Wind-up Toy (Frerard)

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  1. Christine

    Christine Guest

    Well, I can easily say that this is the best fic I have ever read.
    Every single chapter was amazing.
    I'm glad the ending was happy. I can see Frankie and James hanging out. It's good that he made another friend.
    And him buying a house so everyone could live together was so sweet!
    A beautiful ending to a beautiful story.
  2. xApRilAutOpsYx

    xApRilAutOpsYx New Member

    HOLYSHIT :D that was the sweetest ending just awwwwwweeee disco wind up toy awwwwwe i wish this story would never end but thats crazy so im just really glad it ended like it did. linda and damon got what was coming to them and a little more..stab stab. i dont want to sit here and be like james awwe shcool awwe but you know how much i loved it so amaazhing thank you for writing such a great story. im going to miss this so much and i could obviously go on forever but yaaaay :D loooove April.
  3. Yekith

    Yekith Just A Wind-up Toy

    Thank you both a lot for reading and commenting through it! I'm going to miss both posting and reading comments a lot!

  4. xApRilAutOpsYx

    xApRilAutOpsYx New Member

    *hugs back!*
    dude i just came to check on the story and then i was like oh yeah...its over ;(
    Losta love defenitly forever in my top 3 stories.

  5. Kriss

    Kriss Mrs. Sherlock

    Finally caught up! It took me about forever to get the time to just sit down and read through it all. It's so sad that this is over now, I'm definitely gonna miss reading this. But all good stories comes to an end once... I'm so glad that Linda's finnaly caught, well deserved! And the ending was so sweet. It souldn't have been any better, it was perfect for this amazing story. I do hope to see some more stories by you in the future, you definitely have some talent!
    Cheers for this story.
  6. Awwwwwwwwwww!
    that was so cute...happy ending and sweet Frankie and Gee is so happy!
    Well done!
    I'm gunna miss this story

    (sorry for disappearing. Computer crashed and I've been too hyped about going to see My Chemical Romance live next year to get on here)

    This was and is the best story I've ever read ^_^

  7. Yekith

    Yekith Just A Wind-up Toy

    Thank you both a lot! Glad you enjoyed, 'cause i enjoyed writing it! :)


    I already miss my characters a lot :(
  8. Amyx

    Amyx Guest

    Okay so... firts I had desided that i would NOT read the last chapt. Cause i dont want this fic to be over, and if i didn't read the last chapt, then it kind of wouldn't be over... if you get it.. xD
    But after resisting for a long time i could not hold back any longer, so i started to read it... and i thought "Okay but what if i only read half the chapt! then it still wont be over!" but as i started to read i found myself unable to stop xD
    SO yes... here i am... and i have read the whole last chapt T_T
    It's so sad cause not it's over.... But the ending was perfect, and i couldn't have hoped or imagined anything better than it so i'm glad i read the whole thing.
    I remember how thrilled i were when i first started to read this fic! i was so amazed and i was totally addicted! Frankie is just the cutest ever, and Gerard has really stepped up from how he used to live his life!
    I'm so proud of them both, and even more proud of you for making up such a marvelous fic!
    Thank you so much for enterteining me through so many hours with this fantastic fic! your writing skills are amazing and you deffinitly have a huuuuuge tallent! I will love to read more of you and hope you'll write something new soon ^^

    Frankie and Gerard really were made for each other! *hugs* i'm so sad i wont be reading anything more about the two of them : ( but i can always go back and read some old chapt of this (I do it all the time)... so well.... i dunno what to say other than that this was amazing, perfect and marvelous!



    X Amy
  9. Yekith

    Yekith Just A Wind-up Toy

    Oh, I've never thought of not reading the last chapter of a fic so it would not end for me! :p It does make sense in a way, although it'd be done anyway of course. I'm glad you decided to finally read! I kinda didn't want to post the last chapter for the same reason, I spent a long time on this fic and now I miss it. I'm still posting somewhere else (reposting the beta-ed version, actually, in the place where I first posted it) but I don't even need to revise the chapters anymore so it's just copy and paste...

