When Life Couldn't Get Any Better, It Gets Worse... (sequel to Bulletproof Heart)

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    awww poor frankie :'( :'( :'( that chapter was seriously upsetting wonder whats going to happen wiv frank and gee and the band :'(
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    Don't forget to update your chapter index. You're about 8 chapters behind. ;]

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    ^sorry thanks for reminding me! :-/
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    When Life Couldn't Get Any Better, It Gets Worse...

    okay okay!! this needs an update... :L btw... this is the SECOND TO LAST chapter of this story!!!! :'( and the 3rd still isn't finished :-/

    Chapter 15

    Gerard unlocked the door to his house with Lyn-z stood right beside him. As he opened the door and took a step inside, he found that Mikey and Ray were waiting for him.

    "Hey Gerard, welco..." their chorus was cut short as they watched Lyn-z step inside the house with a sleeping Bandit in her arms.

    "WHAT is she DOING here?" Mikey yelled, his voice clear with angry and frustration. Gerard ignored that comment for a while and he turned to Lyn-z.

    "Go put Bandit in bed, and I'll explain everything to them."

    "Okay, but I'll hurry so I can help explain too," Lyn-z replied. Gerard gave her a quick kiss on the cheek before gently planting one on his daughter's head. After watching them disappear into a room, Gerard finally closed the door before finally turning to face Mikey and Ray.

    "well then are you gonna answer me?" Mikey said, seeming slightly impatient. Gerard looked down at the floor before finally replying.

    "Okay Mikey, I'll answer your quetsion. Lyn-z just told me she's pregnant and it's my child. There, you happy?" Mikey turned pale as a sheet as he tried to get his head around the information he had just recieved. When it finally clicked he was about to react, but Ray beat im to it.

    "Don't tell me you believe her, Gerard! She's pure evil. I mean, c'mon, she tried to have Frank killed, or have you forgotten that already?!"

    Those last words made Gerard cringe in sheer love pain. Of course he hadn't forgotten that, how could he? What kind of lover would he be if he forgot that? He was speechless. He sort of slithered past Mikey and Ray to sit down on the couch when Mikey found his voice again.

    "Gee..." Gerard looked at his younger brother, "Where exactly is Frank? He's obviously not with you... Or Lyn-z," Mikey mumbled the last words, hoping nobody heard them, just as Lyn-z entered the room again. Silence echoed around the room as everyone looked at her.

    "Oh, please don't stop discussing me just because I walked in the room!" she said it with so much sarcasm, thit if it had been a weapon it would have killed somebody.

    "Lyn-z, don't be like that..." Gerard began to protest.

    "No Gerard, stop right there. If your own brother can't accept the real life facts... What's the hope for the rest of the world?" Lyn-z replied harshly, with lost of empasis on the word 'real'. Gerard stared blankly as if he had just been stabbed.

    "Lyn-z, I don't actually give a fuck about you. I actually care that this dickhead," Mikey pointed towards Gerard, "has hurt Frank. So you can go fuck off, because I don't believe you're pregnant. So prove it!" He shouted with nothing but pure hatred. Lyn-z gave him the dead eye whilst saying,

    "Okay then I will, but you'll have to wait because I broke the pregnancy test and threw it away!" she screamed the words as if they were painful. Lyn-z looked down to the floor to try and hide the panic which had started to churn inside her.

    "Lyn-z? What's wrong? You are pregnant, aren't you? You looked into my eyes and told me it's true," Gerard asked, his voice breaking down about halfway through.

    "Gerard she's lying," Mikey said.

    "No, she wouldn't," Gerard shook his head, tears rolling freely down his face.

    "How would you know?" Mikey yelled.

    "Because I fucking trust her! She's my fucking wife!" Gerard yelled back angrily. He couldn't believe that his own brother was having a go at hit about Lyn-z.

    "Yeah. What about Frank, Gerard?! Mikey questioned. Gerard lowered his head. He knew he loved Frank, but Lyn-z was pregnant... At least he thught she was.

