This Is What Your Parents Always Warned You About

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    Title: This Is What Your Parents Always Warned You About

    Rating: 15+ for language

    Genre: Drama, Horror, Comedy, Realistic Fiction

    Main Characters: Sade(LadyOfSunsets), Bob(Give'EmHell), Catt(DemolitianLover), Frank(Sxcib0i/KidFromYesterday), Gerard(ThankYouForTheVenom), Sam(BulletproofHeart), Lindzi(TheGhostOfMe), Jill(NotOkay), Mikey(DESTROYA), and Ray(SharpestLife)

    Summary: Your parents always warned you about the internet. Why didn't you listen?

    Chapter Index: Prologue: page one
    Chapter One: page one
    Chapter Two: page one
    Chapter Three: page two
    Chapter Four: page three
    Chapter Five: page three
    Chapter Six: page four
    Chapter Seven: page four
    Chapter Eight: page five
    Chapter Nine: page five
    Chapter Ten: page six
    Chapter Eleven: page six
    Chapter Twelve: page seven
    Chapter Thirteen: page eight
    Chapter Fourteen-Final Chapter: page nine


    Sade's POV

    "It's an awesome website. You should try it.", Sam told me.

    I don't know. I don't really like those chatrooms.", I shrugged.

    "You're the only person who doesn't use it. All of us will be on there.", Jill said.

    "Guh, fine. What time should I be on?", I said, giving in. My friends smiled victoriously.

    "Around 6:30.", Sam answered.​

    A/N: Crappy begining, but here you go. I got this idea from Omegle. :p
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    Woah Damn. more soon?
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    Wow. Sounds awesome already. More soon?
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    Chapter One

    Sade's POV

    I sighed and looked at my clock. I should probably log on now.I signed on to the website and saw requests from my friends.

    LadyOfSunsets: Hey guys.

    BulletproofHeart: You came!

    LadyOfSunsets: Yup, who's all here?

    ThankYouForTheVenom: Me!

    NotOkay: I am.

    DESTROYA: 'Sup, dude?

    TheGhostOfMe: Present.

    SharpestLife: Here.

    LadyOfSunsets: Let me guess. Frank and Catt are busy with other things. XD

    NotOkay: Most likely. :p

    Welcome, DemolitianLover.

    TheGhostOfMe: Good to see you made it.

    DemolitianLover: Yeah, I had to wait for my sister to get off the computer.

    ThankYouForTheVenom: Sureeee....

    DemolitianLover: Shut up, bitch.

    Welcome, Scxib0i.

    Sxcib0i: Heyheyhey! ;D

    SharpestLife: Really, Frank? Really?

    Sxcib0i: Catt chose it for me.

    BulletproofHeart: *facepalm*

    DemolitianLover: It's true. ;D

    NotOkay: *headdesk*

    DESTROYA: Change it, dude. It's stupid.

    ThankYouForTheVenom: ^What he said.

    Sxcib0i: Fine.

    Thank you for chatting, Sxcib0i.

    DemolitianLover: You guys suck. -.-

    LadyOfSunsets: It was stupid. XD

    Welcome, KidFromYesterday.

    DESTROYA: That's better.

    KidFromYesterday: As long as you guys shut it.

    NotOkay: Don't be such a baby.

    Welcome, Give'EmHell.

    TheGhostOfMe: Who's that? o_O

    Give'EmHell: Your worst nightmare.
    A/N: What will happen?? Who knows? I don't. XD
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    Haha this is cool.
    It's a murderer who sucks them into a virtual reality? Haha idk
  6. ^If this was facebook, I would have liked your comment n.n
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    Bob's the bad guy? Maybe?
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    Chapter Two

    Sade's POV

    NotOkay: WTF??

    SharpestLife: Who the hell are you?

    Give'EmHell: I'm after one of you. I'm gonna get you.

    Thank you for chatting, Give'EmHell.

    KidFromYesterday: Can you say crazy?

    LadyOfSunsets: What the hell were they on? O_O

    DESTROYA: I have no idea....

    BulletproofHeart: Fuckin' psycho.

    DemolitianLover: Who do you think they were talking about?

    ThankYouForTheVenom: You believe them?

    DemolitianLover: Why not?

    TheGhostOfMe: Because it's the internet. People are crazy. You can't believe he's after someone.

    DemolitianLover: Well, if he was after one of us who do you think it would be?

    KidFromYesterday: He's after your mom. XD

    SharpestLife: *facepalm* And how do you know it's a guy?

    KidFromYesterday: 'Cause I highly doubt some chick will be able to "get" one of us guys. The girls are an easier target for a pedo.

