This is a Good Mistake...right? (Frerard)

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    Chapter 34

    Ryder’s POV

    The back of my neck began to get all sweaty and I felt my eyes grow wide. I wasn’t used to seeing Gerard or my dad like this. And they kept staring at us. They just didn’t know how to say whatever it was they had to tell us.

    “Um, is this bad?...” I asked. Dad and Gerard are acting odd, their eyes look like they’ve both been crying, nope nothing’s bad. Everything seems to be going great. I mentally slapped myself. I just don’t know what to say in these kind of situations.

    Gerard slowly nodded at my question. He tried avoiding eye contact with me the whole entire time. I looked over at my dad, clueless.

    “Dad? Are you hurt?” I asked. He shook his head. “Then what’s the matter?” His eyes started to tear up. I sighed, a little aggravated that I still had no idea what the hell was going on.

    “I don’t really know how to say this to you guys,” my dad finally managed to choke out. “but...there’s....a possibility that.....that.....Gerard might be.....might be....” My dad looked down at the floor and began to cry. I’ve never seen him cry like that before.

    Gerard wrapped his arms around him and pulled him close.

    “Gerard,” I said while standing up from the couch. “What the fuck is going on?!”

    He looked at me then stopped hugging my dad. Aubrey quickly rushed over to my dad’s side. Tears were already storming down her face. I watched her pull my dad into a hug and they sank to the floor and just sat there together sobbing. This felt so weird seeing others cry. So awkward...made me feel so helpless.

    “There’s a chance that I might be your other dad.” Gerard said looking me right in the eyes. Those words quickly burned into my head other dad.

    It didn’t take long for tears to fill my eyes. Other dad, hearing that brought up flashbacks from when I was young. Laying in my bed at night wondering what my other dad looked like. Wondering why he left, what he was like, how old he was, if he even loved us..

    My fists clenched together. I looked away from Gerard and began shaking my head.

    “No,” I said. “That’s not true.” I snapped my head back at him, looking him right in the eyes. “That’s not true! My other dad doesn’t love me! Doesn’t care! He just..just...just...” My brain couldn’t process things quick enough for me to say them out loud.

    I got closer to Gerard, like right in his face. Our nose were touching and our eyes were looking right into one another's. “YOU’RE NOT MY OTHER FATHER, YOU FUCKER!” I screamed. I felt very uneasy after saying that. That didn’t sound like me at all. I was actually scared of myself.

    I stepped back from Gerard and glared at him. He was starting to sob. I started backing up towards the stairs. I quickly looked over at Aubrey and my dad. My dad was crying into Aubrey’s shirt. I looked at Aubrey,trying to look into her eyes to see what she was thinking. I saw it. I knew that look. I shook my head in disgust at her, then ran up into my room.

    I slammed my door and threw myself onto my bed. That look in Aubrey’s eyes. I couldn’t forget that look.

    She believed what Gerard said...

    (it continues if you scroll down)
  2. (continuation)

    Aubrey’s POV

    I handed both my dad other dad.... a cup of water to calm themselves down. Once I did that, I put on the tv to take their minds off of everything. Then I ran upstairs.

    Okay, Ryder, you better not have done anything stupid. I opened his bedroom door and found nothing. My body felt so empty. I couldn’t even think. My eyes focussed on the little piece of paper placed in the middle of his desk. I hesitantly walked over and picked it up.

    Dear whoever finds this note first, (I’m guessing Aubrey will be the first to discover this)

    I’m writing this because I’m done. No, no, no don’t worry, I didn’t kill myself. I’m perfectly fine. Alive, healthy living...but not here. I can’t do any of those things here. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. And I’m just sick of it all. Once my life gets good, others ruin it. Is it my fault? Probably. And that’s why I’m not located in my room. Or in this house at all. I’m sorry, but I’m gone. I left to find a life that maybe I can handle. When I’m ready to handle what’s being thrown at me, then I will return, but for now... I bid you adieu.


    P.s.- And please, for the love of god, don’t bother looking for me. I told you I would come back, just don’t get the cops involved. It’ll just make things worse...

    I felt tears fall from my eyes once again. This couldn’t be true, this had to be a joke. Ryder was my other half, my older brother, my bestfriend, my everything, this couldn’t be happening.

    I ran down the stairs with the note in my hand. “Dad!” I yelled as I ran into the living room. He abruptly stood up from the couch as I frantically waved the note at him. He took it from my hands almost instantly.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    My dad did end up calling the cops, like any dad would do. They couldn’t find Ryder anywhere. Just our luck.

    Gerard, dad, and I were worn out. I'm sorry if I sound like I'm over reacting, but at that moment, I wouldn't have been surprised if we all agreed to play Russian Roulette together. We couldn’t take anymore of this drama bullshit.

    Dad called Grandma and Grandpa and told them what happened, Gerard called LynZ, I called Miko. I can honestly say that it was probably one of the worst nights of my life. Just the thought that Ryder was out in the world all alone and by himself made me wanna puke, die, you get the picture.

    That night Gerard, my dad, and I all slept in the living room together. Me and my dad aren’t really religious people and neither is Gerard, but we ended up praying for Ryder to come home. God, just let him come home.
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    Yes I am ready for the next update, and yes I think you fic is like totally way beyond, hmm how do I say it . . . FUCKING AMAZING! I seriosuly love it, got me squeling..
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    I loved the update, so much freaking tension! XXO
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    I loved the update, I hope Ryder comes back soon and is all ok.
  5. I think that chill pill was needed.
    I am lost for words.
    Update soon and maybe I can get my voice back.
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    Ryder needs to learn to face his problems instead of running away from them.
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    :phone:pLEASE UPDATE SOON btw, sorry for not commenting, but I was lost in this and could NOT for the life of me take my eyes off.
  8. Chapter 35

    Ryder’s POV

    “So, just write your name in here and I’ll give you the keys to your room,”The guy behind the counter said while pushing the sign-in book towards me.

