Wind-up Toy (Frerard)

Discussion in 'Completed Fan Fictions' started by Yekith, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. Yekith

    Yekith Just A Wind-up Toy

    There's not really much to say, one of my dogs died a month ago (I still can't get over that) and right away we were taking care of our other dog that also had problems, needed surgery, etc. Then it seemed we'd get a break for a while after that but no, more problems, and yesterday we got pretty bad news about her. All the shit came together, I'm so sad and mad. :(

    Thank you for asking. *hugs* I really wish I could write again, it'd take my mind off things, but I can't, I don't even have ideas. :/
  2. I know how much that sucks. My dog died in April last year and I'm still not over it. I hope you find something to write about soon, I overflow with ideas, most of which I scrap because they just don't fit what I'm trying to say.
    Good luck darl,
  3. Vengeance.Fandango

    Vengeance.Fandango New Member

    It was amazing - i am def. going to read the rest 4sho.
  4. ingajd

    ingajd New Member

    awwwww I'm so sorry =/<333
    my dog died in 2009 and I still can't talk about it
    it's like losing your sister or best friend =/
    just write when you want to sweetie<3 you know when the time's right <3
  5. Yekith

    Yekith Just A Wind-up Toy

    Thanks! *hugs* And yeah, that's the thing. I don't consider them pets but family, the one who died was my little brother, and I call the other one my niece (she's the daughter of another dog we had, who was also my brother). :(
  6. ingajd

    ingajd New Member

    I'm so sorry D: *hugs*<3
    but I know it doesnt make sense now but, it's going to get better <3
    with time that is, but it's a hard road
    but yeah, after my dog died I've been terrified of death, never been the same D: I hope it doesnt happen to you ;< <3
  7. Oh shit that sucks *hugs*, write whenever you can i've still got tonnes to read anyway <3
  8. okay, just so you know:

    this story is everything. it's more than i could've ever expected, it's so awesome, so well written, so thrilling and just FUCK :D that's what's in my head while reading this, it's so good, i think i needed three weeks to read the story til the end, and i stayed up until 3 a.m. sometimes, it's so good.

    i've read it two or three times, and now i'm gonna re-read it again :DD
    and i wanted to make sure you know you talented you are - you can make a book with this!

    this is really really really awesome. and even more, so so so much more. it's so great that it's nearly unbearable :D

    and i'm really really jealous of you =/

    but still, it's so good.:thumbsup:

    thanks a thousand times :$:
  9. x_CrunchyCrayons_x

    x_CrunchyCrayons_x New Member

    I join theese fourms to to say how much your story rocked! I was staying up till like 2 and 3 am just to read what happened next :) This story was really origional and i loved it xD The whole time i was like, 'whats gonna happen? D:' i loved Frankie in this story, he was so origional but i hate his mum, shes a bitch :( But over all i loved your story i laughed so hard at times and i cryed a bit to, I loved bob as well xD He made me laugh so much ... I Loved your story ;O im gonna re-read it :)

    Btw, i have no freeking idea who to work theese forms.. :L
  10. Yekith

    Yekith Just A Wind-up Toy

    Thank you both! :) It makes me happy to still see people commenting once in a while, I often miss this story...
  11. Nukyster

    Nukyster Active Member

    ^you're not the only one;)
  12. x_CrunchyCrayons_x

    x_CrunchyCrayons_x New Member

    Heehee. would you mind if i printed some off the chapters to read? Im going away for two weeks and i hate most of the company, and this story kept me sane while i was reading it :3
  13. Yekith

    Yekith Just A Wind-up Toy

    I don't see why I could have any problem with that! :)
  14. I actually read this a while ago... but I didn't have an account back then to tell you what an amazing job you did!
    This story... is by FAR one of my favourites on here. You've had me laughing, extremely close to crying, wanting to throw my laptop out of the window (only when it came to parts about Frankie's mum ><) and awww-ing.
    Well done for writing one of the most gripping and emotional stories I have ever read :)
  15. Yekith

    Yekith Just A Wind-up Toy

    Thanks a lot for reading and remembering to come back and comment now you got an account, glad you enjoyed! :)
  16. You're welcome! :)
  17. Hydro_Insanity

    Hydro_Insanity New Member

    I love this fic. I cant believe frank's mom is such a hoe, at least his dad loves him. Frank was absolutely adorable in this. Grace sounds like a wonderful person and its funny how protective she was of frank through out the story. The funny thing is I have a lil black puppy with a white spot on his chest that I found on the street while driving :^_^: that just made me laugh. I never really officialy named him so I just usually call him puppy. Its a little sad that they had to face the reality that not everyone was always going to be so accepting of Gerard and Frank being together. :( Well yeah thats all I wanted to say thanks for writing this, it is amazing. :mosh:
  18. -melovesMCRXx-

    -melovesMCRXx- New Member

    This was the first story i ever read on this site. But i was reading it as a 'guest' and i didn't have an account to comment.
    I actually forgot about it D:
    But hey, better late then never. :L
    This. Was. Amazing. :eek:
    It was so dramatic, i remember being on the edge of my seat after every update and your updates were so long, it's amazing! :)
    I... ermm, i dunno what else to say besides. You're an amazing writer, so good, i find it very hard to believe that English isn't your first language x'D
  19. Yekith

    Yekith Just A Wind-up Toy

    ^ Thank you a lot for remembering to come here and comment now! And thank you, Anonymous_Poison, too. :)
  20. x_CrunchyCrayons_x

    x_CrunchyCrayons_x New Member

    I just started re-reading this,Just for something to read and it still dosnt fail to excite me. I LOVEEE THIS FIC.

    *Claims highest fanspot i can get* Yeo ._.

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