This is a Good Mistake...right? (Frerard)

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    Awww I loved that! I loved Ryder n' Jasper arguing about who should get into bed first then they kissed! :eek:
    I bet they both really liked it n' it did mean something!!
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    Hey, new reader... well not really but new commenter:)
    Wow, this is really...something, I don't know how to describe it, it's just SO GOOD!
    Every time I'm waiting for an update I get all fidgety wondering what's going to happen and usually I would wait until the story is completed to continue but I read the first chapter of yours by accident and I HAD TO GO ON!
    So yeah keep it up it's awesome, more soon?:D
  3. 2 months later...

    Chapter 39

    Aubrey’s POV

    “Okay class please open to page 54 in your textbook. And then will start with questions-” my new teacher rambled on. I yawned and did what I was told, just like the rest of the class. Oh, and yes, it was a brand new school year.

    Do I really need to go into detail with what happened during all that? Writing, answering, blah, blah, blah, you get the picture.

    Once the bell rang I hopped out of my seat. The teacher said something to me about Ryder. She felt so bad for my whole family and shit. Whatever, I don’t really want her sympathy.

    When I walked out into the hallway I felt a pair of arms wrap around me from behind and pull me close. “Hello Miko.” I said with a smile.

    “Hello Aubrey.” he replied as he kissed my neck.

    “Keep your hands to yourself.” A teacher growled from behind. Miko put his hands up in defeat and stood by my side instead.

    “So, any plans after school today?” he asked me as we approached my locker.

    “Nope.” I replied, while opening my locker and putting all my books away.

    “Well, I’m going over my cousin’s house this weekend, and I was wondering if you wanted to come.”

    “I would love to,” I slipped on my backpack then locked my locker. “I just would need to ask my parents if it’s okay.” Miko nodded.

    “How your parents doing, havn’t seen them in a while ever know.” Ever since Ryder had left.

    “Fine, they’re doing okay. Um, do you have any homework?”

    “Yeah,” we walked out of the school. “Not too much. I’ll finish everything I have before we leave. How bout you?”

    “No, luckily I have no homework.” He smiled at me as we crossed to street into the parking lot. I spotted my newest dad in the car tapping his fingers on the steering wheel to some song.

    “Alright,” I said while opening my arms. Miko pulled me into a hug. “I’ll call or text you later to tell you if I can go or not.”

    “Okay. Love you.”

    “Love you too.” I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek then made my way off to my car.

    “Hey Dad.” I said as I got into the car. My stomach felt funny as I addressed Gerard as my dad. But, I needed to get used to it. It’s been a couple of months now since I’ve known. My dad started backing up the car and we began to drive away from the school.

    “Hey,” he replied. “Frank, I mean, dad’s at work so did you wanna do something? We could go to the store or we can order some food for dinner or something.”

    This is the only confusing thing about this. I have to call two people dad. Confusion!

    “Um, I was actually hoping I could go with Miko to his cousin’s house for the weekend.” I bit my lip nervously.

    “Yeah, I’m okay with that, but you need to ask dad first, just to make sure.” I nodded. We pulled into our driveway and me and dad existed the car.

    “I think I’m gonna practice my bass a little while I wait for dad to get home.” I walked up the porch and waited for dad to open the door.

    “That sounds like a good idea,” he said as he unlocked the door. “The more your practice, the better you’ll get.” We both walked into the house. I dropped my backpack onto the floor and kicked my shoes off. I saw dad go into the kitchen. I heard the refrigerator door open.

    “Do you think he might come home soon?” dad asked. I really didn’t want to have these kind of conversations again.

    “I don’t know, maybe..” I muttered as I grabbed my bass and sat down onto the couch. I began to play random notes. Dad entered the living room holding a can of soda in his hand.

    “I hope he does..” I nodded, I wasn’t really paying attention though. I was in la la land. I heard the ringing of a cell phone, it was dad’s. He picked it up and answered it.

    “Hey,” he said. “Yeah, she’s home. Um, she wants to know if she can go to Miko’s cousin’s house over the weekend.” I looked up. He was talking to dad. For those who are confused, Gerard was talking to Frank. It sounds weird to use their names.

    “Aubrey, dad said you’re aloud to.” dad said. I squealed then slid my bass onto the floor and took out my cell.

    To: Miko
    From: Aubrey

    my parents said i can go !!! \(*O*)/ call me when you’re about to leave to pick me up! love you <3

    I sent the message then continued on with my bass. I really wish I had my guitarist with me right now...

