Who Buys a Husband Online Anyway? [Frerard]

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    Okay, so I'm absolutely in love with this story. I love where it's going and how they're slowly developing feelings for each other, despite the way they met. It's unique and I've never seen anything like it before. I can't wait for more!
  2. I'm with Jess, her idea for the flashbacks just seems to fit with your writing you know? But however you want to write will feel the most natural to you.

    I have to say I have a favourite character in this one, an it's Frank. He's really quite vulnerable, he's asking questions he may not actually want the answer to but he has to ask anyway. I really love him. Normally I try not to play favourites but it's so hard.

    Aww I could never come between Frank and Gerard! I'd let them sit together, and barge in on their conversations sometimes. I have this strange vision of myself playing cards with them at a table now. Thought you'd wanna know.

    I've heard you have a slight case of writers block from the Let It Out thread so I hope it clears soon cause I can't wait to read more!
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    I missed 2 updates!!

    They were amazing, as always, and so so cute. I don't know what else to say :L

    I agree with the flashbacks idea, I think that's a good way of including the wedding without it being just a filler
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    Somehow, I missed the last chapter, but I'm caught up now! It's ridiculous how much I'm loving this, Miz.
    (And I agree with the flashbacks idea!)
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    I have no idea why I didn't post a comment earlier, I guess I wanted to wait a bit before I told everyone I absolutely love this story

    But anyway, I absolutely love this story! :D I can't wait to read more!

    I just want to hug Frank :')
  6. Miz Erie

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    @Jessica - Since I intended for Frank to come across that way, I'll take that as a compliment; thank you!! And yeah, I'm not sure I'd be very good at answering Frank's questions either, haha.

    @Angila - Thank you! I did end up following my gut on this chapter, but I'm not sure you're going to read more than the first paragraph.

    @Madrox - Thank you! I've said before that I thought this would have been done before, but not just here, I'm getting comments about how original this idea is on all three sites I post to.

    @Amy - Gerard is normally my favorite and I don't even try to hide it either, but I'm with you this time; Frank is my favorite of the two. Hahaha, they'd probably enjoying playing cards with you. Just watch out, Gerard might try to rope you into a little D&D; Frank always turns him down, hahaha! I wasn't having writer's block; I just wasn't sure which direction to take this chapter. I hope you all like it. I DO!

    @Athena - It's okay; I'll forgive you! Thank you! And that's okay, too. Just letting me know you read it is plenty! *hugs*

    @Ash - Seeing as how I was made part of the staff today, I'll let you slide too! (I'm teasing!) Somehow, that means more coming from you, like it does with all three of you "nonslashers." Thanks for hanging on with me and letting me know you are loving it!

    @Britt - I just appreciate you saying it eventually! And you're always welcome to hug my Frankie! Everyone is!

    I'm not even going to say anything because I want to get to the "click submit" part. But this does need to be said first...

    WARNING: Explicit Sexual Content in this chapter!

    Take Me.

    Four Days Later

    Gerard lies in the bed. The last three nights his thoughts have taken him to the same place, standing in the front of the courtroom. He and Frank had managed to pull off the whole thing without anyone knowing Frank was a mail order husband. But what Gerard keeps remembering over and over is the judge offering their first kiss as spouses and the feeling of Frank’s lips on his. Frank’s lips were soft and warm, and Frank had kissed Gerard with so much feeling.

    Gerard swallows hard. He listens for any sound in their dark bedroom. Everything is silent, which Gerard knows means Frank is still awake too. Gerard has lain awake several nights just listening to the whispered breathing of Frank’s sleep. He snuggles closer to Frank’s warmth.

    “I want to kiss you,” Gerard whispers, unsure how else to initiate the desired contact.

    “Me too,” Frank breathes out with a small sigh. Gerard can hear Frank’s wide smile in his tone. Frank leans into Gerard, and Gerard meets him halfway. Their lips meet off center with the lack of vision, and Frank giggles quietly as he readjusts the positioning and then just enjoys the delicate nature of Gerard’s kiss. Frank knows Gerard is holding back for fear of forcing Frank to do something he doesn’t want, so he presses his mouth more firmly against Gerard’s. Gerard takes the hint, to Frank’s delight, and runs the tip of his tongue over Frank’s lips. Frank grants it entry.

    Gerard breaks the kiss and murmurs, “Is this all you want to do tonight?”

    “Uh-uh,” Frank replies, immediately running his hand inside Gerard’s pajama shirt and over his bare skin. Gerard draws a sharp, quick breath when Frank’s fingertips brush over his right nipple. Frank’s hand stops moving and their lips meet again. Gerard summons the courage and allows his hand to venture past Frank’s waist and over his hips.

    “You can fuck me,” Frank mutters in suggestion, his voice already beginning to sound wrecked.

