When Life Couldn't Get Any Better, It Gets Worse... (sequel to Bulletproof Heart)

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    Rating: 15+ a lot of arguing, sexual content, alcoholism.
    Characters: Gerard, Lyn-Z, Frank, Ray, Mikey, Jamia (not really featured much)
    Pairings: Frank and Gerard
    Summary: Things go well after the accident, but it can only get worse. What will happen to Gerard and Frank?

    Disclaimer: I really with these people were mine (i think everyone does lol). These are my own ideas (even though i co-wrote it with LaurenMCRLover) and this is purely a Frerard. There are no other parings in this story, and we haven't copied anyone as we wrote this ourselves.

    Chapter index

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    oh and to any guest reader that might read this, make an account, i'd love to hear your opinions! :)
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    When Life Couldn't Get Any Better, It Gets Worse...

    sooo... here's chapter one of the sequel :) hope you like it XD

    Chapter 1

    Six weeks later.

    "Gerard, are you sure sure you're okay to perform?" the younger Way brother asked. His brother Gerard had been shot only six weeks ago. But Gerard couldn't fight his wanting to perform. It was too strong.
    "Mikey, I'll be fine. Seriously." Gerard smiled.
    "Okay Gee."
    "Okay." Gerard walked over to Frank Iero, his best friend/lover. He took Frank's small frame in his arms.
    "Hey," Frank whispered.
    "Hey baby," Gerard whispered back. They became unaware of movement and noises around them, they were just happy together in each other's arms. They were stuck in one true moment of happiness.
    "Gerard?" Frank asked.
    "Yes Frankie?"
    "Are you sure about performing? I mean, what if you collapse? You could die, Gerard. I don't wanna lose you!" Frank pleaded. Gerard sighed. He knew the risks but he was fully prepared to take them.
    "Frank, I know the risks. A lot could happen in six weeks Frank. I'll be fine. I will never leave you, not really. I'll always be with you, in here," Gerard placed his hand on Frank's chest, on the left side to be precise. He could feel Frank's heartbeat.
    "I'd rather you'd stay here with me like this," Frank sighed.
    "I'll try my best," Gerard laughed.
    "I love you, Gee."
    "I love you too." Frank left Gerard's embrace to go get his guitar. The show was getting closer and closer. All eyes would be on Gerard, and they all had instructions to pull him off stage as soon as possible if anything happened.
    "Okay, guys! 3, 2, 1, lets's go!" The band members ran on stage. Gerard was shaking. Everyone held their breath as the show started, unaware of the nervousness of the crew and members of the band themselves.

    **soo.. what do you think to the first chapter?? comments much appreciated ^_^
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    I love this. I love love love this.
    Gee shouldn't be stupid and perform, he should wait a few months at least, but hey ho its his choice :)
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    When Life Couldn't Get Any Better, It Gets Worse...

    haha well we all know that Gerard loves performing :D heres the second chapter... its a little short so i might do the third after.

    Chapter 2

    The crowd screamed with joy as My Chemical Romance took their places. Gerard walked up to the microphone and said,
    "Thank you for coming out. Well, I'm sure you all know what's happened, but I'm okay now. So, fittingly, our first song is I'm Not Okay (I Promise)." Then, all of a sudden, the band roared up with the first song, and Frank looked at Gerard nervously.
    "Are you sure you're okay?" he mouthed. Gerard nodded.The only thing keeping him going was the energy of their fans, jumping with excitement. Something sharp suddenly jutted inside his chest, and he winced, but still carried on. Most of the front row fans saw this, and started looking worried. They were only halfway through their first song, and Gerard started turning pale, white as a sheet. The pain faded and Gerard felt instantly better. He was still getting paler and paler. Frank turned his head to look at Gerard and was shocked at what he saw. Gerard had lost all his colour. He looked like a ghost. Frank instinctively froze, and he turned to look at Mikey. Mikey caught Frank's eyes just as he gestured to Gerard. Thankfully, the song had just ended, and Frank ran across the stage towards Ray.
    "Are you sure that we should do the second song? He doesn't look up to it."
    "Yeah, It'll be good for him. You know he doesn't have the power inside him to stop performing. He'll be fine. Just leave him."
    "Okay." Frank ran back to his spot on the stage. Gerard turned his head and nooded at Frank, motioning for 'Na Na Na' to start. It started up, and the crowd screamed and started jumping, and Gerard smiled. The performance started strongly, but as the first line started, Gerard's voice started to fade...
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    Oh no. I told you he shouldn't perform. Ha I'm listening to them now :')
    I hope he's okay. Loved the update. Again
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    yay im glad lol :) i listened to im not okay and na na na in that order while rading this and i cried. D: :'-( lol

