Uncomfortably Numb

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    Wow, I really really love this! <3 I hope you update soon, I'm looking forward to a new chapter :)
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    Chp 19

    “You cut me down, but it’s you who have further to fall/ Ghost town and haunted love.” Titanium by David Guetta ft. Sia
    Glancing around the room, my heart sank; further explanation needed? Well, we had a little argument which ended in me throwing stuff which triggered him to throw stuff. Papers, drawings, art supplies, bills, shoes, clothes, and other things were scattered across the basement. I should have known better. If a relationship does not work the first, then how crazy is a person if they give it a second try? Pretty damn crazy, right?

    I curled my fingers into a fist and gently tapped my forehead, then murmured, “I don’t get it…” I felt my lower lip quiver, “Mikey, I… Can’t get a hold of myself.” I rested my elbow on the desk in front of me and loomed over a small necklace lying on the wooden surface. “This hurts worse than any breakup I’ve been through…” Its faded red yarn and colorful beads explained our relationship very well. We’re just friends and never meant to be anymore than just that. The letters on the beads once read “Best Friends Forever”, but now they read nothing more than just blank beads. I looked up at Mikey, “Where is he?”

    “Well, Frank ran him off, so I’m guessing a bar.”

    I glared at him, “Don’t try to amuse me, baby-doll.” I tapped my knuckles on my forehead again before crossing my arms, “Really though, where is he?”

    “BAR, he’s at a bar,” he responded sarcastically. “Seriously, I saw him at Louie’s two hours ago.” He seated himself on the small leather couch while Frank entered the basement. “Hot damn, there’s the Hulk! I better go warn Mr. Hargreeves about his arrival.”

    “Shut up, asshole,” Frank demanded flopping onto the other end of the couch. “Shut-the-fuck-up.” He glanced at Mikey, “What?!”

    “You! What’s wrong?!” Mikey snapped back.

    “Hargreeves, you idiot!”

    “Comic book characters, really?” I asked.

    “Gerard! That’s what I’m talking about!” Frank shouted. “He’s my problem! Mikey just referred to him as Hargreeves, so by God I’m going to refer to him as that because for some reason right now his name makes my skin crawl!”

    I sunk into the chair while Mikey carefully stood up and sat in the arm chair mere feet away from me, “Frank, calm down. Mikey didn’t do anything.”

    “Well, he’s fucking confusing me.”

    “You did kind of Hulk-out when you came down here to find the basement like this and us fighting,” I murmured sighing. “Well, whatever.” I stood up, “I’m going to apologize.”

    “No you’re not,” Frank stated firmly.

    “I’m a grown woman, I’ll do what I damn well please.”

    “I’ve known Gerard for a long time, so…” Frank muttered before I interrupted him.

    “I’ve known him longer than you have and if anyone is going to have any input about knowing him the longest thus knowing him better, it is going to Mikey. What do you have to say?” I rambled giving Mikey my attention.

    “Wait about an hour, he’ll come back; he’ll be drunk, but he’ll be back,” Mikey muttered glancing back and forth between me and Frank. “I think it’ll be for the best if no one yells…” He seemed to direct it more towards Frank, but included me in that as well. “Yelling plus drunk Gerard equals bigger mess.”
    I'm pretty sure Gerard isn't this insensitive in real life, and sorry it took a little over a week. School, had my nephew Friday and Saturday, then Sunday was sit on my butt/clean day. On top of that, I quit smoking as of 6 days ago, so I really haven't been in the writing mood. :thumbsup:
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    Wow, I really loved this update! I hope gee's okay :eek:

    I'm happy you decided to quit smoking, I'm trying to quit myself :) Cant wait for the next chapter, but take your time also ;)
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    Thanks, darlin'. Oh, and I did not get to welcome you as a new reader.

