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    Awww, Frank and Jamia. Love your work :)
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    Hey I have the new chapter written all I have to do now is have it corrected by my beta :) but expect it either Sunday or Monday...because both me and my beta are going to prom tomorrow haha :)
    Love you guys
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    Enjoy the prom!
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    Chapter 9

    Mikey and Frank followed Bob closely as they descended down into the concrete basement. It smelt of mildew and was fifteen degrees cooler. Mikey could feel a shiver go down his spine and he couldn’t help but chatter his teeth. Bob walked over to the far end of the room and grabbed three guns, he walked over to the two younger men and handed them each a weapon. Frank gripped it in his hand tightly, not sure exactly how to hold it, and not wanting to accidently hurt someone. Mikey on the other hand held the cold gun in his right hand; his father had shown him how to hold a gun at the tender age of ten. Of course Mikey had never actually fired one; and shuddered at the thought of actually killing a person.

    “Alright, have either of you ever used one of these before?” Bob asked looking from Frank to Mikey. Both shook their head, Bob sighed and ran his hand through his hair. “First of all, Frank is it?” Bob looked to Frank who merely nodded, “You need to hold it like this and with a firm grip you wouldn’t want it to slip from your hand now would you?” Bob asked while showing Frank the correct way to handle a weapon.

    He glanced at Mikey and nodded, “Good, at least you know how to hold it, I didn’t think I would be teaching you this; Donald being your father and all.”

    Mikey blushed slightly, “Well… I don’t really believe in guns.”

    “And you’re joining the mafia?” Bob chuckled cocking an eyebrow, “Well you better start believing kid. This business is brutal and you’ll never survive without being able to use one of these.” Bob walked over to the wall and set up a target, he drew a white chalk line about twenty-five yards away, “Okay, now one of you try to hit the bull’s-eye.”
    Frank and Mikey looked at one another with shocked expressions, “We can’t hit that, we’ve never used one before.” Frank answered.

    “Well you’ll never learn if you never try right?” Bob smirked, “Now, Frank, hit the target.”
    Frank took a deep breath and raised his gun. His hands slightly shaking, Bob watched with bored eyes; expecting him to miss. Mikey jumped as the bullet was released, a loud bang piercing his ears. A small hole was produced outside of the target; Frank muttered a curse under his breath.

    “That’s alright, you’ll get used to it.” Bob reassured, “Mikey you’re up kid.”

    Mikey hesitantly stepped up to the white line and raised his arms. He locked his elbows and started determinedly at the small red circle. Mikey squeezed the trigger and the loud noise once again made him jump; but unlike Frank, there was a small bullet hole on the edge of the red circle. Bob’s mouth opened slightly, unable to form words he walked up to the target and made sure his eyes weren’t deceiving him.

    “How’d you do that Mikey?” Frank asked breaking the silence.

    Mikey shook his head, “I haven’t got a clue.”

    “Try it again,” Bob ordered Mikey.

    Mikey once again took a deep breath and raised his arms. He pulled the trigger and
    looked at the target. The bullet hit the center of the red. Bob whistled and walked over to Mikey, he slapped his shoulder a couple times, “Looks like we got ourselves a natural.”
    The next few hours were spent getting Frank comfortable with his weapon and by the end Frank was almost hitting the red dot. Bob taught the boys a few self-defense techniques; by the end of it Mikey was sore and out-of-breath.

    “Alright I think that’s it for today, you two are good men.” Bob dismissed, Frank and Mikey gratefully went back upstairs and got a glass of water.

    Jamia glanced up at both of them, “Don’t you two need to start getting ready for Alastar’s party? It’s in an hour.”

    Mikey hurried up to his room and found a nice tux lying on his bed. Mikey took the tuxedo in his arms and walked into the bathroom; he took a quick shower and put on the clothes his brother had given him. Mikey pushed his glass up his nose and stepped out of his room. Hector was leaning against the wall casually but as soon as he heard Mikey’s door open he stood up straight.

    “Frank and I are supposed to escort you to Alastar’s party; Gerard and Ray wanted to arrive early.” Hector informed Mikey, “Is your headache any better today?” He asked as they both walked down the stairs.

    “Much better, thank you;” Mikey answered, Frank stood tapping his foot impatiently at the bottom of the stairs.

    “Finally you’re done,” Frank chuckled when he saw his friend.

    They walked out into the evening air and made their way to Alastar’s mansion.


    Mikey gawked at the white marble mansion in front of him. He’d never seen a house this big, not even Gerard’s. Mikey shook his head and followed Hector and Frank into the brightly lit home. Alastar saw Mikey and welcomed him into his home.

    “Mikey my boy! Welcome, welcome… there is someone I would like for you to meet.” Alastar slurred, his face was flushed and Mikey could notice that he was wobbling slightly.

    Alastar led him to the opposite side of the room where a young woman with silky black hair was talking to Ray. She was wearing a long black dress, the back of it swooped down to her mid-back and the front met at the beginning of her chest. Mikey had to do everything in his power not to stare at her.

    Alastar gently put his hand on her shoulder to her get attention, “Mikey this is my lovely daughter Alicia, Alicia darling this is Mikey Way. Gerard’s brother.”

