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    Title:Up All Night

    Rating: 15+ (Violence, Swearing, Alcohol Abuse)

    And 'Ruinted' is supposed to be Ruined....made a typo and can't fix it :no:

    Characters: Mikey Way, Alicia Way, Gerard Way, Lindsay Way, Frank Iero, Jamia Iero, Ray Toro, Christa Toro

    Genre: Tragedy, Family

    Summary: Mikey and Alicia are attacked one night, will they be able to pull through this and continue to live their lives, or will everything come crashing down.

    Disclaimer: Story title came from Blink 182's Up All Night-blink-182 - Up All Night - YouTube

    And obviously I don't own the band members or their wives

    Chapter Index:

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    “Mikey, honey, are you ready yet?” Alicia shouted up to husband from the bottom of the stairs, hastily putting on a pair of earrings, “We’re going to be late!”

    Mikey pulled on a pair of black jeans, his hair still dripping from his recent shower, “Almost! Give me one more minute!” He shouted back down to his wife.

    “That’s what you said fifteen minutes ago.” Alicia mumbled putting on her coat and wrapping her red scarf around her neck.

    Mikey hurriedly pulled his black shirt over his head. He left the bathroom, picked-up his black and white shoes and quickly put those on. Before leaving the bedroom he grabbed his grey jacket and went down to meet his wife. Alicia was standing by the door, tapping her foot impatiently. Mikey padded his pockets before furrowing his brow, “Where’s my wallet and phone?”

    “On the counter,” Alicia breathed; Mikey ran into the kitchen and grabbed the two items. He ran back out to the foyer, “Ready to go?” Alicia asked upon his arrival.

    “Yeah,” Mikey nodded, the couple left their warm house and walked out in the bitter winter air; their breath came out in white puffs in front of them. The walkway was icy from last night’s rain storm. The sun was starting to descend below the horizon, painting the sky in colors of red, purple, and orange.
    Alicia got in the driver’s seat, once they were both in the car; she pulled out of the driveway and started off in the direction of the destination.

    “I’ll drive home,” Mikey offered Alicia nodded; she wanted a few drinks tonight.

    Tonight was the opening night of Gerard’s new art gallery. He’d been talking about it for weeks, about how he wouldn’t have the paintings done in time or what if the building wasn’t ready when the time came. Mikey was just happy that everything had turned out okay.

    The drive took about twenty minutes and by that time the sun was completely gone and the full moon cast its white light down upon them. Alicia found a parking spot, about two blocks away, for all the close spots had been taken. Mikey wrapped his arm around Alicia’s petite waist, and brought her close to him to keep her from shivering. Finally the two made it inside the small building and were greeting with the shelter from the cold.

    All the walls were white, and the flooring was a rich cherry wood. Many paintings hung on the wall, along with some sculptures that stood tall on white stands.

    Mikey looked around in awe, his brother certainly did have talent, which he’d always known.

    “Mikey, Alicia! You guys made it!” Gerard exclaimed breaking Mikey’s train of thought. Gerard brought his younger brother in a tight hug before wrapping his arms around his sister-in-law.

    “Of course we did, we wouldn’t miss it for the world.” Mikey stated with a smirk.

    “That’s what I was hoping! But I was beginning to think you guys had forgotten.” Gerard grinned moving some of his, newly died black hair, out of his eyes.

    “You’re brother was just running a little late.” Alicia giggled.

    “Of course he was, always is.” Gerard laughed, Lindsay walked up besides Gerard.

    “I’m glad you two finally showed up.” Lindsay welcomed.

    “Thank Mikey for that.” Alicia stated motioning towards her husband.
    Mikey rolled his eyes foolishly, “I am not always late,” In return for this he received three looks of ‘Oh Really?’

    “C’mon Alicia, let’s have a drink and talk.” Lindsay said leading Alicia away from the two boys.

    “Are Frank and Ray coming tonight?” Mikey asked his brother.

    “Sadly no, they both had previous plans, but they promised on coming tomorrow.” Gerard reported.

    Mikey nodded, he really had hoped that they’d be here, since he hadn’t seen them in close to a month. He chose to keep that to himself, tonight was about his brother.

    “Your art is amazing Gee, you’ve really out-done yourself this time.” Mikey grinned patting his shoulder looking at one of his pieces.

    “Thanks Mikes, this one took ages to finish.” Gerard beamed motioning towards the painting. It took a few seconds see that the painting was a picture of him and Gerard when they were younger, and they were both made up of small pictures of the brothers throughout the years.

    “Wow, that’s incredible.” Mikey breathed.

    “Yeah, and I want you to have it,” Gerard said in a serious tone.
    Mikey looked down at his brother in astonishment, “G-Gerard I couldn’t accept….”

    Gerard cut off his brother with a raised hand, “Don’t give me that shit, I want you to have it Mikes, you’ve been with me through thick and thin. It’s the least I could do.”

    Mikey felt a lump in his throat, he swallowed hard before speaking, “Thanks Gee,”

    Gerard patted his shoulder and said, “Hey I gotta go talk to other people, but really Mikey you are one of my main inspirations.” Gerard winked at his brother before entering the crowd of people to socialize.