    Ryder’s POV

    “Guys, I’m so fuckin’ bored!” Brayden wailed as we all sat in mine and Jasper’s room doing nothing.

    “Wanna go to the park?..” Sissy suggested to him.

    “We did that yesterday!!!” He moaned and buried his face into a pillow. Jasper sat next to me on the floor as we stared at the two. Brayden looked up and muttered.

    “I miss my things, you know, all my toys from my old house..”

    “You didn’t bring them all with you when you left?” I asked.

    “I couldn’t carry them all!” I shrugged.

    “Well, there’s nothing we can do about it.”

    “What if,” Sissy began. “What if we all went back home and got some more of our things.” All of our heads snapped up, was she crazy?

    “No, we can’t.” I mumbled.

    “We should.” Jasper said. I glared at him. We were back and forth like this ever since he kissed me. Now we always try to bug each other. If one of us says one thing, the other disagrees.

    “Of course you think that.” I muttered.

    “Oh shut up you fag.”

    “I’m a fag!?!?”

    “Guys!” Brayden yelled. “Would you stop your romantic fights and just agree on something for a change? I think we should sneak home, get our stuff, and come back.” He crossed his arms looking pleased with himself. I ran my fingers through my shaved hair. We had gone back several times to the hair place to keep it it’s short length. Which I was happy about.

    “I don’t know, I guess we could consider this..” I said. I hated the thought of returning home. I didn’t wanna go back, not yet.

    “Yeah, I guess.” Jasper agreed. Brayden smiled and hopped off of the bed and went running out of the room. I heard his footsteps travel down the stairs.

    “I guess we’re leaving now?...” Sissy said with a smile on her face as she left the room. It wasn’t long until I heard her footsteps follow Brayden’s.

    I stood up and stretched a little, Jasper did the same.

    “Oh my god, you’re such a copycat.” I snapped.

    “No, it’s called my back hurt from sitting up against the wall for so long. So, I’m stretching, you just happen to be stretching as well.”

    “Yeah, sure.” I said while rolling my eyes.

    “I fuckin’ hate you.” he muttered.

    “And you think I’m fond of you!?” I said while getting in his face. His eyes shot into mine.




    “Fucker.” Jasper pushed me up against the wall then aggressively shoved his lips onto mine. For a second, the kiss felt nice then I pulled away.

    “Stop it! You’re confusing me!” I yelled at him.

    “You’re confusing me!” Jasper yelled back.

    “Well, just for the record, I kinda like you so if you were smart you’d start treating me nicer!” Oh shit, if I was a teenager girl, I guess you would say that I was kinda reading my diary out loud. Dear diary, I love Jasper but he can be such a dick!

    “Well I kinda like you too,” he yelled then lowered his voice. “At least I think I do.” I felt a smile form on my face. Oh boy, another teenage girl moment!

    “Any day now guys!!” I heard Brayden call from downstairs. I felt my face get hot.

    “Come on.” Jasper said, his face red, as I followed him out of the room. Now it was time to sneak home...


    Hey guys! :D i hope you like this update. Oh, and hello new-ish reader *waves hi and hands you a cookie* I hope you're enjoying this story so far:3 Once again, I hope you all liked this update.
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    Haha I like Jasper an Ryder lol their funny XD
    Two months an no Ryder?
    I loved the update yet again :)
    Sorry for the shitty comment in on my phone and it's freezing -.-
    Update soon? Xxx
  5. hey guys sorry i havn't updated in a while. my school year is almost ending so i'm having a few tests and stuff and all of that jazz. but i promise i will be updating again soon. i love you all xoxo
  6. all right. i admit those two are cute. but aubrey still better kick his ass when he comes back home
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    Take your time to update, I'm sure we all understand when it comes to Exams, they are stressful, so take as much time as you need xx
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    Ahhh it's sooooo good! I love this and I love you Oh gosh! UPDATE! <3
  9. Whoa. whoa, whoa. WHOA. I am so sorry I havn't updated in such a long time! I kinda had a brain fart, you know? Because i just kept constantly updating and kinda never really took a brake and i was also kinda depressed and i had a lot of school stuff going on... so yeah:3 But I'm here now! And let me jus say, I've missed you all so very, very much. I hope you havn't given up on this story. Because it's not over yet...


    Chapter 40

    Ryder’s POV

    “So, where to first?” I forced myself to ask. Praying that they wouldn’t say that our first stop would be my house.