    "Gerard..." Lyn-z mumbled.

    "What?" Gerard snapped.

    "Tell the truth Lyn-z!" Ray yelled, whilst Mikey was looking impatient.

    "I..." Lyn-z mumbled. Tears were falling down her face.

    "Lyn-z?" Gerard asked.

    "Gerard, I lied. I'm not pregnant. I just wanted you back so badly. I love you." Gerard instantly froze. Lyn-z had yet again lied, making him feel like shit. He had left Frank, the love of his life for her... Again... And he couldn't take it. He walked out of the door and ran. He ran for Frank, for his life, as far away possible from Lyn-z... But mostly he ran for truth...

    **'bout time i updated!! what do you think? bombshell pretty much?? ;)
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    well I havent been on in ages BUT IM BACK and I loved the update, I sort of feel for lyn-z but she tried to kill frankie I hope everyone will sort everything out with eachother! More soon.
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    well... i might give you a teaser some point next week and MAYBE the final chapter if i can be bothered :L i still haven't finished the 3rd. i cant think of anything *silently screaming* D:
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    Ohh thats fine writers block, I have sorta taken a break form this sight but im still here reading your story when you update!
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    yeah i have a little bit :L i rarely post anymore :( i have the final chapter typed up but i cant post it atm D: i still havent written ANYTHING on the 3rd!!!! i really need to get something down... ive got it all planned but i dont know hoiw to put it into words!! aaaaarrrrrrrrggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
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    ^^^Totaly understand take as much time as you need, if your wondering why im not updateing simple fact is i'm foucusing on my other story on a different site (Link here: http://www.ficwad.com/story/188758) But yeah take as long as you need i shall wait =)
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    When Life Couldn't Get Any Better, It Gets Worse...

    So... I'm back!! I know i haven't been on here for a while but yeah 'm back to update again :) Oh and this is the final chapter! :'( But there is another sequel to it! That still isn't finished... :L someone kill the writers block for me?

    Chapter 16

    Frank drowned his sorrows with vodka, vodka and more vodka, trying to forget Gerard, Lyn-z, Jamia, even himself. He wanted to pretend that he wasn't famous, that he never made it, that he never met Gerard Way. Like Gerard Way didn't exist. Today had drained all of Frank's energy, and he just wanted to forget it all.

    "Hey dude, you okay?" the bartender asked. Frank sighed heavily.

    "Not entirely," he replied, slamming down his empty glass. The bartender filled it and gave him another drink before properly looking at Frank.

    "Wait... Are you Frank Iero?" he questioned excitedly.

    "Unfortunately, yes. I wish I wasn't, but I am," Frank mumbled.

    "Wow," the bartender whispered. Frank looked down at his drink and sighed. He pulled out his phone and called Gerard who picked up on the first ring, as if he had been waiting for Frank to call him.

    "Frank! I'm so sorry!" Gerard yelled down the phone.

    "About what you dick?!" Frank yelled back. Almost everyone in the bar turned to look at him.

    "You know what," Gerard whispered.

    "Ohh... You're sorry? I'm NOT!"

    "Frankie..." Gerard started. Frank could tell he was close to tears, but he was too drunk to care. Gerard hesitated.

    "Are you drunk?"

    "Yes... No... Maybe... Why do you care anyway?!" Frank said in a slightly girly voice.

    "It matters and i do care about you! I love you Frank and... I'm... So... Sorry," Gerard sobbed as he rounded the corner near the pub where Frank was.

    "No you don't Gerard! You LOVE LYN-Z, that's why you left ME for HER," Frank was yelling again and he could feel eyes on his back once more. Gerard burst through the doors of the pub and looked around to see Frank suddenly stood facing him at the bar, drunk out of his head. He ended the call and ran towards Frank, throwing his arms around him. Frank stood there in Gerard's arms slightly stunned.