    Alicia smiled her bright red lips, “Pleasure Mr. Way, I’ve heard many great things about you.” She extended her hand, and Mikey shook it gingerly.

    “Pleasure’s all mine Miss Simmons,” Mikey smiled, Alicia blushed slightly and continued to look at Mikey.

    “I’ll leave you two so you can get acquainted with one another, follow me Ray.” Alastar giggled and led Ray away.

    Alicia was the first to speak, “So Mikey, why is it we haven’t met before?”

    “I just joined the business,” Mikey answered, Alicia looked shocked.

    “Really now; But aren’t you Gerard’s brother?” Alicia questioned.

    “I am, I didn’t agree with what my family did for a living, but when my parents were killed Gerard offered me the job. I guess I had a change of heart.” Mikey explained.

    Alicia only nodded and when a song came on Alicia smiled, “Care for a dance Mr. Way?”

    Mikey held out his bended arm and Alicia grasped the crook of his elbow. Mikey led her to the center of the room where several other couples were dancing and wrapped his arms around her waist. Alicia hands met behind the back of his neck and they started to sway to the music.

    “You have the most astounding eyes Alicia,” Mikey smiled and he saw her cheeks turn a bright red.

    “Thank you Mikey, you’re sweet.” Alicia beamed.

    The two of them danced for what seemed to Mikey only a few minutes. In reality it was a few hours. Alastar dismissed his guest and this is when Gerard met up with his younger brother.

    “You fancy her?” Gerard asked pointing his chin at Alicia.

    “I think I may,” Mikey blushed.

    “Good you two are to be married in a week.” Gerard stated and left a shocked Mikey standing by the door.

    “Wait…what?” Mikey exclaimed
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    Chemical 30 Just 'That' Girl

    Chapter 10

    “Gerard…you can’t be serious! We hardly know one another.” Mikey exclaimed.
    Gerard turned sharply and faced his brother, “I am nothing but serious Michael, Alastar and I thought it would be the best for our two businesses if we were connected through marriage. Alastar is proud to have you as a son.”

    “But Gerard…you can’t do this! You aren’t in any position to arrange a marriage for me!” Mikey shouted.

    Gerard grabbed Mikey by the collar of his shirt and slammed him against the wall, “Rest assured little brother I can do whatever I please with you. You are mine to control, and you are to be married in a week to Alicia Simmons.” Gerard let go of Mikey and stormed off.

    Mikey stared after him his mouth agape. He glanced around and saw several people staring at him; Mikey cleared his throat and started walking in the opposite direction of where his car was awaiting him. The bitter air stung his face and hands; he attempted to warm his hands by blowing hot air into them. He wasn’t quite sure where he was going but he knew that he wasn’t going back home, he didn’t want to face his brother again. Mikey shoved his hands into the pockets of his coat, and continued walking.

    “You know Mr. Way; one could catch a cold from walking around in this weather.” Mikey heard a sweet voice chime behind him. He turns on his heels and sees Alicia standing there, her long black hair soaring through the wind.

    “I didn’t know where to go.” Mikey stated shrugging his shoulders.

    “I saw what happened between you and your brother…has he always been like that?” Alicia asked stepping closer.

    “He’s always been bossy but never in a physical way, I think this business is getting to his head.” Mikey admitted. He noticed Alicia’s nose was turning a bright shade of red,

    “Come on then, let’s get you inside, you know one could catch a cold.”

    Alicia giggled and allowed Mikey to escort her back into her home. At the front door Alicia bit her lip and asked, “Would you like to come in? All your cars have left and it’s a long walk back to you house is it not?”

    Mikey nodded, “It is but I can manage, I don’t think your father would approve of me staying the night.”

    Alicia rolled her eyes, “Don’t worry about him, he’s passed out somewhere, he won’t be up until early afternoon tomorrow.”

    Mikey took a deep breath and nodded, “Alright I’ll stay.”

    Alicia walked him up the grand staircase and into a large room; Mikey assumed it must’ve
    been hers. Mikey just noticed that she was still wearing her dress from earlier this evening, but what really caught his attention was the fact that she started to slip it off her shoulders. Mikey felt a lump in his throat and tried clearing it by coughing, it just wouldn’t go away. Alicia continued to let the dress fall her pale shoulders now completely bare. She stepped out of the dress just in her bra and underwear. “So Mikey, do tell what you did before you joined the Mafia.” Alicia called out over her shoulder, as she walked over to her closet.

    “Oh…Well I ran my own book store. It was quite popular actually; I had the cheapest prices in town.” Mikey smiled.

    “You mean the small shop near the tailor?” Alicia questioned grabbing a pale-pink silk robe.

    “Yes ma’am,” Mikey answered.

    “I actually did purchase some books from you, curious that I don’t remember seeing you.” Alicia stated, tying the robe and walking over to Mikey.

    “It’s possible that my co-worker Frank helped you. He helped me run the store.” Mikey muttered as Alicia closed the distance between them. He could feel her breath on his face; she wrapped her arms around his neck.

    “Pity, I would’ve loved meeting you sooner. We could’ve spent some more…quality time together.” She stated in a seductive tone. Mikey could feel the heat rise in his cheeks.