    He gave me a weird look, then leaned his elbows on the counter while resting his head on his hands. “Why are you here kid? Look a little young to be crashing in a motel.”

    I stopped writing my name in the little book to respond to him. “Please, I know I look young but it runs in the family,” I paused to have a quick moment to think. “And I’m here because I’m gonna give my girlfriend a surprise, if you know what I mean.” I put on a fake grin and he fell for it. A big smile forming on his face.

    “Nice.” he said. I nodded then gave him back the book.

    Sage Pearce?” he asked, reading the fake name I had wrote in the book.

    “Yeah,” I said while picking up my backpack off the ground. “That’s me.”

    “Cool last name, oh,” he turned around and grabbed a key off the wall. “Here’s your key. You’re in room number R4. Have a good night.” I smiled.

    “Thanks, you too.” I walked outside and started heading towards my room.

    My room smelled like piss and the walls had a worn out look, the carpet was the same way. I threw my backpack onto my bed, then I heard a knock on my door.

    I’m going crazy, aren’t I? A knock at the door at three o’clock in the morning, there’s no way. I opened the door and saw no one. I poked my head out and looked both ways, and saw nothing.

    Yep, I’m going crazy. I stepped outside and just walked up and down the aisle of the motel rooms. It would be nice to prove to myself that I’m not crazy.

    “Hello?...Hello?.....Is anyone there?...Hello?...” I asked as I nearly began shaking in my boots.

    I felt a cold breeze past my neck, it caused me to shiver. Then I felt this impact onto my back and I was tackled to the ground. Can’t my life be easy for once?..

    Whoever this person was, had me pinned to the ground and was laughing his head off, while I was kicking my legs trying to get him off. I heard muffled giggles close by, but it was hard to see anything the way I was laying.

    “Oh god, that was funny.” the person laughed as they stood up and brushed off their pants. I was finally able to pull myself to a sitting position to get a good look of the person. They grinned and held out their hand towards me, I just stared blankly.

    “C’mon, I don’t bite...hard.” they said. I grabbed onto their hand and they pulled me to my feet.

    “Oh man, that was fuckin’ funny!” I heard someone say from behind, it sounded like they were jogging towards me and the person who helped me up.

    I turned around and saw two people jogging towards me. One was a girl. Her hair was dark blue and cut really short. In the dark she appeared very pale, and she was wearing a black hoodie, black skinny jeans, and black laced boots.

    There was a boy with her who appeared to be younger than her. His hair was a dark brown and it was also cut short. His bangs were slightly spiked, and he was wearing a gray and white hoodie with black skinny jeans and black converse.

    I quickly glanced back at the person who had helped me up. He was pale, just like that girl and his hair was black and really messy and choppy. His eye liner was smudged under his eyes and he was wearing a red and black long sleeve shirt with black skinny jeans and boots with a little belt on it.

    “Hey kid are you like deaf or something’?” the youngest one of the people asked. I turned back to him and shook my head.

    “He’s obviously shy, Brayden.” the older boy said, which caused my face to get hot.

    “Whatever, I didn’t know..” said the younger boy as he walked in a little circle, getting bored.

    The older boy slightly laughed then looked at me for a reaction, then at the girl. “Sissy, time?”

    The girl looked at the watch on her wrist, then back at the older boy. “We’re just about reaching 4 a.m.”

    “Cool, lets go.” said the older boy as he turned and motioned his head forward. The others followed and I just watched as they walked away.

    The older boy turned around and looked at me. I felt my eyes get wide. Who were they? And what was their deal? Why they bugging me? Why me?

    “Hey pretty boy, you coming?” the older boy asked.

    I slowly began to back away, then out of the corner of my eye I saw cop cars slowly begin to drive by.

    "Yeah, I'm coming." I said as I began to follow them.

    (continues if you scroll down)
  9. (continuation)

    I stepped into the old abandoned house with the others. I know, it sounds too good to be true. They had their own little hide out.

    The oldest boy sat himself down on the couch that was covered in a dusty blanket. I stood in the doorway. The girl sat herself on the table and took out a bowl and started counting what looked like money. The youngest boy started flipping through a comic book.

    “So, what’s your name?” the oldest boy asked.

    “Sage Pearce.” I replied. He watched the others carefully.

    “Is that your real name or your fake name?” I felt my eyes go wide again and I wouldn’t be surprised if I was shaking in my boots. The oldest boy laughed. The girl looked up from counting the money and looked at me. She also laughed.

    “How stupid do you think we are? You’re a runaway, we all are.” I stayed silent. He was smarter than I thought. He was reading me like a book.

    “We don’t wanna know your real name anyway,” the youngest said while looking up from his comic. “It’s better if we didn’t know. My name is Brayden.” He smiled then continued to read his comic.

    “Sissy.” the girl said, focussing on the money.

    The older boy motioned for me to sit next to him on the couch. I hesitantly sat down. “And I’m Jasper. So, why did you decide to go running around on the street, pussycat?” he grinned.

    I shook my head and stared at the floor. Jasper nudged me. “C’mon, we’re all fucked up, just tell us.”

    I sighed. “I found out my other dad, and yes I have two dads. One of my dads got pregnant and blah, blah, blah. It’s a long story.”

    “We’ll save it for another day,” said Jasper. “I’m here because my mommy wouldn’t stop hitting me.”

