When I Go, Bring Me Back Again [Frerard]

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  1. That was an update that made me both laugh until i couldn't breathe and made me AWWW like crazy that was soo cute i want more Ger and Fronk huggling :)
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    That was one of the cutest things i have ever read,honestly:)
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    Chapter Eighteen - Day Ten, Part One

    I woke up and it was dark, cold. I rolled over noticing my empty room and was confused. The floor that I had been laying on with them was now bare.
    “Uh, Mikes? Gerard?” I slid off of my bed noticing that everything had been put up. The controllers and video game cases that had been strewn around the bottom of bed were gone as well. I turned on my lamp so that I could see my room better and saw that all of their things were gone, it looked like they hadn’t even spent the night, let alone come over. Did they just leave or something? Then I realized that we had a spare bedroom and they had probably just gone there. They had probably cleaned up after I had passed out and put me in bed before taking their things there. But that’s when I noticed I was just in my boxers, and I was pretty sure neither of them had done that. Looking at the clock I noticed it was a little after three in the morning. Deciding upon that I yawned stretching and thought about going back to sleep. I would just ask them about it later on.
    “Whatever,” I mumbled and was about to go back to bed when flashing lights appeared through the bottom of my door. I stopped mid turn and faced the white door looking at the blinking lights. They were red and blue, just like cop lights.
    “What in the world?” I breathed walking towards my door and opened it up quickly only to find an empty hall. More than slightly confused I stepped out and looked both ways, my door slamming shut the moment my hand left the knob. I jumped away from it in shock, my mind blurred about what the hell was going on. I looked at it for a few moments before slowly reaching out to the doorknob and turned it, opening it up and walked in hesitantly to my now dark room. Quietly shutting the door I searched for my light switch, but I couldn’t find it. I was more lost than confused now. I gave up after a few moments, sighing angrily in the darkness and went to walk forward only to trip over something solid and fall onto my bed.
    “Ouch,” I sat up on my bed, bringing my legs up on the mattress and frowned. It really fucking hurt, I reached down to rub my ankle my hand hit something. It was hard, and cold, covered in what felt like jeans. Seeing as my eyes weren’t adjusted to the darkness I let my hands trail along whatever it was, realizing that it was a leg that turned into a torso. He wasn’t skinny enough to be Mikey, not that Gerard was fat or anything. But Mikey was definitely a lot smaller than him, almost like a pole.
    “Gerard?” I whispered, he hadn’t been in my bed when I woke up so how did he get here now? And why the hell wasn’t he waking up? I gripped his shirt as I continued to feel up his body and gasped when my hands hit something wet.
    “Gee?” I choked before reaching back down to touch it, it was cold, whatever it was. But what scared me was where it was at.
    “Gerard?” I called into the darkness, pressing my hand to his chest that was unmoving.
    “No... Gerard, this isn’t funny.” I panicked pushing on it, my eyes finally able to make out the outline of his body.
    “Please say something,” my voice cracked, I looked around the room and slipped off the bed feeling out for anything. I hit my bed side table and frantically searched for the lamp to turn it on, when the light filled my room I saw the dark red on my hands.
    “Gerard?” I looked over and saw him laying on my bed, in clothes that I remembered perfectly from that night. I wouldn’t look above his chest, scared of what I was going to find. This couldn’t be happening, everything had been going so well. I stumbled towards him, afraid to look but knowing that I would have to. Slowly my eyes trailed up his blue shirt, getting darker in spots the closer it got to the neckline. Then there was the blood that pooled onto my bed, blotching my blanket. But it all lead to his neck, the scene of it all, his head tilted back off the edge of my bed. Sliced from side to side, slit open creating a good inch wide wound. He had cut down so deep that it had gone to his trachea causing a giant chunk to go missing. I fell onto my bed, my eyes frantically searching his body for anything to show that it wasn’t real. I climbed onto his stomach taking his even paler face into my hands.
    “Wake up.... please, you’ve got to wake up. You can’t go, not like this,” the tears finally spilled over, falling on his blue turning lips. Streams of red slipped down his cheeks leading from the edged of his mouth, to just under his ears and dripping onto my bed.
    “Please Gee,” I cried running my hand through his hair as I held his head up holding him close to me.
    “Don’t do this.... not now, please. I just wanted to make you happy,” I choked into his hair causing it to stick to my face. I ran my thumb over his lips and his closed eyes, sliding off of his body I landed on his arm that held the bloody knife. I let go and just looked at it, and I felt like it was glaring back at me, rubbing in what I had caused.
    “You did this,” came his raspy voice. I looked to see him laugh darkly, blood spewing from his neck as he did it.
    “No, I didn’t mean for this to happen. Please,” I cried leaning forward to wipe the blood from his face.
    “Does it make you happy?” his eyes opened, a white film covering his hazel pools.
    “No!” I choked shaking my head pressing down on his neck, hoping to make it stop, but knowing that it was already too late. The blood seeped through between my fingers making my hands look like they were disappearing into the sea of red.
    “I love you, please don’t go Gee. I didn’t mean for this to happen, I love you.” I cried, his eyes slipping shut once again. I collapsed against his chest, sobbing into his already wet shirt, looking at my blood covered hands.
    “No,” I cried over and over again, anger building up as I tore at my hair and balled my hands up into fists, hitting myself.
    “Frank.” I just shook my head as he said my name. I had tried so hard and he was dead again.
    “Frank, wake up!” I felt hands on my shoulders shaking me.
    “Frank, wake up damnit!” someone shouted and I gasped sitting up.

