. The thought of obsession is only as intense and beautiful as you make it out to be, the same applies to it being crude and unrealistic. Some obsessions end in torment and broken hearts, but some end in fiery passion, or a new outlook on life. If there's one thing I hope you take away from this story, it's the thought that somewhere out there, your obsession is waiting for you.
    - Megan Dear [author.]


    You wake up to the sun streaming through your curtains. The light blinds you momentarily before subsiding enough for you to look up towards your window.
    You sit up, slowly scratching your head, running your fingers through your raven hair and rubbing the remaining sleep from your eyes, before moving your covers aside and swinging your legs onto your carpeted floor and making your way over to the window. Leaning against the windowsill, you look out onto the New Jersey streets.
    You hear someone run across the landing and turn your head towards the door. It's probably your brother, he's the only one you can think of that could possibly be this energetic right now.
    You turn back towards your window and pull the curtains far apart, opening your window and taking a long, deep breath of the fresh air.
    There are two things that can wake you up in the mornings, fresh air, and coffee.

    You make your way over to your desk, examining the items laying on top of it; pens, pencils, various drawings that your brother seems to love (although honestly, you think he's better than you at just about everything), and your cellphone.
    You sit on your chair and leaf through some of the papers, attempting to tidy them up, even if it forces them to contrast with your mess of a room.
    After forming them into some sort of pile, you sigh and rest your head in your hands.
    You wonder, partly, what today will bring.
    For some reason you seem restless.
    But that's not unusual, of course, it's your first day at a new school and you only moved to this side of Jersey a couple of weeks ago, in the holidays.
    But today was going to be hard.
    You were already in the 11th Grade, why bother ??
    You wonder how your brother's coping with all of this, that guy seems to keep his cool with any situation. He'd be moving to the same school as you, but he wouldn't be in your year.
    You'd be moving to a new school, nobody will know you, nobody will know about who you are or what you are.
    Nobody knows your rules and boundaries.
    And that scares you.

    You flinch as your mother calls up the stairs for you, shaking you out of your thoughts instantly.
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    HOLY SHIT! I can tell already that this will be amazing! <fangirls>
  3. -melovesMCRXx-

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    ^I agree, this sounds amazing!
    Can't wait for the update xDD
  4. xoxSTEFxox

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    this seems amazing
    this brings promise :D cant wait for chapter 1 xx
  5. Dust Angel

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    I know it's only just started, but I already enjoy this story. I hope you're able to post another update soon [:
  6. crescendo.

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    this is enjoyable. Though I don't like it saying "You this" and "You that" but whatever, that's my opinion
  7. x-DemolitionLover-x

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    Yeah some people dislike it, but I'm bored of writing "I" and I was challenged to write:
    1) A Frerard
    2) Entirely placing the reader as the main character. =)
  8. Dust Angel

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    Personally, I like the way you're writing - as if the narrator is telling the person everything they're doing. I've only read one other fic that's done that, and I enjoy that one a lot too. So it's all good in my book [:
  9. -melovesMCRXx-

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    To be fair, i think that sounds like a good idea, It's like a whole new perspective on what I've read before xDD
  10. crescendo.

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    Yeah, I know what you mean.
    When I get bored of writing I though, I write in the third person. Which, since I had to do that for a project recently I am having more trouble writing I.
  11. x-DemolitionLover-x

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    Ah, I'm sick of third person aswell though =') Just wanted to try something different, really, because not many people write in 2nd person, so I wanted to try it out, so the readers would feel a bit more involvement in the story..

    I've only ever read one other fic that wrote like this, and I loved being placed as the character, I feel you get a better sense of how they're feeling.

    Thankyou people for the support, chapter one will be up in about 5 minutes ^_^
    If anyone here likes giving loads of feedback, I welcome it with open arms, the more paragraphs, the better. XD
  12. -melovesMCRXx-

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    5 Minutes?!?! :O
    Excited now xDD
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    Chapter 1

    Chapter 1

    "C-coming !!" You stammer, forcing yourself out of your chair and over to your bed, where your uniform is folded up neatly.
    Black-grey trousers, blue-black blazer, white shirt, red tie.
    You take off your sleeping t-shirt, an old band shirt that is too ruined to even wear outside, you can hardly tell what band it is anymore, but you always remember, it's the Smashing Pumpkins t-shirt your brother bought for you. You just over-wore it.
    You rush to get changed, removing your sleeping pants and pulling on some clean boxers before your trousers, pulling your shirt on and tucking it half in (either from clumsiness, rush, of just not caring), followed by your blazer and tie.

    After 5 minutes of struggling, you conclude that you cannot do up your tie, grab your bag, and pray Mikey hasn't left yet.
    You get downstairs to see your brother sat at the table.
    "Gerard, for God's sake, do your tie up." You mother says, walking into the kitchen with a pile of letters in her hands, flicking through them.
    "Would if I could." You huff, sitting down at the table and taking a sip of the coffee your brother had placed down for you. You really do love that kid.

