We've Got Innocence For Days~!! <3 {{Frikey/Frerard}}

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    We've Got Innocence For Days~!! <3

    CHAPTERS;; None, quite yet.
    RATING;; 15? (May Change)
    CHARACTERS;; Frank, Mikey, Gerard, Ray, Bob, &&more
    GENRE;; Romance?
    SUMMARY Mkay, so, Frank, the punkie kinda reject, has fallen in love with the new kid, Gerard.. But then, he meets his little brother.. And falls madly in love, though he doesn't know how to feel about this, since all his life he's been completely straight.
    DISCLAIMER;; I do not own anything, anyone, or the band.
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    CHAPTER 1;;

    CHAPTER 1;; Frank's POV
    "Hey freak, move." I heard Lance say. He was a jock, of course.. I rolled my eyes, and got up from my locker, which just so happens to be under his.
    "Whatcha gonna do about it?" I said, with confidence in my voice. What could I say? I was tired of his shit.
    "What did you say?" He said, shoving me against the locker. I was a couple of inches shorter than him. I hit my head, and boy did it hurt. I clutched grabbed the back of my head.
    "I said.." I said, gathering up some courage, "I said, whatcha gonna do about it?" and I punched him in the stomach.
    He stumbled a bit, letting me free.
    I quickly grabbed the rest of my items, and ran to my first class.. When, the principal caught my attention. He didn't look to happy. Apparently, little snitchy Lance, had told on me. Oh boohoo. You got hit in the stomach. I rolled my eyes.
    "Mr. Iero?" He said, "Is it true you have punched another student?"
    "Yes, it happens to be true." I looked him straight in the eyes, with an arrogant smirk.
    "Alright, well you know the consequences. Come with me." He sighed.
    I walked with him to the lower floor, and into the lobby.
    "Wait." He commanded, and pointed to a chair.
    And in that moment.. I saw.. someone. He was sitting in the opposite corner of the room, he had long, black hair.. And, he had the most devouring hazel eyes. His porcelain skin looked like it'd brake any minute. He was slim, and was wearing an Iron Maiden shirt, black jeans, and converse. Why did this one person take up my thoughts so much? Why was I even thinking about him? And.. Why was he looking at me? Then, I realized I was staring. I looked away. I thought desperately of a place to look, but.. all my eyes could find were my feet. A few minutes later, I looked up. He wasn't there anymore. I looked around, and almost jumped. He was right next to me.
    "Um, hi." He said, and scratched his head, "I'm Gerard."
    "Uhh, Frank Iero."
    "Mr. Iero, the principal will see you now." The receptionist set down the phone into it's cradle.
    "Bye." I said. He waved. I slowly walked into that hell called the Principal's office.
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    please add a summary, disclaimer and genre too.
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    Ahh, I am offically making this up, as I go.. I'm really sorry if it's rushed. I just act on an impulse, and rushing happens in that process.. ;[

    But, the next chapter will come soon, and I promise I'll put more thinking into it. ;D
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    CHAPTER 2;;

    CHAPTER 2;; Frank's POV
    I seriously didn't care about trouble, and hell yeah, I'd suffer the consequences.
    I was pretty much zoned out during the lecture he was giving me. Before I knew it, I was drifting away softly into a deep sleep.
    "Mr. Iero, Are you listening?" Finally broke through my psychic wall of almost-sleep-zoned-out-ness.
    "Um, no. And let me tell you why." I stood up, "That motherfucker pushed me into a locker, and I knew he was going to beat me up. And all I did was fucking push him!"
    "Mr. Iero, please calm down, and please don't use that language in here."
    "I can do whatever the fuck I want to!" And with that, I stormed off with my stuff to biology.

    I hate school. I hate school, and everyone in it.. Except maybe.. What was it.. Gerard? Yeah, that was it. And, at least it was over, and I could enjoy the weekend.
    And, it just so happens he's standing right next to my car. How the hell did he know it was mine? Or.. did he?
    "Oh, um, hey?" I looked down, then up to his face.
    "Hi. I thought this one was yours." He motioned toward the car.
    "Uh, yeah."
    "I.. well, I kinda wanted to know if you'd like to hang out?"
    "Yeah, sure."
    "My brother kinda.. took off with my car." he chuckled a bit.
    "Really? You have a brother?" He nodded. "And, why did he take your car?"
    "I have no clue really, he just popped up from no where, and stole my keys. He said he needed them or something.
    We got into the car, and I popped in one of my Misfits CDs.
    "Oh my god, I love this band." Mikey said.
    "Really? Me too."
    "If I were ever in a band, I'd really want to do a cover of one of their songs."
    "That'd be so awesome." I said.
    The rest of the car trip, we spent our time rocking out to the Misfits.

    Gerard's POV;;
    Dude, this guy was amazing. I'm about as gay as they get, and from the moment I saw him, it was like he completed me. And, fuck! I didn't even know the guy that much. And, he had really good music tastes, which really, really big plus. Oh, fuck, what was with me? I didn't even know if he liked boys that way, and here I am, thinking about him that way.. I sighed. Luckily, he must've not heard my sigh, because of the loud music.

    We finally reached a house, obviously his. It was just like well.. an average house. We got out of the car, and went in. I followed him down the stairs.
    He plopped down onto his bed. I sat down slowly. It was completely filthy in here. I didn't mind THAT much though.
    "Sorry for the mess." He apologized, and got up. It looked like he was about to clean up a little when he slipped, and fell back.. and his head hit my lap. He just looked up, blushing.
    I touched his face, softly. He didn't seem to mind. He just sat there, looking into my eyes, when.. I lowered my head and his lips hit against mine..

    Frank's POV;;
    What. The. Hell.
    I.. I'm.. kissing.. a.. a.. boy? And.. I just let him kiss me. What was wrong with me? But.. It just felt so right.. We were still kissing. And.. I.. got up off of his lap, and laid him down onto my bed, kissing him more.. and more. I could feel him smile against my lips.
    He tugged at my shirt. I helped him take it off. He ran his fingers up my chest. Then he was jerking at my pants buttons.. No. I'm not ready for this. I seriously barely knew the guy. I pushed away. He looked at me for a bit, curiously.
    "I.. I'm sorry, Frank." He apologized.
    "It's alright.." I stroked his shoulder, "I'm just not ready, and I barely know you."
    "Well, let's fix the not knowing me part.."

    And, with that, we talked and talked, until I knew him like a brother.
    [[I'm sorry if I'm rushing again.. It's just in my nature, and I'm trying to stop.]]

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