Was It A Dream[Lovesick Sequel][Frerard]

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    Was It A Dream?[Lovesick Dreaming Sequel]

    Rating:15 for sexual reference and possible scenes,alcohol,language,dark subjects

    Disclaimer:This is complete fiction and I dont "own" anyone in this story other than the fictional characters.

    Summary:Gerard and Frank have been together for four years now, Gerard confessed his love for Frank at that life changing show that was supposed to be Frank's last with My Chem.
    It wasnt, everything seems perfect but is it really?

    I suggest you read this first: http://theblackparade.net/showthread.php?t=9873
    ....although you dont have to necessarily to get this story.


    Chapter Index-
    Chapter one-page one
    Chapter two-page one
    Chapter Three-page two
    Chapter Four-page three
    Chapter Five-page three
    Chapter Six-page four
    Chapter Seven-page five
    Chapter Eight-page six
    Chapter Nine-page seven
    Chapter Ten-page seven

    Chapter Eleven-page seven
    Chapter Twelve-page eight
    Chapter Thirteen-page nine
    Chapter Fourteen-page ten
    Chapter Fifteen-page ten
    Chapter Sixteen-page eleven
    Chapter Seventeen-page eleven
    Chapter Eighteen-page twelve
    Chapter Nineteen-page twelve
    Chapter Twenty-page thirteen
    Chapter Twenty-One-page thirteen
    Chapter Twenty-Two-page Fourteen
    Chapter Twenty-Three-page Fifteen


    Chapter One-It's Okay

    Frank's P.O.V.

    I was sitting in our tour bus, yes that’s right you heard me, tour bus..
    We had just played this awesome show to about a thousand or so kids.
    It was amazing.
    I couldn’t help but think about how it all started as I had some free time, the guys weren’t back yet.
    They all decided to get some food, I wasn’t hungry however.

    I remembered that night we played that one life changing show.
    The show that would ‘make or break’ us. My supposed last show. What a joke.
    I remembered getting pulled into that dim closet as he kissed me, it was rushed.
    He spilled it all to me there that he was in love with me, he never loved Addie.
    I smiled, I hadn’t really thought about Addie since that time period she was like a distant memory now…4 years later.
    I remembered how amazing that show was, how pure, that started it all for us.
    This crazy amazing ride that I never thought I’d be able to be on anyway. Needless to say we got signed that night.
    I smiled to myself, life’s good.

    Just then as if it was on cue he came in perfectly the way he always came in perfectly, he’d never leave me.
    I remember him promising that to me, the first time we made love.

    We kissed each other passionately his hands tangled in my mess of hair as my hands wandered all over his perfect body.
    I remembered how hungry we were as we tore at each other’s clothing, how he moaned so beautifully as I placed kissed on his neck, down to his collarbone and all over his beautiful bare stomach. It was the most magical feeling after that as he turned me around and entered me, nothing could ever top that.
    He made me feel worthy, beautiful that night.
    It was just a week or so after he told me that he too loved me, I was still only seventeen then…but I knew it was worth it by how amazing it felt and how he whispered “I’ll never leave you Frank, I promise” in my ear after we were done and laid there on his bed cuddled together completely naked, his hot breathe heavy on the back of my neck. I smiled thinking about that first time and smiled even wider at the thought of even contemplating how many times we made love since then.

    “What’re you smiling at gorgeous?” Gerard asked me as he and the other guys entered the bus.

    “Nothing” I smiled.

    “Keeping secrets are we?” he asked with that breathtaking smirk and kissed me on the lips, just a simple peck.
    It did however make my little black heart stop, even after being with him almost every minute of every day for the past four years.

    “Get a room already” Bob said, whose Bob?
    Our new drummer, Matt was full of shit so we got Bobby instead.
    Actually no I love Matt, but he had other obligations, it felt amazing to have Bob with us though.

