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    Aww I love the picture :D :D And the update!!

    I feel bad for Alicia :( And yeah, it seemed like Mikey's friends were making her happy and not her :( He needs to get out of the hospital!! And be at home with his wife!! :D

    Can't wait for the next update :D Hope it's soon ;)
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    Chapter 7

    Alicia packed Mikey’s things as he slowly got ready in the small bathroom that was in his room. Dr. Harold had released Mikey earlier this morning; saying that there was no reason for him to stay in the hospital when all he needed to do was rest and that could be done at home. Mikey put on some loose jeans and a white t-shirt; his body still ached every time he moved but he was happy to be going home. Mikey walked into his hospital room, Alicia had finished packing his bag and she stood at the end of the bed.

    “You ready?” She asked grabbing his bag.

    “Yeah,” Mikey nodded he reached out to take his bag from her but she merely smiled and shook her head.

    “The doc said you needed to take it easy.” She smirked.

    “But I can carry my own bag!” Mikey whined.

    “Nope, I am not letting you do anything until you’re better.” Alicia turned on her heel and walked out the door. Mikey mumbled something under his breath before following her out. Mikey struggled to catch up with his wife, but finally he was able to match her stride alongside her.

    “You’re so stubborn.” Mikey grumbled.

    “So I’m told,” Alicia smiled.

    Mikey rolled his eyes and remained silent until they reached the car. “Would you like me to drive?” He asked only to get a glare from his wife who got into the driver’s side. Mikey mumbled something under his breath before getting in the passenger seat.

    Alicia pulled out of the hospital parking lot, Mikey watched t as it grew smaller and smaller in the rearview mirror. He knew that he was heading into, most likely, the hardest time of his life; Alicia and he hadn’t acted normal around each other since the incident and he wondered if they ever would. Mikey felt his heart sink, “What if this ended his marriage? What if this destroyed
    everything he’d come to love?”
    He thought to himself, he glanced over at his wife who was staring straight at the road.

    Mikey saw her hand resting on the gear switch, he put his hand on top of hers, but Alicia gasped and pulled away with shock. He felt heat rise into his cheeks as he pulled his hand away and let it fall back into his lap.

    “Mikey….I-I didn’t mean that…..I-I you scared me is all.” Alicia stated in a small voice.

    Mikey nodded slowly but didn’t say anything in response. Alicia sighed and continued staring at the road. Mikey felt his throat tighten, and he swallowed a lump that had begun to form. He shook his head and looked out the window, trying to stop the tears that had threatened to spill.

    Alicia looked over at her husband, a wave of guilt rushed over her. She clutched the wheel tightly making her knuckles turn white. The rest of the car ride remained in a tense silence; and once she pulled into the driveway Mikey got out of the car and grabbed his bag before she had the chance.

    Mikey limped to the front door, “Let me get that for you!” Alicia called behind him.

    “No I got it,” Mikey growled and opened the door.

    “Mikey you’re being ridiculous!” Alicia exclaimed shutting the door behind her and throwing the keys on a small door.

    “Am I?” Mikey stated sarcastically trudging up the stairs. His sore muscles ached as he made it to the bedroom and set his bag down.

    Alicia came in behind him, “Yes you are! You’re over reacting, you just scared me! That’s all, I was just scared!”

    Mikey turned to face his wife, “You were scared of me Alicia, the person who is supposed to protect you you’re scared of.”

    “No….no that’s not what I meant! You know that!” Alicia shouted.

    “Apparently not! Just please give me a second alone.” Mikey said, but when
    Alicia didn’t move he added, “Please Alicia, I-I’m not mad I just need a few moments alone.”

    Alicia nodded, holding back tears, “Yeah…um I’ll be downstairs….making some lunch.”

    Mikey watched her leave, once the door was closed he sat down on the edge of the bed and tried to calm himself down. His ribs started to burn; he straightened his back and waited for the pain to reside. He took a few deep breaths, wincing as he did so, and stood back up. Mikey could hear the
    sounds of a knife hitting a cutting board from the kitchen.

    Mikey saw his wife cutting tomatoes for what he assumed was for sandwiches, he could see that she was crying. Her shoulders were shaking and he could hear the sound of her crying to catch her breath.