    Your mother gives you that 'you-have-to-be-kidding-me' look, before realising you weren't joking and coming over to help with your tie.
    "You guys had better go, Your dad's at work already, he was planning on driving you but somebody got up late."
    You nod, sadly taking one last swig of your coffee before patting Mikey on the shoulder and walking out of the door with him, before you go, your mother stops you and pulls you both into a hug.
    "Promise me you'll behave ??" She pleaded, looking more at you than at your brother.
    "Yeah sure." You mumble, forcing a smile and looking down at your brother, not much shorter than you, maybe only a foot or so, and only two years younger. He was gonna get tall, you were sure.
    Mikey hadn't said a word all morning, which you thought was quite strange. Once your quite a way down the road, you turn to your little brother and try and start up a conversation.
    "Mikey, you okay ??"
    "I'm fine." He mumbles, glancing at you.
    "Mikes come on, I'm hung over, not retarded."
    "Fine, you wanna know what's wrong Gerard ??!!" Mikey yells at you, forcing you to jump slightly as he glares at you from behind his black rimmed glasses, "I'm so damn sick of moving. I don't want to start a new school, I barely found friends at my previous one, why the hell would I start making friends now ??!! I left everything back in our old house, I don't care if it was just the other side of Jersey, I don't want to have to start fresh !!"
    You sigh, you had both stopped walking now, and Mikey had broken eye contact to look at the floor.
    "Mikey, chil out." You say, sighing and grabbing your little brother's shoulder reassuringly. "It'll all go fine, okay ?? And I'll be round when there's no lessons on, so you only have them to get through, kay ??"
    "Thanks Gee." Mikey says, hugging you and smiling.
    "No problem, and if anyone pisses you off, you tell me." You say, ruffling the younger Way brother's hair and starting to walk again, towards the school.
    You promise yourself that nothing will hurt Mikey.
    Not this time.

    You walk in silence the rest of the way to school, and as you walk through the big, brown oak doors, a wave of panic threatens to envelop you. You promised Mikey it would be okay, so you shake off the worried feeling and smile at him.
    You both head towards the office, stopping at reception.
    "Gerard and Mikey Way. New students." You say, smiling at the kind old lady behind the desk, with a badge that said 'Matron' in rushed, shaky lettering.
    "Of course, sweethearts. I have your timetables right here." She says, shuffling about under the table for two school-issued notebooks.
    "Your mother said you'd need extra note space." She laughed, indicating the increased amount of note pages in the back of your timetable/notebook.
    "Thank you." You smile, handing Mikey his own book.
    "Not a problem, your tutor rooms are just down the hall, Michael, yours is number 806, and Gerard, yours is 813. Have a good day, I'm not sure if anyone else is in yet." She smiled again and signalled down the hallway, which you began to walk down.
    You stop just outside Mikey's room.
    "You gunna be okay ??" You smile, pushing his playfully.
    "I'll be fine, Gee. See you in a couple of hours." He smiled and walked through the door to his classroom. You began walking down the corridor, until finding your own class.
  14. -melovesMCRXx-

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    Awww, i thought they were going to have some major bust up then, thankfully they didn't :D
    I feel bad for Mikey already, and we're only on the first chapter, I'm guessing he's had to move a lot, right?
    Anyway, awesome update... More soon?? :)
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    Chapter 2

    Chapter 2

    You walk in and immediately head to the back, the desks had place names on them, so you knew which ones to avoid.
    The pink flowery ones.
    The misspelt ones.
    The football themed ones..
    Only when you get to the back do you notice you aren't alone in this room.
    There way a boy in here, sat at the back of the room, hood pulled down over his face and arms crossed.
    He looked up slightly, probably feeling someone look at him.
    You look away instantly and choose a seat a couple of desks away from the other guy.
    "I wouldn't sit there. It's in the firing line." The guy mumbles, glancing over at you briefly.
    "What ??" You said, confused as ever.
    "Just trust me." The guy said, turning back around and taking out his iPod.

    You get up and move a couple of tables away.
    "Just think. There's a reason nobody sits in those seats, kid." The guy says, the patronising tone in his voice getting to you immediately.
    "Then where the fuck is it safe to sit ??" You say, trying to control your anger.
    The guy sighs and pulls out the chair next to him. You reluctantly move closer and sit next to him, bringing out your notepad and pencils.
    You sneak a peek at the guy's place name.
    "Frank Iero." is written on it, surrounded by drawings of bats and a pumpkin, "Keep The Faith" written above it.
    "Least sly way of getting to know somebody's name." The guy says, looking at you with one eyebrow raised.
    "Just looking at the drawings." You mumble, going back to your note paper.
    It feels like hours before the bell finally goes for registration and the rest of your class comes in.
    Jocks, preps, skinny little blonde cheerleaders.
    Nothing unusual there.
    The only unusual thing in this class was sat right next to you, music blaring from his headphones.
    And it soon came apparent why.

