Who Buys a Husband Online Anyway? [Frerard]

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    Awe. That was so cute n _ n
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    I loved that chapter but I feel so sorry for Frank. He just seems so....I dont know...broken?? Like the way he adressed Gee as master and stuff, it just made me feel for him! Towards the end of the chapter, however, I did start to smile as Frank realised that Gerard was different to the last person, I thought it was so cute. Great chapter, cant wait for more! ^.^
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    I think this is the general concesus for us lol. I never, ever read slash but I like this! Can't wait for more!
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    I really don't have any words! THANK YOU ALL for the comments! I can't reply to all of them or I'd have to make two posts, but I do want to reply to a couple of things...

    @Abby - Of course I know you! You've been my stalker since I started writing fics! Love you, sweetheart! (Good to see you back, too!)

    @Amy - I can't believe you thought of a repremanded puppy! I swear it took my best self control to not have Gerard think that same thing! I kept thinking, "he follows Gerard like a lost puppy." Hahaha! At least I know he came across how I wanted him to! And honestly, I have no idea of the number of chapters; I just have these ideas for how things should go, and I'm trying to make it work. Tim Gunn reference, sorry!

    @Kadoodle - Ah, no... no tearing up! *hugs* But I'm glad you liked it, seeing as how this is for you and all... *winks*

    @MarieArt, Ash, and Angila - Thank you guys for giving this a shot! I'll make sure to give warnings before anything you might not like. But, seeing as how I've never read any "mail order bride" fics, I'm not sure how this is uncommon; I just thought it would be fun to write.

    If I didn't address you directly, THANK YOU for commenting!

    Okay, let's get to the chapter (that's shorter than the last)! Here we go...

    Protect Me.

    Three Days Later

    Gerard is confused when he wakes up with a warm body nearly under his own. It’s not until he wakes a little more that he remembers last night’s events. He had awakened to go to the bathroom and nearly tripped over Frank. Frank had laid himself down in the floor with his blanket. Gerard had leaned down next to him and woke Frank to make sure he was okay. Frank said he’d had a nightmare and was scared when he didn’t recognize where he was when he woke up from it. He seemed so pitiful, and Gerard didn’t think before he wrapped his arms around Frank and told him he wouldn’t ever let anyone hurt Frank again. Frank had made Gerard promise. When Frank had calmed down some, Gerard had helped Frank get in his bed, where Frank had clung to Gerard’s body the rest of the night.

    As much as Gerard wants to let Frank sleep, he knows he’s going to have to wake him to get up. He watches the small framed man next to him breathe for a few minutes first. Frank looks so peaceful for the first time since Gerard laid eyes on him at the bus station; there’s no fear or pain or sadness in his face. Gerard hates to wake him, but he has to work a half shift today.

    “Frank,” Gerard calls as he gives Frank shoulder a shake. Frank groans and nuzzles his face into Gerard’s side. Gerard rubs the back of Frank head. “Frank… c’mon, Frank, wake up.” Frank stirs a little more and then quickly jumps away from Gerard, nearly tumbling over the edge of the bed.

    “I’m sorry… so sorry… I didn’t mean to… I just… I-I—” Frank stammers. Gerard reaches for Frank, settling his hands on Frank’s arms.

    “It’s okay, Frank,” he interrupts. Frank looks like he’s about to burst into full sobs, so Gerard pulls him a little closer but waits for Frank to voluntarily cross the full distance.

    “Come here, Frank,” he murmurs sympathetically. Frank hesitantly slides into Gerard’s embrace. “You want to talk about it?”

    “I had a nightmare, and I thought you’d protect me.” Frank voice has a distressing tone in it. Gerard rubs his hands up and down Frank’s pajama clad back.

    “What was it about? Do you want to tell me?” Gerard hears Frank take a shaky breath.

    “Just things… people… from my past. I just thought they were coming back to get me again.” Gerard feels his heart breaking; he can only imagine what could scare a grown man.