    Mikey continued to stare at the picture, a faint smile made its way to his lips. He then felt arms wrap around his torso. “This is my favorite.” Alicia whispered in his ear.

    Mikey turned around and faced his wife, he pecked her lips, “Gerard is giving it to me.”

    “Really?” Alicia said shocked.

    “Yeah I couldn’t believe it either.” Mikey breathed.

    Hours passed and soon the clock chimed twelve. Gerard tiredly shooed everyone out of the exhibit. Mikey and Alicia were the last out of the building along with Lindsay and Gerard. “That was great Gerard, you have such a talent.” Alicia complimented.

    Gerard blushed and pulled Lindsay closer, “Thank you guys so much for coming. Will you be coming over next weekend for Thanksgiving?” Gerard asked.

    “Of course, we’ll be there.” Mikey said, he could feel the light drizzle of rain start to fall from the sky.

    “Okay see you guys then.” Gerard waved and then turned and walked to his car.

    Mikey, his arm linked around Alicia’s waist, turned in the opposite direction and began walking. The temperature had dropped about ten degrees and Alicia could feel herself start to shiver. She cuddled up closer to Mikey, and he wrapped his arm tighter around her.

    They had walked about a block when Mikey heard laughing behind him, a drunken laughter and a lot of it. Alicia looked behind her to see a group of three guys. After a few steps she concluded that they were following them.

    “Mikey those men are following us.” Alicia whispered.

    Mikey grew tense and looked at the men behind them. They were gaining on them. Get to the car. Get to the car. Mikey thought to himself frantically, he started to hurry his steps towing Alicia with him.

    Suddenly a group of another two men stepped out of an alleyway. Mikey’s breath caught in his throat. He was not going to let them hurt Alicia. Mikey started to step out into the road to cross the street but felt someone grab the back of his coat. Alicia’s piercing scream told him that they had caught up with them.

    “Where ya going?” One of the men asked his breath smelt heavily of booze and pot.

    Mikey jerked out of his grip and ran towards the men that were dragging Alicia into the alley. He was nearly able to hit one of the men when he felt two strong hands grab his upper arms, the wind was knocked out of him as one of the men hit Mikey right below the ribs.

    “No!” Alicia screamed, fighting against the men that held her.

    The man looked at Alicia and then back at Mikey. Mikey pulled against the men but they only tightened their grips. He punched Mikey in the gut again, making Mikey groan and double over. The man laughed and grabbed a handful of Mikey’s hair and forced him to look at him.

    “Is she your wifey?” He had a thick Hispanic accident, “I like her.”

    “Don’t you fucking touch her!” Mikey shouted.

    All of the men laughed when the apparent leader struck Mikey hard across the face; his nose made a sickening crunching noise. Alicia screamed, “Stop it! Stop!”

    It only got worse, the man punched Mikey again in the chest, and then the face. Mikey felt his arms being release only to be shoved up against the wall. The back of his head hit the wall with a deafening thud.

    “No one talks to me like that.” The man growled, Mikey responded by spitting in the man’s face. The man cursed loudly and kneed Mikey in the groin, and then in the stomach. Mikey fell to his knees, the man kicked Mikey’s chest, Mikey fell to the cold ground gasping for air. He’d felt several of his ribs crack.
    Mikey soon felt many feet start to collide with his body. Every time one would crash with his face the back of his head would smack against the brick wall behind him.

    “PLEASE STOP! STOP IT!” Alicia wailed, tears ran down her face, and her breathing came in short gasps. Suddenly the men stopped kicking Mikey, who laid still on the ground.

    “Make him watch.” The man grinned. The other two nodded, and grabbed Mikey’s upper arms and forced him in a kneeling position. Then they grabbed some of his hair, making him look straight ahead at his wife.

    The man approached Alicia; this was the first time she’d gotten a good look at him. His head was shaven, his arms and neck were covered in black tattoos, and he had a stocky build. He gripped Alicia’s face in between his index finger and thumb. Alicia let out a strangled sob.

    “Don’t touch her!” Mikey barked, pulling against the pair of hands that held him as hard as he could, only to receive a hard smack to the back of the head and laughter from the two men.

    The man shoved Alicia to the ground and straddled her waist. Alicia fought against him, but it was all in vain, he was much stronger. She started to scream but stopped when he smacked her hard across the mouth.

    “Stop! Don’t fucking touch her!” Mikey shrieked, but this did not stop the man from forcing Alicia’s pants down. “Stop! Please!” Mikey cried, tears welling in
    his eyes as realization hit of what the man was going to do.

    The man merely smiled and unbuckled his belt. “Please, don’t.” Alicia cried helplessly.

    “Sorry sugar.” The man smirked.
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    Holy crap! Damn your writing is so good, but WTF?!
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    Oh my God! That was an amazing start!
    I'm liking this already :)
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    Chapter 2

    Gerard sat in the driver’s seat, Lindsay was falling in and out of sleep; she wanted to stay awake until they got home. Gerard stared blankly out the windshield at the nearly empty freeway ahead of him. They had about forty minutes until they would be home, Gerard wanted to see Bandit; he’d always hated leaving her with a sitter.

    Lindsay yawned and sat up in her seat, weariness making her eyelids heavy as lead. Suddenly she heard Gerard’s cell phone begin to ring loudly. Who would want to get a hold of him at this hour? Lindsay thought to herself, looking at the clock it read 1:15.