    “My whole family drove me mad.” said Brayden.

    “Same, but I also got bullied big time at school.” said Sissy.

    “So you all just ran away from your problems?” I asked. Sissy stopped counting her money and glared at me. “You don’t think we didn’t try to fix them? You don’t know the living hell I’ve been through.” I saw Brayden nod, but he was more interested into the comic rather than the conversation.

    “We’ve all tried to fix our problems, and failed.” said Jasper. I nodded.

    Brayden yawned and blinked a few times. Jasper must have noticed, because he spoke. “I think it’s time we call it a night. What’s the total for today?”

    “About 700 dollars.” Missy said while stuffing the money back into the box. Where did they get all of that?..

    They all started to move around. I watched as they made their way to the corner of the room where a lot of blankets and pillows were placed. I awkwardly started standing up and heading towards the door.

    “You can stay with us if you want, Sage.” Jasper said. I turned around and saw him patting the empty spot next to him on the floor.

    “But my motel..” I began as I started walking towards the little sleeping area.

    “I’ll show you the trick to that tomorrow.” he said with a smile. I layed down next to him and kicked my shoes off. I sighed in relief that I was finally laying down. What a long day.

    “You’re not alone, Sage,” Jasper said. “I know it may seem like know one understands you at the moment or everybody hates you, but that’s what we all thought to. Until we found each other. You’re just like us, and that’s okay because we’re all messed up and have our own weird problems, and that’s okay. Because those things make you, you.” I felt my eyes begin to water, but I wasn’t upset. I felt a smile find it’s way onto my face.

    “You have a smile.” Jasper said with a grin. I giggled.

    “And he laughs! You kinda sound like a girl though, but that’s okay, you should hear me laugh.” I giggled again.

    “Okay, night Sage.” Jasper said then turned to his side.

    “Night.” I said then quickly saw darkness take over my vision.
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    Simply amazing! I am growing some weird addiction to this book! love it !!!
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    Aww that was cute n' nice.
    Ryder made new friends who seemed like they were gonna rape him at first xD
  12. Hey guys! Hope you're all enjoying the story so far. I recommend that you all take a small amount of chill pills again. They might be needed for some of you during this update. Oh, and there is a chance that this story might be ending soon. CALM DOWN, DON'T PANIC, LET ME FINISH. Once I end this story, I will probably make a sequal, but I'm most likely just gonna make this one big long story. So, there's nothing to worry about:3 Okay, I'm gonna let you guys go ahead and read this now. I hope you like it..

    oh, and i kinda forgot to tell you guys but my birthday passed about a week ago. so, yeah, since april 23rd i'm now a year older :birthday:



    Chapter 36

    Ryder’s POV

    I woke up and sort of hissed at the sunlight that was shining into my vision. I sat up and blinked a few times.

    “Morning, Sage.” said Brayden who sat on a couch on the other side of the room. He was reading that comic book again.

    “Good morning,” I said while yawning. I realized Brayden and I were the only ones in the room. “Where’s Sissy and Jasper?”

    “They went to your motel room to get your stuff.”

    “But it’s mine, I signed in and paid, they can’t sign me out.” Brayden chuckled and shook his head.

    “We have our ways.”

    I heard loud footsteps and the the door swung open. “Hey Brayden, we’re back.” Jasper said as he messed up Brayden’s hair. Brayden smiled and muttered a response.

    Jasper looked at me and threw me my backpack. “There you go, gorgeous. Oh and here’s your money.” he handed me about thirty bucks.

    “Where did you get this?” I asked. He smiled then sat down next to me on the floor.

    “We just told the guy that we were your cousins, and you ran to our house because you were unpleased with your motel room. And they paid us back your money and apologized.”

    “Wow, um, thanks.” I felt my face get hot. Jasper smiled.

    “No problem.” He got up and started talking to Sissy and Brayden. I opened my backpack and flipped it over, dumping everything into my lap.

    It was just filled with a few pairs of extra clothes, my own money, a few snacks, and some pictures. I picked up a picture of me and Aubrey. Just the thought of her made my eyes water. I miss her so much. And it has only been a little more than a day since I left home.

    I saw a hand come and grab another picture off the ground. “Who’s this?” Brayden asked.

    “Let me see the picture.” I said. He turned it around and revealed the image of Bandit sitting on the couch of where I used to live.

    “That’s Bandit, she’s my half sister.” Sissy took the picture from Brayden.

    “Aww, she’s so cute.” Sissy said.

    “Thanks.” I mumbled. Jasper came and sat next to me.

    “Is that your girlfriend or something?” Jasper asked, looking at the picture of me and Aubrey.

    “No, it’s my sister..” Jasper looked away. I think he heard what I said, but he ignored me for a second.

    “Brayden, make yourself useful and go buy us some food from the store.” Jasper said while looking at Brayden.

    “I’ll go with him to keep him company.” Sissy said. They both walked out the door with some money. Jasper looked back at me once they were gone.

    “So..” he said.


    “So, you miss them. Your family, do you miss them?”

    “Yeah, of course I do. Do you miss yours?”

    “Kind of. I miss them, but I don’t at the same time.” I nodded.

    “How old are all you guys?”

    “What? Us? Um, Sissy is about thirteen or fourteen, Brayden is ten, and I’m sixteen. How old are you?”

    “Fifteen.” Jasper nodded the picked up another one of my pictures.

    “Is one of these guys your dad?” he asked. I looked at the image of my dad and Gerard in his hand. It didn’t feel right to call Gerard my dad, my other dad, or father, or daddy. I can’t bare to call him that yet.

