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    Title: Wind-up Toy
    15 (I guess)
    Main Characters: Gerard/Frank (then Ray, Bob, Mikey, Alicia, etc)
    Summary: Just when Gerard was sure he was dispensable... street lights revealed something to him.
    Genre: Romance, drama, mental illness, some unavoidable funny situations and something more. It is slash, but different; and things will go slow, you'll understand why.
    POV: Gerard's (minus a few exceptions, and I'll say when that happens)
    Disclaimer: I do not know the boys of MCR, and even less own them. Same with any other existing names related to them. This story is a product of my imagination. Never happened.
    Author's Note: I update every 5 days/a week because I'm still having chapters beta-ed and I don't wanna run out of them, so don't beg for instant updates. :p English is not my first language but this is beta-ed, so it should be ok.
    I loooove comments, so please do it? :D


    Chapter 1--Chapter 21---Chapter 39---Chapter 57
    Chapter 2--Chapter 22---Chapter 40-1-Chapter 58
    Chapter 3--Chapter 23-1-Chapter 40-2-Chapter 59
    Chapter 4--Chapter 23-2-Chapter 41---Chapter 60
    Chapter 5--Chapter 24---Chapter 42---Chapter 61
    Chapter 6--Chapter 25---Chapter 43---Chapter 62
    Chapter 7--Chapter 26---Chapter 44---Chapter 63
    Chapter 8--Chapter 27---Chapter 45---Chapter 64-1
    Chapter 9--Chapter 28---Chapter 46---Chapter 64-2
    Chapter 10-Chapter 29---Chapter 47---Chapter 65-1
    Chapter 11-Chapter 30---Chapter 48---Chapter 65-2
    Chapter 12-Chapter 31---Chapter 49---Chapter 66
    Chapter 13-Chapter 32---Chapter 50-1-Chapter 67
    Chapter 14-Chapter 33---Chapter 50-2-Chapter 68
    Chapter 15-Chapter 34-1-Chapter 51---Chapter 69
    Chapter 16-Chapter 34-2-Chapter 52---Chapter 70
    Chapter 17-Chapter 35---Chapter 53---Chapter 71
    Chapter 18-Chapter 36---Chapter 54---Chapter 72-1
    Chapter 19-Chapter 37---Chapter 55---Chapter 72-2
    Chapter 20-Chapter 38---Chapter 56---Chapter 73
    ------------------FINAL CHAPTER
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    Now I know you've been seeing red,
    don't put a pistol to your head.
    Sometimes your answer's heaven sent,
    your way is so damn permanent.

    There I was, driving on my way back from my dad's house. Just knowing that I had a three day ride ahead of me seemed to make me even more tired than I already was.
    "Maybe I should have stayed there for the night." I said to myself.
    But really, that wouldn't have been a good idea. The tension between my father and me during all the time I was there had been unbearable. Maybe he had been right to be mad. I was mad at myself after all.
    I had fucked up really bad those last months. I had spent almost all my money in the worst way. I had forgotten to pay all my bills and I was now riddled with debt.
    And as if that hadn't been enough, I ended up losing my job. But I brought that on myself.

    Releasing one hand from the wheel, I searched for my cigarettes in the pocket of my worn out jacket. I took one and placed it amid my lips, using the blue lighter that had been laying on the passenger's seat to get the unhealthy stick ignited.
    I took a deep drag and let it out slowly, watching the smoke escape through the car's open window.
    The street I was traversing was almost deserted, so I gave myself a moment to relax, contemplating the night sky. It was only 8 p.m. so the full moon wasn't too high yet, but it was particularly luminous.
    I enjoyed my cigarette, leaning my head on the back of the seat and letting the sweet summer breeze blow my black hair.