    “Alicia? Baby?” Mikey announced his presence and walked up behind her with cautious steps.

    “I’m sorry…..um lunch is almost ready.” Alicia cried wiping the tears that fell from her eyes.

    “Why are you sorry?” Mikey asked, cupping her face in his hands.

    “I-I didn’t mean too…” Alicia sobbed.

    “I know I’m sorry I over reacted I know your scared.” Mikey stated in a soothing tone and wrapped his arms around Alicia; he held her as tight as his sore body would allow.

    This is when Mikey realized just how hard this was going to be.
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    My heart is breaking for them, especially Alicia. I couldn't even imagine having to go through that and then your husband just.. I don't know.. gets mad. But I guess I see both of their points.
    They really need to sit down and talk about it though, I think. Because it would help them ease out of the awkwardness.
    That was such a wonderful update and so emotional :)
    I can't wait for the next one.
    And I can't believe that was chapter 7 already o_O. If feels like you just started this story :D
    I love it!
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    Chapter 8

    The first night home was a tense one; neither Mikey nor Alicia spoke to one another. They would occasionally glance up, trying to speak but then close their mouths unable to form any words. The hours slowly ticked by and finally it was time to head to bed. They both muttered their goodnights and fell asleep facing away from each other.

    Alicia woke with the feeling in her hands completely gone, all that remained was a slight tingly feeling. She slowly opened her eyes, trying to grasp what was happening. Once she did, she wished she hadn’t. She was tied to an old creaky metal bed. Alicia saw Mikey tied to a wooden chair. His head was hanging in front of his body. At first she thought he was dead, but then she noticed the slight rises in his chest. Alicia looks around the room, it had stone walls and a single, bright light hanging from the ceiling. She came to the conclusion that it was definitely a basement.

    She hears the door screech open from the top of the stairs. Alicia recognizes the man straight away, she couldn’t forget his face. “Hiya Sugar.” He grins, Alicia starts thrashing on the bed trying to escape her bonds.

    “Let us go!” She screams, he laughs and stands behind Mikey. Mikey lets out a soft whimper. “Don’t touch him! Please!”

    He grabs Mikey’s hair and forces him to look her directly in the eye. She watches as a tear falls from the corner of his eye. “I love you,” Mikey whispers. Alicia hears a thundering bang pierce the room making her cry out. He let’s go of Mikey’s head and a bloody gun, she hears the metal hit the floor. Blood pools around Mikey’s limp form, brain fragments litter the ground.

    Alicia can’t speak , all she can do is stare at her husband, her dead husband. She didn’t realize that he had climbed on the bed, and he now straddled her waist. Alicia looked up at him, “Please, please don’t…..not again.”

    “Sorry sugar, but now it’s just you and me….”

    “Alicia wake up! Baby it’s okay! It’s only a dream!” Alicia hears the sound of her husband’s worried tone. Her eyes snap awake, she jumped into Mikey’s arms and she could feel herself sobbing. Mikey ran his hand up and down her back, attempting to sooth her.

    “He came back Mikey…he killed you!” Alicia cried, “He…he was going to do it again.”

    Mikey’s breath caught in his throat, “Baby, I’m not going anywhere, and there’s no way in hell I’m letting anyone hurt you ever again.” He voice was firm.

    Alicia pulled away, “Promise?”

    “Promise,” Mikey stated before pulling her back into his arms.


    The next few days passed by slowly, the bruises on Mikey’s body were staring to fade into a yellowish-blue. Thanksgiving had arrived and both Mikey and Alicia were getting ready to head over to Gerard’s house. Alicia stood in front of the mirror doing her hair and makeup as Mikey took a shower.

    “You know we don’t have to go, Gerard would understand.” Mikey said over the sound of rushing water.

    Alicia huffed, “Of course we have to go, we need our lives to get back to normal, and I thought you were excited to see B?”

    Mikey turned off the water and wrapped a towel around his waist before stepping out of the shower, “I am, it’s just, I don’t know if I’m ready to face my mother yet.” Mikey grumbled.

    Alicia sighed, “Baby you’re going to have to see her again eventually. Plus she called yesterday and I told her we were going. End of story.”

    “When did she call?” Mikey asked pulling on a pair of black pants.

    “When you went out and paid the gas bill.” Alicia stated mindlessly finishing up her makeup.