    “I don’t wanna take advan—”

    “I want you to. Besides…” Frank nudges his thigh—that Gerard hadn’t noticed until now—closer against Gerard’s hard chicken. “…I know you want to, too.” Gerard whimpers at the friction Frank keeps creating.

    “Hng… okay,” Gerard pants. Frank smirks and begins sliding Gerard’s pants off, but his expression quickly changes to one of surprise when he discovers Gerard is wearing no underwear. He ghosts his fingertips over Gerard’s dick, pretending it is accidental. Gerard makes a low sound of approval, so Frank palms him a little harder. When Frank slides the pad of his thumb over Gerard’s leaking slit, Gerard quickly pulls his shirt off and sets about getting Frank undressed as well.

    Eventually they are both stark naked. Gerard runs his hands over Frank’s chest and curses that he can only see the shadow of Frank’s silhouette. Frank presses their bodies together, and Gerard is unable to stop his hips from bucking.

    Frank giggles. “You’ve been wanting this, haven’t you?”

    “Uh-huh” is the most articulate answer Gerard can verbalize. Frank just giggles a little more.

    He leans in and nibbles on Gerard’s earlobe before breathing across it, “Where’s your lube?”

    “Nightstand dra—” Gerard cuts himself off with a gasp as Frank nibbles and sucks on his earlobe again. Gerard feels suddenly cold when Frank’s warmth is removed from his skin as Frank reaches for the lubrication. Gerard reaches his hand out for the shadow of Frank’s form, and it makes contact with Frank’s skin as Frank sits back up right in the bed. Frank slides his lubricated hand down Gerard’s length, getting him slicked up.

    “Frank… hng… maybe we should… aah… you do me…” Gerard manages to say in response to his lingering concern for Frank’s emotional well-being. But Frank catches on to it.

    “I, uh… just trust me, Gee. It’ll be okay.” All Gerard can do is nod his head, even though he knows Frank can hardly see the motion. “Lay down,” Frank mutters. Gerard practically collapses on the bed. Frank slides a leg over Gerard and straddles his hips, able to feel the head of Gerard’s dick pushing up against his ass. “You ready?”

    “Mm-hm,” Gerard hums quickly. Frank reaches behind himself to line things up and then slowly lowers himself down over Gerard’s full length, throwing his head back with his mouth hanging open. Gerard moans throatily as Frank’s warmth envelopes him and fights the urge to push upward into Frank. He only has to wait a few seconds, though, before Frank lifts his hips a little and then sinks back down over Gerard’s dick. When Frank does it again, Gerard thrusts upwards this time, and Frank lets out his own gravelly moan.

    “Jesus, fuck,” Frank pants as they both continue the same motions. Frank slows for a moment to tuck his feet under Gerard’s ass, angling Gerard’s hips up a little more and also providing Frank more leverage. As Frank resumes riding Gerard, he feels Gerard’s hand encircle his own pulsing chicken. Gerard has to do little more than hold his hand still; the movements of Frank’s hips are enough to fuck both their cocks.

    With no warning, Gerard’s thrust up deeply into Frank and grunts loudly as he cums. His hand simultaneously grips Frank’s length harder, and it takes all of Frank’s self control to not fuck himself with Gerard’s hand. Instead, Frank makes small, slow movements with his hips to help Gerard ride out his orgasm.

    As Gerard comes back down from his ecstasy, he begins stroking Frank’s dick again. Frank can’t stop his hips from rocking into Gerard’s hand, so he lifts his hips enough to withdraw Gerard’s chicken from within himself. Only a moment later, Frank empties his load over Gerard’s fingers. Gerard returns Frank’s favor and continues moving his hand for several more gentle strokes.

    Finally Frank climbs off Gerard’s body and snuggles into his side.

    “That was amazing, Frankie,” Gerard murmurs in his sex-ruined voice.

    “I wanted to please you,” Frank replies breathily. Gerard immediately feels guilty.

    “Frankie, no,” he states gently. “You don’t have to please me. I’m not your owner; I’m your lover. Those are two completely different things.” Frank remains silent, and the only movement Gerard can feel is Frank’s breathing. “Promise me, Frankie. Promise me you won’t treat me like that anymore.”

    Frank’s voice is very small when he replies, “I don’t know how not to.”

    Gerard stomach constricts, and he’s forced to swallow hard. “I’ll teach you, Frankie. Next time, I pleasure you.”


    I'm not sure if it's clear in the story, so just in case, Frank was falling into old habits and wanting to service his owner with little regard to his own needs. I just wanted to throw that out there in addition to that last bit of dialogue.

    Sadly, there's only one more part to this story! (I probably won't get it written and posted until Friday or Saturday, though. Tomorrow is my busy day with group therapy.) See you all there! Hugs to all and loves to go around!
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    Oh, my. I love this chapter. It's not too mushy and it's a great way to incorporate making love into a beautiful thing and not just something someone wants..