    "Gerard! GET THE FUCK OFF ME NOW YOU MAN SLAG!" he shoved Gerard off him.

    "Frankie, I'm sorry, I truly am! Lyn-z lied, she wasn't pregnant. You were right. I'm so sorry!" the older man cried.

    "WHY SHOULD I LISTEN TO YOU?!" Frank screamed. The whole pub had gone quiet by now, making them the centre of attention.

    "Frank, you should listen to me, because I love you and I always have." There was a sudden gasp in the crowd. It came from a young man sat at a corner table.

    "You two are together?" said the man, obviously a My Chemical Romance fan. Gerard and Frank both turned to look at the new speaker.

    "Nope! I love him but he's too bothered about stupid Lyn-z! To even give me a second look! Thanks Gerard. Thanks a lot!" Frank yelled before taking his seat at the bar again.

    "Oh yeah, well then, what's your explanation for me being here? Because I know I'm here because I LOVE YOU! YOU Frank, NOT Lyn-z." Gerard's vision began to blur due to new tears forming in his eyes. Frank got off his chair and made his way up to Gerard. He had his face inches away from Gerard's before slowly saying,

    "Why then? Why leave me earlier for her? I loved you Gee, you knew that... But you wouldn't believe me." Tears had now started to spill out of his eyes. A look of pure agony was spread across his face.

    "Frankie... I..." Gerard whispered.

    "Save it," Frank snapped.

    Gerard knew he needed to do something drastic and unexpected. He quicly moved towards Frank. He forcefully placed his lips on Frank's lips, hoping that he'd change. The world seemed to swirl around them for a few seconds until Frank suddenly shoved Gerard away.

    "NO Gee! You can't make me come back to you. As much as I love you... You can't make me," Frank's voice faded with the end of the sentence.

    "Frank..." Gerard sighed and turned to leave. He was just about at the door when Frank called him back. He slowly made his was back and stood only inches away from him. Frank pulled his arm back and thrust it forward, connecting with Gerard's jaw. Gerard fell backwards from the sudden impact, landing on the floor with a loud thump.

    "WHAT THE FUCK FRANK!" he yelled, rubbing his jaw softly and staggering to his feet. Blood was running out of his mouth. Frank looked at him, then kissed him. It was a passionate kiss except for Gerard's blood dripping into his mouth. He then pulled away, took out a fifty dollar bill and placed it on the bar before walking to the door.

    "Goodbye Gerard," he said it very softly and then added, "I also quit the band." He then opened the doors and left. Gerard just stood there with the whole pub staring at him. Then he walked out, and began walking after Frank, slowly at first, but then quicker.

    "Frankie! Wait!" Gerard panted. Frank stopped.

    "What Gerard?" Frank sighed before turning around and facing him.

    "You quit?" Gerard questioned, slightly distraught that everything was being destroyed because he made a mistake. The worst mistake he could have made.

    "Yes," Frank said with absolutely no emotion.

    "I... I guess this is goodbye then Frankie," Gerard cried. He couldn't believe it. He kept waiting for himself to wake up but he never did.

    "Yes Gee, I guess this is goodbye," Frank sighed, and tears started to roll down his cheeks.

    "Well... Bye then." Gerard turned to go, but Frank grabbed his arm.

    "One last thing Gee..." he sighed. "I'm sorry... Tell the others that too, please... For me."

    Then they were kissing, a deep passionate kiss, what they both thought would be their last.

    **Runs and hides* Don't kill me! So... That's the end of story number 2... Just 2 more to go... What did you think? And what do you think will happen in the next? Its called "If we can make it through we'll last forever!" so keep an eye out for it! :)

    Steph xo
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    :'( aww that was soo sad! I loved it though

    (btw I'm static scream I has a new accout which is this one obviously...)

    cant wait for the next one =)

    ~Lu lu xoxo
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    Haha i know you're static scream :) i'm planning to put the 1st chapter of the 3rd in the next few days naybe even today if you're lucky :)

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