    I found it easy to quit by making it down to four a day then ended up giving away half a pack while saying, "Take 'em. I don't need them to put up with this world." Haha. Hopefully I'll have another update posted sooner than 8 days.
  5. Congratz darling. Best of luck :)

    I'm so confused! It feels like Gerard doesn't want it to work, but, I don't know. The whole thing kind of seems doomed. I hope it's all going to work out though
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    Great update and well done! It took me a loooonnnngggg time to break the whisky/cigarette/writing association.
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    I know it's kind of short, but I've been pretty busy the last few days... Phew.
    “And just try looking in the mirror before you look any place else/ It just might show you something that can help” Waitin’ On The Wind by John Gallagher Jr.

    At times I wish things could miraculously happen, like the seeds blown from a dandelion reverse and travel against the wind to reattach themselves to the globe. In doing so, no seed it left behind like a lost thought or emotion. The dandelion is known for sending messages to your loved one, or telling the person who possesses the flower—well, the weed—can blow away the seeds and if none remain they are loved… I don’t believe in the childish bullshit, not anymore at least.

    Relaxing on the couch in the livingroom, I ignored the fact that I had been alone for nearly a week. Gerard moved in with Mikey; on top of that, I got less hours at work thus I spent more time at home… Alone. I tried to think of friends I had to invite over, but it all came down to a list that consisted of nothing more than people who would trash my house or want to drag me into bed with them. Hell no.

    I wandered into the bathroom and stared at my reflection in the mirror, I kind of saw why Gerard liked doing that. It is like you get to stare into your soul and figure out what is wrong. I stood there for a long time before retrieving a pair of scissors from the medicine cabinet then shut it back. For a while, I was staring at how lengthy my hair had gotten, so I knew one thing could fix that; scissors. The ends fell below my shoulder-blades. Pulling parts of it in front of my shoulders, I snipped several inches off which was right at my shoulders. After a few moments, I somehow found a way to cut the back and made it look even.

    “I’m going out.” I wandered into my bedroom and changed my clothes. I settled for ‘comfy-casual’ being a blue-violet v-neck and a pair of old jeans. Upon entering the livingroom, I saw Gerard standing there speechless. “What do you want?” He said nothing, so I continued, “Did you come crawling back, again? Well Gerard Way, you’re too fucking late for that!”


    “Save it; I’m done.” I walked by him like he wasn’t there. “You’ve walked out and screwed me up for the last damned time.” I grabbed the door knob and swung the door open, “Get the rest of your shit and leave. We’ll talk about this some other time, but right now, I’m not staying cooped up for another millisecond,” I rambled on slamming the door behind me.

    Mikey stood in the driveway leaning on his car, “Hi.”

    “Mikey, I don’t want to talk to you either. I know you have nothing to do with this, so I’m not going to be mad at you,” I stated calmly unlocking my car door. “I just cannot stay here for another second right now. I’ll see ya later, I guess.”

    He waved as I backed out of the driveway not knowing where I was going to go. I just had to get out and go somewhere.
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    Wow, new beginnings. I love the first paragraph to this, then the sense of freedom as she cuts here hair. Brilliant stuff :)
  9. ^ I agree. That first paragraph was amazing. Her life seems so, just, all over the place. Like mine. How is it that I can relate so well to her?

    Well done Shawna, you've got me sucked in and relating to this entire story, and for some reason I cant turn away from it, unlike my own life. :)
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    Chp 21

    “Most people either love or hate a tragic story of romance; most of the time it’s because either way, they can relate” –Unknown
    I don’t feel like the person I used to be. Stirring some kind of alcoholic beverage; I randomly pointed at the menu hoping it would be good. So far it wasn’t too bad, the alcohol taste was pretty stout; White Peach Sangria? I don’t know who I am anymore. I glanced around the room seeing clusters of people chattering away or dancing with—or all up on—each other. So many people are wired so differently… It’s crazy. I seriously wouldn’t want to be in someone’s business. Well, not in public anyway.

    Two hours passed by before I realized it and I watched one crowd of people evolve into different crowds. Since my boss had cut my hours at work, I had more time to spend going out to places like these. “How much do I owe you?” Within those two hours, I became drunk on random drinks the bartender had recommended.

    “Baby-doll, you look down on your luck; it’s on the house,” the bartender stated with a weak smile. “It’s the least I can do for a beautiful lady like you.”