    “So do you know of the arrangement your father and my brother set up?” Mikey asked.
    Alicia smiled, “That I do, my father told me earlier this morning. I think it’s a perfect fit don’t you?” She started to trail one hand down his chest. This was the closest Mikey had ever been with a female and he wasn’t quite sure how to act.

    “Y-yes, very good match.” Mikey stuttered. Alicia giggled and smiled again.

    “You nervous Mr. Way?” She asked.

    “No, not at all.” Mikey lied, Alicia drew herself closer and their faces were only a mere inch apart.

    “Well good then because we wouldn’t want that.” Alicia whispered and placed her lips on his. At first Mikey was shocked, but he began to move his lips with hers. He wrapped his arms around her waist and bought her closer to his body. Alicia started to step backwards and they fell onto the bed. Neither of them broke the kiss, and soon Alicia started to undo the buttons on Mikey’s shirt. Within a few moments Mikey was straddling his future wife with no shirt on.

    “You sure you want to do this?” Mikey asked looking down at her.

    “I’m positive,” Alicia breathed bringing him down and they starting kissing again. His
    began to untie Alicia’s robe and soon she lay half naked underneath him.

    “Perfect match,” Mikey muttered.
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    I'm caught up! Yay! Haha
    I missed this story, it's so good and has gotten so much better since the last chapter I had read!
    It's good to see Alicia and Mikey getting along already ;) Haha!!
    Gerard is a bit of a prick, though I sort of expected that, haha.
    Awe, and Frank is adorable. I'm really hoping nothing happens to him and he doesn't get hurt or killed in this story!!
    I love your writing so much, lovely... and I promise not to fall behind again!!
    Now I have to get caught up in the other one!
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    I love Alicia in this!

    Excellent work, as always ;)
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    Chapter 11

    The sun broke through the grey clouds early the next morning; Mikey shut his eyes tighter trying to fight it away. Eventually he gave up and opened his eyes. He saw Alicia wrapped in his arms still asleep. He had no idea what time it was but he knew that he should get going, he’d hate for Alastar to walk in. Mikey kissed Alicia’s forehead and carefully got out of the bed. He heard her mumble something but then fell back to sleep. Mikey quickly got dressed and exited her room quietly. He glanced around and saw no sign of anyone being up yet, he quickly walked out the front door and onto the street.

    Mikey tried to recall the way back to his home but couldn’t seem to remember, he decided to walk into town and go from there. It took Mikey about two hours to walk home but finally he made it. He stepped through the door to find Gerard sitting in the main room.

    “Where the hell were you Michael?” Gerard seethed. Mikey stood dumfounded in front of his older brother. “I’m going to ask again where were you?”

    “I-I couldn’t find my way home last night after you guys left me, I stayed at the motel for the night so I wouldn’t have to stumble around in the dark.” Mikey lied; not wanting to look his brother in the eye.

    “You had enough money with you to rent a room?” Gerard asked not buying his brother’s story.

    “Y-yeah, barely though,” Mikey stuttered, Gerard glared at his brother.

    “Fine, just know I hate being lied to Michael,” Gerard walked off leaving Mikey standing awkwardly in the room. Mikey cleared his throat and walked into the kitchen and found Hector, Frank and Jamia. Jamia giggled at something that Frank said before seeing Mikey.

    “Hi Mikey,” Jamia smiled, “Is there anything I can get you?”

    “No thank you,” Mikey grinned; Jamia nodded and went back to talking to Frank.
    Hector looked over at them and rolled his eyes playfully, “You’d think they’d make it official by now. I just can’t separate the two.”

    Mikey chuckled, “Yeah, well everyone has their own pace.”

    Hector raised his eyebrows at Mikey, “Like you and Miss Simmons?”

    “What a-are you talking about?” Mikey stuttered.

    “I saw you and her talking after Gerard yelled at you. You looked like you were in good hands so I left.” Hector admitted, Mikey’s face was red, “Don’t worry mate I won’t tell anyone.”

    Mikey nodded in appreciation, feeling slightly embarrassed he turned away from his friends and headed up to his room. On his bed there was a white cardboard box, his eye brows furrowed in confusion as he walked over to it. There was a not on top of it reading; A gift for your wedding next Saturday don’t be late.-Gerard. Mikey took a deep breath and opened it. Inside laid a new black wool long-coat, also a gold pocket watch. Mikey gasped, these two gifts together most likely cost more than his house. What confused him more was the fact that Gerard has still given him the gifts, he had been so upset last night and this morning. Mikey shook his head not knowing what changed his brothers mind so quickly, he hung his coat in his wardrobe and put his watch on his bedside table.

    Mikey kicked off his shoes and laid down on his bed, still tired from the night before he let his eyes fall and take him away into a peaceful sleep.

    AN: Sorry filler chapter…but the next chapter will be better. Because everyone’s going to a wedding!!
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    Aww filler or not, it was adorable! I can't wait for the wedding either!
    And Frank and Jamia are cute too!
    Gerard is being a real prick though, haha. It's fun though. :)
    Looking forward to more, lovely.
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    Chemical 30 Just 'That' Girl

    Chapter 12

    “Wake up Mikey; you have a wedding to get ready for!” Hector shook Mikey’s shoulder roughly trying to wake his friend. Mikey just groaned and turned over. “Oh no you don’t…” Hector grabbed the blanket and pulled it off the bed and then he walked over to the window and opening the curtains. He smiled, it was the first sunny day they had, had for three months. Mikey unwillingly sat up and rubbed his eyes before putting on his glasses.

