what did you write on your hands today?

Discussion in 'General Off Topic' started by RIOT!, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. RIOT!

    RIOT! Active Member

    so what did you write on your arms/hands today?

    i wrote, fear the fro. and HI. on the palm of my hand.
    my friend wrote on my other hand, i love vicki-poo and her gayness, for ever.

    what have you guys got written on?
  2. Bear

    Bear Digi-destined

    I wrote on my arm today
    *This is an arm*
    In case I forgot.
  3. RIOT!

    RIOT! Active Member

    nice one mommy :]
    i shall write on my head one day.
    *please insert brain here*
  4. Maria

    Maria New Member

    my friend wrote My Crotch on my pants while i was changing into my gym shorts!!! oh, the looks i got from ppl! too funny
  5. Yunaresuka

    Yunaresuka New Member

    I didn't write on my hands today :( But yesterday I drew smiley faces on my hands and then stamped them all over my paper. And then before that I wrote "Running" "Through" "My" "Head" on each finger. And I wrote "MASQUERADE" on the inside of my arm, and "Welcome to the black parade" on my wrist, "Hell", "Yes", "Ow", a heart, "Well Then", and "NO! What" on my nails after I pained them red.

    Now you guys make me want to write more :3 I've also had "LETS GET SOME SHOES" on my leg for quite awhile.

    And sorry this was so oddly descriptive :/ I didn't mean for it to come out this way, hahaha
  6. Fear&Regret

    Fear&Regret New Member

    that's a cool topic!!!
    anyway, i wrote "BLUE" in blue ink across the bottom of my fingers on the left hand in blue ink. and i wrote "HI" on my left palm. and "1, 2, 3, 4" across the bottom of my fingers on my right hand.
  7. Indy

    Indy Active Member

    I haven't written on my hands in about 2 years. :lol:
  8. Alesha

    Alesha New Member

    I haven't written anything on my hand today :(. But it's funny when i do, because i forget that i wrote on my hand, and then i get pen all over my face from leaning on my hand.
  9. RIOT!

    RIOT! Active Member

    i have abrakafrank written on my arm.
    and HI, on my palm.
    and WAN, on my thumb :)
  10. Panita

    Panita New Member

    i had Eye Ear Oh on my arm.
    and Hi on my palm.
    and Tell Me I'm A Bad Man on my bag.
    and I'm Not Okay on my back pocket.
  11. ThePinkParade

    ThePinkParade New Member

    i keep filling in the x they gave me at the mcr signing 'cause i just want to remember that forever. and also hi on my palm. and my friend drew santa on my hand :)
  12. Fear&Regret

    Fear&Regret New Member

    is that how franks last name is pronounced? "eye-ear-oh"? ir is it "year-oh"
  13. Bear

    Bear Digi-destined

  14. Pansy_Face

    Pansy_Face Setting my friends on fire

    I have a hot pink and blue heart on my hand.

    And 'Kp! HI!!' on my other hand.

    And a blue curly mustache and curly eye things on my face and Yellow
    Will Prevail on my arms.

    Cause today was a congé.

    Hearts, Kp.
  15. do_or_die

    do_or_die New Member

    I got demolition lover on my knuckles,

    socks on one hand.

    my homework on my left arm.

    and my friend wrote fuck me on my belly.

  16. MCR = Life

    MCR = Life New Member

    a couple of days ago i wrote "R.T.F.I" and "R.T.F.Q" in my wrist and "Hi!" on my palm
    my school wernt happy because i had exams and they thought i was cheating
  17. demolition

    demolition Guest

    i wrote LIVE across my left 4 fingers. why not?
    it's what we do best
  18. RIOT!

    RIOT! Active Member

    i wrote dead across my knuckles.
    as you do :]
  19. 00_screw_up

    00_screw_up New Member

    i wrote Hi!
    on both my plams
    it was funny when i raised my hands in class

    the teachers didn't answer me they said Hi!

    and i wrote
    "ever so easy to go, harder to find your way back"
    its from a book called "wasted"
    its really good.
  20. Fear&Regret

    Fear&Regret New Member

    i wrote "BLUE" in blue ink across the bottom of my fingers on the left hand in blue ink. and i wrote "HI" on my left palm. and "1, 2, 3, 4" across the bottom of my fingers on my right hand. and FUSE on my left inside fingers Blah on my right hand.

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