    I glanced up at him and smiled. His image blurred and shifted slightly, “Thanks…”

    “Don’t drive though, okay?” he muttered winking at me.

    “I know, I’ll get someone to get it,” I slurred standing up. “Have a good night.” I wandered across the room and found the front door. Stumbling around on the sidewalk, I looked up the street, down it, and then back up. “Taxi!” I waved my arms; I knew I was acting kind of stupid, but at that point in time, who gave a shit. Somehow, I found a taxi, mumbled my address and made it home in one piece. I almost fell out of the vehicle after I slung money in the front seat. I’m pretty sure I over paid the driver by five dollars, but tips are nice.

    Once I made it to my front door, I noticed Mikey’s car was still in my driveway. I cursed under my breath and leaned on the front door, “Crap.” I twisted the knob and staggered through the door nearly taking out Mikey. “Sorry,” I slurred patting his arms. “I’m goin’ to bed… G’night!” I scrambled up the stairs and Gerard slid out of our old bedroom. “What’re you doing?” I playfully swatted his chest.

    “Making sure you made it home in one piece.” He bit his lip, “Are you drunk?”

    “What was your first clue, silly-boy,” I slurred tapping his lower lip with my index finger. “The alcohol smell or stumbling around?”

    “I’ll help you to bed, then I’ll leave.”

    “A’right.” I skipped into the bedroom as he followed behind me. “I made it all by myself.” I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck, “You’re a crazy boy… I miss you.” I bit my lower lip, “I miss the scent of your cologne and cigarettes…” I couldn’t stop myself from getting closer to his face, “I miss how well you treated me during the good days… I don’t miss your mea side.” I felt my nose graze his. “Am I crazy?”

    He gnawed on his lower lip and spoke lightly, “I don’t think you are.”

    “I beg to differ,” I murmured feeling the effect of the alcohol. “I’m going to bed.” I patted his chest and glided over to the bed. Groaning lightly, I fell onto the bed and everything went black.

    I woke up around noon the next day feeling as if I had been hit by a semi-truck. Rolling over, I saw a piece of paper accompanied by a bottle of Tylenol and a glass of water. Mindlessly, I grabbed the bottle and the paper, which read: “Good morning (or afternoon; I know how you are), I left the Tylenol and the water for your breakfast. You were pretty out of it last night. Even if we’ve had our differences, I’m still always there when you need me. I’ll be helping Mikey move into his apartment with Alicia if you want to talk within the next few days. –Gerard.”

    My heart sank. “I treat him like shit and he goes on to do shit like this.” I popped two pills into my mouth and drank the water. “I love how he didn’t mention where Mikey’s apartment is… Like I need to know anyway.” I wadded the note up and slung it across the room. I figured I should lay there for the remainder of the day, or at least until the headache eased off.
  11. Dam these two kids, I can't believe them. One second they're perfect, next they hate each other.

    I am intrigued to find out what happens next Shawna
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    Thank you :) It always seems to happen that way. I've been back and forth with a guy friend lately since Luke and I broke up.

    I don't have class tomorrow due to Labor Day, so I might be able to work on another update.
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    Chp 22

    Possibly, this is the beginning of the end of this story. I feel that it has met that... Height? Can that be used? I could've ended it with this chapter if I really wanted, but I'd rather put it in a couple of chapters (2 or 3) rather than one big long chapter...

    Breaking down, I ended up inviting people over. The people I often referred to as the people who would destroy my house if given the chance or talk shit about me at my funeral, or get drunk and take advantage of me. Given the situation, I felt the need to be surrounded by these types of people. Something deep down told me that without someone whom apparently meant the world I am worthless. It hadn’t been that damn long and I was already feeling that way.

    The house was bursting at the seams with acquaintances and a few people I would call friends. Glancing around, I sent everyone a fake smile kind of wishing I would have never invited anyone. The odor of cigarette smoke and several varieties of alcohol overwhelmed me as I wandered through the crowded living room keeping an eye on my things.

    “Hey baby!” douche number one slurred attempting to rub against me.

    “Hey yourself!” I retorted over the loud music before I heard an even louder crashing sound coming from another room. “And there goes the first breakable thing…” Another crash. “Two things.”