    Thanks a lot for reading and commenting, and good to know you liked the ending! *hugs*
  10. Yekith

    Yekith Just A Wind-up Toy

    Sending this back to the first page so it doesn't get lost and is sent to complete. :)
  11. aseretsperry

    aseretsperry Member

    Why hello, I don't believe we've, erm, spoken on this site EVER before. So after reading your story I'm going to give you an answer in three parts :D

    2)The story and your writing :)
    3)The characters

    1) Bounjour! My name is Aseret (if it's hard to remember, keep in mind that it is Teresa backwards). Honestly, i remember first going on this site and finding Nuky's "Mockingbird Cry" story, this was like a year ago. Then I was like, eh the hell with it, Immuna go read "Crazy Like You, Lollipop". I kept seeing you over and over as one of her frequent commenters and I'd always see your banner. I remember thinking "Wind-up Toy? WTF?" like I didn't know what to expect from that story. So I always kept in the back of my head "check-it-out". Finally, like three weeks ago (cause I'm a major procrastinator) I started reading it, seeing if it got my interest. PART 1 COMPLETE :D

    2) Can I say that you are on of the greatest, er BEST (<-- yea that's the word I was looking for) writers I've ever read. Like seriously, I can tell so much effort and thought was put into this story. Really, for English being your second language, you're either a natural-born grammar freak or you beta, read-over, re-write like your life depends on it. and I think that's what makes any story good, just a fucking bit of effort. It's not "write and post", it really is an involved process that you either end up loving the result or hating it. And if you hate it, you rewrite. That's what makes a good story. Also, the idea is just AMAZING. I have to say it is the cutest, sweetest, craziest idea I've ever heard. The odd mix and match, the reaction, emotion, and creativity involved is breathtaking and captivating. It's a keeper, fer sure :D

    3)I think what I loved most about the story is that it actually moves forward, ya know? It doesn't just stay in one spot and revolve around there. It's got development and changing characters with changing thoughts and feelings, changing setting, changing dynamics all in all. For example, Tony, he was once the big bad boy who had money, drugs and women. Then everything had changed when he learned he had a son, that kind of opening his eyes and cleaning up, meeting Greg and changing his life. Then when Frankie comes into his life, he's an entirely new person. He really changed. Okay, I can't believe I've gone this long without talking about Frankie, but here he is, the man of the hour himself: Frankie. I love how you put him in this fic, the helpless mentally disabled teenager who has such a hard struggle with life. It's amazing, he's got the mentality of a child who wants to enjoy child things and can enjoy life like it's all knew to him, and it kind of was. It was like his life paused entirely when he was in the institution and Gerard was his play button. Frankie has such a wonderful and uplifting spirit that made me laugh and giggle and smirk, everyone wants a Frankie in their life to expose that childish side that is buried beneath teenage angst and a stressful daily routine of any kind. And yet, Frankie is the smartest kid ever. He can tell when Gee needs a hug, he can apologize and sincerely mean it, and sure he can't count to ten without using his fingers, but everything just takes time in teaching him, but he has the ability to learn it. My neighbor, Isabella, is 6 years old and has down syndrome. She is fluent in American sign language, in English and is learning Japanese. She slurs her voice because her tongue is relaxed, but other than that she's fucking six and can almost speak three languages. i love that you point that out so well in Frank's life, that he really is smart and people look at his label "retarded" before they truly look in his eyes and see an 18 year old struggling for a normal life. And man, tossing in that he was psychotic, that's crazy. I loved it wen Tony blamed himself for that, asking why did Frankie be his kid, why couldn't Frankie have had normal, caring parents. It really showed how much Tony fucking loved Frankie.

    Now, I can't remember exactly when you said this, but i have to say that my favorite line out of the whole story when Gerard was asking himself, "maybe he's not the crazy ones, maybe he can just see things that are real but we aren't lucky enough to see". Wow, that really like... Woah. It reminds me of this discussion i had with my friend, how can we differ fiction from reality? where do we draw the line? It's like people are just jealous of Frankie's keen ability to just make the best out of any possibility, probably by making his mind hallucinate, and him actually living an enjoyable life. Hell, he probably has the most normal life out of any fucked up creep out there. But really, I think about that a lot now. What if there was something standing RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, I just can't see it. But the kid next to me can. It really is a beautiful thought to process. Oh and Gerard (yes I'm still talking about the characters): I really liked him in this story. He's sweet and caring, can really find the inner beauty in people and loves Frank so much that he's willing to put up with the occasional "perv" thrown at him and can shove away any can of beer within his reach. I really really love the point you made of them saving each other, because Frank really was saving his life by keeping him on the right path and giving him the love Gabriel neglected him.