    “Why did you make me promise, Frank? Why couldn’t you protect yourself?” Gerard doesn’t want to take advantage of Frank’s vulnerability, but he feels like this is important.

    “I was too young, too stupid…” Frank takes another shuddery breath. “…too strung out.” They sit silent for a moment.

    Gerard doesn’t want to ask, but he needs to know. “Frank, why did the last buyer send you back? Do you know?” Gerard feels Frank shrug his shoulder against Gerard’s body.

    “He just… I don’t know.” Frank pauses like he’s thinking. “The first couple of days were okay, but then he hit me. It just got worse, like I couldn’t do anything right, until he sent me back one day.”

    “I won’t ever hit you, Frank, I promise.” Gerard hugs Frank a little tighter. He suddenly remembers Frank’s ad. “Is that why you wanted a dog, Frank? To protect you?” Frank’s reply is only a sound mimicking a scared child. Gerard shushes Frank. “I have an idea,” Gerard murmurs soothingly. “Let’s get you a dog today. You want to?”

    Frank raises his head and looks at Gerard. “Really?” he asks.

    “Really. I have a little time before work today. You can help the new dog get settled in while I’m at work.” Frank smiles, and Gerard’s heart melts. “Go get dressed, and we’ll go.”

    Half an hour later, Frank is acting like a kid in a toy shop. Gerard is sure he has spoken to and petted every dog in the local shelter. But two keep getting the most of Frank’s attention. Frank takes them both out in the play yard one at a time. Afterwards, Frank walks back and forth between their kennels.

    “So which one do you want, Frank?” Gerard asks, hoping to encourage Frank to make a decision; they are running out of time.

    Frank looks to Gerard. “Which one do you like better?” Gerard considers the two dogs. One is rather small with light brown fur, and the other is a medium sized dog with grey fur. Gerard likes them both, but he tries to come up with a logical choice.

    “I think the smaller one likes you more. He hasn’t stopped watching you.” Frank looks pleased but tries to hide a giggle from Gerard.

    “She,” he corrects.


    “She’s a girl. Her name is Mama,” Frank reiterates as he leans down to pet Mama once again. She pushes up against Frank’s fingers. “I think I like her, too,” Frank mumbles. Gerard smiles in spite of himself; he loves making Frank happy, even if he has only known him for three days.

    “But you know, she’s not much of a guard dog,” Gerard jokes. Frank keeps petting Mama, clearly thinking about it for a minute. He looks up at Gerard with a sincere expression.

    “I don’t think I need one so much anymore.”


    I literally just got this part finished. I had something I wanted to add to the end, but this just seemed like a good stopping spot, like more would have taken away from it. I'm not scrapping what I wanted to do, though; I'm going to use it in a different part. And I know; it's getting a little cliche, but I just feel like doing some "cliche" for a change. Hopefully you all don't mind. Okay, shutting up...

    Thank you all for reading! Hugs and loves to everyone!
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    Aw, so sweet. I really think I'll love this fic.

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    B'awww, the feels, I have them. That was great.
  7. Dem feels Miz! Too cute for words!

    I'm glad I picked up on the puppy thing, especially if that's how you envisioned it. I liked the way you ended Miz, even if the chapter was really short.

    Lets see where it'll all take us then :D
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    The length of the chapter doesn't matter because it was still amazing! It was just super cute at the end, but at the beginning Frank seemed so scared and almost childlike, but Gerard is so sweet to him. I love this story so much!
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    Awww, that was adorable...

    It was a little sad to start with when Frank had the nightmare and laid on the floor, but then it got cute when Gerard took him into his bed and promised to not let anyone hurt him, then it got really adorable with the puppy's and how Gerard likes making Frank happy....Think I smiled the whole way through reading the chapter...

    Length doesn't matter as long as it's good :) Also the ending seemed perfect for me, it's Frank telling Gerard he doesn't need a guard dog because he has Gerard now, but not seeing Gerard's reaction...I think it was great :)
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    Too cute! I hope he can pull poor little Frankie out of his shell.
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    I feel so bad for Frank and the life he used to have. The way Frank's first owner treated him was just awful.