    “And you didn’t tell me?”

    “No I didn’t because you would’ve been mad at me for answering,” Alicia smiled, “Now hurry up we already are going to be late.”

    Mikey let out a deep sigh as Alicia walked out. Of course he was nervous to face his family for the first time since the attack. He didn’t know if he was ready for all the looks of pity and compassion quite yet. He knew his mother would be overbearing, almost clingy the entire night; Mikey was afraid that he’d say something he’d regret later.

    Mikey shook his head and pulled the black sweater over his head before exiting the bathroom. Mikey put on his shoes and walked down the stairs, each step caused him to wince a little. Alicia stood by the door tapping her foot impatiently; Mikey grabbed his grey sweatshirt and followed his wife out the door.
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    I realy like this story full of drama and suspense more when you can
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    That dream made me cringe =/ Ick. *shudder*
    That's one of my worst fears. Too have something like that happen.
    Things seem to be getting slightly back to normal, just a little bit. I can see why Mikey doesn't want to go see his family, I wouldn't want to go either.
    Great update though, lovely.
    Can't wait for the next one.
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    Chapter 9

    The car ride to Gerard’s house was silent, Alicia drove and Mikey stared mindlessly out the window drumming his fingers against his thigh in an attempt to ease his worried stricken mind. His stomach was churning and he could feel a lump in his throat, he glanced over at his wife and saw that she was biting her lip nervously and tapping her nails against the steering wheel.

    Alicia pulled in front of Gerard’s house, the driveway being already full of cars. She let out a sigh and turned to face Mikey, his eye was still surrounded by a dark ring of purple and his cheek was covered in yellowish bruises. “We can do this baby, they’re our friends and our family, and they love us so much.” She stated.

    “I know that and that’s exactly why I’m so scared to go in there.” Mikey whispered but before Alicia could respond he stepped out of the car and began to walk up to the front door. Alicia mumbled a curse under her breath before following her husband. Alicia was able to catch up with Mikey before he knocked on the door, she gripped his hand and Gerard answered the door.

    “I was beginning to think you guys weren’t going to show up!” Gerard exclaimed with a smile plastered on his face. The house smelled of turkey, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie, it filled Alicia’s chest with happiness, everything was going to be okay, everything was going to be like normal.

    “We’re just running a little late,” Alicia answered with a giggle.

    “Like always,” Gerard grinned and pulled Mikey into his arms and hugged him lightly being careful not to hurt his little brother. Then he did the same to Alicia, “Well come in, Bandit wants to see you two.”

    They both followed Gerard to the living room where the sound of many conversations filled the halls. But as soon as Alicia and Mikey stepped into the room the talking stopped and everyone looked at them. Mikey felt the need to turn around and run away, this was exactly what he feared would happen. Donna stood up and ran over to her son.

    “Mikey! I’m so glad to see you’re okay. I’m sorry I didn’t come to see you in the hospital, all the flights were booked for the holidays….even when it was still a week away!” She exclaimed and pulled Mikey into a tight hug making Mikey gasp out in sudden pain.
    “It’s alright Mom, I understand,” Mikey pulled away slowly; but Donna gripped Mikey’s
    face in between her hands.

    “And look what they did to you, you’re so bruised up!” She continued.

    “Mom!” Gerard exclaimed shocked at how his mother was acting.

    “Donna give him some space,” Donald patted his wife’s shoulder. Donna mumbled something along the lines of I’m sorry for caring. But backed away nonetheless. Mikey gave his father a grateful glance before Bandit came running down the hall.

    “Uncle Mikey! Aunt Alicia!” Bandit ran at Alicia and Alicia picked her up in her arms.

    “Well hello B!” Alicia laughed as Bandit wrapped her small arms around her neck.

    “I’ve missed you!” Bandit squealed. Bandit looked over at Mikey and gasped.

    “Uncle Mikey what happened to your face it’s all purple!” She exclaimed.

    Lindsay who’d just walked into the room gasped, “Bandit what have we been teaching you about with manners!”

    “It’s alright Lindsay,” Mikey smirked, “Well Miss B these bad men hit me and your aunt,
    but it’s still me.”

    Bandit hide her face into Alicia’s shoulders, Mikey sighed and turned to Gerard, “Is there anything I can help with for dinner?”