    Gerard fished the phone out of his pocket; he looked as confused as Lindsay felt. He handed the phone to Lindsay and she quickly answered.


    “Is this a Mr. Gerard Way?” A male voice asked on the other end. Do I sound like a Mr. Gerard Way? Lindsay thought sarcastically.

    “No, this is his wife. Lindsay Way, may I ask who is calling?” Lindsay stated politely.

    “This is Dr. Harold from Los Angeles Community Hospital, Michael and Alicia Way were both attacked, they are here at the hospital.”

    Lindsay sat up straight, completely awake now. “Lindsay what’s going on?” Gerard asked looking over at his wife.

    “Oh my God, are they okay?” Lindsay questioned quickly.

    Alicia will be fine, some minor cuts and bruises, and another matter I’d rather not talk about over the phone. But Michael, is in the ICU, he was brutally attacked and stabbed. He is in stable condition but we’re not sure he’ll make it through the night.” Dr. Harold reported, Lindsay gasped and said.

    “Might not make it? Doctor isn’t there anything……”

    Mrs. Way we did everything we could, like I said he is in stable condition right now. We are just not sure how seriously damaged his internal structure may be. If he pulls the night, we will be able to perform more tests.” Dr. Harold stated in a drained tone.

    Gerard looked at Lindsay with a worried expression. He had no idea what could be happening. Something at the hospital was all he knew.

    “Okay, thank you doctor, I will tell Gerard. I’m sure he’ll be coming over tonight.” Lindsay mumbled and hung up.

    “Lindsay what the hell is going on?” Gerard asked concern covering his tone.

    “Gerard….Alicia and Mikey were attacked tonight. They’re at Los Angeles Community.” Lindsay stated in a quivering voice.

    Gerard’s mouth hung open slightly, “W-what are they okay?”

    Lindsay shook her head slightly, “Alicia is okay, but Mikey…..Mikey was stabbed Gerard. He’s in ICU.”

    Gerard had to refrain from getting off at the next exit and going to the hospital immediately. His fingers wrapped tightly around the steering wheel. A lump had formed in his throat; he swallowed hard before speaking, “What happened?”

    “He didn’t tell me, he said something happened to Alicia that he’d rather not speak about over the phone.” Alicia repeated the doctor’s words.

    Gerard bit his trembling lip, “I’m taking you home and then going straight there.”

    “I want to go with you.” Lindsay said.

    “No, you need to go home with Bandit; we can’t just leave her with the sitter all night.” Gerard muttered.

    Lindsay didn’t argue she knew there was no point in it; Gerard had made up his mind. The rest of the ride was silent, not in the same way it was before, now it was a tense, thick silence. One you couldn’t cut through with a knife. Gerard gripped the steering wheel so tight that his knuckles were beginning to turn white.

    The car came to a screeching stop in front of the Way’s house. Lindsay gave her husband a worried look, “Baby maybe you should wait until morning; until you’re all rested.”

    Gerard shook his head quickly, “If Mikey wakes up he’s going to be scared and confused. I want to be there when he does, same goes for Alicia.”

    Lindsay let out a deep sigh, “Alright, but you need to come home in the morning at some point.”

    “I will,” Gerard bit his lip as Lindsay opened the door, “I love you.”

    “I love you too sweetie, they’re going to be okay.” Lindsay stated and shut the door. Gerard made sure she got into the house before driving in the direction of the hospital.

    The rain started to come down heavily from the sky and Gerard struggled to see outside his windshield. Luckily the hospital was close, only about fifteen miles away from his house. Even with the rain Gerard was pulling into the parking within twenty minutes.
    Gerard pulled into the closest parking space and ran into the hospital. The strong smell of sanitizers and sickness filled his nose. He went up to the front desk, a tired young women with short brown hair and a pudgy face looked up at him, “May I help you sir?”

    “My brother and his wife were brought here after they were attacked.” Gerard stated hastily.

    “And what are their names?” The nurse asked.

    “Michael and Alicia Way,” Gerard said.

    “Alicia is in the 400 wing, and Michael is in ICU.” She reported, “But visiting hours are

    Gerard gaped at the women, “The doctor called me, just a few minutes ago.”

    “And what is his name?” She looked up at him with a bored expression.

    Gerard thought for a second, Lindsay never told him the doctor’s name. “Um…my wife
    answered the phone, I don’t know his name.”

    “Then I am sorry sir but you will have to come back when visiting hours are open, they start at eight AM.” She stated and looked back at the computer screen.

    Gerard couldn’t believe this, “Please, he’s my little brother, I have ID.” Gerard fished out his wallet and handed it to the nurse.

    She glanced at him, and then the ID. She rolled her eyes and sighed, “Fine, the ICU is located on the third floor, left side. But you can’t see Alicia. Not until visiting hours

    “Thank you,” Gerard replied gratefully.

    He put his wallet back in his back pocket and went to the elevators. The cheerful tones of the elevator music made the wait seem ten times longer. Finally he reached the third floor and he turned left.

    He was once again stopped by a nurse stating that visiting hours are over. Gerard quickly told him the situation and the nurse nodded and led him to Mikey’s room. The nurse patted him on the back, “Just try and keep it down, he needs to rest.”