    “Um, I guess we can stop at my place first.” Sissy said, while biting her lip. I nodded.

    Just the thought of returning home made me feel dizzy, tired, yucky, angry, and a very small amount of happiness. I know that I’m not acutely staying home or even indicating to my family that I’m home. I’m just gonna sneak in, grab my stuff, and leave. But of course, it’s easier said than done.

    I kept my eyes focussed on the ground and stayed quiet. And guess who the first person was to notice my sudden mood change?

    “You okay?” Jasper asked in a whisper as he caught up with me.

    “No.” I snapped then crossed my arms.

    “You wanna talk about it?...”

    “Not really.” I walked a little faster to try to get away from him, to get away from this conversation. He kept up with me.

    “C’mon, you know you can talk to me.”

    “No shit, sherlock.” I rolled my eyes. Sissy and Brayden glanced back at us a few times, but then continued talking in their own conversation. Jasper sighed and slowly walked away from me. I closed my eyes and sighed. Great, just great. Be an asswhole to your crush, Ryder. That’s a good way to flirt with him.
    I slowly followed him.

    “Listen,” I said. “I’m sorry I’m being mean to you. It’s just that, I really don’t wanna return home. The thought of it is making me feel sick.” Jasper gave an understanding smile.

    “I get it, and it’s okay. I knew you didn’t mean it.” I smiled and mumbled a thanks.

    “Oh god,” I heard Sissy say, then came to a complete stop. “That’s my house.” I looked and saw a medium sized house. It was baby blue and had a pretty garden in the front yard. There were no cars in the driveway, just our luck. It was a two story building. The windows looked like they were cleaned one too many times, and the front door was a bright red. It reminded me of a house from a cartoon.

    “Okay, so, I’ll go and get my stuff. I’ll sneak around back so just wait here or something.” Sissy said. The rest of us nodded. She smiled then ran off. I took a seat on the curb. Brayden and Jasper copied me.

    Out of the corner of my eye I kept seeing Jasper glance at me which caused me to slowly blush.

    Do I have to explain the rest? I’ll just give you a quick summery...nothing. Nothing happened as we sat there. None of us talked and there was nothing interesting around us. So there.

    Once Sissy came back we headed off to Brayden’s place. He wanted one of us to go with him to get his stuff, but we all agreed that it was too risky.

    Once he was done, we went to Jasper’s house...

    Aubrey’s POV

    “Welcome to my cousin’s house.” Miko said as he opened the door and helped me out of the car.

    “Oh,” I said while grinning and fluttering my eyes, then laid my hand on my chest. “What a gentleman.” Miko giggled and grabbed mine and his bags.

    I turned my head when I heard a screen door screech open. A boy with blonde hair and big blue eyes came jogging out towards us with a smile on his face.

    “Hey,” he said as he approached us. “Brian.” he said as he held out his hand to me.

    “Aubrey.” I smiled, then shook his hand.

    “Miko talks about you all the time.” Brian said then pulled away his hand. I did the same then smiled while looking over to Miko.

    “Aaw, Miko you’re so cute.” I said. I watched Miko walk up the front porch. He had a smile on his face as he stepped into the house.

    “Shall we follow him?” Brian asked as he took a step towards the house.

    “Yes, we shall.” I smiled and followed Brian into the house. The smell of food hit me right away when I stepped in. He must have one of those moms that love to cook. And sure enough, he did.

    Brian’s mom was a short and chubby lady with a cheeky smile. After she greeted me she tried offering me a cookie. I accepted it and said my thank you.

    It was a fuckin’ good cookie. Best I ever had.

    Miko told me that he had put our bags in the guest room. I nodded then started to walk around the house in curiosity. There was a lot of pictures on the wall. I was nervous that if I touched one that it would fall and have some sort of domino effect on the others.

    I smiled when I saw the image of a blonde hair and blue eyed boy playing baseball. His smile showed that his two front teeth were missing and he was holding up the baseball bat a little too high.

    “Aww, Brian is this you?” I turned around and asked him. He looked up from talking to Miko and shook his head.

    “No, that’s my little brother, Cole.” he said as he came and stood by me. Miko followed. Brian just stared at the picture.

    “He ran away about a year ago...” Miko said awkwardly. Brian backed away and said he had to go to the bathroom. When he left Miko looked at me.

    “Cole ran away from home because he claimed his family hated him. Him and Brian were really close and the family is still kind of shaken from it, so try not to mention it okay, babe?” Miko wrapped his arms around my waist.

