When I Go, Bring Me Back Again [Frerard]

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    I luhhh the gayzzz.

    But really, I like this. Makes me happy =]
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    I really love how Frank is talking to himself,it's very cute:)i love your story.
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    Wow, great updates! I love it that Geard hasn't started trusting him instantly, it makes it more real. I wonder if Frank is actually gay...guess I'll have to wait and see :D
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    I like this alot! I love it when Frank talks to himself and how he want's make up for all that he has done.

    Keep it up!
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    Chapter Six- Day Two, Part Two

    Of course the rest of the school day just had to drag on and on. In all honesty I had never felt so restless in my life, I was even been told to go to the bathroom because I was fidgeting so much. At first I almost passed it up, but took the time to roam the halls and think about what all I could do. While wandering around I realized I was in particular hall and made a stop at his locker, not really knowing why and sat there on the floor for a good five minutes. I let my head fall back, banging against the metal and grimaced.
    “How the hell am I going to do this?” I mumbled sighing. I peered up at the four slits going across the metal door and an insane idea came to my mind. I pushed myself up and ran to my locker, careful of the classes I went by. When I got to it, I opened it up grabbing a paper from one of my folders and searched for a pencil, only able to find a pen and made my way back to Gerard’s locker.

    I panted in front of it, placing the paper up against the smooth surface and tapped the end of the pen. Now I just had to figure out what to write, which proved to not be such an easy task. I stood there, thinking a million things but all seemed stupid in the end. I knew that I didn’t have much time, I had to get back to class soon or else I would get screwed over. Then out of nowhere another stupid idea came to my mind and I wrote it down, in cursive because I knew he would recognize my regular writing. I looked it over a few times before folding it up and wrote ‘open me’ on it and slid it in and bent the end that way it wouldn’t fall to the bottom. I grinned before taking off heading back to class.

    Mikey’s POV

    The bell rang, jolting me from almost falling asleep again.
    “Don’t forget the assignment is due tomorrow,” Mr. Richards finished and I tried to remember what it was, but I was pretty sure Frank had the same assignment so I would just get it from him. I stepped out of the classroom and spotted Gerard walking down the hall so I cut across random people till I was next to him.
    “Hey Bro,” I smiled.
    “Hey.” he mumbled.
    “What’s wrong? You seemed to be pretty joyful this morning.” I stated, it wasn’t entirely true, but it had been the best mood I had seen him in for a long time.
    “Thinking.” so we were back to one word answers.
    “About what exactly?” I had a feeling it was Frank. It only made sense, it was even on my mind a lot.
    “Frank,” bingo I was right. I followed him to his locker seeing as it was the end of the day and I didn’t really have to be in a hurry.
    “Care to elaborate?” I probed hoping to get him to open up just the slightest. He spun the dial on his lock, concentrating, but I knew it wasn’t the metal in his hand that had him so focused.
    “Gerard, look, I know it’s weird. Trust me I’m confused about all of this, but I think he really is being truthful.” he nodded opening up his locker and froze looking at something.
    “What?” his hand lifted and he pulled a folded piece of paper into view.
    “What the hell is that?” he shrugged tossing his things inside before unfolding it. He read it, and on the fact that almost immediately his face contorted into confusion, I realized it must not have been long.
    “It’s not those dicks is it?” for a while, some people in school had made it a daily routine to tape papers with the word fag on his locker.
    “I don’t know. There’s no name on it.” I took it from his hands, immediately recognizing that cursive writing. After I read the few words I was even more confused about what Frank was doing.
    “Do you know who it is?” I thought about it, I bet Frank didn’t want him to know it was him.
    “No, sorry Gerard.” I stated handing it back to him, I looked up catching the culprit walking this way. When he got closer, Gerard noticed him as well and he quickly folded up the paper and shoved it in his pocket.
    “Hello,” Frank grinned like a mad man and looked up at Gerard who had his back to him.
    “Frank,” I replied, I would definitely be asking about that letter later.
    “So, do you think you can drop me off at my house? I’ll come over later; I just need to talk to my mom about some stuff.” I looked back at Gerard, when did he agree to have Frank come over? I mean it’s not like I minded, but I didn’t expect Gerard and him to have something set up.
    “What’s going on?”
    “He’s tutoring me. I’m flunking Math, and apparently he’s pretty good with it. So is that ok Gerard?” ok so maybe the ulterior motive was a possibility. Either way, I didn’t care as long as my brother didn’t end up getting hurt in the process of whatever Frank was doing.
    “I guess.” he shrugged shutting the locker, I noticed Frank’s eyes lingered on it for a few moments and he went quiet. Gerard walked in front of us and I grabbed Frank’s arm, slowing him down before leaning to his level.
    “We need to talk.” I whispered low enough that Gerard wouldn’t hear.