    “That’s my dad,” I said pointing toward my dad in the picture. “The other one is my, um, other dad, but I'm used to calling him Gerard. I found that out...yesterday.” Jasper raised his eyebrows, that didn’t surprise me.

    “I’m sorry, but how the fuck does a guy get pregnant? It’s impossible!”

    “Some can.”


    “Yep.” There was a long silence. Jasper kept staring at the picture in deep thought, then he looked back at me.

    “Does that mean you can get pregnant too?” I felt my face get hot again.

    “Well, um, I, uh...I don’t really know. It never occurred to me before..”

    “Hmm, that sucks. Do you think it hurts?” I looked down at the floor.

    “I dunno.”

    “Since your dad got pregnant, does that mean he gets his period once a month?”

    “Ew, no. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t. I think it’s just something with his insides. Something about him having a working whom, or whatever. I’m pretty sure that doesn’t happen.”

    “How were you born? Did you, like, come out of his dick or something?” So many questions..

    “No, he had surgery. You know, like a c section.”

    “Oh. Was he in the newspaper?” I shook my head.

    “They were able to keep it quiet.”

    “What about when people asked about where your mom was, what happened then?”

    “We would lie. It was either she died or she left us when we were young. Nothing crazy, just simple excuses.”

    “Okay, so why did you find out who your other dad was yesterday? Why wasn’t he around after he knocked up your dad?”

    “It’s a long story..”

    “We’ve got a while before the others come back.” I sighed.


    Frank's POV

    I threw up for the fifth time today. I kneeled over the toilet puking my guts out. A burning sensation traveled through my throat and my eyes watered. In a weird way, it felt good.

    I couldn’t get into deep thought about Ryder without throwing up. This sucks. My life at the moment fucking sucks. I hate it. I heard a knock on the bathroom door.

    “Dad? You okay?” I heard Aubrey ask. I spit into the toilet and flushed it to get some of the smell out of my face.


    “I called Paul..”

    “How’d that work out?” I felt my stomach do flips and flops again. It was probably producing more vomit.

    “Terrible. Ryder didn’t say anything to him before he ran away. Nothing. Paul said he hadn’t seen or heard from him since last night, but that was when he left his house.”

    “Doesn’t sound like the Ryder I know.”

    “I know! I mean, what’s he gonna do? Forget all about Paul, me, Gerard, you, everything? He can’t just run away and pretend it all never happened.”

    Pressure began working its way up my throat. The burning sensation came back as I once again threw up into the toilet.

    “For fucks sake, dad. Open the door and let me help you in there.”

    “No, no I’m fine, really.” I whipped off whatever was on my chin. I heard Aubrey sigh.

    “I’m gonna go check on Gerard.” I heard her mumble, then her footsteps traveled down the hallway.

    Gerard's POV

    “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck..” I cursed to myself as I grabbed tissues off of my dresser. I heard a little knock on the bedroom door.

    “Gerard? Everything okay in there?” Aubrey asked outside the door.

    “Yeah, just don’t come in! I’m, uh, naked! Getting dressed.”

    “You sounded like you were hurt.”

    “Oh,” I made myself chuckle. “I, um, got a paper cut while doing a quick search through my drawings.” I pressed the tissue against my wrist and bit my lip trying to ignore the pain.

    “Well, alright,” Aubrey said unsurely. “I’ll be downstairs, dad’s throwing up again.”

    “Okay, I’ll be down in a minute.” I heard her footsteps run off down the stairs. I sighed in relief.

    “Yeah, a paper cut.” I whispered to myself. I lifted up the tissue and saw that the blood from my recent self inflicted cuts was starting to dry up.

    I realized that I really was naked. Well, half naked. I was shirtless and had boxers on.

    Today would be the day to dig up the long sleeve shirts...

    Ryder's POV

    I had finally finished the long dreadful story. Jasper just stared at me.

    “Do you, um, think I’m weird?” I asked him. I tugged on the sleeves of my shirt. Nervous, for his response. He looked at me and gave a half smile.

    “Everybody’s weird, Sage.”

    “Am I a good kind of weird?..”

    “Yeah, I like you. You’re fine just the way you are.” I felt my face start to get hot again. He giggled.

    “Why are you blushing?” Of course, that caused my face to get even more hotter. I looked away, attempting to hide it.

    “Look! Now you’re hiding it! What, you got a little crush on me, pussycat?” I actually never considered that before. A crush on Jasper? I’ve only known him for less than a day. It seemed like he was flirting with me though, that might have been pushing it.

    I turned my head and glared at Jasper, my face still hot. “Why you callin’ me all those things? You sure you ain’t the one who has a crush on me?” His face slowly began to turn red and he nervously laughed. A smirk found its way onto my face.

    “Look who’s blushing now, gorgeous.” I said, that only caused his face to get redder. Ha, now I knew why he kept doing this to me, it’s so fun! Wait, was he even gay? Oh well, I’ll just go with the flo.

    I heard the door open. Sissy and Brayden began to walk in with bags of food.

    “Hey bitches, we’re back.” Sissy said while placing her bag of food onto the table, Brayden did the same. They both stared at us, and then Sissy nudged Brayden. Brayden looked at her puzzled. They both started whispering things to each other.

    “Oh, yeah,” Brayden said. He must have gotten what Sissy was trying to tell him. “Jasper, when is Sage gonna get his make over?” Make over?

    “That’s right,” Jasper said looking at both of them then at me. “We gotta take you to that hair place and stuff.”
    “Huh?” I asked, not understanding what was going on.

    “You need to get a new look so people have a hard time recognizing you.”