    “Yeah, of course.” I replied.

    We made our way over to a window and looked outside. I saw a small group of kids run by. They were laughing and two of them were holding piles of junk in their arms. The one with blonde, almost white, hair had a smile that reminded me of Ryder’s. I smiled.

    Ryder’s POV

    When we approached Jasper’s house I watched his face expression go emotionless. This made me sad. Yeah, it was true I loved to bug him and laughed whenever I made him really annoyed, but I hated to see him like this. And it scared me knowing that I was probably going to be the same way once I snuck home.

    “Okay, um, I’ll be right back.” Jasper said then dashed off.

    I felt my voice travel up to my throat. I wanted to say wait or ask him if he’d be okay, but I didn’t. I clenched my fists and bit my lip to keep calm. But I couldn’t help but worry about him.

    Jasper told me that he ran away because his mom was abusing him. So what if she catches him in the house and hurts him?! I heard myself whimper and I bit down on my fist.

    “He’s been gone too long.” I said. I felt sweat start to form on the back of my neck. Sissy and Brayden looked at me like I was crazy.

    “It’s only been a few minutes.” Brayden said.

    “I don’t care, I need to make sure he’s okay.” I started to jog towards the house where I watched Jasper run to before. I found the window that he supposedly opened and peeked through. The room looked similar to mine. Band posters, action figures, etc. I crawled through and plopped onto the floor, causing a thump.

    Jasper’s head popped up from behind the side of the bed. He crawled over to me.

    “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?! Get out!” He hissed at me in a whisper. I shook my head and stared into his fake green eyes. He started back into mine.

    Jaser smiled slightly, then he laid one hand on my face and rubbed my cheek with his thumb. I felt my face get hot and we slowly started to move closer towards each other.

    “Who’s up there?” I heard a woman’s voice call from down the hallway. Jasper pulled his hand away and backed away from me and looked towards his bedroom door that was closed. His face turned red as he listened to the footsteps grow closer towards us down the hall. Jasper sprang to his feet and I did the same.

    He kicked the stuff he was bringing with him underneath his bed then turned towards me. “Get in the closet.” he commanded then started shoving me into the closet. I shook my head and whispered “No.” as I felt tears take over my vision.

    “It’s okay.” he whispered then closed the closet door. I peaked through the cracks and watch him try to hide, but he couldn’t.

    His bedroom door slowly opened and a tall and skinny woman walked in. Her hair looked dirty and knotty. I watch Jasper’s mood start to change.

    “Eliot, do you wanna tell me why the fuck you’re here?” The woman snapped while crossing her arms and looking at Jasper.

    “Um, I was, uh...” he muttered and kept his eyes focussed on the floor.

    “Save it. I don’t wanna hear it.” She cut him off.

    There was a long pause, then I watched as her hand slap across his face. He hissed in pain and clutched his face then backed away. She smiled like she was pleased with herself. Disgusting. I felt tears stream down my face as I watched this nightmare play in front of my eyes.

    “Just leave, Eliot. I don’t want you here anymore!” She slapped him again and this time he yelped and fell back onto his bed. The woman stormed out of the room and I heard her footsteps descend down the hallway.

    I ran out of the closet and helped Jasper off the bed.

    “Come on, lets go.” I choked out while tears streamed down my face and I started to sob.

    Jasper’s POV

    “Wait,” I said, barely audible. “My’s under the bed. Sage nodded and wiped away some of his tears and grabbed my stuff. He grabbed onto my hand and started leading me towards the window.

    Once we were outside we got over to Brayden and Sissy. They kept asking what was wrong but I was in too much of a daze to answer and Sage kept crying.

    Even though we were kind of all shaken up about the trip to my house, we were still going to Sage’s house.
    “Thanks, Sage for helping me and following me and stuff.”

    “Yeah, um, you’re welcome...” He slightly smiled.

    Then, not too much longer after that we arrived at his house.
  10. This makes me so sad...the fact that they just ran away like that, well "jasper" or should i say ELIOT 0.0... His case is understandable. Poor aubrey she didnt even know that it was really him. Grrr Ryder i hope you get your ass kicked. but him and eliot are super cute <3
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    I LOVE this story!! It just gets better and better!! You're sooo good! Amazing update. More soon?:)<3
  12. @i want Party Poision- Yes, I agree him and Jasper (Eliot) are cute :3

    @Romeo's Chords- Hello new reader. I know you're not really a new reader anymore, but I don't think I said hi to you properly yet. sooooo..... hi! :D


    Chapter 41

    Ryder’s POV

    My eyes hurt like hell. Even the slightest breeze of air caused them to burn. I glanced at Jasper who stood even more closer to me as usual, his eyes were filled of sympathy. I gave him a slight smile then returned my focus back onto my old home.