    Gerard nodded and entered the room. It was a small room, about the size of an average shed. Mikey laid still in his plastic covered bed, his face covered in multiple scrapes and bruises. His lip was split down the right side, his right eye almost swollen shut; and Mikey’s chest was tightly wrapped in many bandages, blood dotting the outer layer.
    Gerard swallowed the lump in his throat and sat down in the chair next to his little brother. “Hey Mikes, I just wanted to let you know I’m here.” Gerard whispered and took Mikey’s limp hand in his own. Gerard noticed there was also bruising on his neck and shoulders. “My God, what did they do to you?” Gerard breathed.

    Gerard heard the soft click of the door opening, a middle-aged man with graying black hair stepped in. His long white coat and clipboard told Gerard that this must be Mikey’s doctor.

    “Are you Mr. Gerard Way?” He asked.

    “Yes,” Gerard stated simply.

    “I am your brother and his wife’s doctor; Dr. Harold.” He introduced shaking Gerard’s free hand.

    “What happened?” Gerard questioned looking at his brother.

    “If you’d like to step outside so we can talk about it…..”

    “Why can’t we talk about it in here?” Gerard asked not wanting to leave his brother.

    Dr. Harold sighed, “Alright then, we are to believe that Michael and Alicia were attacked by a gang of some sort. This was definitely not the work of just one man. Michael was savagely beaten, um…” Dr. Harold broke off to look down at his clipboard, “He had several broken ribs, a punctured lung, broken nose, shattered cheekbone, and a mild concussion; amongst many minor cuts and bruises. He also was what appears to be, stabbed with a small knife. We were able to stop the bleeding and get him in stable condition, but right know we aren’t sure how much damage was done internally.”

    “Why? Shouldn’t you guys be able to tell? Have tests done?” Gerard asked.

    “Well, we were first worried about getting him stable, and if he made it through the night after some rest we’d perform an MRI.” Dr. Harold stated.

    Gerard bit his lip, “And how is Alicia?”

    Dr. Harold sighed, “Well Mr. Way no damage was done to her that could threaten her life. Just a few bruises.”

    “What is that supposed to mean?”

    “Mr. Way, Alicia was sexually assaulted, we believe by multiple people; because of the bruises and damage.” Dr. Harold reported.

    Gerard’s mouth hung open, “Alicia was raped?”

    “Yes, the police department has been here to talk to her already. They are working very hard to catch the people who did this to your brother and his wife.” Dr. Harold said his voice tired and empty.

    Gerard nodded and looked up at his brother’s swollen face, “They better be.”
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    Wonderfully written. I enjoyed the different views and how both Gerard and Lindsay had their own personalities. Great use of Imagery and Dialogue. I look forward to the next chapter.
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    I feel horrible for Alicia :( For both them actually.
    It's going to be a very long healing process for them both and I'm anxious to see how you write it out :)
    I'm really looking forward to it. You are a good writer.
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    Your writing is just... amazing. I feel so bad for Mikey and Alicia. I can't even imagine what they will go through... I am looking forward to seeing how it all plays out.
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    *curled up in a ball, staring at the screen* Oh, no!
    Who were those a**holes? I only want to know so Gerard can beat the sh*t out of them! Because they deserve it.
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    +1 to everything said here! Can't wait for the next update.
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    Chapter Three

    Alicia’s skin crawled. She felt dirty, and embarrassed. The doctors had already preformed so many tests, most of which, invaded, what she’d call, her personal privacy. Alicia hadn’t slept at all, what had happened kept replaying in her mind. Over and over again would she see Mikey being beaten, she would see the man’s cold, icy smile; and two words rang in her ears.

    Sorry Sugar.

    Alicia felt two warm tears cascade down her cheeks. She breathed in a deep, quivering breath and brought her knees up to her chest. To make matters worse, none of the doctors would tell Alicia how Mikey was, if he was alive at all. She remembered his screaming at the men to not touch her, his begging for them to stop. She also remembered the blood at came out of his chest after he’d been stabbed. Her hands were covered in dark scarlet as she tried to stop the bleeding, all while screaming for someone to help them. She had blacked out after seeing the red and blue flashing lights. Alicia woke up in this bed, her nurse and doctor both at the end of her bed, taking notes on a clipboard as if she were some experiment.

    Alicia would be lying if she said she was okay. In fact she knew how much of a wreck she must look like. Bruises on her arms, legs, and face. Her eyes red and puffy from all the crying she’d done. Her hair matted and tangled. She was a mess and she knew it.

    Sorry Sugar.

    Alicia shook her head, trying to get his voice out of her head. His face. His eyes. His careless grin. Alicia let out a strangled sob, she tried to hold in the tears that brimmed her eyes but soon those too over took her.

    The quiet click of the door snapped her away from her thoughts for a second; she was half-relieved to see Gerard’s head poke through. When he saw that she was awake he bit his lip and walked into the small room. Gerard looked his sister-and-law up and down with a look of pity. Alicia noticed this and looked down at her hands, blood rushing to her pale, bruised cheeks.

    “H-how are you feeling?” Gerard asked sitting down next to her, he wasn’t quite sure how to handle the situation.

