When I Go, Bring Me Back Again [Frerard]

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    Thank you :D
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    I could give it a try :D just tell me if you have anything in particular that you want. Like pictures or words on it.
  3. This story is just so cute :D High five to Frank's mom xD she is funny
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    Chapter Twenty-One - Day Eleven, Part Two​

    After a good half hour’s worth of driving, Gerard had finally come to a stop in a parking lot. Leaving me completely clueless I looked around.

    “Um, don’t take this in a bad way but where the hell are we?”

    “We have to walk from here. Come on,” he stated getting out and locking the car as soon as I had my door open. I stood there holding onto the door looking around, I can’t believe I’ve never been here before. Letting the metal door slam shut I walked around the front of car where Gerard was waiting. I grabbed his hand as he lead me down the side walk.

    “So where are we going?”

    “Uh just a few stops before I take you to a place that I came across about a year ago. You said you like comics right?”

    “Well pretty much any form of reading. I’m a nerd,” I laughed.

    “Awesome, there’s a comic book store just around the corner, and a music shop right next to it. Before Mikey and I moved we used to live down here, my best friend works there. You’ll like him.”

    “Oh, who’s your friend?”

    “Bob. If he intimidates you, don’t let him. He’s a giant lovable hugging teddy bear. But don’t call him that or else you’ll be on your ass.” he chuckled.

    “I take it you’ve landed on your ass before?”

    “A few times.” he grinned

    We went into the comic book store, which was Gerard’s equivalence of a four year old girl being treated like a princess. I swear he was obsessed with them, but I wasn’t going to complain. If something as simple as a comic book could bring happiness to his eyes, then I would invest the rest of my life in getting him comics. We spent a good hour in there, I didn’t really get into looking through them. I liked them a lot, but I was having more fun watching Gee. When he was done he came up to me with a few and I took them from him looking them over. They were ones that I had never heard of before.

    “Are you getting these?” he nodded and I looked back down at them walking up to the cashier and laid them down. He scanned them before telling me that it was twenty nine dollars and fifty two cents. Gerard reached into his back pocket but I swatted his hand away grabbing mine.

    “What are you doing?”

    “Buying them for you.” he shook his head.

    “Frank I’ll buy them.” I looked at the cashier.

    “If you take any of his money I swear to God I will kick you in the nuts,” his face paled a little bit and I handed him a twenty and two fives telling him to keep the change. After that he bagged them and held them out, snatching his hand away the moment my hand touched the bag. I smiled at him telling him to have a good day and walked out dragging Gee with me. When we were out I handed him the bag and he frowned.

    “I would have paid for them Frank, I wanted them after all.”

    “I know, hello that’s exactly why I bought them. Besides, its over and done with. I just ask for you to enjoy them.”

    “But did you really have to threaten that guy?” his hand caught mine as he fell into step next to me.

    “Uh yeah or else you were going to just pay for them. Is this the store?” I asked changing the subject. I looked in seeing drums and guitars.

    “Yeah, come on. Bob should be working.” he opened the door letting me in before following me. I looked around noticing that there was nobody behind the counter.

    “You know, you’d think that being in Jersey with all of this shit... there would be someone out.”

    “I am out!” someone called from behind a stack of boxes.

    “Oh,” I replied dumbly making Gee giggle.

    “Gerard fucking Way? Is that you?” a bearded blonde stepped out looking our way.

    “Holy shit, I haven’t seen you in months man. Oh, who would this be?”

    “This is uh.. Frank.” the guy I took as Bob only grinned shoving his sleeves up to his elbow.

    “So this is the Frank?” he smirked.

    “Oh come on, don’t start.” Gee groaned.

    “That sounds like a bad thing.” I mumbled.

    “Nah, not anything bad. Right Gerard?” he laughed.

    “Bob I’m serious, shut it.” he just shrugged walking over to the stack of boxes and started taking magazines out and putting them on the stand.

    “So what are you two doing up here?” he mused.

    “We’re on a date,” I grinned making him blush.

    “Let me guess, you asked my good buddy out didn’t you?”

    “Uh yeah. Why?”

    “Because he doesn’t have the balls to ask people out. Now if he had, then I would have had to ask you what you were threatening him with.” he chuckled.

    “Bob I seriously hate you. Come on Frankie,” he tugged on my hand making me laugh.

    “Hey stop by sometime! My Mom is always asking questions and I suck at lying. She thinks you’re on the soccer team!” he shouted as we headed out the front door.