    My vision began to go blurry and my throat began to tighten. I really hated crying and always tried to avoid it, but sometimes it just took over me. I quickly rubbed my eyes then sniffled.

    “Well,” I said, my voice slightly cracking. “I’ll be right back.” I began jogging toward my old home. Hiding behind anything that came across my path to avoid getting caught. I had planned how to sneak in and get out without being detected.

    I stopped when I reached the side of my house. I was getting closer to the backyard, getting closer to the back door, my entrance.

    I leaned my back against the wall, then turned my head. I watched as Jasper and the others casually sat down on the curb. Then something caught my eye. A car was parked in the driveway. My dad’s car. He was home.

    “Shit..” I cursed to myself then slowly slid to the ground. Out of all the people that I didn’t want to be home. Of course he just had to be here.

    The tears began to take over my vision. Memories and images of spending time with my dad and Aubrey started to play in front of my closed eyelids. Tears began streaming down my face.

    For the first time, since I ran away, I started to really think about the pain Aubrey and my dad were going through. They had to be missing me. They were probably wishing I was home.

    My breathing started to sound rough. I rubbed my eyes then opened them. I began to stand up, while wiping the tears onto my pants.

    Yes, it was true I missed them. I even was starting to miss Gerard, but I didn’t want to go home. I felt so free and more like myself when I was out and about l, and living on my own. I liked it.

    I opened the back door quietly, praying that out of all the places in the house my dad wouldn’t be by the back door. Luckily, he wasn’t. I tip toed up the stairs, constantly making sure no one was around.

    My bedroom was just how I left it. Messy, smelly, and covered in band posters. I smiled at the almost forgotten memory. This was something that I missed. I began grabbing things and piling them in my arms.

    As I was about to leave my room, I stopped. My guitar. It sat in the corner of my room, alone and abandoned. Not anymore!

    I grabbed my guitar by its strap and threw it over my shoulder. I grabbed a pick from off of my desk, then was on my way out.

    As I walked down the hallway, I had the urge to just peek into my dad’s room. He had to be in there. I wanted to see his face. After arguing with my mind about whether or not to open the door, I finally did.

    I peaked through and saw my dad sitting up in his bed. Laying up against the wall. Eyes closed. The light from the tv constantly kept shining onto him. He had fallen asleep while watching tv. Not the first time. I smiled then my eyes focussed on Gerard. He was laying next to my dad, also sound asleep. His red hair had gotten longer since the last time I saw him. I slightly smiled when I saw his and my dad’s hands holding one another's. Their fingers entwined.

    I looked back at my dad’s face. He seemed happy now, and it was because of Gerard. I looked back at Gerard. I stopped breathing when I noticed that his eyes were opened, and they were looking right at me.

    I backed away from the door too fast, causing my back to hit up against the wall. Once I regained my proper balance, I dashed down the stairs. I heard another pair of footsteps right behind me. Shit.

    My hands struggled to open the back door, and then I did something you should never do in a situation like this. I looked back.

    When I noticed that Gerard had already made his way down the stairs, I panicked more and my hands began to tremble, still trying to turn the knob.

    Now, what happened next was a fairy tale miracle. The door appeared to open all by itself. I know what you’re thinking... magic! Well, sorry to rain on your parade but Jasper was standing right outside the door.

    “I was just checking to make sure you were okay.” he said. Then, I ruined the sweet moment by suddenly pushing him out of my path and telling him to run. He must have caught a glimpse of Gerard from behind, because his face showed panic and I’d never seen him run that fast.

    I was out of breathe by the time I stopped. Which was right by the curb where the others were sitting. I was gasping for breath and already sweating. Man, I gotta get into shape. I turned around and saw Gerard doing the same thing on the back porch. Like father, like son. I mentally slapped myself for thinking that.

    “What do you want?” Gerard yelled, sounding like he was still out of breath. I caught his gaze. Did he really not know it was me? Gerard looked away, still trying to catch his breath.

    “Nothing!” I yelled back, dumbly. Our gazes met again, but this time his face showed shock. He looked like he was going to cry, for a moment my stomach felt weird, and the voice inside my head told me to go home.

