When I Go, Bring Me Back Again [Frerard]

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    Title: When I Go, Bring Me Back Again​

    Rating: 15 and up for language and self harm.
    Main characters: Frank Iero and Gerard Way
    Summary:Frank used to be the school bully, and his main target was Gerard Way. One night he wakes up to find police across the street, only to find out that Gerard has killed himself. Stricken with grief Frank lives a little over a year before waking up one morning to find out that he has two weeks to fix all that he's done before Gerard kills himself again.
    Disclaimer: I don’t own anyone, sadly. I only own the storyline and that’s all.
    I have posted this story on other websites, so don't accuse me of stealing!
    Genre: Romance/Drama

    Chapter Index
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    Chapter Twelve - Page Six (Second update)
    Chapter Thirteen - Page Seven
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    Chapter Twenty-Three- Page Twelve
    Chapter Twenty-Four - Page Thirteen
    Chapter Twenty-Five - Page Thirteen (Last Chapter)


    I can recall everything, like it was happening once again before my eyes. Waking up to the loud, ear piercing sirens. They almost pulled me to my window, lit up in blue and red. I remember the moment I pulled the blinds up and saw the ambulance at Mikey’s I took off. I stumbled over myself as I skipped stairs and bolted across the street because my legs were still waking up and not wanting to move. So many people gathered around on the flashing street trying to see what was wrong. I heard them talking, bragging about how much they knew when they knew nothing. Then again, neither did I. I remember the older cop pushing on my shoulder, telling me to just stay back because I wasn’t allowed past the tape. It didn’t stop me though, the moment I saw Mikey I didn’t hold back until I was next to him.

    He scared me honestly. I kept saying his name, but he just stood there like a statue. His arms pressed against his sides with his shoulder slumped forward making him look almost deformed. His hair was sticking up in random places and matted to his forehead. His face was pale and blotched in red from tears that now looked dry. I didn’t understand what was going on, I knew it wasn’t good, but I didn’t know the severity of the situation. I shook his shoulders, begging him to tell me what was wrong but all that moved was his dull and blood shot eyes. They landed on me for just a small moment before they looked away. I remember following his gaze, they were planted on the front door. It was open and black, looking like a tunnel with no light at the other end. I stood there watching, the faint sound of metal grew closer and louder till the fate that I had been asking on slipped out of the darkness. There on the stretcher was a black bag, a body bag, followed by his parents. The only person missing was Gerard, and he was missing because he was the one being carried away. I remember being stuck where I stood, my eyes unable to break way from the bag. Watching as they loaded him in the back of the vehicle and Mikey broke down.

    I didn’t sleep for days, all I could think about was how it had been my fault. I could have stopped bullying him, but I never did and he was gone at his own hand. Mikey missed the rest of that week, I tried talking to him but it was like holding a conversation with a stone. I went to school though, and it was like he never existed. People talked about it for a day or two, but it was like he was never there after that. I would look for him in the mornings, walking next to Mikey but he was never there. In the classes we had been in together, his seat was left untouched, a cold reminder of what I had caused. Mikey had told me he had been depressed for a while, but he didn’t know it was that bad. The guilt consumed me as I watched my best friend whither away into nothing as he blamed himself for something he had no part in.

    I often found myself sitting at his grave, talking to his headstone when I couldn’t sleep, it seemed that I hadn’t been getting any of it since the night he took his life. On those nights I would think back on what I could remember about him that didn’t involve me being an ass, which left me with only a few. The entire time I had known of him, he had never been one with bad things to say, he never fought back when people treated him like shit like I did. He would just absorb it and watch, he never spoke back unless he asked you if you were finished so he could leave. Now there was nobody to absorb the hate, the painful words that had left my mouth so many times. There was no Gerard to take the blows, just my memory of it all.

    It didn’t take very long, I’d say two or three months for me realize that I had needed him. I began to ache with every breath I took when I would walk into our class. Praying that I would walk in and see that long haired hazel eyed boy sitting at his desk. Every day when I walked in, it was empty. Internal rage set in with every passing day, his vacancy began to mock me like the unknown knew what I was going through. It made me wonder, every night in bed, I would constantly ask myself what if? What if I had known before then, just how badly I needed him. If I had known would he still be alive?
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    Chapter 2- Day One

    I rolled over in my bed, giving up on getting any sleep before school when what sounded like crumpling paper came from beneath my head. I picked it up and reached back pulling it and held it above my face. It looked like regular copy paper, creases along it’s middle. I stretched, reaching for my lamp and failed a few times before I turned it on. I opened up the paper, my eyes landing on the only words that marked it.