    (Sorry everyone for not posting again yesterday!)
  6. Update soon ?

    And what did the note say ? TELL ME :D
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    I'll update, just for you :)
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    Chapter Seven- Day Two, Part Three (Second update for tonight so read Chapter six first!)

    Gerard’s POV

    The ride had been quiet, for me at least-which I grateful for. My mind was no doubt strewn everywhere, things that I had never thought possible were turning out to be just the opposite. It didn’t help with that letter, I was almost certain that it was just some cruel joke. It just had to be, there was no way anyone was capable of that. I had quickly grown so consumed in my thoughts, that I didn’t realize that Mikey had been trying to get my attention until he grabbed my shoulder causing me to jump in my spot and hit the breaks.
    “You uh...passed up Frank’s house.” he stated pointing to the back seat, I looked over my shoulder at Frank who sat in the middle seat with an amused look on his face.
    “Shit,” I put it in reverse but Frank spoke up.
    “You don’t have to, if I can use your phone I’ll just call her. I can wait till later to talk to her.” he shrugged. To be honest, I was kind of hoping that he wanted to stop off at his home first. I would be lying if I said my brain was the most stable thing in the world. There was something about how he was acting all of a sudden that put me on edge. Like he knew what was going on in my head, and it scared me in a way. Because as much as he wanted me to trust him, I couldn’t entirely and I think he knew that, but he was still trying. I mean I know people can change, but this drastically in one night? Three days ago he stole my French binder when I was on my way from the class, and when I got it back it was littered in the words ****** and poorly drawn dicks. Then the next day he’s telling me that he wants to fix everything. Did someone by chance put a gun to his head? Was his life on the line, I would be more than willing to switch him if he wanted. It’s not like I’m some major person to anyone, well besides Mikey. But I’ve been so closed off from him, I’m a stranger, and I know that because he told me one night when he tried talking to me. Of course I just sat there, like a pathetic waste of space that I am and just stared at him.