    They are so adorable I don't even have words to express how much those two make me smile.

    And they got a dog! I was hoping you would put that in the story when I saw that it was all Frank wanted from the next person that bought him.

    Even though it was short, it ended in such a good place. Besides quality over quantity!
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    @MarieArt - I'm just still beside myself that you, Ash, and Angila are reading it! I hope you continue to enjoy it through the end of it.

    @Ash - I like giving people "feels"; it means I've done my job correctly! Thank you!

    @Amy - You, too, with the "feels"! And you've always had some adept ability to see what I saw while writing whatever it is. Why are you in my head?! But I love it! I'll set you up a space next to invisible Frank and invisible Gerard, hahaha!

    @MissNothing - Thank you! Yes, I wanted Frank to seem, maybe not childlike, but small definately. I'm so glad you love it!

    @Athena - Thank you so much for the kind words! Yes, that is exactly what Frank was saying there at the end.

    @Angila - Thanks! I keep feeling like this is all so mushy and cliche (not what I normally write at all!), but I'm loving it too much to change the way it's going. My point it that you might get your wish.

    @Jessica - You of all people should know I have Frank's whole backstory in my head even though it's never going to make it into the fic, and yeah, it's not very nice. Well, all these comments make me smile like an idiot, so we're even. And again, you should know that I don't mention something like that to never mention it again. *wink* Yeah, well, my quality isn't always the best... Love you, girlie!

    Okay, you guys... **LITTLE WARNING FOR THE VERY END OF THIS CHAPTER** But it's PG, I promise!

    I Wanted To.

    Eight Days Later

    Gerard walks in the door from work and is greeted by high pitched squeals and giggles. He tosses his coat in the closet and then follows the sounds, which lead him to Frank’s bedroom. He finds Frank on the bed with Mama on top of him licking his face and being playful. Mama bounces on Frank’s chest again, and Frank lets out another squeal of delight.

    “No, Mama! Go get Gee! He’s home now! No, ju—” Mama licks Frank right in the mouth, and Frank laughs energetically. Frank has only begun laughing in the last couple of days, and the sound of Frank’s laughter makes Gerard’s dull day at work seem like a distant memory.

    “Come here, you,” Gerard half shouts as he dashes for the bed. He scoops Mama up after landing next to Frank. “What are you doing to Frankie? You’re going to kill him with happiness if you don’t stop that!” Mama just wriggles out of Gerard’s arms and leaps into Frank’s lap again.

    “That’s not a nice way to greet, Gee,” Frank half-heartedly chastises Mama.

    “Well, she is your dog. I’ll get over it.” Gerard pets Mama’s head, her playfulness suddenly gone in favor of being petted. “I need to go get dinner on anyway,” Gerard states as he stands from the bed.

    “Already done.” Gerard looks back at Frank, who is smirking like an imp. Frank pushes Mama off onto the bed and begins to stand up himself. “It’s not much since I can’t really cook all that well, but I made spaghetti and garlic bread.” Frank makes his way past Gerard, brushing himself just slightly against Gerard body. Gerard is pretty sure the contact was intentional.

    Gerard follows Frank into the kitchen to the table. Frank has everything set up, ready to dish out the food and eat. Gerard sits down, a bit uncomfortable. Frank begins serving up the pasta.

    “Frank, I didn’t… uh… didn’t b—” Gerard clears his throat, trying to figure out what to say instead of “buy you.”

    “It’s okay, Gerard. You didn’t buy me…” Frank leads Gerard, saying the words he knows Gerard hates to say while he makes his own plate.

    “…to be a servant,” Gerard finishes. Frank grabs a piece of garlic toast as he sits down himself.

    “I know I’m not ‘a servant’ because you don’t treat me like one. I wanted to do this for you.” Frank takes a bite, just looking at Gerard staring at him. He chews enough that he figures it wouldn’t be too rude to talk. “It’s already cooling off. You should eat before it’s completely cold,” he says around his mouthful of food while motioning towards Gerard’s plate with his fork.