    Two weeks.

    I looked at it for a few moments, not really understanding the meaning behind it and crumped it up tossing it across my room. I dropped my head and closed my eyes, an insanely loud buzzing came from my right making me jump.
    “Son of a bitch!” I slammed the alarm, I hated those with a passion. I curse whoever created them. I pushed myself up and out of bed stripping out of my dirty boxers and pulled on some clean clothes. I stopped at my calender, something was wrong with it. I ran my hand through my hair looking at it noticing it was on February. My face scrunched up as I glared at it, my head tilting to the side in confusion.
    “I would have sworn I changed that,” I mumbled but left it alone and finished getting ready.
    “Frank sweetheart are you ready for school?” I looked over at the time and saw that I was running behind.
    “Shit... YEAH!” I pulled on my shoes and tripped down the hall. I ran down the stairs, slipping on the last one and landed on my ass.
    “I told you to stop running down those things, you’re going to break your neck one of these days.” she sighed grabbing her purse from the counter.
    “Yeah, sorry.” I grimaced grabbing the railing and pulled myself up. I limped behind her, rubbing my lower back, my ass hurt like hell now. I climbed in the car, the cold enveloped my small body and I started shaking.
    “Where’s your jacket?” I looked over at her as she turned on the heat.
    “Locker.” I replied, my teeth chattering.
    “I bet it’s keeping that locker of yours warm isn’t it?” I laughed.
    “Maybe I should climb in it today, stay there and not go to classes. That way I’ll stay nice and toasty.” I stated making her laugh.
    “Smart ass.” she sighed. I shrugged slouching in my seat, watching the houses as we passed them. It wasn’t that long of a ride to the school, normally when it was nice outside I would walk there and back but when it was icy and freezing like today, Mom would take me. When she pulled up next to the school it was finally beginning to get warm, just my luck. I opened up the door, cold air making my body feel like it was being placed up against a giant ice cube.
    “Oh! I forgot to tell you, I’m working late today. So either ride the bus or catch a ride with your friends okay sweetheart?” I nodded getting out and ran. Fuck me sideways for not having a jacket I swear. The door slammed shut behind me and I looked around at the busy halls, groaning I made my way to my locker. The first thing I grabbed was my black Misfits hoodie, I tugged it on over my head. I went to flatten it when I noticed something. There was hot pink nail polish just above the skull.
    “What the hell?” I rubbed at it, I used to have it on my old one. But I trashed that a good four or five months ago and bought a new one. Today was really starting off weird. I grabbed my English book and slammed my locker shut walking down the hall. My eyes roamed the walls, the students gossiping or messing around. I rounded the corner walking towards the classroom door. I picked up my head looking straight at his chair and froze in my spot. My eyes locked on the person bent over their sketchbook. Their raven black hair dangling around their face.
    “Yo, Frank move it man.” I was pushed forward, by who I didn’t know and didn’t really care. His head lifted causing his hair to fall back as he shoved it behind his ears.
    “Gerard?” it barely left my lips. Either I was dreaming, had been dreaming or I was crazy. My feet carried me back to my desk which was right next to his. The entire time my eyes were locked on him, his eyes bore right back into mine. I sat down and faced him, I wanted to touch him because I didn’t believe that he was real.
    “Can I help you Frank?” he looked confused.
    “Uh-I... sorry. Um I’m a bit off this morning.” I stuttered, the heat rising in my face.
    Congratulations Frank Iero on looking like a complete dumb ass!
    “Uh ok.” and he went back to drawing. I sighed turning in my chair and began to mess with the cover of the book. Ok had I dreamt that he was dead? Or did I finally crack and now I’m seeing him because of my conscience? I noticed something in my book and flipped the cover. It was another one of those papers. I opened it up, this time there was more than just two words.