    heres the next chapter XD

    Chapter 3

    "Drugs, gimme drugs... Gimme drugs... I don't need... But I'll..." Gerard felt a pain spread through his chest. His face scrumched up in pain,
    "Sell what you got... Eight legs to the wall... Hit the gas... Kill 'em all..." Gerard's breathing became heavy,
    "Love... Gimme love..." he turned to Frank, pleading with his eyes to stop the pain...
    "Help me," he mumbled. The crowd suddenly realised Gerard's poor physical state. Gerard was not his normal self, and something was going seriously wrong. Frank locked eyes with Gerard and stopped playing. He was terrified. Gerard's knees buckled and he fell to the ground. The crowd gasped as they reached the realisation that Gerard was far from okay. In fact, he was in a terrible postition.
    "Gerard, no!" Frank screamed, sprinting towards Gerard,
    "Ray, Mikey, help me! Get him backstage! Someone ring 999! Hurry!" Frank realised blood was pouring out of Gerard's chest. The front row of the crowd screamed, and the news spread like wild fire through the crowd. Frank picked up Gerard's lifeless head and cried into his face.
    "Gerard, you promised! Gerard... Don't leave me. Please, Gerard, please!" Tears were streaming down his face and he felt something terrible.
    "I don't want to live without you, Gerard!"
    "Frank, is he- Oh shit!" Ray screamed, running across the stage. Frank didn't move, it was as if his body shut down.
    "Frank, help me carry him," Ray said. Frank snapped out of his thoughts and grabbed Gerard's torso, being careful, not to cause him any more pain. As they carefully carried Gerard backstage, a very teary eyed Mikey walked up to the microphone, facing thousands of shocked and crying fans.
    "I'm so sorry, guys. I'm so sorry that this had to happen, on stage, in front of you. I know you'll all be terrified for the future of Gerard, so are we. Listen, if he... If he doesn't make it, please, for all of us, keep the music living. We'll post everything on our website. I'm so sorry." At these words, thousands of fans were upset, crying, but no-one knew what the future would hold for Gerard. Mikey shook his head, tears streaming thickly down his painted face, too upsetfor words to speak. He turned around and ran backstage.

    Gerard's doctors were there, trying to stop the bleeding, whilst Frank was crying, screaming in his face.
    "Gerard, you promised me! Please! Don't leave us! I don't want to live this world without you!" Everyone looked at Frank. They had never heard him say anything like this to Gerard in front of them. Was there something going on between them? Still, everyone was crying. They wouldn't know what they would do if Gerard died. It would be the end of their band. It would be the end of My Chemical Romance. It was a sickening and devastating thought. One of the doctors broke all of their thoughts.
    "We need to get Gerard to the hospital. His condition is deteriorating rapidly. If we don't perform the surgery to remove the bullet, he will die."
    "Well, what are you waiting for? Get it done! Do you think we want him to die?" Mikey screamed at the doctor, and he replied with a stern look.
    "I'll take that as a fucking NO!" The doctor grabbed a nearby stretcher, and they all carefully heaved Gerard into it, trying not to cause him any more pain. They placed him in the back of an ambulance, setting the equipment up, and all of Gerard's band mates, friends and family could do, was stand there and watch. When everything was securely in place, one of the doctors motioned to Ray.
    "Keep pressure on the wound. If we even make but one mistake, he's gone. We need to go!" Ray jumped in the back of the ambulance, everyone else following suit, as the doctors climbed into the front. As they started up the engine, the sirens roared as they sped towards the hospital. Oh God, please help him. I don't wanna lose Gerard. Not now. He means everything to me, Frank thought, blocking out everything from around him.
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    Oh no Gee...
    I loved the update. Please make him okay.
    I seem to be the only one reading :L
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    oh well atleast someones reading it and not no-one :) i'll wait till some others read before i update tomorrow... and i kinda left on a cliffhanger... :)

    just a diddy cliffhanger... :p
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    oh no :O, gee better not die cus if he dose I might cry. Awesome updates btw nice way to end the last chapter with lots of suspence :)
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    When Life Couldn't Get Any Better, It Gets Worse...

    this is part one of your christmas present... ;)

    Chapter 4

    Silence surrounded everyone, it was as if the world was holding thier breath. Ray was shaking, aware if he made one mistake, Gerard would die. Mikey was crying into his hands, and Frank was still cradling Gerard's face with his hands, mumbling soft words of encouragement and thughts that occured to him. Frank wuld give up anything for Gerard to wake up... Even his own life.
    "Someone needs to call Lyn-z," Ray said, ending the silence.
    "I'll do it when we get there," Mikey said, taking his face out of his hands. His eyes were red and puffy, and his face was incredibly pale, even for Mikey. Frank didn't move. He didn't even listen. He was too wrapped up in thought.
    "Frank?" Ray questioned. Frank turned his head to face Ray, his eyes swimming with tears.
    "Yeah?" he whispered shallowly.
    "Are you okay?"
    "No. I can't lose him. I just... I don't... Oh God," Frank sobbed. His eyes overflew with tears as he sobbed into Gerard's cheek. Frank wanted Gerard to tell him how stupid he was. That everything would be fine, and to stop being a girl. He didn't want to live without him. A few minutes later, they arrived at the hospital.