    “What time is it?” Mikey mumbled.

    “Twenty-five past nine, we have an hour to get you dressed, ready and to the church.” Hector stated grabbing Mikey’s suit from the wardrobe. “So that’s why you need to get in the shower so we can go.”

    Mikey nodded his head tiredly and walked into the bathroom suit in hand. He took a quick shower and pulled on his clothes. He walked out of the bathroom struggling with his tie, Hector rolled his eyes sarcastically, “Here let me help you, we’re already late.” Hector hurriedly tied Mikey’s tie and the two men walked down stairs to see Frank and Jamia standing at the bottom of the stairs.

    “And finally he is up! We have to get going like now!” Frank said opening the door and ushering Jamia out the door. Hector gave Mikey a sideways glance before following the couple out the door.

    It took a several minutes before the car pulled up in front of the church. Hector, Frank and Mikey rushed to the front of the room while Jamia took a seat in the back. Mikey cleared his throat and straightened his tie, the priest stood besides him with a bible gripped tightly against his chest. Gerard walked up to his brother with a smile plastered on his face.

    “This is the day! Aren’t weddings such a beautiful thing?” Gerard grinned; Mikey nodded agreeing with his brother. Mikey knew Gerard wasn’t excited that his brother was getting married but that his mob and the Irish mob were now linked together through marriage.

    Suddenly the organist began to play the traditional song; the loud instrument echoing throughout the entire church. Mikey smiled when he saw Alicia and Alastar walking down the aisle towards him. Alastar handing his daughter over to Mikey and whispered into the young man’s year “Protect her and love her, if you fail to do this I may have to order a hit on you.” Alastar said this with a cheery tone and Mikey wasn’t sure if he should smile and nod or just nod.

    The music stopped and the priest began to speck in his booming voice, “We are gathered here today to witness the…” Mikey drowned out his voice and looked at his bride. To say she looked beautiful was an understatement. Her dress was made soft silk with lacy sleeves. It also had jeweled embroidery over her chest. Her black hair was put up and a white lacey veil covered her face.

    “Do you Michael James Way take Alicia Simmons to be your lawfully wedded wife; to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?” The priest asked.

    “I do,” Mikey grinned, he could see Alicia’s bright smile from under the veil.

    “Do you Alicia Simmons take Michael James Way to be your lawfully wedded husband; to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?”

    “I do,” Alicia stated.

    They exchanged their rings and finally the priest said, “With the power invested in me through the power of God I know pronounce you man and wife. Mr. Way you may kiss your bride.” The church erupted into applause as Mikey lifted the veil from Alicia’s face and brought her lips to his own.

    He gripped her hand and they walked down the aisle together. He could hear many different voices calling out to give them their congratulations. They made it outside and everybody left remaining in the church followed them out. Mikey felt an arm snake around his shoulder and he turned to see Frank smiling at him.

    “Congratulations Mikes, you got yourself a real fine catch there.” Frank winked at Alicia.

    “Oh Alicia darling, this is Frank Iero. He used to work down at the bookstore with me.” Mikey introduced. Alicia nodded and smiled offering her hand for Frank to shake.

    “I think we’ve met before actually; you were the one who always helped me when I went and got books. But it’s a pleasure to finally meet you Frank.” Alicia stated.

    Frank took her hand and shook it gently, “Pleasures all mine Mrs. Way. Now you two don’t mind I have my own lady I need to find.” Frank muttered standing on his tip-toes trying to spot Jamia. “Ah…I found her, congrats you two.” Frank smiled and walked away from the couple.

    “He seems nice,” Alicia stated.

    Mikey nodded, “Yeah he is, he’s always had my back.”

    Gerard and his family stepped up, Gerard took Alicia’s hand and kissed the top off it, “I think congratulations are in order; for the newly wedded couple.”
    Lindsay nodded and said, “It was such a lovely ceremony, and Alicia that dress is so beautiful.” Lindsay held Bandit in on arm and shook Mikey’s hand in the other, “And the groom looked dashing too.”

    Mikey chuckled, “Well thank you Lindsay.”

    Gerard cleared his throat, “Mikey, now that you’re married you have a choice to make. You can either stay at my mansion, or I have a lovely home just outside of town that you could take. It’s meant to be a get-away-from-the-world type of house. But I never use it. Think of it as a wedding gift from us.”

    Alicia beamed, “That’s very kind of you Gerard.”

    Mikey nodded in agreement, “Yes thank you so much Gerard.”

    “No problem and both your things are already there. I had a feeling you two were going to accept my offer.” Gerard smiled, “Oh and one more thing Mikey. I want to meet with you on Tuesday; I’ll be at your house around noon. I have an assignment for you and Ray.”

    “Alright I’ll see you then,” Mikey smiled, Gerard and his family turned and walked away. Mikey watched his brother walk away only to have his vision be blocked by Ray. Ray smiled a sarcastic smile and stated.

    “Congratulations Mikey,” Mikey only nodded in response, he always got an uneasy feeling around Ray. “I’ll see you on Thursday.” He muttered and walked away.