    I know that may seem odd, coming from me.. But, I assure you that you did amazing on this update and I absolutely love it!

    You've got me hooked on this and I don't think I'll stop reading until it's complete, which you stated will be the next post. Even then, I may read it again and again.

    And I also love the fact that they don't completely change after it. I admire the fact that they have to work to be normal lovers. It adds so much more to the story.

    The way you kept Frank's insecurities throughout the scenes just makes it that much better. Some people just completely forget about everything and make it how they want it, disregarding the circumstances.

    In all honesty, I always try to find a flaw in someone's writing, including my own, so I can help them improve.. But this is just all around perfect.

    Keep up the good work, love. :)
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    I read it. I read it all! *proud face* While I'm not into that sort of thing I can appreciate how well it was written. If I didn't know better I would think you were a gay man! xD You write it very, very well.
  9. BrittMCR

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    ^ Me when I saw there was a new chapter
    And when I read a chapter
    And when I was done reading the chapter :D

    Too bad that the next chapter is already going to be the last :(
  10. Athena

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    Laken (Madrox) took my words out my brain before they were even there!!!

    I can't add on to what she said :L

    I loved the update, it was so hot.
  11. TheLivingDead

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    Well, Laken (Madrox) said what I'm thinking perfectly.

    I love how this isn't like most of your other work. It wasn't heavily detailed in the sex, nor was it too out there. It also wasn't some mushy crap that I've read a million times before.

    I am getting better at reading your writing though! I could tell before you said anything that Frank was slipping back into old habits. I'm glad Gerard realized that before Frank could slide too far back.

    I love the chapter, as always!
  12. Miz Erie

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    (I got a good night's sleep, and then I used skills from group to work out my emotions and finish this this morning. You all deserve it!)

    @Madrox - I don't even know what to say... Thank you! I don't ever think anything is perfect, but I really appreciate all the compliments! Considering I don't know you, it doesn't seem odd at all. I hope it shows that all my characters in all my stories have to work at their relationships, though.

    @Angila - I'm so glad you made it though it! *hugs* Thank you! And it's funny; I often joke that I'm a gay man trapped in a woman's body! That means a lot, so thank you so very much!

    @Britt - Aww! *hugs* I never intended this to be very long, even though I'm sure I could have. Fluffy stories just aren't my thing, though.

    @Athena - That's okay; I thank you for letting me know you read it! I think ALL Frerard sex is hot, so...

    @Jessica - So what you're saying is I didn't give you all five sense or have them have kinky or violent sex; is that it? I'm kidding.Seriously, I just felt like this fit the story better, like this was how it should have been written; the whole stroy has left some to the imagination of the readers, so I wanted to do that with the sex too. And YEY! Soon I won't be able to keep you hanging in suspense, though, so maybe I ought not cheer. I'm kidding, again.

    We Are Equals.

    Six Years Later

    “Frankie, are you coming?” Gerard calls down the hallway. Frank steps out of the master bedroom, still adjusting his tie. “You look fine. Better than fine. You’re the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever laid eyes on.” Frank pecks Gerard’s lips with a kiss as he passes him.

    “Flattery will get you nowhere, mister,” Frank mockingly chastises. Frank picks up his suit jacket off the arm of the sofa and starts to put it on before he pauses. He looks over his shoulder at Gerard, who is now standing next to the door with his keys in hand. “Besides, you think I’m the most gorgeous thing you’ve ever seen no matter what I’m wearing… or not wearing. Messed up hair, old sweat pants, and a t-shirt older than you with holes in it, and you still wanna fuck me.”

    Gerard playfully narrows his eyes, a soft smirk on his lips. “You’re about to miss your graduation ceremony and have your degree mailed to you like your GED, gorgeous.” Frank struts past Gerard and out the door. Gerard rolls his eyes and sighs, following Frank out the door.

    Frank continues the conversation in the car. “At least I’m getting one. Before you, I had no future. And I can’t let you be the only one with a degree in this relationship.”

    “All that money for that education and you still can’t read a clock to be in the car on time.” Gerard glances over at Frank, who sticks his tongue out at Gerard. His face quickly drops, though.

    “I forgot to feed the dogs. Damn it. Now they’re going to think I don’t love them,” Frank whines.

    “As much time as you spend with those twenty seven mutts of yours, I think they know you love them. And I fed the dogs.” Frank glares teasingly at Gerard, knowing Gerard can feel him staring. “Stop looking at me like that.”

    Frank crosses his arms over his chest. “Or what?” Gerard smiles deviously.

    “Or you won’t get any tonight.” One side of Frank’s mouth curls into the grin he’s fighting.

    “That means you won’t get any either. So just admit they’re not mutts, and I’ll stop looking at you like this.” Gerard pretends to think for a minute, never taking his eyes off the road. Finally he huffs an exaggerated sigh.