    By now you have noticed that things aren’t the same as they were when you went to bed. We have spent a long time debating over your situation. Who we are does not matter at this time, just know that we know everything that is going on and will be going on. You may notice that Gerard is in fact alive, for now. Today is February 23rd, exactly two weeks before he took his life. Nobody but you knows that so it is wise to keep it to yourself.

    We have been watching you closely since that night and we have decided to give you two weeks. You say you wish you had time left to change things and we are granting you this time. So you will have two weeks to alter his path without physically getting in the way. This means that two weeks from now you can not physically prevent him from carrying out his end. If you succeed and prevent him from taking his life, he will continue to live and so on.

    We will be watching the both of you Frank. So don’t try anything funny, because as easily as this time is given, it can just as easily be taken away. We trust that you will heed our warnings and not speak of this to him. No one must find out or else you will lose your last moments with him. We hope you succeed Frank, it’s up to you whether or not you do.

    I folded the paper up and placed it in my pocket and stared at my desk. Either this was a cruel joke or a miracle. Deciding on the latter of the two I looked back over at him. I knew this would be a lot tougher then just walking up and talking to him and becoming best friends. I had years of pain to make up for, but I wasn’t going to stop for anything. I was going to make the life that he had seen not fit for living and make it the best one I could offer. I just didn’t know how I was going to do it yet.
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    I really like this =] It's got a really unique twist. If you have any other chapters already written - I don't know if you're like me and just copy them over here from another site - you should post them soon!

    And I really like your name. The Vampire Academy is a great series. They're real vampires! =D And the new book comes out in December. I can't wait!
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    I really like your idea,this is special,you should write more:)
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    This is really, really good! More when you can!
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    Love this already! Please, more soon!
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    Chapter 3- Day One, Part Two

    I sat there the rest of class completely lost. I had two weeks, fourteen short days to fix three years. That was what, over one thousand days? I kept looking over at him throughout class. Expecting him to be gone with each glance that I took, but he was still there leaning forward against his desk with his pencil, drawing in his sketchbook. I think the only way I could possibly get to him without it coming off as a joke was through Mikey. If I told him what my intentions were, and if he believed me then he could back me up and Gerard will have no choice but to believe him. He had to believe him, and I needed Mikey to believe in me.

    When class was over I bolted, I had to find Mikey before he went to his next class. I took the stairs by two and swerved between people till I reached it and leaned against the painted metal.
    “Um, hello then?” I looked over at Mikey who was walking my way.
    “I need to talk to you,” I didn’t realize I was out of breath until now, damn me and smoking.
    “Ok, can I get to my locker though?” I nodded pushing off of it.
    “So, what do you need to talk to me about?” he opened it up and put away his things.
    “Look, I don’t know if you’re going to believe me on this. Trust me I don’t expect you to.” I started.
    “Well, unless you’re going to tell me you’re pregnant I don’t see why I wouldn’t believe you.” he laughed.
    “I want to make it up to your brother. I’ve treated him like shit and I guess you could say I had an epiphany and now I want to fix what I’ve done. Or well try to at least.” he shut his locker and turned around looking at me.
    “Seriously?” I nodded.
    “Ok, but why are you telling me though?” I stuffed my hands in my pockets.
    “You know, I don’t want him to think that it’s some stupid joke. I thought if you knew and believed me then he wouldn’t think of it as such.” I stated looking up at him. He looked at me for a few moments.
    “So you’re not going to pick on him?”
    “And you’re going to try and fix things, um how exactly? I’m his younger brother and I can barely get him to even talk to me let alone help.” he crossed his things across his chest.
    “I don’t know. But I’m going to try and make these next two weeks the best he’s had since I came to this school. Starting today as a matter of fact.” he eyed me again and nodded.
    “Ok, I trust you. But I’m serious, I might be nice, but if you screw my brother over I will make you regret it. Do you understand?” he pointed his finger at me, his voice seemed to get lower with every word. To be honest, it scared the crap out of me. I leaned back the closer his finger came to me.
    “Ok,” I mumbled, standing up straight he smiled.
    “Thanks Frank, I hope you can get through to him.” he continued to grin and walked off. I wanted to jump up and down doing a little happy dance but I figured that would look way too weird. I raced to my next class, unable to wait for lunch. I was going to sit with Gerard today, outside wherever he was, whether he liked it or not. If there was one last thing I could do with my life, it would be to save his.