    Linda and Gabirel and Damon = BITCHES.

    okay well, I'm exhausted so I'm going to end my comment here. Just again, you are an amazing writer and this story is so beautiful and touching. i'm so glad i read it because it's what i look to when i'm feeling low, i think "what would frankie do?" and the answer would always be play with puppy, play with little friends or just smile. Frankie's a beautiful character and his personality, as well as this story, is to die for. much love, aseret
  12. Yekith

    Yekith Just A Wind-up Toy

    First...hello! :) You know? I've always seen you around, but I never realised your username was Teresa backwards! xD Nuky actually read most of my fic before I started posting it here. I had first posted it in another forum and was about to finish writing it (or I'd already finished, I don't remember...I know I took me one year and two months to write) I wanted to post it here but I was afraid because there were 2 or 3 fics that dealt with mental illness (including Nuky's) and I thought: "what if someone thinks I copied an idea?". I had nearly finished my story before I started reading any of those, but people, couldn't know! I commented this with Nuky and she asked me to send her the chapter and then she encouraged me to post. :)

    Hahaha it's a mix of all that! I AM a grammar freak, just I'm when writing in my language. So while writing I use dictionaries, search things I'm not sure how to write, or even ask people when I can't find the right word in English. but of course, I can do my best but since English is not my first language there are mistakes I can't help (mostly about the order of words in some sentences) The first time I posted the story it was just reread several times and spell-checked -that always!. Then I decided to post in LJ, and people are really strict there about grammar, etc. So I got a beta. Yet I read each chapter again before sending them to her and fixed lots of things and even rewrote parts, because I noticed that after more than a year I had gotten better then when I started writing. Then my beta just basically pointed out mistakes (I learned a lot from that too) What's posted here is that re-revised and beta-ed version. I also revised and rewrite parts of the first 15 chapter AGAIN to repost in that first forum, but I can't remember if i edited them all here. can say I'm obsessive, and that's why I decided not to write chaptered fics again. I get too into them and I end up getting stressed over them and feeling guilty when I don't feel like writing! :p Too bad I don't get ideas for one shots too often...

    This story was going to be very different at first, and much shorter. Frankie would be 'crazy' but not childish and innocent, there would be all about a roadtrip and it would have hotness!
    But as soon as I started it was like the characters spoke to me and Frankie ended up being completely different and I loved him that way. And yes, he's very smart in his own way, or in the really important way -which has nothing to do with knowing how to count or write perfectly. And he of course can learn, he only needs the patience he was rarely given before. He was cruelly labeled as incapable, retarded, crazy. A lost cause. I'm sure it sadly happens to many people who can never develop their capacities because they're not given the chance and extra attention. What you said about that 6 year old girl is a clear example of how far those kids people label as 'retarded' can get with the right attention and stimulation.

    Many of the things Gerard thinks after or ponders after meeting Frankie are things I think about often too. The human mind intrigues me a lot, and I sometimes wonder if those people who can see things we don't aren't the normal ones and the rest of us are just too blind too see or lost the ability to somewhere along the way. And I agree! We should all have our Frankie to teach us something about life and what's really important. He's a very positive character. I'm usually not a positive person so I guess that's another reason why I loved writing him, helped me found that positiveness deep inside of me. He was through a lot of shit and yet he's always smiling and caring about the others. I think he maybe helped Gerard even more than Gerard helped him! Not only did he make Gerard see that he could be very important for someone, he also showed him a new way to see life.
    I think the hardest part for Gerard was having to hide his relationship with Frank for the most part, because he'd suffered that with Gabriel. But he knew it was for a good cause in his case, and not because of being ashamed. He's proud of his Frankie!

    Tony is my favorite not-based-on-any-existent-person character. he wasn't going to be gay, but right before writing the part where Gerard meets him he told me "The drummer is my boyfriend" True fact! And I couldn't make both Frank's parents a piece of shit, so I decided allowed Anthony to change from what he used to be. He had already changed back then of course or he was trying to, for Frankie. So it made sense to me that even thinking his son dead, he would still keep himself clean and honest to honor his son.