    “Oh, okay.” He looked at my dark brown hair, then back at me.

    “Our hair all appears to be a dark color,” Jasper said while gesturing toward himself, Sissy, and Brayden. “But we all really have blonde hair.”

    “Really?” I asked. I couldn’t see them all with such light hair colors.

    “Yep. We have this thing, and it’s if you have a natural light hair, then you would get your hair color dyed at dark color. And if you had dark hair, you would get your hair dyed a lighter color.” I knew where this was going.

    “But I like my brown hair!” I wrapped my arms around my head, and attempt to protect my hair. Jasper and the others grinned.

    “Yeah, we do too, but if you dye it blonde then people will have trouble recognizing you. Oh, and this too,” I made a face as he pulled a contact out of his eye. He originally appeared to have dark green eyes, but now he had one green eye and one blue eye. “These contacts will make your eyes appear to be a different color, that’ll help too.”

    “Can I choose my eye color?” I asked, feeling like a child.

    “Sure.” Jasper said with a grin.

    “I can’t wait to see what you’re gonna look like,” Brayden squealed. “Oh, and Jasper? Can we go shopping afterwards?”

    “I dunno, we’re kinda low on money..”

    “Pleeease?” Brayden begged, giving Jasper puppy eyes.

    “Fine, but then we need to go money hunting afterwards!” Brayden jumped up and down excitedly, his face glowing.

    I smiled and looked at Jasper while raising an eyebrow. “Money hunting?” he nodded.

    “Okay, so, we’re gonna go eat some food right now, then get princess’s make over done, and then we need to go money hunting, got it?” we all nodded. I smiled. What was with this name calling thing?

    Sissy grabbed a bag of food and dumped it around us. “Dig in.” she said.

    I had no idea how hungry I was until I took my first bite of food.
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    Ohhhhhhh me thinks Jasper has a crush on Ryder!
    Bad Gee!!! Cutting = Bad!
    Right now im having trouble righting this comment since my dog's jumping on me n started stepping on me laptop xD im currently jus holding him out of my face with one hand n typing with the other xD ohh the fun.
    Anyways, I love the update :)
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    Holy Crap I missed some updates I'm sorry!!!!
    All pf the update have been amazing!
    I though Ryders new friends were going to attck him.. then they were cool!
    And its it clear in my head Jasper has a crush on Ryder!!!
    AND BAD BAD BAD GERARD!! NO CUTTING!!! Or OI will slap you wit a pole.. if thats possible?
    I hope Frank finds out and kicks his ass...
    I loved ALL of the update and I am on my seats edge waiting for more,
    SO update whenevr you feel like it? Loving the story! xxxx
  15. @MyChemSioban- lol maybe Jasper does have a crush. we'll find out soon :3 and you have no idea how hard for me it was to write about gerard cutting himself fkejhfbewfjkweflhwfwfkqw lol my doggy does stuff like that to me all the time. he acts like there isn't even a key board there. but i love him:3

    @Killjoys Revenge- it's okay, i miss updates to other stories all the time. what ya gonna do? it happens:3 and i agree, the way i wrote it at first, i kinda made ryder's friends seem creepy. but i love all of their characters:3 they're so fun to write:D and i agree, gerard shouldn't be cutting.. don't worry, it'll all get better soon.

    sooo guys, ready for another update?...


    Chapter 37

    Paul’s POV

    Heartbroken, depressed, terrible, and everything under that category was how I’ve been feeling since Ryder ran away. And it’s only been a little over a day now, but to me it felt like forever. That sounds like something anyone would say when they lose their boyfriend or girlfriend.

    I waited in the waiting area of the hair place. My mother was getting her hair done, she insisted that I followed her. And boy does it suck.

    I decided I would walk a bit outside the store. Walk around the plaza, and keep my mind off of things.

    I felt so alone. Why couldn’t Ryder have told me he was just gonna leave? I could have talked him out of it, in a way I felt as if his disappearance was all my fault.

    As I finished my 17th lap around the whole hair place front and back, I noticed people started giving me weird looks. I don’t blame them, a guy circling a hair place...not the normalist thing.

    I heard a lot of giggling and a bunch of pairs of boots scraping against the cement ground. I looked up and saw four kids who all seemed around my age. There was a skinny pale boy with black messy hair, kind of like mine. A girl with short dark blue hair, a young boy with dark brown hair and big eyes. And

    I continued to stare feeling my heart begin to beat faster and faster. My palms got sweaty. He was wearing an oversized black hoodie, black sun glasses and a black beanie hat, but I knew that smile anywhere.

    Our eyes met and his smile faded. He seemed like he was trying to ignore me and just walk with whoever all those kids were, but he stopped and ran over to me.

    He threw his arms around me and I threw mine around his. I took a deep breath in and out. Oh god his smell, that was him. He was safe and in my arms. We separated and he looked at his group of friends. He gave them all a “give me a second” look, and then he took a hold of my hand and brought me over to the side of the building. Those kids were able to see us, but I don’t think they were able to hear us.

    “Ryder where the fuck did you go?! Everybody's looking for you!” I snapped. A grin formed on Ryder’s face.

    “It’s okay, don’t worry about me, I’m fine.” he said and moved closer to me.

    “No, you’re not. You gotta go home Everyone misses you.” He made a face.

    “Please, nobody misses me or cares.”

    “But I do..”

    “I know you do. I miss you too.” He moved closer and our lips began to touch and before I knew it he was kissing me uncontroubally. He lifted his hand up my shirt whick caused me to let out a little moan, he giggled and pulled away.

    “I really have missed you.” he smiled.