    I saw Mikey sitting there, looking at me with tired but worried eyes.
    “Wait... but...” I panted staring at him. I felt warm hands on my shoulder and I jumped back hitting something.
    “It was just a dream,” they whispered into my ear rubbing my back.
    “Dude, you were freaking me out. You just started whimpering in your sleep and then started to go schizo.” Mikey stated putting on his glasses.
    “Why don’t you go get him something to drink,” he nodded getting up and walked out of the room slowly, almost falling over a few times.
    “A dream... it was just a dream?” I whimpered looking down at my hands that were clean.
    “What happened Frankie? You kept saying my name, but it didn’t sound like a good thing,” I turned on my butt to look at him. His neck free of blood and that gory gash, now I understood why Mikey had been such a zombie, finding his brother like that.
    “I-I had that dream again. But... it was so real Gee, I thought you were dead. I mean... I can still feel it, and you were so cold,” I tried not to cry as my chest tightened up. He sighed pulling me towards him and hugged me close.
    “I’m okay, see? I’m still breathing, I’m warm. I’m still here Frankie,” he whispered rubbing my back softly. I nodded into his chest and closed my eyes. I was still in shock as to how deep his cut had been. It was obvious he wanted no chances of making it through it. But I couldn’t imagine just how far gone he was, to actually live through creating that damage.
    “Do you want to talk about it?” that question surprised me. I shook my head this time, I just didn’t want him to let me go.
    “Was it the one you had before?”
    “Yeah,” I breathed, running my thumb back and forth over his chest. It made me wonder how worried he was, to wake up and find me freaking out in my sleep saying his name.
    “You said that you heard me say your name, did I say anything else?” I remembered what I had said, I only hoped that he hadn’t heard it. Not because I didn’t want him to know, but I just wasn’t sure if he was ready for that.
    “Yeah, but it was all mumbled. Why?” I just shook my head, moving to wrap my arms around his waist. We stayed like that for a few minutes until I heard Mikey walk back in.
    “Here you go Frank,” I sat up and took the glass from him, giving a quiet ‘thank you’ before downing the water.
    “What time is it?” I mumbled wiping my mouth with the back of my hand.
    “It’s about four thirty.” I nodded sitting the empty glass on the floor and sighed resting my head on Gee’s shoulder.
    “You want to try and go back to sleep?” he asked quietly. I shook my head and closed my eyes.
    “I’ll go downstairs and let you two get some sleep though,” I went to push myself up but he held onto my arm.
    “No, I’ll stay up with you.” I looked back at Mikey who was back to sitting on his sleeping bag.
    “I’ll stay up too,” he stated, but I could tell he could barely stay awake now.
    “Go ahead Mikes, we’ll be okay.” Gerard stated causing him to frown.
    “Go take the spare bed down the hall mkay?” he didn’t argue, but he didn’t seem that excited about it. He nodded getting up and left the room shutting the door behind him.
    “Come on, let’s get you off the floor.” he pushed himself up and straightened out his shirt before holding out his hand. Taking it he pulled me to my feet and then had me sit down on the bed.
    “I’ll be fine Gerard, you can go sleep.” he shook his head sitting down next to me.
    “I want to make sure you’re ok.”
    “I had a nightmare, that’s all. You’re right, everything’s ok. You shouldn’t have to suffer because of it.” he just laughed.
    “Who say’s I’m suffering Frankie? Besides, coffee later on and I’ll be fine. No worries.”
    “You sure?” he nodded leaning back on his elbows. I sighed laying on my back and rested my hands on my stomach.
    “You going to be okay?” his voice was soft and I looked over at him giving him a slight nod.
    “Was is it that bad?” he really did seem interested in all of this. I was afraid to go into it, but if it was something that interested him, then I wouldn’t ignore it.
    “Yeah.” I replied quietly. He nodded looking straight ahead of him, I could tell by his set jaw that he was thinking. Probably trying to come up with another question that he felt wasn’t too personal. If only he knew how personal the subject really was.
