While The World Was Screaming Death, He Chose Him A Different Song To Hear

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    wait... that's not euthanasia, is it?! It'd be illegal anyway, without Gerard's consent... :/
    I hope that's just something that will lessen the pain, or maybe even something that will make him better... Great, now you've left it on a cliffhanger! D:

    And thank you for the double update! I'm looking forward to the next one! :)
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    Please update your chapter index ;)
    Thanks, dear.
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    Chapter 7

    @MarieArt thanks for the reminder it's all up to date now.

    His eyes opened slowly as the bright light assaulted them. He reached to rub them and winced as it tugged on the tubes in his arms. Then his eyes snapped open suddenly. He could feel his arms, his legs. He wriggled his toes experimentally, looking up into the tearful eyes of his little brother. Mikey squealed and reached down to hug him tightly. He savoured the feel of his brother’s arms. On his other side Ray gripped his hand tightly, ecstatic at the recovery of his friend. Gerard looked around him for Frank but he wasn’t there. He looked at Mikey confused. Mikey shared a painful look with Ray.

    “Frank gave up stem cells and nerves because your body couldn’t repair yours. He’s in a coma, they don’t know if he’s going to recover yet. If he does he might be paralysed.” Mikey looked down sadly.

    “Mikey, how could you let him do that? For me? Oh god,” Gerard began shaking at the thought of Frank doing that for him. He wanted to cry but his body told him he should be happy at his recovery. The thoughts that were now clear in his head again began to get confused between joy and agonising pain at what his friend had done.

    “I didn’t know; neither of us did. He did it after we left, we only found out when we came in next morning.”

    “Oh God. Frankie.”



    Frank lay motionless in his hospital bed, the only sound was that of the machines that were keeping him alive, beeping and humming. Gerard pulled up a chair and sat by his friend’s bedside. He owed his life to him and knew that he wouldn’t leave his side until the end. “Frank, I don’t know if you can hear me but I want to thank you, I owe you my life Frank” he let go of his hand to wipe his eyes “I won’t leave you, you know I’ll be here until the end”

    Still Frank lay motionless.

    “How is he?” Mikey asked from the doorway, causing Gerard to jump; he had been lost in his thoughts, holding Frank’s hand with tears streaming down his face.

    “He hasn’t moved a muscle Mikey” Gerard looked up “but I hope he’s in there somewhere, listening, he has to be Mikey, he can’t be gone”

    “I know Gerard, it’s just a question of time”

    “He saved me Mikey, he saved me! He can’t die”

    “I know Gee, he’s fighting it, I just know it.”
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    this story is heartbreaking i love it please write more x
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    Chapter 8

    This is the last chapter I'm afraid. I've enjoyed this :) Thanks for reading :thumbsup:


    Mikey sadly watched the coffin lowered into the ground. Next to him a few tears began to leak out of the corners of Gerard’s eyes. Usually it was Mikey that always cried at funerals, but he guessed that Gerard had known him better.

    Around them, other people started leaving; ready to go back to their own crazy lives after a morning of sadness. Soon it was just them left, gazing at the new marble tombstone and the flowers surrounding it. Ray smiled sadly before walking to the car. Gerard sniffed and blew his nose.

    “Guys, I’m not being funny, but I’m fed up now and I can’t do anything about it without one of you two. Plus, I have a hospital appointment in an hour to finally get out of this thing and I’m wearing a fucking suit. You know it’ll take us half an hour to get me out of it and into something else.” Mikey and Gerard both looked down at Frank, looking disgruntled in his wheelchair.

    “Frank, that’s inappropriate at a funeral,” Gerard scolded him.

    “Dude, I’m not a child. But I do need to pee too.” Gerard laughed and began wheeling him to the car, joking together. Mikey took one last look at the grave of Howard Benson, producer of their second album that, for Mikey, was their most important, before walking after Gerard and Frank, smiling.
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    Last chapter!!! How could you do this to us so soon!!
    It was amazing !!!!!
    I was really scared at first, lol :p
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    i thought it was frank in that coffin then! how can it be over? :'( it was amazing while it lasted xxx
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    Thank you to everyone who commented on this :wub:
    I'm sad it's over too but maybe when I'm not drowning in coursework I'll get around to writing something by myself this time.

    Rosie2310 co-wrote this, she's an amazing writer, better than I am. Check out her fics!

    and with that I grant you adieu! :clap:
  9. awesome! you and Rosie should write more, you're both so talented! :3
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    Wait...what?! IT'S FINISHED ALREADY?! Awwww...

    But you two are really good writers, you should so really write some more! :)
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    i'm going to take this opportunity to poke my head out and say I also really appreciate your comments.

    this honestly started out as a joke in a boring computer lesson which is partly why it's so short but we both love it and we have been considering doing it again. i know i would love to *hint hint kate* =D

    thank you lovely peoples, your comments have given us both those lovely warm, comment-caused, fuzzy feelings in our insides :wub:
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    I loved this! Just wante to say that <33

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