    “Well, why don’t you stay?..” Ryder shook his head. Then looked back at those kids. The oldest one had a little hint of jealousy on his face. When he saw me and Ryder looking in his direction, his face turned red and he looked away. Ryder smiled at this.

    “I gotta go.” He said and started backing away.

    “I love you...” Ryder grabbed the collar of my shirt and pulled me close and kissed me again, then abruptly pulled away with a smile on his face.

    “I love you too. Goodbye my love!” he giggled. Then jogged back towards those kids.

    I stood there standing, speechless. That was nothing like the Ryder I knew. I sighed. It was best if I let him go...

    Jasper’s POV

    Sage removed his hat from his head once we got home.

    “Look everyone! It’s a blonde haired Sage!!!!” he giggled. I smiled.

    “Sexy.” I commented while wiggiling my eyebrows. He bent a little backwards and clutched onto his head, as if he was stretching. I found it cute.

    “Oh, shut up Mr. Comment-boy. I saw you peeping on me and my boyfriend. You were jealous!”
    “Ah, shut up you,” I took a moment to think of a name as my face began to feel hot. “Um, wh**e?..” he raised an eyebrow. Sissy and Brayden giggled.

    “A wh**e? Me? You would want me to be one.” he grinned. I purposely fell backwards onto the couch. “Whatever.” I mumbled.

    He crawled over next to me, our faces weren’t too far apart. “You like my new eye color?” he asked. Never seen him this hyper before. I’m hoping his sad thoughts are somewhat wearing off about his family.

    I looked into his fake big brown eyes, and glanced up again at his blonde, almost white, shaved hair.

    “Yeah, I like it.” Sage smiled, then fell backwards onto the floor and started clapping his hands and began singing a song I didn’t know.

    “Did we, like, feed you sugar or something?” Sissy asked Sage, while trying not to laugh.

    “Or are you just high?” Brayden asked and giggled.

    “None, I’m just happy. I enjoyed seeing Paul today.” Sage looked at me.

    “My boyfriend.” he said while grinning, I shook my head and smiled.

    Sage sat up and looked like he was in a deep thought. “I don’t think we’re together anymore. Like, I still love him, but just not really anymore. I feel like I’m reborn, and whole new person...”

    “You died inside,” Brayden said while clutching his throat and falling to the ground. “And then you came back to life,” he stood up and smiled and started skipping over to Sage and I, he put his hands on hips and smiled. “And now you’re a whole new person.” Sage smiled.

    Sage fell back onto the ground and looked up at the ceiling. “Yeah, a whole new person..” he said to himself. “Hey, does this house have anymore rooms?” he asked.

    I nodded. The room we were in was the living room of the house. We mostly stay in this one room, but there were others.

    “Yeah,” Sissy said. “Want us to give you a tour?..”

    “Hell yeah!” Sage said while bolting up and onto his feet. He pulled me off of the couch.

    “Jasper, you’re probably sooo happy that I’m touching you right now. Even though my hands are just touching your arms!” he said a little too loud and smiled. Sissy and Brayden looked at each other.

    “His face is turning red..” Sissy sang in a tune.

    “Does our little Jasper finally have a crush?” Brayden teased.

    I glared at Sage. Why is everyone bothering me about it?!

    “Why aren’t you answering, pretty boy?” Sage asked as his grin got bigger. I guarantee you my face got redder. I shrugged and we started walking around the house. As we started walking up the stairs that lead up to more rooms I looked to my side and caught Sage staring at me.

    “GUYS! SAGE IS STARING AT MEEEEE!!!” I yelled out like a child. Sissy and Brayden laughed. Sage’s face began to turn red. Who doesn’t like revenge?
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    Haha this chapter made me laugh and go Awww at the same time, will Ryder ever return home?
    He has blond shaven hair? And brown eyes now? NICE!!
    And all I could think of with that last line was, Three Cheers For Swwet Revenge, LOL.
    I loved the update, it was fab :)
    Update whenever you feel like it, I can't wait :D xx
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    Now Ryder looks like Gee only when it was tbp era :) I like...
  18. ....well forget paul i guess. oh well things gotta happen at some point. Ryder pisses me off with all of this. poor paul, or poor me i guess :*(. OH POOR GEE. because of that stupid ryder gee went back to cutting. this is soo sad
  19. @Killjoys Revenge- Will Ryder ever return home? You're just gonna have to wait and see:3 kfjhwekfjhwefrwekwl i thought of 3 cheers for sweet revenge while i wrote the last line:D here's the next update:3

    @bluestar050299- I know:D when i was trying to think of how to make Ryder's make over look, i realized i was making him look like Gerard from the black parade era :3

    @i want Party Poision- aww i'm sorry this story is sad.. fgkwjehfbwefweldfw and i'm sorry that Ryder and Paul aren't gonna work out. i didn't want to get rid of your character, but it works for the story -.- but Paul will come back in the story at some point. i'm not gonna say how or when or what it'll be like. but he'll just come back. and in this update we get to hear a little more about Gerard and his cutting...

    @all readers- okay guys, i hope you enjoy this kind of. i know it might be a little sad, but i pinkie swear to all of you that it will get better. sooo yeah, enjoy:3

    p.s.- oh my franking gerard i just realized how long this fuckin' update is. sorry if your eyes fall out from looking at your computer screen for too long. xoxo


    Chapter 38

    Gerard’s POV

    “Heeey Frankie, you okay?” I asked Frank as I rubbed his back. He looked up at me from the toilet.

    “Do I fuckin’ look okay to you?” he snapped. He made a weird look then vomited back into the toilet. He gagged on nothing then looked back at me.