    I pulled into the drive and killed the engine, just staring at the steering wheel for the longest time. I had heard one door open and close, but it wasn’t the one I had wanted it to be. I sat there, praying for the longest time that he would just get out of the car, but he didn’t. Instead I felt his warm hand on my shoulder and his face came into view in the rear view mirror.
    “Are you ok Gerard?” no, I wanted to say. All of this wasn’t good for my sanity, I was more confused than ever. If only he could just snap back to his uncharitable self, then maybe I wouldn’t be as messed up as I was at the moment.
    “I’m fine.” I replied shrugging it off.
    “You’re a horrible liar, you do realize that right?” he climbed between the two seats and plopped down in the passenger seat.
    “Look, I’m just confused ok? And I don’t know what the hell is going on, because you might I remind you, hate me.” he sighed, his head hitting the window seeing as he was sitting sideways.
    “Correction, firstly, I never hated you. More like I got the highest enjoyment from treating you like shit. Secondly, that was in the past, today is the present and as I’ve told you before, I’m different.” he shrugged it off as nothing and stared at me.
    “People don’t change like you’ve changed Frank. It’s not normal.” he rolled his eyes pushing himself up.
    “And you know what’s normal? Please, if you do, could you give me some pointers on it because the shit I’ve gone through and where I am now, is not normal.”
    “That makes absolutely no sense, what the hell have you gone through that isn’t normal? Nothing!” I yelled.
    “I guess I was wrong about you, you know... I was always jealous of that.” wonderful, I’m overloaded already on confusing things and he’s just adding more and more to it.
    “What the hell do you have to be jealous about?”
    “You Gerard, I’m jealous of that talent of yours, well what I thought used to be talent. How you would take anything, just absorb it. No matter what I did to you, you wouldn’t fight back. And I was jealous of it, in all honesty that’s why I only made shit worse for you. I always wanted you to crack, but you never did. So why are you cracking now? You don’t yell, you don’t fight back. It’s not in you to fight for anything, it’s not in you to try and keep your head above the water. No! You just fucking let the current take you under like a worthless piece of shit!” he yelled, his face going a bit red as he spoke with his hands.
    “What the hell are you talking about? Frank, by chance are you fucking bipolar? One moment your happy as fucking hell, then the next you’re yelling at me for some of the dumbest things! And you can’t even stay one fucking subject. What the hell do you mean I don’t fight for anything? You don’t know me!” I yelled, noticing he had calmed just down a little bit and was sitting silently. He shook his head grabbing his bag.
    “Just forget it, come on. I need help with this and we won’t get anywhere if we’re at each other’s throats.” he unlocked the door but I hit the button on the door causing it to lock again.
    “No, I want to know what the hell you’re talking about. You make absolutely no sense Frank.”
    “We have nothing to talk about, I don’t have anything else to say. I’m sorry for blowing up on you ok? Can we just go?” he wouldn’t look at me now.
    “No.” I replied curtly. He sighed heavily and fell back into the seat staring out the window.
    “I’m waiting, Frank.” but he didn’t say anything, so I sat there staring at the house. Mikey had walked up to the front door with a confused look on his face. I simply shrugged and he nodded walking away.
    “Why do you bottle everything up inside Gerard?” I couldn’t bring myself to answer him.
    “If you want me to talk, you better talk back.” his tone was threatening.
    “Because I don’t like talking to people about problems. Why would you care anyway’s?”
    “I heard that most teenage depressed gays commit suicide. I don’t know if it’s true, but it’s still a fact that I read once.” I looked over at him, to see that he was watching me with a stare that really worried me. His eyes weren’t cold, they weren’t taunting, they were full of worry, worry that was directed towards me.
    “Have you ever thought about killing yourself Gerard?” what a way to be blunt.
    “N-no,” he shook his head looking away.
    “You’re lying, I’m not stupid Gerard. If it wasn’t written across your shirt in bright colors, it’s sure as hell not hard to figure out. I mean... why wouldn’t you think about it? Right? You seclude yourself from anyone and everyone in school, your own brother doesn’t even know who you are anymore. People pick on you, rip apart your insides to the point that you don’t even try to care. Not to mention that some of those drawings of yours.... you can tell me you don’t Gerard, but I know the truth. I’ll always know the truth. I know you better than you think, you can’t hide from me.” he unlocked the door again and I didn’t bother trying to lock it back up. The door shut quietly and he jogged up to the door and disappeared much like Mikey did.

    Frank’s POV

    “Mrs. Way, do you mind if I use your phone real quick so I can call my Mom?”
    “Go right on ahead dear,” she called from the kitchen. I dropped my bag on the floor and dialed the number, waiting for her to pick up as Gerard walked inside and headed down to his room in the basement.
    “Hey Mom, um I’m at the Way’s house I just wanted you to know. So make sure you lock it up when you go to work ok?” I wound the chord between my two fingers looking at the pictures on the wall.
    “Oh ok, well don’t stay over too late. I don’t want you to over stay your welcome. Be good and I’ll see you in the morning. I love you.”
    “Mkay I won’t, Gerard is just helping me with some school stuff. I love you too and be careful.”
    “All right sweets, bye.” the click of the phone was followed and I hung up. I grabbed my bag and ventured down the stairs wondering if things were going to be awkward. I ended up at his door and knocked softly waiting for a reply.
    “You can come in you know.” was his muffled response, I turned the door handle and pushed it open.