    “What?! Why the hell would you tell her I was on the soccer team? God, the idea of running exhausts me,” he stated, clearly not amused.

    “Well if you stopped by more then Mom wouldn’t think that. Although she found it hard to believe too... something about lazy and not theatrical enough.”

    “Fuck you too Bryar!” he laughed.

    “It would only make Frank, jealous Gerard.” he yelled back. I stuck my head in and saw him behind the counter flattening boxes.

    “Hey Bob?!” he looked up.

    “What’s this that I hear that you’re supposedly like a giant stuffed bear that people hug a lot?” his eyes narrowed on not me, but Gerard.

    “Gerard Arthur Way I am going to kick you in the fucking nuts!” I felt a yank of my hand and Gerard was hurrying us down the street making me laugh.

    “You know the next time he sees me he’ll seriously do that?” his face paler than normal.

    “No he won’t Gee,” I rested the side of my head against his arm letting him lead me wherever. We went down a few streets, and I noticed that a bunch of the buildings were abandoned and falling apart. This surely wasn’t the place he had been talking about was it? I frowned looking at them, the graffiti was mixed with fading colors and new ones. We walked for a good fifteen minutes before we came up to a bigger building.

    “Uh is this it Gee?” he just smiled tugging on my hand and leading me around it. I noticed when we walked around the side that there was the ocean, illuminated by the lowering sun. He stopped at the metal stairs that were used for an emergency evacuation and started climbing. I looked up grinning when I realized that his ass was in my face. Not being able to stop myself I reached up and slapped it causing him to yelp and cling to the metal bars before looking down at me.

    “What?” I asked innocently.

    “You slapped me.”

    “Well don’t stick it in my face. I can’t help it.” I giggled making him blush as he continued up, I followed him slowly, worried that I would slip and fall landing painfully. We went up about four flights before he stopped and sat on the metal grid leaning against the wall. I sat next to him looking out at the ocean.

    “Wow,” I breathed.

    “See... there are pretty things about Jersey,” I could hear the smile in his voice. I looked up at him, his face lit up and I grinned resting my head on his shoulder. At first I seriously thought he was right, but it turns out that it wasn’t nearly that bad.

    “I wasn’t expecting this.”I looked up at him, he looked down at me and smiled.

    “So then this date doesn’t totally blow?” I giggled shaking my head before kissing him softly.

    “Good.” he pecked my lips before wrapping his arm around me. Sighing happily I leaned against him looking back at out at the water. Call it cliche, call it whatever you want, I really don't give a shit.Things were going good and I wouldn't have it any of other way, and I would haven't have wanted our date to happen any other way either.

    A/N: As promised, the second part of the date.

    Also..... there are only four chapters left. Yep, I'm afraid so.

    Thank you guys for commenting!!!!! It means a hell of a lot!
  5. AWw Im gonna be sad when this story is over lol I love it a lot ;3 Aww bob is so mad xD
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    WHAT!!! ONLY FOUR!!!! :'(
    I'm gonna miss this

    I thought that chapter was the cutest thing ever and BOB!!!!
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    Why can't any of my dates ever be like this?!

    Gosh this was so fucking adorable I could die!!

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    The chapters were so cute,their relationship seems to develop so naturally,i really love it:)
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    I'm a new reader. c: And I think this story is absolutely BRILLIANT, and sooo adorable. The fact that there are only four more chapters makes me want to cry.
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    I miss this story...so much it will always be my favorite it was all it thought about back when i first read it. i kept comparing things to it..and found nothing makes me all happy, and smiley..as this story..please update soon..ill be waiting..
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    Chapter Twenty-Two: Day Twelve, Part One​

    The weekend was over and as much as I hated to admit it, I was excited about going to school. Mom had taken me this morning, as much as I told her over and over again that she could go to sleep. She insisted otherwise and drove me herself. When we got there Mikey, and Gerard, were waiting at the front doors, talking about something. I said goodbye and raced up the steps, slipping and almost landing on my face once though I miraculously saved myself by gripping onto the hand rail. When I made it to them, they were both looking at me laughing, they had probably caught my near accident. I rolled my eyes shoving both of them.

    “It’s not funny.” I grumbled.

    “How do you know what we were laughing at?” Mikey mused with raised eyebrows.

    “Because you’re brothers and you’re both easily amused.” he bounced his head from side to side, weighing out what I said.

    “Uh you’re right, on some levels you see... only midgets like yourself almost falling flat on their face could make us laugh. If it was anyone else, we probably wouldn’t have even bothered. But you’re our favorite midget.”