    “Maybe we should” Gerard said as he sat closely next to me.
    The guys knew we were together, Gerard and I.
    I mean Mr. Ray Toro knew ever since that one time I cried at his house when I found out Gerard had a girlfriend back when I was what? Seventeen?
    The other guys pressed us for an answer…I mean you can only give homophobia enough ‘fuck you’s…after a while the whole thing, Gerard and I kissing started to seem suspicious.
    You should have seen Mikey’s face when I told him , I mean he said he always kind of knew I “wanted in Gerard’s pants” but he wasn’t sure.
    Nobody else knew, however not the fans, not the media…that was slowly starting to pay attention to us, not even our parents.
    I still wasn’t ready to tell them and I was almost 22...well in like 5 months or something.

    “I’d like that” I said laying my head on Gerard’s shoulder.

    “Actually you cant, not anytime soon we have to be in Chicago tomorrow so we’re driving all night according to Jed” Mikey said matter-of-factly.
    Jed’s the bus driver.

    I sighed.
    Gerard placed his beautiful hand on my leg, and rubbed it softly “it’s okay babe”.
    It was okay, as long as I was with him everything was okay.
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    Chapter Two-Bunks

    The good majority of that night was spent with me and the guys playing videos games in the back of the bus, the lounge.
    I basically OD’d on twizzlers.

    “Hey chill with the sweets there Frank, you know they make you hyper” Gerard said as we watched as Mikey and Ray played each other in some racing game.

    “Shut up” I replied harshly biting into another red stick.

    “Don’t get all nasty” he said, he kissed me on the cheek softly as I swallowed the contents in my mouth, suddenly twizzlers didn’t seem all that amazing. I would much rather taste Gerard’s sweet lips.

    I basically threw the bag of candy on the floor and turned around to a smiling Gerard.
    He looked gorgeous, I still, still wasn’t used this.
    Would I ever be?

    He touched my face, stroking my cheek.
    I smiled and he kissed me lightly on the lips, another simple peck.
    I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him in for a better one.
    Without me even trying hard at all he let my tongue enter his mouth as our tongues played together. We stayed there for a good amount of time just kissing, the guys seemed to vanish like they always did when Gerard and my lips collided.
    But I pulled back after a while because I had to breathe.

    “Gerard” I whined, he knew what I wanted.

    He just smiled, I felt like he was teasing me, making fun of me so I just pouted and went for it again “Gerard…”

    “Tomorrow, babe” he said reassuringly, no one even knows how bad I wanted him right then and there, stupid tour bus.

    “Besides you look tired anyway…” he said trailing off.

    “Well I’m not” I fought back but I think my cover was blown when I yawned.

    “You’re not?” he asked, in a cocky ‘are you fucking kidding me’ tone.

    “No…unless I can sleep in your bunk with you tonight…”

    He rolled his eyes, he really didn’t like when we shared a bunk just because they were so small and he could barely even move…and I’m sure being that close to me tempted him as much as being that close to him tempted me. Still that was the only way I could fall asleep for like the past year, like since we got the bus.
    I hated sleeping in my bunk…I liked when I was in his with him, for whatever reason his felt way more comforting…maybe because it smelled like him, it was just perfect.

    “Fine” he said giving in.

    I smiled in my triumph.

    “You guys planning on sleeping ever?” Gerard asked turning to Mikes and Toro who were still very much into that game they were playing.
    Bob was either asleep or bothering Jed, I didn’t know.

    “Yeah. Sure. Whatever” Mikey responded not taking his eyes off the screen, its kind of funny how Mikey didn’t change a bit ever since I fucking like knew him.

    “You better Mikes or I’m gonna call mom and she’s gonna yell at you for not sleeping” Gerard said, trying hard to make his voice sound annoying…just to bother Mikey.

    Mikey just groaned.

    “Frankie’s tired” I said pouting, seeing as I hated when Gee’s attention wasn’t on me, even if it was for like only two seconds.

    “C’mon then babe” Gerard said getting up from the built in couch thingys we were sitting on.

    I hurried to his bunk which was a top bunk, if you really want to know…and I jumped on it.
    He smiled at me and got in next to me.

    “You really don’t mind though Gee, right?” I asked, I wanted him to get a good night sleep and I could tell lately he hasn’t been looking that well-rested…I hated myself for thinking that it could possibly be my fault.