    I laughed bitterly remembering my father's face when I told him what the main reason of my visit was. He had looked indignant when I asked for money to pay my debts. I knew that would happen, but I didn't have other choice. I had reached that conclusion after spending several days lying on my bed, just staring at the roof and pitying myself; using some of the little savings I had left to ruin my life even further, attempting to get deeper into a path that it'd be too hard to get out of later.
    But I had suddenly reacted, telling myself that I had screwed up enough already. I had to stop my fall before getting worse, I was still on time.
    I had decided that I'd get a new job and I would make it last this time. try to start all over again, I needed money or else I would lose it all. And I needed it now, not in a month. What I had saved was only enough to keep me fed. I couldn't ask my mom. She worked as a nurse and was always making miracles to get through each month, taking care of the house and helping my younger brother support his studies. I had thought of calling my father, but knowing him, this wasn't a subject to talk about over the phone. That's why I had decided to make the long trip to where he lived. What's more, it would help me get my head in order and would give me time to think.

    After my parents got divorced, my father had found a new job that required him to move across the country. My brother Mikey and I weren't little kids anymore so he had considered it the best option.

    So I had gone all the way there, and though I looked shattered when I arrived, my dad was very happy to see me. I hadn't been there in a year.
    But his joy did not last. His face had gotten gradually darker and darker as I told him that I had lost my job and the reason behind it. He had gotten up and paced the room furiously when I filled him in with the details, telling him what I had been up to lately. There was no point in lying if I wanted to change my life.

    He had screamed at me, then he had cried and I cried too. I had prayed for him to forgive me, telling him I was sorry. I had promised I would make the right choice this time, but I needed his help. And he had finally agreed.

    After leaving his house, I had gone to a bank to deposit the money and had called my best friend to withdraw it; so he would be able to pay all my debts before my arrival. I trusted Ray with my life.

    Honks woke me from my recollection, and only then I noticed I had reached a main avenue. As I was used to my quiet town, all the noise and bright lights made me feel uncomfortable. All of a sudden I felt small and lost. All of the confidence I had been trying to gather on the way to my dad's, all of the things I had tried to convince myself of, all of the plans I had made seemed to be slipping off my hands at that moment.

    I felt like giving in. I was nothing. I was convinced that if I died no one's life would change. Sure, my family would be sad, but they'd go on with their lives. My friends would be hurt, but they'd get over it eventually. No one depended on me. I wasn't a person who was making a remarkable difference in anyone's life.

    My dark thoughts got interrupted by yet more honks mixed with angry screams. The traffic was stopped. At which moment had I hit the brakes? I couldn't tell. I was amazed at how I could still be alive, as I didn't pay attention while driving most of time.

    I stuck my head out of the window to see what was causing the jam, and what I saw was nothing I could have expected.

    It was a small person who was dancing among the cars, happily skipping from side to side of the avenue, twisting and turning with both arms wide open, making reverences in front of the cars' lights as if they were spotlights.
    It appeared to be someone very young, but I couldn't tell if it was a boy or a girl. Long hair, at least shoulder length, covered the stranger's face; and the tight jeans and loose red t-shirt weren't telling me anything either.
    Drivers were getting impatient, yelling at the dancer and hitting their horns untiringly. Some, tired of waiting and being ignored, passed him/her by dangerously. I felt a chill. The teen didn't seem to notice. Now was jumping up and down and clapping their hands. What was wrong with that individual? Was he/she on drugs?

    I couldn't endure watching that. I quickly parked my car at the side of the road and got out, running towards the little person.
    "Come on! Let's get you outta here, they want to run you over!" I said, getting near.
    "L-lemme dance!" answered a childish voice that didn't allow me to decipher the gender either.
    "You're stopping the traffic, this is not a place to dance..." I continued patiently, hearing a choir of insults coming from the drivers.
    "O-of course it is! This....this is a d-disco don't you s-see? I...I s-saw it on TV!"
    Seeing no other option, I picked him/her up by the waist and dragged him/her to the sidewalk kicking and screaming.