    “You jerk, I am not a midget!” I slapped his arm looking at Gerard who seemed amused.

    “You’re going to let him make fun of me?” I pouted, he opened his mouth to say something but quickly shut it and laughed. I slapped his stomach and huffed.

    “Fuck both of you.” I grumbled.

    “We’re just playing with you Frankie.” Gerard grinned, I nodded wrapping my arms around his waist and leaned against him.

    “Aw isn’t the little couple so cute,” Mikey cooed with a really bad French accent.

    “Shut up Mikes, you sound retarded.” Gerard chuckled shoving his brother into the school.

    “Oh have I upset my big brother?” he continued with the horrible accent before making kissing sounds and then ran off. We stood there watching him for a few moments before I looked up at Gerard.

    “Um by chance was he dropped on his head as a child?”

    “I might have dropped him once... or twice. Or smacked his head against a counter a few times.” he grinned.

    “That explains everything.” I laughed as we headed to our lockers, seeing as mine was closest we stopped there first, talking randomly while I grabbed my things and shut it. We walked hand in hand to his locker, of course there were eyes watching us. Mouths moving quickly as their scrutinizing eyes judged our linked fingers. I didn’t care, and I could tell he didn’t care, as he walked with his head up and a broad smile as he talked to me about some of the incidents his poor brother had gone through as a child. It wasn’t until we got to his locker when people actually came up to us. Just our luck it was my old friends, with Thomas right in the front.

    “So I hear you two are fags together.” I rolled my eyes turning to the side to continue talking with Gee as he grabbed his things. There was a hard shove in my shoulder startling me.

    “What the fuck Thomas?” I spat looking at him as he stood there with crossed arms.

    “I asked you a question.”

    “No you fucking didn’t, you made a statement. There was no fucking question to that. You said what your bit and I moved on. Why don’t you do the fucking same okay?” his eyes traveled between me and Gerard for a few moments before a smirk crossed his face. What the hell?

    “Ok, never mind Frank. I get it now, we’ll see you later then.” and he walked off with the rest of the cretin’s that I actually used to hang out with.

    “What did he mean by ‘I get it now’?” I looked at Gerard and shrugged.

    “With his pint sized brain I’m surprised he knows anything. I have no clue what he meant by that. But whatever, come on let’s go to class.” he shut the door to his locker, grabbing my extended hand and followed me silently to class. The sudden quiet kind of worried me, and I prayed that he wasn’t reading in too much as to what Thomas said. When we sat down he just stared at his sketchbook with furrowed eyebrows. I watched him hoping he would say whatever was on his mind, but it was looking like he wasn’t going to be sharing.

    “Gee?” he glanced at me before resetting his eyes in front of him.


    “What’s on your mind?” he ran his thumb along the edge of the cardboard back, trailing it along the metal spiral.

    “You’re not... you know... just doing something to get at me are you?” I was going to kick Thomas’s ass for putting doubt in his head. I had worked hard and wasn’t going to let some underdeveloped neanderthal ruin that in just a few seconds.

    “It’s what Thomas said, isn’t it?” he nodded.

    “Gee, I swear to you there is nothing going on. To be honest I’m even confused about what he said. It made no sense to me and I’m going to kick his ass now for making you think that.” he smiled slightly.

    “Don’t do that,” he stated looking at me.

    “But he’s an ass.” he just shook his head.

    “I trust you Frankie.” I smiled leaning over the aisle and pecked his cheek just as the bell rang.

    I tried to pay attention, but it seemed when it came to school the idea was a lost cause, and when you had an incredibly hot ‘almost’ boyfriend sitting next to you, the idea didn’t even exist. I mean seriously, I probably couldn’t even tell you what a school was. I had been thinking about the letters, and how Gerard should know. But I didn’t want to just walk up to him and go ‘yeah that was all me, I love you.’ because he would probably get freaked out by that. It still didn’t change the fact that wanting to tell him was eating at my brain.

    I sat for almost the entire period, staring blankly at the front board thinking of different possibilities, especially ones that could go wrong real quick. But I decided I would just have him meet me. I would write him a letter telling him meet me after school, show up with his sketchbook and then everything would be perfect forever. To me that didn’t sound like a bad plan at all, I just hoped Gerard wouldn’t think negatively of it.


    A/N: I'm SO sorry for how long this has taken. Life took an unexpected turn the last five weeks or so. I apologize again, I know I owe a lovely reader (Hemera) a banner and if you still want it I'll get it done as soon as I can. I don't know how often I'm going to be home.

