This is a Good Mistake...right? (Frerard)

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    Oh fuck.
    This could go either way at this point.
  2. HMF! about time someone found him!! little brat causing so much grief!!! cant wait to see how this shit goes DOOOWN!!!
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    Yes I did cry but it's okay that means it's good right?:3
    Nope it didn't, it made me sort of screech from the fact Aubrey knows it's Ryder!!
    Awesome update as always!:D
  4. Chapter 44

    Ryder’s POV

    It was weird, one moment I was...huh, actually, I don’t really remember. But anyway, now I’m in this weird place. It’s just this big, neverending white room and my thoughts just echo around in it. And sometimes, I hear other things...

    I keep hearing these vague voices. I don’t know who they belong to. I only hear them for a brief moment, and sometimes I can barely understand what it is they are saying.

    “She knows him...”

    “...Get him to room C-7.”


    “Contact the rest of his family...”

    All the words sound like they’re being fast forward, it scares me. I sat down and lent my head up against one of the neverending white walls. Why was I hear? Why can’t I remember anything?!

    “...We did our best, but unfortunately, we just couldn’t save him”

    Maybe...I'm dead.


    Sorry for the short update. But I really wanted to add a cliffhanger. Gah! Please don't hate me!
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    Shit, who died? I really don't think it's Ryder.
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    DON'T DO THIS!!!D:
    Can I just add I don't usually read Fanfics unless they've been completed, because I really hate waiting for updates, but this? Is totally worth waiting for! I love this story!xD
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    Loved le short update anyway! But still NOOOOO
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    I'm calm...
    I hope Ryder is okay, I think he is.... But you never know...
    UPDATE whenever you can? I shall be waiting on the edge of my seat, ready for anythig.... Probably going to spazz a wee bit..
    I loved the update! Fucking epic!
  10. @XOLauzzCHEM- You'll find out who died soon! But not in this chapter! :no: Hey! Is that you in your avatar picture?! You're very pretty! I love your hair! :)

    @Romeo's Chords- Awww :$: Thanks! That means so much to me! Ready for the next update?..

    @i want Party Poision- :>_<: GAH! I agree! Ready for another chapter?

    @MyChemSioban- fjhkwefwdbk,as !! SORRY DUDE! ready for another update?..

    @Killjoys Revenge- Thanks! I can't really say who's dead yet... hmmmm, maybe we'll find that out in the next chapter.. Ya ready for another update?


    Chapter 45

    Gerard’s POV

    I was just watching tv, by myself (Frankie was out working) when I got one of the worst phone calls of my life.

    “Hello?” I asked.

    “Gerard, I mean, dad. It’s R-Ryder! They found him! I found him! He’s hurt, oh god, there’s blood. Dad! We gotta go to the hospital!” I struggled trying to decode Aubrey’s words. It was hard to understand the words she was crying out into the phone.

    “Aubrey, what’s going on? I can’t really hear you.” I tried to speak over her. The phone made a shuffling sound, as if the phone was being moved.

    “Gerard? This is Miko.” I sighed in relief. Somebody I can understand.

    “Yeah, hi Miko. Can you tell me what going on.” I slowly walked back and forth in the living room, every now and then I would look out the front window, nervously.

    “Um, we kinda found Ryder, but, um, he got into a fight and now he’s hurt... It’s kind of a long story and we aren’t even sure what really happened.”

    “Oh shit, okay, so are you guys going to a hospital now?” I asked while running upstairs to get properly dressed.

    “Yeah, the cops and people are loading Ryder and the other kids in the ambulance right now. My parents are gonna give me and Aubrey a ride there, if that’s okay.”

    I pulled my shirt over my head, and slipped on my shoes, then began running back down the stairs. “Mmhmm, that’s fine, Miko. Are you sure you’ll be okay with Aubrey though?”

    What if he couldn’t deal with her. Hearing how she was on the phone, told me she was just gonna be worse in person.

    “Don’t worry, I think I can handle her.” He’s such a good kid.

    “Thanks, Miko. I’m leaving now.” I heard Miko hang up his phone, then I did the same.

    I grabbed my keys, and almost tripped as I ran out the door. How was I going to tell Frankie? I shook that thought out of my head, then continued to my car.

    Luckily traffic wasn’t that bad. It didn’t take me too long to get to the hospital. I hopped out of the car, ready to run into the hospital.

    “Sir,that’s a handicap parking space, you can’t park there.” I turned to where the voice was coming from and saw a woman in a police uniform.

    “Can I move it later? I really need to go-”

    “Sir, it needs to be done now.” I cursed to myself as I got back into my car and chose a different parking spot. This parking spot was even farther away. Fuck.

    I got out, slamming my door a little. The cop gave me and smile and I nodded back, annoyed. Our paths met, and she began somewhat walking with me.

    “Is your wife having a baby? Is that why you're in a rush?” I shook my head no, but she must have not noticed me because she kept talking.

    “You should never miss that moment when your baby is born, my husband missed it when I had ours,” she chuckled to herself. “Let’s just say I wasn’t too happy.”

