This Is What Love In Action Looks Like

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  1. This Is What Love In Action Looks Like is a documentary about a fundamental christian program for gays. The programs soul purpose was to turn homosexuals straight.

    When I watched the movie I cried, because the founder of this program saw homosexuality as an addictive behavior that could be cured or "fixed." It was very disturbing and I think you guys should watch it.

    Here is the link to the website:
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    I've heard about these groups. Just recently, a minister that had started one of them stepped down from his position. He has said for years he has inclinations towards homosexuality, but he is maried and keeps himself bound to his wife only. He was one that thought you could "pray your way out of being gay." (I honestly think that's rediculous!) He stepped down because he finally believed that homosexuality can't be cured.

    (I tried to find the article I had read about it, but I couldn't. I saw this on's news page.)
  3. Well at least he finally learned some common sense!
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    Haha ... learned common sense.

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