    Gerard looked sympathetically at his brother, “Um I don’t think so…..dinner should be ready to be served in a few minutes actually.

    “C’mon Bandit let’s get cleaned up for dinner,” Lindsay smiled and took Bandit from Alicia.
    Gerard grinned half-heartedly at Mikey and Alicia before excusing himself from the room. Donna and Donald muttered something about setting up the table and walked away. Mikey groaned and sat down on one of the couches.

    “Is it too late to leave?” Mikey groaned.

    Alicia sat down besides Mikey, “Yes it is, you know Bandit didn’t mean it right? She’s just a little girl, she didn’t know any better.”

    Mikey nodded, “I know, I’m not upset about that, it’s just that……I don’t know what it is.” Mikey mumbled and stared up at the ceiling, Alicia understood what he was saying; it was awkward; everyone pitied them when all they needed were people to act normal.

    A few moments passed before Gerard announced that dinner was ready. Mikey and Alicia sat down at the table, dinner went along smoothly until Donna spoke out, “I forgot to ask…has the police made an arrest yet?”

    Alicia shook her head, “Not yet but they’re still looking.”

    “That’s good because I’m sure you two aren’t sleeping well, I know I wouldn’t not after what happened. It’s a pity that it wasn’t just one guy things would’ve turned out a lot different isn’t that right Mikey?” Donna smiled at her youngest son, Mikey gripped his fork tightly he could feel the heat rising in his cheeks.

    “This is a lovely turkey Lindsay,” Donald stated trying to change the subject.

    “Thank….” Lindsay was cut off.

    “And what you went through Alicia, I couldn’t even imagine the horrors.” Donna shook her head.

    Alicia bit her lip and looked down at her plate. Gerard watched with wide eyes as his mother began another sentence, “And Mikey….my poor baby having to wat……”

    Mikey stood up and stormed out of the room, unable to control his temper anymore. Gerard glared at his mother before following Mikey. He found him in the backyard, sitting on the back porch steps. Gerard cautiously sat down next to him, Mikey quickly looked away.

    “Hey Mikes, you know she was just trying to help…..in her weird way.” Gerard said.

    Mikey shook his head, “Why did this happen Gee?”

    Gerard wrapped an arm around Mikey, “I don’t know, I really don’t. No one deserves what happen to you and Alicia. But everything happens for a reason. Even the shitty things.”

    Mikey pulled away from Gerard, “This happened because some people thought it’d be a fun time. We were their entertainment! We gave them one hell of a time!” Mikey shouted.

    “Mikey please try to calm down,” Gerard said soothingly.

    “Calm down? I haven’t been calm in days! All I can think of is that night! And how I should’ve helped! How I didn’t protect my wife, I let those men hurt her!” Mikey felt tears
    brim his eyes.

    “You nearly died Mikey! You were outnumbered, there was no way you could’ve done anything.” Gerard stated.

    “You wouldn’t understand Gerard, no one does. Having to watch your wife….the women you swore to look after….be hurt like that. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.” Mikey muttered.

    “You’re right I don’t understand, but let me help you. You don’t have to carry this on your own.” Gerard said.

    “Some things you have to carry on your own, I have to deal with this on my own terms.” Mikey muttered and went back into the house. Gerard let out a deep sigh, knowing that this was going to ruin the man he called his brother, and only Mikey could save himself.
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    Donna, you idiot!

    That's one heck of an update and I'm both looking forward to and dreading what's going to happen next.
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    That certainly wasn't a good Thanksgiving, thanks to Mom. She could have had more tact with the whole situation :(
    I think I would have just stay at home for the holidays, rather than dealing with people. I agree with Mikey, some things are just better to deal with on your own.
    Good update though :)
    Looking forward to more.
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    Yikes! It's been ages since my last chapter!
    Sorry guys, but luckily it's Spring Break and I'll be able to update soonish.
    So keep an eye out for it ;)
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    yay! *waits patiently*
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    Oh yes...
    An update would be lovely, love :)
    Take your time though :)
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    Chapter 10

    Mikey and Alicia left soon after dinner, Donna still claiming that she meant no harm. Mikey grumbled his goodbyes and they began the drive back to their home. No one spoke, Alicia was afraid if she said anything it’d only make Mikey angrier. She watched the road as Mikey stared out the window, he wanted to say something to her, but whenever he was about to he’d talk himself out of it.