    NotOkay: I am not an easy target. I'll beat the shit out of him.

    DESTROYA: I second that.

    LadyOfSunsets: Well, thanks Frank. I feel safer. -.-

    BulletproofHeart: Ignore him. He's an idiot.

    DemolitianLover: Don't talk about my man like that, hoe.

    KidFromYesterday: Yeah. >;D

    SharpestLife: She was just being honest. Hahaha.

    LadyOfSunsets: ^True. I gotta go guys.

    BulletproofHeart: Be on tomorrow. Around 12!

    LadyOfSunsets: 'Kay. Love you all. Byeee. xoxo

    I signed out and changed into some pajamas. I couldn't get what that person said out of my head. It's probably a joke. I told myself. Yeah keep telling yourself that.
    HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! This is my present to you all. :p It's gonna get interesting in the next chapter. Which I may post today.
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    I like it a lot, :D
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    Wow I really like this so far!
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    Chapter Three

    Sade's POV

    I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. I blindly felt around for it. Where is it? My hand touched it and I squinted to look at the caller ID. Sam. I looked at the time. 12:30 pm. Shit. She's going to be mad.

    "Hello?", I mumbled into the phone.

    "Insomnia keep you up again?", She knowingly asked.

    "Yeah. I'll log on in a bit. Let me get dressed and stuff.", I said before hanging up. I got ready and grabbed the box of Cheez-Its from the kitchen. I was addicted to them. I logged on and joined my friends.

    Welcome, LadyOfSunsets.

    BulletproofHeart: Yay! You're here.

    LadyOfSunsets: Yup, so what are discussing?

    ThankYouForTheVenom: Why Catt can't spell right. XD

    DemolitianLover: Shut it bitch. That's how I wanted to spell it.

    KidFromYesterday: Leave my woman alone! D:<

    TheGhostOfMe: Yeah be careful. Wittle Fwankie is gonna get mad. XD

    LadyOfSunsets: Hahaha!

    KidFromYesterday: Vas te faire encule tous! Vous sucer les gars!

    SharpestLife: What?? o_O

    LadyOfSunsets: He said "Fuck you all! You guys suck!"

    NotOkay: Wow, I'm hurt Fankie. lolol

    DESTROYA: I feel like I've been stabbed in the heart. Ouch.

    KidFromYesterday: -.-

    BulletproofHeart: Okay, okay leave him alone.

    NotOkay: You're too nice.

    ThankYouForTheVenom: That's why I love her. <33

    BulletproofHeart: :3 <33

    Welcome, Give'EmHell.

    DESTROYA: WTF?? Again, who the fuck are you?

    Give'EmHell: I've been watching you for a long time. I'm coming after one of you. You have three days before I come.

    DemolitianLover: Yeah? Who are you coming after?

    Give'EmHell: Sade.

    My jaw dropped when I saw that.

    LadyOfSunsets: WHAT?

    Give'EmHell: I've had my eye on you for a long time.

    TheGhostOfMe: Who the fuck are you and how did you get in our chat?

    Give'EmHell: Hacking is easy.

    SharpestLife: Get out of here and leave our friend alone.

    DESTROYA: Yeah, you fuckin' psycho.

    Thank you for chatting, Give'EmHell.

    LadyOfSunset: I-I'm gonna go....

    BulletproofHeart: I'm coming over right now.

    NotOkay: We all are.

    DemolitianLover: Are you okay, hun?

    LadyOfSunsets: No.

    ThankYouForTheVenom: We'll be right over.

    KidFromYesterday: It's gonna be okay. :)

    SharpetsLife: They were probably messing around. <3

    LadyOfSunsets: Thanks guys. I'lll have the junk food ready. ;D Love you all. <3 xoxo

    Thank you for chatting, LadyOfSunsets.

    I sat in one place for a long time. Of course they were messing around. You'd have to be crazy to mean that. That's insane. I forced myself to move. I was grabbing a bag of chips when someone knocked on the door. I jumped and screamed, dropping the bag. Fuck, pull it together Sade. I opened the door to be greeted by my friends. Each of them giving me a comforting hug.

    "Thanks again guys.", I smiled.

    "No problem. Now we can have a sleep over.", Frank laughed.

    Third Person's POV

    They hung out all night unaware of the man watching them. He had waited so long. Now she'd be his.​
    Bleh, I'm not entirely happy with this chapter. :/ What did you think? :D Gime feedback! Omnomnom. XD
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    And, I loved it. I love creepy stories. :3
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    I really liked the chapter, can't wait for more
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