    I opened my mouth to speak, but no words came out. I shrugged then shook my head, not knowing what to say. I began running in the opposite direction with the others following me.
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    I sort of feel like Ryder is just being a brat.
    He needs to go home and apologize to his family.
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    NOOOOOOO!! Don't do this to me!!
    It's so dramatic, I fucking love it!!
    Hey btw!
    I love love love this!!
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    Holy crap! Ryder went home, GERARD CAUGHT HIM! SHIT DID HE KNOW?!
    I am soo spazzing right now, I can not sit still, my face is seriously like 0.o <--
    I am guessing Gerard knows who it is... whats he going to do?
    Oh My God.... Just WHOA!
    I Loved it!
    I can not wait for more, I shall be waiting... Update whenever you feel like it? xx
  16. @XOLauzzCHEM- I agree, but sadly he won't be going home just yet...

    @Romeo's Chords- Aaawww, thankyou so much! And i'm glad you like it!!! :D

    @Killjoys Revenge- ha:3 my face is always like 0.o <-- whenever I read your updates! ;D Soo, ready for another update?..


    Chapter 42

    Aubrey’s POV

    I fell backwards onto mine and Miko’s bed, then crawled under the covers. He sighed tiredly as I wrapped my arms around him.

    “For f-fucks sake, it’s cold in this house.” I stuttered. I could feel the goosebumps run down my arms. Miko giggled and moved closer to me.

    “What would you do if I wouldn’t let you cuddle with me to stay warm?” he asked with a grin forming on his face, I smiled then kicked him a little. Miko yelped then chuckled.

    “I would kill you.” IMiko played along with my little game.

    “Well, I wouldn’t kill you if I was in your situation,” he moved closer to me and I did same. “I would miss you too much.” he whispered in a soothing voice then smiled. I returned the smile then closed my eyes, telling him I wanted to go to sleep.

    Ryder’s POV

    When we all stumbled into the house, I gently laid my stuff on the floor by the stairs. I motioned for the others to do the same. No one felt like putting their stuff away. We were too exhausted.

    I didn’t realize my guitar was still on my back when I got into my room. Jasper walked around me. so he could sit on the bed to take off his shoes and get into more comfy clothes.

    I remember when me and Aubrey would play together. I would play guitar and she played the bass.

    “You played the wrong note!” I yelled with a grin on my face looking at Aubrey. She smiled then shook her head.

    “Like you never miss a note while playing guitar!” she laughed. I giggled and threw an M&M at her which made her giggle.

    Then she threw an M&M back at me, then I threw one back, then she threw one back... Dad wasn’t too happy with us when he got home from work that day.

    A smile formed on my face for a brief moment, then it was gone and turned into a frown. A frown followed by tears that I tried to ignore. I aggressively took my guitar off my back and tossed it onto a small couch that was next to me. I checked it to make sure I didn’t break it. I’d never forgive myself if I broke my only guitar.

    “Daaaad? Can I have this guitar? Pretty please?..” I begged, giving my puppy eyes.

    “Well, only because you said please.” he giggled. Aubrey joined us and complained that she couldn’t find any good basses.

    “Aaww, if Aubrey can’t get anything, then I shouldn’t get anything.” I said in almost a whisper as we walked through the aisles, in search for the checkout counter.

    “Nah, Ryder, it’s cool. You found your instrument, I’ll find mine eventually. Don’t put it back.” she said while tapping the shopping cart handle. I watched as a small smile formed on my dad’s face. He was proud.

    More tears were running down my face now, and I was sitting on the floor, sobbing..

    “Ryder, please stop crying!” nine year old Aubrey begged as she rubbed my back. I shook my head and tried rubbing away my tears.

    “Why are we different?! How come we don’t have a mommy?...” my cries got louder and louder. Aubrey shut my bedroom door so no one could hear.

    “Ssshh, dad might hear you.”

    “I don’t care!” I wailed and buried myself under my covers.

    I was crying uncontrollably now, I think Jasper was even trying to calm me down..

    “There’s a chance that I might be your other dad.” Gerard said looking me right in the eyes. Those words quickly burned into my head...

    “S-Sage? Are you o-okay?” Jasper asked while trying to calm me down and get me to talk. I noticed his eyes were red. He was crying. He was worried about me...

    “I’m not o-fucking-kay!” I said, then buried my face into his shoulder. Jasper rubbed his hand up and down my back, trying to calm me down. It helped.

    “You know you can talk to me..” he whispered into my ear.