    Finally they made it home, they both walked into the house, Alicia went into the kitchen and Mikey into the living room. He turned on the television and put on The Brothers Grimm, Alicia sat down next to him and handed her husband a warm cup of coffee. Mikey graciously took it and sighed.

    “Look I’m sorry for how I acted at dinner.” Mikey stated.

    “It’s okay, honestly I was about to do the exact same thing.” Alicia confessed.

    Mikey smiled a bit, “Sorry for once I got to be the over-dramatic one.”

    Alicia put on a mock hurt face and lightly hit Mikey’s forearm. Mikey chuckled, only to stop quickly once his ribs sent a searing pain up with spine. About twenty minutes in Alicia fell asleep on Mikey’s shoulder. Mikey started to doze off, dreaming of a day when things would be back to normal.

    Time lapse: two weeks

    Alicia walked into the store, her stomach tied into knots. Her hands were shaky; Alicia went down the aisle that held what she needed. She grabbed the one she believed was the most accurate and paid for it. Alicia rushed into the bathroom and took out a pregnancy test. She was a week late; Alicia knew that if she was pregnant that it couldn’t be Mikey’s they hadn’t slept together in three months.

    Alicia waited for a few minutes and then what she saw almost brought her to tears. The small pink plus sign that could ruin her life appeared.

    The first thing she thought of was Mikey and how he’d take this.

    Sorry guys this is a horrible chapter but I couldn’t think of anything else to put in it.
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    ... ... ... ...
    I'm sorry, I just can't pick the words to respond to that.
    failed attempts: see above.
    *searching for the button that reveals the next chapter* What happens next???

    I'd call that a rather good update. I doubt it needs anything else, if the next chapter has anything I think it's going to. ;)
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    Chapter 11

    Alicia was barely able to drive home, her hands were shaking badly and the tears blurred her vision. Alicia remembered that Mikey wouldn’t be home, that he and Frank had gone to see a movie and get some dinner, this filled her with little comfort. She rushed into the house, and quickly picked up the phone. She dialed the familiar cell phone number that belonged to Lindsay; it rang three times before Lindsay answered.

    “Hey Alicia, what’s up?”

    “Liz, I need you to come to the house, I need someone here.” Alicia cried.

    “What’s wrong hun? Are you and Mikey okay?” Lindsay asked with a worried tone.

    “Yeah, we’re okay….for now. Please Lindsay I need to tell you something.” Alicia begged.

    “Yeah, yeah, I’ll be there in a half an hour.” Lindsay stated and hung up.

    Alicia hung up her phone and stumbled over to the couch where she sat down and put her face in her hands. Alicia let out a strangled sob and she remained that way until she heard the front door open. Lindsay ran over to the couch and wrapped her arms around Alicia’s shaking form.

    “What’s going on Alicia? You’re scaring me.” Lindsay asked.

    “Lindsay I’m pregnant.” Alicia muttered.

    “Why are you sad about that sweetie? Mikey will be thrilled.” Lindsay said confused.

    “Because it’s not Mikey’s child! It’s his!” Alicia shouted making Lindsay gasp.

    “Oh hun,” Lindsay held Alicia in a tighter embrace, “It’s going to be okay, everything will
    turn out fine.”

    Alicia shook her head, “How is this going to be okay? There is no way this is okay.”

    “Mikey will understand, we’ll figure something out okay?” Lindsay said, and began to run her fingers through Alicia’s hair in an attempt to calm her down.

    Eventually Alicia fell asleep and Lindsay laid her down on the couch and covered her with a blanket. Lindsay didn’t know what to do, should she call Gerard? Or Mikey? She looked at the clock, Mikey would be home any minute now. Lindsay decided on calling Gerard telling him that she was still at Alicia’s and she should be home within a couple hours.
    Lindsay heard the front door open and close quietly. She walked out and saw both Frank and Mikey standing by the front door.

    “Lindsay what are you doing here?” Mikey asked in a hushed tone.

    “Um….Alicia called me; she needed to talk to me about something.” Lindsay answered; she glanced at Frank who looked just as confused as Mikey.