    “You want to know how you did it, don’t you?” his eyes drifted down to me and he nodded.
    “But if you don’t want to talk about it, then it’s okay. It just... it must have been bad if you were freaking out like that.” he shrugged looking away from me. I pushed myself up, before leaning against his shoulder. Reaching up I touched his pale neck with the tips of my fingers, letting them brush against his unmarked skin. I frowned, picturing it again and closed my eyes, trying to force away the images. His hand touched mine and he looked at me with a frown that mirrored my own, I could tell that he understood, but the wariness in his eyes showed he wanted confirmation.
    “You slit your throat Gee,” I whispered, my eyes locking with his for just a few moments before he broke it by looking away.
    “You... you told me it was my fault. You asked me if it made me happy, and you were so cold. There was so much blood,” I felt the tears slip as I began to ramble and my voice started cracking.
    “Hey, calm down,” he grabbed my wrist, rubbing it with his thumb in small circles. It was to soothe me, and it was working.
    “I’m sorry Gee.” I whimpered, he shook his head.
    “I’m okay Frankie, I’m not going anywhere. You don’t have to worry about any of that ok? You’ll never have to worry about that.” his voice filled the quiet room, and for a moment it’s like none of it had actually happened. Days didn’t matter anymore, because he was here, telling me that he would never do it.
    “Do you promise?” I whispered looking into his hazel eyes, searching for lies, for doubt. Anything to make me worry that he wasn’t being that honest.
    “I promise you Frankie.” I nodded letting out a shallow breath and let my head fall back onto his shoulder. I blinked away the tears and stared down at his hand that was still holding my wrist. I pulled it away and before he could do the same I grabbed it. Tracing little shapes across his wrist, and onto his palm. His muscles flexed under my touch, showing the life that he still held.
    “Thanks, for staying up with me.” I mumbled running my finger tips along his fingers, tracing the lines.
    “You’re welcome Frankie.” his warm breath hit the top of my hair before I felt the weight of his head against it. I sighed closing my eyes, letting my fingers continue to dance across his skin, grinning when I heard him giggle.
    “That tickles,” he whispered. I opened my eyes, gazing at his hand and sighed shifting so I could move my other arm. I grabbed his hand with both of mine and just looked at it, overwhelmed with the heat of it. Unlike my dreams and my fears, his skin was alive underneath my hands, pumping blood and moving.
    “You okay?” he asked quietly and I nodded as a reply. Biting my lip I laced our fingers together, letting go with my other hand and let it rest on my lap. I glanced up at him to see that he was staring at our hands, a deep look set in his eyes. I reached up pecking him on the cheek before blushing and resting my head back on his shoulder.
    “Can we go to bed Gee?”
    “Are you sure?” I nodded.
    “Will you stay with me?” I pulled away, thought I didn’t let go of his hand. He looked at me for a few moments, before looking back down at our hands.
    “Uh yeah, if you really want me to.”
    “I do, I feel better when you’re around.” I pulled him up, and pulled back on my blankets, still not letting go. He leaned over to turn off the lamp and we briefly parted, only to lay down. I slid in closest to the wall and felt the bed dip down. When I rolled over, I frowned seeing he had his back to me and I tugged at this shirt.
    “What’s wrong?” he leaned onto his back to look at me.
    “Roll over,” I mumbled and he once again just looked at me. After realizing that I wasn’t kidding he rolled onto his other side facing me and I leaned into him, pressing my face to his chest feeling his heart beat. I slid my arm around his waist closing my eyes. His body had gone a bit stiff for the first few minutes and then he slowly wrapped his arm around me and pulled me closer.
    “Comfy?” I mumbled into his chest, my free hand pressed up against it.
    “Mhm, you?” I gave a murmured ‘yeah’ and laid there, listening to his steady heart and his slow breathing until it finally put me to sleep. Hoping that I would never have to face that horrible nightmare again in my dreams, or in reality.