    “MmHmm.” I said, more annoyed trying again to give her a hint to go away.

    “It was awful, I had no one there with me, only my mom, and she wasn’t a help. And then, when I did have the kid my husband was always working, I had to go and do everything by myself! My husband probably couldn’t tell you what our daughter’s first word was or when she even started walking.”

    I finally got to the hospital door, and paused. Last time I was here was because I cut myself and I had lost too much blood. I got chills just thinking about it.

    “What’s wrong with you, hon? Got sick or something?” The officer asked.

    “Kind of.” I mumbled. I took a couple breaths then walked inside and to the front counter.

    “Um, what room is Ryder Iero in?” I asked the lady at the counter. Her eyes slowly met mine. She gave me a funny look, I don’t know if it was because of my bright red hair, but I wasn’t in the mood for this.
    “Are you one of his parents?” she asked. I replied with a nod. Then she began typing things in her computer and looked back at me.

    “He’s in room C-7.” she said.

    “Um, what floor is that on?..” I asked looking around at the many hallways, doors, and staircases. She sighed, annoyed. Sorry lady but I don’t know this hospital like you do!

    “It’s on the third floor and the door should be on your left, and the sign should say C-7.”

    “Thanks.” I said before taking off.

    The trip to the room even took long! I went in an elevator and people kept coming on and getting off. This is another reason why I hate hospitals! And then there was walking in a big empty hallway by myself. That gave me the creeps!

    I got off the elevator and started reading the numbers on the doors. I stopped when I found C-7. Finally. I opened the door and saw Ryder laying in his hospital bed.

    I ran my fingers through my hair and slowly walked over, leaving the door ajar. There was a big purple bruise underneath Ryder’s right eye and his lip had dry blood on it, it must have been bleeding. His hair was that really bleached blonde, just like it was when I caught him in the house the other day. Shit.

    If I stopped him, and kept him home, then none of this would have happened. I rubbed my face in frustration.

    “Sorry, Ry..” I mumbled to myself. I heard the door creek open a little. I quickly turned my head and saw a nurse.

    “Hi,” she began while walking into the room more. “Is it okay if these kids come in too? They say they know him. They’re family.” I nodded, knowing it was Aubrey and Miko.

    And sure enough, it was them. Aubrey looked terrible. I told her that she was going to go home and rest. And of course, she asked if Miko could go with her. Once they eventually left, I was there by myself once again.

    I laid on one of the uncomfortable chairs and dozed off every now and then.

    “Hey,” said a voice. “How long have you been here?” I mumbled a response. I wasn’t really sure if I was awake or sleeping, so I didn’t care. Then I felt something move down my cheek. A hand, maybe? Then, everything was black, but it still didn’t feel like I was sleeping. I jolted awake this time.

    The room appeared to be a little darker, and Ryder was still asleep. But this time, Frank was sitting in the chair next to me, asleep. I smiled then tried to get a hold of his hand. I closed my eyes again, hoping I would fall back asleep.
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    Okay good he's not dead. Yet at least.
    Poor everyone, especially Gerard. He shouldn't really be blaming himself.

    & yeah it is me in my avatar. :$: Thank you so much. :wub:
  12. Hmm....wonder who died? I knew it wasnt Ryder because that would force some of us to come and stalk you down then MAKE YOU CHANGE IT MUAHAHAHAAAAAA
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    I beg you not to make Ryder or Jasper/Elliot be dead like pretty please? That would be horrible! But not the 10 year old! But not Sissy either! *chants* LET THEM LIVE! LET THEM LIVE!
    Yet again another awesome update!xD
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    Always ready for an update!
    Now I am extremely Curious to who had died . . . So if its not Ryder... WHO IS IT?
    Lol, yet another fantastic update! I love this storyline!
    I can't wait for another update, I loved this one!
    Update whenever you feel like it? x
  15. Hey guys! Sorry if this chapter is shitty, I had some trouble writing it :S But anyway, I think this story is going to almost be over. And I've been having some ideas for a sequal, but that's only if you guys want me to write one ;)
    Hope you guys like this update!


    Chapter 46

    Ryder's POV

    After awhile, I started getting annoyed of this white room, so I started searching for an exit. I already came to the conclusion that I had to be sleeping, so that meant the only exit was waking up. But how?

    I tried pinching myself several times, slamming my head against the wall, tackling the ground, I even bit my arm once, but nothing worked.

    Every now and then I would slam my fists against the wall, hoping that I would fine some sort of door or maybe a portal?.. I don’t know, I never really had a dream or nightmare like this, I usually just wake up!

    “Please wake up...” said a voice. That’s another thing, the voices still never stopped.

    “I’m trying!” my thoughts echoed back. I knew they couldn’t hear me, but I was just trying to occupy myself.

    This whole oddness with this white room and everything kind of reminded me of Alice In Wonderland. Ha, Ryder In Wonderland. I smiled to myself, which I didn’t think was possible.