    “Who was that?” Alicia whispered in Mikey’s ear.

    “That was Ray, he doesn’t like me much. I think it’s because he wanted my position.” Mikey answered.

    “Hot head, just be careful around him, he gives me the creeps.” Alicia said in a nervous tone.

    The couple stayed and chatted for a few more minutes before getting into their car and going to their new home. They made love that night, and for once Mikey forgot about Ray, his brother and the business. All he cared about was his new wife and making her happy. He knew he loved her from that moment on, and he’d do anything to protect her, even if it were to cost him his life.

    Alicia's Wedding Dress
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    That update was SO perfect! And that dress! Gorgeous! They are so cute together!!
    I love this story it's amazing and I get so excited when you update.
    But I have this feeling things are going to get rocky after this, huh? Haha.
    Looking forward to it though.
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    Awww, they're together. It's so sweet, he'd do anything to protect her.

    I'm loving Ray as the "bad guy", can't wait to see what he does next.
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    Chemical 30 Just 'That' Girl

    Chapter 13

    Mikey woke up early Tuesday morning with a nervous pit in his stomach. Today he was going to get his first assignment, his first assignment that happened to be with Ray, the man that absolutely hated him. He started a fire in the living room to chase away the bitter cold that hung around in the air. Mikey ran a hand through his hair and sat down across from the now burning blaze. He felt arms wrap around his shoulders and a warm lips press against his forehead.

    “Good morning beautiful,” Mikey muttered.

    “Are you nervous about today?” Alicia asked, as she sat down on his lap. Mikey rested his head on her shoulder.

    “Of course I am, Ray doesn’t like me in the slightest, I have no idea what Gerard is thinking.” Mikey sighed.

    “Ray’s job is to protect you, you have higher authority. If he were to let you get hurt he’d be killed.” Alicia answered, “I’m sure he’s going to put aside the childish jealousy for this assignment.”

    “You’re probably right; I just have a bad feeling about the whole thing.” Mikey stated. Alicia nodded and kissed her new husband once again before going into the kitchen to prepare breakfast for the two of them.

    When Mikey was handed his plate full of steaming food he couldn’t help but feel slightly guilty. They were in the middle of a depression, people were begging for food on the streets. Their stomachs ached and their clothes hung from their skinny frames as they prayed that they would either die soon from hunger or the depression would end. And here Mikey was, clothed in luxurious suits and getting three meals a day. He wondered if one day the tables would turn, if one day he’d be the one homeless, pleading for someone to care and spare on quarter so he could some bread to fill his shrinking stomach.

    “Honey, are you alright? Your food is going to get cold.” Alicia chimed; Mikey looked up at his curious wife and nodded.

    “Oh…yes, yes I’m just fine. It looks great.” Mikey stated and began to eat, the same thoughts still on his mind.

    Hours past and soon it was twelve. Mikey sat with Gerard and Ray in front of the fire, Alicia had gone out with Lindsay for the afternoon to give the boys their needed time. Gerard cleared his throat and began to speak.

    “There will be a drop-off and pick-up this evening at the Black Cat Club. It should be a smooth operation that is why I am only sending the two of you.” Gerard said.

    “Gerard, you never send just two men to a drop-off; especially not when the Spaniards obliviously have a vendetta against us at the moment. There could be an ambush, this kid would never survive.” Ray snarled pointing at Mikey.

    Mikey glared over at Ray but he knew he was right, “He does have a point…maybe we should have few more men just in case something goes wrong.”

    Gerard looked carefully at the two men, “I do not believe you two are the boss here. Whatever I say goes, and I say it will only be you two tonight.”

    “But sir…it could be suicide, we’d stand next to no chance if there happened to be an attack.” Ray said in a more respectful tone.

    “There will be no attack, the Spaniards don’t even know of this club. You two are perfectly safe. I would never send two of my best men into a drop-off alone unless I knew nothing was going to happen. Plus Mikey needs to learn how to do these transactions. You never know how low this prohibition is going to last.” Gerard declared in a firm voice.

    Ray sighed accepting that he wasn’t going to change Gerard’s mind. Mikey looked down at his hands to notice that they were shaking. How was someone that hated him going to protect him against armed and dangerous men? If there happened to be an attack that night Mikey knew for a fact that he would not be leaving in one piece.

    Sorry it’s so short, but the next one will be exciting I promise you!
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    I hope Mikey comes out ok.
  15. Chemical 30

    Chemical 30 Just 'That' Girl

    Chapter 14

    Mikey shakily put on his coat and glasses. He felt sick to his stomach and he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was going to go terribly wrong tonight. Mikey glanced up at the clock and saw that he had five minutes before Ray would arrive. Mikey sat at the end of the bed and put his head in his hands. He heard the door open and his wife’s soft footsteps.

    “It’s going to be okay Mikey. Ray won’t let anything happen to you.” Alicia said sitting down next to Mikey.

    Mikey chuckled softly, “You’re right, if anything he’ll do something and make it look like the Spaniards did it.”

    “Like I said before, if that were to happen Ray could get tortured and killed. I highly doubt Ray would sacrifice his life just to hurt you.” Alicia said rubbing her husband’s back. Mikey didn’t get a chance to reply because a knock at the front door echoed throughout the house.