    “Um…I’ve been better.” Alicia chuckled slightly trying to lighten the mood, but Gerard just nodded. Alicia chewed on her inner lip, “How is M-Mikey?”

    Gerard looked at her, “He’s….he’s in ICU. They are running tests right now; they said it was a good sign that he made it through the night.” Gerard reported.

    “But he’s going to be okay right?” Alicia questioned, her voice cracking slightly.

    “The doctors think so, but no one can be sure yet.” Gerard sighed and ran a hand through his hair. His eyes were weary and every time he blinked, they wanted to stay shut. “But you’re okay? I mean do you need anything?”

    Alicia shook her head, “I’m fine thank you, and the doctor said I might be able to go home later tonight or tomorrow morning.”

    “That’s good,” Gerard stated, after that an awkward silence filled the room. Alicia hated this already; it was like he was walking on eggshells around her. He must know what happened to me, Alicia thought to herself.

    Gerard nervously twiddled his thumbs, not knowing what else to say. He knew how upset Alicia must be, how scared. He didn’t want to say the wrong thing and set her off, that was the last thing he wanted. This is when it hit Gerard, Alicia and his brother would never be the same careless, happy couple they were, at least not for a while. They would be tense, and scared, scared of their own shadows.

    Gerard swallowed the lump in his throat, refusing to cry in front of Alicia, he needed to stay strong for both of them. The sound of the door opening made both of them look up. Dr. Harold walked in; Gerard noticed he didn’t look nearly as tired as he did last night.

    “I have two bits of good news,” The doctor grinned, “Actually three more rather.”

    “What are they?” Alicia asked.

    “Well you, Mrs. Way, are cleared to go home, all your tests had good results and we don’t see why you shouldn’t be sleeping in your own home tonight.” Dr. Harold announced.

    Alicia smiled slightly, “And what else?”

    “Michael has no internal bleeding and is recovering quite well, and he is a wake at the moment. He wants to see both of you.” Dr. Harold smiled.

    Gerard grinned, at least his little brother would be okay.

    Sorry it’s short….next chapter will be better :)
    Also check out the banner I made in the first post :)
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    You updated!! Yay!
    I love this story so much! :D

    I'm glad Mikey is okay from his attack, but I know it's so far from over for them both, and I feel bad :( And I'm sure Alicia won't be getting to sleep any time soon. I'm not sure I'd even go home if I were her. Maybe she'll stay with Gerard till Mikey gets out?

    This is so good and I love your writing :) Can't wait for the next chapter! I bet it's going to be amazing!
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    Chemical 30 Just 'That' Girl

    Chapter 4

    Alicia, as quickly as her sore body would allow her, got dressed in a pair of sweats and a sweatshirt that Gerard had bought for her in the gift shop. Gerard then led her to the UCI section of the hospital, she wanted to see Mikey, she needed to. Gerard and her tried to make small talk in the elevator but quickly gave up on that after neither knew really what to say.

    They made the long descend down the white hallway and entered Mikey’s room. When Alicia walked in behind Gerard she saw her husband, eyes half open, sitting up in his bed. His face bruised and cut, and thick white bandages wrapping around his chest. When Mikey saw his brother and wife his lips twitched into a small smirk.

    Gerard was the first to speak, “Hey buddy, how are you feeling?”

    “Like I got attacked by a bulldozer,” Mikey said in a hoarse voice. He looked over to Alicia, she had a deep purple bruise on the right side of her mouth, one of her eyes was slightly swollen along with the dark ring around it, and Mikey could see finger marks around her neck. The sight of his battered wife brought him back to the previous night, all the horror and pain that it held came rushing over him.

    Make Him Watch.

    Those words wouldn’t leave Mikey’s mind, they kept repeating over and over again. Mikey tried to push them away but every time he tried to do that they’d just come back stronger than before.

    “Mikey are you okay?” Alicia asked cautiously, but when she reached out her hand to comfort her distressed husband he flinched away from her. She quickly pulled back her hand and let it fall limply to her side. She felt heat rise into her cheeks as Gerard looked at her with confusion written all over his face. Mikey felt a massive wave of guilt wash over him, she was only trying to help, he thought madly, and I go and make her feel like shit.

    Mikey bit his lip and looked up again at Alicia, “Are you doing okay?” He asked quietly.

    “I’m doing okay, the doctors already released me.” Alicia mumbled looking down at her hands.

    “You’re going home?” Mikey asked, his voice dripping with horror and shock. He did not want his wife being alone even in the safety of their own home.

    “No, well yes, but I won’t be spending the night there. Gerard is taking me home so I can shower and grab some things. And then I’ll drive back here.” Alicia stated sweetly.

    Mikey breathed a sigh of relief and nodded slowly. Suddenly his eyes felt very heavy and it was hard to focus on just one thing. The last thing he remembers in Alicia kissing his forehead softly and muttering the words, “I love you.”


    Gerard drummed his fingers to the beat of the song on the steering wheel. Alicia looked out the window, they hadn’t really spoke much the entire ride. She couldn’t get the image of Mikey flinching away from her out of her mind. Was he embarrassed of her? Did he not want to be with her anymore? What if he’d stopped loving her? These are the type of questions she’d been asking herself over and over again.