    I’ve never felt so alone in a crowded house. Standing still, I watched people dance around spilling drinks, dropping cigarette butts, and food. I was knocked back and forth as I walked towards the door. The music faded away as I focused on my destination; outside. As I wandered towards the door, I kept glancing around the room at the faces of the people I once knew, barely knew, or just go out for a drink with when I had no one else to turn to. Opening the door, I took the fresh air into my lungs and shut the door behind me. I didn’t want that company. I didn’t want to be with people who wanted nothing more than to party and take advantage of someone’s house. I wanted to be with people who liked me for who I am no matter what time of day and treated me the same whether I was wearing pajamas, fancy clothes, or no clothes at all. I wanted to be with Gerard, hanging out with Frank and Jamia or Mikey and Alicia. Anywhere with him was better than anywhere else with the people in my house. I flopped down on the walkway to my driveway and rested my head in my hands.

    “Party not going so well?” a voice murmured.

    I looked up and found Gerard standing there with his hands tucked in his pockets; he didn’t look any happier than me, “No.”

    “Want them gone?”


    “Watch this…” he smirked and walked pass me. He swung the front door open, “Police, everybody out!” After a few minutes, the music turned off and someone shouted something about the police and I watched several people clear out before a small herd stumbled out the door. “Come on, everyone out! Party is over!” Gerard called into the house again.

    “Wow,” I stammered. “Thank you.” I rubbed the back of my neck and stood there awkwardly; as did he. “Can I tell you something and not be judged for it?” He nodded then I continued, “Come back. I said horrible things and it hasn’t been that long since you left, and I’m already going into a downward spiral. I need you, whether you need me or not. We don’t have to live together, but as long as we’re friends, I don’t fucking care what we have going on.”

    “Party’s over?” a drunken guy slurred wandering out the front door.

    “Yes,” I stated and gently guided him in the direction of the sidewalk. “Don’t drive; you don’t have to go home, but ya can’t stay here.”

    “Thank ye!” the guy exclaimed before he staggered down the concrete path.

    I turned around and saw a relieved expression on Gerard’s face. “What?”

    He bit his lower lip and wrapped his arms around me, “I’ve been thinking the same thing. We can be in each other’s life without being in a relationship.” He gently squeezed.

    I enjoyed the embrace and smiled to myself, “Now, I have one question.”


    “I know you’ve been helping Mikey move, but could you help me clean up? I heard about five things break, five-million drinks have been spilt, and I’m trying to figure out who’s bra ended up in the tree…” I trailed off when I noticed the undergarment hanging from the tree in my front yard. I did not want to know how it got there or who it belonged to, but I knew it had to be gone.

    This served as 'inspiration' for the party scene. It's the look on his face, he doesn't look comfortable with his situation:
  14. Dam, life plain out sucks doesn't it? I feel like this all the time. I push away my friends for various reasons, and I seem to har all the acquaintances but no real people I like. I feel like I'm reading my own life, it's scarily real.
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    We must have the same life guy/friend-wise. When I was 17, I got to the point where the ONLY people I hung around with were people I barely knew. Some of them, I couldn't even tell you their last name. I'd go to shows or wander around at parties. I didn't drink or do drugs, I just walked around, waved at several people then went back around again. Luckily, it changed by the time I turned 19 or 20; I now hang around with friends that I've known for at least 10 years. We normally hang out in groups of 3 or 4 and I have the time of my life without going out of my way(the hang out place is my house and at times the picnic shelter at the lake or my great-aunt's restaurant).
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    I love how he got them out of the house!
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    Chp 23

    “But time is like the ocean, you can only hold a little in your hands”
    And “The time has come, I’m flying away.”