    Mikey let out a deep sigh and turned to his wife, “I love you, don’t wait up for me.”
    “I love you too, be careful.” She answered and they shared a quick kiss before Mikey went outside to meet Ray.

    Ray was in all black except for a blood red tie. Mikey knew this as their mob ‘uniform’ so to speak. “Good evening,” Mikey mumbled.

    Ray groaned, “Let’s just get this over with, and hopefully we’ll be in one piece when we return.” Mikey nodded and followed Ray to the large cargo van, Ray got in the drivers seat and started up the engine. Once Mikey was in Ray pulled away from the sidewalk and started to drive away.

    “So where is this club?” Mikey asked.

    Ray laughed, “You’ve never been to the Black Cat?” Mikey only shook his head, “My, my you really did try to separate yourself from the mob didn’t you? Have you even tried a drink of alcohol before?”

    “Can’t say I have, it’s never been that big of a deal to me. Why do something illegal just to get a buzz?” Mikey shrugged.

    Ray shook his head, “You’re in the wrong type of business my friend; of course I have thought that since the first time I saw you. I mean look at you, you can’t weigh more than a buck-twenty.”

    “I can shoot a gun…that’s all I need to know how to do in this business.” Mikey growled.

    Ray sniggered, “Sure kid, wait until you’re out of ammo and you have a two-hundred and sixty pound man charging at you.”

    Mikey didn’t respond instead he looked out the window. It was another twenty minutes before Ray stopped the truck and stepped out of the vehicle. Mikey followed closely behind, they walked up to a tall muscular man standing by the back entrance of the club.

    “How are you doing Walter?” Ray asked.

    “Doing alright Ray, damn prohibition is still costing me money. You have my new stock right?” Walter said taking a long drag on a cigar.

    “I do twenty boxes of the finest liquor.” Ray answered with a toothy grin.

    “Good, I was running low. There are more alcoholics these days than before the prohibition.” Walter muttered and looked at Mikey, “Who’s the kid?”

    “This is Mikey Way, Gerard’s younger b3rother; just joined the business.” Ray replied.

    “I didn’t know Gerard had a younger brother. It’s a pleasure to meet you Mikey.” Walter held out his hand and Mikey took it.

    “It’s nice to meet you too Walter.” Mikey smiled.

    “Well let’s get this truck unloaded so I can send you two on your way.” Walter grinned.

    Suddenly a loud, piercing shot reverberated throughout the parking lot. Mikey watched as Walter collapsed in a heap on the floor; blood forming a dark puddle around him from a large bullet-wound in the middle of his forehead. Mikey had to look away to keep himself from vomiting.

    “Shit! I knew this was going to happen!” Ray snapped pulling out his gun; Mikey did the same. He looked feverishly around him, trying to see the man who fired that shot. Mikey heard another shot and felt it buzz past his ear.

    “What are we going to do?” Mikey shouted.

    “I don’t know…fuck!” Ray barked.

    Men, than, started to rush out if the club. Guns ready, dark-skinned, and they were smiling. Ray instantly recognized this group as the Spaniards. Ray’s stomach dropped, he had no idea how they were going to get out of this alive.

    “Just let us leave, we are completely out-numbered. You can have our stock. Just let us leave.” Ray called out. None of the men said anything, they just stepped closer. Mikey bit his lip, his hands starting to shake. Ray straightened his arm and aimed at one of the men. “Don’t step any closer.” Ray warned. One man took a step closer and Ray pulled the trigger, the man fell to the ground. The air erupted in an explosion of bullets.

    Mikey hit two men before one of the men fired their Tommy-gun. Mikey collapsed to the ground; he looked down at his left leg and blood poured freely from multiple bullet-wounds up and down his leg. He seethed as he tried to stand up but fell to the ground again. Ray noticed Mikey on the ground and ran over to him. He stood over him and began to shoot at the Spaniards. Mikey felt Ray hoist him up off the ground and started to run to the truck. Ray was attempting to save Mikey’s life, and to say Mikey was shocked would be an understatement.

    Ray set Mikey in the passenger seat, shot a couple more men and quickly got in the drivers seat. Ray started the engine and sped out of the parking lot. Mikey started to feel lightheaded so he closed his eyes.

    “Don’t close your eyes!” Ray shouted.

    “I feel sick,” Mikey muttered. Ray knew Mikey had lost a substantial amount of blood.
    “I know, just stay awake don’t close your eyes. C’mon Mikey, h-how’s Alicia doing?” Ray changed the subject, trying to keep Mikey awake was going to be a challenge.

    “She is good. She told me to be careful tonight. Am I going to die?” Ray looked over to the young man. Sweat glistened on his forehead, and he was becoming extremely pale.
    “No you’re not going to die. Just hold on for a bit longer Mikey. We are almost there, just hold on.” Ray pushed on the gas pedal, trying to make the truck go faster.

    Mike’s vision started to go black, and he felt cold. Ray stopped the truck as he pulled up to the mansion. He quickly got out and picked up Mikey. He rushed Mikey into the house and into the kitchen where Jamia was already clearing the table.

    “Mikey? What the hell happened?” Frank shouted.

