What are you playing right now?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by King Matt, May 22, 2007.

  1. Don Ricalo

    Don Ricalo Panda Bear.

    Gran Turismo 5, as ever.
  2. Mr.Mr.

    Mr.Mr. -- SUPPORT TBP -- Staff Member

    I have a steam account, I imagine most gamers do have one.

    I got cities XL with my buddy Ray, just awful :/
  3. Lokeriel

    Lokeriel Because Boomerangs Staff Member

    World of Warcraft is the only game I play with any real regularity (been playing off and on since 06) but I play Civ V a bit. Still got to get the most recent expansion so I can play as the Celts again. I was so bummed when they weren't included in V.
  4. MarieArt

    MarieArt Champion of Losers

    I don't play much/regularly, but I played Epic Mickey for a LONG TIME today. I'm not as much into games as I used to be; 2 or 3 years ago I'd spend my entire weekend playing.
  5. Lokeriel

    Lokeriel Because Boomerangs Staff Member

    I have that game and I've never played it! Been wanting to for ages, though, just never got around to it.
  6. Venom808

    Venom808 Member

    I'm currently playing Tales Of Xillia...haven't played any of the Tales games before...but I gotta say it's been a pretty good game so far. I'm also trying to beat Persona 4 Golden on my Vita...but no luck on that front.
  7. Mr.Mr.

    Mr.Mr. -- SUPPORT TBP -- Staff Member

    I have been playing a ton of CIV 5
  8. Lokeriel

    Lokeriel Because Boomerangs Staff Member

    ^I've been playing a bit of Civ 5 lately. (I go through spurts, I play it a ton for a while, then not at all for a year.) I'm irritated I had to get the Gods and Kings expansion to play as the Celts, though. Who thought it was a good idea to leave them out of the base game, even though they've been part of the base game in previous versions. LAAAME. But I can play as my favourite again, so I'm over it, haha.
  9. Venom808

    Venom808 Member

    Just beat Tales Of Xillia the other day...waiting to get my hands on GTA V. And when I get my hands on GTA V...it's most likely gonna be in my PS3 for the foreseeable future.
  10. Lenore

    Lenore Inked and Sexy Staff Member

    The Sims 2 and Plants vs. Zombies.
  11. Asthma_Turtle

    Asthma_Turtle Active Member

    Pokemon Diamond.
  12. FreeWilly

    FreeWilly Member

    Horizon Zero Dawn
  13. Hadley Parker

    Hadley Parker New Member

    Greetings to all my friends,

    I am a big fan of Contra III (Alien Wars) which I have been playing using the RetroArch emulator getting the details from here. Also, Super Mario World is one of my favorites.

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