While The World Was Screaming Death, He Chose Him A Different Song To Hear

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    Title: While The World Was Screaming Death, He Chose Him A Different Song To Hear
    Rating: 15
    Main Characters: Gerard Way, Frank Iero, Mikey Way, Ray Toro, Bob Bryar
    Summary: Gerard finds he can't write any more and is keeping something from the rest of the band, when it leads to arguments between them, Gerard finally decides to tell Frank.
    Genre: Drama

    Co-written with Rosie2310

    Chapter Index:
    Chapter One - Page One
    Chapter Two - Page Two
    Chapter Three - Page Two
    Chapter Four - Page Two
    Chapter Five - Page Two
    Chapter Six - Page Two
    Chapter Seven - Page Three
    Chapter Eight [final chapter] - Page Three
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    Ohh, sounds interesting...
    *waits for first chapter to see if is as good as sounds*
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    Chapter 1

    “Just start writing,” demanded Frank angrily.

    “You can’t make me” retorted Gerard.

    “Stop being so difficult! You’re the only thing holding this back! Stop messing around, I’m fed up of you and I know the others feel the same!” Frank shouted at him. “Don’t let this be the end, Gerard.” He whispered quietly afterward.

    “Goodbye Frank” he whispered, feeling defeated and staring at the door that his friend had just stalked out of. The blank pad fell to the floor at his feet. How could he tell them what was happening to him? He knew he had to, to stop them hating him.


    Frank, I am so sorry. You have no idea how bad I feel. Please come back to me.

    Gerard sighed; everything he typed came out wrong. He’d typed and re-typed the same text a million times. No matter what he wrote, the words sounded pathetic and hollow.


    “What do you want Gerard?” Frank stood in his apartment door, looking tired and grumpy.

    “Can I talk to you?”

    “Sure, talk.” Frank snapped heartlessly.

    “Inside, Frankie. This is important.” Frank sighed and gave in at the use of his nickname. He led Gerard into the kitchen and they sat down at the old, battered table that Gerard had spent many tired, post-tour mornings sat at.

    “What is it Gerard?” Frank asked, exasperated. He never offered Gerard a drink.

    “I’m ill Frankie.” Frank’s head shot up, he looked horrified.

    “What? How?”

    “The doctors don’t know, never seen anything like it apparently. I’ve been to about fifteen hospitals and none of them know. My body is shutting down. I’m going to slowly start losing my senses, my control over my body and finally my emotions. Eventually I’m just going to become an empty shell. Already I’ve lost some of my creativity and my ability to think clearly. Everything’s suddenly all jumbled up in here.” Gerard tapped the side of his head for emphasis. “That’s why I can’t write at the moment. If I do think of an idea, it gets lost in all the mess before I can write it down.”

    “Oh Gerard you should have said something.” Frank shuffled along in his chair and wrapped his arms around his friend and mumbled into his shoulder “I’m so sorry I pushed you into writing, I didn’t know” he looked up tearfully, “do the others know?”

    Gerard rubbed the tears from Frank’s eyes and shook his head,

    “I didn’t have the heart to tell them”

    Frank gave a heavy sigh “Do you” he broke off, shaking “do you know how long you have left?” he asked slowly.

    Gerard swallowed “They don’t know. Only time will tell”
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    It is as amazing as it sounded!!!!
    I shall definately be waiting for the next chapter!!!!!
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    Oh wow, this looks really good! I'll definitely be following this story, looking forward to future chapters! :)
  6. *whistles*
    I'm interested!
    Count me in as a reader!
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    im. dying. inside. now. from. being. so. shocked
    UR amazing
    this story is also amazing
    oh yeah i went there
    im crazy
    have u noticed
    im like a rabid squirl (spelling?)
    jk jk
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    Wow, thanks for commenting. I never expected anyone to even look at this, let alone like it. It means a lot, thank you :thumbsup:

    Next update will probably when I get home from school which isn't until 5pm, stupid coursework :angry: but I'm looking forward to seeing what you all think of the next part.
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    Looking forward to it :D
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    Chapter 2

    Frank watched sadly as Gerard hunched in the corner, pad and pen in his hands, tears rolling down cheeks, visibly shaking. He jumped when Ray appeared at his shoulder.

