This is a Good Mistake...right? (Frerard)

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    Ok, I'm now up to date on everything again!
    But i dunno how to comment on it...
    I have no words, I'm shocked but I love it.
  2. @Killjoys Revenge- Gah! I feel sorry for Ryder and Gerard as well, but it might be for the best for them. Hmm, is Ryder okay? Lets find out..

    @XOLauzzCHEM- Maybe there is deeper thoughts going on in Gerard's head. I don't think you're going to find out those deep thoughts (if there even are any) in this update. Maybe we might find out in the sequal?

    @Romeo's Chords- I think somebody wants a sequal ;D But before we even get to the sequal, we must finish this. Ready for the next update?

    @i want Party Poision- Iagree, poor Gerard. Yeah, Ryder did finally awake. Lets find out if he'll be able to explain what happend. D: you're gonna cry when you find out who died. Well, you're going to find out in this update, so here's some tissues.. *hands you a tissue box*

    @AdrenalineDisturbanz- What up Skipps! :D I'm glad you started to read this again! How have you been doing since school ended? I fuckin' miss you dude! Shit, that sucks that your computer broke. Hope you'll be able to get it fixed soon or get a new one. Oh yeah, I do still have to tell you how to get your fanfic on here xD I'll post a message on your profile page on here to explain everything to you. Hope you like this update:3

    @MyChemSioban- Ah, I love it when people are speechless! I always find it as the best reaction to something, you know? Whether you love or hate whatever it is that made you speechless, it's such an awesome reaction. Yeah, i know i'm weird *facepalms* lol, so ready for the next update?

    Alright guys, so I guess I'm doing a sequal! I've already been thinking up some ideas. But tha means this story is just about over. The next chapter after this one might be the last. I'm getting upset just thinking about it. I don't want this story to end! I fuckin' love you guys! And I'm sorry if when you're done reading this update you guys are all like 'WHAT THE FUCK?! WHY IS EVERYTHING SO SAD!?' then i'm sorry. maybe an imaginary cookie will chear you up?.. Okay, ready for the next chapter?...


    Chapter 47

    Ryder’s POV

    I really wish I never woke up, because when I did I felt like shit. My face was in pain, my arms, my legs, everything! And now my dad’s telling me some shit about therapy.

    “Ryder, I still don’t get why you never told me.” he said for the tenth time. I stayed silent and decide that the hospital ceiling was more interesting than our conversation.

    “Did you know about this?” my dad whispered to Gerard, referring to my cuts. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Gerard shake his head. Liar, as always. Nothing changed since I returned. Maybe that little white room was a better place for me.

    One of my cheeks on my face began to throb more, I’m guessing that’s where that guy punched me during the fight. I hissed, in pain, then rubbed my face.

    “Is it your cheek? Do you want to put an ice pack on it?” my dad asked, completely ignoring the cutting conversation with Gerard.

    “Yeah, I guess so.” I muttered back. My dad went into some mini freezer and pulled out an ice pack then handed it to me.

    “Ry, do you remember what happened in that fight you had?” he asked slowly and somewhat awkwardly. As if he was trying to avoid that question.

    I gently put the ice pack on my face. The freezing cold felt good, but my face still felt like shit.

    “Yeah, some guys started trouble with me and my friends, one of them had a knife and they tried hurting Jasper. So, I punched one of them in the face, and then one of those guys punched me in the face, and I think Brayden and Sissy were trying to help, but once I got hit, everything went all black and shit.”

    There was a long pause. It looked like my dad or Gerard were about to open their mouths to say something, but they didn’t, so I decided to speak. It was about time I tell them about Jasper. I hope they wouldn’t be too mad at me for basically leaving Paul and immediately getting another boyfriend during my whole run away trip. Fuck, they’re gonna be pissed.

    “Guys, when I ran away, I kinda...sorta...” I mumbled, my face starting to get hot. I couldn’t even finish my sentence, I was too nervous. First my dad finds out both me and Gerard have been cutting, and they’re both still pissed at me for running away in the first place, and now I have to explain to them that I have a new boyfriend and I completely kicked Paul out of the picture.

    “R-Ryder-” my dad said, taking me away from my thoughts.