    “We were ambushed at our drop-off. They had Tommy-guns.” Ray breathed.

    Jamia cut off Mikey’s pant leg, and examined the damage. There were at least twelve open and bleeding wounds. She knew that Mikey had to have had lost a lot of blood and that his chances of survival were bleak at best.

    “We need to get the bullets out. They won’t heal right if we don’t.” She grabbed the closest tool to her which happened to be a pair of pliers. “I’m so sorry Mikey,” She whispered before digging into the first wound. Mikey let out an earsplitting scream as she pulled out the first bullet.

    “Frank, hun, I need you to pour alcohol on the wounds as I go. But give him a wooden spoon to bite on before you do it.” Frank nodded and did as he told; Frank put the handle of the spoon in Mikey’s mouth and poured the alcohol on the wound. Mikey’s back arched and he screamed. His teeth clamped on the spoon and tears spilled from the corners of his eyes.

    This continued for another thirty minutes. Finally after the last wound was cleansed they wrapped up each wound and then the whole leg. Jamia wiped her forehead and sighed, “The rest is up to him, he lost a lot of blood.”

    Frank and Ray together carried Mikey gingerly to his old room and set him on the bed. Frank put a cold cloth to Mikey’s forehead and went to call Alicia. Ray shook his head and stormed out of the room; ready to give hell to the man who put both of their lives in danger.
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    Oh wow, that was amazing! Ray turned out ok after all, but the ambush! Mikey getting shot! Fuck I hope he makes it. What's Gerard going to do to Ray if Mikey doesn't make it? Bloody hell, this is getting epic.
  17. Chemical 30

    Chemical 30 Just 'That' Girl

    Chapter 15

    Ray stormed into Gerard’s office; Gerard casually looked up from the newspaper he was reading. He smiled and set the paper on his desk, “How did the drop-off go?”

    “Could you not hear you brother’s screams from the kitchen?” Ray spat.

    Gerard slowly got up, a look of horror plastered on his face. “What do you mean Ray? Is he okay?”

    “I wouldn’t say okay, he might not pull through the night. Gerard the Spanish ambushed us, just like I said they would. Walter is dead and Mikey got seriously injured. We were out-manned.” Ray growled his anger only increasing towards Gerard. Gerard started to walk out of the room, but Ray grabbed his arm roughly, “Boss or not; this is your fault Gerard. Both Mikey and I begged you to allow us to bring more men, but your pride got in the way. If he dies his blood is on your hands.”

    Gerard shook his arm free, “How dare you speak to me like that! I made a mistake Raymond, men make mistakes. You would be wise to leave the mansion this instant before I make another one by killing you. Go cool off and come back in the morning.”
    Ray stood firm for a moment before pushing past Gerard and exiting the room, slamming the door on his way out.


    Alicia rushed through the large doors of the mansion. Jamia was sitting on at the bottom of the stairs, her hands covered in blood. Frank had his arms wrapped around her, attempting to calm her down. Alicia walked up to them, Jamia quickly stood up followed by Frank.

    “Where is he?” Alicia asked, her voice trembling.

    “Upstairs, third door on the right, but Alicia he’s not awake right now. He-he may not last the night. He lost a lot of blood.” Jamia explained. Alicia felt her knees begin to shake. She has been his wife for only a few days and only known him for a little over two weeks but she’s grown attached to him. She’s grown to love him.

    “Wh-what happened?” Alicia muttered.

    “There was an ambush at the drop-off; he got hit multiple times in the leg.” Frank answered solemnly. He was worried about his friend, his best friend. He couldn’t bear the thought of losing him.

    Alicia nodded, trying not to cry, “May I go see him?”

    “Of course,” Jamia smiled weakly and stepped aside allowing Alicia to walk up the stairs. She quietly walked into the room Mikey was in. She saw Hector putting a new wet washcloth on Mikey’s forehead. Hector looked up, “Good evening Alicia.”

    “Good evening,” Alicia whispered not taking her eyes off her husband. He was shaking and was extremely pale. Sweat glistened on his skin. Hector walked out of the room, shutting the door gingerly behind him.

    Alicia hurried over to the bed; she quickly grabbed Mikey’s hand and kissed it gently. She kneeled down next to him and put her head in her hands and began to pray. She prayed to God to not take Mikey yet, that he was too young. She prayed that God would spare Mikey’s life so they could start a family, so that they could grow old together. The door opens but she doesn’t bother to look to see who it is.

    “I honestly didn’t think the Spaniards knew about the drop-off tonight. I thought they’d be safe-” Gerard starts but Alicia cuts him off sharply.

    “Both Mikey and Ray said they wanted back-up! You should’ve known that there would be an attack! For some odd reason the Spaniards have known where your men have been going. There’s a traitor within your mob Gerard.”

    Gerard looked at Alicia with wide eyes, he knows how to handle men yelling at him, but women he didn’t know how to handle it. “Alicia I have been thinking the same thing…that is exactly why I didn’t want to send more men than necessary. We are already dangerously short on associates.”

    Anger boiled in the pit of Alicia’s stomach, “So you put your own brother’s and long-time friend’s life in danger? If Mikey makes it you do your best to protect him you hear?”

    Gerard nodded, “This was never my intention.” He took one last glance at his brother before turning around and walking out of the room.

