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    That was amazing, it's so different - Gerard as the jilted ex and the OFC happily moving on. Can't wait for more :) I love how positive your work is.
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    Chp 25: Final

    Are you the one that got away? I picked up a photograph tucked away in an old yearbook; the photograph was a proof of Gerard’s senior picture. I smiled weakly. I believe he will end up being the one that got away for me. Everyone has one of those; that one guy you’d like to see yourself marrying and growing old with until you end up finding the true “one”.

    Johnny and I got married one week before I decided to fill the photo album. Gerard did not attend—I knew he wouldn’t. Mikey said me getting married tore him up, so I understood why he didn’t come. He sent a note and a gift with Mikey. The gift was well wrapped and broke my heart; it was a customized photo album that he had painted and handcrafted himself with a note stuffed in the back.

    Dear Aubrey and Johnny,
    Congratulations on the marriage. I am extremely happy for the both of you and I am devastated that I could not make it. Hopefully my gift made it to you two in one piece; it is a photo album that I made for whatever photographs you want to put in it. Wedding photos, friends, family, photography, and so on. I know that Aubrey loves taking pictures, so I figured it was one of the most suitable things I could do for the both of you.

    You two happen to be a match made in Heaven and I am sorry I did not see that any sooner than I did. I am sorry for being immature. If either of you need anything, you can call and I’ll be there. You two have always been great friends.

    Before I get too mushy, I’ll end this here.

    -Gerard A. Way-

    I tucked the note behind the most recent photo I had of Gerard then placed it in one of the sleeves towards the front of the album which was going to be where I was putting friends and family. The photos of the wedding and any other photos of me and Johnny were going afterwards. It was a large album, so I was sectioning it off using tabs.

    Johnny was very happy. God’s honest truth, never had I seen him so happy. He took two weeks off from work—four days for the honeymoon and the rest were well deserved time from work. We spent our honeymoon travelling to random places. Nowhere too specific, just places that were out of town and we seriously could not wait to get back home; we lived in Hoboken and travelled to Niagara Falls—neither of us had gone there before—and a small bed and breakfast in northern New York.

    The following morning, I awoke finding the photo album on my night stand where I left it and Johnny fast asleep behind me. I smiled to myself and carefully got up. I crept towards the kitchen before I glanced out of the window to find someone sitting on the stoop. I furrowed my brow in confusion and approached the window. “Gerard?”

    Opening the door, I cleared my throat, “Gerard?”

    “Aubrey?” he replied looking over his shoulder. “I didn’t want to wake you two up.”

    “You wouldn’t have bothered us, sweetheart. Come on in and have some coffee,” I suggested halfway stepping out of the door.

    “No, I was just stopping by to tell you something…” he stood up and gradually stepped towards me. “I got a job offer in Los Angeles.”

    “That’s awesome, sweetie. Congratulations,” I stated wrapping my arms around him. L.A. was a long distance from Jersey. “You’re taking it?”

    “I don’t know,” he murmured when we broke the hug. “It’s pretty far away…”

    “Do you want to take it?”

    “It’s the opportunity of a lifetime, but Mikey, Frank, and you… It’d be hard, but…”

    “But it’s something you want to do, isn’t it?” I replied softly. “We’re always a phone call or a plane ride away.” I placed palm of my hand on his cheek and brushed my thumb across the hollow part, “Hey, we’re always here for you… All of us.” I gave him a weak smile, “Don’t let me stand in the way of your future anymore.”

    He returned an even weaker smile, “Best friends forever…”

    “Forever,” I muttered.

    I know, it took a while, but this is the last chapter. I didn't want to triple post, so I waited for a response before I wrote one up/posted it. :)
    And I also know that it's kind of short for a final chapter, but there wasn't much left to say and I wanted to end it on a good note where everyone has a future that looks bright. Cheesy, yes :wub:

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    I love how you finished this one, keeping them friends with their whole futures ahead of them. Your writing never fails to cheer me up :)
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    Thank you :)
    That had to be the happiest ending I've ever had for a story on here.
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    Since this is finished, I'm going to move this to the "Completed" section.

  6. You have me in tears lovey. It's so, different, but perfect, and odd and I just, I have no words to describe it. I am doing my bet not to cry in public though.

    Maybe one day I'll have the right words, I just, your writing and the story line and characters and, it's beautiful
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    Aw, thank you, darlin'. Trust me, I've had a couple of crying moments in public whilst on this forum. I truly loved you as a reader (all of you/guests included).


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