    Gerard finally manages to break his trance and takes a bite. “Mmm, this is good, Frankie.” Gerard shovels in another mouthful before he realizes Frank has stopped moving and is just watching Gerard from under his eyebrows. He rethinks what he just said. He quickly swallows when he recalls what he said; he’s never called Frank by a pet name unless he was talking to Mama. “Frank, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…” Frank raises his head up from its lowered position, and Gerard can see the hint of a smile on Frank’s lips. “I just like calling you Frankie.” Gerard waits with bated breath for Frank’s reaction.

    “I like calling you Gee,” is all he says. Gerard looks down at his plate for a moment and then back up at Frank.

    “Okay then.”

    “So how was your day at work, Gee?” Frank asks, moving on as if nothing had happened. Gerard tells him about the few things that had happened. Frank listens eagerly. When Gerard is finished, Frank tells Gerard about his and Mama’s trip to the park today. Gerard is rapt in Frank’s animated story telling. Frank continues talking as they put away dinner and clean the kitchen up. Gerard swears he can just listen to Frank talk for the rest of his life. Frank slows down a while after they take the conversation to the sofa and eventually stops all together. Gerard looks up at Frank. Frank is picking at his nails again.

    “Why’d you stop?” Frank just keeps on with his nails. “Did you run out words for the day?” he jokes.

    “I figured you didn’t want to hear anymore. You weren’t replying anymore.” Gerard watches Frank tuck his hands between his thighs.

    “No, Frankie. I just… I kind of like…” he pauses, hesitant to say what he wants to. Frank looks at him with endearing eyes. “I like listening to you talk, Frankie. I wasn’t trying to be rude. I just… I didn’t want you to stop.”

    “Oh,” Frank breathes. He shifts a little. “Well, I’m going to turn in.” He stands from the sofa, and Gerard follows suit.

    “Yeah, I better do that, too.” They walk down the hall together, and Frank opens his door. “G’night, Frankie.”

    “Night, Gee,” Frank replies softly.

    A little while later Gerard is lying in bed reading when he hears a soft knock on his door. “Come in,” he calls. Frank walks in slowly, Mama right on his heels. He just stands right inside Gerard’s door awkwardly, his gaze on the floor. Gerard waits, but Frank never says anything. Growing concerned, he sits up and asks, “Do you need something Frank?”

    “Mama wants to sleep in your bed tonight,” he mumbles so quietly Gerard has to strain to hear him. Gerard bites his lower lip to stop from grinning.

    “Oh she does?”

    Frank barely nods. “Mm-hm.” Gerard watches Frank for a moment, observing his slumped shoulders and bowed head. Gerard feels emotions stirring, and he knows he wants “Mama” is his bed, too.

    He motions with his head. “C’mon then.” He starts scooting over and raises the covers. Frank cautiously climbs in. Mama just stands next to the bed watching. Gerard clicks out the light and lies back down, turning to face Frank’s stiff, supine body. Gerard slowly reaches out his hand and places it on Frank’s arm. Frank takes a deep breath and gradually slides towards Gerard. He turns to face Gerard, and Gerard loosely drapes his arm over Frank’s side.

    “Mama doesn’t sleep in the bed, you know,” Gerard murmurs softly. “I still would’ve let you sleep in here if you’d have said you wanted to.” Gerard only hears Frank breathing in reply.

    Gerard is nearly asleep when he feels soft lips against his own. In the haze of sleep, Gerard begins to kiss back until his brain finally realizes what is going on. He jumps back a little. “Frank…” he whispers, “I don’t know if we should…” But Gerard knows his increased respiration is giving away his true desires.

    “I know,” Frank utters back. He rests his hand on Gerard’s chest. “I just wanted to kiss you.”

    “Oh,” Gerard breathes. Frank can feel Gerard’s heart beating wildly under his hand. He leans back in and presses his lips to Gerard’s once again. And this time, Gerard doesn’t stop him.


