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    first fanfic MASTER POST.
    Main Characters: Nicole Masen; Mikey Way and well MCR...
    Secondary Characters: the MCR wives minus Alicia.. ( the story explains it all); Billie Joe Armstrong; Rosealie Masen; Fall out boy.

    Summary: this might be completely off topic for the whole thing.. after a really fucking wild night a turn of events some good some great some absolutely horrid happen to the 24 year old Nicole Masen and her friends.... Just one thing. Shes in love with her best friend and he knows only it doesn't seem that he feels the same way.Lets just say it might just get a bit dark.

    Index: Chapter one - page 1
    Chapter Two- page 1

    chapter three - page 1

    Rating: undetermined... this is all from scratch and on the spot. and believe me it wont go higher than PG-13, I think........ and I will let you all know about the rating after a few chapters to see how my mind feels about this all.

    Indefinite 18+<<<<<<<<<<

    Genre: romance, possibly some sexual content,mabey drugs and i dunno... abuse

    A/N: hey people I'm Nicole and tomorrow is INTERNATIONAL MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE DAY <33333 so happy its been ten years of chemical romance. This story is from scratch so I'm so very sorry if it stinks worse than MCR after a concert.;)
    and I'm including meh twitter buddy @Claserchick if you have a twitter go follow he because I love her with all of my heart..... Hi Carinne!!

    so lets get this show on the Franking road shall we?....

    Chapter One.... What in the name of Gerard!!! ( a killjoy pun)

    I woke up feeling WAY worse than I had in the morning in a very long time, I groaned and sat up... boy that was a HUGE fucking mistake.
    "owie!" i moaned as my head spun violently and bile rose in my throat. Gosh damn what happened last night. I threw off my covers and climbed out of my bunk. When I finally stood up I swayed a little and had to grab the edge of my bunk for support.

    " AND SHES AWAKE !" Frank said a bit too loud even in my situation.
    " and you need to shut the fuck up frank" i murmurer quietly and went to sit on an un-occupied bench in the lounge.

    " here." Ray whispered and handed me a pair of specialty made sunglasses designed to fit over my glasses. I shook my head thank you.

    " so what happened last night ?" I whispered.
    " we all drank too much and you ended up giving Mikey a lap dance and successfully turning him on." Frank said smirking a bit.
    " fucking hell, Mikey is dating Alicia."
    " yes." Ray stated matter of factly.
    fuck, fuck,fuck, mother of FUUUCK!! why am I so GOD DAMNED STUPID!!!
    " Where's Mikey?"
    " Bathroom" Frank said still smirking like the arrogant fuck he can be.
    "oh no hide me!" I yelped as I jumped into Ray's lap and he held me close.
    " No problem" he grabbed a blanket sitting across from us and he wrapped himself and I in it.
    " I can tell that's you Nikkie" Mikey said Bluntly.
    I blushed fiercely. " Alicia is going to kill me isn't she" I mumbled into Ray's chest.
    " no. She dumped me a while a go i just didn't bring it up" he said somberly.
    " oh " we all said shocked.
    " so is Gee still sleeping?"
    "yeah" Mikey said
    " okay" i said.

    Things got quite from then and I quietly dozed off on Ray's shoulder. I think my dream are high on something... I say this only because in my dream Gerard's wife Lindsey was doing her famous back bend on a unicorn that shot special mayonnaise out of its horn ( if you know what I mean) while our song Interlude was continuously playing in the background. The fuck is up with my mind. I woke up from that scaring dream with a start.
    " hey you ok" Ray asked quietly. They were all sitting there in the lounge talking and watching me sleep like the creepers some of them are.

    A/N: I know I'm sorry I'm interrupting but HAPPY FUCKING MCR DAY LOVES!!!:rockon::mosh

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    be gone for a day or two because i hate writing from scratch

    It's true I do. It fucking sucks.
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    this sounds good

    keep at it more soon?

    ~Lu lu xoxo
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    chapter 2

    A/N: I am so sorry to the person(s) who have read this. I am having huge block and I hope this doesn't suck MAJORLY! the whole Idea came from my first fanfic I wrote called The Adventures of Amp and The Killjoys. Amp now Cosmic Collision was a supernatural being with her sister Bloody Rose. The whole Idea was horrible and the fic was too fast passe but my friends all said it was wonderful and well written so with that being said.

    Dedication: to my sisters in crime. My best Friends. School Band Mates.
    Joann, Brianna and Carinne. Thank you for supporting me no matter if I've known you for months or years, You've made a huge impact on my writing and are the reason I have not stopped yes. Love you girls.

    may I say. pulled all nighter. don't be looking forward to anything special.

    Chapter 2.

    I woke up to 10 pairs of eyes looking at me at I gotta admit I freaked out a bit...

    " what the.... what the fuck, why in the hell do you all seem to think it's appropriate to LEER at someone in there sleep. It's fucking wrong!"

    they all laughed.
    "so you like me do you?." Mikey looked uncomfortable but like he wanted to laugh at the same time.
    uhh. what. the. motherfucking. fuckity! FUCK! I glared at them all. frank giggled and revived a punch in the arm from Bob.
    " dude shut the fuck up". bob said. always the quite one but extremely quick to defend.
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    You also need to pay attention to using capital letters at the start of a sentence and for someone's name. Your chapters should also be longer. A few lines of dialogue does not a chapter make.

    Did you ever find a beta reader? If not, I'm happy to beta for you.
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    chapter 3

    Chapter 3

    Ok so the next day wasn't better. What the fuck do I do. I hide until showtime, I decided to take Lynz's advice from like two years ago but for some reason always stuck. dress like her. dress like Lynz.... dress like Lynz. that means I must channel my inner sex goddess and just let loose on stage... in a mini skirt?
    OH GOD I CANT DO THIS!!! I need to do this! I cant... oh fuck it. LET'S DO THIS!!! I put the mini skirt on and slipped into the black and red MCR tee i made a couple of years ago. I flipped my hair forward and put it up in a stupidly high pony tail and worked on my makeup she said dress like her but not exactly like her. I picked up my tube of vibrant pink lipstick and looked in the mirror. "no matter how much I try it will never be good enough" my head said to me. I cringed a little inside because I knew it was true but I'm still going out there to play, regardless of my mental state. I put my mascara and eyeliner on and packed up my makeup bag. Ok let's do this shit! I walked out of the small bathroom and into the lounge where I was met with 10 pairs of eyes and a fiercely blushing Mikeyway. Oh fuck, I did it now. Next time I see Lynz I swear...I will exact my revenge on her.

    " you uhh, you look REALLY good Nicole." Frank ( the little perv) spoke up first.

    Okay so maybe I won't murder her...

    " yeah!!" Gerard exclaimed and them coughed at the sheer awkwardness of this conversation. I could tell he was blushing.

    " T...Thanks y'all". ugh there's that accent. It always comes out when I'm nervous about anything like when we played our first show of forever my accent was so fucking thick I never talked because you couldn't decipher the slang from the actual language. I was born in Florida and gradually over the years when we moved to Jersey it faded but when I get nervous it comes back like now.

    " so you guys ready to play" I got my voice under control
    " yeah! Let's do it" Gerard got up ad led the way onto the venue.

    We got off the but and Mikey squished himself next to me as we walked.

    " Um Mikes I know I'm like your " princess" ( as his mother put it) but I have personal space too you know"

    " oh, yeah sorry". and he just stayed squished up to me, and how is that even possible! were walking. Mikey Way defying the laws of physics once more .

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