    “Fine. Your six dogs aren’t mutts.” Frank uncrosses his arms and flashes a huge victory grin. “They’re flea bags,” Gerard mutters quickly under his breath but intentionally loud enough for Frank to hear. Frank scoffs dramatically. “I’m kidding.” Frank just rolls his eyes.

    After a few miles, Gerard slides his hand across Frank’s thigh and laces his fingers with Frank’s. Frank lightly squeezes Gerard’s hand.

    “So do I get some tonight?” Gerard asks in a mock pathetic tone. Frank makes a show of biting his thumbnail as he pretends to contemplate.

    “I suppose. But only because I want some, too.” Gerard pulls into the parking lot, and Frank sighs. “I’m nervous.” Gerard squeezes his hand.

    “There’s nothing to be nervous about, babe. You’ve already done the hard part.” Gerard parks the car, and they both climb out. Gerard walks around to Frank and hugs him tightly. Frank looks up at Gerard, and Gerard tucks a loose strand of Frank’s long hair back behind his ear.

    “I love you, Gee,” Frank murmurs, looking Gerard eye to eye. “Thank you.”

    “For what?” Gerard asks softly.

    “Everything,” Frank simply replies before he smiles. He kisses Gerard chastely and begins walking off towards the building’s entrance designated for graduates. Gerard just stands watching Frank go, admiring the remarkable man that was once upon a time and not so long ago hidden below layers of neglect and abuse. Gerard feels chills run up his arms and down his back.

    “I love you, too, Frank. You’re the best decision I ever made,” he whispers tenderly to Frank’s back.


    And that's it! That's the end!

    I have enjoyed writing this story! I forgot how great it is to just write without stressing over the details or plot. And it was so refreshing to just let my imaginary Gerard and imaginary Frank have some fun and happiness! I send my sincerest appreciation to Kadoodle for giving me the inspiration to write this! THANK YOU!!

    In this past week, being able to write without all the stress has helped me to figure out how I want to finish up "Sing for Me, Pretty" (not what happens but the order things are going to happen), so hopefully I can get what I already have rewritten and finish up the next chapter in the coming few days.

    Thank you all for the wonderful support, encouragement, and comments you have given me this past week as I have written this! It has truly been a pleasure! And thank you to all those who have read this after it was complete!

    Warmest hugs and deepest loves to each and every one of you!!
  13. Angila

    Angila InkGirl. Staff Member

    I love it! I'm a sucker for a happy ending, so it was absolutely perfect :)
  14. Athena

    Athena Active Member

    Awww I loved the ending, so happy and perfect...

    Great job Miz :D
  15. BrittMCR

    BrittMCR Active Member

    I'm on my phone so I can't quote anything, but awww Frank has his long hair back :')

    I really loved it! Like Angila, I'm a sucker for happy endings :D
    I absolutely loved the last lines! So sweet!

    Too bad it's over already, but I really loved every single chapter
  16. Miz Erie

    Miz Erie Future Violent Staff Member

    Oh god! I just remembered a part I wanted to put in there and completely forgot!! Damn it! Gerard burned his ownership paperwork in front of Frank one day. This part wouldn't have been in the story, but I was thinking it was sort of a symbolic gesture to help Frank understand that he wasn't Gerard's property. I might redo the last chapter eventually...
  17. I loved it Miz, every single word. What really gets me is the it's so REAL. It could REALLY happen. It's the perfect life and yet not one word is cliche. You have no idea how hard it is for me right now to give this the review it deserves. Absolutely perfect Miz
  18. TheLivingDead

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    Loved this so much. I think it's the first story you've finished that I've read along with!

    It was a perfect ending. I love how comfortable Frank is with Gerard, and vice versa, now. I love that Frank has seven dogs. The fact Frank has his beautiful hair back, how he went to school, I just loved it all. This was such a wonderful story to read; it took off the amount of pressure to finish your other stories. It gave you something fun to write and us readers something fun to read. I'm kind of glad that you didn't make this into a bigger story (though if you had there would have been a lot of material to work with), it was such a fluff story, which is something everybody needs on ocassion.

    Can't wait for more of your writing from stories you're currently writing and stories you'll write in the future!
  19. imnotogay

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    this was amazing, i'm glad i read it.

    everything was so relevant and cute and i guess i just kept aw-ing throughout this all. i love how frank slowly got less uneasy, and how you jumped six years to show how much their relationship had changed, how much more confident frank had become.

    i just love insecure!frank frerard so much it hurts, and yours was so good.

    so yeah ok, i just wanted to thank you for this story and yeah. :)
  20. Lokeriel

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    I finally got around to finishing this, and oh man, it was fantastic, seriously. I'm so crap at writing reviews, but just know that I loved this. The ending was perfect.

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