    "What the fuck is wrong with you?" I asked, keeping my hand on "it's" wrist now. No answer.
    "Hey..." I tried again reaching out for the face and getting the hair out of the way. I was met by a pair of bright hazel eyes, pupils rapidly and continuously moving from side to side. It wasn't normal. Perfect eyebrows, perfect nose, perfect skin. Too pretty to be a boy, but that's what he was. I knew it by the barely discernible shadow over his perfect mouth. He didn't look more than 15.

    He smiled to me widely, extended the hand I wasn't holding and said in an enthusiastic tone: "H-hi! I'm Frankie. W-wanna be my f-friend?" Then he moved his head weirdly, like a nervous tic, while I shook his hand.
    "I'm Gerard, pleased to meet you."
    "I-I like your n-name." he stammered, smiling even more and blinking, trying to focus his eyes but failing. I couldn't help smiling too, he was endearing. But damn, he was surely high.

    "You're coming with me until I know what's up with you, little man." I said walking him to the car. Unlocking the passenger's seat I got him inside. He didn't fight me.
    Once I was there too I stared at Frankie. He seemed really out of it. He was swinging his legs, scratching his head compulsively, now and then shaking; and he was murmuring under his breath.
    "Frankie...where do you live?" I asked him. Nothing.
    "Did you hear me?" I insisted, touching his hair. He jumped, startled.
    "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. But now that I got your attention...would you tell me where you live?"
    Frank looked up at me, his eyes once again unable to stay focused. He seemed saddened for a while but then grinned.
    "H-have you s-seen the giant f-flowers?"
    "What...what giant flowers? Where?" I questioned, confused at his random change of subject.
    "Duh! E-everywhere!" he stated visible irritated.
    "Uhm no, sorry." I answered and he frowned but didn't reply.

    "Frankie...what did you take?" I said, getting straight to the point.
    He tilted his head.
    "Did you sniff something?"
    "Hahahahahaha d-dogs sniff! I-I'm not a d-dog!. I l-like them th-though." he laughed. I noticed he got stuck at the beginning of sentences and also with some words in the middle, but spoke the rest rapidly. I sighed loudly. I was gonna need a lot of patience.
    "Did you inject yourself with something?"
    "Uh? Y-you don't do th-that to yourself. No. N-no you d-don't. S-someone else d-does. But F-Frankie was a g-good boy. N-not necessary. Nope." he shook his head and continued talking to himself.
    "W-wanna candy?" he offered out of nowhere showing me his empty hand.
    "Maybe later, thanks..." I said trying to smile. This Frankie boy was really fucked up.

    "Did you take any pills?" I proceeded with the interrogation. Frankie opened his mouth and hit his head with his hand as if he had suddenly remembered something important.
    "N-no I didn't! I-I should have...I g-guess. Yes. D-definitely. B-but there was n-no one to give them t-to me. I-I didn't take m-my pills. No I d-didn't." the boy affirmed worriedly.
    And at that moment my theory completely changed.
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    The first chapters are short, but they'll get much more longer in the future...oh and you'll have to wait to find out some things :p


    All my friends live on the floor,
    tiny legs and tiny eyes.
    They're free to crawl under the door;
    And, and someday soon so will I.

    I watched Frankie grab his tangled, dark brown hair with both hands and start rocking back and forth while murmuring "I d-didn't...I should h-have..." once and again. Not knowing what to do, I reached for his back to try to soothe him. That's when I noticed for the first time that he was carrying a small black backpack.
    "Shh...let me help you take this off so you can get comfortable. Frankie, can you hear me kiddo?" I spoke to him as gently as I could.
    He stopped moving and looked at me, nodding. After allowing me to take his very light bag and throw it to the backseat, he seemed to relax and stared at me. He then closed his eyes tight, opening them a couple of seconds later, his pupils always moving. He sighed angrily and closed them once again, keeping them closed for a longer moment, breathing deeply. I waited in silence, totally unaware of what he was trying to do. Finally, he slowly lifted his eyelids and eyed me, smiling, satisfied. In that instant I understood, or at least I thought so. His pupils were finally still, probably making it easier for him to fix his eyes on me. He was cross-eyed, though.