    Gerard looked over at Alicia; he’d noticed how she’d reacted when Mikey had cringed away from her. “I’m sure he didn’t mean it Alicia.”

    “Huh?” She asked turning her head to face Gerard.

    “When he flinched, I’m sure he didn’t mean it. He loves you so much; I don’t know what you or he is thinking, hell I couldn’t even imagine it, but one thing I do know is that my brother is crazy about you. And he wouldn’t do anything to hurt you on purpose.”

    Alicia nodded and sighed, “I know, it’s just that…..well obliviously I’m not his anymore.”

    Gerard pulled over and stopped the car; he looked over at Alicia with serious eyes, “What happened to you was not your fault. You couldn’t do anything to stop those men, what they did to you….it was not an act of adultery or anything of the sort.”

    Alicia felt warm tears slide down her face, “But isn’t it? They took something from me, and I didn’t do anything to stop them.”

    “Alicia it was not your fault. None of it was your fault.” Gerard stated again, Alicia just nodded and wiped away the tears from her eyes. For the sake of not arguing anymore she did not respond, but just returned to staring out the car window.

    The rest of the ride continued in a tense silence, neither person spoke to the other; both afraid of the reaction that they would receive. Soon Gerard pulled up in front of Mikey’s and Alicia’s house.

    “Would you like me to walk you inside?” Gerard asked putting the car into park.

    Alicia shook her head, “No, I’m okay. Thanks for everything.”

    “No problem, just call me if you need anything, don’t hesitate to call.” Gerard said.

    “I won’t thanks again.” Alicia nodded and got out of the car. She noticed that someone had brought home their car because it was sitting in the driveway.
    Alicia heard Gerard drive away once she’d opened the door. She locked the door behind her and set down her purse. Just yesterday Mikey had been rushing to get ready. Just yesterday everything was normal, everything was perfect. Alicia shook her head, its crazy that one night, one event can turn everything upside down, she thought to herself.

    She slowly went upstairs, for her legs were sore and it hurt to walk. Alicia walked into their bedroom and grabbed a pair of blue jeans and a black long-sleeved shirt. She then went into the bathroom and started the shower.
    Alicia glanced in the mirror, and was horrified at what she saw. The bruises stood out against her pale complexion, and her eyes were bloodshot. She gingerly touched the bruises on her neck, where he’d wrapped his hands around it and squeezed just to get the pleasure of hearing her gasp for breath. She quickly blinked away the tears that threatened to overcome her, and stripped of her clothes.

    Alicia stepped into the warm water; she closed her eyes and let the water run down her sore body. She grabbed the loofah, and began to scrub her body. She wanted to make her skin stop crawling. She wanted the feeling of him on top of her to be washed away. Alicia washed herself raw, in some places it had begun to bleed. And the feeling had not gone away, she wondered if it ever would. Alicia quickly washed her hair and stepped out of the shower.

    She got dressed and threw the dirty clothes into the hamper before leaving the bathroom. Alicia grabbed a book for her and for Mikey. She also grabbed a deck of cards and her IPod. Alicia walked back downstairs and grabbed her purse. She gasped when she opened the door and bumped into someone.
  14. MissCimi

    MissCimi Nerd

    well obliviously I’m not his anymore. :( Aw, that made me tear up. Along with Mikey flinching away from her.

    And please tell me that's Gerard she bumped into because that girl can't handle anything else.

    Amazing update, lovely :) I can't wait for the next one and I can't wait till Mikey gets out of the hospital and see how they cope with their lives.

  15. Moonlight.

    Moonlight. Member

    WHO DID SHE BUMP INTO???? :shock:

    It better not be who I hope it bloody well isn't...

    P.S. Good update.
  16. Chemical 30

    Chemical 30 Just 'That' Girl

    Chapter 5

    Alicia gasped when she ran into a firm body. The very familiar giggle filled her body with relief. It was Frank. His hands were wrapped around her upper arms to help steady her.

    “I’m so sorry; I was just about to knock.” Frank stated.

    “Oh no it’s fine, I should’ve looked where I was going, may I ask why you’re here
    though?” Alicia asked taking a step back.

    “Um Lindsay called this morning, and I was seeing if you were home or at the hospital.” Frank explained, a small amount of color rising into his tan cheeks.

    Alicia sighed and ran a tired hand through her hair, “I was just about to head over to the hospital, I was released this morning; but Mikey is still in ICU.”

    “Yeah I heard about that, is he doing okay?” Frank asked, worry cutting into his tone.

    “As good to be expected, he made it through the night, and there is no internal bleeding

    so that’s a plus.” Alicia reported and Frank nodded.

    “And how are you holding up?” Frank questioned.

    “I’m…..doing okay.” Alicia bit her lip thinking of something else to say, “I mean I’m a little sore but fine nonetheless.”

    Frank looked skeptical, he knew she was lying, how could she be fine after what happened to her, he asked himself; but he decided not to press the issue, if she wanted to talk about it she would’ve.

    Alicia stood in the doorway awkwardly for a few moments before saying, “Um I really need to get back to the hospital, I promised Mikey I wouldn’t take too long.”

    “Oh yeah of course, and would you mind calling me when he’s out of ICU I would really like to visit him.” Frank said walking down the steps in front of the door.