    The ticking grew louder as I sat at the kitchen table. Gerard was supposed to come over to help me paint my living room and I really did not want him over at this point in time. I lost my job because my ex-boss fell into a hole the size of Texas and I like to refer to said hole as malpractice… and one of my co-workers. I evolved into a mess; I wasn’t drunk or high, I just didn’t think I was in the state of mind to have any sort of company. In addition to not wanting company—well, not really any sort company, just Gerard’s—I had a friend of mine over the night before and he had yet to wake up. Did I also mention that Gerard left his apartment he shared with Mikey and was on his way to my house prior to me realizing John was still asleep down the hallway in my bedroom. I had one of Frank’s moments minus the fact that John was not a relative; we slept together. The variation of the phrase defined as “we shared a bed” not the “crazy sex” definition.

    John was a good guy and we go back as far as Gerard and I go, but we weren’t as close. We stayed friends and kept in touch through strings of friends we shared. He doesn’t drink, do drugs, nor does he wh**e around like ninety percent of the male population. He writes articles for the local newspaper and works for a publishing company that publishes paperback novels for cheap; not high-rolling, but it pays the bills, right?

    “Aubrey, you home?”

    “Shit, he’s here.” I scooted out from the table, took the last drink of coffee, and jogged to the front door. “Yes.” I opened the door and there he stood clad in his ‘painting clothes’. “Can we do this on another day?”

    “No, you’ve put it off twice,” he chirped walking in. “So, just an accent wall or all of it?”

    “I was thinking accent wall; doing it all will end with me buying more paint,” I responded lightly. Plus, an accent wall is just ONE WALL. He’ll be gone in time for me to take a shower and hopefully, he can leave before John strolls through the living room. “The wall where the television is.”

    “Okay, let’s get to work.” He walked over to the TV stand. Once he commenced moving it, he noticed a men’s jacket lying on my coffee table. “Someone here?”

    “No, that’s mine,” I retorted grabbing it and tossing it onto the couch. “I think men’s jackets are way more comfortable.” I grabbed the edge of the coffee table and started scooting it while I watched a smirk form on his face. “What?!”

    “Sure. Do you swear someone’s not in there?”

    “I swear.”

    “On my life, do you swear?” he picked at me with a huge smirk.

    He was taking the possibility of a guy being in my room pretty well, “I cannot swear on your life.” The smirk disappeared; well, the possibility treated him better than the fact did.

    “Really?” he muttered. “You moved on that fast?”

    “Gerard, it has been a month and he’s a friend. He’s off today and came over last night because…” I trailed off. Gerard didn’t know I lost my job. “The office I worked at got shut down.”

    “I see,” he muttered deciding to pick up the TV and carried it to the other side of the room. “So, is it serious? Did you sleep together or sleeeeep together?”

    I scooted the coffee table pass the armchair and glared at him, “We shared a bed. Nothing happened.”

    “You didn’t answer my first question.”

    “I don’t know. I’ll let him decide, but right now, I just enjoy having someone to fucking confide in without arguing, joking, or trying to eat the lips off of my face,” I rambled walking towards the TV stand. “And right now, I’m thinking the accent wall can wait.”

    He stood there staring at me as if he were trying to talk himself out of agreeing with me, “No, you’ve put it off twice already. Let’s get it finished so you don’t have to look at my face anymore.”

    “It’s not that, Gerard…” He started moving it without me, so I grabbed my side and helped him.

    “Then what is it?”

    “It’s the 'us' part… For a while, I kept putting it into the calculator in my head and it always comes out wrong. I like it better when we’re friends.”

    “So, we’re too different?” he asked as we set the stand next to the coffee table then leaned on it.

    “We’re more like complementary colors on a color wheel; we neutralize each other,” I stated seeing light come from the hallway. “Friends complement each other.” I watched John step into the light of the living room wearing his plaid pajama pants and old t-shirt.

    Rubbing his eyes, he cleared his throat, “Am I… Need my help?”

    “John, you remember Gerard don’t you?” I stated waved him over while gaining snarled looks from Gerard.

    “Gerard Way?” he asked walking towards us. “Of course I do.” He approached Gerard and extended his hand. “How have you been?”

    “Good, how about you?” Gerard replied politely.

    “Fine. If I’m interrupting, I can go out or something…” John knew my situation with Gerard because for some reason, I could not shut up the night before.

    “I asked him a couple of weeks ago if he would help me; you’re not intruding,” I stated truthfully. “Want to help?”