    “Do you know?” Frank asked quietly. Ray nodded sadly.

    “He told me before we came into the studio. Fuck, Frankie.” He whispered.

    “Does Mikey know yet?” Frank asked, glancing at Gerard’s younger brother, who was dozing on the sofa. Ray shook his head.

    “Gee doesn’t know how to break it to him. He’s going to be devastated.” Frank nodded sadly as Gerard gave up and slumped against the wall, sobbing desperately.


    “You have to tell him sometime” Frank sat down and put his head on Gerard’s shoulder.

    “I know Frankie, I know. Every time I try to tell him it goes wrong. The words won’t come” Gerard sighed and wondered why nothing was ever simple. “What do I do Frank?”

    “Gee, I know this is going to be hard for you but Mikey should know” he got up and squeezed his shoulder “good luck” he whispered.


    Gerard took a deep breath.

    “Mikey? Can I talk to you?”

    Mikey looked up from his comic book at his older brother and best friend “Sure, what’s up?”

    “Mikey, y’know how lately I haven’t been able to write lyrics, or draw and I’ve been going out a lot with no explanations?” Gerard said quietly, not looking at him.

    “Yeah,” Mikey replied, getting worried.

    “I’m ill Mikey.”


    “Oh god Frank, what am I going to do? He can’t leave me!” Mikey sobbed, snuggling closer into Frank’s chest. Frank hugged him tighter, tears running down his own cheeks.

    “I don’t know Mikey; I don’t know what any of us are going to do.” Mikey cried harder; Frank always knew what to do. “You have to stay strong Mikey, for Gerard’s sake. This isn’t going to be easy for him.” Mikey sniffed and nodded obediently, sitting up and hugging his knees. Frank wiped his own tears away.

    “I’m scared Frankie.”

    “Me too Mikey” Frank whispered “me too”
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    Poor Mikey... this chapter just broke my heart. But an amazing chapter nonetheless! Can't wait for the next one! <3
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    I know how Mikey feels because this has happened to me.. Well nOt about an unknown disese.. My uncle had cancer and died wIthin 2 months so I can imagine what Mikey is going through.
    My reply was actually really serious... Im amazed
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    Chapter 3

    Ray sat in the corner of the room, not saying anything, just observing.

    He watched Frank and Gerard sitting on the sofa, watching a film on the laptop on Frank’s lap. He saw them in each other’s arms and realised, with a pang of sadness that in a few months Frank might have to watch his films alone.

    He saw Mikey, sitting in his armchair, hunched over his laptop. His eyes were sad but he knew he had to stay strong, the death of the boys’ grandma had really torn him apart, how would he deal with the loss of his only brother?

    And then there was Bob, who had solemnly accepted the news, he was sat in the far corner and Ray could see the sadness affecting him, a sadness which he refused to show.

    It was hard for Ray to see his friends so sad, this isn’t right, we should be making Gerard’s time left memorable. We shouldn’t sit around mourning something that hasn’t happened yet he thought.


    “Frank! Frankie!” Gerard cried out, sounding terrified. He heard the sound of Frank falling off the sofa in shock, a long line of expletives and then Frank appeared by his bed, his hand clasping Gerard’s.

    “Gerard, it’s okay, I’m here! It’s okay, I’m here, what’s wrong?” Frank was repeating himself in panic.

    “My left hand, I can’t feel my left hand.” Gerard whispered, tears sliding down his cheeks. Frank’s breath caught in his throat and he bundled Gerard into a hug.

    “Let’s get you to the hospital.”


    “I’m sorry Mr Way. It would appear this particular part of your illness is your nerves shutting down. There’s nothing I can do.”

    “I understand, thank you, doctor.” Gerard stood up to leave, subconsciously cradling his left hand. “You coming Frank?”

    “Yeah, I’ll be right with you.” Gerard shrugged and left Frank with the doctor. Five minutes later Frank joined him by the car, a single tear sliding down his cheek.
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    NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    IS HE TURNING WAREWOLF???????????????
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    Chapter 4

    @ToTheEnd<3MCR Hi! I wasn't sure if anyone was still reading this so here's your update :)


    “What am I going to do Frank? I thought I had more time” Gerard stared out of the window with tears streaming down his cheeks.