    I looked into his eyes and automatically felt a bad feeling in my something. He’s got bad news for me, I just know it. Probably something like Instead of therapy you’re going to an insane asylum or Me and Gerard are breaking up or maybe even something completely fucked up like Gerard isn’t your real dad. I shivered, that last thought scared me to death.

    “One of your friends d-d-died from that fight.” he said so softly that it was hard to hear.

    I stayed silent, and just stared at them. I didn’t have enough energy to even ask who it was. Jasper, it’s Jasper. He’s dead. The voice in my head chimed in. I could hear the beeping on my heart moniter get louder and faster. He’s dead. I wanted to prove my thoughts wrong, so I got up and started limping towards the door.

    “Ryder, you need to stay here.” Gerard said as he grabbed my arm and tugged on my sleeve to get me back into my bed.

    “I need to go find Jasper.” I said with no emotion.


    “Fuck off!” I tried opening the door by it’s handle but failed, then gave the door a punch.

    I leaned my forehead on the door, trying to calm down and attempt to ignore all the thoughts that were floating around in my head.

    “Come on, lay back down.” my dad said while gently hugging my arm and bringing me back over towards my bed. I shoved him off then crawled into bed.

    The room got really quiet. I could almost sense the sympathy in the room. I knew they were both waiting for me to break down and cry so they could comfort me, but that wasn’t going to happen. I didn’t want them in the room when that would happen. All I want is some time to myself. I don’t want to talk to anyone, and I don’t want to see anyone.

    I began dragging myself back to my bed, keeping my eyes focussed on the floor.

    “Do you want a cup of water or something?..” my dad asked. I shook my head no, and layed my head back onto the pillow, then just stared at the ceiling.

    “We talked to your other friends and they said your friend’s name was Jasper?” my dad asked. I glanced at him, then focussed back onto the ceiling. I already knew what he was going to say.

    “They said that you guys were all friends. The one girl said you and Jasper were more than friends?..” I felt my face get hot.

    “Fuck off...” I muttered. This was starting to be my favorite thing to say.

    Seconds, then minutes began to pass. I heard my dad whisper to Gerard about going to get something to eat across the street, Gerard agreed. Before they left Gerard walked over to the end of my bed.

    “I know how you feel, Ryder. When my grandma died-”

    “No. Don’t even give me that shit,” I snapped back. “Don’t tell me that you understand or have dealt with death before, I don’t wanna hear it!”

    Gerard gave me a look of sympathy, shock, and a little anger. I felt bad about saying that about his grandma. I knew what she meant to him, I just don’t want people trying to make me feel better. I can heal on my own...

    They mumbled their goodbyes then walked out the door.

    Aubrey’s POV

    My eyes opened and I knew it was morning, at least that’s what I assumed. I hoped I would sleep during the whole night after the fucked up day I had yesterday.

    I checked my cell phone and saw that it was just about 11:30 a.m. I also saw a few missed calls, they were all from my dad. I checked them and noticed they were all recently. He actually left one voice mail.

    I glanced over at Miko who was sleeping on my bed besides me. Once I finally got to go in Ryder’s room yesterday at the hospital, my dad told me to go home. I didn’t want to, but I realized it was for the best. I really needed some rest. I got up slowly, trying to be quiet so Miko wouldn’t hear me. I wanted to go in another room to listen to my dad’s voice message, so Miko could continue to sleep.

    Once I got out of my bedroom I ran/ tiptoed down the hall and down the stairs and hopped onto my living room couch. Then I let the voice message play.

    Hey Aubrey. Ryder recently woke up but he’s not in a good mood at all. So don’t start rushing to the hospital and try to see him. Can you just wait until he gets home, jellybean? There was a pause and I heard Gerard yawn in the background.

    One of his friends died, or I guess boyfriend, I don’t know. He sighed.

    But hopefully Ryder will be allowed home today, since he’s awake now. I really don’t even know about that though. There’s a lot of shit going on. Apparently, Ryder and Gerard have to go to therapy because they cut themselves. I hope you weren’t aware of that before I was.

    I felt myself tremble a little once he said that. I did know, but Ryder promised me he would never do it again.