    So, what do you all think about that nightmare of Frank's????????
    Thanks you guys for the feedback ^_^
    And another hello to new readers :D
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    That nightmare was a little freaky
    And Gerard better keep his fucking promise. Honestly I think he heard Frank say 'I love you'
  5. That was simply amazing!!!!!!!! It was just sad at the beginning and then it was so cute...

    That part was just beautiful <3

    Aww ROLL OVER! xD
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    Wow,the nightmare was horrible,it felt so real...i feel so bad for Frankie right now,but good thing he woke up to Mikey and Gerard.The relationship of Gee and Frank is so innocent and sweet right now,i love how you developed it,amazing,honestly:)
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    Chapter Nineteen - Day Ten, Part Two

    Frank's POV

    I woke up to warmth, a soft cotton shirt beneath my hand and the sound of someone dying in the background and Mikey’s apparent delectation of the fact that he had done it. Picking my head up from the resting body that I had been laying on, my eyes traveled to the end of the bed where I found him sitting there, playing video games again. I realized that it was the same game we had been playing the night before and laughed softly.

    “You know,” I yawned before blinking attempting to blink the sleep from my eyes, “no matter how many times you play that game, you’ll probably never beat him.” he paused the game and turned to look back at me.

    “Shut up,” he retorted, his hair stuck up in random places.

    “Make me,” I yawned again and sighed cuddling back into Gerard’s side.

    “You look comfy,” he noted before going back to his video game.

    “Mm very, thank you for noticing.” I laughed softly before looking up at Gerard’s peaceful face. His eyelids twitching slightly, as he dreamed, his lips parted slightly, making him look innocent. I sat up on my elbow and reached out to touch his face carefully in hopes of not waking him. It was then that a I noticed, my eyes catching the clock that was level with his head that I realized it was almost two in the afternoon. While I would hate to wake him, I knew he couldn’t just sleep the entire day away, well at least when I was around. I ran my hand through his hair and leaned down brushing my lips across his smooth warm skin till I reached his ear.

    “Wake up Gee,” I whispered rubbing his chest softly. He mumbled in protest and I couldn’t help but giggle at his childish act.

    “Come on Gee, time to wake up,” he groaned this time and turned causing me to fall onto my side as his arm slid around my waist and pulled me towards him. I laughed while slipping my hand into his mess of black locks, kneading it almost as I sighed and laid down, his face just in front of mine.

    “Come on Gee, wake up,” I kissed his forehead, this time causing him to stir. His eye brows knit together and he let out a heavy breath.

    “What time is it?” his voice full of sleep.

    “Almost two.” I continued running my hand through his hair when a thought came to mind. If a stranger had been in the room, I wondered if we would have looked like a couple. The idea of being a couple was definitely something that I wanted deeply, but the want of him being alive a week from now severely outweighed it. He nodded and opened up his eyes slowly picking up his head, a bit taken back at first before he mumbled an ‘oh’ and sighed resting back into the bed.

    “Anymore nightmares?” he mumbled, his grip not loosening on me.

    “Nope, no more nightmares. Thanks again Gee, that meant a lot to me.” he smiled lazily before letting his eyes flutter back open.

    “You’ve thanked me enough Frankie,” he laughed softly. Noticing that I had stopped what I had been doing, I quickly went back to running my finger through his hair, in return causing him to sigh and once again his hazel eyes were hidden from me.

    “That feel good?” I giggled.

    “Most definitely. You know, instead of thanking me, just do that from now on.” I continued to laugh as he gave appreciated sighs and smiles.

    “Are you molesting my brother dude?” I looked over at Mikey who didn’t seem too bothered, seeing as he was still focused on the video game.

    “Oh yeah, definitely, let me tell you about it,” I rolled my eyes causing Gerard to laugh and roll back to look at his younger brother before shaking his head and mumbling the word idiot under his breath.