    His room was dark, like Mikey always talked about. His bed unmade, much like mine, although I didn’t have a pink pillow and Star War’s sheets. He had some posters up on his walls, along with numerous drawings all by him of course. The floor was pretty much clean, except for a few littered shirts and crunched up papers. He was sitting at his desk, hunched over with his hand going to town over the paper.
    “Are we going to work down here?”
    “If you want too, I don’t really care.” I nodded, realizing he couldn’t see it and sat down on his bed.
    “I’m sorry about the car, I shouldn’t have gotten so personal. It wasn’t my place to do that.” he picked up his head, my guess looking over what he had been working on and then shrugged.
    “It doesn’t matter Frank. Come on, what do you need help with?” he turned in his chair and walked over sitting down next to me.
    “I don’t know really.” I frowned opening my bag and pulled out my math book.
    “Well, what unit are you on?” I shrugged.
    “How can you not know what unit you’re on?” he sighed taking the book from my hands.
    “I’ve pretty much given up on it, so I just sleep. I haven’t been awake in that class for a good three weeks.” he looked at me with that incredulous expression again.
    “Don’t look at me like that, God it’s like you’re my Mother.” I took the book back and started flipping through it. I stopped on the last thing I remembered and handed it to him.
    “Matrices? Really? They aren’t that hard Frank.” I rolled my eyes and listened to him explain it. Which by the way he spent a good half hour on just helping me multiply them, like I said I’ve given up.

    We must have spent two hours on it, and I was barely getting anywhere and I knew that I had a lot more to learn. I knew how to add, subtract and multiply them, but dividing? Hah, I think I was going to cry. But it was starting to get late and I knew I had to head home. I was putting my things away and Gerard watched me intently.
    “When is your next test?” I thought about it for a moment.
    “Next Tuesday I think?” he nodded getting up.
    “Just come over again and I’ll help. You obviously do need it, and possibly a miracle.” he added.
    “Oh thanks, just what I needed to hear. If you can’t help me then I’m completely fucked you know?” he shrugged.
    “Well don’t fall asleep in class anymore, how’s that? Besides, you’ll get it, trust me.” I couldn’t help but smile and launch myself at him, catching him in a surprise hug. He was startled, but he wrapped his arms around me and hugged back before pulling away.
    “Thank you,” I stated as his door opened and Mikey popped his head in.
    “Good you’re still here. Can I talk to you real quick? I have a question on the assignment that Mr. Richard’s gave today.” I nodded pulling my bag on my shoulder and waved goodbye to Gerard as I walked out of his room. I followed Mikey upstairs and down the hall towards his room.
    “So what is it?”
    “Oh, the uh story we’re reading in class, we have to read the next two chapters and write a summary about the key points. It’s nothing big.” he nodded.
    “Well then, I’ll see you tomorrow.” I went to walk out of his room but he grabbed my arm. I turned to look at him, and noticed he looked serious.
    “What are you doing Frank?”
    “Huh? Mikey what are you talking about? I’m trying to go home.” he shook his head.
    “What are you doing with Gerard?”
    “He’s tutoring me. Is that ok with you? I didn’t know you would react negatively to it. I’m sorry Mikes.” he shook his head again.
    “No Frank, I saw the letter.”
    “Oh,” I replied quietly. Yeah of course he would know what my cursive writing looked like.
    “Yeah, oh. So do you mind telling me why the hell you anonymously wrote telling my brother that you love him?”
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    Shocked. Was he being serious ? I want more ! :D
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    OH SHIT!really?Frank has guts:D...this is really got me hooked,more soon??:)
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    WHOA Frank's brave! I really hope Gerard starts to trust him (and I really feel for Frank, I can't do maths either) Love this!
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    Oh no! I started another unfinished story! Now I'm going to be chewing my fingernails off until I read an update. But you seem to update pretty fast. :D I love the story!
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    I know what you mean! I usually stick to finished stories or ones that are really long and will take awhile to get through. But this one is good! More soon =]
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    Really Frank Matrices aren't that hard, and I like fail at math. I feel for Frank really, I fell asleep last year in math and failed and I am not doing much better this year. :( help
    Frank you better continue to do good, because really, a letter to Gee telling him you love him, you have better been completely honest or feel the wrath of moi. Though I do love how you made him anxious and everything
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    Chapter Eight: Day Two, Part Four