    The bell rang and I took my time leaving class, I had a little pep to my step which I pinned off on the fact that I was excited to talk with him. I didn’t really know a bunch about him, when he was alive. Thinking that seemed really weird, when he was alive, because he was alive now. Well, before the incident I knew practically nothing about him. Yet I would make fun of him for nothing. It wasn’t until after wards when I would try and help Mikey cope that I learned more about him, that’s where the guilt was created. He was just an everyday kid, just like me, maybe he had his differences but I did to.

    I walked through the lunchroom and out the double doors, the sunlight struck me in the eyes making me wince. I stopped and scanned the school yard, my eyes bouncing off of everyone looking for him. I grinned seeing him sat under the oak tree and walked his way. The closer I got, my nerves grew more and more in the pit of my stomach. What if he completely blew me off? What if he ignored me or walked away? What if he went off on me? I reached the tree and plopped down a good two feet away looking at his sketchbook. He felt my presence because his pencil stopped moving and looked over at me.
    “Can I help you Frank?”
    “Just wanted to say hi.” his eyebrows raised in confusion.
    “Why do I not believe that?” I shrugged.
    “I can see why I guess, but it’s true. So hi.” I did a small wave. He looked at me for a few moments and then went back to drawing.
    “Yeah, hi Frank.” I scoffed crossing my arms, if it was one thing I hated, it was being ignored. He looked back up from his art.
    “Ok, so I don’t know why you’re saying hi or being nice because in all honesty it’s not you. So I’m sorry if I’m not being nice in return, I have no reason to.”
    “You’re right.” I stated clapping my hands together and placed them in my lap.
    “What?” that confused the crap out of him.
    “I’ve been a royal dick to you since my first day here, and I’m sorry. Whether you believe that is up to you, but I’ve had a sort of revelation and I want to fix what I’ve done. Which again, is completely up to you in whether you believe me. I know it’s true, but I know that I’ve done a lot shit to you, so I can’t force you to believe me.” I explained looking him dead in the eyes. His squinted, staring back into mine like he was trying to find the lies but he found none.
    “Fix things? What do you mean fix things?” I grinned.
    “I am going to make the next two weeks the best weeks you’ve had since I showed up in this God forsaken place,” I stated looking at the school.
    “I find that hard to believe.” he stated going back to his work.
    “Why do you find that hard to believe? Is it because you’re depressed? And don’t say you’re not, I know you are, it’s not that hard to tell.” I scooted closer to him.
    “You’ve been talking to Mikey haven’t you?”
    “I talk to Mikey all the time, he’s my best friend. Though he won’t tell me anything personal when it deals with you. Trust me a week ago I would have loved to have known anything so I could use it against you, but I’m a changed person now and I refuse to pick on you anymore. Even if it meant I would get my nuts cut off, have them roasted over an open fire and be forced to eat them.”
    “You are a bit disturbed, did you know that?” he looked at me incredulously.
    “So I’ve been told, but it doesn’t matter. I think it’s perfectly healthy for everyone to be a little bit off.”
    “Some more than others,” he mumbled turning his sketchbook.
    “Very true. What are you working on?” I leaned forward looking at it.
    “Wow,” I breathed looking at the landscape of the school yard. It looked like he had been working on it a lot longer than just today.
    “How long have you been working on this?” I looked at him.
    “Since yesterday. It’s nothing special.” he shrugged. I scoffed pulling it out of his hands, even when he made a sound of protest.
    “Nothing special? Are you blind? It’s amazing,” my eyes were flicking back and forth between his drawing and the scene in front of me. When I finally gave it back, I caught his eyes and stopped. They were so rich, yet so broken. Warm hazel swirled in covered up pain.
    “You have pretty eyes,” I mumbled, feeling the heat raise in my face.
    “Uh, thanks,” he looked away, a bit of red spread across his face making me giggle. His head snapped looking at me.
    “Ok, no straight man giggles like that. It screamed gay.” he stated.
    “Don’t make fun of my laugh, I can’t help it.”