    And Ryder might wanna go to his friend’s funeral. So that means I have to figure out when that is. So, I think me and Gerard will be home around...three, five, seven o’clock the latest. And if Ryder can leave today, then he’ll be with us too. Love you.

    Throughout the whole time I listened to this, it sounded kind of fuzzy. Maybe they were walking? I put away my phone and slumped down onto the couch with so many thoughts in my head.

    I didn’t have time to start really thinking about things though, because Miko started walking down the stairs.

    “Why you down here?” he yawned and sat down next to me.

    “I got a voice message from my dad, and I didn’t want to wake you so I just came down here.” Miko nodded then snuggled into me.

    “Was it bad news?”

    “Yeah, I guess so. Everything in my life is bad news.”

    Miko kissed my cheek, and I held one of his hands.

    “Can I make you feel better in any sort of way?” he asked. I smiled, he was just too perfect, even though he could be really weird at times.

    “Can we just sit here and do nothing all day?” I asked him with a slight smile. He smiled back and nodded.

    Frank’s POV

    I hung up my cell phone and put it back in my jeans pocket. I watched Gerard awkwardly trying to hide his wrists. Probably scared that strangers will notice and look at them.

    “Want my hoodie?” I asked him. He gave me a weird look.

    “Why would I want it?”

    “It will cover up your wrists.” He frowned but accepted the offer.

    “So, where do you wanna go eat?” he asked, while pulling the hoodie over his head.

    “To tell you the truth, I’m not that hungry. You can get something to eat if you want.”

    “You haven't eaten in little over a day. You gotta eat something.” I shook my head.

    “You gotta want something.” he said.

    “A cigarette.” I grinned.

    “Me too.” he said then we turned into an ally and sat down up against the wall. I pulled out two cancer sticks and handed one to Gerard. Then, pulled out a lighter and lit his, then mine.

    “Gerard,” I said after I exhaled smoke. “Can you just fuckin’ put a gun to my head and shoot me?” I asked in a serious tone, and I could tell it scared him.

    “I would never do that to you..” he muttered then scooted closer to me. I inhaled and exhaled smoke quickly while shaking my head, then quickly spoke again.

    “No, no, no I didn’t ask if you would. I asked in a sort of will you do the honors? sort of way.”

    “Then I guess I would have to say no to that too, Frankie. Unless you could somehow shoot me too?”

    “Yeah, we could, like, each have our own gun, hold it to one another’s head and then BAM! Pull the trigger!” I giggled and looked at Gerard who looked really frightened. I gave him a little shove on his arm.

    “I’m kidding, Gee,” I said while reaching for his empty hand. Our fingers intertwined. “I’m just sick of all this shit. I wouldn’t really do that.”

    “Maybe we should all have therapy, Frankie.” he said timidly.

    “Pfft, I don’t need therapy!” I looked back at Gerard. He was giving me an ‘Don’t lie to me’ kind of face.

    “I don’t want therapy...” I admitted.

    “Neither do I, but I think it’s for the best. It might make you feel a little better.”

    “Couldn’t I just talk to you about my problems?..”

    “Well, yeah, I mean, it’s not like I don’t want you to not tell me! But, I just think that we both need professionals.” I nodded.

    “And we can’t be eachothers, like, therapists to rely on,” he went on. “Because whenever we do end up trying to talk to each other about our problems, one of us ends up crying, them someone starts kissing someone, and then before you know it you’re tugging at my belt and are all like ‘Oh, Gee get these pants off!’ and then-” I giggled then started kicking Gerard’s feet.

    “Why are you laughing? It’s true!” he said with a grin.

    “Whatever.” I giggled, then put out my cigarette. I stood up and wiped dirt off my pants.

    “Congratulations Gerard Arthur Way! You made me smile and laugh, all in one day,” I said while helping him up. “How do you feel?” I pretend to hold up a microphone towards him.

    “Sexy!” he said while making a funny face, I giggled.