    “And why you wearing long sleeves? It’s summer time.”

    “I’m kinda chilly.” I lied. He gave me a weird look.

    “So,” I said feeling kind of awkward. “Um, are you feeling a little better? Wanna brush your teeth and maybe take a nap?” He nodded then flushed the toilet and stood up.

    “I’m not feelin’ better,” Frank said as he put some toothpaste onto his tooth brush. He began brushing his teeth while looking at me in the mirror. “Not at all, I feel like shit.”

    Frank spit into the sink and began rinsing his mouth with water.

    “I’m not really tired though.” Frank said as he dried his mouth with a towel. I put my arms around his waist. He grabbed my hand.

    “Come on now, you are tired, I know you are.” I said as we started walking up the stairs.

    We laid down onto our bed, and Frank cuddled up next to me and I wrapped my arm around him. The arm. Frank laid his hand on my arm. It was so hard not to flinch or whimper in pain.

    “Gee? You okay?” Frank asked, his face was showing even more concern than usual.

    “Yeah..” I said. Your hand is just laying on my healing cuts ,Frankie, it’s okay. Everything’s fine.

    Frank sighed. “I miss Ryder...”

    “I know you do, I do too.” I moved the hair out of his face.

    “Do you think he hates me?...” I asked.

    “No, he doesn’t hate you, he’s just overwhelmed, that’s all.” I kept trying to blink the tears out of my eyes but some were able to escape.

    “Gerard, are you sure you're okay?” he asked again. And, you know what he did? He gave my arm a little squeeze, showing he was concerned. That hurt like fuck. And you know what I did? I accidently yelped when he did that. Then I grabbed my arm and turned away. Frank sat up a little, his face had even more concern.

    “I just miss Ryder!” I cried out. In a way it was a lie. Yes, it was true that I missed Ryder, but that wasn’t why I had yelped out in pain and why more tears were in my eyes.

    “No, it’s something else. Something else is bothering you.”

    “I’m fine Frankie, it doesn’t matter. I’m okay.” Frank grabbed onto my arm so I would turn over to face him. I yelped out again, and kind of screamed ow like a little child.

    Frank looked at my arm then back at me. “Did you hurt your arm and not wanna tell me?”

    “Um, I, uh..” I pulled my arm closer to myself.

    “Gerard if you get hurt you need to tell me. What if it’s serious? You might have to go to the doctor and get it checked out.” I wish it was like that..

    “It’s not that kind of injury...” I muttered and looked at the bedsheets.

    “What kind is it then?” I sighed.

    “Frank, there’s something else I never really told you...”

    “More secrets?” I saw his eyes begin to water. My heart felt like it was breaking.

    “Yeah, I, um, well, I’ll just show you...” I hesitantly lifted up my sleeve.

    “What happened?..” Did he really not know? Or did he just not want to believe what he was seeing?

    “I cut myself, Frank.” It hurt me just to admit it, but it was the truth.

    “..But why?”

    “That’s how I deal with things when I get upset...”

    “We should take you to a doctor, a therapist, then you can get help and-”

    “No! Um, I’m fine, really. I won’t do it again...”

    “You sure?..”

    “Yeah, I’m sure.”

    “Promise me.”

    “But I said-”

    “Promise me you won’t do it anymore Gerard!” Now tears were streaming down his face. I looked away.

    “I promise..” I glanced at him, he looked unconvinced.

    “Frank, I said I promised what else do you want?”

    And then, as if in every romantic story, he kissed me. And I was used to that, but it just seemed so random, I don’t know. But, I did kiss him back.

    Then he rolled on top of me. I pulled away. “Frank,” I said while trying to catch my breath. “I said we were gonna take a nap.” I slightly smiled.


    “No buts, now lets go to sleep.”

    “I want your butt.”

    “No tryin’ to seduce me either.” I said while giggling. Frank giggled and cuddled up to me and layed his head on my chest.

    “I love you.” he said. I felt his fingers gently lay down on my arm. I smiled.

    “I love you too.”

    I was happy to see Frankie showing some signs of somewhat happiness. It made me feel happy. I’m happy with the way Frank reacted to finding out about my cutting problem. Even though there were some tears involved, it turned out okay I guess. I pulled Frank closer to me, he didn’t move closer though. I peeked one of my eyes open, he was asleep. I smiled and closed my eyes. I knew he was tired.

    Ryder’s POV

    “Wait just a second,” Brayden said as we got to the top of the stairs. “We never went shopping!” he frowned.

    “Ah shit, sorry Brayden. Maybe we’ll go tomorrow or later or just on another day.” Jasper said.

    “Fine..” Brayden sighed. For a ten year old I was surprised he didn’t fight back. That’s usually what ten year olds do. Well, at least that’s what I did when I was that age. I fought to get my own way.

    I followed Jasper as he lead the way into all of the bedrooms. I don’t get it, all of these rooms were in a kind of good condition, so why didn’t they sleep in them?

    “Why don’t you guys sleep in these rooms? Like, live in this house like a normal house.” I asked.

    “I dunno,” Jasper shrugged. “We just all sticked to the living room.”

    I put my hands on my hips and smiled. “Well I think you should start treating this house like a house, I mean look! There’s perfectly good beds in these rooms,” I jumped onto the bed that was in the room we were in. “Well, they’re not perfect, they’re a little worn out and dusty,but with a little cleaning and organizing they’ll look fine.This whole house will look cool if we take the time to organize it.”

    “I call the room at the end of the hallway!!” Brayden squealed.

    “Why, because it’s the biggest room?” Sissy asked him with a grin. We all giggled.

