What Would You Do If...

Discussion in 'General Rock Discussion' started by Toro-Is-Love, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. [this game is quite adicitve i feel abd for not answering now lol]
    I would be extremly happy =D
    same question 2 u
  2. Niamh

    Niamh New Member

    Yeah same.

    Uuuh... Turn on some loud music and mosh my balls off. xD

    WWYDI Toro got plastic surgery-Micheal Jackson style?
  3. Phantomchild

    Phantomchild Guest

    Die laughing because it would just be an epic fail on Ray's behalf

    WWYDI MCR went country?
  4. Ain'tJustForTheFamex

    Ain'tJustForTheFamex Active Member

    Just be like O____o and pretend they'd split up :/

    Same q?
  5. Alannah

    Alannah Guest

    I would... Go cowgirl. I do live in texas :tongue:

  6. RiotGirL

    RiotGirL New Member

    puh...I guess I´d still listen to them, but I`d be very sad too... ;(
  7. TotalWreck

    TotalWreck New Member

    Same Q?
    I would start listening to country o_O
    WWYDI Frank was your history teacher? O__o
  8. Claire.

    Claire. Photographic Disorder.

    I'd be the top of the class :]

    WWYDI Ray opened a chinese restaurant?
  9. Niamh

    Niamh New Member

    Apply for a job there. ^_^

    Same Q?
  10. Claire.

    Claire. Photographic Disorder.

    Eat there everyday :D
    Although I don't know how healthy that would be ahah

    WWYDI you went to have a new tattoo done, and when you turn up at the shop Frank says he's the guy who'll do the tattoo on you even though he's never tattooed anyone in his whole life?
  11. TotalWreck

    TotalWreck New Member

    Let him do it and pray that he wont kill me.
  12. Niamh

    Niamh New Member

    Probably pass on the tattoo, I don't want a messy blob on my body no matter who did it! I'd take him out for a coffee though. XD
  13. Ain'tJustForTheFamex

    Ain'tJustForTheFamex Active Member

    Same q?
    Same xD

    Uhh... WWYDI MCR did a collaboration with Seasick Steve?
  14. Gerard.

    Gerard. New Member

    i dont know what i would do.

    WWYDI...Gerard found the cure for swine flu?
  15. welcomeXtoXlife

    welcomeXtoXlife New Member

    hail him as a medicinal genius

    WWYDI all the MCR members got stoned, then went on stage wearing fast food, non-vegetarina friendly outfits, and started preaching a load of lies like the British National Party [racist, homophobic, against mass imigration, ect] ?
  16. Gerard.

    Gerard. New Member

    i would....find a way to stop them using a large number of people.

    WWYDi..Bob lost his lip ring/ xD
    ( i havent been here in a LOOONNGGG time)
  17. Trogdor!

    Trogdor! New Member

    nothing really.....

    WWYDI you won the lottery?
  18. Randi*Ranae

    Randi*Ranae New Member

    i would buy land build my ultimate dream house.

    i would buy myself a car, but not one of those fancy ones.

    I would buy myself a jet and go to ireland.

    I would also pay my cousin, she knows who she is, so she could her dream house!

    WWYDI you had sex with your best friends husband?
  19. TotalWreck

    TotalWreck New Member

    My best friend is gay? o_O I would probably cry my heart out.

    WWYDI Gerard became the president of USA?
  20. Maikelo

    Maikelo Guest

    I would have given him the Nobel Peace Prize.

    WWYDI President Way had ruled the world?

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