    “Sure. What color have you chosen?” he asked looking Gerard then back at me; Gerard was facing me, so he had no clue John was… Intimidated? They were the same height and build, but we both remember seeing Gerard get into his first and last fist fight in high school; he was kind of intimidating with that point of view. He stepped forward and looked at the top of the paint can.

    “It is…” I glanced at the swatch, “Ruby Shade; it’s close to eggplant purple, but it has a pink tint to it.”

    “Beautiful color choice,” he replied as Gerard made faces behind his back.

    I wanted to call him out so damn bad, but I cemented a smile on my face, “Thank you. Let’s get started… Gerard, you start painting the bigger section while John and I put up the painters’ tape so you won’t make a mess of everything.” John looked at me like that was the ‘secret phrase’ of the day. “John, you start on that corner. Gerard, can you help me get some dish cloths out of the kitchen so we have something to wipe our hands on?” He knew he was in trouble, but I wanted to treat this in a mature manner. Upon entering the kitchen, I opened the drawer and tossed a few dish cloths at him then whispered, “Okay. I want me and him to become serious and hopefully that happens, but we cannot do that with you being a petty little bitch about the whole thing. If you cannot act mature, then leave. John and I can paint the damn wall ourselves. One more thing…” I placed another cloth in his free hand then continued, “If we do end up getting serious, I want you two to be friends.” I exited the kitchen and smiled at John. “Here’s you a cloth just in case you get paint on you.”

    “What’d you say to him?” John whispered as Gerard exited the kitchen and grabbed the paint roller.

    “I told him that we could go get an old sheet if we needed a drop-cloth because I forgot to buy one,” I responded giving him a weak smile. I peeled the tape and pulled a few inches of it off of the roll then whispered, “Don’t worry… He’s just a little sour over something at home.”
    Pretty sure this is the longest chapter, but not the last. I know, John came out of the blue, but he's the character who will move the story along and shape it up for the not so far away ending. He's based on no one I know personally, but first name and physical description is based on John Gallgher Jr.
    And the "ruby shade" color Is This COLOR. I love it.
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    Chp 24

    I know double-post, but I had this update typed up two days ago and I was waiting on a response... So I decided to post it anyway.
    “Let’s climb up to the roof; we’ll pop a cork into the trees and drink.” –John Gallagher Jr. ‘The Buried Boy’
    The stars illuminated the sky as I lounged in the bend of the rooftop. John told me we were going out then surprised me with a ladder resting against the house leading to the roof. In my mind it was unique and oddly enough, romantic. He had a small blanket lying there with a bottle of wine; I know, I said he didn’t drink, but special occasions exist. The wine was accompanied by a bag. I truly and deeply enjoyed his company.

    “I don’t think Gerard likes me,” he murmured pouring wine in a glass then handing it to me. “He seemed very tense.”

    “He’s just an odd character,” I stated then sipped my drink while he poured him a glass. “Ignore it, he’ll eventually get use to you.”

    He nodded and positioned himself next to me, “It’s a nice night isn’t it?” I nodded sipping my drink as he continued, “No worries, no interruptions, just us.” He glanced at me and smiled.

    “Yeah,” I chirped smiling back. He had spent several nights with me and I felt like I knew almost every single thing about him. “Are you working tomorrow?”

    “No,” he shook his head. “I had some built up time, so I’m going take off. Plus, I can work on articles anywhere.” His hand brushed against mine and it gave me chills. “Are you cold?”

    “I’m fine.” I’ve never experienced that—getting the chills from a mere touch—I didn’t know whether it was a good or bad thing. With the way I felt about him, I’ll take it as a good thing.

    “Do you mind having me another night?” he lied back and smiled.

    “You know the answer to that,” I responded lying back as well.

    “Sorry for speaking so flippantly about Gerard…”

    I rested my head on his chest and closed my eyes, “You’re not. You’re just worried he has it out for you.” I set my drink down and rubbed my hand across his chest and rib area. “It’s understandable.”

    “But he just…”

    “Sh…” I took in a deep breath. “Let’s just sit here.”