    “Nah, not at all” he said putting his arms around my waist, holding me tightly as we laid there.
    The first few times I felt kind of sick…it felt like you were basically sleeping on like a running floating bed…and it was weird…but I totally was used to it now.

    “You sure?” I asked through another yawn, those twizzlers didn’t seem to make me hyper at all.

    “Mhmm” he replied, I don’t know why but something seemed to be bothering him.
    Before I could form the right words to ask him I fell asleep in my angel’s arms again.
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    Chapter Three-Bad Day

    I got up the next morning to noise, Mikey and Bob fighting about something stupid in the kitchen area, if you even want to call it that.
    Sometimes I hated living on a bus but it was all a part of the dream.
    “shut…up” I groaned, I’m sure neither of them could hear me, seeing as they didn’t shut up or even acknowledge my existence.

    I was so fed up and annoyed, all I wanted to do was sleep…with my baby next to me.
    My eyes quickly shot open when I realized he wasn’t there, I panicked and I’m not even sure why.
    I sat up on his bunk and looked around, only to see stupid Bob and Mikey fighting over the last piece of toast, I figured.

    “Where’s Gerard?” I asked them as they noticed me jump down from his bunk.
    They weren’t paying attention.

    “HUH?” I asked louder, harsher than I intended to but in my defense I hadn’t a clue where Gerard was and I was tired and just wanted some quiet time.

    “He’s right there idiot, your gonna wake him up” Mikey finally answered, my eyelids still were heavy and I still had sleep in them but they followed Mikey’s eyes to my bunk.
    My bottom bunk.
    Gerard was sleeping there, curled up in a ball, it kind of made me sad.
    I wasn’t sure why he’d gone down there…maybe he couldn’t sleep with me on his bunk next to him last night…I felt like a jerk…and decided from then on I was going to sleep in my own bunk even if I did spend every night up and restless.

    “Oh” I said flatly to Mikey and walked to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth.

    I hated the fact that you couldn’t shower on the bus, you had to wait ‘til you got to some stupid motel or hotel or whatever…but I dealt pretty good.
    When I came out I poured myself a glass of orange juice…there was only a bit left.

    “We need more food and shit” I mumbled, as I drank my juice.

    “What was with that freak out?” Mikey asked me, also sipping a drink.

    “What?” I asked him confused, I was always cloudy in the morning.

    “You, you were all OH MY GAWD, wheres Gerard?” I frowned at Mikey’s mocking and just walked past him to sit down somewhere.

    After a little while of Mikey annoying me so bad I wanted to cut his head off and going in and out of pointless conversation with Ray and Jed I realized this wasn’t making me feel any better, I hated bad days on the road and I dubbed this one of them.
    So what would I do? Wake up Gee, of course.
    I dragged my feet over to where Gerard was sleeping on my bunk, now flat on his back and sat on the floor next to it.
    He looked disturbed as he slept, dreamt.
    I couldn’t help but wonder what in the world he was dreaming about, he mumbled softly but rushed things I couldn’t quite understand…so I figured I’d put him out of what seemed like misery…and instead of placing a kiss on his soft lips like I wanted to, I shook him.

    “Mmm” he groaned, turning around.

    “You wanna get up baby?” I asked softly as I shook him lightly again.

    “Huh?” he turned around to face me and slowly opened his eyes, I couldn’t help but notice how child like he looked.

    “It’s almost noon, sweetie” I said stroking his wet hair, I assumed it was from sweat.
    Come to think about it his head seemed pretty warm.

    “Oh…okay” he looked confused, or sad…but I could tell he faked a small smile for me and then he rolled out of my bunk.
    He made his way to the small bathroom and shut the door quickly, I could tell that he felt uncomfortable under my gaze, I wasn’t really sure why he would…

    I shrugged and went back to talk to Jed and Ray-Ray.
    “Are we in Chicago?” I asked Jed.

    “Yep, Frank…we’re stopping soon…we’re going to park at the place you’re playing tonight and then you guys can get some fresh air, see the city” he told me.

    “Cool” I said halfheartedly, more concerned with what was bothering Gee.
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