    A smile played on my lips as I reckoned he was the cutest image I had seen in a long time.
    "Y-you are h-handsome." Frankie said, making me gasp. But before I could pronounce a word he added: "W-why are you s-smiling like th-that? M-my eyes, right? E-everybody laughs I..."
    As he talked his two hazel orbs began to dance again, and he angrily combed his long locks over his face. I brushed the hair off his forehead again, pushing it behind his ears.
    "I think your eyes are very pretty and I wasn't laughing, I was smiling because you're cute." I told him. He grinned.
    "A-am I?"
    "I...I l-like cuteness. Dogs are c-cute. A-and little p-people who l-live in things, a-also." He said, whispering the last part, as if it was a secret.
    "Oh...I've never seen them so I can't tell." I alleged, not entirely paying attention. I had remembered we were parked at the side of an avenue, most probably in a wrong place. The last thing I wanted was to have problems with the cops.
    I took a few minutes to think, observing Frank tracing patterns in the glass and singing in a low voice, his head jerking unintentionally once in a while.
    I couldn't leave him alone. It was clear that the boy had no notion of danger; he had barely notion of reality. But at the same time I was afraid of getting myself into trouble. I knew nothing about Frankie.

    "How old are you boy?" I decided to ask. I was concerned by how young he looked.
    "Uhm?" Frank muttered, his forehead against the window.
    "How old are you, Frankie?" I repeated.
    "I...I am...I th-think...18. Y-yes, 18." he answered happily. I looked at him incredulous.
    "Are you sure?"
    "Y-yes I'm s-sure! Th-the number on the c-cake said 18 and...and th-there were 18 candles, I r-remember that!" he explained moving his hands frenetically.
    "Ok, I believe you then!" I told him raising mine. I decided to take his word for true, hoping it was, indeed, the truth. At least he wasn't a minor. Being found with a mentally ill minor would be a fuck up a million times more than anything I had done in the last months.

    "Well, we better get moving." I announced.
    I fastened Frankie's safety belt and he grumbled, trying to get free.
    "Hey hey hey! Leave it on!" I said, my voice firm.
    "I...I d-don't l-like it." he protested.
    "It's necessary, to keep you safe."
    "Ok." he pouted, kicking the air. "B-but I h-hate it. Y-you should k-know that."
    I finally started the car and got back on the road.

    "Tell me something more about you, Frank." I spoke again. I still had some things to confirm.
    "F-frankie." he corrected me.
    "Sorry, Frankie. Where do you live?"
    "I...I d-don't know how t-to get th-there. But...b-but I don't th-think I l-live there a-anymore. No. Maybe. Yeah. N-no..." he trailed off.
    "Let's see. Can you describe the place where you lived?"
    He thought for some seconds, frowning.
    " w-was a very v-very big p-place and...and a-almost all w-walls were white. And I l-lived with m-many more k-kids. S-some were f-funny. Others s-creamed a lot. It s-scared me. Yes. Oh and l-lots of m-men and women d-dressed in white. Th-they took c-care of us." he said looking at his lap.
    I had been obviously right..
    "So it's just as I're crazy and lived in a mental institution." When I realized I had said that aloud, it was too late. Frank opened his eyes, there were as wide as dinner plates.
    "Y-yeah I think t-that's the name of the p-place but...I'M N-NOT FUCKING C-CRAZY YOU MEAN A-ASSHOLE! GRACE S-SAID I WAS S-SPECIAL!" he screamed, his face red with rage, grabbing my jacket and shaking me. I wasn't expecting such a reaction. Struggling to keep the car from getting out of the road I got hold of Frank's arms with my free hand.
    "Frankie please be quiet, I'm driving! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say that. I'm really sorry, I should have never used that word. You're right, you're just special, that Grace said it a lot better. Who is she?"
    " w-won't s-say it again? P-promise?
    "I won't, never again, I promise."
    He calmed down, still breathing heavily and I released his arms. He crossed them over his chest.
    "I...I f-forgive you t-this time and she...she w-was who looked a-after me. F-Frankie can't be a-alone." he answered and shook his head rapidly. That last sentence sounded like he was repeating something he had heard someone say.