    You mean you can’t help the fact that you’re gay or you think he’s cute?

    Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Not this again.

    Don’t think that just because you went back in time meant I would disappear Frankie. I’m part of your dumb ass.

    It doesn’t matter anyways, because I’m not gay.

    You’re lying to yourself. Ever heard of denial? That’s why you took it so hard. You fell in love with a dead guy.

    I did not fall in love with a dead guy!

    You’re right, because he’s alive right now.

    This is ridiculous, I’m not going to argue with myself so go away.

    Dumb ass, let me know when you decide to admit that you’re gay.

    “Are you ok?” I looked up at him and realized I was still leaning dangerously close to him.
    “Shit, sorry. I was off in my head thinking. My bad,” I blushed sliding away and pressed my back against the bark of the tree.
    “It’s okay,” he went back to what he was doing once again. I groaned inwardly and covered my face. I’m pretty sure I was going to lose my sanity doing this, but for some reason I found it completely worth it.
    “Frank?” I looked over at him.
    “Why are you actually being nice to me? I mean, just yesterday you were being an ass towards me, but today... you’re acting really weird.” his hand ran through his long hair pushing it from his view.
    “Um,” I didn’t know what to tell him. He obviously didn’t believe the revelation part, and I didn’t entirely blame him. I pondered for a few moments, the letter said that I couldn’t tell him what had happened. It didn’t say anything about me changing it around.
    “I uh, I had a dream last night, about you.” I looked up at him.
    “And that caused you to suddenly be nice to me?”
    “Well, it’s more like what happened in the dream and what it caused me to think about.”
    “I’m listening I guess?” he closed it up and turned facing me.
    “Do you want short and sweet to the point or a summary of it?”
    “I’ve got time to kill, whatever you want to do.” I paused for a moment, praying to God I wasn’t about to ruin things.
    “Well, in my dream you kind of... killed yourself.” his eyes widened and I’m almost certain I heard his breathing stop for just a moment.
    “I k-killed myself in it?” I nodded.
    “I just... I felt guilty about it. Your Parents were pretty much a wreck and they were too busy consoling each other that they didn’t notice your brother was falling apart, so I was the one who helped him. He told me stories about you, from when you were younger and even when you were older. He was a mess, he was a shell and I felt responsible for it because I thought I pushed you to it. But the more he told me about you, the more I wished I could change what I had done. I started wanting you around so I could get to know you, but you weren’t there anymore. So I woke up and thought about it and realized how wrong I’ve been, how I shouldn’t treat someone the way I’ve treated you. I know it’s probably crazy and out of nowhere, I know you probably think that this could be some joke but it’s not. I swear to you that I’m not, I’m serious Gerard, I just want a chance to try and fix the wrong I’ve caused you. I don’t think I could handle it if I woke up one day and found out you had done that. I want you to know how sorry I am.” I explained looking right at him the entire time. He watched me for the longest time, and I realized that he and Mikey were notorious for doing that. It had to of been a Way thing. I sat there waiting for him to say something, anything, but he didn’t. Instead he grabbed his things and walked away. I sighed pulling my knee’s to my chest and rested my forehead on them. I guess it’s what I deserved, but what do I do now?
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    Love it!
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    New Reader!!!! This is really good!! Can't wait for more :)
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    Oh,wow...you got me thinking,i don't honestly know what i would have done if i was Gerard...so now i'm just waiting to see what you have planned:D
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    Oh that speech at the end made me well up! Wow, this is incredible, seriously. I love the idea and would love to read more when you can :)
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    Chapter 4- Day One, Part Three

    He had completely blown me off the rest of the day, as a matter of fact I didn’t see him at all. I had seen Mikey but he never showed any sort of knowing that I had gone to his brother and things had gone downhill. When I got home the house was empty, neither of my parents were home which I was expecting because Dad was on a business trip and Mom worked late. So I lounged on the couch, pitying myself for being so horrible at what I was trying to do. I didn’t know what to do, that was it. It’s not like I could just go up to him and tell him that in two weeks he’s going to off himself because of me. That rested heavy on my conscious, I didn’t like that idea that because of me he would do something like that. I jumped when the phone started ringing, not expecting it. I leaned over the back end of the couch and stretched reaching for it. Finally getting it I pressed talk and speaker.
    “Hello?” I laid back down and rested it on my chest.
    “Hey, Frank?”
    “Yes Mikey?”
    “Do you think you can come over? I talked to Gerard, well he talked to me actually. You know about the whole you wanting to fix things?” I sat up and took him off speaker, not really knowing why.
    “Yeah, so does he believe me now?”
    “Well he believes me, he said he would give you a chance though. It took a while but yeah, get over here before he changes his mind. My brother is notorious for that,” he sighed.
    “Thank you Mikey! I owe you!” I hung up and ran upstairs pulling on my shoes before running to their house.