    Life went on like that; subtle romantic times with someone who doesn’t start a fight over silly things and nice conversations. I still had yet to find a job, but the economy was bad and John, whom moved in, helped pay the bills. Eight months had flown by and the relationship evolved into something even more serious; Alicia, Mikey’s girlfriend, worked at a jewelry store and she told me she had seen John two or three times within a week. Is he hunting for an engagement ring? News must’ve gotten to Gerard because he never showed his face that week.

    “We haven’t had friends over or haven’t gone out with friends in a while,” John stated sitting across from me at the table. “How about we gather ‘em up tomorrow night and go out for dinner?”

    “It sounds like fun; special occasion?”

    “Just a nice little dinner with friends,” he muttered before he took a drink of his water.

    After dinner, I called the friends I had that I trusted with to be mature and grown up for an evening; a girl I used to work with, Mikey and Alicia, Jamia and Frank, and… Well, I couldn’t get a straight answer out of Gerard; “If nothing pops up, I’ll be there.” Click.
    The restaurant wasn’t too formal. It was a place that you could go in wearing jeans and a nice shirt; John was in the clothes he wore to work that day, which was an off-white button down, black suit-jacket, and jeans. I changed three times and decided on a black pen-skirt, charcoal gray cardigan with a tank top underneath. I stood outside waiting with Alicia, Jamia, Frank, Mikey, and… Surprisingly enough Gerard; the girl from work had other plans for the evening.

    “Sorry I’m late,” he stated approaching us with a couple of his friends. “This is Daniel, Autumn, and Harvey.”

    “Nice to meet you guys,” I stated shaking their hands. Harvey and Daniel are his brothers and Autumn is his sister in-law.

    He gently laced his fingers with mine, “Let’s go inside.” We approached the host, “McHale party of 10.”

    “Okay, follow me,” the man stated grabbing menus and leading us through the door.

    John’s hand was clammy, “Something wrong?”

    “No, no. Everything’s fine,” he stated nervously. We seated ourselves at the table and ordered our drinks. He shifted in his seat nervously.

    I patted his knee, “Are you sure you’re fine?”

    “Positive,” he responded before he softly kissed my cheek. “Everything’s fine.”

    I glanced around the table as we got our drinks and everyone seemed nervous, but happy. It was going to happen that night? How do you prepare yourself for that? I took a drink of my tea and smiled at everyone. “You all are so quiet.”

    John placed his hand on my knee then looked at everyone, “Can I have your attention for a second?” Everyone had been staring at us anyway, especially Gerard. He had been glaring at John since he arrived. He stood up and gnawed on his lower lip, even gaining the attention of everyone else in the surrounding area. “Aubrey, we’ve known each other for a long time and the past eight and a half months have been the best part of my life…” Gerard coughed and John glanced at him and sank to his knee, “Aubrey, will you take my hand in my marriage?”

    My heart came very close to exploding as I nodded quickly, “Yes.”

    Everyone in the surrounding area clapped, even Gerard though his was less enthusiastic. I allowed John to slide the ring, a very, very pretty ring might I add, onto my finger. Alicia gave me the scoop and said he paid almost nine-hundred dollars for it; she had a discount at the store, so she used it without telling him. She also told me all of the good things he said about me. He never said one bad thing and at the time, he didn’t know Alicia was my friend.

    Dinner was a blur. I couldn’t stop looking at John and the ring because I couldn’t believe it. I was engaged. I was going to be Mrs. McHale. Eventually after eating and my daydreaming, everyone got up and walked outside. Alicia had picked me up, so I didn’t drive. I stood outside waiting on John to pull around, Gerard approached me.

    “Aubrey, have a good life… Congratulations,” he muttered rubbing the back of his neck. “See ya around.”

    This song inspired this chapter. I don’t know how, but it did. And this is the guy “John” is kind of but not completely based on:
  19. Neverland

    Neverland In A Needle

    I really, really like this. It's so different and refreshing. Completely breaks away from all of the typical friendship-to-romance type fics that have been posted here in the past. Excellent work, Shawna. I missed reading your writing.

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