    Alicia nodded her head slowly, “Of course, he’d like to see you. Probably Ray too if you don’t mind calling him with the updates.”

    “Yeah I’ll be sure to call him,” Alicia stopped by the front door of her car, Frank faced her. Frank shifted uncomfortably before wrapping his arms around Alicia, “Be strong Alicia, if you need to talk I’m only a phone call away.”

    “Thank you Frank,” Alicia grinned slightly pulling away from him. She got into the car and started to drive away. Alicia watched Frank get into his car from the rearview mirror. Alicia took in a deep breath; she noticed how everyone was awkward around her now. How everyone was walking on eggshells, she did not like it in the slightest.

    Alicia turned on the radio to try to get her mind off the current situation. No matter how loud she sang along to the song; no matter how loud the music was playing she could not get the man out of her head. His face haunted her; every time she’d blink she’d see him; his devilish smile, his cold ruthless eyes, his venomous voice saying, “Sorry Sugar.”

    Alicia felt her hands start to shake, she began to question if her driving right now was a good idea. That she should pull over and call someone to drive her the rest of the way to the hospital. Alicia shook her head, she did not want people pitying her, and she’d have to get on with her life at some point, why not now?

    She was relieved when she finally pulled into the hospital parking lot. Alicia quickly found a spot to park and got out of the car. When she walked up to the front desk she was greeted by a cheerful young woman with red hair.

    “How may I help you miss?” She asked.

    “I’m here to see Michael Way.” I stated, the woman nodded and checked the computer screen.

    “He is in room 302…..”

    “Are you sure? I thought he was in ICU.” Alicia cut her off.

    “We just moved him this afternoon.” The girl answered and gave Alicia a visitors sticker. Alicia thanked her and went up to the third floor.

    She was immediately greeted by a flustered looking Dr. Harold, “Oh Alicia good you’re here.”

    “Why is Mikey here?” Alicia asked.

    “A more severe case needed his room and he was stable enough to be moved out of the ICU. But I must warn you he is sleeping right now and probably won’t wake up for the remainder of the afternoon.” Dr. Harold reported.

    “Why what happened?” Alicia asked furrowing her brow.

    “Well we had to sedate him, when he woke up in a new room he was probably just scared; but he tried pulling out his IV.” Dr. Harold replied.

    “Oh okay, but I can go into his room right?”

    “Of course Mrs. Way.” Dr. Harold grinned and stepped aside.

    Alicia went into Mikey’s room, this one was a lot bigger than his other one. Mikey’s eyes were slightly open and he smiled when he saw his wife enter the room.

    “Hey baby,” Alicia grinned, surprised that he was awake.

    “Hey,” Mikey slurred.

    “How are you feeling?” Alicia asked sitting in the chair next to the bed.

    “Okay, I guessed I freaked out,” Mikey chuckled, “I-I forgot that you had left to take a shower. I thought you left me. A-and I didn’t know where I was.”

    “It’s okay Mikey; I’m not going anywhere. I love you so much baby.” Alicia smiled and kissed Mikey’s forehead.

    “I love you too.” Mikey smirked before letting his eyelids fall.

    Alicia bit her lip, at least she didn’t think she was going anywhere.
  17. Goodfish

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    Well done

    Another well-written chapter, full of emotion and depth. You are doing a fantastic job on a story very few could accomplish! Keep up the good work and I am anxious to read the next update.
  18. MissCimi

    MissCimi Nerd

    You update!! Yay!!! I knew there was a good reason I randomly woke up at 1230 am.
    So if this comment is mistyped and weird, it's because I'm so tired my contacts are messing up badly, but I'm trying.

    anyways, I'm so so so glad it was Frank she ran into. Aw, he was awkward, but so cute to her. I love it.

    And Mikey freaked out :( I feel bad.

    Great chapter! I can't wait for me!!! :D <---Haha, the hell?


    EDIT: Damn, this certainly was mistyped and bad. Wow. I'm not changing it. I want to forever remember my mistakes, haha.
  19. Chemical 30

    Chemical 30 Just 'That' Girl

    Chapter 6

    Gerard’s eyelids felt heavy and he was relieved when he pulled into his driveway. His muscles ached as he stretched his back once he got out of the car. Gerard walked into the house and was greeted by a worried looking Lindsay.

    “How are they?” She asked.

    “As good to be expected, the doctor said Mikey is healing well and doesn’t see why he shouldn’t be out in a few days. Definitely before Thanksgiving.” Gerard reported his voice tired and weary.

    “Well that’s good right? And how’s Alicia?” Lindsay pushed.

    Gerard sighed and ran his hand through his hair, “Um well…physically she’s fine, no internal damage or anything but mentally I just don’t know. I have no idea what’s going through her head right now.”

    Lindsay nodded, “Well it’s going to be a long healing process for both of them. The best we can do is be there for them when they need us.”

    Lindsay wrapped her arms around her husband and kissed him. They were broken apart by the sound of little feet running down the hall. “Daddy!!”

    “Hey B, how’s my girl?” Gerard smiled and picked up his daughter.

    “I’m good….but I missed you Daddy!” Bandit giggled.

    “I missed you too pumpkin.” Gerard kissed Bandit’s forehead and set he back down on the ground.

    “Where did you go? Mommy was crying last night.” Bandit asked with pure curiosity.