    “Are these cuts recent?...” said a voice. I wondered if they were talking about me. I looked down at my wrists and noticed that all my cuts were bleeding. I yelped and stumbled backwards, falling right onto my ass. The blood was getting all over the room. My breathing got heavy and I tried pushing down on the wounds to stop the bleeding.

    “Please stop this.” my thoughts echoed as I held my eyes shut while biting my lip. I opened my eyes and all the blood was gone. I sighed in relief and put my face in my hands.

    Then, everything felt different. I almost felt calmer, or even more relief. I looked up and noticed a door. I knew that this was all in my mind, so I kind of made myself focus on waking up. I got up and walked towards the door.

    “Wake up, wake up, wake up.” my thoughts echoed. I grabbed the door knob and started to turn it.

    Frank’s POV

    “He’s going to need help.” The doctor rambled on, trying to tell me what I already knew.

    I took a quick moment to glance through the little door window to see Gerard sleeping on one of the chairs in Ryder’s room.

    “The nurse examined his wrists, Mr. Iero. She knows what she saw. Those cuts were all self inflicted and some of them were fresh and healing, they’re recent, Mr. Iero.”

    I looked back through the window and watched Gerard sleep. He came to the hospital in a t-shirt, exposing his wrists. When we were both asleep, one of the nurses came into the room to check on Ryder, she noticed that Gerard had cuts all over. They were self-inflicted...

    The doctor sighed and rubbed his forehead. “Mr. Iero, the nurse also found some cuts on your son...” I looked over at the doctor.

    “R-Ryder would never do that.” I said, my voice cracking.

    “But he did,” the doctor continued. “There’s a lot of them, and they’re pretty recent.”

    “I wouldn’t let him do that. H-He wouldn’t, I’ve always kept my eyes on him, and so has Aubrey-”

    “I know this is a lot to take in, but it’s the truth, and they’re both going to need therapy.” Tears started falling out of my eyes, and I started to wail. The doctor sighed and began walking away, and I tried covering my mouth, trying to stay quiet.

    “Frankie?” I automatically knew who that voice belonged to. I turned around and saw Gerard looking at me, worried. I quickly tried to hide my tears.

    I pushed us both back into Ryder's room and closed the door.

    "What's wrong?" he asked.

    "You never told me you cut yourself!" I whispered, a little angry.

    "Well, um, I, iit's because I havn't done it in a long time and I-" I grabbed his wrists and showed him what he already knew.

    "These cuts are still healing, Gerard! Why would you do this?! Do you wanna die?!" He pulled himself away from me.

    "Frankie stop!" Tears were streaming down his face. "I-I do it to make myself feel better, you just don't understand.."

    "You could have told me.." I whispered and looked down at my feet. My vison began to get blury, then I watch tears fall onto my sneakers. I was disgusted at myself for yelling at Gee. Now he has a reason to hate me..

    I heard Gerard's footsteps come closer to me, and I sort of wobbled away, but he grabbed my hand then kissed me on the cheek.

    "I'm sorry.." I said.

    "It's okay."

    Out of the corner of my eye I saw Ryder move. I turned and his eyes were open, and he was blinking.

    "What did I miss?" he asked in a low and weak voice. I sighed in relief, he's alright, for now.
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    If you want? I would freakin love one!
    Nearly over? Damn, I will miss it! Its one of the best! And I love this story to bits!
    -Back to the update-
    I loved it!
    But shit! Gerard and Ryder in therapy? I feel sorry for them... Quit cutting!
    But is he okay?
    Damn you leave me hanging, really eager to know what happens next!
    Have to say it again, I LOVED THE UPDATE!
    Update whenever you feel like it?
    I will be waiting :) x
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    I vote sequel.
    I'm glad Ryder's okay, I'm actually really worried about Gerard though. I feel Luke there's something deeper going on inside his head.

    Can't wait for the next update.
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  19. poor gee :( soo happy ryder is finally awake now he can explain. but who died?!?!?!?! i bet im gonna cry when i find out :*(

    Edit: oh and i vote for a sequel
  20. Oh my gob dude! I missed SOOOOO MANY updates! I was on like chapter 7 the last time I read this! I was like 'I should start reading this again.' so I did in the morning yesterday and ignored everything because I had to read A LOT! But yesterday I went to my nana's house, which is where my uncle thats younger than me that I told you about before. So, I was over there reading, ignoring everyone. Then thats when my uncle and my little brother decide to take my phone while I'm reading because I stopped playing hide and seek with them. So I had to chase them for it and ended not finishing reading the whole thing yesterday and I was like :swear: but I just finished today and its fuckin' awesome! I can't wait for the next update! But I'm also sad its gonna come to an end soon :\ but I do have to say that I did spazz when I saw the word 'sequeal' please do anytime. And if you're wondering why I haven't shown you my latest fan fiction update is because my computer broke -_____- so I'm awaiting to get a new one/ have that one get fixed. I really hope it gets fixed so I don't lose any of the chapter I was writing. But anyway, this story is awesome and I love it! See you soon dude!

    ~ Skipps

    P.s. you still need to show me how to put my fan fiction on here ;)

    Okay now I'm done talking riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight now. K bye :)

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