    “Well?” he asked staring down at me. I felt like a little kid who had just been busted sneaking into the cookie jar.
    “I uh... um.” I couldn’t tell him the truth. I mean not only was I not allowed to, but who would believe that there brother had been dead for a year? I would look like a complete loon to him.
    “Well did you mean it or not Frank? I thought you were just going to be friends with him...but if you’re serious then this is way more than I expected. I don’t know if he can handle this Frank.”
    “It’s a piece of paper Mikey! It’s not anything dangerous.” I defended suddenly finding my voice.
    “But you don’t know my brother. He’s fucking borderline suicide you know.” I wish he knew how much I did know. I sighed, my shoulders hanging in defeat.
    “You’re right, and I’m sorry. I won’t do it anymore.” I reasoned but he shook his head.
    “No you can’t do that now. You started it, and you have to finish it. But I swear, if what you wrote isn’t true, and he get’s hurt. I will personally choke the life from you Frank. I won’t lose my brother, he means way too much to me.” when the hell did he grow balls?
    “So, did you mean it?” I nodded slowly.
    “Then why do you bully him?” he asked quietly.
    “Because.... I thought that maybe it would go away, and it didn’t. So I’m going to do whatever I can to fix this, not for me, but for him, and for you.” there was the sound of someone else breathing from behind me that startled me.
    “I’m not interrupting anything am I?” it was Gerard, standing there with my calculator.
    “No, I take it I forgot that?” I pointed at it, he nodded extending it to me.
    “Thanks.” I unzipped my bag and dropped it in.
    “Well I’ve got homework to do, so go away,” Mikey stated before shutting his door that hit me in the back. What an ass I swear. We stood there awkwardly for a few moments, till Gerard broke the silence by clearing his throat and started to walk away. I followed him, my eyes landing on a white piece of paper that was tucked inside his pocket. I got a sudden wave of courage and ran up behind him taking it.
    “What’s this?” I smirked, his eyes widened and he reached for it.
    “It’s nothing.” his pale cheeks tinged pink.
    “Oh really? Well I beg to differ judging by the fact that there’s actually color to your face,” I laughed ducking out of the way when he lunged at me.
    “Frank,” he whined.
    “Yes?” I went to open it up.
    “Stop it, it’s mine and it’s nothing so give it here.” I was backed up into a wall, so I had no place to go.
    “Well then why are you so protective over it huh?” I finished opening it up and glanced at my writing and looked up at him to see he was still blushing.
    “Someone has a secret admirer.” I cooed waving the paper.
    “No I don’t, it’s just a stupid joke. Now give it back.” he tried snatching it out of the air while I continued to wave it around.
    “You have some pretty bad skills you know.” he rolled his eyes finally catching it, after I held it out for him of course.
    “Do you know who it’s from or are they really a secret admirer?” he shrugged folding it back up.
    “It’s just some stupid prank, nobody would honestly care for me like that Frank. It’s not that hard to figure out.” he frowned.
    “Don’t be so hard on yourself, there’s always something to love about everybody.”
    “Well it’s possible that people could get skipped on that.”
    “Are you saying you’re one of those people?” he nodded shyly.
    “I guess you really don’t see yourself then. It’s a shame Gerard.” I sighed walking past him.
    “What, you see me? I’m finding it hard to believe that you know who I am.” he stated.
    “Well, I’ll tell you that I didn’t use to believe in a lot. But when someone is given a second chance I guess they realize that anything is possible. Even helping those who hate life so much that they kill everything inside of them to try and find happiness. I... I know more than you think Gerard, and I can’t really explain how or why... but I do. And like I said earlier, you can’t hide those dark feelings inside of you from me. I know you want to kill yourself, I know you’ve reached that point. I know that Mikey doesn’t, and he loves you to death. If you get to that point where you give up on everyone, especially yourself, don’t give up on him. Because he would do anything in this world for you, and I would too.” I explained for walking out his door.

    A/N: I am SO sorry its been forever since I've updated.
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    This is amazing!!! :)
    I am so in love with this.
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    this is amazing!
    Love the update
    update when you can
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    WOW an update :D
    It's so sweet that Gerard's carrying that note around with him, you can tell it's touched him. It's a shame that Mikey is angry, although it's understandable, I hope Mikey doesn't ruin it for Frank!!
    Update when you can, no worries about the wait, was totally worth it!
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    Chapter Nine: Day Three, Part One