    Gerard looked up at Lindsay who just nodded, Gerard took a deep breath, “Uncle Mikey and Aunt Alicia were hurt last night and had to be taken to the doctors.”

    Bandit’s eyes went wide, then tears began to form in her eyes, “Are they dead!”
    Gerard laughed slightly, “No B, they’re going to be just fine, but when they come over for Thanksgiving they may be a little different.”

    Bandit sighed, “I want to see them now.”

    “I’m not so sure that’s a good idea, Uncle Mikey needs to rest. But if he doesn’t come over for Thanksgiving I’ll let you see him okay?”

    “Okay Daddy,” Bandit nodded and ran back upstairs, Gerard walked over to the couch and sat down; putting his head in his hands. Lindsay sat down next to him and began to rub his back.

    “I don’t know what to do Linz, I can’t lose my brother…I just can’t.” Gerard whispered.

    “Mikey isn’t going anywhere; you yourself said he was doing fine.” Lindsay said reassuringly.

    “That’s not what I was talking about, I know he’s going to be physically fine, but he’s already somewhat mentally unstable. What if this just sends him over the top? What if he decides he can’t take it anymore?” Gerard stated looking up to meet his wife’s eyes.

    “Gerard all we can do is be there for him, yes he’s not going to be the Mikey we all know and love but he’ll still be Mikey. And he knows how much he’s loved and hopefully that’s enough to pull his through this.” Lindsay said.

    Gerard nodded his head slowly and sighed, “Yeah, I’m going to try and get some sleep if I’m not up by dinner wake me up.”

    Gerard got up off the couch and shuffled up the stairs and into his bedroom. He didn’t even bother to take off his shoes before collapsing on the bed and falling asleep.


    Alicia sat in the chair next to Mikey’s bed; she was rereading one of her favorite books when she heard Mikey stirring in the bed.

    “You okay baby?” She asked putting the book down.

    “Yeah, my chest is hurting though.” Mikey winced trying to sit up.

    “When was the last time they gave you some medicine?” Alicia questioned.

    “About two hours ago,” Mikey groaned, “Still and another two hours before I get more.”
    The door opened both Mikey and Alicia looked up, two very familiar figures walked into
    the room.

    “Ray! Frank!” Mikey grinned.

    “Hey man, how are you feeling?” Ray asked shutting the door behind him.

    “I’m okay, glad you two stopped by though.” Mikey stated excitement pouring into his voice.

    “Of course we had to see if you were okay.” Frank grinned.

    Ray looked to Alicia, “And how are you doing?”

    “I’m fine, just a little sore is all.” Alicia answered politely.

    Ray nodded he could tell she was lying, but he didn’t want to push her. They continued to talk to one another, telling stories and making jokes. Alicia watched her husband with sad eyes, this was the happiest he’d been since the incident, his friends made him happier than her, she thought to herself.

    Alicia bit her lip, what if she could never make him happy again? What if things never got better? She shook her head trying to get the thoughts out of her head. But they wouldn't cease, they’d only come back stronger. She couldn’t make Mikey happy anymore, she just couldn’t.

    Mikey looked over to his wife and when he saw her troubled face he asked, “Babe what’s wrong? You’re crying.”

    Alicia hadn’t even noticed the salty tears running down her cheeks. She looked up and was met with one look of concern and two expressions of pity. Before embarrassing herself anymore she bolted up out of her chair and ran out the door.

    She didn’t stop running until she was outside the hospital. The crisp evening air felt good as it blew through her hair. Alicia let out a sob and collapsed on the curb. No one stopped to ask if she was okay, no one cared.

    Alicia wanted to scream, wanted to hit something, she wanted someone to hold her. She wanted to feel love, not pity or concern, just love. Alicia was scared she’d never receive or even feel love again; he took that with him. Alicia bit her lip, trying to gain control of herself but that proved too hard of a challenge for the tears kept coming.

    She heard someone call out to her, she turned around and saw Ray standing a few feet away.

    “Hi Ray,” Alicia hiccupped.

    “Hey, I’m not going to ask if you’re okay because obliviously you’re not. But if you want to talk then I’m here.” Ray stated, his eyes full of sympathy.

    Alicia sighed, “I don’t need pity Ray, and I don’t want it. I’m fine.”

    Ray shook his head, “I wasn’t giving it to you, Alicia I know this is hard but pushing people away is only going to hurt you more; because if you push everyone away soon enough they won’t come back, and you’ll be left alone. I know that’s not what you want.”

    Alicia didn’t know what to say. Ray was right, but she didn’t want to admit it. “I’m sorry Ray that I snapped at you but I’m not ready to talk about it. Not to you, hell not even to Mikey.”

    “I assumed you were going to say that. Just know we’re all here if you ever need too.”
    Ray smirked, “Come back upstairs when you’re ready, Mikey’s worried.”

    Ray turned away and went back into the hospital. Alicia looked up at the stars, they were really bright tonight. Just before going back inside she saw a shooting star fly across the night sky. She smiled and wished for everything to be normal again.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! To all my fabulous readers I wish you the best of holidays :)

  20. Moonlight.

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    LOVE the picture.

    And I love that Ray followed her outside. She needed someone to do that, I think.

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