    My regular readers will already know this probably, but most of my stories have some writing technique that's unique to each one. I'm finding that this one has chapters that end with you knowing what happens but leaving a little left to the imagination. I'm normally not the kind of writer that leaves anything to the imagination, and I don't know why this one is like that. But I'm kind of liking it, so... yeah.

    As always, you guys are the bestest, and hugs and loves to each one of you!! :wub:
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    I'm so glad Frank is coming into his own with Gerard around. And Mama reminds me of my dog, so sweet :) My favorite part was probably Gerard enjoying Frank talking so much. It was just a dawww moment. I love it! Can't wait for more!
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    Ah! I love it. So amazing. Truly adorable! I want more! <3
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    Aw. They're slowly falling for each other.

    I really love that line for some reason.
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    I really liked this chapter, purely because Frank is starting to act more natural around Gerard....I thought that the end was really cute though when frank said "Mama" wanted to sleep in the bed and the kiss at the end was really sweet. They are starting to fall for one another and it's just so adorable!
    I love your writing style, I've read a few of your other fics and I can see what you mean by not usually leaving anything to the imagination but it works so well with this fic. Your an amazing writer Miz and I cannot wait for more :)
  17. I'll have to change my location now to Inside Miz Erie's head, sat between Invisible Frank and Invisible Gerard (Perth, Western Australia) BAHAHAHA
    I might just do that. I like being in your head sometimes, it's comfy :D

    Is it odd I like the slowness of their relationship? Frank is too cute for words and Gerard seems to have begun losing his awkwardness. I love as usual Miz
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    @Angila - Thank you! I always try to incorporate something about the real guys into the story somewhere, be it details about one of Frank's tattoos or one of Gerard's favorite comic books; I just saw a great opportunity to write in one of Frank's dogs, although I'm not exactly writing Mama (she's old and fat now, haha.). I think my favorite part is how Frank was so small when he wanted to sleep in Gerard's bed. But I do love Gerard just wanting Frank to talk.

    @Madrox - Thank you!

    @MarieArt - You and Amy both mentioned how slowly they are falling for each other. I'm glad you don't think it's moving too quickly; I was afraid of that. I love that line, too; for me, it's the visual I get from it. Thank you for continuing to read!

    @MissNothing - With the kiss at the end, I wanted it to be kind of innocent. Thank you so much for the compliments! I put a lot into all of my stories, and it's nice to know my hard work is appreciated.

    @Amy - I'm being conceited--I want to see you do that, hahaha! But you can't be between them or they'll get mad. :/ They're inseparable in my head. I'm trying to find the slowness. I said Gerard was awkward in the story, but as I read it over, I'm realizing I didn't really make Gerard all that awkward. :/ It's a little late to fix that now. Thank you, sweetheart.

    Tada! I have a new chapter for you finally. I kind of struggled with it a little, as it wanted to go one way and I wanted it to go another. But regardless, I like the way it came out. I hope you all will too!

    Can This Be?

    Two Weeks Later

    Frank looks up from his book. “Gee?” He looks over to his soon-to-be husband sitting beside him in the bed. Their hands are loosely interlocked between them. Gerard scrolls the page down a little more. He’s checking to make sure he has done everything needed for the marriage tomorrow.

    “Hmm?” Gerard hums distractedly, half turning his head towards Frank but not taking his gaze from the screen. Frank just sits looking at him. “…and that’s done; that paper’s with the others…” Gerard mumbles to himself before realizing Frank’s not saying anything. He finally turns his full attention to Frank.

    “Why did you buy me?” Frank inquiries casually. Gerard lightly squeezes Frank’s hand in his; several times Frank has asked questions like this out of the blue, and Gerard has answered them all with honesty. Gerard raises an eyebrow.

    “Frankie, you know why. I have to be married by my birthday in a couple of week,” he answers, unsure where Frank is going with this.

    Frank’s gaze doesn’t waiver. “Yeah, I know that. What I mean is, why me?”