    Oh! Also... shit is about to hit the fan! >_<

    You've no idea how happy that comment made me. This update is dedicated to you! :D
  13. That was sweet :)
    lol Most of my friend are shorter than me so this is kind of legit to me xD
    I love Mikey x)
    That doesn't really make sense.."fags together" lol Stupid Dude.
    Awww <3 Frankie
    It has been a while since I've seen an update on here but it's okay because you updated :D
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    so i just now got to a computer, since mine is being a assmucher for no reason, so anyways Oh yea and my mutiquote thingy is broken too so i have to do this the renarded way... so the midget comment is funny because i have a friend named erica, who is like 5 foot, maybe shorter, so we call her our super speedy leprichan!!!!! the dropping mikey as a baby comment is funny, because my sister claims to have dropped me when i was a baby, and that is why i am so messed up! and i feel honored that you would dedicate this chapter to me!!​
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    >Fresh Blood<

    I can honestly say this is my new favorite story. The whole plot is just insanely unique and incredible. Please update soon? x
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    Please update soon, this has to be the only fanfic on here that's had me in tears and laughing all at the same time. I love this idea and story, and the originality.
    And the shit hitting the fan? Oh boy, I'm gonna cry again, I can feel it.
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    Chapter Twenty-Three: Day Twelve, Part Two​

    I had waited for second period to carry out my so called ‘plan’ of getting Gerard to meet me after school. I knew there would always be the chance that he just wouldn’t want to go, so I would have to be convincing while not looking suspicious, it all seemed pretty pointless actually. I mean, he was going to find out it was me anyway’s. But in my head it was genius and probably extremely exaggerated and cheesy on the scale of pathetic romance. I wasn’t envisioning it to be along the lines of a fairy tale exactly, but definitely along the lines of comedy romance. The only reason I wanted it to be comedic was for the fact that I had seen enough romance movies to know that it always gets way worse before they have their happily ever after. I don’t know about a lot of people, but I seriously could not afford the ‘storm’ that could possibly be looming in my near future.

    Needless to say there was another class that I had lost all hope of paying attention in. Because before I knew it the bell was ringing and it was like I had woken up from a dream, well startled would most likely suit it best. In hopes to find Mikey so I could elaborate on my genius and somewhat overstated plan I raced down the halls dodging people. Happy when I saw the scrawny body standing in front of his locker I slowed down to catch my breath.

    “Did you just get out of gym or something?” he laughed looking at me.

    “I’m telling him,” he looked at me confused before his face lit up, finally catching on.

    “Oh! Really? Well its about damn time, that’s all I’ve got to say.” he grinned turning back to his open locker.

    “Well I wouldn’t exactly put it as telling him, more like I wrote him a letter telling him to meet me after school. He’ll show up, and then bam, everyone is happy.” he nodded.

    “I don’t really care how he finds out, as long as he’s happy and everything stays normal.” he shut it turning to me.

    “I promise that everything is going to be okay.” he just shrugged.

    “I trust you man, don’t worry about it. You don’t have to promise me anything, but I do need to go, I can’t be late for class.” he pointed past me before drumming his fingers along his notebook that he was holding up.

    “Oh yeah, me too. See you later Mikes.” I waved running off in the opposite direction, cursing myself the entire time. I was not made for running.

    I was pressed on time, literally, I had tried getting out of third period saying I had to use the bathroom but I was told no. It wasn’t fair, what if I honestly had to go? All because I was like ten seconds late to class. I swear sometimes I think teachers enjoy students squirming in their seats, it’s like their own personal perverted pleasure. Now I was in fourth period, I had to get out of class because after this I had lunch with Gerard and after that it would all be a lost cause. I shifted in my seat raising my hand, waiting impatiently for Mrs. Brooks to noticed me. After a good ten minutes she finally turned away from the board and nodded in my direction.

    “Um can I please use the bathroom?” she looked at the clock and nodded again.

    “Don’t think about skipping though Mr. Iero,” she warned, I gave a quiet 'okay' while making sure the note was in my pocket as I got up and left.

    When I was out of the room I sighed in relief, going towards the stairwell. Pulling the note from my pocket I unfolded it carefully and re-read it, nodding to myself before folding it back up and slowed down outside his locker. Sliding it in carefully I watched down the hall to make sure nobody was there before stepping away from it and headed back to class.