    Alicia stirred and slowly opened her eyes. She looked at Mikey and gasped, “Mikey your home.”

    “Yeah, just got here,” Mikey stated, “Alicia is everything okay?”

    Alicia looked over to Lindsay who just nodded, “No Mikey, there’s something I need to tell you.”
    “Okay, baby what’s wrong?”Mikey asked, his tone dripping with worry.

    “Mikey I’m pregnant.” Alicia said.

    Mikey took a few steps back nearly bumping into Frank, the color drained from his face and his hands curled up into fists. “No, no you’re not.” Mikey shook his head not wanting to believe what he’s just been told.

    “I’m so sorry Mikey,” Alicia began to cry again.

    “You’re lying! You’re lying to me!” Mikey shouted, making Alicia cry louder. Frank grabbed Mikey’s shoulder.

    “Want to go for a walk?” He asked.

    “No! No! This isn’t happening! This can’t be happening!” Mikey roared, ignoring Frank’s offer.

    “I wish this didn’t happen either Mikey!” Alicia shouted back now standing up.

    Mikey looked at his wife, the women he vowed to protect, and angry boiled in his core, not being able to control himself he shouted, “Why the fuck are you still lying to me? This is a sick joke! You can’t be pregnant! Not by him!”

    “Why would I lie about this? This isn’t some joke Mikey! I’m scared, I-I need you!” Alicia screamed.

    “You should be fucking scared! You have that parasite growing in you!” Mikey growled.

    “It’s not a parasite Mikey! It’s a human child!” Alicia snapped back.

    “It’s that monsters child Alicia!” Mikey hollered.

    “You’re just upset because it’s not yours! Because you can’t make a fucking child!” Alicia bawled, she didn’t know why she said that, but as soon as she did she regretted it.

    Mikey’s face fell and the tears that he’d been hold ran down his face. His mouth hung open; there was nothing he could say back because he knew it was true. Mikey turned and ran outside, and before Frank could catch him he was already in his car driving away.

    Alicia collapsed on the couch and sobbed. Lindsay rubbed her back trying to soothe her, but Alicia didn’t stop crying. Alicia knew that Mikey may just not come home, that he may do something stupid and it would be all her fault.
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    Oh fuck no :(

    This is so many kinds of in pain. Poor Mikey. Poor, poor Alicia :(
  17. Chemical 30

    Chemical 30 Just 'That' Girl

    Chapter 12

    Mikey, I’m pregnant. I’m pregnant. Pregnant.

    These are the words that kept repeating themselves in Mikey’s head. Over and over again, Mikey could feel warm tears running down his face; his knuckles gripped the steering wheel tightly, so tight that his knuckles were turning white. Mikey didn’t know where he was going, but he didn’t care really, he wanted to get away and that’s just what he was doing. His phone kept vibrating from the passenger seat where in laid after Mikey had thrown it the first time Alicia had called him. Not only was Alicia calling but also Lindsay, Jamia, Christa, Frank, Ray and Gerard. Everyone knew that he’d taken off, but did Mikey care that they were worried, mad or upset, not in the slightest.

    Mikey saw a sign saying that he’d just left the Los Angeles county limits. Mikey sighed knowing that he should go back, but for some reason he kept driving, he drove for hours until he read another sign saying that he was entering the state of Nevada. Mikey pulled off to the side of the road and stopped the car. First he sat in silence for a few moments but the words repeated in his head.

    Pregnant. I’m Pregnant. Mikey, I’m Pregnant.

    Mikey let out a loud cry; he hit the steering wheel until his hands went numb. And then he cried, he put his forehead to the steering wheel and allowed all the tears to spill from his eyes.


    “I still can’t get a hold of him,” Frank muttered hanging up for the fifth time. Gerard let out a long sigh, of course he wanted to find his brother, but he also thought maybe this would be a good thing, for him to just leave for a few days.

    “This is all my fault, had I not said those things he wouldn’t had left.” Alicia cried Lindsay rubbed her back.

    “You can’t keep saying that, it’s no one’s but his fault.” Lindsay stated.

    “Daddy….why isn’t Uncle Mikey here?” Bandit asked pulling on her father’s pant leg.

    “Uncle Mikey left sweetie, but don’t worry he’ll come back. He’s going to be back soon.” Gerard smiled trying to make sure Bandit didn’t get too worried.

