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  1. Lyndsey

    Lyndsey New Member

    As you all should know, when you signed up for this forum you agreed that you were at least 13 years old.

    I have noticed a lot of people under this age recently. And they have subsequently been banned.
    I have been pm-ing them prior to banning them, but I'm not going to bother doing that anymore.

    From now on, if you are under 13, you will be banned without warning. And don't expect us to arrange a ban that expires when you turn 13. Its not our fault you didn't read the agreement.
    You will be given a ban that covers you until you are 13, ie. a one year ban if you are 12. I don't care if that covers you for any time that you are 13, again its your fault for not reading the agreement.

    And I would like to ask everyone to please look out for anyone under 13, and report them to a member of staff.

    And for anyone thinking about getting back on here by making a new account with a fake age...
    you will be found out quite easily, and permanently banned.
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  2. rawrx1394

    rawrx1394 Guest

    i kinda think that signature if funny
    it makes me giggle x]
  3. Alannah

    Alannah Guest

    ^ You would think it's funny
  4. revengeofthebullet

    revengeofthebullet New Member

    I never read that anywhere lol. xD

    I'll look out for people tho.
  5. spikenike232

    spikenike232 Guest

    Shouldn't this be in the announcements section?

    Me too xD
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  6. te4

    te4 New Member

    ahyeah the signature...nice words haha...xD
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  7. Signatoria

    Signatoria Guest

    Yes! 14! Woot
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  8. Lokeriel

    Lokeriel Because Boomerangs Staff Member

    ^don't make pointless posts like that.
    it just looks like you're trying to raise your post count without posting anything worth paying attention to.
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  9. Albanian_Idiot

    Albanian_Idiot New Member

    Is there any reason why kids under 13 get banned?!
    And that sig is funny...like they're under quarantine...he he
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  10. xokay_nowx

    xokay_nowx Become, become, become

    ^ Stuff on here's not quite appropriate, sometimes...
    Generally, they're immature and annoying, but besides that, it's a safety issue.
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  11. Calista

    Calista Guest

    ^Most forums don't allow anyone under the age of thirteen to register.
    Apparently there were younglings caught reading "X-rated" fan fictions they shouldn't have been reading in the first place.

    It's happened on other forums I'm on.
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  12. xokay_nowx

    xokay_nowx Become, become, become

    Yeah, I think it's the law, generally, that you can't register for things online unless you say you're thirteen. It was a government thing awhile back.
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  13. CyanPrin

    CyanPrin Guest

    I didnt realize that it actually meant anything i thought it was like facebook and stuff... I really liked the page tho but i guess i'll be leaving :'( please dont deactivate my account, i just wont use it until im 13 m'kay :) be back in like a year...
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  14. its ya boi

    its ya boi New Member

    it's funny because now we are under quarantine because of covid

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