    I walked up to the door just as it opened up showing Mikey standing there with a mug of coffee.
    “He’s down in his room.” he stated walking away. I closed the door behind me and made my way to the flight of stairs that lead to the basement. I had never actually been down in his room, or downstairs in their house at all. I took my time till I reached the black door and knocked.
    “Yeah?” his voice was muffled from the other side.
    “Um it’s Frank.” I replied stuffing my hands in my pockets. He never replied, but his door opened and he was standing there much like his brother, only without the coffee. He looked me over for a few moments and sighed.
    “Come on in I guess,” with that he walked back into his room, which by the way was practically pitch black. All he had was one small window on the far left wall, a decent sized lamp resting on a desk which was on. I looked around seeing a shit load of stacked cd’s.
    “Wow, you like music a lot don’t you?” I looked back over to see him sitting at his desk, he looked over his shoulder.
    “Uh, yeah. Why?” he turned in his seat.
    “Nothing, I like music too that’s all. Just an observation.” I shrugged, my eyes scanning his walls which were covered in posters and drawings. I walked up to one, it looked like a vampire.
    “You’re really good at drawing, did you know that?”
    “Um thanks?” it sounded more like a question.
    “Mikey always talks about it, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen any of it.” I walked over and sat down on his bed looking over at him.
    “Frank, I’m just going to get straight to it. Why the hell are you being nice to me? You hate me.” he crossed his pale arms over his chest.
    “I don’t hate you, I never hated you. I’m a jerk, an asshole and I understand that. I’ve been a big one, mainly to you and I want to change and fix that. I want to... you know, fix things. Like I said earlier.”
    “Why am I finding it oh so hard to believe you?” he cocked his head to the side a little, it made him look like a little kid which I found cute funny.
    “Um because like I said, I’ve been a complete dick to you from the moment I started High School? Which is a perfect excuse not to believe me, but I need you to believe me Gerard.” I stated standing up and walked over to him. He leaned back in his chair and watched me intently, I don’t think he even blinked which I found weird. Then again he’s Mikey’s older brother, that should explain everything.
    “I promised my brother that I would give you a chance, so I guess I have no choice.” he sighed.
    “Ah thank you!” I squealed hugging him, he went stiff for a few moments before relaxing and hugged back. I caught a whiff of his shampoo and mentally slapped myself for sniffing him. I was purely doing this in a friendly way, no romantic feelings were going to be acted upon with this.

    Ha, how long are you going to keep telling yourself that?

    You know, you really need to stop showing up in my fucking head. Just because I think about him doesn’t mean anything.

    Oh yeah, definitely. I mean of course every time you think of Mikey you think he’s cute too? Am I right?

    Shut the hell up. God if you’re in my head shouldn’t I be able to control you or something?

    You wish princess.

    God I hate myself.