    The sun was making everything uncomfortably hot today, I felt like I was being suffocated the moment I left the cafeteria doors. Making my way over to Gerard who sat like he usually did underneath his tree while drawing. I thought of trying to talk him inside. I didn't want to stay out here for long.

    “Hey Gee,” I plopped down next to his still body, noticing the letter stuffed in between pages of his book.

    “Hey,” he replied with a smile, looking over at me.

    “How’s the day been?” he just shrugged.

    “That really helps,” he just laughed pulling out the folded paper.

    “I got another one.” he blushed slightly.

    “Ah yes, this secret admirer of yours. What does he want this time?” the blush only grew worse as the words left my mouth.

    “He wants to meet me, after school today.”

    “Well are you going to go?” he shook his head.

    “Aw come on, why not? Are you worried I’m going to be jealous?” he shook his head again.

    “Then why not?”

    “I don’t know who he is.” he stated as if it was the most obvious reason in the world.

    “Well no duh, apparently he wants to change that. I mean honestly, what’s the worst that could happen Gee?” he stayed silent, looking at the paper. His art was long forgotten by now.

    “Just go, and if he’s a douche then you always have me.” I smirked resting my head on his shoulder.

    “Do you think I should really go?” he asked resting his head on top of mine.

    “Duh, I mean come on... you could use the social time.” I giggled. He sighed heavily not moving for a while before agreeing to go. Inside I was dancing and screaming in happiness, because now everything was perfect.

    Four o’clock in the back school parking lot was what I had written. But now it was almost four thirty and I was the only one there. Thoughts of doubt had been racing through my mind. Wondering why he hadn’t shown when he told me he would. It could have been the nerves, but he would have called me to tell me that he had chickened out. When I checked I had no missed calls or text messages, from him or anyone for the matter. I decided I would wait a bit longer, hopeful that out of nowhere his black car would appear, but it didn’t and after an hour I gave up.

    Sighing I kicked at the asphalt with my shoes and headed home, disappointed at the no show. I was more confused than anything. If Gerard hadn’t of called then Mikey surely must have. But what if Gerard had left and gone to my house for some form of support and found that I wasn’t there and was still there waiting for me? Pushing my thoughts aside I decided to call up Mikey, praying that he could help clear up the situation.

    “Uh yeah?” I heard video games in the background and tried not to laugh. He was always playing them.

    “Hey um, your brother was a no show.” there was a long pause on the other end, the game went silent not long after.

    “What do you mean he didn’t show?” clear confusion filled his voice.

    “Uh yeah, I waited for an hour and he never showed up.” I shrugged shoving my free hand in my pocket as I watched cars pass me on the road.

    “Dude you wrote for him to meet you at the park. He left like ten minutes ago,” he explained.

    “What? Mikey I told him to meet me at four in the school parking lot. I even double checked before I put the note in his locker.”

    “Well your note is right here and it says five at the park.” he stated and I stopped dead in my tracks.

    “I’ve got to go Mikey. Let me know if you hear from him, please.”

    “Wait, what the hell is going on Frank?” but I hung up shoving my phone in my pocket and took off running for the park.

    Of course, now it all made fucking sense. What Thomas had said earlier, he thought that it was all a joke, a sick cruel act against Gerard. He had to of gone behind me and changed everything. I just had to get to the park before it was too late.

    I wished I had a car, or a bike. I should have just told Mikey to get to the park because he was closer. By the time I had made it the park was practically empty. Searching throughout the entire thing did everything but settle the worry and fear in my mind. Giving up I headed for the entrance, a buzzing in my pocket startling me. I yanked it out, feeling nauseous when I saw Mikey’s lit up name.

    “H-hi.” I choked answering the call.

    “What the hell is going on Frank?” his tone was filled with anger.

    “I’m looking for your brother, that’s what.” I replied as the fear dissolved.

    “Well no need, because he just walked through the door covered in his own blood might I add. He won’t talk to me but he sure did voice his opinion on you. So fucking tell me what the hell happened.”

    “I don’t know Mikey! Ok... I wrote for him to meet me at the school. It had to of been Thomas... this morning he went on about how apparently he ‘gets it’ or something. It confused me and it confused your brother. I swear to you I had no part in this.” he sighed on the other end and I stood awkwardly at the edge of the sidewalk.

    “Look you need to get here now because he’s beyond pissed and I can’t get him to talk to me. I’ll try and tell him that you didn’t do it, but I can’t promise you anything Frank.”