    **wow this chapter is really short o_O i'll do another :)
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    I hope he will be okay.
    Awesome update <3
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    intriguing... More please
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    When Life Couldn't Get Any Better, It Gets Worse...

    Sorry i couldnt post again the other day my stepdad decided to hog the computer all dayb-_- o_O i dont know if i can update later cos were having a boxing day party. :(
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    Sorry i havent updated lately i feel like shit already. Its like 2 days after cristmas and i already have an argument with my mum and it leads me not wanting to anything with my horrible fucking life. So i is very sorry ;( i will try to post tomorrow.and if i.do i will.post a ton.of.chapters to make up for my miserable absence. I is sorry :( :( :(
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    its ok dont rush if you don't feel like writing we'll be here waiting :)
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    When Life Couldn't get any better, It Gets Worse...

    hey guys im finally back :) and some updates..... FINALLY. btw, happy new year! :D

    Chapter 5

    There was a rush. This was when everyone caught on to how bad a condition Gerard was in. The hospital staff carried Gerard out of the ambulance and everyne followed closely behind. They rushed towards the accidents and emergency unit. Some point in this, Gerard came round, as he started coughing up and spluttering blood.
    "Gerard! You stay with me! You know what I'll do if you die!" Frank screamed, tears still streaming down his face. They crashed through some double doors into the surgery unit, and one of the doctors held Mikey and Frank back.
    "NO!" Mikey screamed at the top of his lungs, "HE'S MY BROTHER! I... need to... Gerard... NO!" Mikey collapsed onto the floor, crying wildly.
    "Ray is only in there to keep pressure on the wound, once I am in there, he'll be asked to leave the room," the doctor put up his hands. Frank smashed his hands against one of the double doors, bursting out in pure anger.
    "Frank, I'm gonna call Lyn-z," Mikey said, placing his hand on Frank's shoulder, steadying himself whilst standing up.
    "Okay," Frank whispered, fighting away from tears. Mikey walked into a corner, mobile phone in hand, and dialled Lyn-z's number, and she picked up on the second ring.
    "Hey Lyn-z. Can you... Can you come to the hospital?" Mikey asked, and Frank suddenly heard a speaker crackling, "We'll explain everything when you get here. Just do it!" And he put the phone down. Ray came back into the room.
    "They've got everything under control, and they're performing the surgery now. They didn't want me to be there to see everything happen, and we can watch through the window if we want." Ray sounded down-hearted.
    "I can't watch them do that to him. I just can't," Frank said.
    "Me neither," Ray agreed.
    "Okay. We'll all stay out here then," Mikey said. Frank walked away from the doors. His thoughts turned back to the night Gerard first told him he loved him. The night this all started.

    He thought about it for a while, tears rolling freely down his face. His thoughts were shattered when a slightly irritated Lyn-z walked through the door.
    "Why the hell are we here?" she asked.
    "What do you think?" Mikey said, "Who's the only person not in this room?" Then Lyn-z realised. Gerard was in that room.
    "Gerard?!" Mikey nodded slowly. Lyn-z walked up to Frank, tears falling freely down her face.
    "This is your fucking fault!"
    "Lyn-z!" Mikey screamed. Lyn-z didn't stop.
    "If he hadn't had loved you so much as to move in front of you, he wouldn't be in there dying!" Frank whimpered at her words.
    "You stupid bastard! It was you that was meant to die! It was you I wanted him to kill! It was you I wantd out of the fucking picture!" Lyn-z screeched in Frank's face. Mikey realised exactly what Lyn-z had just told them, as did Ray. Frank sat there, still unaware of Lyn-z's confession.
    "It was you all along! You motherfucking wh**e! How dare you! You know Frank's like a brother to all of us!" Mikey screeched in Lyn-z's face. Agast, Lyn-z said,
    "It's not my fault he loves him! More than anyone in the world! Even more than his own wife!" Frank's head snapped up. Now he had realised that Lyn-z had heard everything that they said all those weeks ago.
    "Lyn-z," he began, "You hired that bastard to fucking kill me, didn't you?"
    "Yes," Lyn-z whispered. Frank got up from his seat. He was standing about an inch from her face.
    "Get out. It's not my fault he's in here... It's yours. Get out now before I do something I won't ever regret." Mikey and Ray had never seen such a look of pure anger on Frank's face before... Ever.
    "Fine. I'll go. Tell Gerard when he wakes up, if he wakes up, that it's over." She walked away before turning back towards Frank and saying,
    "I hope you're happy together. If he doesn't die that is. You stupid fucking homo." She gave Frank the finger, cackling like a witch as she left the room. Frank wanted to kill her. She was the reason the love of his life was in the hospital having life-threatening surgery.
    "Well... She's a bitch," he mumbled.
    "I just can't believe she would go that low," Ray stated.
    "Whatever. She can go fuck herself for all I care," Mikey said as they all took their seats again.