    “But I don’t wanna..” I choked out, tears escaping from my eyes. He hugged me tighter. My face began to get hotter as the seconds flew by. I felt like a little baby crying like this in front of him.

    “Sage, you should talk, let your feelings out.”

    “You sound like a fuckin’ therapist!”

    “I’m just trying to help you...” Jasper’s voice faded away and I caught his gaze. I could see tears about to fall from his eyes.

    “I don’t need help! I’m fine! Trust me!” I began to stand up, but Jasper grabbed me by the wrists and pulled me back down. Instantly, I snapped my wrists back as if I was protecting them, I didn’t want him to know. He gave me a weird look. Probably thinking I belong in an insane Asylum.

    “Did I hurt you?..” he asked, looking at my wrists then back at me.”

    “N-No, it’s not you. You didn’t hurt me..” Jasper went to go grab my wrists again, but I pulled away again. Pushing away from him while hugging my wrists.

    Jasper’s eyes widened. I could tell by the look on his face that he knew what was hidden under the sleeves of my shirt, but at the same time he didn’t want to believe it. I sighed, then slowly moved back over towards him. I looked away as I lifted up my sleeves.

    “You did that?...” Jasper asked, looking at my scars.


    “On purpose?..”


    There was a long painful silence. He probably was ashamed of me, or wanted nothing to do with me. Just like the rest of the people in the world. I looked up when I noticed Jasper taking off his sock. I looked down at his pale foot and noticed purple marks all over it. They were identical to the purple marks I had on my wrist..

    “I used to hurt myself a lot when my mom would hit me and stuff...It made the pain go away. But then I realized, I was kinda making the pain worse. It was horrible being reminded every time I looked at those scars, that I did that.”

    “Yeah..I know what you mean,” I rolled down my sleeves and moved a little closer to him, then placed my hand on one of his. He started rubbing my hand with his thumb.

    “I hadn’t hurt myself in a while. I try not to, but sometimes the desire just takes over..”

    Jasper nodded. Our fingers were entwined now and we were looking into one anothers eyes. His eyes were a beautiful dark blue, even though they weren’t his real color.

    And then, just like in the movies, our lips met and we kissed. Soon we were on the floor, rolling on top of one another. I sat on top of Jasper and started kissing him. His hands were kind of slowly making their way towards my ass, which I thought was funny.

    “I see you like my ass..” I purred into his ear, and couldn't help but grin. Jasper rolled on top of me, putting my hands above my head.

    “Just a little.” he smirked.

    Everything was a blur after that. There was a lot more kissing, clothes starting coming off, and we all know what happens after that...

    Gerard’s POV

    I didn’t wake Frankie up when I got back into the house. He was sleeping peacfully, and that was rare ever since Ryder ran away, so I needed to let him get some sleep. Maybe I would tell him in the morning, after we had our coffee...

    I moved some of the hair out of Frank’s face, then sighed. At this point I felt like a jerk. Was I the reason of all the pain in Frank’s life?

    I made him have my kids, then kind of disappeared for a few years. That had to be so embarrassing..being one of the only guys that was pregnant. And then I made him be a father at such a young age. And now, Ryder, his son, our son ran away because of me.

    Did I deserve Frankie?.. That’s a question I don’t think I can answer....
    I wrapped my arms around Frank and pulled him close, I never want to hurt him again.
  17. ...woaah some steamy boy on boy action going on there. poor gee, i wish he didnt feel so bad :(
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    I cried at Ryders flashbacks! I'm at school!D:
    BUT yay! They did it!;)
    Poor Gee:(
    Amazing! I loved it!!
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    Oooh boy time there!
    Aww Ryders flash back, made me smile and fee sad :/
    I hope Gerard doesn't do anything stupid.... But then I doo... Poor Gee...
    I loved the update and sorry for the shitty comment :/
  20. @i want Party Poision- YES. BOY ON BOY ACTION. xD okay, this update might be a little dramatic...

    @Romeo's Chords- Really? You cried?! D: I'm sorry! i hope this next update doesn't make you cry.

    @Killjoys Revenge- Your comments are never shitty! Hmmm, we'll have to see if Gerard does anything stupid. sorry if this update is sad..

    @Readers- Please! Nobody kill me for this update! O____O


    Chapter 43

    Ryder’s POV

    I slowly awoke to the sound of banging. I opened my eyes and started to hear Jasper’s voice. He was standing by the door telling someone to not come in yet.

    “You’ve guys been asleep for almost all day! Did you die in your sleep or something?” Sissy’s voice asked.