    “I’ll take that as no then?” he asked, his voice monotone as he continued to focus on the scene in front of him.

    “Yeah, that’s a no.” I giggled before laying back down and looked at Gerard. His face maybe three inches away, I’ll admit, it was tempting as hell. As much as I tried to control myself, my eyes betrayed me, looking down at his pale lips that were slightly chapped. I wanted to, hell everyone probably knew but him that I seriously wanted to. I was worried about a lot of things, scared of my stupidity pushing him away. But when his arm slid back around me, holding me close, I pushed all the negativity to the back of my mind and looked back up into his eyes.

    “Gee, can I do something?” it was quiet, almost inaudible, but he heard it.

    “As long as it doesn’t involve stealing my organs to sell on the black market, yeah.” I couldn’t help but grin at the idiocy of it.

    “I wouldn’t do that to you.” it caused him to smile too.

    “I’d hope so,” we laughed quietly before settling down, falling into an awkward silence with a new unknown tension in the air. Biting my bottom lip I cleared my mind and looked back at him.

    “So, I can?” he nodded hesitantly, as if his mind, much like mine was back and forth on it. I leaned forward cautiously, I was nervous, there was no hiding that. Doing something that I had never done before quite frankly scared me, I had given him a peck before, an act of flirting and admiration, but I had never kissed him or another guy before. My eyes slipped shut, just after his, and my heart beat grew rapid beneath my chest in anticipation of feeling his lips upon mine. But when it happened, it was if the worry was for nothing, because that was just it, nothing. There was no pressure, there was only his lips against mine. No emotion whatsoever, because he didn’t kiss me back. I pulled away disappointed and saddened by the fact that he probably didn’t feel the same. Rolling onto my back I stared at the ceiling with sad eyes. I wished he had just told me no, that way I hadn’t embarrassed myself.


    “Yeah?” I sighed not really caring at the moment.

    “Can I do something now?”

    “What?” I frowned, hadn’t I been the one to just ask that? His hand moved to my face, urging me to turn my head to look at it. I turned to look, only he wasn’t trying to get my attention so that he could say something, no, he did it to kiss me. It was different then last time, instead of him being motionless and voided of emotion, he pressed his chapped lips against mine. His hand holding me by the back of my neck. It shocked me at first, but as soon as that wore off I pressed back. Enjoying how his lips moved with mine, molded to fit as if they were made just for me. I sighed in content and rolled onto my side, reaching out to grasp the shirt on his chest. The hand that had been on my neck moved slowly to my back before resting on my hip just above the top of my jeans. It was smooth and tender, something out of a romantic movie I guess you could say. But it didn’t stay that way for long. After every short break of our lips, the kisses grew harder and needy, fueled by something other than shy affection. His body converged with mine, hands roaming as our lips sealed together, growing sloppy with haste. The need of having him closer overpowered me as I rolled onto my back, tugging at his thin shirt, taking the hint he climbed on top of me. His elbow beside my head as his other hand was pressed against my cheek. His wet lips slipped down my jaw and onto my neck, where he pressed them against my skin sucking tenderly. My hands traveled up his chest before quickly running back down. Pulling at the bottom of the cotton I let my hands slip under it, my finger tips ecstatic from the feeling of his warm skin. I was so quickly caught up in the moment of feeling his skin that I hadn’t realized just how close he had gotten to my spot before I gasped.

    “Aye! What the hell are you two doing?!” Mikey yelled causing our moment to quickly end.

    “Hey I thought you said you weren’t molesting my brother?” he whined.

    “Um,” I cleared my throat before looking back up at Gerard, “well technically he’s on top of me so, wouldn’t he be the one molesting me?”

    His lips pulled up into a smile, swollen and red. I reached up pressing my thumb against them causing him to sigh and close his eyes, he kissed it softly before opening his eyes back up to look at me. It took me a moment before I remembered that my other hand was still under his shirt, pressed against his chest. It saddened me for a moment, to think that something so alive had been dead, rotting away in the ground. I had, had a bunch of moments since the beginning of this, where I thought about how he had been dead. But until now, it hadn’t really sunken in completely. To know that all of this, at one time was nothing, and that it had been my fault.

    “You okay?” he whispered, I nodded smiling softly to reassure him and pulled my hand out of his shirt before reaching up so that I could grab his face with both hands.