    “We just have to make the most of it Gee” Frank reached over and grasped Gerard’s right hand. “I promise you that you can go happy” he swallowed “I’ll make sure of it”.

    Gerard stared into his friend’s eyes. “Thank you” he whispered.

    Gerard walked through the door and went straight upstairs, locking himself in his room and putting on some music, fumbling with the CDs awkwardly with his one good hand.

    “How did it go?” Mikey asked Frank, he’d been waiting for them to get back from the hospital. Frank screwed his eyes shut, not wanting to cry in front of Ray and Mikey.

    “He’s lost control of his left hand; the doctors think it will start to spread up his arm soon. He’s devastated, we’re going to have to help him do even the littlest things like tying his laces or cutting up his food” Frank dumped his jacket and sat down heavily “What are we going to do guys?” he cried, putting his head in his hands.


    “Gerard do you need anything?” Mikey asked cautiously.

    “Mikey, I’m fine; if I need something I’ll ask. Stop mothering me!” Gerard sighed.

    “Don’t take it out on Mikey, Gee, he’s just scared, we all are.” Frank reasoned. Gerard sighed and apologised to his brother, pulling him in for a hug with his one good arm.

    “Come on, let’s practice this one last song and then get some rest before the show tomorrow,” Ray reasoned, trying to disperse the slightly awkward atmosphere, no one knew how to act anymore.

    “My last show ever; it had better be good.” Gerard laughed humourlessly. Ray and Frank shared a look and Mikey sniffed quietly before they launched into I’m Not Okay.


    “How fitting” said Gerard quietly halfway through the song, causing the others to stop playing.

    Mikey frowned, they were halfway through the show, Gerard had said that he had wanted to carry on as normal. What was he doing?

    “Guys, you’re like family to me” Gerard faced the crowd, summing up the courage to speak.
    “There’s something I have to tell you all. I’m sick.” He saw the sea of concerned faces and felt himself welling up.

    “My left arm is pretty much useless; it’s going to spread to the rest of my body. Mikey had to help me get dressed this morning!” he laughed humourlessly. “I just want to thank you for all the support that you’ve shown us over the years. Keep the faith my friends.” He scurried off, the worried murmurs making him even more upset.

    “Gerard!” cried Frank running after him.

    “I couldn’t do it Frankie!” Gerard sobbed in Frank’s arms. “I couldn’t see them all so happy knowing it was our last show and I just –” Gerard cut off suddenly. Frank looked down at the figure curled up in his arms, wondering why he’d just stopped.

    “Gee? Gerard?”

    “My leg Frankie, my leg’s gone.” Gerard slumped further into Frank and began crying again. Frank sighed desperately and kissed the top of his head before calling out to Mikey for his help.

    “C’mon” said Mikey, taking his brother’s left arm while Frank took his right, together they pulled him to his feet and took his weight together.

    “Let’s get you to the hospital”


    “Doctor, it’s getting worse”

    “I know Mr Way, I’m afraid all you can do now is try to adapt, I’m sorry. I know this is hard for you”


    “Look guys, I’m like House!” cried Gerard, hobbling in the door with his new walking stick and trying to stay positive.

    “Well let’s hope you’ll be a better doctor than the idiots who can’t do anything to help you” said Frank bitterly.

    “There’s no use talking like that Frank, we need to stay positive, I’ve accepted this situation, you should too” said Gerard, wrapping his good arm awkwardly around Frank and smiling weakly.

    “I know, it’s just hard, you know? I can’t bear to think that you’re losing your independence and you won’t be here forever”

    “We’ll get through it, we’re made of tougher stuff than that” he attempted a smile; he knew he had to stay strong, for Frank’s sake but more importantly for his own.

    “That’s the problem, we won’t” Gerard dropped his arm and sat down heavily. Frank sat down next to him and curled into his side. “You wouldn’t believe the amount of support and letters and stuff we’ve had from fans. If you could be cured from support alone then you’d be practically immortal by now,” Gerard laughed at what Frank said.

    “Come on Frankie, I need to pee and Mikey isn’t around.” Gerard grinned evilly.

