What have you been obsessed with recently?

Discussion in 'General Off Topic' started by BellaxMuerte, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. frank iero.

    frank iero. Guest

    The Little Mermaid!
  2. CherieNoir

    CherieNoir Member

    Web design. Made a new layout for my site which I'm so proud of. :)
  3. rubidoux.

    rubidoux. princess

    All of the Doctor Who specials they've recently released.
  4. Kaleidoscope

    Kaleidoscope New Member

    Ska music. My friend showed me a few bands, and I fell in love with them.
  5. [CrimsonKid]

    [CrimsonKid] Time Traveller.

    Nail Polish
    Breathe Carolina
  6. Echo-friendly

    Echo-friendly Member

  7. Shannon

    Shannon Active Member

    Ed Sheeran and One Direction. I probably shouldn't admit that here, but I don't really care.
  8. Ethan

    Ethan New Member

    Panic! At The Disco
  9. Alma

    Alma Member

    Ive been obsessed with Chevelle lately.. in the past week Ive listened to them non-stop. I seriously think by the end of the month Ill know every song and lyric. :]
  10. Gaby

    Gaby Clash city rocker

    Amazing drummer and I love Brandon's voice, plus he is probably one of the most attractive men on earth.

    Jennifer Charles' voice is probably one of teh sexiest things I've ever heard.
  11. mollyxmadness

    mollyxmadness Active Member

    Bluegrass and Folk rock for some reason. I can't get Wagon Wheel by Old crow Medicine show out of my head, and on top of that, I've absolutely fell in love with Old. Number 7 by Devil Makes Three.
  12. BrittMCR

    BrittMCR Active Member

    The Tekken games
    Specially the Hwoarang/Jin Kazama storyline

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