    “Okay Daddy,” Bandit giggled and ran over to Cherry and Lily. They began to play some sort of game Gerard would never understand.

    Gerard dialed Mikey’s number yet again, he rung five times before going to voice mail. “Fuck!” Gerard shouted before throwing his phone across the room.

    “Gerard! They’re kids in the room!” Lindsay snapped.

    “I don’t care! Right now all I care about is finding Mikey!” Gerard roared. Bandit covered her ears and began to rock back and forth. Gerard saw this and instantly a wave of guilt hit him. He kneeled down in front of his daughter and said, “I’m sorry B, I didn’t mean to shout. Daddy’s just worried about Uncle Mikey.”

    “It’s okay Daddy, everything will be okay.” Bandit said and wrapped her small arms around Gerard’s neck.


    Mikey ran down a long white hallway. He could hear Alicia screaming, he desperately tried to reach the door at the end of the hallway, but every step he took it felt like the door moved farther away. Her screams bounced off the walls, echoing in his ears. His legs began to burn as with his chest, he couldn’t run any longer. But still he continued to push himself, farther and farther until he reached the door. Alicia screams became weaker and weaker, Mikey opened the door quickly and saw her on a hospital bed, sweat covered her face and she had a very swollen belly. Also she was pale, very pale. Mikey saw a doctor dressed in green scrubs holding a screaming baby, still bloody. The doctor walked up to Mikey, as the doctor walked closer Mikey could tell who it was. It was him. His bald head, his stocky build and his evil smile.

    “It’s a boy.” He laughed, “I’m sorry to say she didn’t make it. Her body was too weak too fragile. He killed her, just like daddy should’ve done nine months ago.”

    His laughter filled the room; Mikey shook his head, backing up. His back hit the wall behind him. There was no longer any door; he was trapped in the room.

    “Trying to run? Too afraid of me Mikey?” He chuckled, “I thought you’d want to kill me? Technically I did kill your wife.”

    “No this isn’t real! This isn’t happening!” Mikey shouted back.

    “Oh but it will be real Mikey. She when she gives birth to my son.” He grinned.

    Mikey gasped for air as he woke up. His breathing was heavy and labored. Mikey looked around and saw that he was still on the side of the road, the sun still had not risen and rain was pounding against the top of the car. Mikey took a deep breath and started to turn around to head back to Los Angeles. He was pulled into the middle of the road when he heard the blaring horn of car, bright lights flashed into his eyes and he froze like a deer in headlights. He felt the impact of the car hit his. The glass shattered and his car began to tumble. It rolled several times before stopping. Mikey could feel the cold rain hitting his face, but that was the last thing he felt before letting his eyelids fall and blacking out.
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    *Sits on edge of seat*

    Fucking hell, you know how to keep a reader hanging, don't you?!
  19. Chemical 30

    Chemical 30 Just 'That' Girl

    Chapter 13

    Gerard walked across the room and retrieved his buzzing phone. He was getting a phone call, and when he looked at the lit up screen it was a number he did not recognize. Usually he would’ve let the call go to voice mail but something inside him made him answer.

    “Hello?” Gerard greeted.

    “Is this Mr. Gerard Way?” A male voice asked.

    “Yes it is; may I ask why you are calling?” Gerard questioned.

    “Your brother Michael Way was in a car accident. He was transported to the Nevada Community Hospital.” The man reported Gerard’s mouth dropped.

    “What happened?” Gerard asked in a trembling voice.

    “As far as I know Michael was turning around and didn’t see the truck approaching him. It was a pretty serious accident.” He stated Gerard could feel many eyes glued on him, all of them curious to what exactly was happening.

    “O-okay…..I’ll be there as soon as I can…..sir may I ask a question?” Gerard breathed.

    “Yes you may,” He responded.

    “What happened to the other driver?” Gerard asked in a shaky voice.

    “The other driver was killed on impact, Michael was very lucky to survive himself.” He answered and Gerard’s throat tightened.

    “Thank again,” Gerard muttered and hung up.

    Gerard stared back at his friends and family, a pit had grown in his stomach and he felt like he was going to break down and cry at a seconds notice. “M-Mikey’s been in an accident.” Alicia let out a sob, she knew something bad was going to happen, she could feel it. “He’s at Nevada Community. I’m going to go now; Alicia would you like to come?” Alicia only nodded her head slightly.