    “You’re beautiful, did you know that?” I asked quietly causing him to blush, he looked away causing me to grin madly. I leaned up to kiss him softly before falling back into the bed, still holding onto his warm and flushed face.

    “Do you mean it?” he returned with a question looking back down at me. I nodded letting one hand slip into his hair. He laid down on my chest, burying his face into it while his arms held onto me tightly.

    “You’re not so bad yourself Frankie,” I couldn’t help but laugh at how blunt he was about it. I brushed all his hair to one side before running my knuckles down his cheek.

    “Hey Gee?”


    “Um, do you want to... you know, go out tomorrow night?” he picked up his head looking at me, with a bit of confusion.

    “You mean all three of us or like a date?” he blushed again, it was something that I didn’t mean to do, but I loved doing it at the same time. I thought he looked adorable, childlike when his face would go red.

    “Like a date.”

    “Uh, yeah. Definitely.” I smiled sitting up and pecked his lips.

    “Aw isn’t that so adorable,” Mikey cooed like we were little babies from the edge of the bed. I looked up just in time to get a flash in my eyes.

    “Ow, goddammit Mikey!” I whined covering them. He just laughed and Gerard rolled off of me. I removed my hand and looked up at Mikey who was busy messing with my camera.

    “What are you doing?” he just shrugged sitting down, I could see from here that he was going through the pictures. I looked over at Gerard who was busy watching his brother.

    “Wait a second,” he mumbled before enlarging one.

    “Oh my God!” he shrieked standing up and started laughing.

    “Who the hell took these?” he laughed looking at me, I immediately remembered Gerard’s last visit and how I woke up to my Mom taking pictures.

    “Oh God, are you serious?” Gerard looked between the two of us, completely lost.

    “Seriously though? Who took these?” he continued to laugh while shoving the camera in his brother’s face.

    “My Mother,” I groaned falling back onto my pillow. I was seriously going to kill that woman one day, then bring her back to life and kill her again for making me feel bad that I had killed her the first time, and then it would happen all over again.

    “Wait you were awake when she took these?” I picked up my head to look at a confused Gerard.

    “Well I uh, woke up and kinda went back to sleep because I was comfy.” I felt the heat rise up into my cheeks before he just smiled and shook his head looking back down at the lit up screen.

    “Well, not that this isn’t all fun and what not, my caffeine levels are at a dangerous low. So I’m going to make coffee, and seeing as Frank, you and I can’t cook to save our lives, I’d like to state now that Gerard is a good cook. So, get your ass down there and make us something woman,” he stated pointing at his brother. Gerard looked up from the camera with an unamused look before sitting the camera on the floor.

    “Ok, did you seriously just call me a woman?” he asked. Mikey only nodded, seeming proud of the fact.

    “Must I remind you who the drag queen was when he was five years old?” Mikey immediately frowned as Gerard grinned evilly and got off the bed.

    “Hey, that’s not cool Bro, I thought you promised not to bring that up,” he whined as I collapsed on the bed in a fit of giggles.

    “Oh and that’s not even the best part Frankie, he let me put make up on him and take pictures. He even wore this pretty little blonde wig.” Gee laughed bending over to kiss me softly, he went to stand up but was attacked by Mikey who had now latched onto his back.

    “You’re the son of the devil, did you know that?”

    “Yep, I know.” Mikey nodded before sliding off.

    “I’m glad you understand, just know I will get you back,” and he left the room. Gerard looked back down at me, amused by the fact that I was still laughing and he scooped me up.

    “Did he seriously dress in drag?”

    “No, that was me. I’m the drag queen of the house, he just let me use him as a test subject for make up.” I thought about it, picturing a five year old version of himself strutting around in dresses and high heels.

    “I bet you made a really hot chick Gee.” he just laughed as he carried me down the stairs.

    “Oh you wouldn’t believe Frankie, you wouldn’t believe." he sighed with a smile on his face before giving another loud laugh.

    Thanks you guys for the comments :D
    You are amazing!!

    ALSO! There are only six more chapters left, and there's a sequel that will be coming with it. So be on the look out for that once this is done.

    I spaced things out in this, I hope that it makes it a lot easier to read. I know how big of a pain long paragraphs can be.
  8. That was sooo FREAKING AMAZING!!!!! AND ADORABLE!!!!! <3 <3 I so could see Mikey being a Drag Queen xDDDD
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    I adore this chapter... seriously and I adore you for writing this.