    “Okay, just give us five minutes!” Footsteps began descending down the hallway. I sat up and rubbed my neck, while biting my lip as I sat in a sitting position.

    “Come on, we’ve got to get dressed.” Jasper said, while tossing me my clothes. I got out of bed and began getting dressed.

    “So, did it, like, hurt?” Jasper asked as he pulled his shirt over his head.

    “Did what hurt?” I asked.

    “You know..” Jasper looked back at the bed, then back at me and raised his eyebrows. Obviously referring to last nights event.

    “Nah,” I lied while putting on my shoes. “It didn't hurt.”

    “You sure? I heard that it does hurt.” He gave me an ‘I’m not falling for it’ kind of face. But I continued to reassure him that it didn’t.

    We ran down the stairs and out the front door with the others.

    “Okay, so today I was thinking we go to the toy store, then maybe the food store, then,” Brayden went on. He really doesn’t understand the low amount of money we have.

    I felt a sudden pain on my ass, then fell to the ground. Fresh tears were stinging my eyes, and I figured that not moving would make the pain go away.

    “So, it didn’t hurt?” I heard Jasper asked. I opened my eyes and saw a smirk on his face.

    “What didn’t hurt?” I heard Brayden ask. I wanted to laugh at his stupidity, but I couldn’t.

    “Wait, did I really hurt you?” Jasper asked while helping me up.

    “Yeah! You kinda did!” He tried to wrap his arms around me, but I squirmed out of them.

    “I”m sorry! I thought it would be funny!”

    “Does it look like I’m laughing?!”

    Sissy and Brayden were awkwardly walking ahead of us. I could only imagine what they were thinking.

    “Well, no, but-”

    “Can we just go back home?” I sighed while leaning my head on his shoulder.

    “Nobody is going home.” said an unknown voice. I looked towards the sound and saw a few men, one of them had a knife.

    Aubrey’s POV

    You know when you’re asleep but you’re not? That’s how I was as I sat on Miko’s lap on his couch. It was dark and pouring rain outside. That usually comforts me. Then, that’s when it happened.

    Miko’s dad came running inside. “Hey! Get the phone and call the cops! I saw a group of kids getting the shit beat out of them!” I instantly bolted awake, then followed Miko into the kitchen to get a phone.

    I ran into the bathroom and started digging through the cabinet. “I’m gonna get a medical kit and try to go help those kids.” I said.

    “Wait for me, I don’t want you going if those guys are still out there.”Miko said, I mumbled a response, then grabbed the medical kit.

    I heard Miko finish the 911 call, then we checked and noticed that those guys were gone, so we ran out the door and towards the group of kids on the ground. I instantly got soaked by the freezing rain.

    I knelt down to the kids and started digging through the medical kit. One of them was bleeding bad, like, really bad. He had a huge gash on his lip and eyebrow, that could be fixed easily with a couple of stitches.

    “I’m gonna put these rags on your wounds to stop the bleeding.” I stated. Then I noticed that his shirt was also soak in the dark red liquid. I gently touched the area with my fingers and he flinched in pain. I told him to stay still, then lifted up his shirt and saw blood pouring out of more wounds. I think he was stabbed.

    Mine and Miko’s eyes met. We were both scared. I kept the rags on the wounds, to stop the bleeding.
    “This kid is out cold.” Miko said. I looked over and saw a boy with really blonde hair.

    “Owww..” I heard another one of them wailed. I looked over and saw a little boy. His face was to the ground and he was crying in pain. There was also a girl she was holding her arm tightly, it looked like it was bleeding.

    I heard an ambulance sirens in the distance. I sighed a little in relief.

    Everything went by in the blink of an eye. When the ambulance came they just started loading the kids into the ambulance on stretchers.

    “Do you know any of these people?” an officer asked me and Miko.

    “I-I don’t think so.” I said while glancing at the ambulance. The cop motioned for us to follow him, I shook my head no. I didn’t want to see all of those kids again, it made me want to cry just looking at them.

    “Mam, we just want you to be sure.” the cop said, a little annoyed. I nodded then followed while holding Miko’s hand tightly.

    I couldn’t stand to look at the one kid that was covered in most of his blood. So I looked away and said no. I didn’t really look at any of them, then Miko stopped me.

    “Oh my god, Aubrey...” he said. I looked and saw him slightly pointing to one of the kids, his mouth wide open. I looked to where he was pointing and saw that kid with the blonde hair. And that’s when it hit me.


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