    Ok, I'll stop now, i think I wrote a lot, but I felt like I had to after your great and complete comment. And, being honest, I love replying to long comments! \o/ I hope I made sense because I sometimes don't when I rant like this and -contrary to the fics- I don't like to go back and reread my rants xD

    Thank you a lot for taking the time to read the whole thing and for sharing your thoughts and feeling about it. This story was part of my life for a long time (I started writing it in October 2007, finished in December 2008 and have been posting and rereading until a few months ago -still posting the rewrite somewhere!) so it means a lot to know people enjoyed it.

  13. still only up to like chapter 13 haha but loving it so far <3
  14. aseretsperry

    aseretsperry Member

    Okay this comment is 4 months late, wow.
    Well it’s finally nice to get to know you, and especially after reading wind up toy and your one shot which name escapes me right now (but you know what I’m talking about) I’m so glad I can talk to you! And I have to say that I loved this story because it took a concept that’s very interesting, kind of “already done” but not “over done” and added it’s own little twist that made it unique and beautiful:) I think you’re stories kind of somehow get that cutsey, adorable vibe that make you want to HUG the characters:D like this story is adorable and give me so much hope! Haha, I always think of Frankie in this story when I’m playing with my puppy!
    I think that’s what makes a story worth writing, one that took a lot of effort in it… because it doesn’t matter what you wrote was good or not, as long as you worked hard to know that you like it and keep going no matter what anybody else says, which you clearly did with this story!

    Haha I know the feeling, I love to ramble and go on and on, however I get off topic easily and that just creates a completely different idea itself. And I love that your Frankie kind of symbolizes the weak in the world where Gerard represents the higher ranked… Like omg I was just listening to this radio show and one of the stories on there was about a 10 year old girl who used to be a pen pal with the most dangerous drug dealer in the world (well that’s what he was accused of, not really proven) but anyway I really liked that cause it symbolized how two opposites can really do so well with each other:)

    Aww, Frankie gives me such optimism because I can just imagine his smile and his voice and his attitude… that’s another thing you did amazingly! Frankie: you described him so perfectly that any previous image I had of frank before reading this story was destroyed and recreated to be this innocent adorable little Frankie who’s mentally challenged and has to wear big glasses ^^

    The pleasure was all mine in reading it and I’m so gonna read your other stuff now ^^ er (I can’t remember what your other chaptered fic is called but once I get finished with the other stuff Im’m reading, I’m def checking it out :D)
  15. Yekith

    Yekith Just A Wind-up Toy

    I kinda pictured Frank like this Frankie for a long time...still do sometimes! I got attached to my character, wanted him to be real so I could give him chocolate milk and cookies and talk to him! :D

    Oh and I don't really have another chaptered fic. Wind-up Toy was my second fic. Before it, I wrote a three-shot. Then they're all one-shots except for the one I wrote with a friend. which has 8 or 9 chapters. But that one...well, it's a crack fic. Completely delirious, silly and kinda pervy! (it's a fucked up fairy tail hahaha) xD There's a sticky entry in my LJ with all my fics (they aren't many, really)

    Thanks again! *hugs*
  16. Xxmad_hatterxX

    Xxmad_hatterxX Active Member

    i read this a couple months ago, i just never got around to commenting. (sorry) its unique and it made me laugh,cry,and aawww so loud people looked at me funny. your writing is genius and it can make my day. so...thank you. :]
  17. Yekith

    Yekith Just A Wind-up Toy

    Thank you! :)
  18. Katie_Killjoy

    Katie_Killjoy New Member

    I found this about a week ago as a guest and finished reading it yesterday. I made an account on TBP for 2 reasons- 1. I love MCR (duh.) and 2. I wanted to say how much I loooooooooooooooove this!! Seriously one of the BEST fics I've ever read! Good job, you are officially an amazing writer :) I cried at the end just because the fic was OVER. I'm a little angry, though. I read the ending and it was so sweet I got a toothache. :) *insert 100% truthful compliments here*
  19. Yekith

    Yekith Just A Wind-up Toy

    Thank you a lot! I'm pretty sad right now because of some news I got, and reading your comment made me smile, Thank you! :)
  20. Aww you okay? If you want to talk I'm open to listening. haven't been on this thread in a while, and I was surprised to see you've written some one shots, so I'll have to check them out >.<

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