    “Just don’t tell the fan girls.” Frank laughed as he pulled Gerard up,


    “Night Gerard” said Mikey, turning out the light after helping Gerard to get ready for bed and tucking him in.

    “Night Mikey”

    “It’s going to be okay, you know that right?”

    “I know Mikey”

    “Sleep well Gerard”
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    OMG NOO!! He's going to quickly!! MAKE HIM STAY LONGER!!!!!!

    Pfft why would anyone stop reading this?!!! I'm still here too XD
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    Chapter 5

    Gerard woke and opened his eyes, beginning what was becoming routine.

    He wriggled his toes on what he called ‘his good leg’, satisfied with the control he had over them and moved up, kicking out his leg, pleased with the movement. He didn’t bother with the other leg, he knew that was long gone.

    He blinked and opened and closed his mouth, he knew he’d be okay as long as he could speak and tried moving the fingers of his right hand. He frowned and the realisation dawned on him: his right arm had gone.

    “Damn, how will I brush my teeth now!?” his hysterics soon turned to tears, he was losing control.

    “Gerard?” called Frank, sounding alarmed. He stood in the doorway, trying to take in the look of panic on his friend’s face. “What is it?”

    “Help me up Frank, my arm’s gone” Gerard stared at Frank, eyes wide.

    “I’ll go get help,” said Frank, dashing back to the room he shared with Ray, not wanting to leave Gerard alone for too long.

    “Ray, you awake?” he hissed from the doorway.

    “Yeah, what do you want?” Ray answered from his bed.

    “Come help me get Gerard downstairs, he’s lost his other arm and I can’t lift him by myself.”

    “Oh shit” said Ray, climbing out of bed and pulling on a pair of jeans.
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    Evil evil evil evil person...... OMG NOOOOOOO!!!!!!
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    BOTH arms now?!

    NONONONONONONONO, this is happening way too quickly!!

    life's gonna be so hard for Gee now, without either arm... :'(

    Can't wait for the next update!
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    Chapter 6

    The last chapter was pretty short so you're getting two today because I'm nice like that :)

    Two days later Gerard lost control over his other leg. Frank, Ray and Mikey helped him into hospital, tears running down Mikey’s cheeks the entire time. They stood together by his bedside in the hospital, Ray supporting Mikey, Frank holding a hand that Gerard could not feel, as nurses plugged him into machines that monitored how he was. The doctor joined them ten minutes later.

    “I’m sorry, there’s nothing we can do. After this, he will begin to lose his senses and speech. All we can do is wait.”

    “I would appreciate it if you could talk to me too; I’m not a shell yet.” Gerard snapped, the doctor looked shocked and left the room quickly after checking over the monitors.

    “Guys, I don’t want to leave.” Gerard whispered.

    “We know Gee, we don’t want you to go either.” Mikey told him, hugging Ray tightly, pretending it was his brother that hugged him back. Frank suddenly snatched his hand from Gerard’s, running out of the door. Gerard looked hurt for a minute but then seemed to accept that his best friend just needed space to process.

    “Doctor!” Frank called after him; he stopped and turned to face him.

    “Can I help you?”

    “What we discussed after Gerard lost his left hand, is it still possible? Would it work?” Frank asked desperately. The doctor looked unsure.

    “I’m not sure, there’s no way to tell, but yes, I believe it would work.”

    “I want you to do it, as soon as I can get rid of Mikey and Ray.” The doctor nodded thoughtfully before agreeing. “Give me ten minutes.” Frank smiled gratefully before running
    back to Gerard’s room.

    “Guys, it’s not right that we’re all here, we should take turns to stay with Gerard.” Gerard agreed vocally but Mikey looked unsure. “Mikey, I know you didn’t get any sleep last night! Go home, eat, sleep, you can come back tomorrow morning.” Frank knew that Gerard would force his baby brother to go home if he knew he hadn’t slept, he was counting on that. He was right and soon Ray was leading a tearful Mikey out to the car.

    Frank was with Gerard for five minutes longer when the doctor joined him again.

    “Are you sure about this Mr Iero?”


    The doctor nodded and retrieved a syringe from a trolley by the door. Gerard’s natural reaction was to shy away but he felt nothing as the needle pierced his skin. Frank kissed his forehead as his eyes got heavier and heavier.

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