    For a few moments, I forgot about all of my problems.
  3. I knew who died!!!!!!!!! Ya know i thought i was going to but, i actually didnt. Hmm im such a messed up person. Ryders being a little dick and needs some sense slapped back into him on his bad cheek. He should respect gerard more. Poor gee. Loved the little scene with frankie and gee in the end :)
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    Fuck, I knew it had to be Jasper.... Damn girl! Lol
    Ryder, don't be a twit! They are helping! And don't get snappy with Gee -.-
    I have a feeling something is going to happen... I always have that feeling! It's great because you surprise me!
    Damn, nearly over... In kinda sad, this is one of my favorite fics, it's amazIng!!
    But we have a Sequal to love!! I seriously can't wait!
    I loved this chapter, I can not wait for more!
    Update whenever you feel like it? Xx
  5. *claps* amazing update! And yeah dude, I miss you too. I've pretty much been chillin' out through out the summer so far.

    Ryder stop being such a bitchy, douchey, meany! I don't know, I can't think of anything good lol. Man, I did have a bad feeling Jasper died but I didn't wanna believe it! When Frankie said: “We talked to your other friends and they said your friend’s name was Jasper?” I was like that slow motion NOOOOOOOOOOOO like in tv shows when something important is falling and about to shatter! Yeah I was like that. AnywhOoooo, the parts with Aubrey and Miko / and With Frankie and Gerard were very cute! Awesome job dude :)

    P.s. thanks for explaining how to put my fanfic up :) it should be up as soon as I get my computer back and understand your instructions xD
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    Oh god no!!! D:
    I asked you nicely to not kill him!!D:
    But yes I DO want a sequel very much so!:3
    I can see a very moody Ryder in the making:eek:
    Aww I'm so glad Gee made him smile! They're so fucking CUTE! xD
    LOVED the update!:D
  7. @Readers- Hi guys. I'm really, really, really sorry that this took me forever to update. I kept re-writing this chapter, like five times and I kinda got lazy with writing. And then I got the computer taken away from me, and then I got a computer game so that's all I played once I got the computer back, and now I finally got to write it. And, I'm sorry this is so short. Guys, this is the last chapter. I'm sorry if it seems shitty, but this is all I could come up with. This is the only chapter that I wrote tha felt right, in a way. Okay, and guys?.. How do I get this story into he completed fanfiction? I have no idea how.


    Chapter 48

    Ryder’s POV

    “And how long has it been since your boyfriend’s funeral?” my therapist asked me. She tilted her head a little to the side and took on a serious expression. A pen was in her hand and a little booklet was placed in her lap, she was all ready and set to write down every single one of my problems. Awesome.

    “About a week.” I responded while picking at the fading black nail polish on one of my thumbs.

    “And how have you been since then? Have you been trying to find ways to deal with your loss at all?” I shrugged.

    “Eh, I cry a lot if that counts..” She took a moment to scribble down some notes and then quickly turned her attention back onto me.

    “Crying is a natural result to something like this. Have you done any self harming?”

    “There was nothing to harm myself with.”

    “Are you saying that if there was something that was able to harm you, then you would have self harmed?”

    “Mhm.” She took a whole bunch of notes then looked back up at me.

    “I'm very glad you’re being honest with me, Ryder. It takes a lot to tell the truth.” I rolled my eyes then leaned back onto the yellow couch that I sat on.

    “Do you disagree with what I just said? What thoughts are going through your head right now?”


    “Okay, why does Gerard come to your mind?”

    “I don’t know, I guess it’s because everything he says is a lie.”

    “What are some examples?”

    “Uh, he lied about not knowing my dad. He knew my dad and basically used me and Aubrey to get to him. And he lied to my dad about him hurting himself!”

    “But, Ryder, you did the same thing. You lied to your dad too. You never told him about harming yourself.”

    “He never asked.” My therapist side and scribbled down some notes.

    “Have you been taking your anti-depressants?”


    “That’s good,” she smiled slightly, then looked down at her wristwatch and back at me. “Okay, time's up for today. I’ll see you next Tuesday?” I nodded then walked out the door where I saw Gerard sitting on a chair waiting for me.

    “Hey, Ry. Do you wanna go get something to eat. We can if you’d like.” I shook my head.

    Gerard looked a little disappointed at my response, but we headed straight home. When I started walking to my room he called my name from down stairs.

