Discussion in 'General Rock Discussion' started by Panita, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. Panita

    Panita New Member

    which vid do u prefer?

    welcome to the black parade
    Famous Last Words?

    i prefer WTTBP. it was more... set up and sophisticated and there was a lot of awesome costumes and characters and the background and setting was AMAZING.

    not that i don't like FLW, that vid kicks ASS!!!
  2. TheSaneAbandonedMe

    TheSaneAbandonedMe New Member

    DEFINTELY wttbp. NOTHING can top that. FLW is AWESOME, yeah, but it has NOTHING on wttbp. I just saw the Making Of WTTBP again like an hour back... and OMG. it's like the best vid on EARTH.
  3. Panita

    Panita New Member

    it had no acting tho.
    my fav. vid of all time has to be I'm Not Okay.
    i mean...
    what can be better than Ray biting a crayon, i ask u?
  4. Panita

    Panita New Member

    DAMMIT i'm dumb.
    i forgot the poll.
  5. Martha

    Martha The Sweet Crusader

    yeah i li like WTTBP better because it has more of a story
  6. Cleo

    Cleo New Member

    Welcome to the Black Parade,
    but I like how they were both kinda the same story carried on,
    The WttBP seemed like the beggining of the story and FLW the end,
    maybe there will be a middle?
  7. billyXtheXkidd

    billyXtheXkidd New Member

    It's my favorite too! It's still funny, no matter how many times I watch it over and over and over and over and over... *trails off*

    It's on my myspace profile. I love it. Me and my best friend always pause it before the guitar solo and act out the cheerleader part. I know it's lame, but... um... I'm lame I guess.
  8. Ems

    Ems New Member

    i love them both dearly but i think im gonna be different and say FLW just because you can see the pure energy thats going into it and its genius!
  9. RIOT!

    RIOT! Active Member

    i'd have to say famous last words.
    just because welcome to the black parade is too over played.
  10. Kelly

    Kelly QUEEN

    i love them both soooooo much

    but i would have to say WTTBP...maybe it was just the anticipation leading p to it...but when i saw that video...it just felt like my heroes had returned...and it was so well set up and theatrical...it just really moved me...and it was bigger...it was like they came in with a big bang...and thats why i like that just just a LITTLE better:)
  11. TheSaneAbandonedMe

    TheSaneAbandonedMe New Member

    Yeah. I love the acting vidz. Helena and Ghost Of You too. I cry everytime I see Ghost Of you. And I love Helena too. Specially the dancing and all:thumbsup:.And yeah! I'm Not Okay! NEVER gets old. AWESOME!
    'Honey's' freaky. The whole Japanese-movie-clone thingy. And 'Vampires' is okay. These vidz just remind me how much MCR's grown.
    I remember when they were so clueless and 'all about the partying'.LOL. That was funny.Still loved em then though.
  12. beyangel

    beyangel New Member

    WTTBP, no question!
  13. Green_pixie

    Green_pixie Active Member

    This is a really hard one! But I may be forced to say FLW!! Its just so intense and I love that. But obviosuly WTTBP kicks ass too!!
  14. Panita

    Panita New Member

    YaY Rach!!!
    and IeroPower
    u're not insane.
    well actually u r.
    rn't we all?

    Honey freaks me out.

    FLW is really good tho. i don't judge by if a vid is too overplayed or not, either.
    i mean. Helena is on everywhere but it's still one of my fav. songs.
    WTTBP rocks.
    so does FLW!!!
    end of/.
  15. Green_pixie

    Green_pixie Active Member

    haha "end of" I love that Pan! I use that all the time! Great minds eh??! hehe.
  16. myheartisinnewjersey

    myheartisinnewjersey Anti-Elitist Elitist

    FLW(i like the song more)*prepares for a beating*...but that wasn't even the final version of FLW...stupid WBR
  17. Alesha

    Alesha New Member

    ooo, i'm gonna get crap for this, but personally, I enjoy watching FLW way better. *eep hide from the people that are going to beat me*

    I'm so bored with music video's where people are too "actorish" and they don't try hard to show their true emotions in the video.

    FLW showed such a raw emotion that I haven't seen in such a long time, that it makes it all the much better to watch the video for me at least.

    It made me cry, I was so touched by the FLW video.
  18. Kelly

    Kelly QUEEN

    yea i have to give you that one
    its so true how no oe shows emotion like that anymore
    FLW was real...and you could tell
  19. Panita

    Panita New Member

    yeah... and FLW was like, made right after WTTBP you know? and how the background was really simple and everything, u just focused on Gerard and the boys... energypumping but we know they're also tired as hell and everything....

    i just prefer the costumery and the scenery of WTTBP better... and i think that that song like, describes the whole album and what it's about, kinda. It's a great, inspirational song. but i won't beat u if u prefer FLW. i mean, each person has their own opinions and i respect that. i can get why u'd prefer it, too. cos i love FLW NEARLY just as much as WTTBP.
  20. Famous Living Dead

    Famous Living Dead New Member

    FLW...I love the Video!!! Its so real, not set up, Freestyle! And the Braveness of BOB BRYAR!!!

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