    I walked into class the next day with mixed feelings. On one side of things I was going to see Gerard, who I had just recently left a note for in his locker. On the other side of things I was curious about what he would have to say about my little speech before leaving yesterday. But I wasn’t expecting him to not be there. I stood frozen in my spot, staring at the empty chair. Of course, none of it was real. I had in fact gone crazy with guilt and I was going to be locked up for the rest of my life. My chest tightened and I gripped my notebook tightly, the cardboard bent and began to weaken under the hold of my sweating hands. None of it was real.
    “Frank,” a soft voice caught my attention and I swirled around to see those hazel eyes.
    “You weren’t at your desk. I-I thought that...” he shook his head.
    “I uh went to your locker, hoping to catch you before you came to class. I guess I was too late for that. Um, are we going to continue to stand here by chance?” I shut my mouth, so maybe I wasn’t crazy after all.
    “No,” I blurted and turned heading towards my desk. He followed silently behind me, and while I plopped down into the metal chair, he slid into his swiftly before turning towards me.
    “Are you okay? You kinda look like you just got the shit scared out of you.”
    “You could say that. Um, so why did you want to catch me at my locker?” I cleared my throat and turned to face him.
    “Um... I spent all night thinking about what you said. And as much as I hate to admit it, you’re right. I don’t really open up to people, so normally they leave me alone and don’t ask a lot of questions. Well, except for Mikey, but sometimes I think it’s better if he doesn’t know about the thoughts that run through my head. Which is why I think I’m having a hard time you know, believing you because I don’t understand how you know so much when Mikey knows so little. But I don’t care, maybe that’s stupid, but then again I still don’t care. So in a weird way I guess what I’m trying to say is that... I trust you Frank.” his hands fidgeted as he stared down at them. I couldn’t stop the grin that spread across my face, and how I leapt from my chair and attacked him with a hug.
    “Um, ok?” he laughed nervously.
    “Thank you Gee.” I buried my nose into his shoulder.
    “Is it okay if I call you that?” I pulled away from him. A small smile graced his pale face and he nodded.
    “Good, because I was going to call you that even if you didn’t like it.” his smile spread even further as I sat back down in my seat just as the bell rang.

    We passed notes the entire class period; to say we were sly about it would be a lie. Poor Mrs. Cox was sadly let down to find that the note had no apparent ‘juicy stuff’ that she could use against us. The entire thing only made us laugh really, and it wasn’t long after that we started it back up again. When the end of class came around we parted our ways, with me telling him I would see him at lunch and I was off to Mikey’s locker. He was standing there staring at something, obviously not all there in the head. So I used to opportunity to slam the locker shut and shout his name as loud as I could. He jumped, well it looked more like he had a seizure and threw his things to the floor. Once he realized what had happened he glared at me as he bent over to pick up his things.
    “Was that really necessary?”
    “Quite necessary actually. You looked touched in the head just standing there with a dumbfounded look on your face.” I laughed leaning against the cold metal. He huffed pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose and crossed his arms pressing his things to his chest.
    “You look like a girl standing like that, you realize that right?” I continued to laugh, he rolled his eyes letting his arms to fall to his sides.
    “I take it there’s a reason why you’re over here?”
    “I left Gerard another note.”
    “You didn’t tell him you love him again did you?” I shook my head pushing off of the locker.
    “He trusts me Mikey.”
    “Isn’t that what you wanted?” I nodded.
    “Then why do you sound so depressed about it?” I shrugged letting my eyes land on the floor.
    “I guess.... now that I have it, I’m worried something stupid will happen and I’ll lose it. Then... shit will go down Mikey and I’m scared of it happening.” I reasoned looking back up at him, he nodded and motioned for me to walk with him.
    “Look I trust you ok? And if you really do mean what you say about him, then you shouldn’t have to worry. Because if you honestly love him... whether that be in a friendly way or in a ... romantic way,” his eyebrows scrunched up as he finished it, but he shook his head and continued, “then don’t worry. Ok?” I nodded and stood there as he walked into class. That look on his face had me worried because it left me wondering if he had problems with me liking his brother in that way. But it didn’t matter if he did, it didn’t matter what anyone felt, so long as Gerard was the one happy and alive in the end.