    "Emo fag got himself a buddy !!" One of the jocks yell, sitting on the table and laughing at Frank, who took no notice.
    He seemed to just shrug them off as if they were nothing to him.
    Maybe this guy wasn't all wierd and evil, you thought.

    The taunting went on until your teacher finally walked through the door, preaching the regular "Settle down, now." before setting her coffee on the table and sitting on her chair.
    "Where the fuck's Mr Winters ??" One of the jocks at the front asks.
    "Mind your language. And Mr Winters is in a meeting at the moment, whether he returns or not for this afternoon's registration will be his choice." She said, sorting through the battered register.
    She read out almost the entire register before getting to you.
    "And it looks like we have a newbie. Gerard Way ??"
    "Yeah." You reply, briefly looking up from your drawings.
    "And lastly, Amber Teal ??"
    You sense Frank tense up beside you.
    "Does anyone know where she is ??"
    Frank's head snaps up, forcing you to turn to look at him, the panicked look on his face overly obvious.
    "Amber's not here ??" He says, panic in his voice.
    "No, do you know where she is, Mr Iero ??" The teacher asks, confusion prominent on her face.
    "No." Frank says, his face falling from panic to sadness, and his head falling into his hands. You hear him mumble something like "Not another one." before the bell sounded.
  16. xoxSTEFxox

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    cool did they have to move alot then? its not very nice to change schools alot :/ plus frankie? hmm very mysterious character
    gerard? seems nice but i feel i need to know more about him
    mikey? poor lad having to fit in. does he not fit in with people? hmm
    jocks,preps+cheerleaders? FUCKING ASSHOLES! think they're all high and mighty picking on frank like that!
    (really hate those groups of people)

    can't wait for the next chapter :) xxxx
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    Chapter 3

    You arrive at your first lesson, Music.
    You are sat on your own, on the single desks, which eases you slightly. You don't quite understand why, but you feel uncomfortable sitting next to Frank Iero.
    He is sat on the table next to yours, playing with his lipring and staring at his hands on the table, the word "HALLOWEEN" crudely drawn on his fingers.

    Frank looks up as you look away, and the teacher walks into the room.
    She goes on a rant about something to do with what they were doing this lesson, and takes the register.
    She calls your name, at which you mumble in response.
    She calls Amber's name, and you see Frank visibly tense up as murmers from the jocks echo through the room.
    "O.D, no doubt."
    "Just ask Frankie-baby where Amber is."
    "Off to join the Black Parade, eh, Frank ??"
    That last comment gets to him as he storms out of the room, tears streaming from his brown eyes.
    You don't understand what you're feeling as Frank leaves the room to the cheers of the popular kids.
    Mostly pity. And you're unsure why you should be pitying the boy.

    You shake away the feeling of unease as the lesson begins.
    You and your classmates are each given a topic, and you must write a song about it. You recieve your piece of paper, and unfold it, to reveal the theme "dark passion". You shake your head and bury your head in your hands. One day here and the teachers are already stereotyping you.

    It is halfway through the lesson when Frank walks calmly back in, clutching a guitar case.
    He sits down at his desk, taking out the white guitar, the word "PANSY" stuck onto the side.
    He begins to strum out a few tunes, forcing you to abandon your song, which you had titled "Demolition Lovers".
    Frank begins playing softly, tunes flowing from his guitar and piercing the air in the room, he hums softly as he plays, all stress and anger disappearing from his face.
    That's when you finally begin to understand your feelings.
    You do not feel pity for Frank Iero.
    That feeling of burning when you see him is not some confused teenage feeling.

    You hate him.
    You hate him and everything he stands for.
    Your mouth drops as Frank's playing gets faster.
    He's just better than you.
    He's more attractive, even when crying, he cares about his friends, and he plays guitar so beautifully it pierces your soul.
    As Frank begins to sing softly, you feel like ripping out his perfect vocal chords.
    Frank Iero is here for one purpose.
    To make you feel worthless.
    And you're going to get to him, first.
    Even if it's the last thing that you do, you will bring Frank Iero to his knees.
  18. xoxSTEFxox

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    O.0 what?! he HATES him?!? more soon plz xx
  19. -melovesMCRXx-

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    He hates him?!?
    Gee don't hate him :'(
    I didn't comment on chapter 2 :eek: I am very intrigued to what hapenned to this Amber person... Update when you can :)
  20. Dust Angel

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    Aw. That made me sad. But it's nothing to be ashamed of; being the way he is, I mean.

    Fuck man. I'm so in love with this story. I'm still unsure about the plot, and confused as to what happened to Amber, but still. I want to read about the angst; and to know the real reason why Gerard has such a vendetta against a stranger like Frank. Man, I want more.

    Plan to post an update soon? <3

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