    “Ryder, there’s some leftover sloppy joe in the fridge if you want it.” I made a weird face a made a sound that basically sounded like ‘yuck’ then continued to my room, but I didn’t stay in my room. I crawled out of my window and onto the roof. I needed my thinking spot.

    I rubbed my eyes and just let my thoughts wonder. Most of my thoughts were mainly focussed on Jasper. They were mainly daydreaming thoughts and what if thoughts. I could almost feel them eating me away on the inside.

    I hated who I was becoming. I didn’t like this brand new fucked up Ryder Iero. I’m a depressed, suicidal, gay, punk, no-mother,lying, whiny, little, emo, ******, and I just hate it. I can’t stand looking in the mirror anymore.

    I crawled over to the very end of the roof and looked down at my backyard. The thought of jumping face first crept up on me, but I ignored it.

    I sighed and crawled back into my bedroom window and laid in the corner of my room. In my mind I kept replaying the one and only time me and Jasper had sex. I know I seem like a perv for thinking that, but I couldn’t get it off my mind.

    “I see you like my ass..” I purred into his ear, and couldn't help but grin. Jasper rolled on top of me, putting my hands above my head.

    “Just a little.” he smirked.

    I felt a smile form on my face and I chuckled to myself. But that smile quickly turned to a frown and I started sobbing. I pulled myself up onto my knees and started to crawl over to my shoebox where I keep all my money. I opened it up and dug around for my hidden razor, then began adding more scars to my wrist.

    I really do hate who I’d become.
  8. Ryder noooo! Aw man, don't do anything bad! Where's Aubrey when I need her!? Gah! I'm freaking out! Okay I think Im done. Great LAST chapter, I think. There is gonna be a sequel anyway so.... Yeah lol. Sorry I didn't give a whole speech like I usually do, my brother through candy at the back of my head to wake me up this morning so I'm not that awake still. But anyway, great job dude :)
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    Ryder! Nooo! You supposed to get better!! But then that would be to easy...

    I thought that was a great way to end it!
    I loved this story and I am going to miss it!!! But there is going to be a sequal! I can not wait for it! I will be waiting impatiently for it!
    They way you started and ended this story, was great! You wrote some twists that I wasn't going to expect! You are a good writer!
    I can't wait for the next! :D
    You got me spazzing about this story!

    And to move it to the Finished, you just have to message a moderator says that you have finnished, put a link of the story with it as well :)

    ]Love this story! xxx
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    Ryder! Nooo! You supposed to get better!! But then that would be to easy...

    I thought that was a great way to end it!
    I loved this story and I am going to miss it!!! But there is going to be a sequal! I can not wait for it! I will be waiting impatiently for it!
    They way you started and ended this story, was great! You wrote some twists that I wasn't going to expect! You are a good writer!
    I can't wait for the next! :D
    You got me spazzing about this story!

    And to move it to the Finished, you just have to message a moderator says that you have finnished, put a link of the story with it as well :)

    ]Love this story! xxx
  11. Oh Ryders soul is so fricken depressing its hard to read. Losing someone this close to you...i can only imagine, how it feels...
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    Hi... Um, remember me? I kinda got left behind around page 18...

    And um... Was it your mission to make me cry?! Yes? Well, you succeeded. The ending wasn't shitty at all and i just have a feeling of guilt for Ryder 'cause Jasper/Eliot died!! :'( and i really hope Ruder kicks his cutting habit cos its bad for him!! And Gerard too!! Damn they all need help... Wow i just mentally hit myself for saying that :-/ but its true! And i just feel sorry for Aubrey, and everyone getting help. And what abiut Sissy and the ten year old dude who i've just forgotton his name cos i am an idiot! What if they all meet up and decide run away again!! :'( Wow.

    Just thought i'd say i love this and i can't wait for the sequel! :)
  13. Guys, I'm sorry but I'm not making a whole long sequel. I really did try to think of something, but I couldn't think of anything. For the past week or so I've tried to start a beginning for the sequel, but I wasn't liking any of them. I'm sorry, but I did at least make a One-Shot sequel:

    And I'm starting to come up with another idea for a completely different fanfiction. I'm sorry if any of you are mad or upset, but I really did try.


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