    Alicia shook her head, trying to keep her tears at bay. She was furious at
    Gerard; this whole thing could’ve been avoided had he allowed more men to accompany Ray and Mikey. She held Mikey’s hand tightly hoping that he’d squeeze hers back like he normally does.

    Sorry about the shortness. Next one should be better!
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    Hang in there, Mikey :(

    Sorry I didn't comment earlier, I love your writing and this fic is amazing. It's a bloody shame that you don't have more readers :(
  19. Chemical 30

    Chemical 30 Just 'That' Girl

    Chapter 16

    It took three long and agonizing days for Mikey to regain consciousness. His fever had finally broken and he was strong enough to open his eyes. Alicia hadn’t left his side except for the occasional glass of water. She cried and hugged her husband tightly when he woke up, her excitement getting the best of her.

    It was know a week after the incident and Mikey couldn’t bear the thought of staying in his bed for another minute. He took a deep breath and carefully swung one leg over the edge and then the other. He seethed in pain as a sharp pain shot up through his entire body. Alicia came into the room with a cup of coffee, she gasped when she saw her husband attempting to get out of bed.

    “Mikey! What do you think you’re doing?” She shouted.

    Mikey smirked at her reaction, “I can’t lay in bed for any longer! It’s driving me mad!”
    Alicia hurried over to Mikey’s side, set the cup of coffee on the nightstand, and helped him stand straight. Mikey look another deep breath and took his first step. He cried out when his leg gave out from underneath him. Alicia gripped on Mikey tightly in order to
    not let him fall.

    “Maybe you should go sit down baby.” Alicia suggested.

    Mikey shook his head, “No I can do this, I just-I just can’t bend it as far as I used to. I have to keep it straight. See?” Mikey stated showing his wife his next step, but this time keeping his leg almost completely straight. Alicia sighed and muttered something to herself. Mikey just chuckled and continued to take step after step. His leg did hurt, but he assumed that it was going to hurt for the rest of his life, so he couldn’t stop just because of a little bit of pain.

    Soon-with the help of Alicia-Mikey had walked all around his room. Alicia walked him over to the edge of the bed and Mikey carefully sat down. “See I told you I could do it.” Mikey winked at his wife.

    Alicia shook her head playfully, “Stubborn man.”

    The door opened and both of them turned their attention to who it was walking into the room. Hector, Jamia and Frank all appeared in the room. Frank held Jamia’s hand while his other was hidden behind his back.

    “How are you feeling?” Hector asked curiously.

    “So much better, I actually just got up and walked around, with the help of Alicia of course. I can’t seem to bend my leg much anymore.” Mikey answered, Frank smiled childishly.

    “Well good thing you have good friends.” Frank laughed and relieved what he had been hiding. A smooth, cherry-wood, walking cane, its handle was carved in intricate designs.

    Mikey smiled, “You guys really didn’t have too, I’m sure I’ll be able to walk on my own eventually.”

    Frank laughed, “Sure you will Mikes, but until then you can use this.” He handed Mikey the cane.

    “Well thank you guys so much you have no idea how much it means to me.” Mikey smiled. Mikey placed the cane firmly on the ground and slowly stood up. Alicia stood close to him in case he was to lose his balance. Mikey glanced over at his wife and said, “Alicia I’m fine, surely I can walk on my own.”

    Alicia bit her lip nervously and reluctinly stood back allowing her husband to walk freely. Hector smiled and Frank hollered, “He walks! It’s a miracle!” Frank then proceeded to wipe away mock tears. Jamia hit him lightly on the arm before turning her attention back to Mikey.


    “They aren’t dead! I gave you one job! One! You outnumbered them ten to one!” Gerard screamed at the man sitting behind the desk.

    “Mr. Way, lower your voice. You gave me and my men the task of killing your own brother and long time friend. I wanted to make sure that you were serious about out arrangement.” He stated in a calm and collected tone.

    “Of course I was serious about it. We’ve been planning it for a long time.” Gerard growled still quite upset, “Do not mistake me for a weak man, if you try to pull a fast one on me you’ll be dead faster than you can blink an eye.”

    “I am not trying any funny business on you Mr. Way. I assure you that it was all a part of the plan.”

    “Good, now what is our next step?” Gerard asked.

    The man merely smiled a cold smile and said, “This is what we’re going to do…”


    Three days after Mikey had gotten the cane and he was walking around the mansion, or course under the careful eye of Alicia. They were currently in the kitchen with Jamia,
    Frank and Hector chatting about the new play that had just opened on Broadway.

    “I think it’s a risky move, trying to open a play in these times. No one has the money to buy the tickets.” Frank stated.

    “Yeah it is, but people seem to be going to plays and movies a lot more nowadays.” Alicia said before taking a sip of her tea.

    Bob walked into the room, everyone eyeing him he said, “Hector, Gerard wants to see you straight away. He’s in his office.”

    Hector gave him a confused glance, “Did I do something wrong?”

    “I don’t know Hector, but he says it’s urgent.” Bob stated.

    Hector nodded and followed Bob out of the room. Frank and Mikey exchanged nervous looks but neither said anything.
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    What the fuck?! Now that was a twist I didnt' see coming!

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