    “Come on!” I said while jumping off of the bed. “Lets do it, let’s straighten up this house!” I got excited just thinking about it.

    “Really?” Jasper asked, he must have been surprised that I was serious. I nodded and smiled.

    “Yeah, let’s start now. Come on!” I started running out of the room, not really knowing where I was going. Then I headed for the living room and grabbed all of our bags of food. I ran out of the living room and saw the others just making their way down the stairs.

    I smiled. “These go in the kitcheeeeeen!!!” Then ran into the kitchen and started putting certain foods where I would put them at my old house. I ran back out and the others were still standing on the steps.

    I ran back into the living room and grabbed all of their books, including Brayden’s comic books. “These go,” I looked and spotted an old and small bookshelf sort of thing in the hallway that was in between the living room and kitchen. “Here.” I said and plopped them all there.

    When I ran back to the stairs I ran back like a chicken, causing the others to giggle and grin at me. “And I guess everything else would go in our bedrooms.”

    “I never had my own room.” Brayden said and clapped his hands together and smiled.

    “Then shall we go choose them?” I asked with a grin. Brayden was the first to bolt back up the stairs.

    “The biggest room! It’s mine!” I heard him shout. I smiled.

    “Nice little chicken walk back there.” Jasper said with a smile.

    “Thanks, I’ve practiced that walk my whole life.” I grinned.

    “Impressive.” he said while trying not to laugh. Then we reached the top of the stairs. Sissy was walking towards us from the end of the hall way with Brayden.

    “Guys,” she said. “We have a problem here. There’s not enough bedrooms for us all.”

    “Someone’s gonna have to share.” Brayden said. By now they were both looking to the ground and trying to hide their smiles, and I heard their muffled giggles.

    “I’m a girl, so I shouldn’t really be sharing a room with a boy..” Sissy said while continuing to smile.

    “And I don’t wanna share with anyone,” Brayden chimed in. “And I’m the youngest, and I never had my own room, and-”

    “Oh gee, I wonder whom these two people out of the four of us will be the ones sharing a room together.” I said while rolling my eyes and smiling, then I looked over at Jasper.

    He made a face, not an uncomfortable or disgusted face. It was a cute face. And he pointed at himself and talked like a girl. “I believe I’m one of them.” he said. I giggled and put my arm around him. “I think I’m the other one. We’re roommates my friend!” I said, also talking like a girl.

    Brayden squealed and spazzed, almost acting like a fangirl of a band. “You guys like each other! I know you do! I can tell.”

    My face began to get hot and I pulled my arm away from Jasper. “Come on guys! Lets go start putting stuff into our rooms!” I said while changing the subject, then started running down the stairs.

    ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

    Brayden’s POV

    I had finally gotten all of my junk into my new room. It took me a lot longer to clean off all the dust rather than get everything into the room. It was a pain in the neck, but it was worth it.

    My bedroom. I sorta spazzed a little. I just couldn't believe I finally had my own bedroom!

    I changed into my pajamas, they weren’t really pajamas. It was just an oversized shirt. I found it comfy. I remember when I had pajamas. Lots and lots of them. I took some from my old home and brought them here with me.

    I kinda missed my old home. I wonder if anyone missed me. I’ve been gone for about a year now. So maybe they missed me? I don’t know.

    The only one I really miss is my dog. His name was Panda. I felt a smile form on my face as I thought about him.

    He’s probably doing fine without me, at least I hope so. I crawled into bed and started having trouble falling asleep. I kinda missed the living room.

    Jasper’s POV

    “Are you gonna get in bed or not!?” I snapped at Sage. He wouldn’t get in bed and neither would I. We both had to sleep together on a twin sized bed. I can already feel my face start to get hot and Sage’s face was already red.

    “Why don’t you lay down first?!” he snapped back.

    “Why don’t you?!”

    “I don’t know..”

    “It’s not like I’m gonna rape you in the middle of the night or something!”

    “It’s just creepy..”

    “Why is it creepy? We’re just two guys sleeping with each other! What’s creepy about that?” I felt my face get hotter. I knew what was creepy about it. His face got redder.

    “I don’t know. I’m gay and it’ll just seem awkward.”

    “I’m gay too, but you don’t see me flippin’ out!”

    “You’re gay?”

    “Yeah...Why does it matter!?”

    “I don’t know. Now it’s even weirder...” I moaned in frustration. I understood what he meant, but I was really tired and I just wanted to go to sleep.

    “But it’s not a big deal! It’s not like we like each other!!!”

    “But-” Oh my god, I swear if he keeps going on and on about this.

    “Oh my fuckin’ god,” I stormed towards him on the other side of the room. His eyes got wider. I pushed him onto the wall then placed my lips quickly onto his and then quickly pulled away. It kinda hurt my mouth a little.

    “See?! It doesn’t matter!” I said through clenched teeth. His eyes got wider and his cheeks started to get even redder. I felt my face get hotter once I replayed in my head what I just did.

    “It’s fine,” I said and took a step away. I cleared my throat. “Can we just go to sleep now?..”

    “Sure..” he said then crawled into bed, I did the same. We were turned so we weren’t facing each other, there was a long silence.

    “Um, that didn’t mean anything. Uh, I was just trying to prove my point...” I muttered.

    “I, uh, got your point, I think. It’s cool, I get it.”

    “So, yeah, um, night.”

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    Oooooh, Ryder and Jasper kissed! They are both pretty funny together!!!
    Gerard cutting is bad, don't do it lol!
    I love Frankie and Gerard together! And Frank was cute when he wanted Gerards butt, that made me laugh XD
    I loved the update and can't wait for another :)
    Update wheneever you feel like it? xxx

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