    “Gerard you can’t! That’s a four hour drive at least! You need to sleep!” Lindsay called out.

    “I’m not tired and I want to get there as soon as possible.” Gerard muttered Alicia grabbed her purse and jacket and stood by the door.

    Gerard kissed both Bandit and Lindsay goodbye, “I’ll call as soon as I get there.”

    They both got into Gerard’s car and he silently pulled out of the driveway. Gerard could feel his whole body shaking; Alicia bit the inside of her cheek to keep herself from crying more. Gerard turned on the radio to keep their minds off of Mikey. Of course that didn’t work; all their minds wanted to think about was Mikey and only Mikey.

    The car ride was silent, no one spoke, and they were both too nervous to say anything. Too nervous, worried and scared to do anything. Gerard tapped his fingers to the beat of the song on his steering wheel, very few cars were on the road and Gerard could feel his eyelids starting to feel heavy. He turned the air conditioning on full blast, he had to stay awake.


    Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

    Mikey heard the shrill noise of his heart monitor, his whole body ached. He tried to remember what happened but he couldn’t, he couldn’t remember a thing. Mikey squinted his eyes and slowly moved his hand up to his head, a bandage covered most of it, his left arm was in a cast and he couldn’t feel his legs.

    He couldn’t feel his legs.

    Mikey’s heart started to beat faster; he tried to remember anything to what happened, or why he was in the hospital or why he couldn’t feel the lower half of his body. But he couldn’t remember anything, nothing, his mind was blank. And this frustrated him. He looked around the room, trying desperately to figure out where exactly he was. All he could see was his off-white walls, the TV hanging in the corner of the room, and a small nightstand to his right.
    He thought of the last thing he remembered doing, he remembered recording The Black Parade and going on that hell of a tour. He remembered Alicia and him planning a wedding before one of the shows. That was the last thing, so Mikey figured it had to be 2007, but to make sure he turned on the TV and put it on a news channel.

    “…..Good Evening everyone, it is 1:35 on the crisp morning of December 9, 2011…..” The lady smiled, Mikey dropped the remote. No it can’t be….it’s 2007….it’s February of 2007.Mikey thought to himself. Mikey wanted to scream, had he really forgotten five years of his life? Mikey’s breathing became labored and his hands grew shaky.

    He looked up when he heard the door open. Gerard and Alicia walked in. Mikey looked at Alicia’s left hand a noticed a wedding ring, he quickly looked down at his broken hand and saw the shiny gold band.

    Gerard looked at his brother, he looked terrified, his face was covered in small cuts and bruises, all his hair was shaved off, and white bandage wrapped tightly around an injury of some sort.

    “Gerard what year is it?” Mikey asked. Gerard looked down puzzled at his brother.

    “It’s 2011,” He answered.
    Mikey shook his head, “No it’s 2007! I can’t remember….I can’t remember.”
    Mikey whispered.

    Gerard walked up to his little brother, “It’s going to be okay Mikey, you’ll be okay.”

    Gerard gave Alicia a worried glance. Soon after Mikey feel asleep and a doctor called them out to the hallway.

    “What’s wrong with Mikey? Why does he think its 2007?” Alicia asked.

    “We believe that some of his brain may have been damaged in the accident. We are unsure at this moment if it will be permanent or if he’ll regain his memories over time.” The doctor reported. “Also, in the accident his spinal cord was smashed, he has lost the ability to move the lower half of his body. We also don’t know if this will be permanent.”

    “He can’t walk?” Gerard repeated.

    “I’m sorry, at the moment he can’t. And the chances of him regaining the capability of walking are quite slim.” He answered.

    Alicia leaned against the wall and fell to the ground. Gerard dismissed the doctor and sat down next to her.

    “It’s my fault Gerard.” Alicia muttered.

    “No it’s not, you need to stop blaming yourself for things you have no control over.” Gerard stated trying to reassure her.

    “If I hadn’t have said those things he wouldn’t have left. That man wouldn’t have died and Mikey would be at home.” Alicia felt tears run down her face.
    Gerard didn’t say anything, because deep inside he knew she was right.
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