    I opened up the backdoor, the sunlight blinding me as I stepped out onto the pavement of the backyard. I shielded my eyes, scanning the schoolyard for the tree that he always sat at. It was hard seeing as everyone took liberty to coming out for lunch today, but it wasn’t impossible. He was sitting by himself drawing when I made it up to him; I plopped down causing a loud thud and then groaned making him laugh softly.
    “Oh shut it, my ass hurts now.” I whined rubbing my lower back, you would think with how many times I fall on it, that the pain would tolerable by now.
    “Well that’s what you get for falling on it.” he stated casually while his hand worked upon the sketchbook resting on his knee.
    “Jerk, so...what are you working on today hm?” I leaned against his shoulder causing his hand to stop and his body to tense up.
    “Um n-nothing really. Just random things.” my eyes landed on the figure on the paper.
    “Oh! You like comics too?!” he nodded shyly before closing it.
    “Hey... what’s wrong?” he shook his head.
    “Nothing, I’m just still used to being by myself. It’s weird, that’s all.” I nodded leaning back against the tree.
    “How has your day been?”
    “Quiet and boring, yours?” he replied softly resting his wrists on his knees.
    “Slow, this is pretty much the highlight of my day now. I don’t really talk to people anymore in school. Just a select few.” he looked over at me with a confused expression.
    “But what about your friends?”
    “Um be specific, if you mean those assholes I used to hang out with then no, I’m not friends with them anymore. Now if you mean friends by you and Mikey well I’m hanging out with one of them right now.” a small smile passed his lips and he looked away.
    “I got another note today.”
    “Really? What did it say this time? It wasn’t something poetic and cheesy was it? If so I’m tracking this guy down and I’m performing a civil arrest on being lame.” his smile spread and he shook his head.
    “Well let me see it then.” he reached into his pocket pulling the white paper out and handed it to me. I unfolded it and looked down at my writing and smiled.
    “So he likes your drawings? He must be in your art class?” he shook his head and laughed.
    “Trust me... it’s none of them.”
    “Well then it has to be Mikey. Oh my God I always knew there was something wrong with him, it’s why he likes the idea that your bedroom is in the basement. That way he could lock you up down there, have his way with you and you could never escape. Gerard we need to tell someone about this, your brother could be a pedophile. You would be defenseless with no way to protect yourself.”
    “Hey, I could take him.” he defended with the smile still on his face.
    “Really now, you could take him?” I laughed showing that my head was in the gutter, he paused for a moment before hitting me softly on the shoulder.
    “You’re a damn pervert you know that right?” I shrugged.
    “Eh and you’re not?”
    “I never said that.”
    “Clearly. Of course you’re a pervert; you let your own little brother dominate you. Quick question, are you a whips and chains type of guy? If so I know someone who could get you some fun little toys.” I laughed, his face went bright red and I laughed harder earning a jab to the ribs.
    “Oh my god, you do don’t you?!” I gasped.
    “No!” his eyes went wide.
    “Then why are you blushing so badly?”
    “Well the fact that you would take the time to imagine that my brother is a dominatrix and wonder if I like things like that... it’s enough to embarrass anyone.”
    “You have a point I suppose. But still, it is quite funny because I would never expect that from your brother. That’s his new nickname now by the way,” I breathed.
    “What is?”
    “Whips and chains,” he laughed shaking his head.
    “You’re weird.” he sighed looking up at the tree before sighing again.
    “You ok?” I handed him back the letter, he looked at it a few moments before folding it back up.
    “Maybe you should write back.”
    “How? It’s not like they get into my locker and I don’t know who they are. Besides whoever the idiot is would probably only spread it around the school.” he sighed. I scooted over to him and held out my hand.
    “What?” he looked at it.
    “If you win then fine, think whatever you want. But if I win, then you have to go along with whoever the hell this person is. Deal?”
    “Win what?”
    “Thumb wars.” he laughed.
    “Frank we’re not little kids.”
    “And that’s going to stop you? Come on, besides it’s better than rock, paper, scissors.” I pressed until he put his hand up. I grabbed his and sat up on my side to face him.
    “Ready?” he nodded.
    “Ok... 1, 2... 3!” it was safe to say that he sucked because I won almost immediately. I grinned leaning against him, savoring the fact that I was holding his hand and sighed.
    “You sir just got your ass kicked, by a fun sized skittle wh**e.” an intoxicating smile spread across his face and we sat there the rest of lunch, just talking, and still holding hands.

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