    “Um.. Frank, you can let go now.” Gerard stated sounding a bit freaked out.
    “Oh! Sorry!” I pulled away noticing the Black Flag poster on his wall.
    “You’re a Black Flag fan? I’m in love with them.” I stated looking at him. He nodded looking over his shoulder at the poster.
    “They’re playing in town tonight, you know that right?” he sighed nodding.
    “The show is sold out.” he replied.
    “Do you want to go?” he gave me a weird look.
    “Frank, I just told you it’s sold out.” I shrugged looking back up at it.
    “Not for me it’s not, my cousin owns part of the venue. He’ll get us in, so I ask again, do you want to go?” he looked at me for what must have been the millionth time. Well this time there wasn’t any confusion and he didn’t seem to be weirded out by the fact.
    “Ok.” he didn’t sound too sure but stood up nonetheless.
    “Yay,” I grabbed his arm and drug him upstairs.
    “Bye Mikey we’ll be back later!” I shouted and realized he was sitting on the couch.
    “Um ok? Where are you two going?”
    “Uh... out.” I shrugged tugging on Gerard’s arm, he looked at Mikey and his facial expression screamed help me. I giggled tugging again.
    “Let’s go or else we’ll be late and miss the beginning of the show.” I drug him towards the door.
    “How do I know you’re not going to lead me into a trap and have a bunch of your friends gang bang me and then slaughter me? After wards throwing my pieces into the river where I’ll never be seen again?” I stopped and just looked at him crazily, I looked over at Mikey who was doing the same.
    “Ok the likeliness of that is pretty much non-existent. For one they’re all partying tonight, and second, why the hell would I let them have fun in gang bang you, pfft I’d keep that fun for myself.” I smirked causing him to go paler.
    “I don’t see why you’re weirded out by that, because you’re the one who just planned out how my supposed friends would kill you. By chance have you ever been to a therapist or a psychoanalyst?”
    “I don’t want to talk about that.” ok clearly that was a touchy subject. Either the fact that he was glaring at me now or Mikey was bouncing up and down on the couch, with wide eyes shaking his head no and flailing his hands like he was being murdered, told me that it was true and I shouldn’t bring it back up. I think I’m going to go with Gerard on this one, because well... that’s just Mikey for you.
    “Ok... so then let’s go.” I tugged at his arm for what should have been the last time, but he didn’t move. I groaned turning to look at him.
    “It’s a Black Flag concert... nothing is going to happen. I swear to you Gerard,” I stated once again. This time Mikey gasped loudly catching both of our attentions.
    “You’re going to a Black Flag concert...without me? What the hell?!” he shrieked.
    “Um what Black Flag concert? Ha, did I say Black Flag concert? I meant uh... well... ok so maybe I did. What are you going to do about it?” he pushed up his glasses and crossed his arms.
    “I want to go.”
    “Well sorry, I can only get Gerard and I in.” in all honesty, I just wanted some alone time with him.

    Oh that doesn’t sound gay at all.

    I slapped my forehead and sighed. I did not want to deal with this again.
    “Frank... remember that terrible incident involving a three thousand dollar couch that somehow was destroyed at your house?” I glared at him and he smirked in return.
    “You’re evil, fine you conniving twat.” he squealed jumping up.
    “Let me go grab my jacket,” he shouted running up the stairs.
    “Look just take him, this is going to-” I rolled my eyes cutting him off.
    “No. I invited you and I’m damn well taking you Gerard. So that’s the end of it.” he shut up after that.

    (I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has given me feedback on this. It makes my day!)
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    OMGee!!! I love this, it's soo moving and everything
    I love this ficcie
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    I LOVE Black Flag!
  15. BlackWays

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    This was very good,i wouldn't have said no either:p
  16. :D *does spastic happy dance* frank, the voice in your head won't go away, you dumb twat. and yes frank, why would you let your friends gang bang him ? (pssst gaaaaaay)

    this is epical :D i shall wait here, with my eyes on the screen, waiting for an update.

    vampire academy ftw :D
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    Thank you! ^_^
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    Chapter Five- Day Two, Part One

    I rolled over on my bed; the grin on my face was evident when I thought about that past night. How happy he looked, I couldn’t describe how good it made me feel to see him grin. But I knew that on the inside there was still a black hole that I had stretched to the point where he couldn’t handle it anymore. I was determined though, I was going to go to the end and I wasn’t going to let anything stop me.

    So I couldn’t help but walk through the school halls with a bit more pep to my step. I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to get to class early and hopefully catch him. I strolled past Mikey and grinned in his direction causing him to grab me by my shoulder and give me a worried look.
    “Frank, you’re smiling. You do realize that... right?” I frowned, my shoulders slumped.
    “Why? Am I not allowed?” he let go of my shoulder and shrugged.
    “No I don’t mean it like that, it’s just you know... not you?”
    “Well I’m in a good mood, and I’m hoping to catch your brother before the bell so goodbye.”
    “Hey wait, one more thing,” I took a few steps back and turned to look at him.
    “Thanks for last night, well not for me, thanks for that too. But I just can’t remember the last time I saw my brother smile, it wasn’t forced. I really hope you can get through to him.”
    “Me too Mikey, so I’ll see you later then?”
    “You bet, see yea.” he waved walking off. I turned back around and headed to class.