    “Thanks Mikey and I’m uh... I’m on my way now.” he gave a muffled ok before hanging up on me. I walked slowly, staring at the cracked cement, anger boiling inside of me. Thomas just had to go and fuck up everything. All of it was working out and then just like that, it’s all probably ruined.

    The walk to his house was a nightmare, and it only got worse the closer I got. But when I was inside of it and Mikey had told me that he had ignored him the entire time. There was a tightening in my chest as I took every step down to the basement. My palms sweaty as I reached his door and turned the knob.

    “Gerard?” I called sticking my head in, my eyes landing on his hunched figure at the end of the bed. I stepped in shutting the door behind me and walked over to him.

    “Gerard, how bad did they hurt you?” I touched his shoulder and he jerked away from me.

    “Don’t you dare fucking touch me,” the words slipped out with such anger that it scared me, and I wasn’t sure if it was really him.

    “Gee, please, listen to me on this... I didn’t.” I tried but he cut me off by shaking his head.

    “Just shut up okay? Shut up and get the fuck out here.” he spat not looking at me.

    “Gerard I’m serious.”

    “And I’m serious too, Frank get out of here.”

    “No.” I reached out to grab him but his hand snapped up and gripped onto my wrist tightly.

    “Ow, that hurts.” I whimpered tugging at it.

    “I fucking trusted you. Who the hell knows why, but I did. And I was right, all of it was just a sick joke to you. It’s a shame you fucking missed it Frank, because to them it was a good show,” he stood up, tightening his grip.

    “Gerard that hurts, stop it please.” he pushed me on my back pressing my awkwardly bent wrist against my chest.

    I finally got to look at the bloodied up face of his, my heart aching at just the site of his blood. Only getting worse when I saw the black eye and the busted lip. Cuts and scrapes littered his cheeks and his neck. It was all that I could make out, but I knew there was more.

    “Fuck you Iero. Get your fucking ass out of my room, out of this house and don’t you ever come back. Do you understand me? I am done with you, and your stupid fucking games. You stay away from my brother and don’t you so much as even look at him. You’re pathetic, low, and you’re the reason people like me hate things like life and happiness. Because all of those things are your fucking fixes for enjoyment.” the radiating hate in his eyes showed there was nothing that I could do.

    The damage was done and I would have to live with it. I nodded slowly looking at him, the pain in my wrist doubling with every passing second.

    “Go,” he let go and I scrambled out from underneath of him running out of the house with Mikey shouting after me.

    When I made it to my room I locked my door and I screamed, throwing anything and everything I could get my hands on. Not caring what it was or what it broke. It was the only way I could lose all the anger and pain trapped inside of me. The destruction lasted until I picked up something that I could never bring myself to destroy, Gerard’s sketchbook. I sighed running my hand over the cover, looking around the completely wrecked room, things finally sinking in. I looked back down at it and wiped my eyes deciding that he needed it back, but I wouldn’t be the one to give it to him.

    Mikey’s POV

    The doorbell rang and I looked at the door, pausing the movie as I got up and walked over.

    “Yeah oh Frank, um... sorry about earlier.” he shook his head holding out the sketchbook, the moment I had it he let go and walked away. I stood there watching him until he had crossed the street and had entered his house before I shut the door. Looking back down at it I headed downstairs to Gerard’s room, not even bothering to knock on the door, I walked in finding him in the same spot as last time, sulking.

    “He never meant to hurt you Gerard,” he scoffed shaking his head, turning away from me.

    “Are you seriously going to act like a damn three year old. Really? Because I thought you were older and more mature than that.” I snapped.

    “Go away.”

    “No, not until you act your age and we can hold a real conversation.” he stayed quiet and I could only laugh bitterly.

    “You know... he called me not long after you left. Wondering why you hadn’t shown up... he was scared Gerard, because when people actually care, sometimes that happens. You know what that’s like right?” he still stayed quiet.

    “Whatever, wallow in fucking pity and anger. Believe whatever the hell you want, but I know the truth and I know for a fact that Frank didn’t plan this. He had nothing to do with it.”

    “He’s friends with them Mikey, he just lied to us the entire time. He had them write the damn letters and that’s why he wanted me to go so bad.” he seethed.

    “Yeah I’m pretty sure that if he seriously hated you still he would have brought this back for me to give to you.” I walked around and tossed the sketchbook in his lap.

    “Like I said, believe whatever you want to believe. But I know for a fact that he’s in love with you Gerard, and he was only trying to help. You can’t hold him accountable for what the dicks that he used to hang out with did to you. I know that if he had been there he would have taken the hits and punches for you.” I finished and left his room.

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