    **if i get chance, i'll do another chapter later but its really loooooooooooong as its song lyrics..... just a little clue :)
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    aha i think i may know what song it is, more when you can :) brill update btw.
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    Oo I loved the update dear <3
    Sorry it took a while for me to read.
    Yes Lyn-z finally out the picture.

    Happy New Year lovely <3
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    When Life Couldn't Get Any Better, It Gets Worse...

    i think its time to give you a chapter :)

    Chapter 6

    Minutes turned to hours. Time droned slowly. They were waiting for confirmation. However small. Frank remembered al the memories they had together. All the good times and the bad. It was during these flashbacks he thought of what Gerard would do in his situation. Well, Frank thought Gerard would be an emotional girl. He'd probably have mood swings and he'd some how end up singing. This made Frank giggle slightly. Lyrics popped into his head and he quietly started to sing,
    "When I was a young boy, my father took me into the city to see a marching band. He said, 'son, when you grow up, will you be the saviour of the broken, the beaten and the damned?' He said, 'will you defeat them? Your demons, and all the non-believers, the plans that they have made? Because one day I'll leave you a phantom to lead you in the summer, to join the Black Parade!" Frank didn't usually sing. Mikey and Ray had noticed him singing. They had no idea why, but they didn't care. Infact, they even started to join in, to Frank's surprise.
    "When I was a young boy, my father took me into the city to see a marching band. He said 'son, when you grow up, will you be the saviour of the broken, the beaten and the damned?!" All three members of My Chemical Romance were in a moment of pure harmony for the first time in far too long. If you looked at them at that one moment, you'd probably think 'what the hell are they doing?!' But for them, they had never felt so complete... Like they could fully understand each other.
    "Sometimes I get the feeling she's watching over me, and other times I feel like I should go. When, through it all, the rise and fall, the bodies in the streets, and when you're gone we want you all to know! We'll carry on! We'll carry on! And though you're dead and gone, believe me, your memory will carry on! You'll carry on! And in my heart, I can't contain it! The anthem won't explain it!" Frank thought of Gerard's voice. It gave him the power to keep singing.
    "A world that sends you reeling from decimated dreams. You're misery and hate will kill us all. So paint it black and take it back, let's shout out loud and clear! Defiant to the end, we hear the call!" Frank's grin widened on his face.
    "To carry on! We'll carry on! And though you're dead and gone, believe me, your memory will carry on! You'll carry on! And though you're broken and defeated, you're weary widow marches! I am not, we carry through through the fears, Oh ha-ha! Disappointed faces of your peers. Oh ha-ha!" Mikey's thoughts turned to Lyn-z. He would now truly hate her forever. He swore she would never get away with it.
    "Sing along with me, 'cause I could not care at all! Do or die, you'll never make me. Because the world will never take my heart! Though they try, you'll never break me! We want it all! We wanna play this part! I won't explain or say I'm sorry! I'm unashamed! I'm gonna show my scar! Give a chair for all the broken! Listen here, because you turn me on! I'm just a man. I'm not a hero. I'm just a boy. I'm gonna sing this song. I'm just a man, I'm not a hero. I DON'T CARE! We'll carry on! We'll carry on! And though you're dead and gone, believe me, your memory will carry on! We'll carry on! And though you're broken and defeated, your weary widow marches on!" Frank sang.
    "Do or die, you'll never make me! Because the world will never take my heart! Though they try, you'll naver break me! We want it all! We wanna play this part!" Ray continued.
    "We'll carry on!" Mikey sang.
    "Do or die, you'll never make me! Because the world will never take my heart! Though they try, you'll never break me! We want it all! We wanna play this part!" Ray and Mikey sang together.
    "We'll carry on!" Frank finished. They all turned to look at each other smiling. A doctor walked through the surgery room into the waiting room. The three men jumped out of their seats.

    **ooh im keeping you hanging...... haha :)

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