    "How long had you been in that place?" I pressed. He was now taking things out of an imaginary container in his hand and "eating" them. He seemed to taste them and enjoy them.
    "Uhm...a l-lot of time. B-but I think I w-was in a d-different one when I w-was little. N-not sure. But a l-lot of time in t-this one, y-yeah." he actually spoke like he had something on his mouth.
    "Y-you sure you d-don't want some c-candy? C-come on, try th-them, they're y-yummy!" he offered. I decided to play along and made my fingers hold an invisible sweet and get it into my mouth. Frankie smiled satisfied.
    "Mmm you're right, it's good. Grape, right?" I guessed. He sniggered.
    "D-don't you have a p-palate G-gerard?'s s-strawberry!" he reprimanded me.
    "Oh, right! I'm so stupid sometimes!" I smacked my forehead, making Frank giggle.

    Everything was silent for several minutes, the quiet interrupted now and then by Frankie's unintelligible murmurs. He stirred in his seat, unable to stay quiet for too long. The city lights faded behind us as I drove the familiar route that would take me home. Not any time soon, though.
    "B-bored....bored b-bored bored bored..." Frankie sang. "T-tell your gnomes their j-jokes are not f-funny." he added. I looked at him, not knowing what to answer. Was it ok to play along when he was imagining things? Should I tell him there was nothing there? I wished I knew what was the right thing to do. But I didn't even know what was exactly his problem.
    "What gnomes?" I asked, testing the situation.
    "Wh-what do you m-mean which g-gnomes? Th-the ones living inside y-your g-glove box here! Wh-what others c-could be?" he answered matter-of-factly.

    I couldn't decide what to do. Even thought the things he said were rather funny and he seemed happy with his hallucinations, I felt sorry for him.
    I concluded that I should try both options.
    "Frankie...there's nothing there." I said softly, looking at him sideways to see his reaction.
    "W-what? Th-they live in your c-car and you've never s-seen them? W-well, stop l-looking at the r-road and watch th-them, then!" he answered exasperated. Checking that it was sure to do so, I turned my head to the side and looked inside the spot Frank was pointing at.
    "Hahaha they s-seem to like y-you!" he laughed.
    "There are no gnomes there, Frankie. It's all in your head." I tried, caressing his hair. He knocked my hand off.
    "TH-THEY'RE NOT IN MY H-HEAD, TH-THEY'RE IN THE G-GLOVE BOX! A-AND YOU'RE F-FUCKING BLIND IF YOU C-CAN'T S-SEE THEM! SH-SHUT UP! WHY A-ARE YOU DOING T-THIS TO ME UH? O-OF COURSE TH-THEY'RE TH-THERE!" he screamed at the top of his lungs, stammering more than ever and hitting his fists against the back of his seat. But as furious and nervous as he acted, he still wasn't crying. I hadn't seen him cry so far.

    Maybe I had made the wrong choice. The best thing until I could find out more about his problem, would be to keep him as calm as possible.
    "Frankie I see them now! They were hiding from me, that's all! Or maybe they were having fun with you, you know? They wanted you to think that you were the only one that could see them."
    Frank straightened up and smiled.
    "F-fuckers! Wh-what do you th-think of them?" he asked sticking his little finger into the 'gnome- house'.
    "They seem to be funny guys!" I improvised.
    "Th-they are...u-usually." he nodded.

    Screaming had seemed to make Frankie tired and he got comfortable on his side, just staring out the window.
    "Did you...escape from that place?" I wanted to know. He turned to look at me but diverted his eyes right away.
    "N-no! I...I l-liked it there!"
    "Then what were you doing alone in the street?"
    "W-waiting...but she n-never came b-back for me." he rustled.

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