    “Hey I thought you said you weren’t molesting my brother?” he whined.
    “Um,” I cleared my throat before looking back up at Gerard, “well technically he’s on top of me so, wouldn’t he be the one molesting me?”

    I love this line, it sounds like me and my sister

    yay! there will be a sequel
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    AWW! I actually squirmed when I read this, and got really weird looks from my brother. HA HA! This was SO adorable and utterly cute!

    “Aye! What the hell are you two doing?!” Mikey yelled causing our moment to quickly end.

    “Hey I thought you said you weren’t molesting my brother?” he whined.

    “Um,” I cleared my throat before looking back up at Gerard, “well technically he’s on top of me so, wouldn’t he be the one molesting me?”

    And this, made me giggle like a retard!

    I love your writing, and can't wait till the next chapter :D
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    :D yay yay yay!
    they kissed :)
    and im picturing him as a drag queen
    lol very funny:p
    cant wait for more x
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    New reader. ^_^

    *Was reccomended to read this by her lovely wifey Emileh.* I really love this story, because I like stories with complicated storylines, especially ones where Frank and Gerard don't automatically love eachother and do it by the 5th chapter.. =')
    I'm a big fan of Frerards where they start off hating eachother, because there's really only a thin line between love and hate.. And I'm actually attempting to write one about that thin line from a slightly different view.. And failing.. =')

    But yeah, the little moments you put them in are cute, when you can almost tell what they're thinking in the particular scenes.
    I feel kinda sorry for Mikey, though, he seems to be quite left out.. >_<
    That's not a call for Fraycest in the least bit, that's simply me saying Mikey should chill out and relax a bit more ^_^ he's doing better, though..
    And Gee and Frankie need to control themselves infront of the Mikester.. O_O

    Much love ^_^ updates when possible. Apologies for rambling. =3 xoxo
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    omg this is awesome! its so good because its diffrent then anyother fanfic i've ever read. cant wait to read more:)
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    Chapter Twenty - Day Eleven, Part One​

    The worst thing about getting beat up is the bruises, sure the pain might suck, but it normally doesn’t stick around for a few days. It just happened to be my horrible luck that I was going on a date with Gerard tonight, and half of my face was still black and blue.

    “If you keep prodding at it hun, it’ll only get worse and stay there longer.” Mom stated from the living room, I was standing in front of the hallway mirror poking at the stitches along my eyebrow.

    “Yeah, but I need these to disappear, like now would be nice.” I whined scanning the damage. There was a bruise that went from just up to the right of my eye and trailed not only around my eye, but to the mid part of my nose. Damn you Thomas.

    “Well, do you mind explaining why you’ve been locked up in your room for a good two hours and why suddenly your appearance means so much? You’re worse than me dear.” I rolled my eyes finally giving up on it going away. I had tried putting some make up over it, only it didn’t exactly work.

    “I’ve got a date tonight.” I grumbled not happy that I looked like shit. Honestly, how the hell could Gerard even look at me and tell me I looked good? Maybe he was just trying to make me feel better?

    “Oh, with who?” ah now she was really curious, I walked in the room and sat down next to her, sinking into the couch.

    “With Gerard. I asked him out yesterday, not realizing that my face was deformed.”

    “Aw honey your face isn’t deformed.” she smiled.

    “You’re my Mother, you’re supposed to say that.” I replied monotonously, she just laughed looking at the bruising.

    “Its not as bad as you think dear. So where are you two going?” I frowned.

    “I don’t exactly know yet. I told him we would go wherever he wants to go.” I shrugged looking towards the clock seeing that he would be here in about ten minutes.

    “So did he ask you out?”

    “No, I asked him after Mikey thought I was molesting him.” her eyebrows hitched and she popped my arm.

    “Frank what have I told you?!” she scolded making me laugh.

    “We didn’t do anything like that Mom,” I chuckled shoving her shoulder.

    “Well then what did you do?”

    “Uh we might have made out... sort of with his brother in the room, sitting at the end of the bed.” I blushed.

    “I’m grateful he was there, heaven help me I swear Frank...” she trailed off shaking her head.

    “Hey, I don’t just randomly jump into bed with people.” she gave me an amused look.

    “Yet you were on a bed when this happened.” I opened my mouth like a fish, trying to say something to defend myself with but I had nothing so I ended up closing it and opening it back up in hopes for something, but I still had no comeback. She was right and she enjoyed that.