    “Well…” Gerard sighs, trying to recall exactly what made him click the “purchase” button. He feels Frank start picking at his fingernail with his thumb, and Gerard subtly moves his thumb over Frank’s to stop him and then rubs Frank’s thumb with his own for reassurance. “I really don’t know, Frank. There was just something about your eyes…” Gerard’s eyes flick to their intertwined fingers, and he chuckles softly remembering the ad on the website. He looks back at Frank. “…and the fact that all you wanted was a dog.” Frank draws his brows together, creasing his forehead.

    “So, you bought me for my eyes and a dog?” he asks skeptically. “Wouldn’t a dog have been cheaper?”

    “Well I need somebody to watch after the dog, don’t I?” Gerard retorts jokingly. He can see Frank’s lips tighten as Frank tries to resist smiling. “But honestly, I just had a gut feeling you were…” Gerard doesn’t want to say ‘the right person for me,’ but it’s the truth. He draws a slow, deep breath and then changes the direction of the statement, “…that we’d get along better than I would have with the rest of those guys.”

    “Oh.” Frank’s tone is neither disappointed nor elated. He picks his book back up and goes back to reading, so Gerard turns back to his laptop. Frank doesn’t let go of Gerard’s hand as he turns the page. At this point, though, he’s only pretending to read; his mind is racing. He comes to a conclusion. “I’m glad you bought me,” he murmurs, not looking up at Gerard. This immediately catches Gerard’s attention.

    “Why?!” Gerard exclaims as if Frank had something deplorable, but Frank knows by now how uncomfortable Gerard is with his ‘owner’ status, which is part of the answer to Gerard’s question.

    “Because you saved me,” Frank answers without hesitation. “God only knows who else could have bought me or what they would have done to me. God knows what bad habits I might have picked up again. And here, with you, I’m free from all of that.” Gerard smiles awkwardly.

    “I’m just treating you like a person, Frankie, like you should be treated.” Gerard tightens his grip on Frank’s hand, and Frank squeezes back.

    Frank startles Gerard with another question yet again, “What does being in love feel like?” Gerard sucks in a sharp breath; he knows the implications of that question because he’s been asking himself the same question.

    Gerard finally finds his voice. “I don’t really know, Frankie.” Frank looks down for a second, biting on his lower lip.

    “I think I’m falling in love with you,” he mutters. He looks back up at Gerard, and Gerard can see Frank’s need for validation behind his eyes. Gerard tilts his head to the side slightly and smiles softly at Frank.

    “I think I’m falling for you, too,” he all but whispers. Frank smiles in spite of himself and leans into Gerard’s body, placing a kiss on Gerard’s lips. Gerard hugs Frank tightly.

    “I’m glad I’m marrying you tomorrow, regardless of how it came to be,” Frank murmurs into Gerard’s ear.

    “Me too, Frankie. Me too.”


    I'm debating the next chapter. I kind of want to write the next day, but I'm not sure what it would be other than fluffy filler just to show the actual nuptials. So I leave it up to you all not Mibba or AO3 readers. Do you want to see the courthouse marriage or do you want me to continue moving the story along?

    Hugs and loves to everyone!
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    Sorry I didn't get to comment on the last chapter! It was great as always.

    Frank is so much like a child or a puppy it's unreal. He's got such a vulnerable and naive sense about him that makes you want to cuddle him. When he asked about falling in love and then said he thought he was, I couldn't help the 'awww' that escaped my lips at the cuteness.

    Gerard is a little more awkward in this chapter than the last one. It's so funny to read his awkwardness in answering Frank's questions. He really doesn't know how to answer them.

    If at all possible, could you maybe include both ideas. Maybe have a little more of a fluff with flashbacks to the more important/interesting things they did on their wedding day, but still go on with the story? I'm a sucker for some of the things in weddings, but if there's a lot of wedding scenes that aren't terribly interesting I get bored.
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    Awww so cute! I think you should do what you feel is best. Whatever will move the story forward for you that you would feel comfortable with, ya know? We'll be happy with whatever you decide to do!

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