    You’re practically skipping you idiot.


    So? It makes you look gay.

    Don’t tell me you’re homophobic.

    If I was homophobic, you would be too dumb ass. I’m you remember?

    Oh. You have a point, yet I still find you completely useless. All you ever do is make fun of me. So if you’re me then why are you making fun of me? Technically you’re making fun of yourself.

    You’re the dumb ass who is holding a conversation with himself in his own head. Ever heard of therapy?

    Therapy, the word struck me as I walked into class. I remembered how Gerard seemed to be touchy about that topic; I would have to ask Mikey about it later on. I spotted Gerard at his usual seat, clad in all black like normal. I headed back and sat down in my desk next to him and turned to look at what he was drawing. After a while I guess he sensed me watching him and glanced over before looking back at his work.
    “Hello.” he stopped and looked over at me, slightly confused.
    “What are you doing?”
    “Saying hello. Do you find that offensive? Because if you do then tell me and I’ll stop.” he closed his sketchbook and turned in his chair to face me.
    “No... I don’t... but you’re talking to me. Why?” he shoved his hair behind his ear.
    “Because I told you I was going to be friendly. Do you not want me to talk to you? If so then once again, just tell me.” he looked at me for a few moments, studying me.
    “I just thought.... look if this going to turn into some stupid joke then please just go back to being a jerk. Don’t string me along into thinking you actually care, because you would probably enjoy how it ends.” he stated. I frowned catching the hint, if only he knew how badly it destroyed me the first time.
    “I’m not doing this as some cruel joke Gerard, I promise you. I know that promise isn’t worth shit right now, but it’s true.” he nodded and turned back in his chair and opened his sketchbook back up.
    “So... did you enjoy the show last night?” the muscles in his cheeks twitched and I noticed the faintest smile before it disappeared. He never answered and I sighed leaning on my desk watching him.
    “What the hell are you doing Iero? What you a fag now with Way?” I looked over at Thomas, one of the football players.
    “Shut your fucking trap you dumb ass, you don’t know shit.” I stated, he went to say something else but the bell rang shutting him up. I sighed looking back at Gerard, I liked watching him work. The way he looked when his eyes scanned quickly over what he was doing. How he would bite the right side of his bottom lip.

    Dear God please spare me from having to listen to this.

    Seriously, do you just enjoy fucking with me? I never said you had to listen. Just go away.

    Maybe I should go see a therapist, find out ways to block annoying voices in your head. On second thought, no, because that would take time away from Gerard.

    When class was over, I stayed behind waiting for Gerard who seemed to still not trust me. I expected it, but I just hoped he would be able to trust me soon.
    “So, what class do you have next?” I asked trying to strike up conversation.
    “Um American Government, you?”
    “Math’s,” I frowned looking up at him.
    “I take it Math isn’t your best subject?”
    “No actually, I have a 42% in there right now,” his eyes widened as he looked at me.
    “How could you have that low of a grade in math class?” he truly seemed shocked, ha, if only he saw my test papers. I think the teacher wrote more on it than I did.
    “Simple, it’s called I fail with numbers. I take it you’re good at it?” he nodded.
    "Do you think you could help me with it?” hoping he would say yes, I wouldn’t mind spending more time with him.
    “Uh... yeah, ok.” he replied making me grin like a mad man.
    “Awesome, I’ll see you after school. But I have to go, my lockers on the other side of the school. Bye Gerard!” I stated and sprinted off in the direction to my locker, hoping I wouldn’t be late for class. A detention would really put a damper on my mood.

    (Thanks again to everyone who left me comments XD I'll have another update for you in the next half hour or so.)
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    Ohh! looking forward to the next update :)
    This is a real good story, Damn you got me addicted. -goes to see if there is a Fanfiction Addicts anonymous-
    I'll be waiting for the update :D
  20. :D this is amazing. Frankie, you're gay. Admit it !

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