    Thankfully there was a knock at the door and I prayed it was Gerard. Being early was a saving grace and I would be in his debt forever. I quickly got up and ran to the door, swinging it open and grinned seeing him standing there. He was wearing tight black jeans and a black plain shirt that hugged him perfectly.

    “Uh sorry if I’m early, I had to escape my Mom,” I nodded.

    “No trust me, it’s perfect. My Mom is driving me crazy too.” I breathed.

    “Frank, is that him hun?” my eyes widened and I ran out grabbing his hand. Not bothering to even shut the door as we went to his car.

    “Come on, I don’t need any embarrassing stuff right now.” he only laughed as we got in and buckled up, I looked back at the house and saw Mom in the doorway with a grin on her face as she shook her head. When he started the car she waved before shutting the door.

    “She doesn’t look that bad, I mean... last time I met her it wasn’t that bad.” he stated pulling out of my drive.

    “Yeah well today’s different. She has a reason to embarrass me Gee.”

    “Aw it couldn’t be that bad.” I frowned.

    “Or is it?” he laughed.

    “That is something you will never find out.” he frowned.

    “Not even if I begged to find out?” I looked over at him.

    “Uh I dunno, how good is your begging?” he just grinned looking back at the road.

    “Oh you’ll find out one day.” I couldn’t help but laugh.

    “So um, where are we going again?” he cleared his throat rolling down his window.

    “Well, wherever your favorite places are. Like I said yesterday, today is all about what you want to do.” he frowned.

    “But I don’t really go out Frankie. I mean, and when I do... it’s all pretty boring.” he looked over at me.

    “As long as you’re there I’m fine. So Mr. Way you’re the one in control. This date is in your hands.”

    “Oh boy,” he whispered making me laugh.

    “It’s not that much pressure is it?” he shrugged.

    “I just don’t want to bore the shit out of you Frankie.” he was still frowning.

    “Like I said the first time, as long as you’re there and you are happy then I’ll be happy,” I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek before falling back into my seat. When I looked back over his cheeks were tinged with red and he had a wide smile. I grabbed his hand looking back at the road wondering where he was driving too.

    “So where are we going?” I looked over at him but he shook his head.

    “I’m not going to tell you anything. You said it was in my hands so you’ll just have to go along with it.”

    “Jerk.” I mumbled making him laugh.

    “You never said I had to tell you Frank, it’s not my fault you didn’t think things through.” I wanted to wipe the smirk off his face but I couldn’t help but enjoy how it looked on him. I sighed running my thumb against his and looked back out at the road, trying to guess of any and every place possible. We weren’t driving for long before his hand reached up and brushed the bruise.

    “Do they still hurt?” I shook my head.

    “Are you sure? I always thought the stitches would hurt.”

    “You’ve never had them before?” he frowned.

    “No, and even if I did them I would have probably just suffered... I’m terrified of needles,” he shuddered.

    “I didn’t know that.”

    “Yeah, well it’s kind of embarrassing really.”

    “Well I’m scared of spiders, heights and tight spaces.” I shrugged.

    “Really?” he looked at me, it was then that I realized we were at a red light. If we hadn’t I would have feared for my life, seeing as he was looking at me more than the road.

    “Yeah, so see, there’s nothing for you to be embarrassed about. People have their fears, it’s only natural to have them.” I explained grabbing his hand. I laced my fingers with his, laying it on the center console.

    “Thanks Frankie.” I looked over at him and smiled.

    “I don’t know why you’re thanking me, but you’re welcome.” he smiled in return before driving again, taking us somewhere that I’m sure I would enjoy.

    A/N: First part of the date :p
    Also I'm going to start including the banner I made back on my old mibba account.
    Thank you all!! I love reading your comments, they make me smile and laugh :D
    Ello to all my new readers, welcome to the random-ness that is my story haha.
    I'll put up the second part tomorrow, maybe? Either tomorrow or the day after. I promise you!!!
    I apologize for errors too, so let me know if you see any.
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    and i loveee the banner btw!
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    That was very incredibly cute. Gerard is such a smart ass sometimes.
    Ha Frank's mom would be like my dad, asking everything.
    That banner is fucking amazing. I wonder if you could make one for me.
    For my fic "If I Die Young"

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