West Memphis Three released!

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    This happened over a week ago, but i haven't been on here much due to travelling, etc.

    anwho. this is SO EXCITING. :D
    can't believe there wasn't already a thread.

    New York Times, Read More

    For those unfamiliar with the case, here's a short summary.

    • In 1993, three little boys were found dead.
    • Three teenagers were tried and found guilty of performing a 'satanic ritual' and killing the three little boys. The evidence against them was a false/coerced confession, and circumstantial evidence.
    • The three teenagers had no previous connection to the three little boys.
    • Two of the teenagers were sentenced to life in prison, and the "ringleader" was put on death row.
    • A stepfather of one of the three little boys had a criminal history of drugs, of violence (and possible rape/sexual abuse) towards people, specifically women. He was not even questioned regarding the murder of his stepson and the boy's friends until 2007.
    • Through media pressure, and funding from followers of the case and some celebrities, DNA testing has been done. No DNA of the WM3 was found on any of the evidence. They did, however find DNA evidence of the violent stepfather. And the friend that that man had said he was with that night.

    Despite all of this, the state of Arkansas has refused to let the three go, until August 19th 2011. But it wasn't perfect. The WM3 had to give an "Alford Plea"- essentially saying that they are innocent, but admitting that if it went to trial again they'd most likely be found guilty again. Had said trial occurred and they had been found guilty, the "ringleader," Damien, would most likely have received the death sentence.

    There is continued pressure to fully exonerate the WM3, but at least now they are no longer behind bars!
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    I've been following this case for years, and I honestly never thought they'd be released. It's beyond amazing that they've been released, and I really hope that ultimately, they can walk away from this mess with clear names. It's unfortunate that they had to plead guilty in order to be released, but it's certainly a step in the right direction
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    I have surprisingly never heard of this case before. It is very interesting. Definitely goes to show just how shitty the US justice system is. It's a shame that those three guys had to be put through all that without any real evidence when it should have ben the stepfather and friend the whole time.
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    I heard about this on my Manson forum. Great news!
    Peter Jackson, the guy who directed Lord of the Rings, is continuing to try to get their names cleared, since they had to plead guilty.
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    I had never heard of the case when I read about them being released but now I have watched all three Paradise Lost documentaries. Such a interesting case. The trial seemed like a with trial more than anything else.
  6. I learnt about this via watching the Paradise Lost documentaries. Apparently there's a 4th one being released? I am so glad that the three are out of jail now, and I just hope that they will one day be free men with no records. My mums been following this for years, she actually has articles about it from when it first went to court. It's a very interesting case, I don't get why they only focused on the WM3 and not the surrounding community. Like the step father.

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